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tv   Campaign 2022 Georgia 14th District U.S. House Republican Debate  CSPAN  May 3, 2022 1:04am-2:02am EDT

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six republicans took part in a debate with marjorie taylor greene. the winner of the may 24 primary is favored to win the general election. republicans have an average 28 point advantage over democrats in the 14th district as rated by the nonpartisan cook political report. ♪
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>> hello i am josh wrote, weeknight news anchor. welcome to the atlanta press club bait series. -- debate series. let's meet the candidates for this debate. they are an athletic order. first, erica cunningham is a logistic and supply-chain professional, marjorie taylor greene is the incumbent, james haygood is a railroad professional. charles is an emergency physician and family practitioner. jeff astray hand is not up -- entre nous and business owner. now let's meet our panel. a public policy report of a public broadcasting. a reporter for the atlanta constitution, for complete rules on today's debate please visit
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the letterpress club -- atlanta press club website. to start the debate coming each question -- panelists will be asked one question. there will have 60 seconds to answer each question. >> dr. luton, georgia has lost about eight rural hospitals in the past two decades. what you see is the solution to fixing access and rule -- rural areas for health care? >> rural health care is difficult about -- to provide because a number of potential patients do not justify the tremendous capital expense of building and operating a hospital that is a very expensive proposition. partnerships among hospitals, outreach clinics, increasing insurance coverage for rural
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areas is the key. not every small county can have a legitimate, full-service hospital. >> let's go to your first question, it will go to seth.
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>> how do you think the united states should respond to the crisis in ukraine? >> i think it's really important we have a strong stance and stand for democracy. when we have a democratic nation who is under attack asking for help, when a man needs help, you help them. >> your next question. >> what step would you take on a federal level to bolster her job creation and are there specific industries you would focus on? >> thank you for letting me be here this morning. to increase the jobs for our district, the first thing is we have to stop the mandates. too many mandates have killed too many jobs. we have to shut down any mandates and not allow them to come back at all. i've driven around the district and there are some very poor parts of the district that need jobs and they need access to well-paying jobs as well. we have to help them from a transportation perspective. i would be in favor of coming up with unique coming up with unique ideas like maybe offering tax credits to an uber or lyft then we have to do more on the supply chain side. we have a bunch of containers at the port of savannah. if we could have brought those to murray county, we could store those and help them earn more money. and clear up the congestion at
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the port. >> we want to remind candidates you have one minute to answer these questions. your next question is to marjorie taylor greene. >> what evidence can you show after 15 months in office of any success in d.c.? please mention some of your bills, earmarks or any tangible assets. -- actions for district 14. >> thank you for that question. i brought in nearly $6 million to our district to help law enforcement. our sheriff's office, mental health, drug abuse programs and other programs. that serve the people the 14th district. i'm proud of our constituent services that help people that live all over northwest georgia and sometimes even outside of northwest georgia. another thing i have done is i have dominated sitting on the house floor, calling for recorded votes, forcing congress to be on record, making congress vote each time into the passing bills by voice like they have
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done for decades. i have stopped democrat cori bush's bill that would have allowed felons to vote from prison. that was a bill that passed by voice but when i called for recorded votes, we stop that bill. because of by efforts we have over 530 bills on record where every member of congress, all for 35 were forced to vote. this is not just for northwest georgia, it's for every single american and it is how congress should function and operate. >> let's go to riley -- your turn to ask a question to jennifer stringham. >> millions of georgians relied on covid relief like the child tax credit program. would you support continued financial relief? if so, what? he >> we've all seen government spending is out of control. we need to make sure any spending coming from government is not excessive. we need to hold government accountable.
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we need to create transparency and we need a fiscally responsible government that is accountable to the people. i recognized during covid there were a lot of uncertainties but i also recognize a lot of spending that came from covid was not responsibly done. i support a balanced budget amendment and the no badgett no -- budget no pay act would force congress to do its job. we are creating generational debt for our future generations. our grandkids and their kids are going to be paying for long after we are gone. government can't be all things to all people. we have to make tough choices and that means we need accountability and fiscal responsibility with our government. >> willborn, you get the final question this round. >> based on your experience growing up in the area, can you describe the evolution of district 14 over time? >> that's a good question and
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thank you for that and thank you for georgia public television for letting me be here. growing up in the 14th district the town i grew up in had one , red light and that was at highway 41 and 140. there was a hardee's in town and a mom-and-pop diner and that was all that was there. i graduated with 52 graduates, including myself. over the years, that town has grown a few more fast food restaurants, but the industry in the district is still pile carpet, it is labor-intensive. it is a poor district and the district really needs jobs to come into it. a lot of people don't know it, 49% of the 14th district is still graveled dirt roads. the district is sitting in 1990 and we are in 2020. we need a congressperson to go into office and bring change and
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jobs into the 14th district. >> that concludes the first round of the debate. >> the candidates will not ask a question to the opponent of their choice. you will have 30 seconds to ask a question and the candidate who asks the question will have 30 seconds for a rebuttal. by random selection, james haygood you may ask the first , question. >> i would like to ask ms. greene, during your months now serving as congress to the 14th district, can you tell me what you have done for the district itself individually. i know you do a lot for america, you fly back and forth helping other candidates, but a lot of that money you have spent to bolster those candidates, wouldn't that money be spent better in the district to help jobs and more things come to this district?
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as a congresswoman, you do have some pole and you could bring industry and -- in. >> i know this is your first time running, so you may not realize the money spent traveling may be to another district to help another america first candidate, that is not federal money, that's not money spent by the government. and as you do know, the democrats are in charge right now. that means nancy pelosi controls all the bills take into the house or to vote on. republicans, we have no control right now. so what i'm looking forward to doing outside of the fact that i have already had 11 town halls even some telly town halls from washington -- which is where we work as members of congress, i brought in nearly $6 million for law enforcement programs and drug rehab and mental health. but i also look forward to republicans taking back the house, serving on committees and leadership has already promised me committee this time and we are going to work hard to not
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only protect northwest georgia, rebuild our economy, secure our border, stop this out-of-control inflation, these high rising gas prices, but put america first and that's for every single american. >> but shouldn't you be in the district to do those things . you are never in the district. >> i'm in the district a lot. i am there with my family a good bit of the time. like i have said i've had 11 , town halls in the district. two were in manufacturing plants, attending my son's high school football games in calhoun. i'm home a lot, it's just not always on the news like you may probably see. >> a reminder that you get one question, not two questions. you get a chance to rebut that but only one question. let's move on now eric , cunningham, you get the next question. >> and ms. greene, you are lucky. you get other question. and the 2020 primary runoff debate, you are asked what you would do to help the opioid and
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meth problem. you said you would work hand-in-hand with local city and county officials on this problem. you mentioned to james a second ago about drug reform. what have you specifically done or accomplished in the past six teen months to help the district with this crisis? i am not referring to the fentanyl issue that is coming across our wide open borders. >> we brought in 555,000 in a grant for the sheriffs office. $73,000 to support sheriffs and judges offices. brought in $5 million for mental health and substance abuse counseling and other services across the district. i've sponsored some of the strongest border security bills in congress, but as you know, democrats are in control right now and we are unable to pass the bills that need to be passed. what we have to do is secure our southern border and talk -- and stop the flow of fentanyl constantly coming across the
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border and is now the number one killer of young people from ages 18 to 45. i very much look forward to republicans taking back the house in november and getting to work to protect our entire country from dangerous drugs but also helping local law enforcement and working hand-in-hand with state officials so we can protect everyone here at home and keep the drugs out of our community. thank you. >> i think we can all agree we need to stop the illegals coming over the border. i mentioned this early on about the fentanyl coming in and killing those 18 to 45. one of your folks was at the gop meeting when i talked about that and three days later, you are talking about it. i never heard you say anything previously to that. if i am in office i've been on , the board for a ymca and have been working on opioid awareness for the past seven years and will continue doing that for the people of the 14th district.
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>> it is your turn to ask one of your opponents a question. >> everyone is ganging up on marjorie, i'm going to ask jennifer a question. one of my points of interest is ethics in congress. and the prevention of conflict of interest. you are enough to be newer -- on january -- you are in orange but newer, operate a business in marietta, i believe is the office. will you, what are your plans to dispose of or close or will you continue to operate that business if you are elected to congress? >> let me be clear that my first priority as a representative of our district is always our district. i'm here to make sure we are restoring customer service to the district, i want to make sure we are focusing on effectiveness. we do not have to sacrifice effectiveness for conservative values and that is something my business experience brings to the table. i'm able to bring that experience in working with hundreds of organizations across the country, training thousands
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of individuals in helping to women eight millions of dollars of wasteful spending in health care. that is the real world experience we need in congress. we need a representative who is going to focus on the issues that matter. so my first priority will always be focusing on the district. i believe might experience -- that my experience brings a lot of value to that and i will make sure that remains my top priority. >> but will you continue to operate the business? >> no. my priority will be focusing on the district. >> so you are going to close the business? >> yes. >> let's go to marjorie taylor greene. please ask your question. >> my question is for jennifer. money says a lot about people and on your fec report, you received most of your donations from rhinos in washington and lobbyist and democrat donors. also pacs funding you that are
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bankrolled by reid hoffman, a mega-democrat mega donor billionaire who donates 25 million dollars to communists like nancy pelosi and stacey abrams. next week, you are having a fundraiser with senator bill cassidy which is a trump impeachment voter, which is very offensive to voters in northwest georgia. my question for you, are you going to continue to be sold out to the swamp before you've had an election, are you going to give the money back and cancel that fundraiser with trumpet impeachment poser -- voter bill cassidy. i am highly offended. i'm endorsed by president trump and our district still supports them. are you going to give that money back? >> let me clarify first and foremost that the individuals supporting me are not supporting me because they know me. they are supporting me because they know representative greene. i've been very clear from the get go i support president trump, i support his policies. i believe he has had the best policies i've seen in my lifetime and we need to send someone to washington who can
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promote and protect those policies. they were good for all americans, not just republicans and not just democrats. i believe my experience allows us to make sure we are having tough conversations and restoring service to the district, focusing on the district. i proudly voted for president trump in 2016 and again into 2020. if he's our republican nominee, i will gladly vote for him again in 2024. i've been very clear from the start and make sure i'm maintaining my values as a conservative republican. >> you get 30 seconds. >> jennifer, the only donations i take are from people. i don't take money from lobbyists or corporate packs. i represent the people of northwest georgia. for you to praise yourself as a conservative republican and say you will support president trump, you better cancel that fundraiser you are going to have because that is a senator that voted to convict president trump after the house and nancy pelosi
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impeach him. shame on you. the only people who want you in washington are the washington insiders, the lobbyist you are trying to work for and the democrat donors like reid hoffman who fund communists like nancy pelosi and stacey abrams. >> please pay attention to the times so we can get everybody heard from today. >> misses greene, you bought defense contractor stock before railing against profitable wars. your words and actions are consistently inconsistent. no bill you have authored has passed and have no could he -- no committee power to advocate for this district. without resorting to rhetoric about biden and the woke left, answer this. can you tell us one or two objectives that affect our wallets that you can actually pass and explain how you plan to get it done without being guaranteed a committee site? >> i know this is your first
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time being a candidate as well. i usually find out about stock trades when i read them in the news just like you have. i signed an agreement with our financial advisor that i don't know anything about trades made on behalf of me or my husband. i always find out about them when they are written by leftists like business insider just like you are talking about. here is what we have to do -- you have to understand and remember, democrats are in control in washington right now. republicans are not getting anything done, even the republicans on committees are not getting anything done, and if you were, you would not see the radical destruction of america going on right now, our wide open borders, we are having inflation out of control, and we are no longer energy independent as americans. what i look forward to doing is when we take back the house, i will have great committee assignments, kevin mccarthy and leadership have already promised them to me and we look forward to holding democrats accountable for all the corruption and horrible things they have done in our country.
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>> let's give him 30 seconds to respond. >> that is too big and if. voting for misses greene is a gamble. she's not even accountable for her own tweets or her staff. we are still not clear who is acting on the district's path. how can anyone expect her to bring account ability to washington? her only leadership trait is rallying people against an enemy and little to none of what she just says encourages business in our district or fights out-of-control inflation. >> let's go to jennifer. you get the last question. >> representative greene, you said volunteering for service is like throwing your life away and voted against preventing iranian terrorists against obtaining drones. why are you so determined to weaken our national security. >> you are cutting off my statements just like the democrats that support you in the mainstream media.
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two of the most important men in my life are my father and husband who both served in the navy. you probably didn't know that, jennifer. here is what i support. i support our u.s. military but i do not support sending them to never-ending foreign wars. i support taking care of them and protecting them. i do not support forcing covid-19 vaccines on them like you would support. here's what i have done. i have cosponsored bills and we passed one bill that gives military members and veterans service animals. so that is one bill we have gotten past. other bills i've cosponsors would cut the red tape and allow veterans to get more help with health insurance and health care, meaning they can go outside the v.a. and get more help with health care because they don't get any help under president biden and the democrats administration. i'm very proud and very thankful to all of our military members and especially any of you that have served on the stage with us today and i will continue to support our american military
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and i will not send them off to fight for another country's border that is not our own. >> jennifer, you get 30 seconds. >> so there's never a context where i would justify saying serving in our military is like throwing your life away. our current representative voted to fund -- not to fund our national defense. if it were up to her, we would not have funding for our military and national security. most recently, she voted against preventing iranian terrorists from obtaining drones. i'm not sure why she wants to weaken america's national defense but i will always support and modernize our military. i will also fight to defend america and principles of peace through strength. >> do i get a rebuttal? >> no you do not. that concludes our second round. for those just joining us now, this is the debate between her public and candidates for congressional district 14. we'll go back to our panel and ask questions to the candidates of their choice until time runs out.
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as a point of moderator privilege, i may ask questions as well. i will determine when some but he get a rebuttal as well. will born, you get the first question in this round. >> this question is for all the candidates, beginning with mr. cunningham. yes or no -- do you think president joe biden lost the election? >> do i think he lost the election? i think there is election fraud and i would not have voted to certify his election. >> yes, i do think he lost the election. as a matter of fact that is why , i objected on january 6 and would do so again today and tomorrow. i've seen credible amounts, incredible amounts of voter fraud and there is evidence and there's even more evidence coming out. as a matter of fact, we have an ongoing investigation in the state of georgia through the secretary of state's office and the governor has investigated voter fraud. this is a serious issue and i think our election integrity is extremely important. even my own husband, when he
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went to vote, he was told he voted by absentee ballot already when in fact he did not. we did not even request absentee ballots. there has been tremendous voter fraud and i believe trump won in 2020. >> james haygood, you get the next response. >> do i believe joe biden won the election? the house and senate have certified joe biden. did it bring up a lot of questions? i think there were many questions brought up on voter fraud and voter integrity. i would look more into the election results, but joe biden was certified as our president and we have to continue to move forward and do better for america next time around because there's deftly problems with voting in america. >> same question. >> joe biden won the election. joe biden won the election by a clear margin and significant margin.
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a couple of improper votes here and there, but joe biden won the election and folks, we need to move on from that to the next election, which is 2022. that is my position. i think it's very harmful we continue to visit and revisit this nonissue. >> jennifer strahan. >> i believe joe biden is our president but i recognize we have a lot of issues and a lot of mistrust in our last election. i want to make sure it is our responsibility the government has fair and secure elections. the good news is in georgia, we did csp 202 pass which makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat. we thought extended hours and requirements of id which 80% of voters across the line support and we need to always make sure that we are getting out and voting but we are maintaining secure and fair elections for the state without a federal takeover of elections.
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>> yes, i believe joe biden won the election. it's not a question of whether there was fraud, the question is whether there is enough fraud to influence the outcome of the election and the data is not there. trump appointed judges themselves said the so-called evidence of overwhelming fraud was not there. so i am a data guy. i'm about showing me the evidence, so yes, joe biden won the election. republican officials would have benefited the most from winning, from us winning did not see that fraud and we need to focus on getting new votes, votes for the republican party, not previous ones. >> i have a follow-up for the three of you who cast some doubt on the election. in this election, do you trust local election workers in this district to count the votes correctly in this election and if you are the loser of this election, will you accept that fate? >> yes.
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i do trust the people to handle the election. they will take the votes, they are well-trained. i've been to several courthouses and voting booths, see how they fit together. i trust the guys and the girls of the 14th district and if i win, great, and if i lose, i will graciously step aside and continue on my way. >> after everything we have seen in the election of 2020 and from our government overall, i don't trust government. this is why i encourage people, i encourage voters. what you need to do is you've got to volunteer to be a poll worker. go and watch our elections. hold government accountable and don't allow things to happen in the dark of night or suitcases to be pulled out from under tables again. we can't have anything like we had in 2020 to happen again.
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i do encourage everyone to go and vote because if you sit it out, we are handing the election over to the democrats and we can never allow that to happen. i encourage everyone to volunteer and everyone to vote. >> i want to clarify that question -- do you trust the local election workers to count the votes in this election properly? >> i agree with this greene. we agree on a lot of topics but there are differences between us. the reason i believe there is election fraud and we need to be cautious in any district, not that i don't trust the folks in the 14th district that will be watching the polls, but i received a ballot in the mail from the state of california. i could have easily cast a vote for the president of the united states twice by mailing that back into the state of california. how many ballots from georgia went to the state of california and is somebody cast those ballots twice? that's fine i believe there is election fraud and based on that is why i can say i would not have certified joe biden as president.
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>> i'm going to ask you this question because you brought up committee assignments earlier. what are your top two committees you would advocate to be appointed to to tackle issues in the district? >> my top one would be the veterans affairs committee. second would be armed services. i am a u.s. marine. i have been both a victim and beneficiary of the v.a.. so it is really hard to make change if you're not on a committee. but even if you are able to speak on a committee that the democrats have a majority on, it is important we have a voice to push back, to be able to negotiate and that is what i'm used to doing. negotiating with someone who wants everything and wants to give nothing. veterans armed committee would be the top one and that would be the question of what i would do there, that would be to make sure we streamline the v.a. process.
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our claims inventory for the v.a. has gone from three hunt --325000 two 587000. according to the last fiscal year report and i will make sure veterans get timely and adequate care and are not having to wait forever to get treated. that means expanding community care, making sure that their claims are being heard immediately. >> this is a question for all the candidates, began with mr. cunningham. what's the biggest issue dividing the republican party today? >> the biggest issue -- let me start by saying this -- we see the division more on the democratic side. you've got the far extreme socialist liberals like aoc, her squad and bernie sanders that plan to come in and destroy the democratic party. they are not democrats, they are some far extreme party that they cannot run on because they won't get any voters. they have come in and destroyed democratic party. we are going to benefit from
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that in the midterm election. we are going to win some voters. but we have to be able to cast a big tent because we have the same type of folks on the right side that are alienating voters and right now is the time for us to get those voters, cast a bigger tent -- i don't care if you are a moderate republican. i don't care if you are a rino. as long as you are voting for republican judges that can look at the facts find election fraud, that's what i care about. we have to cast a bigger tent and have people in office that are not going to alienate part of the republican party and swing voters that want to come over and vote republican. >> thank you for the question. i feel there is a true civil war in the gop and it is a very serious issue. for decades, republicans allowed the slow slide to happen in america where they work hand in hand with democrats that have us over $30 trillion in debt. we have a wide open border with an illegal invasion happening every day and i was just at the
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border, so i sought firsthand last week. we have inflation that is out of control they -- because they voted and spent too much money. they sent our jobs overseas for decades, manufacturing jobs and so much more, and we see the destruction of that firsthand in northwest georgia and many small towns across the district. we have to be a republican party that serves america first and when the republicans decide to come together, which i see it happening every single day more and more and learn to reject the rino ways like senator bill cassidy who voted to impeach president trump and jennifer stray hand is going to enjoy some of his money next week. we have to fight for america, fight for attacks dollars, fight for our people and our children's future and that's the republican we need to be. >> i think we got away from the question. can you repeat it when more time? >> what is the biggest issue dividing the republican party today?
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>> just like on the democratic side, we have republicans that went so far to the right that they no longer really see the middle-class, the true northwest district 14 guys. they get up, they go to work, they are trying to balance the budget, they are struggling weather to get a new car, buy a house or get a child in college. the republicans have to come back together more to the middle. we have to stop this just since you are a democrat, i'm not going to agree with you on nothing. the middle class come at the 14th district, they just want a good job, they want their children to go to school and have food on the table. the republicans have to come back to the middle by some point and join each other and you don't have to give up your values, but at some point, you have to agree with democrats to get something done. we are living in a country now that you have the marjorie greene's and the aoc's and the people in the middle of gotten
1:38 am
lost. they don't have the money these peoples have. -- these people have. they are just looking at where their next meal is coming from and how they are going to get by. >> somebody asked will rogers a long time ago whether he was a member of an organized put a go -- organized political party and his response was no, i am a democrat. i don't know what made me think of that exactly but the republican party has certainly become disorganized and fighting with itself. the main dividing point or points are two things. number one, do we believe in reality? i'm a reality republican, a moderate republican. and number two, are we going to get her along with the democrats are have a war on the house floor with the people on the blue side of the aisle? i don't think we are going to get anything done and we are not going to make progress as a country if we are poking the other guys in the eye all day
1:39 am
long and all night. we've got to work together. the american people want it, the american people demand it and the american people are going to have it. >> you know what i think people are tired of? i think people are tired of hypocrisy. people are tired of hearing their politicians who are supposed to be public servants say one thing and then turning around and doing another thing. i believe the republican party still stands for the same principals is always stood for. limited government, low taxes, family values. we need to make sure we are emphasizing and prioritizing national security. these are issues that matter to every single american, but certainly across republicans. what i can tell you is if i am elected as your representative, i will maintain my conservative values and i will also get results because you do not have to sacrifice effectiveness for conservatism. i won't vote with aoc 20% of the time like our current representative. i will always make sure i'm putting our district first and prioritizing the needs of
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americans, and putting americans in northwest georgian's first. >> unfortunately, the republican party has been eating our own. and need to make sure we listen to those who need us most and that is our constituents. we shouldn't be looking for fans, we should be looking for people to serve, our neighbors. if we forget how to love our neighbors, how can we call ourselves conservatives? when we are not taking care of the people next to us, talking about the woke left, talking about these things is important, but it doesn't affect our paychecks. we need to make sure we bring small business to rural areas like the 14th district. we need to make sure we are thinking about the needs of the people we are supposed to be representing and not just battling it out, not just making big talking points on mainstream media, we need to make sure we are thinking about people we are supposed to be representing and we are walking away from that. half of us are and we to make
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sure we come together. >> this is for all candidates. hopefully a yes or no question so it goes quickly. you will start on this side. would you support kevin mccarthy as speaker of the house or house minority leader? >> going into this as a freshman, i would make sure i supported unity within the republic and party. we came together and first and foremost, it comes down to the constituents. if anyone wants to go against my constituents, i will be pushing back. i don't care who they are. you will find i'm very stubborn, what is right is right and i will not just go and toe party lines if it puts my constituents at harm. -- puts my constituents and second. >> i don't know if you know something i don't, but i don't
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think we know who's running yet across the options, so i promise whoever runs for speaker that i will assess and make sure their values are aligned with our district and make sure it represents the best representative that brings long conservative values and supports america first priorities. >> yes, it appends. it's not a yes or no answer, unfortunately. it depends on who else is running. but i will say mr. kevin has some explaining to do to the american people. >> mr. haygood. >> i agree with the previous two. it's tickly depends on who else is going to run. i would need to look and see what their values are, where they stand, are they really pulling for america, are they saying one thing behind closed doors and something else out in public? i would have to see who the candidates were and pick the most conservative one and stand with them. >> we don't know who is running yet for speaker. this is something we are not
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even really talking about right now in washington. in our gop conference. we are mostly focused on trying to stop the democrats radical communist agenda and that's the most important thing we are focused on right now. this is just a question we get asked a lot by the press. but the next -- next speaker of the house it's going to have to be a leader that is going to fight for america first, defend our borders, stop this out-of-control inflation. we are going to investigate all the wrongs that have been done, which is dr. anthony fauci and where the wuhan virus came from. we are going to be investigating the failures at the border and pushing hard and investigating all corruption. >> eric cunningham if you go ahead and answer that question. >> i agree with some of the other folks up here. we don't know who is going to run and what i would want to do is listen to the folks of the 14th district. i would want to spend as much time in the district on any issues i'm going to be voting on and make sure i'm aligned with the 14th district because i know the 14th district is going to be
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aligned with america first, making sure we are closing the border, making sure we are taking care of the constituents not only in their district but all the districts that have republican conservative values and stop this woke agenda democrats are pushing on everybody. >> i have a question for all of you. the start with congresswoman green. you voted against the honoring our pack to act. you voted against that. >> i voted on a lot of bills, the names not always say what the bills are. >> hr 3967. it has to do with toxic exposures. the clerk from the house says you voted against it. >> can you tell me what the bill did? i read all the bills and the names don't talk about -- >> it covers veterans for toxic exposures. burn pits thailand that's who , served during vietnam from herbicide and there is a man in
1:45 am
whitfield county named carlos. in 1978, he was sent to an island called in to be -- a nuclear testing there in the 40's and 50's. it's one of the most radioactive places on earth. he was sent there to clean this up and is suffering from a whole laundry list of physical problems. he would have been helped by this bill. it's one of the only bills in congress that would cover those people. so now that i've explained a little bit, can you expand why you voted against it? >> yes and thank you. that is so sad that happened to him. this is why the biden administration is failing our veterans. many of these things can be helped through the v.a. because those are wrongs that were done when they were military members from the past. the reason i voted no to that bill was because like i said i read the bills and inside these bills, there's always things
1:46 am
talked in. i want you to know this as candidates, this is really important -- the name of the bill doesn't always say what it always does and there's always things tucked in these bills that a person like me, a conservative that does care about our military and our veterans, at times, unfortunately, we have to vote no to a bill that should do something good because of the bad things cutting in. that is why i voted no because it gave power and money to the government to do something it shouldn't be doing other than helping veterans like him. >> let's ask the rest of the panel. the bill is now in the senate. it's not sure they will pick it up or pass it. if you are elected and see some thing like this come across your desk and get a chance to vote on it, this covers a lot of veterans from different eras. exposures to toxins that have made them sick -- agent orange is included, burn pits, there's been a lot in the news about that. is that something you would support? >> i don't want to speak because
1:47 am
i don't know what is in the bill but i would do everything possible to support our veterans. the veterans have been overlooked and i want to do anything i can to help the veterans get the care they need. i have a father-in-law that lives in a veterans nursing home in murfreesboro tennessee. i see what happens all the time. good nurses and doctors but poor facilities. we spent $66 billion to get amtrak in the last infrastructure bill. we gave $50 billion to climate resiliency. you know how much we give our veterans? $5 billion and that was reduced from $18 billion. it's a shame what these liberal democrats and joe biden are doing to our veterans. >> james haygood, your thoughts on a bill like this. to clarify, if congress does not pass bills like this, he has a zero disability rating. zero. there are four people in the district who were there. 18 people in georgia. just one small piece of the bill.
1:48 am
your thoughts. >> my answer is short and simple. i don't know the entire bill, as eric was saying but on the , veterans, my answer is if you are willing at 18 or 25 or 30 to go pick up arms, to travel the world over to some of the most degrading places humans can think of to fight for this country, to do things, anything you can do to help them, you just should do it. >> that is a yes vote. >> i have a few thoughts on this. i want to state i will always put our military, servicemen and women and veterans first. they have served our country. it's a high calling, it is not throwing your life away. it's a critical opportunity to help protect our country. i will always put them first and carefully look at any opportunity that supports them. i want to say this is another example where our current
1:49 am
representative says one thing but doesn't put national defense and national security at the forefront. with american first. both my grandfathers were in the military, my brother is a marine. there's a lot of opportunity to make sure we are supporting our veterans, not only through the v.a. but our active military men and women with services that bring values act to them and i want to mention, speaking of bills that don't necessarily do what they say, representative greene proposed a bill that would support increasing tax dollars just to our district alone by $100 million or more by eliminating the salt adduction. these are not conservative values we are seeing. i will always put our district and our veterans and military first. >> 30 seconds to respond to some of that. >> i will not vote for transgender surgeries in our military and that is what is in that.
1:50 am
that was funding to force military members to take the covid-19 vaccine. there are many military members who have been kicked out and do not want to take the covid-19 vaccine. that funding was in the ndaa. there are specific reasons why you can't always just vote for a whole bill because you -- it has a fancy name or you think it has something good in it. to be a true conservative, it takes courage, it takes bravery to vote no to bills that have poison pills inside of them and things that should never be passed and that is how the democrats running congress, that is how they are writing bills right now -- that is why the voting record that i have. >> i also would not support transgendered -- >> you do not get a rebuttal. >> you would've voted for the ndaa. >> you are voting for transgendered surgeries. >> you are a marine corps veteran and we had a conversation in the past were
1:51 am
you told me you've done some work around toxic exposure. are you familiar with this bill? >> i am familiar with it. >> can you tell me your thoughts on this bill? >> this is a great example of making sure our words and our actions are consistent. we need to make sure we can negotiate. that means being on a committee, things like if i'm on the veterans affairs committee, i'm going to be willing to work to make sure those kinds of bills get through with as little earmarks and it cetera we are -- etc. that we are talking about right now. and i'm not going to tweet myself. but what i'm talking about with this fact is we need to make sure when we say we are going to stand up for veterans who are not getting care for exposure, then you need to put them first. we need to put them first. so yes, i would vote for it. >> will born, they would have a minute and a half.
1:52 am
one question for one or two candidates before we move on to the next round. >> how would you work with congress to balance -- to balance counterterrorism and civil liberties? >> could you repeat that? >> how would you work with congress to balance counterterrorism and civil liberties? >> sure. the fourth amendment that protects us from unreasonable search and seizure is incredibly important that we uphold that. that means secret courts that decide whether or not you get those rights, i am not for that. we need to make sure the liberty of the american citizen is in. that means transparency in government is of utmost importance. there are things you cannot have public, specifically for national security. but when it comes down to due process, we need to protect the american citizen specifically.
1:53 am
>> that's all the time we have for questions. each candidate will now have 60 seconds for a closing statement. marjorie taylor greene, you get the first closing statement. you get 60 seconds. >> first of all, i would like to thank the voters of the 14th district here in georgia for voting for me. it has been the honor of my lifetime to serve as your congresswoman are presenting our strong traditional family values, america first beliefs, and fighting hard against the democrat communists that are rapidly destroying our country. if you will vote for me again and semi-back to washington on may 24, i can promise you this -- i will be back on committees and i will be working hand-in-hand with republicans to hold democrats accountable for all the wrongs and corruption they have done. we will be investigating hunter biden's laptop and all the corruption of the biden crime family. we will be going after what happened with the wuhan virus that has destroyed someone he -- so many lives over the past
1:54 am
few years. we will be working hard to defend our southern border, fighting hard to stop this out-of-control inflation hurting you every time you go to the grocery store and working to make america energy independent again so gas prices don't get out of control. thank you very much. >> you know at this point, i'm a medical doctor on the panel. i made a career, made a life of helping people and it comes natural to me. i enjoy it and i hope to continue it for the people of the 14th district. i think we've heard some of the reasons today this race has drawn so much attention and interest around the country. i would like to highlight two things to the voters about me. one is i'm a doctor and i help people. that is what comes natural. number two, i'm a moderate and i'm not going to call -- to go off calling people names in politics, red, blue, it doesn't
1:55 am
matter. people can be friends on both sides of the island they have been friends until recently. you will never hear me call the democrats communists or bolsheviks or saying they are trying to destroy the country. they have very different ideas but we need to work together and that is what i plan to do in congress. >> thank you very much. i want to thank the press club, riley wellborn and josh. my name is eric cunningham and i have strong core christian conservative values. i want to emphasize one word -- christian. it is my faith that brought me into this race and it is my faith that will lead me when i go to congress to fight some of the woke transgender, you name it agenda they are trying to force on us. i want to let you know i'm also a businessman. i've been in business for 26
1:56 am
years. i managed supply chain groups and managed teams that were responsible for $1.6 billion in revenue. i have business experience and understand how to negotiate tough deals with people who disagree with me. our country is divided right now. i believe if i come in with my faith supporting me and bring our country closer together. i ask that you will vote for me, eric cunningham on may 8 24. -- may the 24th. >> inflation cost the average family $5,200 a year. going to the gas station or grocery store is painful. we need an effective leader who can get things done for georgia. in business, talk will only get you so far, then you have to deliver. we have heard a lot of talk in -- and our district has nothing to show for it. as a business owner, i've partnered with hundreds of organizations, train thousands of individuals and helped eliminate millions of dollars of wasteful spending in our health care system. that's the real world experience
1:57 am
we need in congress. we need a representative who works effectively with colleagues and navigates the legislative process to push georgia priorities first -- forward while protecting constitutional freedoms. together, we can restore american energy independence, get inflation under control, secure our border, stand up to the radical left and get america back on track. my name is jennifer stray hand and i would be honored to have your vote on may 24 in our primary. >> james haygood, you can give us your closing statement now. >> americans, especially in the 14th district, they are looking for jobs, they are looking for lower energy, they are looking for easier ways to put food on the table. at the same time, they are interested in what the democrats are doing, they are interested in these woke agendas. i voted for trump the first two times and i would vote for him again. i'm a farmer, and a lot of people say i'm the blue-collar
1:58 am
guy on the group. i'm not ashamed of that at all. i have some investments i do with small businesses. but if you want some buddy with just some common sense to bring jobs and support jobs in the 14th district and not worry about the past so much and move to the future and just make the 14th district great, not only america but the home i live in, the place i'm proud to call home, if that is what you are looking for, vote james haygood. >> you have the final closing statement today. >> thank you josh. thank you for this time. my military contract expired but my promise to the united states is not. i have a proven track record serving my nation, my state, and my district and i will continue to serve whether i'm elected or not. but i will be more effective in washington. i'm a conservative that actually remembers taking an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. if a person is only known for
1:59 am
what they are against, they are not a conservative. they are a negative sum and do not contribute. they are a deficit to society. i do my best to express my faith in action because of a person has to tell someone they are a christian more than once, they are doing something wrong. you will know me for what i stand for, not by what i stand for, not what i'm against. on may 24, know that i stand for you and the dignity of this district. i am the guy you want in congress. on may 24 vote for me. come talk to me on twitter, facebook and visit my website. love your neighbor. thank you. >> that concludes our debate today. we would like to remind voters that election day is tuesday, make a fourth. -- may 24. early voting begins on may 2. always very important to get out to the polls voting in this race and all of our races. we want to thank all of the candidates for doing the best you could to stay on time. we really appreciate that. thank you for being here today and it's great to be on the team
2:00 am
with you guys. i want to thank the atlanta press club for arranging this. they do an amazing job. with all the debates every year. thank you for having me and thanks for doing all of this. for more information, visit thank you for jointing us for the loudermilk young debate series. have a wonderful day. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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