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tv   Washington Journal Marianna Sotomayor and Morgan Chalfant  CSPAN  May 16, 2022 1:16pm-2:00pm EDT

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network. unfiltered, unbiased, word for word. if it happens here or here or here or anywhere that matters, america is watching on c-span. powered by cable. >> "washington" continues. host: is a busy week gets underway, we like to get a preview of what may happen on capitol hill and the other end. joining us is marianna sotomayor sotomayor and morgan chalfant . thank you for being here. we talked about the shooting in buffalo and we will ask both of you how events like that sidetracked the things that the leaders in the house and senate want to get done in the busy
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schedule for the president this week. guest: president biden headed into this week was the big trip to asia on thursday. he obviously has other things on his schedule but there was a hastily added trip to buffalo. the conversation will shift to gun control and how to address domestic terrorism. that is centered on capitol hill but the white house will get into those debates. host: the statement from the attorney general is they are already investigating this as a hate crime incident and the president spoke at the peace memorial in washington. what were his comments about the shooting at that point? guest: his question was for the country to unite and overcome this hate in the country. i imagine we will see him speak more at length about the shooting and what it means and
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how he is addressing it. host: a little early to ask what members of congress are saying, other than what we have heard from twitter and some of the sunday shows. how are they likely to address this? guest: we have seen mass shooting after mass shooting for over a decade at this point, and not much has been done. some estate legislatures have been able to change but when it comes to congress, it is one of the issues that come up and it is very political. this comes ahead of national police week here in washington. you are seeing washington's gearing up and what they are doing to defend the police and democrats as well. when it comes to legislation, the house will be commemorating by putting some bills on the floor to talk about mental health in policing, but it is
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not necessarily going to conversations about gun control legislation. host: i saw the house is taking up emergency legislation dealing with the national shortage of potentially a national shortage of baby formula in the country. can you tell us more? guest: the house will be out for two weeks. they are trying to get things going, baby formula being one of it when we saw it low up on the hill. the legislation will allow low income mothers, the program is called wic, and it will allow them to access it. that is where we have not been seeing the formula given to low income families. there is also the defense protection act about how the federal government could direct manufacturers to speed up the process.
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declaring some kind of emergency if the situation were to happen again, that is what congress is trying to address. host: is there a potential for executive order on this? guest: they have taken a number of limited actions from the fda. they made a big push to show that president biden is on top of this. he held a closed-door meeting with some manufacturers related to the issue that there is not much the administration can do to quickly speed up this supply they are talking to other producers and trying to get them to ramp up production. the fda is working with the abbott factory to get that online. i believe the director said it could be a matter of weeks and they don't know and are not time to put a timeline on it. there are other discussions on the table but the white house has not made a move on that. host: we mentioned the president
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is going to buffalo on tuesday and has an overseas trip. where is he going and what is the purpose? guest: he is going to south korea and japan, his first trip to asia. he has been to europe several times as president. it is about forming ties with the asian allies. we have seen the president focused on the russian war in ukraine and the last several months. this will see him focus more on threats due to north korea, china, reaffirming ties with america's asian allies and meeting with the leaders of australia, japan, and india. host: is our sense of concern in the administration over reported cases of increased covid and the health emergency going on their?
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guest: the administration -- going on there? host: the administration is focused on this and what it means for the u.s. and for other supply chain issues. host: let me ask about the latest request for a crane the $40 billion. a colleague of yours had a piece over the weekend saying the list of republicans opposing support for ukraine is going weekly. he focused on thomas massey but also mentioned the role of rand paul in the procedural stoppage of that legislation in the senate. first of all, what is the proposed package and why is there a growing group of a publican to oppose it. host: this is an extra -- guest: this is an extra 40 minute -- $40 billion that will go to ukraine for humanitarian aid and
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military aid to show our support for it ukraine on top of $13 million past the previous month. the president has been saying we need more funding. we need to help counter russia in some way. it has taken a couple of weeks to get this done. the house passed this bill already but it is stuck in the senate because like you mentioned, senator rand paul. it seems to be a kentucky issue, as you mentioned thomas massey. very different from mitch mcconnell who wants to get this done off of a fresh trip from ukraine. he has been saying, we are going to get this done. the problem is paul wants to essentially add new text to legislation, not an amendment, but have before vote.
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host: is amendment would have done what? guest: it would force the attorney general to look at how the money is being allocated and what could be done and if this is infecting the economy and inflation to divert spending. host: is there concern the white house won't get it past? -- passed? guest: there is support, mcconnell is behind this. i think they will get it passed, but i am certain -- uncertain of the timeline. host: we welcome your calls and comments. the lines are for democrats (202) 748-8000, republicans
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(202) 748-8001, independents and others, (202) 748-8002. you have a a piece in the article. what did you find? guest: part of what the gunman laid out, the hundred 80 pages was referencing white replacement theory, an argument that the government is trying to replace white american, white thinking with immigrants, so nonwhite people. that is not true. there is not this mysterious thing owing on for think that to happen. there have been -- there is not this mysterious thing going on
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for that to happen. some horror on the fringes want to clarify that may have mentioned this in committee hearings and tweets that this is what is happening. they essentially are saying democrats are along the u.s.-mexico border to be open because they want immigrants to come in and start voting and silence republican voters and their voices. host: how is the response to the administration regarding this? guest: the white house is strongly condemned the shooting and identified it as a rural surely -- racially motivated hate crime. what i am watching for is
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whether president biden renews the call to get rid of the filibuster to get this passed. i would assume it would be the gun legislation. i am wondering if that is something he does because this is such a horrific shooting. host: friday was the last day of jen psaki as the white house press secretary and a new face takes over. how is the new press secretary and her style different? guest: she hasn't had a lot of time. she has done a couple briefings. we did some reporting about the arc of her career. she is the first black and lgbtq person to hold the role. jen psaki is very -- she has
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obviously been a communicator for a long time. karine has a different background. we will see how she handles some of these questions and get a sense of how her style will be different. host: a story friday morning about the role -- about finland and nato and potential membership in nato that the president had spoken to the leaders in finland. over the weekend, finland has indeed filed for nato and sweden expected to follow. what was the message? guest: the white house encourages finland and sweden to join nato. the question is how they deal with the others, like turkey
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expressed some reservations. they say this proves the point that russia's invasion of ukraine is making the u.s. alliances stronger and having the opposite effect. who wants to erode nato and is having the opposite effect of potentially adding countries. host: have mentioned senator rand paul and others in the pushback, what is the feeling? guest: a number of republicans, especially in the house, have been insane, why are we spending this much money? we heard from congresswoman marjorie taylor greene arguing, can't we get some of the money to help the baby formula shortage? they are making the argument
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that some money should be spent domestically on a number of issues, inflation, another thing they have been arguing. the most part, senator members are supportive. host: this is more of a political question i guess -- does democratic leadership since that support for ukraine is a strong argument for them for the midterm elections? guest: yes, because they need to have something they are saying we are leading on this front, not just at home but democracies abroad, that we are defending them. they do see it as an argument but whether it gives them any midterm victory is still very much to be seen. host: let's get marianna to some phone calls sotomayor and morgan chalfant preview the week ahead in washington. let's go to mercia on the republican line. caller: this formula thing, i had my own children, and it is
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terrifying if you can't get something to eat for them. i thought maybe there is a recipe on the internet for formula. so i looked it up. it is so simple. you get a 13 ounce can of evaporated milk, 20 ounces of water, and to tablespoons of dark karo syrup. so you mix it up and that is formula. it doesn't have vitamins like the formula does, so you could go to the drugstore and asked the druggist to get some vitamins temporarily, but at least the babies won't be starving to death. i will give it to you again, 13 ounce can of evaporated milk, 20 ounces of water, and two tablespoons of dark karo syrup.
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host: marsha, thanks for the recipe. how did this become a problem in the united states? guest: there was a recall on formula produced by abbott back in february, and the tainted formula had caused some deaths in babies. they shut down the factory and since, the formula supply has dwindled. we saw it hit a high point last week, because the shortage got even worse for some communities. host: i read that there is a small number of suppliers, maybe like three suppliers of infant formula in this country. guest: it is a small amount that are producing it. to the point of, can you create baby formula. one things being debated and
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mentioned on capitol hill is babies can have allergies to whole milk. what happens if a baby is reacting badly to even formulas that are on the shelves and they have to buy a specific and? that is where you are -- a specific brand? that is where you are seeing it. host: let's go to david in florida. caller: i have two comments. first, on the shooter, they identified him earlier and it looked like they gave him a day of counseling. counseling is something that is a long process. people should have been talking to him about what information he was actually getting. the president can't do the counseling. he is the president of the united states. the people there locally and his parents or an uncle should have counsel him -- counseled him on
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the people that he was shooting our americans. they are not like americans, they are americans. on the war in ukraine, are we going for peace or a we going for a victory? those are two things that are pretty much totally different. if we fund the money for ukraine, we will not have peace because they will continue warring. zelenskyy doesn't have a reason to settle for peace if we keep giving him money. the only thing that is going to happen is more people are going to die if we send the money over there. are we going for peace or are we going for war? host: david, we will hear from our guests. caller: -- guest: on the crane
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issue, you have seen the administration increasingly say ukraine can win. we haven't seen president biden involved in any piece negotiating efforts. president emmanual macron of france has been more involved rackley in negotiating with putin and talking with him about peace. right now, the white house doesn't see a way russia will come to the table in a way that is honest and that they would be willing to broker some negotiation they will adhere to. host: let me ask you about the subpoenas that came down from the january 6 select committee. the minority leader, scott perry, jim jordan of ohio, andy biggs of minnesota and mo brooks of alabama -- what was the reaction from those members to the subpoenas? guest: the reaction was pretty limited. we had heard about this decision
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right before it happened. reporters were waiting in the hallway waiting to get tidbits. who we heard from the most was minority leader kevin mccarthy. he essentially was saying at the time, i haven't seen the documents and then he confirmed that his lawyer had them. something republicans saying and something that democrats had apprehension going into it is, what kind of precedent does it set? they are subpoenaing members of congress. now the house republicans are saying we want to investigate hunter biden, nancy pelosi's role in january 6. some of those were opposed to the speaker of the house and she said if they compel me i will show up and tell the truth.
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host: was there a level of specificity on what they wanted to find out? guest: yes, a number of things the committee has interviewed hundreds of people and have more text messages and email exchanges or they have seen or heard audio recordings in the days after january 6. what were the members thinking? what were they telling the white house, the president? was there coordination of any time -- any kind? they said we are going to be having hearings and we want to include testimony and give the republicans a space to defend themselves. if they don't come forth, we will go ahead and talk about things they have said. host: marianna sotomayor covers congress and morgan chalfant
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coverts in the house. democrats (202) 748-8000, republicans (202) 748-8001, independents and others (202) 748-8002. next caller, go ahead. caller: the guests have a lot of passion about january 6 and what has been going on but i wish they had as much passion for getting into the hunter biden -joe biden crime family. there is lots of money and you call yourselves reporters, why don't you dig up dirt on that? host: how you want to respond? guest: house republicans are very much looking at that and pledge that will be investigated in some way. i think what will happen naturally is there will be more attention given to these
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investigations, and there are reporters looking into it. host: morgan, do you want to respond? guest: there have been stories on hunter biden's is this ties recently so i think they are looking into that. host: i want to talk about where we are on student loan debt. what are the potential avenues the administration can go? guest: the administration is getting a lot of pressure from progressives and others on the student loan debt. the naacp pressing biden to cancel more than $10,000 per person, and i think there is tension in the democratic party, because some believe this is actually going to cause some voters to dislike with the administration is doing, because some people have paid their
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student loan debts and it looks like you are helping people who had enough money to go to college and that kind of thing. they are weighing this. it does seem like he is weighing this extremely carefully. he obviously has delayed the payments for some time. i believe august is when the current delay ends. i would distract -- expect a decision before then. there are also legal questions. the education department has been preparing memos. host: the original delays were part of the covid aid package that passed in 2020, correct? isn't the white house that extended or is this legislation congress has passed? guest: it is the administration, the education department. host: is there any sense on capitol hill that we need to pass a bill to get this done and we are not able to? guest: yes, whether student
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loans or other issues, that is the perspective of the house, especially house democrats. they have a legislation to try to codify roe v. wade, for example. you have seen house democrats realize november is basically tomorrow, that the majority could change, and they are pushing biden to do more through executive action. host: with midterms coming up quickly, where are the priorities for house democrats because so much legislation begins there? guest: the baby formula is something that came up that they have to address. another is inflation. they will be voting on inflation that addresses price gouging by oil and gas companies. the next thing they want to pass and give biden a bipartisan win
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is the global competitive act bill, trying to address supply chain issues. it is currently in session. i have heard from a number of house democrats who say there are no discussions about reviving build back better or small tenants of it. they may pass small portions of it but the senate will not act on it. host: it is not in called to build back better anymore, is it? guest: there is no mention of that tagline. host: let's go to the democrats line. caller: good morning. i am enjoying the conversation and i will be brief. i voted republican the last vote
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and have no regrets. but being an honest and objective person, i think president biden is doing an excellent job. these are not normal times. i think that he is doing what he needs to be doing as far as the war is concerned. the gentleman who spoke earlier about peace, there can be no peace with putin unless he changes perspective in his objectives. i think we just need to dig in and deal with it and consider this -- what if it was a country involved in nato or a member of nato, we wouldn't be talking about that under these circumstances. i really feel for our president. i think he is doing an excellent job. i am admittedly a republican. i changed eight years ago, but i am an objective person. i don't the guy could be honest
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if i voted because of a party. i am watching president biden every day. he has dealt with everything the best he can. i think the country should rally around him. host: the question posed was a story that talked about the campaign that said inside the republican campaign taking down madison cawthorn, fed up with the antics and blunders. what is going on with the campaign in that state? guest: tomorrow, north carolina ns get to vote and it will be interesting. it will be about whether they are able to do that or whether voters went to keep them. madison cawthorn has because -- becomes somewhat of a
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controversial candidate. co-authored has applied about a number of things, his behaviors -- calwthorne as lied about a number of things and republican leaders say this is not the kind of leadership we want to see in our representatives. you mentioned d.c., thom tillis, republican as well, and has been vocal about his intent and has endorsed another challenger because he believes this is someone who is a politician celebrity. host: that is the senior status and -- senior senator from north carolina, with senator burke stepping down. let's hear from michigan, steve,
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you are on the air. caller: i like to circle back down to january 6. are there still people in jail that haven't been charged with a crime yet? host: do either of you know? guest: i am not an expert. host: we don't know. steve, do you have another question? caller: play of the other question would be the ukraine money. the repugnance want to know where it is going not that they don't want to give the money but they want to know where it is going. host: this is the point of senator paul's amendment? guest: correct, he just wants to make sure the money is going where it has to. host: with this recent batch of aid, where has the white house said the money will be going? guest: a lot of it is security
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assistance, military or other. a lot of it is also humanitarian aid but i believe the book of it , from the white house request, around $20 billion for that. the white house had asked for $33 billion and the congressional dollar figure is slightly more than that. host: is the president planning to go on the campaign trail anytime soon, even ahead of the general or primary campaigning? guest: i don't know specific plans. he has sent to endorsements for primaries -- two endorsements for primaries. he has started to do more imprisoned fundraising, which is something the democrats wanted him to do. i believe he did two last week
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and a couple prior. i think you'll see more from that. host: two weeks after the release -- the leak of the draft opinion by justice alito and the mississippi abortion case, and the reaction from the administration was fairly strong, but a measure proposed by senate democrats to move forward to legalize abortion in this country failed. i want to point you to the comments of senator bernie sanders on the use of the filibuster in this particular case and get your reaction. here he'll was from yesterday. [video clip] sen. sanders: in my state capital, people cannot believe you have a supreme court and republicans prepared to overturn 50 years of resident. i think -- of precedent. i think what we should do and on the filibuster is do everything we can to get 50 votes on the
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strong is built for a woman's right to. >> before we had this, you didn't use the abortion issue as not to support people. you have supported pro-life progressives if they were progressive on economic issues. has your mind changed? has your philosophy changed and is this a litmus test for progressives? sen. sanders: i find it interesting when at this moment when literally a woman's right to choose is at stake that we have too many democrats who support a candidate in texas who is one of the few anti-pro-choice members of congress. >> the thing that is a mistake? sen. sanders: i do. i am supporting jessica and she wins. >> do think at this point being
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pro-life you can't be in the democratic party or coalition? are you ready to go that far? sen. sanders: we will see. all i can say is you have the overwhelming majority of people who consider themselves to be democrats to be pro-choice. i have been pro-choice mike entire life and the candidates i am supporting now are all pro-choice -- pro-choice my entire life and the candidates i am supporting now are all pro-choice. host: sen. sanders: from yesterday. morgan chalfant , that was just one of many where democrat have suggested that the filibuster be ended. the white house has not changed its position on that, have they? guest: know, and the big reason is senator manchin did not support this piece of legislation. even if they got rid of the filibuster, they wouldn't have enough votes to pass it.
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if they are thinking about filibuster, they have to go back to the drawing board and think about what is a way to get senator manchin on board. frankly, i am interested in seeing whether the white house is interested in some kind of bipartisan compromise because i know there has been talk between lawmakers on that. host: what is the next legislation or is that done for now? guest: it is done. you have collins and murkowski who have made their proposals that go far into codifying, and restrictions, but democrats don't want to entertain that right now. that is the problem. it could be bipartisan legislation, but even if it were to pass the senate, which i am not sure if it will and running up to the midterms everything has political consequences, but the house, those are democrats,
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especially aggressive, can get testy and may not support legislation that doesn't go as codifying roe v. wade. host: of go to robert, petersburg, virginia, on the independent line. caller: i want to say something about the judge and the thing going on and kavanaugh making the statement that he did about the important thing. then you have amy barrett saying that her religion will dominate her decisions. also about the guy who killed all those people.
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if you watch tv, every other commercial, you see a man and a woman and it will be a black man and a white woman. this is not going to get better, it is only going to get worse. people are just pushing things too hard and too fast. host: on the comments about the supreme court justices and their comments, and i think he was alluding to some of the things justices have said in hearings, senate judiciary hearings and confirmation hearings, this was reaction from the likes of senator collins after the release of that leak. guest: a couple of my colleagues looked into the question now of the legitimacy of the judiciary
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committee being able to meet with justices. there is a recognition that among senators that as much as you may have a one on one, you may not get all that you want to hear and may not get the entire truth from the justices because they are trying to say, this is what i can say and what i can't say based on the law, but as you mentioned, collins, murkowski, they both said these justices told me different than what this draft suggests. i think a lot of people are withholding their judgment of what this could mean for the future of judicial nominations until we have a firm decision. it is definitely something we are in front of. host: it was said it was a real win for the white house. guest: i think one of the challenges for democrats is that was such a huge moment that was overshadowed by other events, the war in ukraine just started.
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i talked to some people who wanted there to be more of a push to celebrate her nomination. you have seen some of that, but there are so many issues the white house is dealing with. it was a huge win for them. i think another example of how the process has become so politicized. host: we will go to eddie in greer, south carolina, on the republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. caller: i want to address the color that said that all that joe biden had left to him. he was left a great economy, vaccines, and i am 67 years old and i have never seen it this bad in america in my life. the empty grocery shelves and empty baby formula is ridiculous. i have want to ask if they have seen 2000 mules and what they think about it.
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host: he is talking about a new documentary, the 2000 mules about the 2020 election. do either of you want to respond? guest: one of the biggest challenges right now for democrats is the inflation issue. it is really hurting americans. they feel it every day, the gas pump, grocery store. there are limited things the white house can do to turn it around, especially quickly. a lot of the policy comes from the federal deserve. -- federal reserve. we have seen it affect president biden's pulling. but the inflation is like an anchor. host: let's go to lafayette, indiana, democrats line. caller: i had to foster children and had six children. i don't believe in abortion myself, but nobody has a right
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to tell us what to do. at the time i took one of the children, the judge told me said there are four to 5 million children every year going into foster care. i don't see republicans trying to take care of those children. it is a shame. host: we will hear from new jersey, selma, on the republican line. make sure you are muting your volume. caller: i have for women's choice who say they have no choice, yes, they do. they can say no, use birth control, use their -- keep their
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legs crossed. i was told that because my baby wasn't growing inside me and they said for me to have an abortion. i said no period loved it before and i love it afterwards and god will help me accept it. host: as we wrap up the program, what do think the biggest, schmidt this week will be in the house, -- biggest accomplishment this week will be in the house? guest: the baby formula will be big. the other thing for democrats that they want to say is we are taking on the oil and gas companies with the gouging bill. host: what is the top for the white house? guest: this will be the buffalo trip, something president biden comes down as the leader. it is a role he can play and we
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will see him engage with the community and try to offer them some support. host: morgan chalfant covers for the hill and marianna sotomayor the speaker pro tempore: now available in the c-span shop, the 2022 congressional districtly. -- directly. go there today. this compact spiral-bound book is your guide to the federal government with contact information for every member of congress, including bios and committee assignments. also, contact information for state governors and the biden administration cabinet. order your copy today at or scan the code with your smartphone. every c-span shop purchase helps supports c-span's nonprofit operation. >> the u.s. house is about to gavel in for l


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