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tv   Washington Journal 01212022  CSPAN  January 21, 2022 9:03am-10:04am EST

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secure re-- security review commission, people to people partnership advisory board, signed, sincerely, lisa p. grant, deputy clerk. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188, the house stands adjourned until 10a.m. on tuesday, 1025, 2022. next week and return for legislative business after that. we are in the last hour of washington journal and we want to get your top news story of the week as you know, tensions are rising between the u.s. and russia and there is also voting rights legislation that failed in the senate this week and this week yesterday we marked president biden's first year in
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office. and we will get to your calls in just a minute. let us start from russia. the first page of the washington post on president biden's remarks and comments on ukraine promoted an uproar. from tyler, president biden faced a furor including a rebuke from ukraine's predecessor -- president and criticism after appearing to downplay an incursion into the territory. that rebuke from the president that was on twitter who wrote that we want to remind the great powers that there is no minor incursions and some -- and small nations. i say this as the president of a great power.
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president biden clarified his remarks yesterday. >> i -- that will be meet with severe coordinated response that i discussed with our allies as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. there is no doubt, let there be no doubt at all if putin makes this choice russia will pay a heavy price. there's also not the only scenario we need to be prepared for. russia has a long history of using measures other than over military action to carry out aggression. so-called gray zone attacks, and actions by russian soldiers not wearing russian uniforms. the little green men? they were dealing with those who were russian sympathizers and
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nobody in there. well, that includes little green men in uniforms as well as cyber attack. we have to be ready to respond to these as well. with the tools -- range of tools at our disposal. the ukrainian foreign minister this morning said he's confident of our support and resolve and has a right to be. host: that was president biden yesterday. this morning in geneva the two sides russia-u.s. were in talks. secretary of state an tony blinken reportedly told the russian foreign minister, says the russian foreign minister told him today they have no intention of invading ukraine. quote, again we are looking at what is visible to all and what is deeds and actions not words that make the difference. there is also this, secretary blinken said they agreed to
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further discussions. we anticipate we'll be able to share with russia our keshes in more detail and in writing next week. cnn reporting that the straight -- secretary of state told russia there would be a swift response and severe response if russia were to invade ukraine. those talks between the two sides breaking up after 90 minutes in geneva today. david in texas, republican, your top news story of the week. what is it? caller: my top news story would be the democrats during the campaigning the word free, free, free was brought up. free education, free medical, even sending a check to people that don't work. none of that's come about. also, as far as the russia, their topline is making billions and billions of dollars while our pipeline was shut off. why don't we blow their pipeline up? that's severe sanctions,
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wouldn't it? host: all right. bill in new mexico, democratic caller. you are next. good morning. caller: good morning. greta, for the public servant who just was present, he mentioned the one word, freedom. house democratic progressive mentioned the word justice. justice can take you freedom. my story of the day would be -- of the week would be why hasn't the investigation continued when the night of bill cosby's actions at the playboy's mansion, how come they didn't mention the party list and see if epstein or other high ups were there, too.
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what is the playboy mansion catering to 60 -- that needs to be investigated, too, greta. enjoy your day. host: melba, arizona. democratic caller. good morning. caller: good morning. my question is we have so many leaders and others that died for us to be able to vote. why is that being tampered with all the time. can someone please explain that to me? host: tina in alabama, republican, tina. good morning. your top news story? caller: good morning. thank you. is the white house administration can formulate policies to put sanctions on russia, how do we not understand
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they are doing that with america with empty shelves, shutting down pipelines, putting americans out of work? that's my question. host: ok. as we said, president biden marked his one-year in office yesterday. and house and senate republicans held news conferences about president biden's record this first year. here's senate republican leader john barrasso of wyoming talking about how he perceives the past 12 months. >> joe biden came into office and promised he was going to unite the country and put covid behind us. what happened? country's massively divided as a result of president biden and he's left behind all of the major issues that the american people care about. of course number one is inflation. so what happened? well day number one he killed the keystone x.l. pipe lib. attacked oil, gas, and coal. made us more dependent on foreign sources of energy. as a result people today are
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paying $1 more a gallon for gasoline than they were the day joe biden became president of the united states. we then did a so-called covid relief bill, $2 trillion added to spending, added to the debt which brought about inflation. we said it was going to a they said for eight months in a row it would be transitory. it's not. we are now at a 40-year high of inflation in the united states. people are paying more for gas, for goods, for groceries, and the result that they have had to change the way they shop, the way they eat, drive. this has impacted people. the other part of this so-called covid relief bill, which was supposed to go for covid relief for testing and treatments and things like that, this administration was woefully unprepared when the omicron variant arrived. it was a scavenger hunt for testing. long lines, empty shelves. that's what the administration brought. one of the things that didn't come up in the press conference
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yesterday was crime in the cities. we have murder rates skyrocketing across the country at the same time that the democrats continue to call to defund the police. no one yesterday at the press conference asked the president about going to the southern border. with some executive orders just open the southern border to the point that two million illegal immigrants have come into this country since he's been president. we are talking about criminals, drug dealers, the gang members. they never addressed the issue that fentanyl is now the number one dill killer in the united states of people between the ages of 18 and 45. that should have come up yesterday. another area which the president has called. then there is afghanistan. for which the president did not apologize. one day in august we had the greatest loss of military lives in combat in the last decade. the president failed to protect
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our troops and failed to protect the americans that were left behind after all of the troops left. host: senator john barrasso, republican leader in the senate yesterday. along with his colleagues holding a news conference to mark president biden's first 12 months in office. we are getting your top news stories. is that one of them? steve in indianapolis, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. my top news story this morning is the border. i tried to get in while you had the republican congressman there. the congressman along with the republican audience who is listening in don't understand how border -- our border laws. our law which we owe bide -- abide, this country obeys, we have signed a treaty with other countries and this treaty states that whenever an alien put his foot or her foot on u.s. soil and ask for an asylum, we give
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them a chance. to go to court, to see what's going on. see if they can become a citizen. i don't understand why it is the republicans don't seem to understand that. i don't understand why is it that republicans don't seem to recognize that in order to change that law you have to talk to your congressperson in order for them to change the law. the president does not have the power to secure a border. only our congress. wise up, republicans, please. you people sound like idiots. host: steve, democrats are in charge of congress right now. the house and senate. have they done enough to secure the boarder? caller: no, they haven't done enough. we haven't done enough since ronald reagan was in office. ronald reagan gave all those people the opportunity to become citizens. we haven't done a thing about t none of the congress has. you didn't do it, they didn't do it, reagan was here, that's why
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he had to do what had he to do. we didn't do it when the bushes was in. we didn't do it when clinton was in, obama was in. it's the congress. only way we are going to get something done and people rise up and tell the congress we want you to secure the border. host: all right. marcy, north carolina, independent. good morning to you. caller: good morning. yes, i would like to talk to the christians. is your faith in god or is your faith in government? we got -- hearts have to be changed and the government can't do that. only god can. we are a remnant, always have been. our message is love and hope. when need to pray for our government. but government's not the answer. when was the last time you shared the gospel, the good news with someone? cease's death, resurrection. we have a message to share. we need to communicate it within love. always in love. we are not better than anybody else.
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we are just saved by grace. nothing we deserve. we continue to fight over we deserve this and we deserve that. thank god he does not give us what we deserve. host: all right. to mark the one-year anniversary of the president's first term, the white house is pushing several accomplishments, what they view as accomplishments. here's the vice president, kamala harris on twitter. over 200 americans fully vaccinated, six million jobs added, passed the infrastructure law. we accomplished a lot. ashley in clear month, florida, democratic caller. hi, good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a reference to the representative who was just on. he said there was a caller who called in and said you never ask where the money is when it comes to the military. and he hemmed and hawed about
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something about that. but then immediately the very next question somebody asked him was, something about the border. and it flew right out of his mouth. first thing i'm going to do is build a wall. he didn't say i'm going to find the money to build a wall. he said he was going to build a wall. this is my biggest problem with republicans. if it's their thing, they want to do it. if it's not, where's the money? and in this situation, we are in a crisis. we have covid-19 ravaging the entire world right now. especially this country because of idiots who choose not to get vaccinated. instead of saying let's put money into programs that can help educate people and get people vaccinated across this country, through class lines, across suburbs and urban cities and whatever, his response is, where's the money? that just kills me. it kills me. it kills over 700, almost
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800,000 americans as well. it's disturbing. host: all right, ashley. claire is next in deal, maryland. a republican. caller: yes. my main concern is why hasn't someone started an impeachment process to get biden out of office because i listen to his whole speech the other day and the poor man is so incompetent. host: what makes you say that? what do you point to specifically? caller: when he tried to tell you something he sits there and he stutters. you can look at the man's face, his eyes and tell that he is not there. host: ok. caller: anyone with any common sense at all can look at that man and know he is incompetent and ruining our country. he has turned everything that was good bad. and if we don't get him out of there, our country has gone to
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hell. host: angela in maryland, democratic caller, angela. we'll go to you. caller: hello. i also wanted to respond to that last rep carter. first he says talk about the democrats and immigration laws. paul ryan and the republicans controlled the house for the first two years of trump's presidency. and they voted down two of their own immigration bills. they could have ended the asylum law right then and there. it's always been the law. someone comes in here legally, they say i'm seeking asylum, you release them in the country, you'll get court dates. that's the law. republicans didn't even bother to change it the two years they had control. and the second thing he thought georgia law with the template for the rest of the country. i don't think any law that rejects votes which this one does when it says, after the voting has ended, if we don't like the popular vote, we can
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send our own electors to congress for our republican choice. that's part of the new law. that goes beyond suppression. that's straight up rejection of the popular vote. and that is what they tried to do illegally. they found out now. host: angela, this week democrats in the senate tried to address, they say their concerns with the georgia law and other state laws on voting rights. they attempted to pass the voting rights bill. and change filibuster rules to do it. that failed. all republicans and two democrats, senators joe manchin and senator sinema opposed that idea. the leader of the democratic party, chuck schumer, came to the floor yesterday and talked about what's next. senator schumer: last night was a reminder of a difficult but important reality of our great democracy. the march to freedom through
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thick and thin is never over. and we have to keep marching. while last night's vote was disappointing, it will not deter senate democrats from continuing our fight against voter suppression, dark money, partisan gerrymandering. democrats are proud of the fight we held last night. the strength, eloquence, enthusiasm, and overwhelming participation of my democratic colleagues during debate was exhilarating. and shows the passion we feel about this issue. facing an uphill batting from -- battle from the start, we lost the vote. but to have not voted would have been a far greater loss. a loss for our democratic party. which for generations has stood for voting rights. a loss for the civil rights advocates, who have sacrificed so much on this issue. and a loss for the american people and what this country stands for. on an issue this important, not
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doing everything we could would have been unacceptable. now, the bromides of the beltway class hold we should not have held a vote on the voting rights if the outcome was not certain. they are wrong. imagine telling dr. king not to march from selma to montgomery because he could not be sure what obstacles awaited him and his fellow freedom fighters. imagine telling john lewis he should have never crossed the pettus bridge because it was unclear what perils awaited him on the other side. every member of this body who has ever invoked these great titans of freedom, has an osama bin laden, obligation to uphold their legacies not just with words but with actions. senators were elected to vote. host: the majority leader on the floor yesterday. senators sinema, democrat, along with her colleague, senator manchin democrat of west
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virginia, they voted in opposition to democrats' push for the voting rights bill. this morning the hill newspaper is reporting that democratic congressman ruben gallego said he's been approached about challenging sinema in a democratic primary. noose week is reporting congressman may battle sinema in that arizona primary. john in north carolina, independent. top news story of the week. caller: yes. i was going to talk about biden's first year. he had done an aweful, terrible job. he's sit be up there saying what a remarkable year he had. he had people killed. all this mess going on. all these people coming in here. and those ballots in north carolina got two, sister got three, neighbor got four. all these votes they said there wasn't nothing wrong with t i
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know better than that. anybody's got any sense know better than that. it was outrageous what they did. i hope that don't come to that this year. a republican will win if we don't come with mail-in ballots. i'm 100% against that. i'm 78 years old and i still get to the polls and vote. and anybody who says they got suppressed, i don't know nobody they got -- like i said i'm 78 and never heard nobody say i couldn't vote. host: ok. in california, cheryl is watching us. democratic caller. hi. caller: hi. good morning. thank you for taking my call. as i'm sitting here on hold and listening to the different comments coming in, but one of the things that whether you take the russia tension, voting rights legislation, when you look at all of that, you know,
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all you hear from those calls in is a blame game. the problem that we have in this country is people who instead of paying attention and making cognitive decisions about the people that they put in office, they vote because they watch some radio or talk show that is feeding them misinformation, and then they go to the polls. and then they worry about they -- they wonder why the country is in the situation that it's in. it's what the bible says. my people perish for lack of knowledge. and that is what is going on in this country. we have got to get to the point where we don't blame the people that we put in office. we blame ourselves because we
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are the people who vote these different politicians into office. before biden even got into office, there was four years where that president trump sat there and really did nothing. he said he was going to build a wall. he didn't do that. he said that he was going to take obamacare and make it better because the republicans had a plan. hey, we never saw a plan. and they just -- it's been lie after lie after lie. and then when biden gets in and he's doing what all -- dealing with all of the problems that they created, now they want to complain. come on. host: all right. president trump's efforts to block the committee investigating the january 6 attack from getting his records, white house records, has been
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denied by the supreme court. that story from n.p.r. and other outlets this week. the future of the supreme court is the discussion today here in washington, at the "washington post." president biden's commission on the u.s. supreme court recently issued a report that assessed proposals for reform, including term limits and whether congress should expand the court beyond its nine seats. today at 11a.m. eastern time, "the washington post" will discuss, exam the future of the court and how the future impact might affect pending cases. watch it right here on c-span,, or also watch if you get our free mobile video app, called c-span now. also happening today in washington, the march for life. annual rally, 12 p.m. eastern time. also here on c-span. it's the 49th march. marks the anniversary of the supreme court's 1973 roe v. wade ruling which legalized abortion in all 50 states.
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you watch that here on our website,, or with the mobile app, c-span now. then the march for life will reair at 8 p.m. eastern time tonight here on c-span. le brook shier, texas, republican. what's your top news story? caller: the voting right act. the border. the president address to the nation the other day. host: ok. caller: the voting right act i thank god for kristen sinema and joe manchin. i thank god for them to stand up for right. do i not appreciate -- i do not appreciate as a stupid person, as they call me, that illegal immigrants have the rights to vote in this nation. i have an 8-year-old girl watch the democratic party. i have a 12-year-old girl watch
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them assassinate dr. martin luther king king. i have a 7-year-old girl catch them assassinate john fitzgerald kennedy. the voting rights act marched for the rights of the negro people to have the right to be treated as human as everyone else. and also on the border, i don't understand how people can say they have the right to just come into this nation. some come by charge. my ancestor did not have the choice whether they wanted to come to this nation and work. they were forced to. but the one that is have the choice, go by it legally. when i was in school, people coming into this nation, they had to marry english. now they come on, do what you want to do, have your way, live like you did in your nation.
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president biden and his statement i really -- it was a disgrace to the negro race what he said. dr. king and the republican party took george wallace, comparing joe lewis. comparing lincoln to jefferson. all those people that he compared, the democratic, weren't democrat. tell the truth. he didn't say that. but i pray for this nation and i know god has us. and it's going to take god, not the republican party, not the democratic party to take care of them. if there is people who want to say that i am ignorant, and i i worked in the medical field for 33 years. 33 years. and i know any time you create a vaccine in a lab, was created to
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murder people. that's what the democratic party and dr. fauci had done. host: i'm going to leave it there. your top news story of the week is our discussion here this morning. until the top of the hour. let me show you some headlines that are on the papers across the country. this is the "atlanta journal constitution," busy hospitals plead for public's help. their head lieb on covid-19. headline on covid-19. the herald leader in lexington, kentucky, republicans override redistricting vetoes and moving primary. and the portland press herald, troop re-enforcements arrive to help strained main hospitals. portland area of maine. and in the columbian covid-19 hospital admission surge. covid-19, the pandemic, dominating the headlines of some of the newspapers across the country this morning.
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jim in california, independent, what is your top news story? caller: good morning. i just want to say thanks to our president that's in office right now. he's an older guy and he's got a lot more better things to do than deal with some of the issues that he's having to deal with. we have a divisive government. all you have to do is look at some of these politicians and ask yourself, how much money did they spend on that suit they are wearing? these guys are doing really well with their stock market and everything. they are just wanting to hold on to their power and play to their constituents and the money. a lot of good people that are in our government that are trying to do the right thing. and i guess my point is we should have more, better vibrational feeling towards the people that serve us in this country. or else this is going to keep getting darker and darker. we need to quit blaming people and maybe give them the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to maybe do the best they
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can. obviously what we are doing now is not working. it's not working for people, the lower class. i mean they need to give us incentives for people that are at the bottom, not people making $le00,000 -- $800,000 and giving them a tax break so they can buy an electrical car. what about people making $50,000 a year? that's most of the people in this country. thank you so much. host: all right. vienna, virginia, allissa, democratic caller. you're next. caller: hi. i'm actually a republican caller. i called in on the republican line. good morning. host: good morning. caller: happy to be on "washington journal." the biggest news story this week i think is the survival of the filibuster through the failure of the voting rights act. and almost just as important is something biden said in his news conference two days ago. marking his first year in office he said when he said he would take his policies on the road
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and talk to the american people in person, this is so important. and it's something he hasn't done this past year. he needs to go on the road speaking for his re-election, but unfortunately for him i don't believe it will help his odds. unless there are short news conferences and night shows, his cognitive decline. i just believe we need new blood up and down the ballot throughout the government. those are the biggest issues this week i think. host: speaking of that news conference, you heard president biden ask rhetorically what do republicans stand for? the leader of the republican party in the house, kevin mccarthy, was asked about that yesterday. mr. mccarthy: the president speaking on opposition from republicans asked what are republicans for? your reaction to him saying republicans are refusing to -- reporter: second question -- mr. mccarthy: where did i say we
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refuse to walk across the aisle. let me walk you through what has happened in the last year. the number of letters first when the border became a maimingor crisis because the president changed the executive orders. a number us went down to the border i believe in february. at that instance as we were working with the border patrol, seeing what was happening, we uncovered there were people on the terrorist watch list that were being arrested. we said at a press conference the democrats challenged us said i was lying. we found out it was true. we sent a letter to the president since he's never been to the border except in his 40-some year of elected office drove by san antonio one day, we said let us come down and meet with you. didn't respond. in every single issue not just the border, the mandates, the inflation, transportation, others we said let's meet and work with you, mr. president. because we listened to his words one year ago today where he said he would work with both sides. that he was going to be a president for all. no.
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everything he has done is to have one party rule. one side vote for it and deny. when he talked about build back better, did he ever meet with us about it? no. host: republican leader in the house yesterday. ben in pennsylvania, independent. what do you think the top news story of the week is? caller: i think it's a tie between two. biden's first year has been extremely tumultuous year. i can't imagine how many things he has issues on the table, trying to get something done. whatever happened to the united states of america that was a country of new ideas? a country of ideas and platforms and agendas that will address the major issues that are reflecting the citizens of this country? today it's almost like mr. mccarthy said things, give
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me the indication he's representing another country. yesterday, mitch mcconnell came on with the russian issue we are trying to deal with, it was like, biden's got a problem. but we are going to wait and see what happens. i hope he and his party can fix the problem. we are going to go with that kind of mentality and the lack of innovation or at least recognizing what is important to the american citizens, we are going to go the way of the greek empire, roman empire, germany, the russian republic all fell apart because they were divided before they even had any wars. or anybody killed or maimed. the last thing is, when you have a voting right, you are supposed to vote. you're not supposed to have a politician try to delay you or stall you getting to the polls and make a vote. whatever happened to no taxation
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without representation? it's my understanding that one of the american creeds is, that you pay taxes, you should have a vote to get representation. and if you don't -- host: ben, we lost you there. apologies to ben in pennsylvania. van in chesterfield, virginia, democratic caller. are you there? ok. we'll come back and we'll see if we can get those calls back here in a minute. in the meantime you heard kevin mccarthy at the end of his news conference, clip we just played, talk about build back better, saying the president has never once reached out to them about that. the speaker of the house, pelosi, speaker pelosi was asked about build back better yesterday and the path forward. here's what she had to say. ms. pelosi: talk about health care. so important in the legislation is that millions more people will have access to health care, very low cost because of what is
9:39 am
in the bill in terms of expanding the affordable care act. let's now talk about childcare. childcare, whether you are talking about the child tax credit or talking about childcare, or talking about home health care that might include a child, or an older sibling or parent, or you are talking about universal pre-k. all of this lowers costs, lowers cost for care and is transformative in the lives, especially of women in the work force. so we have to have, if our economy is going to succeed, as you know we say when women succeed, america succeeds. if we are going to have the full benefit of women and newcomers, people of color who have not been in some of these traditional jobs to expand what that means, we have to have care at home. whether it's for children or, again, older siblings or
9:40 am
parents. there are big chunks of the bill that have to be contained. remember this. this is a reconciliation bill. so when people say let's divide it up, they don't understand the process. what can we agree upon and i'm sure that we can agree upon something significant. call it a chng in -- chunk in you want, but whatever you call it we want it to make a difference in transforming the workplace by honoring work, by respecting the fact that there are families that have to make decisions between home and work, and, again, protecting the planet. i'm optimistic. host: the speaker saying she's optimistic about build back better. we are getting your top news store rift week this morning. here the headlines for you from "the washington post." for workers, home sick,
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worsening a labor shortage. "washington post" eli rosenberg reporting nearly nine million people missed work in late december and early january as the omicron variant either infected themselves or caring for someone who was. pam in royal, arkansas, democratic caller. hi. good morning. caller: hi. i'm ok. just recovering surgery and i'm sitting here watching television. in your top news -- host: your top news story? caller: what i'm calling for is everybody talks about president biden being old and being in office. what about mitch mcconnell, the wishy-washy, changes his mind all the time? there are a lot of old people in there that can't make up their mind trump was right, trump was wrong. and all the other issues that are happening that biden had
9:42 am
throwed at him he was trying to fix when he got in there. he's only human. host: ok. eddie in massachusetts, republican. hi. caller: good morning. as calvin coolidge said, the business is business. sr.ry to say last month we lost the smith and wesson, gun manufacturer out of springfield, massachusetts. the joke is now that we won't be making cars any longer. toyota just passed general motors in making cars. the worst thing we did was this quantitative easing. printing trillions of dollars and issuing bonds. almost zero percent. spend, spend, spend. if you listen to the businesspeople, they are going to say the dollar is going to go if we continue doing this year after year. let's get with it. let's get this country in order.
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thank you. host: eddie for you and others, front page of the "wall street journal" related to interest rates. home sales hit 15-year high in 2021. some economists expect that mark, the market frenzy to subside as mortgage rates rise. victor in georgia, independent. hi. caller: how are you today? host: good morning. caller: yes, ma'am. i'm calling to say that i think that this country and this nation is in very serious trouble. and the one reason i say that is because of division. jesus said a house divided will not stand. and we can see that division -- i don't care what form it comes in, will just tear down a country, tears down a nation. most nations are not torn down from the outside in. a lot of them not.
9:44 am
but from the inside out. even they got a song or saying that just saying that divided -- united we stand, divided we fall. if we don't get our act together and come together in unity, then guess what? we are going to go down. i don't know if we can get over, i just don't -- i hope we can, but i don't believe we can get over what's going on in this nation reference to division. i'm hoping this country will come to its senses. start giving love in their heart. and get back to the word of god and jesus cease -- cease and -- jesus cease -- christ. host: ron in johnstown, pennsylvania. republican. caller: democrat. host: ok. sorry about that. ron, go ahead. caller: one of my things before the rachel maddow had forgeries
9:45 am
by phony republican electors. i would like to see that show on c-span also. and saying that trump won the election. that should be brought up. and also all the republicans do is complain and criticize. achievements by biden, 42 federal judges, the first -- most of any president in the first year. infrastructure bill, $1.2 trillion, the american rescue plan, and afghanistan pullout. we were spending $1 billion a week in afghanistan for 20 years. and the republicans have the nerve to ask where the money comes from? also his covid-19, delta, and omicron work has been really tremendous. i'd like to just make sure that people don't -- i always talk about his mental capacity. after four years of trump, how could they confuse biden of being mentally ill?
9:46 am
here's a guy who is certainly not -- he's not suffering from illusions of grandeur like our past president did. host: all right, ron. i'll share with you front page of the "washington post," in push to martial trump electors, psalm bawlinged. on september 14, 2020, the day of the electoral college vote, republican electors convened in the goals of five states joe biden won. they declared themselves duly elected and qualified and sent signed certificates to washington purporting to affirm donald trump as the actual victor. at the time the gatherings in arizona, georgia, michigan, nevada, and wisconsin all states that had officially approved biden electors, were widely derivedded as political stunts i tended to bolster trum ands baseless allegations of fraud. the origins of the slates has now become the focus of the house committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. according to people familiar with the panel's activities. two democratic attorneys general have asked federal prosecutors
9:47 am
in recent days to investigate whether crimes were committed in assembling or submitting the trum slates. trumle slates. the trump electors gathered in plain site assisted by campaign officials and trump attorney, rudy giuliani, who said publicly that the rival splaits were necessary and appropriate. internally, giuliani oversaw the eafort -- overstaw saw the effort. oversaw the effort. republican caller, your top news story, good morning. caller: yes. my top thing is like the russian tensions. ok, for four years when trump was president, they said that he was including with the russians. and then when it -- colluding with the russians. when it comes to biden's first year in office. i wooch tv and i have actually seen biden mess up several different times when he's talking, sounds to me like he has alzheimer's.
9:48 am
voting rights, this is the reason why we are having problems with this voting thing is because it's not -- we are in the state of missouri you have to show your i.d. to vote. i'm a registered voter. my son's a registered voter. we send our i.d. we take our i.d. and actually vote. that's the way that people are supposed to vote. host: ok. got it. kathy, ohio, democratic caller. good morning. caller: good morning. i just like to say i think everybody should do their patriotic duty, sacrifice, and get their covid shot. more people have died from covid than world war ii. thank you. host: california, leonard is an independent. leonard, your top news story. caller: good morning. i have some solutions to two of the problems that i think everybody's talking about. i have never voted in my entire
9:49 am
life. i called the department of motor vehicles, i set up an appointment, they told me what i needed to do to register to vote. and if i didn't have some of the things they needed, i could bring a next of kin to verify who i was. so i made an appointment. it took two weeks. i went in. it took me 20 minutes to park. it took me 15 minutes to do the paperwork. and i'm now registered voter. that's number one. so if you are having trouble, pick up the phone, call the d.m.v., and they will set you up. number two, on drugs. i found a company that reduced my drug prices by more than 50%. and if anyone's interested, i'll spell the name.
9:50 am
-o-p-t-u mu. you call them, give them the lives of drugs you use, you call your doctor, they give the information to verify t. my drug costs went from $55 for one drug to $10. and every drug that i had, another one was $35, it was reduced to $8. host: did your doctor put you on generics? is that what happened? caller: yes. exactly. they found a generic and they reduced the cost significantly. host: why do you think your doctor didn't put you on them in the first place? caller: i don't know. i don't know. but i looked into it. i found this company. and it worked. it just worked. host: ok. mike, rockford, illinois, independent. hi, mike. caller: good morning. good morning.
9:51 am
the top story i'm seeing is -- it seems to me the insult in-- self-inflected. as i was at an establishment yesterday, in comes a fireman from over two miles away. he says there is only three facilities in the state of illinois where you can get your d.m.v. license. there is a guy out there sleeping since monday. this was yesterday, thursday. a truck driver sleeping in his truck for four days trying to get his d.m.v. license, and they are telling us there is a supply chain shortage. i believe this is all self-inflected after a certain party that invaded by the russians and the other party got invaded by the chinese. it seems to me two countries fighting in d.c. against each other. there is one fix as we have seen phone calls a couple days ago on "washington journal," he hung up on independent callers as we had a segment for independent,
9:52 am
democratic, and republican later on. the problem is, the fix is the independent, the people that everyone forgets about. the independent needs to organize, have a platform, and not have politicians but go out and solicit their politicians for two or four years at a given time. i believe the independent is the fix for the united states. host: all right. south dakota, john. democratic caller. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to say that the biggest percent of the people that are out there understand that the climate is the biggest threat to the unborn. when you watch the people that are going to be marching, you'll see that they are mostly all white people. that's because the black population understands that the climate is a big threat to the unborn. if you go to co-2. earth on
9:53 am
facebook, you'll see different information there. i could go into a list of different scientists and stuff. and about how the methane is releasing from the polar caps. how we are having trouble. please, nova, on pbs, february 2 is going to have a show about the methane release, these big craters blowing up. it's going to be on at 7:00 on february 2. people are starting to realize now that the rich oligarchs and rich oil people, the pharmaceuticals, they are losing control because people are starting to wake up to understand it's the rich against the poor. and the media's controlled mainly by the rich. and so it's the democratic party
9:54 am
that's trying to pass these bills that will actually lower your drug prices. that will negotiate for lower prices. but the republican fossil fuel party won't allow that. the rich oligarchs. when you see these people marching, the pro-life people, feel bad for them because they have been misled. they don't understand that the biggest threat to the unborn is actually arctic methane release. thank you so much. the messenger: like in virginia, independent. your top news story, mike. caller: yeah. i'd just like to talk about the news conference yesterday. host: ok. caller: i can't believe it took him that long to get out that much bull. it was unbelievable the way that man stood up there and spewed and the simple questions, just one right after another. and then he couldn't answer them. look, when he took office
9:55 am
gasoline was at $1.86 a gallon. now it's $3 a gallon. i could go in the grocery store, the shelves were full. meat didn't cost like it costs now. inflation, the first thing he did when he got into office, ma'am, is took us from being energy independent to being energy dependent again on opec and other places, and then don't understand that everything you buy or do is bought from energy. it costs energy to make something. and then wonder why inflation is here. blame it on covid. it's covid's fault. everything's covid's fault. you got people out there that just don't understand what's going on. it's -- you ask any economist
9:56 am
when the price of energy goes up, everything goes up. host: all right, mike. james in arkansas. republican. you're next. caller: good morning, greta. i'm james. i just agree wholeheartedly with what that last gentleman said. but i think it's high time that so many of your callers there, democrats, need to take the blinders off and realize -- i don't hear mentioned but what's happening since obama become president -- biden become president is the valuation of our dollar. just stop and look at everything going on and the dollar is just totally crashing. i'm 75 years old. i lived on a fixed income.
9:57 am
this inflation thing it's just tearing the dollar apart. dollar's getting worse. it's because of all the things the last gentleman mentioned. host: ok, james, i want to get van in chesterfield, virginia. democratic caller. caller: yes. i got a couple topics i want to say something about. especially with the crisis in ukraine. ukraine during the early 1960's khrushchev did the same thing in cuba. he brought all those missiles over here and dropped them in cuba. aimed them for this country. at the time we had a president, we had a man for a president. kennedy. and he told them that the next ship come across that water headed to cuba, they are going to blow it out of the water. we don't have nobody with no
9:58 am
type of authority in that white house no more. i don't care if he's democrat or republican. the next i'm going to say is this covid. there's something going on that a lot of people don't know about. what i'm about to say going to shock some of you. the white population in america is on a downfall. do you understand what i'm saying? and the republicans knew it. everything that anybody try to do, they always try to stop it. but i'm going to till something that's in the bible. the white man has been mentioned in the bible no more than two or three times. and what jesus said about it he's a liar, thief, and murderer. this is true. look at your schools today. host: all right. i'll jump in at that point. we'll end today's discussion. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7a.m. eastern time with more of your calls and your comments. thanks for watching today. enjoy your weekend.
9:59 am
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nazis were detained and intergaiged -- interrogated at a top secret military intelligence facility along the potomac river near washington, d.c. sunday night on q&a, the former chief historian of the national park service and author of the book "nazis on pat tomorrow ac" take -- "nazis on the potomac" talks about it. >> there were two russian american soldiers who were there. they were dressed in red army uniforms, they were conspicuous throughout the fort. if an interrogator thought that someone was being cagey and not forthcoming with information, they would call in one of these two fellas and they'd say, oh, you don't want to talk to us, how about if ivan here takes you to the soviet union, maybe they would like to hear you what have
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