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tv   Abortion Rights Advocates Hold Rally  CSPAN  May 16, 2022 10:03am-11:49am EDT

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radio app plus a variety of podcasts. download it free today. c-span now. review of washington, anytime, anywhere. ♪ >> ♪ who is going to stand up with you. i will. >> our to the people. we are going to win. give it up for toshi regan. and big lovely. [applause] >> somebody say i believe that
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we will win. i believe that we will win. y'all, we're out here today clear eyed. we are focused and our opposition doesn't know the movement they have sparked up y'all, because we're not settling for it as it is or asit -- as it was. we are fighting for abortion access as it should be and as it with the power of the people. are you ready for that? [applause] >> y'all, there's this quote by lucille clifton that i love. she says come celebrate with me that every day something has tried to kill me and has failed. y'all, today is no exception. here is our job. today we need to show then that we're united. are we united? [applause]
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today we need to show them that we're defiant. are you defiant? [applause] today we need to show them that we're loud as hell. can you show them that? can you show them that? can you show them that? [applause] y'all, and then our job tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that is to take care of each other. planned parenthood is ready. we're going to fight state by state, ban by ban alongside our partners, independent clinics, to secure our right to control our bodies and make our own decisions, y'all. planned parenthood doctors and clinicians and staff, we're going to keep opening those health care doors across the country and caring for as many people as we can for as long as we can, in every way that we can. [applause] and y'all, these 17 million planned parenthood supporters will going to stay in the streets because we know this is a marathon. so my question is, are you ready to fight alongside us? [applause] are you ready to fight alongside us?
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[applause] >> come on, y'all, this is the start to a new phase of the fight so let's get this rally going. we're going to start with an acknowledgement of the land, an acknowledgement of the indigenous people's land and that we are on. [applause] and the reality of the continued impact colonization has had on all of our communities. i'm going to introduce sarah eagle heart, women's march board member. [applause] >> [speaking in native language] my lakota name is sarah eagle heart and i greet you today with a good heart. i've been been a part of the women's march since 2017 marching for murdered, missing and indigenous women. which is why i'm wearing red.
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i'm lakota from the pine ridge indian reservation and south dakota. [applause] and i'm also co-ceo of return to the heart foundation, supporting indigenous women-led initiatives. we are making a stand today on the land of the nikachonk and we pick scott away -- piscottaway people. i thank all of our ancestors, and indigenous people past and present, for allowing us to be on the land today. i honor the land itself and the people who have been stewards for generations. i also give thanks to the creator for bringing me here today. this is the same one who has guided, supported and loved me through two abortions. [applause]
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>> as well as the birth of two sons. [applause] abortion is sacred. life is sacred. the right to choose is sacred. a woman's health and well-being is sacred. [applause] >> as you may know, bico --bipoc women will suffer the most due to lack of access and resources for safeabortions. -- safe abortions. i lift up my sisters as indigenous women rising they have been doing this generous work of funding and guiding women through their decisions to have an abortion. they did this work during covid-19 when they knew women were in the most need.
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just like me, they knew just like me, they knew our ancestors knew what was best for our families. just as their decisions were respected long ago, we are obligated by the creator continue to respect those decisions and support our relatives however we can. in many indigenous traditions, a woman was guided through her decision by elders and middlewives and indigenous women had access to traditional medicines and knowledge for safe abortions. women always held the ultimate authority to make that decision. while many of these teachings have been erased with colonialism. there are still these bravewomen and many of the women whoare
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here today who are guiding women through the process ofchoosing asked of choosing -- of choosing what is best for them. today we stand and we say we honor women. we respect their right tochoose. ask -- -- to choose. >> thank you, sarah. now i'm turning to my sister -- she is a feminist powerhouse. give it up for rachel carmona. [applause] >> hello, everyone! there's a lot of you here. you can do better than that. hello, everyone! [cheers] my name is rachel o'leary carmona and i am grateful to be
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here on behalf of women's march and the ten of millions of people who have marched with us, including y'all. and before i continue, you see a lot of green in places. i want to dedicate my speech to the green wave movement, which started in argentina in 2015 in a fight against femicide and transformed into the fight for abortion rights in latin america. this bandanna that i and other people are wearing around here were gifted to us by our allies. latinas in colombia. shout out to our sisters in the global struggle. [applause] and i am honored today to be fighting, showing up, and marching with you on this nationwide day of action and i'm going to keep it a buck. i am very angry. earlier this month, really
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earlier last week, since all of these things are happening day by day, we all read the supreme court's leaked document in horror and if you didn't, here's what it said. it said that women have been right all along and that the politicians we elected to represent us in 50 states across this country, though some people here think it should be 51 -- should have taken us seriously because for years, women in this country have been warning about the end of abortion and just last october, we marched here in these very streets warning about this exact situation. and in response, what did they say? we're dramatic. hysterical, emotional. overreacting. but the day that we warned about is here. the end of roe and casey are in plain sight and we will not go back. [applause] >> we won't go back.
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we won't go back. we won't go back. we won't go back. and how did we get here? how? we got here because five supreme court justices decided that they just don't give a shit what. -- about women. they don't care about precedent. they don't care about the constitution. they don't care about rights and they don't care about the institution that they claim to serve and i'm going to hit with you a quick 1-2-3-4 right now. one of these justices is married to a far right invectionist who tried to overturn the 2020 election and has not recused himself from ruling on cases related to her. two of these justices have been terribly accused -- credibly accused.
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accused of sexual misconduct themselves and nevershould have -- should have been confirmed. three of these justice were appointed by a president who was credibly accused himself of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct and four of these justice were appointed by a president who lost the proper vote. -- popular vote. wah-wah-wah. and the math is mathing and -- not met -- not mathing and what it adds up to a is an illegitimate supreme court. they are unelected. they were unaccountable and they are unrepresentative because 80% of this country believes that the people who
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wants access to abortion should be able to get it and one in four women in america will have an abortion in her lifetime. and if the supreme court acts that -- build the horrors of a time where women had to secretly past arounds names and numbers of doctors who were willing to risk their medical license and often their lives to give any abortion. you know the times when a doctor was unavailable or too expensive or faraway. we also know about the back alleys, and the gas stations and we know about what happens when things go wrong. i am here to say loudly and clearly and with all the youth that we will not go back. -- you that we won't go back.
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that's right. we won't go back. it is not an exaggerated -- exaggeration to say that this is the worst case scenario come to life. there will be daily consequences for the women but it is also no exaggeration to say that women will fight back as we always have. we will be ungovernable until the government starts working for us. ungovernable. ungovernable. ungovernable. ungovernable. [applause] that is why we are taking to the streets today. in cities all across the country. it is why today isn't just one day of action. it is simply day one of an integrated movement aligned behind one simple demand and you all heard it. you know what it is. keep your bans off our bodies. keep your bans off our bodies.
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keep your bans off our bodies. today is day one of an uprising to protect abortion rights. it is day one of our feminist future and it is day one of a summer of rage where we will be ungovernable. ungovernable. and we will not stop. we will not stop until the politicians on our side start acting like they're on our side and we will not stop until the politicians who claim to fight for women actually fight for us and until justice protects us from attacks from our bodies, and until everyone who wants an abortion has the right to get one so i will see you in the streets across
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america. i will see you in august where 10,000 women and allies will gather for the 2020 2 -- 2022 women's convention. big ups because we need every single opportunity, every single one to push back and if you remember, only one thing that i have said, remember this. the fight for abortion is a fight for our rights. it is a fight for what is right and it is up fight we will win. we will win. we will win. we will win. q. so much for having me and until then, i will see you in -- thank you so much for having me and until then i will see you in the streets. >> give it up for rachel carmona.
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do i hear some go-go music playing? because next up up wehave d. c. -- we have d.c. natives. ♪ it's the city where the people hold the power and you can speak nine times every half an hour. ain't nobody rocking mink coats. ♪ >> yeah, jan. we have d.c. native and coke conductive of harriet's wild -- while this nee nee taylor!she's
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dreams, s -- taylor!she's been -- we are excited to have her and our good councilwoman here giving us the message to d.c.. >> hey, d.c.. we always have to hold our home city down. i can tell the rest of y'all, welcome to d.c.. good afternoon. i would like to welcome you to d.c. . my name is nee nee taylor. , d.c. native, born and raised. to acknowledge, the part of d.c. where i was raised, we don't even have an hospital for a black room to have a baby. the part of d.c. where i was raised, we don't even have a maternity work for a black woman to have a baby.
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-- like women to deliver a baby, east of the weather -- everett is -- the river is a reproductive health care desert. i am a co-doctor than -- i am a co-conductor of -- right of strings. centering black lives at risk for state-sanctioned s violence in the greater washington area. mass protesting, organizing campaigns and community care for the system that's building alternatives to a -- oppressed system. i stand before you here today to fight for black women legal rights.
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i stand here today for you to --to educate you on what's going on with roe v. wade. we are going to stay in be streets until we can see this leave. i need you to commit to stay in the streets until we win the criminal -- decriminalization of abortion that was leaked because what you're don't realize, abortions are still legal right now. they are still legal. if you have an abortion that you got plans, that abortion. if you have -- if you cannot afford the abortion, calm -- contact your abortion find and if you have generation while. donate to the abortion funds. stand here to you today to fight for black women legal empowerment.
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excuse me, y'all. this was a last minute thing but i got ill. -- y'all. [applause] >> that's right. -- abortion health care and ended his us -- essential to the thriving feature of black people. we will not give up our fight for the future. our freedom comes from movement, gas, not courts. by keeping his freedom comes from movement, not courts. --coochie police. if the u.s. supreme court wants to be the coochie police, i am
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here to define the coochie police. love and protection for them will bail them out of your tail. our body, our choice. we have the right to maintain personal body autonomy and an -- girls, trend -- transgender and gender nonconforming people. full access to abortion is a necessary component for the freedom of all white people. the current legal system is being waived -- leveraged against the black woman. this is not new for the black people. this machine was already enrolling. black feminists who have asked
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me were criminalized trying to have an abortion and it is our body, our choice. black people are targets. he can't look away at the most violent machine. reviewed with a call. the man asked us to have for -- assets for and eliminate the discover -- discrimination areas of health care for all people. abortion is no exception. i also challenge you as a d.c. native and d.c. being a political playground for the different places and the different campaigns, i challenge you to leave d.c. better than the way you found it. you can support and follow different organizations locally that is doing this work. you can follow us on instagram. i need your to take out your
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phones because we are doing roe v. wade work. take out your phones. i need you to text -- text scotus to 8334541214. text scotus to 833-454-1214 and that's how you're going to stay up with the local war and once again, abortion is no exception. abortion, no exception. abortion, no exception. thank you. thank you ♪ . >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to d.c.
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my name is janeese lewis george. i am a d.c. council member for ward four the district of columbia and i am a d.c. native and i am proud and honored today to represent my hometown today as the ban off our bodies march. d.c. has a long history of being a pro-choice city. we believe in women's rights to choose, safe legal abortion, you believe in women's rights, civil rights, trans rights. we believe abortion is health care. unfortunately, we have watched the senate broke down, codifying
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roe v. wade and as a d.c. residence, you are angry, and we were --pissed. really, we were so upset because we don't have a senator in the senate. d.c. residence -- asked, d.c. residence, we have no voice. we have no representation in the congress that can book to strip away our reproductive rights here in the district. all my life, i have seen republicans in congress stepped into our affairs and impose their will on d.c. residence if they have banned us from using our own funds on abortion care.
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blocking low income women from receiving the care they need. we note that if roe v. wade is overturned, they will come for us by moving to ban abortion in the district of columbia that is why i am here today to remind you that d.c. statehood is a reproductive justice issue. [applause] and here in the district of columbia, we are here and ready to stand up and fight alongside you to defend d.c., to put -- protect our reproductive rights and to make sure that abortion is free, safe, and legal for every person in this country. [applause] overturning roe v. wade will hurt blacks, browns, indigenous communities, disabled communities, abortions cost
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money and it is unaffordable for so many who cannot travel hundreds or thousands of miles away from abortion. -- for abortion care. especially in a country without pay family leave. without affordable childcare, without universal health care. without a $15 minimum wage. [applause] how dare you come for the autonomy of our bodies. but then don't give us what we need in this community. when babies are born, you say to us, we have a shortage right now in our country. women are struggling to make sure that they can feed their children right now but corporate greed is allowing a shortage of baby formula right now in this country. [applause] they say k -- they say they care
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about our bodies? they say they care about our children they care about us. your policies say the opposite. [applause] so we in the district of columbia, we stand arm in arm and we are ready to fight. let me say this. we need you to fight in more ways than one. organize a -- organizing on the ground, supporting all of your local organizations, donating the funds, volunteering your time. making sure you show up at our planned parenthood clinics and making sure you will -- stand and walk people into the clinics. let us be clear. right now, they are coming for our liberty, our autonomy and date will not stop there.
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despite its a fight where we all need to be in solidarity because they will come for equality of marriage. they will come for gay rights, it will come for trans rights. despite is about all of us -- this fight is about all of us. [applause] working class people and families would die if this is allowed to happen. they will suffer. history tells us that. and it is a shame that my generation is having to stand to fight this where -- when our grandparents, our mothers, our great grand -- great-grandmother stood and thoughts. -- fought. we will not go backwards. they talk to fight. and we know that united to government -- together, we can fight but we need to make sure
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that we have a super majority in congress and in the senate. [applause] it is a shame that republican -- senators, republican senators and joe manchin, nathan. -- name him. our deciding what to do with our bodies. it is a shame that there are no black women in the senate right now. [applause] so we need. we need to black women, we need everyone to stand up and we do -- need to not just dodemocrats, -- just do democrats. we need to do progressive democrats in every seat of congress and in this country. we need you to vote because republican -- reproductive justice rights are on the ballot in 2022. make no qualms about it. we need you to vote.
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we need you to run. we need to you organize, we need you to donate. they are counting on our altar apathy. -- culture -- voter apathy. we have to make changes too. we have to talk about termlimits test term limits -- term limits in the supreme court. we have to talk about expanding our courts. we have to end the jim crow filibuster. [applause] we have to do these things right now. here in d.c., as we fight for statehood, as a reaper public -- read productive justice rights issue, as a civil rights issue,
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we ask that you stand for us and with us. don't vote for anyone who is not going to be a supporter for d.c. statehood, because it is essential to us receiving and making sure we have reproductive justice rights in this country. and so, in d.c., we are fighters. nee nee will tell you. we are fighters because we have been fighting for autonomy all these years. being taxed without representation. taxation without representation alters down and holds us back and a republican congress will destroy us. in the store our ability to have reproductive justice right here in the district. what i need you to do, when i say to you, when our
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reproductive justice rights are under attack, what do we do? i want you to say stand up,fight -- up, fight back. but say it so that joe mentioned -- joe manchin can hear you. i want you to say it so everyone who will be primary, who voted against our reproductive justice rights, will hear you. when our reproductive rights are under attack, what did we do? >> stand up, fight back. in our -- >> rightsare under attack what -- >> when our reproductive rights are under attack what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> we stand up, we fight back. bans off our bodies. d.c. statehood. we got this. we can do this, we will do this. thank you. >> whoo, whoo, yeah, give it up
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it. yeah, stand up, fight back. he's welcome representative barbara lee of california -- please welcome representative barbara lee of california. thank you for that -- thank you for that very spirited and gracious introduction and good morning, everyone. thank you for being here, for your energy and righteous indignation and your work and for electing your voice for our personal liberties and reproductive freedom. [applause] let me just take a moment to thank all of you, our advocates,
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our organizers, providers and volunteers who made today possible and providing each and every day or reproductive freedom. thank you. give the organizations -- the organizers a round of applause because they made this happen. they worked each and every day on the ground to help move us forward. we note that this is a crisis moment. the radical supreme joy -- supreme court justices and right brain exchangers -- right wing extremists are making a clear that they will not stop until a nationwide ban is in and acted we are here to say keep these off our bodies. rights to make our own decisions about our bodies is in dangers -- danger of being taken away so say it again.
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keep these bans off our bodies. we fight these battles 50 years ago. 50 years ago. but let me tell you, we are moving forward because we understand this radical right and we must fight them again but fight we will. fight we will. because of you, the house of representatives passed our woman were congresswoman judy chu's bill to enshrine abortion into federal law and because of you. the radical senate republicans plus one who say they care about personal liberties seem to not
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care at all about taking away our personal liberties, our personal decisions over our bodies and they want to take away for the first time, a constitutional right. first time. but, as you have heard over and over again, they will not start -- stop here. if they come for us today, they are coming for you tomorrow. so don't think these bans aren't an attempt to further erode our personal liberties and our democracy. so fight we must to keep these bans off our bodies. fight we must. you all know i am one of the one in four women who have had an abortion. this is -- this is very also
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personal for me, as i know it is personal for many of you. but it was my body -- choice, it was my body. it was my body, it is my choice. that is what it was. that is what it was. i know firsthand what being denied access to legal abortion looks like. when i was a teenager, i got an abortion. fortunately, my loving late mother was there to support me. and her friend, my mother, i was 15, almost 16. her friend in el paso, texas, recommended a doctor in juarez, mexico where i could get an abortion. where it was legal also. i was so afraid. so afraid. i flew from california to el paso, my first time on an
10:42 am
airplane. i did not know what to expect other than this decision could but my life in jeopardy. that was all i knew. i am here to tell you. i have experienced the fear, the statement and despair of being denied care as needed. i know what it is like to worry about your medical decision being -- economy criminalized. -- becoming criminalized. i know that fear. i know what it is like to see your future hang on the decisions of politicians and judges, instead of doctors and whom you trust. i know that. shame on them. shame on them. shame on them. shame on them. shame on them.
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yes, have seen that then wipe down a dark alley. i subscribed, -- survive, but many women, especially blacks, latinos, indigenous and other women of color did not. now, let me tell you briefly a quick story about my mentor, the first african-american woman elected to congress. the first african american and women to seriously mount the -- you can see for these united states of -- in 1972. y'all know who i am talking about. shirley chisholm from brooklyn, new york. you know it. shirley chisholm for president. well, shirley chisholm. a lot of people know this. she was the first honorary copresident of the national abortion rights action we in 19
10:44 am
-- action -- action league in 1969. that was shirley chisholm. he was one of the 16 black women who courageously let a moment for the pup -- reproductive freedom and publish we remember: african-american women for reproductive freedom" in 1989. she co-founded african-american women for reproductive freedomin -- freedom in 1990. and let me tell you, she said and i hope you get her book --unbossed and unbossed in 1970. she said -- access to legal abortion was an issue economic and racial justice. that was in 1970. 1970. and in 1977 in houston at the national women's conference,
10:45 am
chili's -- shirley chisholm, barbara jordan, credit scott team -- greta scott king, maxine waters and many others, they were there and spoke about republic -- reproductive injustice engendered -- and gender equality. that was in 1977. 1977. so today, this is 2022. again, we are fighting this battle once again, but you know what? because of you, because not everyone in the country. we will not let them turn the clock back to those dark days, will we? no, we will not let them do that. we are galvanized. we are organized. we are fighting with you to fight against these bans. yes, we are here today to tell these radical extremists that if
10:46 am
you criminalize people for having an abortion, if you make abortion illegal, if you take away our right to make our personal decisions about our bodies, we will see you in that ballot box in november when we write -- november. when we fight, we win. we fight, we win. when we fight, we win. thank you again. let's get to work and let's fight and to feed people in november. next defeat these people in november. >> all right. thank you. all right, when we fight? >> we win. >> when we fight? >> we win. >> thank you so much, representative lee. thank you so much. we're going to keep us thisfight asked this fight, -- this fight, today, tomorrow, and the next
10:47 am
day to ensure they keep bans off their -- she's the first woman to lead sciu, y'all, the nation'slargest health care union. and she's going to be joined up here by april verrett, president of local 25015, the nation's largest union of care workers. introduce them to the stage, y'all, give them a good welcome. >> thank you so much, kelley. april, isn't there a beautiful sight? >> wow, wow, wow. >> will echo what our sister said. when we fight, -- when we fight?
10:48 am
>> we win. >> when we rally? >> we win. >> when we march? >> we win. >> when we show up and vote? >> we win. >> thank you so much. we are proud to be speaking to you today on behalf of the 2 million service and care workers who have been on the front lines of the global pandemic, a racial reckoning, a climate crisis and now a crisis about our bodies. any united here to keep these bands off our bodies? [applause] >> it is so inspiring and gives me so much hope that you showed up today to stand up and fight back. in april and i went you to know that seiu members, worker leaders, fight for 15 and the union and working people everywhere are joining you in rising to fight back.
10:49 am
we all have a stake in this fight, especially the women who have served on the front lines of this pandemic. working class women, flat, latina, asian-pacific islander, indigenous and white are already struggling to make ends meet. april and i know that many of the women are structured into jobs that are party wage jobs because -- poverty wage jobs because of corporate power and systemic racism. in these same working-class women of every race cannot afford a plane, a train, or a bus ticket to another state just to get the health care they deserve. and without the ability to determine their own reproductive
10:50 am
destinies and family size, they cannot hope to build a better future. working people everywhere understand that our fundamental rights are intertwined. women's rights, workers rights, voting rights, lgbtq rights. immigrant rights. climate justice. when you pull one thread of this fabric, of our democracy unravels. we have already seen this extremist wing of the supreme court attack workers rights to join together in unions about rolling back 40 years of precedents. they sort out our rights as workers to extremists and now they are selling out our rights to control our own bodies. isn't that right, april.
10:51 am
that is right, mary kay, and i must say as a black woman, barbara lee speaks for me. as we say back home in california and i am proud to stand on the shoulders of barbara lee and shirley chisholm and maya angelou and all of those great women who have tracked the past so i can stand here today but we are not just going to stand. we are going to mobilize and left our voices. now is the time for action. we will fight back. [applause] >> is the largest health-care unit in this country seiu will do everything in our power to keep abortion safe and legal. that's right. safe and legal. because the choice of whether or not to have an abortion is the choice of the pregnant person and no one else.
10:52 am
the pregnant person and no one else. full stop. you will never never equivocate on that point -- we will never equivocate on that point. it is not a politicians choice. it is not a pastor's choice. it is the woman's choice. it is absolutely un-american to deny women this fundamental constitutional right. all of us, each and every one of us has a horse in this race. we all have something at stake in this fight and let's be clear. there has never, ever been equitable access to reproductive care in this country. so many working women still face employment discrimination. no way. just because they are pregnant and they lack paid sick leave
10:53 am
and family left -- medical leave. we are organizing, we are mobilizing right now to hold elected officials accountable, who will stand up for working women at every level of government. and just like we did for the incredible, phenomenal content brown jackson, --ketanji ronny jackson, just let me ship -- stood up for kbj, we are going to stand up and back judicial nominees school the fan abortion rights in this country. and we are not going to do it alone. we have a beautiful coalition. we will work with our partners across reproductive rights and labor to ensure that the voices of blacks, bettina, api, indigenous and immigrant women
10:54 am
who read most impacted in a post roe v. wade world, they must be heard and they must be seen. that is right. it is time to pay -- action. just show up in raise your signs today. leave here with your mind to determine to do action. that is right. if you don't do anything else, when you leave this rally today, i mean -- needing to call or text 10 france. got 10 friends and you don't know whether or not they are going to go out and vote. i got more than 10. i got cousins and plate cousins. text them. they cannot sit on the fence. it is too damn important and don't just ask them tomorrow. you keep texting them every single day. it is too much at stake.
10:55 am
our fundamental rights are at stake. we need to expand reproductive rights in every state in this country. we need to defend workers rights and voting rights and lgbtq plus rights and immigrant rights. it is all of our fights. we must and together in solidarity to build our power and use our power to transform our country into one where we can all be proud and live in freedom. we will not go backwards because , as we know, when we fight, we win. thank you. [applause] >> e fight together -- -- we fight together -- >> win. >> when we fight together? >> we win. >> will shift to hearing to
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faith leaders, because we know that the anti-choice movement want to claim a monopoly on faith but it is not true. i am a person of faith and i am not out here in spite of my stay. i am here because of myspace -- faith. [applause] we are joined by sheila katz, the ceo of national jewish women. we have jamie manson, president of catholics for choice. we have a video message from the repo legal defense fund director at if, when, how. and we also got abdul ray, the national liaison for women's health for the southern christian leadership conference. >> shabbat shalom, everyone.
10:57 am
i am so proud to be here with all you representing 200,000 national council of jewish women advocates across the country. [applause] >> spoiler alert, juice cap abortions. christians have abortions. muslims have abortions. people of faith and people of no faith have abortions. right now, people across our country who are already marginalized face the inhumane reality that they could be forced into pregnancy, a life-changing and potentially life threatening decision. one force pregnancy is one to many. and in this moment, as many as 36 million people could face
10:58 am
this feature. for too long, this country has allowed a small, but loud, group on the religious right to dominate the narrative of -- around abortion and religion, claiming that abortion axis is a violation of religious freedom. so we asked them, whose religious freedom are you trying to protect? not mine. [applause] he is him not only permits abortion, but requires it when the life of the pregnant person is at risk. [applause] religious freedom is meant to be a shield to protect people of minority faith committees, not as a way to discriminate against them and the only way you can truly have religious freedom in this country is every person to make their own decisions for
10:59 am
your body -- their body, their lives and their future. [applause] as a jewish woman, i would never force my religious traditions, beliefs or values onto another person but that is exactly what is happening on our supreme court and states across our country. let me be clear. i support the right to an abortion because of my jewish faith, not in spite of it. [applause]
11:00 am
>> i am a proud, lesbian catholic woman who supports abortion access. as president for catholics for choice i represent 68% of catholics who do not want to see roe overturned appeared like she, i support abortion because my catholic faith, not in spite of it. -- gender inequality, economic insecurity, and immigration restriction. catholics are taught a theology of social justice and abortion bands are the opposite of justice.
11:01 am
[applause] what we are seeing right now is the supreme court is a religious overreach led by catholic bishops allegedly celibate men who will never be pregnant. yet have spent over 50 years and millions of dollars trying to control women's bodies in queer bodies capture the -- come to the judiciary and take choice out of our hands. the only way to preserve our rights between right-wing religious forces, the only way to get truth out of church and h is through the equal rights amendment spirit which is ratified and needs to be certified. the catholic bishop --.
11:02 am
organizing against it right now. i call on president biden, our pro-choice catholic president, our e.r.a. president to certify and bush the equal right amendment today. [applause] [applause] in the gospel, jesus tells us the truth shall set us free. here is the truth. one in four abortion patients are catholic. if you're a portion -- person of faith i: you to get loud and proud for your portion abortion. do not feed into the right wing in their unholy crusade against dignity and freedom. we have the moral high ground
11:03 am
and we will not stop fighting. thank you. [applause] >> the organization that covers for people who are punished by the state for self managing abortions while helping someone else do so. we knew the criminalization of pregnancy was only going to get worse. we are fighting back against the state that is forcing people to remain pregnant against their will. this is a terrifying time with people seeking abortions along with trans people. the law was never meant to keep us safe in the state will not protect us from controlling the
11:04 am
bodies ofb black and ended indenginous people. we should be able to do so without fear of being criminalized and having our children taken away. we know nothing is more powerful than solidarity. it is through our collection that our rights to make a decision of our own body, that we resist and rebuild a world we would want to live in. the time to build solidarity is
11:05 am
now. our safety, lives, community cannot wait. [applause] >> the national liaison for women's health for the southern christian leadership conference. our national president and ceo dr. charles junior is positive about this moment of time and history. we believe that we must put back against government oppression over women's bodies. as we discussed a recent event around roe v. wade, one of stood out to me. he said, too many people are worried about aborting the unborn, but could care less when
11:06 am
we abort the social structures that should support them after they are born. i'm going to tell y'all one more time. too many people are worried about aborting the unborn, but could care less when we abort the social structures that should support them after they were born. that resonated with me. we must continue to focus on building a community of love and support for all of god's children's, regardless of their color, where they are born or how their parents are. make no mistake, marginalizing people by creating laws that do not even acknowledge their humanity is a grave injustice. we are proud to stand with our peers in this fight and will keep on walking, keep on talking until we are marching in the
11:07 am
freedom land. [applause] >> yes. give it up for our leaders y'all. this is a movement that is about believing that more is possible and that our people deserve it. are you willing to fight for it? do you believe that we can get there together? [applause] yes. our next leaders are coming up from the reproductive justice movement. people who have been fighting at the forefront for long to ensure not only that we fight for abortion but to make sure we get through the barriers. yell, reproductive -- y'all reproductive justice is economic justice. reproductive justice is justice,
11:08 am
plain and simple. plain and simple. i want to introduce you to these fantastic leaders appeared . first we have with us amber. [applause] then we have ivanka, the cheap policy and government despairs chief policy. >> i am on the national latinos as a two for all latinos have full access to health, dignity and justice. i want to start by saying thank you to every single person here.
11:09 am
thank you. because of the fight we are up against is going to need all of us. that is right. that is mothers, that person, that daughter, that neighbor, ourselves, anyone seeking care to abortion, we are going to need to help each other. you will not be alone. i know this because look at all of the beautiful people here today. thank you so much. [applause] we are here to deliver a clear message. abortion is a fundamental human right. if the supreme court draft is final, it will hit people who already face barriers to care.
11:10 am
i am talking about latinos, young people, immigrants, people with disabilities, people in underserved communities, the lgbtq communities, as well as low income. that is a lot of us. people throughout this country are already facing abortion bands and restrictions we are in and with each restriction, we, all of us will be there to fight them. all around the country are organizing to get the care that they need. we and our communities have created network for support and assistance. we help folks who are undocumented navigate inside texas that curb the ability to move around. here's what my colleague from texas wanted you all to hear today.
11:11 am
[speaking a different language] we will continue to fight for a world which all people gain access to health and for all of their communities. [speaking different language] regardless of the decision of the supreme court, families in texas will continue to fight until they see their human rights restored. >> that is right.
11:12 am
[applause] [speaking in different language] >> together we must fight for a world where everyone should be able to receive the abortion care in the way that is best for them. latina institute will be probably they are fighting every step of the way. thank you. [applause] >> hello, everyone. i am yvonne with the national asian pacific american forum. where are my asian women at? [applause] it is the only organization in the country dedicated to building power with asian american women and girls.
11:13 am
abortion plays a critical part in our reproductive lives. in our community, 35% of pregnancies end in abortion. the path to get there is focal to -- is a difficult and filled with cultural stigmas despite attempts to shame us, we will not be shamed. [applause] a api women support 80% of us support abortion access. we demand our voices be heard today. we are tired of attempts to take away of our rights to abortion care. we are tired of our attempts to criminalize us. we are tired of attempts to control our bodies.
11:14 am
no matter what the supreme court decides, we will fight for our fundamental right and our freedom. thank you so much for coming out today. march on. >> how y'all doing today? make some noise around here today. i heard this was a rally, i heard this was an action, we need to hear y'all's voices. how you doing today? my name is monica. i am the executive director of sister song. i'm going to start out today and little unconventional for some. my ancestors, our ancestors told us to be ready for this moment . as a black southern women, i stand all the soldiers of black
11:15 am
-- shoulders of black lesbian women. i stand on the shoulders of the black woman who named and creative -- created the reproductive justice movement. they knew they came the day for the economy for our right to not have children and parent them they will come for a full liberation of people. when we black and brown folks do not have the luxury of fighting for a single issue. we do not have the luxury of that. we have been fighting for our bodies for the beginning of time and we are not going to stop until our people are free. right? [applause] right now we are in the fight for our lives. too many of our projections and communities are under attack,
11:16 am
for voting rights to our transgender youth, we have to fight harder then we have ever fought before. our generations who are coming are depending on us. let's be real. reproductive oppression has played our -- plagued our community for generations . black women die four times more likely than white women in childbirth. the system of oppression protects white supremacy. antiabortion legislation is not a right. it is pro-white supremacy. just in case you have not heard me clearly enough, despite that we are against right now is a
11:17 am
fight against white supremacy. we know the folks behind the agenda. these folks are committed to protecting white supremacy culture and they want to stay in power. they are coming at us like this because, i believe that they are scared. they are big mad y'all. they are shook. we are calling out and coming forward this system every single day. we are working across movements and are building our pathway to liberation. i get so much joy when i think about the power of the people. i get so much joy when nothing about how reproductive justice, this framework have given us the blueprint. i get so much joy when i think about keeping this momentum going. [applause]
11:18 am
i have two things you can do today. you can sign up to join our action on june 18, 19, juneteenth on washington, d.c.. fight power for black bodies. you can get connected. august 25 through the 29th we will be in dallas, texas for our talk about sex conference going down. registration is open on less talk about sex we need you in every action, every state, every place, everywhere to ensure that we have the reproductive justice. i know it is a hard fight. i know we have a long way to go. if we stay connected, if we stay together, then i believe that we will win. do y'all believe that we will win? i believe that we will win.
11:19 am
i believe that we will win. thank y'all. [applause] >> come on now, give it up for monica and marie, yvonne, yes, i believe that we will win. our next two speakers are here to tell their stories. the stories of what it really means to access abortion care. stories of the lived realities of what we experience, what we struggled with and what we faced. please give a warm welcome to danielle and joanna, our storytellers. [applause] >> my name is danielle. i am from orlando, florida.
11:20 am
this is my story. two and a half years ago when my friend's son was about six years old, my husband decided that we wanted to -- spirit we are over thinkers and over planners, and knew if we had kids we would want two. we were shocked to get pregnant our first month trying. we were overjoyed to be expecting. unfortunately, around 21 weeks we learn our baby had a life-threatening heart condition. as you could imagine, we were devastated. nathaniel was a very loved and very wanted baby. i started to think of our first son. i don't know if it is because he is adopted. we have always a to take good care of him and always be for him -- be there for him.
11:21 am
how can we do this when we are spending months in the nicu. it was likely he would need the heart transplant later in life. as a mother, how could i wish for a healthy child to die so that my child could have their heart to live? my husband and i talked endlessly about how this was going to affect our family. we conducted our own research on nathaniel's condition and consulted with multiple specialists. the completely honest, -- to be completely honest, we also did not have limited -- unlimited resources. most families do not. the money that we would have saved for the hsa would not even begin to cover the medical expenses. we chose to move forward with termination. all things considered, it was
11:22 am
the pain and uncertainty the baby would have to endure that lead us to our decision. the closest clinic for my procedure was about three hours away. even how far along i was in my pregnancy, i had to act fast. i have less than 24 hours to make all of the arrangements. i drove three hours to and from west palm beach, received my procedure. typically it is over a course of two days. a milestone i was heartbroken to be absent for. at the end of the day, my abortion and all abortions are health care. we made the decision for the health of our family. now my first son is about to turn three. [applause] we have another son as well who is here with me today.
11:23 am
[applause] please understand that i wasn't one of the lucky ones. i was able to call out of work at a moments notice, confide to my manager about the time i would need a way, had a reliable card to get to the clinic, a huge support system of friends and family that i could lean on for help. between our hsa, credit cards, the funds were available to pay for the nearly $5,000 procedure an overnight stay at the hotel, plus a gas and food for the trip. the idea that some legislator of justice to has never met me or have gone the situation personally can come in with a hand to make a decision for everybody, it is just beyond me. except it is not beyond me. that is why i am here today. [applause]
11:24 am
to tell justices that they failed to understand that there are multiple complications that can arise during a pregnancy well beyond 15, 20 weeks. people need to have the time, space, and comfort to make the best decision, not only for themselves, but also for their family. thank you for being here. and listening to my story. [applause] let's all make our voices heard. [applause] >> hello. my name is joanna. my pronouns are she/her. i am a volunteer from dallas, fort worth area in texas.
11:25 am
my parents immigrated from mexico before i was born in order to provide my younger brother and i a better future. i grew up in a traditional household. the idea of abortion and birth control was taboo. my mother warned me about birth control, she thought it caused infertility. i wasn't 22 when i found out i was pregnant while in school to receive my associates of arts degree at our local community college. although i grew up in a catholic , latin household, i knew i do not want to follow through with my pregnancy. i was not financially or emotionally ready to be a mom. i knew that planned parenthood offered abortion services without judgment.
11:26 am
luckily, the planned parenthood near my home offered abortion consultation verses. is there a line that you should be five weeks pregnant because of the ultrasound requirement? i had no idea how far i was. i knew texas had strict laws when it comes to abortion and pregnancy. i did not want to draw it out any longer than i needed to. that night before my procedure at home, i told my mom that i was pregnant and i decided to have an abortion. to my surprise, she understood and accepted my decision. [applause] i felt relieved. although i had told a couple of friends about what i was going through, i still felt i needed my mom. she lay down with me and let me cry in her arms until we fell asleep. my abortion has given me the opportunity to continue school
11:27 am
and receive my bachelors degree. [applause] as of yesterday i have now completed my masters degree as a social worker for mental health. [applause] my abortion opened up different avenues i have not considered and allowed me to have more empathy. i know i am not alone in my situation. i decided to become a volunteer because i was grateful of the care i received at planned parenthood. i believe we should normalize conversations around birth control in the latin community. and abortion should not just be legal, but accessible for everyone. my abortion at was one of the easiest decisions i have ever made.
11:28 am
that is ok. [applause] it is ok to choose you. everyone knows and loves someone who has had an abortion. [speaking foreign language] [applause] [speaking foreign language] abortion bands are going to impact communities the most. we all have the right to choose when, how and under what circumstances do we have a family. [applause]
11:29 am
i am angry and saddened to see laws such as the ones in texas and across the country because i can't imagine what it would be like to put your life on hold to travel out of state for a simple safe procedure. it is ok to feel overwhelmed, to feel frustrated and scared right now. this moment is bigger than just abortion rights. we them -- we need them to see that we are not going to take this lying down the matter what the decision is. [applause] abortion is not going anywhere. so we need to make sure folks are having access to safe and legal abortion. continue to show up, talk about abortion to your friends and family, and donate to your local abortion fund. thank you.
11:30 am
[applause] >> thank you again, these are the most important stories you are going to hear today. this decision and the court's attempts to rob us of our rights will not stand because our lives are too important, all of our reasons are the right reasons. [applause] >> we have a sue with ultraviolet, she is their director of the reproductive rights campaign. [applause] >> thank you for here rain or shine because they fight does not depend on the weather -- the fight does not open all day whether -- depend on the
11:31 am
weather. >> i am so honored to be here today with you. i represent ultraviolet. i'm here to proclaim abortion is freedom! [applause] >> they choice to grow our family is a sacred right. we need access to quality health care what people can bring children to term without going broke, the ability to choose whether or not to become a parent with joy, dignity, without the fear of violence against our children and communities. [applause] we strive for a future in which policy is premised on values of abundance and not deprivation.
11:32 am
[applause] that supreme court, we are getting to marsh to real soon, and wants to plan our ability to choose our own destiny and let us be clear, they will not stop with roe. we refuse to let this draft opinion, this racist, sexist opinion come to fruition. we will march, we will vote, we have to vote, all of that. that cannot be enough. we have to hold those in power accountable because we are the majority! [applause] we will fight until our rights and freedoms are expanded. [applause]
11:33 am
these institutions only have power if we give it to them. to power rests with us, the people of this nation. this draft is an attack on the power that we have built over generations to make this country a more just and equal country. they are attempting to rest -- wrest our power at the voting booth and no more, no more. let us be clear, it is not just politicians who are complicit, silence is violence in these moments. it is also corporate america who likes to do their pride month
11:34 am
activities and women's history month event while behind closed doors pad the pockets of the politicians who are passing phase restrictions -- padding the pockets who are passing these restrictions. if you approximate two power is more important than your approximate to justice, we are -- you are not the leaders we need at this moment and you need to get out of the way. [applause] through those who tell us, raise our voices or i say to you if our protest makes you comfortable, that is a project. i am not interested in being a miss congeniality on my fundamental rights are on the line. we gather today to bring forth about what is being done and in darkness under the screen worked with a part light day --
11:35 am
darkness under the screen, bring it forward to the light of day. we have to dismantle those institutions that are no longer fit for purpose. this is our fight, this is our time, we are the majority and we will absolutely win. thank you. [applause] one more time for sonia! >> we love each other enough to fight one another, right? look at your neighbor and say i love you. i am willing to fight for you. but your other neighbor and say i love you, i am willing to fight with you.
11:36 am
we have a leader, the leader of emily's list with us today. when -- join me in welcoming their president. [applause] >> washington in the house! i heard that we are ready to fight in washington and we are ready to win in washington. are we ready to fight? are you ready to win? i heard april talk to our, give us an assignment about texting our 10 friends, has everybody identified 10 friends you are ready to text? today is not just about speeches, today is about action. there are millions of women and
11:37 am
young girls who are counting on us not just to calm and listen to us speak, about to leave the is grounds ready to take action on their behalf. are we ready to fight washington? are we waiting to win washington? -- ready to win washington? what it is going to take is doing what our ancestors have done. while loretta scott king told us we needed to do to win our freedom. we had to earn it and when it with every -- win it with every generation. as of this generation ready to earn it and when how it? -- win it? if we are washington, if we are, we know that right now is our time.
11:38 am
right now it is our term. it is our turn to build power, like we have never built power before. connecting the abortion rights movement with the labor movement, with the climate movement, with a the black lives matter movement with a native american protection movement. we have got to build a power not just to win in this election cycle but we have to build the power necessary to turn their freedom that our young daughters deserve over to them in their generation. we have to build their power necessary to make sure that every bowen -- everett republican and radical right wing conservative who wants it to stand in the way of a woman's writer choose abortion is -- right to choose abortion is voted out! [applause]
11:39 am
we have to build that power and you being here today, the hundreds of thousands of you being here today. not just in washington but in new york, in texas, louisiana, mississippi, california, illinois, everywhere we are today is a demonstration of our power our commitment and determination. vote them out! thank you washington! [applause] >> one more time for miss butler! we have one more speaker and we are going to hit the streets because it is almost time to march! our final speaker is a true hero and champion. this is a person who sees the reality of abortion access or the lack thereof every day. she is in the trenches providing
11:40 am
the care that we all deserve. give us a warm welcome to the doctor from physicians from reproductive health. >> hello everybody, are you ready to go down to the supreme court? yesss! i am a board-certified ob/gyn and a proud abortion provider here in the district. [applause] i am here with the physicians for reproductive health because we are at a devastating moment for reproductive rights. in the late draft opinion for dobbs versus jackson women health organization made clear that what many of our spirit and what is already a reality for thousands of people in states lamenting abortion bands. ignore its -- states creating
11:41 am
abortion bans. it is clear that they court will not save us -- the court will not save us. prenatal care, gynecologic care, ms. carey care, quality in a maternal care. abortion is safe, it is essential health care. no matter what, abortion is not going away. with this, supreme court decision, it may open the door to her surveillance, punishment, criminalization of anybody even suspected of having an abortion. no matter what they bring to the outcome, no one should be criminalized for getting the care that they need -- no matter what the pregnancy outcome, i know what should decriminalize
11:42 am
for getting the health care that they need. free from punishment, shame, and stigma. [applause] i mean all of us, they language open the door to a tax on health care beyond abortion access -- attacks on health care beyond abortion access. freedom in choosing who we marry and who we have sex. [applause] as a physician, i trust that my patients know their bodies. i trust that they know what they need to live their lives in a way that is safe, healthy, and affirmed. [applause] as a physician, i trust in my patients to know what it is best for them to become parent, to best parent the children they already have, to know when it is
11:43 am
best to end the suffering of an abnormal pregnancy. access to abortion care gives patients control over their bodies and lives. i will close what i want everyone in the country to know. today, abortion care is acceptable. birth control is still legal. patients can go to their appointments and providers can provide the compassionate care that they need. as a physician, it is my priority to ensure that patients can get timely, compassionate care. because of this, i was working on friday, because of this i will care for patients on monday, tuesday, wednesday, but all of the days after that. [applause] as a proud member of the community of physician advocates across the country, we will always fight for what we know is
11:44 am
just. that includes abortion. we put our patients' health care first. abortion is health care, health care is not a crime. . these bands are our bodies -- stop these bans are our bodies! >> stop these bans on our bodies! let me hear you, they plan to ban abortion, give us a shout for them! what we are doing here is of the essence of care no matter what because no politician, no ban is going to stand in the way that we get people to care that they need. here is what we know. roe v. wade's days are numbered. we have to take that in.
11:45 am
we also know that roe v. wade was never enough for black people, brown people, young people, queer people, world people, it was never enough -- rural people, it was never enough. the fate of ro is not our fates because we are ready to fight. all that is left is for us to decide to are we going to be in this moment of history. who are we going to be now that we are no longer only the defenders of ro? we are going to obey the voice of the other end of the line saying we will get you an appointment no matter what. [applause] we are going to be the abortion funders, navigators, storytellers. we will be they paint in the neck off every politician who will not permit wholeheartedly and urgently to protect our
11:46 am
rights in every law, in every state, every part of this country. we are going to be the land arm with trans folks and emigrants because we know that none of us are free until all of us are free. we will be the builders of a new foundation for our rights, we are going to be on the right side of history here. we are going to be fierce and fearless as we need to. are you ready to do that? [applause] thank you for fighting with us and guess what, who is ready to march? who is ready to march? let us do this thing, i want you to follow the direction of the awesome marshals as we exit the ground at the corner behind me. we are going to exit at the corner behind me, next to the medic tent.
11:47 am
we are taking this fight up to the streets. come on, let us get to marching. lay us out into the streets to ensure that our voices are heard and are only here in d.c. as a monument but down in the supreme court and in the halls of congress and the white house too. come on, let us get behind me and follow the marshals on the ground, there in the real cute yellow best to ensure that we could get there safely and proudly and loudly. one more time, thank you, we are in this fight together. let us do it! ♪ big surprise.
11:48 am
don't you think i know exactly where i then -- where i've been. this world is forcing me to hold your hand. i'm just a little -- i'm just a girl, little old me, don't let me out of your sight. i'm just a girl. don't let me have any rights. i've had it up to here. >> on monday, abortion access and care are the target of a house judiciary hearing, with a proportion -- an abortion provider from alabama. you can view it online my our watchful coverage on c-span now, our free mobile app -- you can
11:49 am
view it online or by our app. >> file pref -- daily press briefings, scan the qr code to stay up to date on everything happen in washington each day. subscribe today or visit subscribe anytime. >> c-span is your local view of government. we are supported by organizations like charter. >> upgrading technology, in communities big and small, charter is connecting us. >>


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