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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  January 21, 2022 10:03am-11:02am EST

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comcast is partnering with community centers so students from low headquarter number families can -- low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. comcast supports c-span as a public service as well as these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. . your top stories will begin with russia on the front page of "the washington post" this morning. biden's ukraine comments prompted uproar at home and abroad. from tyler page and paul stone's reporting, president biden faced a furor thursday including a highly unusual rebuke from ukraine's president and sharp criticism from republican members of congress after appearing to downplay a hypothetical minor incursion by russia into its neighbor's territory. the ukraine president in a tweet said this, we want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions in small
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nations just as there are no minor casualties from the loss of loved ones. i say this as the president of a great power. president biden trying to clean up his comments from his news conference yesterday. president biden: i've been absolutely clear with president putin, he has no misunderstanding if any, any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border that is an invasion. 6 and it will be met with severe and coordinated economic response that i've discussed in detail with our allies as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. but there's no doubt, let there be no doubt at all if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. it's also not the only scenario we need to be prepare for. russia has a long history of using measures other than military action to carry out aggression and paramilitary tactics, so-called gray zone
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attacks and actions by russian soldiers not wearing russian uniforms, remember the little green men were russian sympathizers and russia saying nobody is in there. that includes little green men in uniforms as well as cyberattack. we have to be ready to respond to these as well in a decisive, united way with tools at our disposal. the ukrainian president said he is confident in our resolve and he has a right to be. host: president biden from the white house yesterday at the top of a cabinet meeting clarifying his comments from the news conference. joe in dayton, ohio, we'll go to you first, the top news story of this week. joe: the top news story is president biden marked his one year in office and has been a total disaster, our economy, the open borders with people coming
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in with covid. i've been saying that now for over a year. the crime on the streets, you know. joe biden has lied, said he created six million new jobs. that is a lie. there are no six million new jobs. these are people that have gone back to work. people have now quit looking for jobs. inflation outpacing wage growth and also there's no way in the world you'll stop russia. i don't care what sanctions you'll put on them. joe biden is weak and putin knows it and the world leaders know it. host: joe in dayton, ohio. joe mentioned inflation, the border, those are all issues republicans brought up yesterday as they marked the president's first year in office. house republicans, senate republicans holding news conferences to mark the one-year anniversary. here's our senate republican
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chair john barr aso in wyoming. [video] >> joe biden said he'd come in and unite the country but it's divided and he's left behind all the major issues the american people care about. of course, number one is inflation. what happened, on day number one he killed the keystone exxon pipeline and attacked, oil q gas and coal and made us more reliable on foreign industry and people are paying more a gallon of gasoline than it was the day joe biden became president of the united states. they then did a covid relief bill, $2 trillion added to spending and added to the debt which brought about inflation. we said it would happen and they said it would be transitory and for eight months in a row it would be transitory, it's not been transitory. we're at a 40-year high of inflation in the united states.
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people are paying more for gas, for goods, for groceries and a result they've had to change the way they shop and eat and the way they drive. it's impacted people. and the other part this so-called covid relief bill that was supposed to go for covid relief for testing and treatments and things like that, this administration was woefully unprepared when the omicron variant arrived. a scavenger hunt for testing. long lines, empty shelves. that's what the administration brought. one of the things that didn't come up in the press conference yesterday was crime in the cities. we have murder rates skyrocketing across the country at the same time the democrats continue to call to defund the police. no one yesterday at the press conference asked the president about going to the southern border, with so many executive orders just opened the southern border to the point two million illegal immigrants have come into this country since he's been president and we're talking
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about criminals, drug dealers, gang members. they never addressed the issue fentanyl is now the number one killer in the united states of people between the ages of 18-45. that should have come up yesterday, another area which the president has failed. and then there is afghanistan. for which the president did not apologize. one day in august we had the greatest loss of military lives in combat in the last decade. the president failed to protect our troops and failed to protect the americans that were left behind after all of the troops left. host: senator barrasso on capitol hill marking the president's first year in office. sydney from louisiana, independent, we'll go to you next. caller: yes, ma'am. i wanted to tell you that i have
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twice called y'all when y'all had guests discussing the ukraine, they did not want to answer the question, and my problem is that the victorian newland tapes told how much money we spent to overthrow the government in the ukraine and install our puppet. he also told us if we don't like what we're doing, you can go blank yourself. i have asked the people that you've had on your station to comment on it, and they do not want to comment on it because they exist but they don't want anybody to see anything. all they want to do is give us propaganda. are you still there? host: we're listening, we heard you. tom in brandon in florida.
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democratic caller. tom? caller: anyway, the g.o.p.'s and recent confederate party, trump insurrectionist is a perfect good example, don't take my word for it, the whole world saw it. and also the g.o.p. is the new k.k.k. jim crow suppression agenda, biden is handling covid-19 better than trump. that's why trump lost. trump is corrupt. host: that's what the vice president mentioned in her tweet yesterday talking about the one year anniversary saying over 200 million americans fully vaccinated, 6.4 million jobs added, passed the american rescue plan, passed the
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bipartisanship us from law, we've accomplished a lot in the last year, let's continue this progress together. al in fort lauderdale. hi, al, good morning. caller: good morning. what is it going to take for the left to wake up from the fantasy. ronald reagan is rolling over in his grave after the statement of mr. biden of come on in, mr. biden, mr. putin. we've gone from tear down this wall, mr. gorbachev to what we heard from our president the other day. the bottom line is the left does not believe that america should be a beacon to the world. we can see it with carter in iran, kennedy in kuba, truman in north korea, vietnam with l.b.j., the fall of afghanistan. and the left continues for its
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fantasy utopia believing that america is the problem when we are the answer. that is the problem with the left. they continue with their hollywood packaged fantasy. with the left wing brass following in tune. host: al, what do you think is going to happen in the end? caller: did you just hear what the president of the united states said about ukraine? when is the message we are sending to china? host: what do you think happens because of what president biden said? caller: our president once said elections have consequences, words have consequences. our enemies are listening. china is watching that america
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resolve in afghanistan sent a message around the world. host: you and others might be interested in the headline, a.p. news, this from earlier this week, russia moves more troops westward amid ukraine tensions. russia sending an unspecified number of troops far east to belarus for major war games. officials said tuesday deployment that will further beef up presence near ukraine amid midwestern fierce of a invasion. this was earlier this week. there's the map of russia and ukraine on your screen, one of the top stories in this week. walton from new york, what's your top story? caller: yes. president biden has done more in one year in his office than trump did in four years. all trump did is give the rich folk a tax break.
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biden has done everything with the disease and russia and everything. that's all i have to say. he's doing a great job. host: all right. we'll go to cheryl then in dumphries, virginia. your turn. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. my top story is the so-called voting rights act which it really should be called the right to cheat act because everybody in this country knows that he's soup ned pretending black people can't vote calling it jim crow 2.0 that they want the rights to cheat and using the backs of black people and black democrats are dumb enough to allow them to use it and pretend they can't vote, why not have an exemption for having an i.d. to get the covid shot and covid test? it's all a farce.
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the left is a stinking, lying, cheating, dirty rotten -- host: let's talk about voting rights legislation and show you what the majority leader chuck schumer to say after it failed his efforts failed in the senate to approve a voting rights bill and change the filibuster rules. here he is on the floor. >> last night was a reminder of a difficult but important reality of our great democracy, the march to freedom through thick and thin is never over. and we have to keep marching. while last night's vote was disappointing, it will not deter senate democrats from continuing our fight against voter suppression, dark money, partisan gerrymandering. democrats are proud of the fight we held last night. the strength, eloquence, enthusiasm and overwhelming participation of my democratic
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colleagues during debate was exhilarating and shows the passion we feel about this issue. facing an uphill battle from the start we lost the vote but to have not voted would have been a far greater loss, a loss for our democratic party, which for generations has food for voting rights, loss for the civil rights advocates who have sacrifice sod much on this issue, and a loss for the american people. and what this country stands for. an issue this important, not doing everything we could would have been unacceptable. now the bromides of the class hold should not have held a vote on the rights if the outcome was not certain. they are wrong. imagine telling dr. king not to march from selma to montgomery because he could not be sure what obstacles awaited him and his fellow freedom fighters. imagine telling john lewis he never should have crossed the pettous bridge because it was
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unclear what perils awaited him on the other side. every member of this body who ever invoked these great titans of freedom has an obligation to uphold their legacies, not just with words but with actions. senators were elected to vote. host: democratic leader shuck schumer in new york on the floor after the senate failed to pass voting rights legislation and change the filibuster rules. that's one of the top stories in the national papers and out of washington this week. what is your top story? james in georgia, democratic caller. good morning to you. caller: hey, good morning. you know, you got a great show. i watch you a lot. i just want to say that the republicans did not vote, they voted no, that means that will go down in history as a legacy that they voted against the right to vote.
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the representatives in all these states, they're changing the law so they can win the elections. they don't want us to have our right to vote. they've been doing this ever since we was legally able to vote and now it's 2022 and we still going through the same thing about the right to vote. this doesn't make any sense. we all are americans. host: james you said the republicans but there were two democrats that also did not go along. caller: and i'm going to say something about those two. where is virginia and phoenix. host: arizona. caller: i'm sorry, arizona. that don't make any sense. are you standing up for democrats or you just want to run on a democratic ticket because you're a republican hiding behind the republicans? we need to stop this, putting
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people on the ticket to run on the democratic ticket but they truly are republicans and that's the way it is. host: all right. margey in newark, delaware, democratic caller. hi, margey. caller: good morning, greta. you know, i'm so sick of this. i'm talking about the border situation. host: ok. caller: since ronald reagan, from him on to today, republicans when they've been in power have done nothing about the border. but the minute the democrats come in, all of a sudden the border, the border, the border. so who is the phony? thank you, greta. host: rick, savannah, georgia, republican. hi, rick? caller: hey, greta. you're so lovely. first thing is cheryl from virginia, you are so correct and
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my buddy that just called from georgia, we're right up the street. just find me one person that can't vote, bring them to me and i'm going to give you $10,000. i would like to really know how compromised our president is. miranda devine has a book called "flat top from hell" and everybody squashed it before the election and would really like for c-span to bring her on, i know you bring brian celter on with his stuff. i'd really like to get to the bottom of how compromised our president is with putin and with china. i know for a fact they've got millions of dollars and hunter got millions of dollars from the mayor of moscow. i want to know how compromised they are especially at these times. i know the family. i'm not saying joe himself but hunter and joe's brother got
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millions of dollars in contracts from the countries of russia and ukraine and china and i really want to know how compromised our president is in these times because it's your life, my life and our children's lives and that's very serious. if you could bring miranda devine on and please let her explain her book, i would really appreciate it and i think a lot of people would. greta, we love you. you're wonderful. host: thanks, rick, appreciate that. william in shelby, north carolina, independent. william, your top story of the week. caller: hello, greta, how are you? host: i'm fine, sir, thank you. caller: you need to smile more. but anyhow, on a lighter note, they were all wrong it. it goes back to the seven continents, the seven churches. each and every president has
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been wrong according to the word of god. and prussia, persia, russia is our ancient ally, and they understand the alliance we have with each other and the color -- the spirit of the word has no color, it just has what is to be, and the shepherd and the time has come that we make a new heaven, a new earth, a new israel, a new jerusalem and new zion. and we're called dionists because the law -- called zionists because the law comes from us but a house divided cannot stand. and i'm telling you that's
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quickly in a hurry, this plague is only the beginning. host: all right, william. let's go to ann in raleigh, north carolina. ann, your top new story from this week? caller: i'm just listening to all the comments. the thing that is happening is -- host: ann, listen through your phone and talk and mute the television. you'll have an easier time. caller: i have it on the speaker. i wanted to say they're missing the whole point. it's more about suppressing the vote. host: ok. and what about it? suppressing the vote how? caller: ok. what i'm saying is they're missing the whole point is that it's about suppressing the vote,
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not making lines long, making it available for people to go vote. when they say it's not that we can't vote, we can vote but you're making it harder for us to vote. you're moving polls, you're making it one, you're making long lines to this, that and the other. that's what the problem is. i think people are missing that. host: ok. got, ann. cory, harvey, illinois, republican. hi, cory. caller: yeah. i wanted to echo what the lady from virginia said. this idea that the voting rights, black people are too stupid. i'm a 46-year-old black man. i've had an i.d. since i was a teenager. this idea that black people are too stupid to figure out how to get to the polls and vote because that's how dumb we are. you need to play a video, there's a guy named omni horowitz who has put out a video in which he interviewed white liberals from berkeley,
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california, and asked them what they thought about voting i.d. laws and they all said it's racist because black people can't get to the d.m.v. to get to the i.d. black people can't figure out how to go on the internet, and then he goes to brooklyn, new york, and he asked black people what they thought about all this and they're looking like who are these people talking to? we have i.d.'s and know how to get to the d.m.v. we can do all this stuff. who are these people talking to? if you want to see racism in full force is what the left thinks of black americans. they think that we're so stupid that if you come up and say hey, you can't vote at the polling place b, black people can't figure out how, i can go to polling place e or mail in my ballot. we actually know how to lick a stamp, too. and it's sickening and maddening and you see this stuff all the time from what the left really
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feel about blacks. host: all right, cory. yesterday on capitol hill as we said republicans on the house and senate side held their own news conferences to mark president biden's first year in office. kevin mccarthy, the leader of the republicans in the house was asked about president biden's remarks during his news conference when he said what do republicans stand for. here's the republican leader. [. [video clip] >> today the president speaking on opposition from republicans asked what are republicans for? so your reaction to him saying republicans are refusing -- >> let's back up. where did i say we refuse to walk across the aisle? let me walk you through what has happened in the last year. the number of letters first when the border became a major crisis because the president changed the executive orders. a number of us went down to the border, i believe in february.
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as that instance as we were working with the border patrol and seeing what was happening, we uncovered there were people on the terrorist watch list being arrested. we said in a press conference the democrats challenged us that i was lying. we found out it was true. we sent a letter to the president since he's never been to the border in his 40-years in office drove by san antonio one day, said let us come down and meet with you. he didn't respond. in every single issue, not just the border, the mandate, the inflation, transportation and others, we said let's meet and work with you, mr. president. because we listened to his words one year ago today he said he would work with both sides, that he was going to be a president for all. no. everything he's done is to have one party rule, one side vote for it and deny. when he talks about build back better, has he ever met with us about it? no. host: kevin mccarthy, the republican leader yesterday.
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he's making news. cnn posted this story 15 minutes ago with the headline, kevin mccarthy's past speakership enters final but treacherous leg, that's if the republicans can win back the house in midterm elections. it's been reported kevin mccarthy was done being nice. the house republican leader cast off his typically sunny demeanor in a december 8 melling of the -- meeting of the g.o.p. conference to deliver a stern warning to the most raucous members, quit trying to hold the vote for speaker over my head and said, quote, if any of you come to me and tell me i'm not voting for you unless you do something, i'll do exactly the opposite even if i agree with you. that from representative tom cole of oklahoma who was there at the time. the second republican member told cnn mccarthy punctuated his statement with, i mean it. from flint michigan, democratic caller, david, good morning,
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your top news story of the week? caller: good morning, greta, my top news story is biden's speech. i think he done a great job. i would like to say mask guidance said about blacks being too dumb. i don't believe he was a black guy but that's his personal business. i don't think he was black but think he was a white guy. anyway, greta, i think that if the republicans would just stop looking at color and race. god made us all. he made the black people, he made those good white people, he made the good mexicans. stop worrying about the border. they're still people. if they can come in, we can all get along and make a better nation. forget about the color of somebody's skin. the republicans just can't get that race thing out of their mind. we're all americans. we all love our country. let's work together. and this voting thing, all republicans. i'm 68 years old.
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i got two years in college. a lot of these republicans are calling in, they know that the republican party is blocking voting rights in those 39 states that they control the state legislatures. they know. i know they're not that dumb that they can't understand they're making long lines in georgia that take a person six or seven hours, older people like me trying to stand in the line for seven hours. to vote. and don't act like they can't all know we're stopping the blacks from voting, we're not doing it, all they need is an i.d. all this i.d. crap, they know it's a lie. we need to be real. let's all be americans. i miss the old republican party of decent, very smart people that stood for america's justice. this party now after trump got in there, this party, i don't know what this is.
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host: anthony in maryland, republican. caller: good morning. thank for you this time you've given us, c-span. we really appreciate it. i'm not going to lay the failure of the voting rights at the foot of the president nor am i going to engage in any racial social engineering this morning. no. our problem was that the senate represents people from the wrong state, and we know that when they have this bipartisanship, which is not working, what we were not expecting or wish they learned to expect is that people who are elected as democrats turn out to be republicans when they went to the senate. so what does that tell the republicans and the members of the house and the senate about
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where the voting rights was going to go? the voting bill was not going to go anywhere. we need to do is pull ourselves together as a country and get ready for this impending war or rumors of war in europe, because that is where our minds need to be at. russia can see that we are not acting as one people because we are bickering about the ability to go to the polls and vote peacefully and correctly. issues that we can discuss and compromise on, and we are not getting there. thanks very much. best to you. host: we are getting your top news story of the week. caller: happy friday. the great james baldwin once said during an interview -- i believe it was on abc in the early 1980's -- he said, i don't
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know you personally, but i know you historically. this is something that has not changed in america in its history. the vast majority of filibusters have been in regards to civil rights. for those two previous callers, for herman cain's daughters and son in regina, they do not live across the united states, they live in their own individual state, their own individual world. in georgia, republicans removed black democrats from county elections, and this is a race issue, race meaning group not meeting marathon, track meet, or run. for them, these so-called people of color, they are not speaking on behalf of their people, something is clearly wrong with them. something has always been
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clearly wrong with america. me personally, i do not pick a side, because democrats pimp black people and republicans ignore black people. and till we start to form as a black group of people and demand just for ourselves, not as minorities, but as black people specifically, just for ourselves, like when they formed 18 party when barack obama -- when they formed a tea party with barack obama. black people need to stick together to fight. because you are in your small world of likeness does not mean people are not suffering. people of color are suffering because we continue to revisit this issue. host: janet in san diego, republican. it is your turn now. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments, please. i listen to so many african-americans, and i am one.
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i am black. i am a woman. i am also visually impaired. and i have not ever had a problem with voting. yes, i am fortunate enough to live in the burbs, but i also know people who have not and do not live in the burbs. i have not heard a single african-american in san diego county or anywhere else that i know of, and i have family that live in the south, complain about their inability to get an identification to vote. and when i hear people like the gentleman who claims that the other young man could not have been black because we are not all bamboozled by the lies and the patronizing, the insulting,
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the just downright disrespect from the democrat party, playing the race card at every single turn. to me, i am completely insulted. i do not know why all of a sudden people are having such a problem with using an id to vote. and who screamed and hollered when we had to stand in line at walmart for hours to get groceries when the pandemic hit? and then you stand in line everywhere you go. who said you do not have to stand in line? you have to stand in line at the dmv to get an id. host: ok. on voting rights legislation, the headline from abc says the white house press secretary, along with the vice president, argue president biden was not saying the 2022 election results might not be legitimate in that news conference. here is a follow-up from the press secretary yesterday. [video clip]
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>> if i may follow up on a question about voting rights and the election. you said the president's was not casting doubt on the upcoming midterms. but he said, i'm not saying it is going to be legit, the increase of it being illegitimate is in direct proportion of us not being able to get these reforms passed. yes or no, does the president leave if all romance as it is right now that the elections this fall will be -- if all remains as it is right now that this will be legitimate in the fall? >> yes, the point he was making, as recently as 20 20, as we know, the former president was trying to work with former officials to overturn the vote count and not have ballots counted. we have to be clear i that that is the intention. >> to be cleared, the president is satisfied -- yesterday, voting rights hit a low in congress without the votes for the lavista rules to be changed
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-- voting rights hit a lull in congress without the votes for the filibuster rules to be changed. host: from yesterday's white house briefing. we are getting your top news story of the week on voting rights legislation. two democrats, senators joe manchin of west virginia and kyrsten sinema of arizona, joined republicans to deny democrats changing filibuster rules to pass voting rights legislation. it is reported that representative gallego is been approached up up -- about challenging kyrsten sinema in a primary. he says he might battle arizona senator kyrsten sinema in a primary. you can read those stories if you're interested from the hill and newsweek.
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glenn in madison, illinois, democratic caller. caller: good morning, greta. hey, i got a couple things. there was a fellow that got out of jail and he is loaded and he shouldn't have, ok -- and he voted and he shouldn't have, but he thought he could vote. he is doing five years in jail. there is another woman that voted, she actually voted twice, she is doing five years in jail. now we got a big orange guy running around here that needs an orange jumpsuit. and i think we ought to get him ready, but these guys have been playing games with all this. let's get him where he belongs, and leah jumpsuit, -- in a jumpsuit come and get him out of the way. thank you. host: philip in orlando,
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florida, independent. caller: good morning to the entire c-span family, including this show. i cannot believe the manipulation of the gop on americans to go along with their program. it is obvious that, like the gentleman before me, we have people going in for the most minor crimes and they will indict you, arrest you, put you away. at this guy in people into an insurrection in the united states of america, are you kidding me? and walking around parading money saying i'm going to be president again. but he is also going up against a person who basically does not believe in life over the dollar bill down in florida when it comes to the covid. but my biggest spin on what we need to be focused on is climate change.
10:42 am
it is obvious that we have extreme weather events. have they forgotten about all of this crazy weather we're are having all over the globe, not just in the united states? but sometimes the united states believes the whole world evolves around us. i am just trying to make a point, please get over the manipulation of the republicans. they are terrific at spinning what they, in fact, do, then blame it on everybody else. that is the game. i will blame you and everybody will focus on you, but i'm actually doing the offense. that is my biggest thing. i think we need to come up with more and more technologies to try to offset these things that will be happening to us in our future because of climate change. and i just feel like americans need to really wake up to the
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truth of what is going on on this planet, and rather than being spent or manipulated by republicans. i thank you very much. host: a call from illinois, independent. caller: hi, greta. i would like to just say, that one guy calling in about immigration, the thing is, i have a lot of friends that are people that are illegal and have been here their whole lives and their children are born here and there like 20 years old or older. by opening up the border, i really hope -- you know, some pathway to citizenship for all those that have been here and never caused trouble, not doing nothing wrong. and now all of a sudden the border is flooded, and these new people do not deserve what people who have been here their whole lives working and struggling do.
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make something good of their selves. host: his top story immigration. what is yours this morning? several of you have mentioned tensions between the u.s. and russia. talks were happening this morning, cnn reporting though that talks have broken up after 90 minutes. there is this headline out of that, the secretary of state tells the foreign minister of russia the u.s. is committed to swift response to further aggression against ukraine. zeke miller tweeting out from the associated press out of geneva that russian foreign minister says u.s. to provide written responses to russian demands on ukraine and nato next week. so that is were talks are right now. brenda in houston, texas, democratic caller. caller: good morning, greta, and thank you so much for taking my call. i have a quick question before i respond to your question this
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morning. do you guys plan on -- there will be some trials coming up pretty soon on the former grifter, twice impeached president we had. there are going to be trials coming up to january 6. i want to know if c-span is going to cover these trials, and will we be able to discuss the trials each morning afterwards on "washington journal"? host: i do not know exactly what the plans are for coverage. i appreciate the suggestion though. why is that important to you? tell us why we should discuss it each day after the trial proceedings. caller: because i think the american people should know what was going on in that white house and what has been going on around the different states within trying to change the vote. i think we need to know how close our leaders were to death
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on january 6. i think it is very, very, very important to know that. in answer to your morning question, greta, it just took the breath out of me to hear that cheryl owl of cash out of -- cheryl, somewhere from the south, because she always calls in and makes the same point. can you get another tune, cheryl? also, it was a guy of illinois that called. you know, it is a shame that those two black people do not understand that whole voting thing. it is not about the id's. get a grip. also, greta, real quick, on the ukraine situation that we are in, it is because of the twice impeached leader that was in the
10:47 am
office before. he groveled at putin's feet, so now putin things he can do whatever he wants. biden is going to handle him, you will see. thanks so much for taking my call. host: headline from this week, the supreme court breaks with former president trump on january 6. reporting on wednesday, the supreme court rejected former president donald trump's attempts to undermine an investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. in is single paragraph order, the court ensured that the u.s. committee investigating the capitol right will obtain documents that will reveal the extent of trump's role. a departure from the conservative court's approach to trump while he was president when it effectively thwarted trump's financial records being obtained while in office.
10:48 am
we're looking at the papers, and this says the january 6 committee also wants to talk to the president's daughter ivanka trump. your top news story of the week -- rob in new york, democratic caller. caller: a, good morning. thank you for taking my call. it has been a year since biden took office, and i still do not understand how this democratic callers can call and say he is doing a wonderful job. he left americans behind in afghanistan with the telegram. -- with the taliban. he left our best weapons, and he gave it to the taliban. these democrats say, oh, joe biden has done a great job. there is this woman who used to work for is really intelligence, this jen psaki woman. and the caller from before, you need to get that author on your show. host: you called on the
10:49 am
democratic line. are you a democrat? caller: no, i called on the independent line, 8002. host: read in washington, republican. caller: i will be brief, i wanted to make two points. first, the caller from illinois, to paraphrase what he said about the orange haired guy running around should be in an orange jumpsuit, that dovetails into what i wanted to say. in the news that is not being reported, four days ago, rest mutant, which is like the gold standard for polling, reported that when asked the question about the pandemic, 51% of democrats said that republicans are anybody who does not get vaccinated should be put in prison, that is so profound. so that really aligns with that caller that wants to see trump in it jumpsuit because he does not politically agree with him. second point, what about davos?
10:50 am
davos is meeting this week. they have been on this campaign for a decade to try to change this world into a one world order system. their narrative, they have a website called the great reset and have a book written about it, and this is an organization that consists of all of the big corporations in the world, and their theme, it is right on their website, you will own nothing and be happy. right now the real estate crisis in the country is because these large corporations are allowed to buy up tens of thousands of homes, pushing us out of the market. and god bless the people that are selling their homes to them because they're getting 70,000 through $100,000 over asking price. but we will end in a world where it will be as they want, one world order, you will own nothing and be happy. host: you are talking about the world economic forum, right? caller: that is what i meant if
10:51 am
i did not say that, yes. what i wanted to say is our government could start, democrats, republicans, i do not care who comes up with it, by correcting this, say they create legislation that says in two years, corporations -- and there are a lot of foreign corporations from china doing this, as well -- cannot buy homes from the united states of america and you will not be able to sell your home to a corporation, only an individual. that will give these investment groups two years to liquidate their inventory, and let's get back to america as we know it where individuals buy homes, not corporations. host: a related headline to homebuying, front page of the wall street journal home cells hit 15-year high in 2021 -- home sales hit a 15-year high and 2021, and mortgage rates rise. time to raise interest rates, and the first rate increase
10:52 am
could come as early as march, according to the fed. and about the world economic forum, we have some speeches that we brought in from the world economic forum of leaders around the world, the indian prime minister, the german chancellor, the israeli prime minister, etc., you can find those on eric in columbus, georgia, republican. caller: thanks for taking my call. first let me say this, my man reid, my man reid, i would vote for you. you are right. hey, all black people, everyone out here here's the tone of your voice, they know you are black. we are being used, and we're always being used by both parties when it is convenient for them to be in charge. they try to make us fight each
10:53 am
other. they see as as a monolith, but if we become an actual monolith, it terrifies them. it terrifies them, because we can think for ourselves, we can do for ourselves. i think it is a crying shame, basically calling someone stupid to say that voting in the south is some kind of way hampered, that no one can vote in the south. i am going to speak the truth, the gods honest truth, and other black people are going to call -- whites can't say this, many blacks will not vote. they will not go down there and vote. my own sons will not go vote. they know what is going on in the world, but they do not go vote. and you know what? it is not because they do not trust the process, they just don't go vote. host: why?
10:54 am
what is the reason? caller: i can't tell you. i can't tell you. i don't know why. when i was growing up, i was 18 and i would not have done it. my mother took me down there and made me vote. so i got that in me, and then i joined the army. but i asked people, why would you vote? get no answer. oh, it makes no difference, duh, duh, duh. host: i have a moment from capitol hill this week that deals with build back better and lyrical observers say the president may try and pare down his agenda. the speaker of the house yesterday was talked about -- asked about some of the provisions of build back better and if they could get a vote in the future since a larger bill has been stopped. [video clip] >> now let's talk about health care, so important and the
10:55 am
legislation is that millions more people will have access to health care at a very low cost because of what is in the bill in terms of expanding the affordable care act. let's now talk about childcare. childcare, talking about the child tax credit or talking about childcare or talking about home health care that will not include a child or an older sibling or a parent or talking about universal pre-k, all of this lowers costs, lowers costs for care and is transformative in the lives, especially of women in the workforce. so we have to have -- of our economy is going to succeed, as you know, we say if women succeed, america succeeds. if we are going to have the full benefit of women and newcomers and people of color in some of these traditional jobs, to expand what that means, we have
10:56 am
to have care at home, whether it is the children or older siblings or parents. there are big chunks of the bill that have to be contained. remember this, that this is a reconciliation bill. so when people say let's divide it up, they do not understand the process. what can we agree upon, and i am sure we can agree upon something significant, call it a chunk if you want, but whatever you call it, we want it to be able to make a difference in transforming the workplace by honoring work, by respecting the fact that there are families that have to make decisions between home and work. and again, protecting the planet. i am optimistic. host: speaker of the house yesterday on the prospect of president biden's build back better agenda.
10:57 am
top news story of the week, roberta is next from georgia, democratic caller. caller: i wanted to speak on joe biden's first year. i know it is going to take longer than a year to get everything that you want for the american people. in regards to voting rights, when i hear someone call in and say, you know, tell me someone who is not allowed to vote and i would give them $10,000, it is not about being able to vote, it is what republicans around this country are doing to make it harder to vote. when you go to one particular county where it is eight polling places and you narrow it down to just one polling place or you say, ok, no drop boxes at all.
10:58 am
or you say, ok, if you have voting times, they may narrow it down to just 9:00 to 5:00. so they are making it harder to vote. prior to the voting rights bill, it was, yeah, you can go vote, but you have got to be able to tell me how many red jellybeans are in this jar or who the wife was of the 12th president, give me that name, then you can vote. so yeah, people could vote and we can vote, but there are republicans making it harder to vote. and in regards to the republican party, like biden posed the question, what are you for? what are you doing? we are trying to have the child tax credit, affordable medical
10:59 am
care, affordable medications for the elderly. but republicans -- i don't hear them saying, ok, this is what we propose when it comes to child tax credit, this is what we propose when it comes to college debt, this is what we propose when it comes to workers rights, this is what we propose -- i don't hear that. host: i am going to get in robert's in baltimore, independent. caller: hello, can you hear me? thank you for allowing me to speak. the letty prior, i need -- the lady prior to may, i disagree. i respect the lady, but here is the deal, if voting rights were truly important to democrats, they would have taken care of that during barack obama's presidency.
11:00 am
democrats at the white house, the senate, and the house of representatives. obviously, they prioritized the medical act, ama, whatever you want to call it. host: affordable care act. caller: exactly. democrats really are probably -- when i say democrats, talking about the politicians. they are the most racist people towards blocks, more so than republicans. democrats have made racism a cottage industry. they try to pit blacks against whites, number one. number two, they know the poorer you keep the people, the more -- when you are poor, you want government assistance. when you are rich, you become republicans and want to keep taxes low. so democrats want to keep black people divided and poor. and the pandering that most
11:01 am
democratic politicians implore against blacks is a show. hillary clinton being in front of a black church or biden saying if you don't vote for me, you are not black. that is bigotry. biden is one of the biggest proponents of the crime bill document in 1990's. there is another important issue that is under the radar. robert f kennedy, jr., is coming to washington, d.c. come and this brilliant man who wrote the book called "the real dr. anthony fauci," it is a bestseller that you cannot find it in barnes & noble's. amazon is playing games. this man has exposed our new joseph mangler 2.0, and our media is saying he is presenting misinformation. >> you can watch this program in


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