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tv   Indian Prime Minister Delivers Remarks at World Economic Forum  CSPAN  January 18, 2022 4:31pm-4:53pm EST

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>> the indian prime minister delivered remarks in a virtual session of the world economic forum. he spoke about the pandemic, economic reforms in india and clie hat change. forum. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: on behalf of 130 crore indians, i convey my greetings to the dignitaries from all over the world gathered at the world economic forum. today when i am talking to you, as i speak to you today in the inciting cautiously and resolutely a new wave of the covid pandemic. at the same time on the economic front as well, india is moving forward with many results that give us hope.
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today, and he is full of enthusiasm about it being the 75th anniversary of its independence, but it is also infuse with self-confidence having administered 1.6 billion vaccine doses in just one year. friends, a strong democracy like india has given the entire world a gift, a beautiful gift. it has given the world a bouquet of hope. this bouquet has the unwavering faith of indians in democracy. this bouquet has technology to empower the 21st century. this bouquet has the temperament
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of indians and the talent of indians. the multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment in which we indians live is a great power not only of india but of the whole world. this strength teaches us to not just think of ourselves in times of crisis, but to work in the world's best interest. during the covid pandemic we have seen how, in keeping with the one earth, one health vision, india has saved millions of lives by sending essential medicines and vaccines to
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several countries. today india is the third-largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the world. it's a pharmacy to the world. today, india is among those countries in the world where doctors and health professionals are winning anyone's trust, thanks to their sensitiveness and expertise. friends, sensitivity can be a test during a time of crisis. however, india's capabilities are at this time an example for the entire world. it is during this crisis that
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india's i.t. sector has worked day and night to save all the countries of the world from very difficult situation. today, india sends out a record number of software engineers into the world. over 5 million software developers are working in india. today india has the third-largest number of unicorns in the world. over 10,000 startups have been registered in the last six months. today india has one of the world's biggest, secure and
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successful digital payments platform. if i just speak about the last one month, over 4.4 billion transactions have taken place on india's united payments interface. friends, the digital infrastructure developed and adopted by india in the last few years has today become a great strength of india. technological solutions like arogya-setu app for tracking covid infections for vaccination are a matter of pride for india.
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the online facility that india's cowin portal, from slot booking to certificate generation, has caught the attention of people from bigger countries as well. friends, there was a time when india was identified with the license and the government controlled most things. i understand all the challenges that have been related to doing business in india. we are making continuous efforts to solve each of these challenges. today india is promoting ease of doing business, minimizing government interference. by simplifying and reducing its corporate tax rate, india has
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made them the most competitive in the world. in just the last year, we have done away with over 25,000 compliances. by cutting out reform related to retrospective taxes. we have been able to regain the confidence of the business community. several sectors such as drones, space, geospatial mapping have also been directly related. big reforms have been carried out in india in the area of outdated telecom regulations related to the i.t. and bpo sectors. friends, india is committed to become a trusted partner for the world in the area of global supply chain.
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we are working with several countries on creating agreements with them. the capacity indians have for innovation and their ability to adopt new technology, the spirit of enterprise that can energize each of our global partners. it is, therefore, the best time to invest in india. entrepreneurship among indian youth today has reached new heights. in 2014 there were just a couple hundred registered startups in india. today, the number has crossed 60,000. among them that are over 80 unicorns, of which over 40 were
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created just in 2021. just as expat indians are demonstrating their skills on the global stage, the same way, friends, indian youth are totally ready and eager to work with you to take your businesses to the new heights in india. friends, india's commitment to deep economic reforms is another big reason why today india has remained the most attractive destination for investment. during the covid pandemic while the world was focusing on interventions such as quantitative easing program,
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india was strengthening the path to reforms. the biggest projects to modernize digital and physical infrastructure were given unprecedented efforts during the covid pandemic. over 600,000 villages in the country are being connected through optical fiber. we are investing in particular $1.3 trillion on connectivity related infrastructure. we have set ourselves the target of generating $80 billion to innovative financing tools such as asset monetization for our development in order to bring
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all stakeholders on one platform. india has also started the gati shakti national master plan to bring every stakeholder on the same platform for promoting development. this will also give new impetus to seamless connectivity for the movement of goods, people, and services. friends, india is on the path to self-reliance, is focusing not only on making purchases easier, but also on incentivizing investment and production. it is following this approach
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that today production linked incentive schemes valued at $26 billion have been implemented in 14 sectors. our $10 billion incentive plan to build the fab, chip and display industry shows how committed we are to making builder supply chains smooth. we are moving forward with our resolve to make in india, and make for the world. today in telecom, insurance, defense, aerospace sectors that are unlimited possibilities in the area of semiconductors as well.
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friends, today india is making policies and taking decisions not only for the present but keeping in mind our targets for the next 25 years. during this period, india has set targets for high-growth and welfare and wellness for all. this period of growth will be green. it will be clean. it will be sustainable, and it will be reliable as well. in keeping with our tradition of making big commitments for global good and fulfilling them we have set ourselves the target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. even though india that his home
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to 17% of the world's population and contributes only 5% of the global carbon emissions, only 5%, it is 100% committed to fighting climate change. our commitment is 100%. initiative such as the international solar alliance and the coalition for disaster-resilient infrastructure for climate adaptation bear witness to this. thanks to the efforts of the last few years, 40% of our energy mix today comes from nonfossil fuel sources. the targets india has announced
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in paris, we have already achieved them nine years ago. friends, in the midst of these challenges, we must accept that our lifestyles are a big challenge for the climate. throw away culture and consumerism have made the climate challenge more serious. it is very essential that we move from today's take-make-use-dispose, economy towards circular economy. it is very essential that we move towards it. the idea of life, the the nn life idea that i'd mention at
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cop26 is also based on this very principle. life means lifestyle for environment, a vision of such a resilient and sustainable lifestyle which will be useful in fighting that only climate change but also unpredictable challenges of the future. therefore, mission life must become a global mass movement. we can also make people's movement like life a strong basis for p3, pro-planet people. life can become a very strong basis for pro-planet people.
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france, today while we're having this brainstorming in davos at the beginning of 2022, india believes it is its responsibility to be alert about some of the challenges. today, with the change in the global order, the challenges we have been facing as a global family are also increasing. in order to address these, collective and synchronized action is needed from every country and from every global agency. disruptions of supply chain, inflation and climate change are examples of these. another example is crypto
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currency. given the kind of technology this is based on, decisions taken by any one country are not going to be enough to resolve challenges related to it. we need to adopt a uniformed approach to it. however, given the global landscape today, the question that also arises is whether multilateral organizations are ready to address the new world order and new challenges. are they still capable of doing so? when these institutions were created the situation was quite different. today, circumstances have changed. they are very different. therefore, it is the responsibility of every democratic country to focus on reforms of these institutions so that we make them capable of
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addressing present and future challenges. i am confident that there would be positive dialogue on this subject in davos in the discussion that are taking place there. france, in the midst of these new challenges, today the world need news pathways. it needs to make new resolutions. today, more than ever before countries need each other's help. this is the only path to a better future. i am confident that the discussion taking place in davos will further expand on these thoughts. once again, i am very happy that i have the
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