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tv   New York Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 9, 2022 1:04pm-1:40pm EST

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service along with these other providers giving you a and proceed -- a front row seat to democracy. >> new york governor kathy hochul gives her first state of the state address. she talked about the coming -- becoming new york's first woman governor, the pandemic, infrastructure, climate change, and education priorities. this is 35 minutes. minutes. [applause] thank you, lieutenant governor. you've done job and i'm proud to deliver for
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the people of new york. i also want to join them our attorney general, majority leader of the senate, and we do hope he gets well soon. also for representing the girl scouts so well. as i stand before you, i'm well aware of the significance from this moment. the first time in history that a woman has delivered this address but i didn't come here to make history. i came here to make a difference and to show deep reverence for the remarkable past and we are honored by coming together for this assembly chamber. the leaders joined together to serve the public and one time
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governor teddy roosevelt who said it's not the credit that counts, the credit belongs to the man or woman who's actually in the arena and to my colleagues in the government, for too long all these executives and legislative branches were in that arena. what i am proposing is a whole new era with the role of the legislature all over. wasting time all over questioning whether the government is working for them. just ask the majority leader. we always have the highest
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standard. to no longer be the historic achievement so we will do things differently. from now on, the successful find common ground. they must fight like hell for new yorkers. i've been proud signing more than 400 bills into law in september and they are just getting started. to pass the ambitious agenda and respond to the pandemic but also build healthcare and teach workforces, provided tax relief to those who need it the most and includes good paying middle-class jobs, strengthens
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the infrastructure and confronts climate change, secures public safety, makes housing more affordable. this agenda is for you, how to help you and your families because i know you're exhausted and you want this pandemic to be over. your kids, their education and what the future holds. we've buried loved ones, experienced shifts in our daily lives and holidays, weddings, graduations, the birth of a grandchild there's been so much loss and now there's a new
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variant, another surge in cases it seems like déjà vu and i know you are all asking will we ever get through this. yes, we well. we've been knocked down before and rise to new heights. this isn't a moment of despair but a moment of great possibility in the midst of the crisis we remember if you make the right choices right now, it will and. first it's better to storm around us and that means not letting it control us. when i took office we enacted a comprehensive pandemic plan with new variants like omicron and
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doing everything we can to keep new yorkers healthy setting policies that made the vaccination rate one of the highest in the country, activating a military style operation with test sites, deploy into the national guard for hospitals and nursing homes across the states. the laser focuses on keeping kids at school, businesses open. we are attacking this virus head on under a science-based approach and we are ready for whatever comes next. it's more than a public health crisis. we need to support the people, places, injuries that are hit the hardest.
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first responders showed up day after day, night after night putting their lives on the line to save others. not only physically exhausted but emotionally exhausted. i've seen it. that exhaustion with pre-existing staffing shortages has resulted in a crisis. we do not have enough healthcare workers in the hospitals or long-term care facilities or in the homes of our loved ones into these workers are at the very foundation for any more time passes. first we must stop the current hemorrhaging of healthcare workers and we are going to do it not just by saying we owe a
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debt of gratitude but paying them the debt we owe with a bonus of up to $3,000 that helped throughout the healthcare workforce. i no longer pay the minimum wage. we make it easier for doctors and nurses to understand the practice of the licenses here in new york and the capacity by the medical institutions for high demand healthcare jobs and possible for the free tuition and stipends if they remain here after they graduate and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic response that's why i'm sitting in in vicious goal over the next
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five years and we make the largest investment in states history $10 billion. the whole workforce i am so grateful for school superintendents, administrators, parents and teachers that work with us to get back to school just this week. a teacher is irreplaceable in a child's life and in a parent's life as a mother i know this first hand. for the efforts to recruit and retrain teachers and stronger pipelines and letters and more
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and more to heal the wounds. others are hurting as well. families, small business owners, farmers, they all need our help and they need it now and they are going to get it. to celebrate a billion-dollar tax cut scheduled to take effect between now and 2025 with more than 6 million to get more money in the pockets sooner at the time when inflation to help provide a 1 billion-dollar middle-class rebate with more than 2 million homeowners we are going to expand access to affordable childcare to 100,000 more working families and we are
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delivering much-needed relief to nearly 200,000 small businesses to keep their doors open with the next few months. these businesses are the economic engines of small towns and big cities alike. i know firsthand how hard it is and the risk taken by others and the barriers faced by women. hanging on by a thread, surviving the pandemic where they can create more space outdoors to help offset the cost we will provide a tax.
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we are also going to once again allow a critical revenue stream during these times last year. they need a lifeline as well. so we are going to support them for the time they are paid this will address what they struggle with as well so this is how we are going to help healthcare workers, educators, small businesses, farms and families
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deal with the economic impacts but beyond the pandemic, it reflects my belief that we cannot allow this virus to group us so tightly. if we can't embrace the possibilities then we fail to honor the legacy of those that came before us. the portrait is a daily reminder of what it's all about. first as governor and then as president will to rebuild from the ground up after the crash of 29. imagine getting hit with jobs,
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he gave people hope. decades of economic growth and the middle class again and again he focused on the storms are around him that kept one eye on the horizon. that is exactly what we are doing now. this pandemic didn't create all the problems we are facing today. it simply forced us. this crisis to redefine ourselves and we must embrace it. we need to take a hard look in the mirror and deal with the harsh realities like the fact that 300,000 left our state last year alone. it can also be ignored.
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they are trying to decide the next steps with uncertain times and have one message. you do not want to miss what is going to happen next. right now we're dealing with the talents and ambitions and economic recovery. when investing millions of dollars to transform in the measures for new jobs and opportunities. the position of legacy and industries for success. it's home to some of the most consequential finance, retail, healthcare, technology just to name a few but there's plenty of room for growth. manufacturers, warehouses,
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improvements in the state infrastructure and investments in the technology that empower the jobs of the future and they are trained to step into these jobs. that's why -- this means matching people to training to jobs. i know the demand is strong. the thousands of places i visited it isn't having enough trained workers. every single place it is the same. that's why -- to build stronger relationships with employers into the regional economic development councils, programs that trained for jobs in demand in different parts of the state. and of the smart way to do this is to have school districts, colleges all focused on the same
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objectives. incentivized success for the workforce high job placement rates. and we are going to make it easier to qualify so everyone has access to opportunities. it's a common sense approach with an uncommon level of funding and it's going to help supercharge the economy. our goal is the place that attracts the talent and the businesses will follow. to succeed and train the educated workforce there is nothing more valuable than education and training when it comes to unlocking opportunity and prosperity. it changes lives across the generations. in my own family circumstances my grandparents that fled as teenagers with no hint of opportunity in their home
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country. my grandfather first became a migrant worker in the fields of south dakota. [inaudible] and found a job at that space making parts for planes during world war ii. that is their ticket to the life they came in search of. but the fact my father had a college degree and was working by day at the same steel plant at his father did. if he didn't take that leap, i would be living a very different life today. that's why i'm so focused on expanding educational opportunities starting by making this program available for part-time students. students are the engine of social mobility and have
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untapped potential. today i'm outlining a vision for the best statewide system in the nation. first, recruiting world-class faculty including the flagship institutions in the university of buffalo. the premier research institutions at albany and the convergence of colleges, technology colleges and community colleges. also providing childcare on each campus. increase enrollment to 500,000 by 2030. on equity increasing the number of diversity in every community. allowing middle-class careers and ensure that campuses spur economic growth in their own surrounding communities.
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as we upgrade the statewide higher education institutions, also the populations at risk of falling through the cracks unless we target the job training and educational opportunities to them as well. for example, participating in correctional programs are far less likely to reoffend. he had 13 times more likely to obtain employment after returning home. that outcome benefits the former incarcerated, and employees workers and the taxpayers of new york and it's the right thing to do. so today i announce the jobs initiative so incarcerated people have the support they need to find employment during reentry. we are also going to restore the tuition assistance program for incarcerated people again. as we create economic opportunities at every sector, there is one that is working around the clock for years to
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come. my friends in construction. for the likes of which we have never seen, the infrastructure can mean different things to different people. it's exciting because it's all about connecting neighborhoods and jobs and connecting people to families. substandard infrastructure can mean less time for family and missing a child's bedtime. attire [inaudible] rebuilding is a quality of life issue. in november i stood with my former colleagues in congress on the white house lawn with president biden signing the historic infrastructure bill, giving us a once in a century chance to invest. we cannot let this moment slip by, and we won't. we demand of the best coming and that is what we are going to get. just look what my administration
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has already announced over the past four months. we are finally turning a world-class facility worthy of our city and ensuring the gateway project finally moves forward. long-overdue upgrades to the jfk airport's and finish the second avenue subway to connect to jobs. but we are just getting started. today i am announcing a new idea. taking the 14-mile runway and connecting with the express, a new rail service to connect brooklyn and queens. we need to get that project rolling down the track. and also to recommend the port authority to get the cross tunnel. as i said, infrastructure is all about connections, and we need to reconnect neighborhoods. there are several that are
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disproportionately impacting communities of color. we need to reverse the damage from over half a century ago. the kensington expressway and buffalo, syracuse, rochester and the cross bronx expressway. i traveled to every one of the 62 counties, so i know every single road, highway, bridge. i have experience especially on the long island expressway. i'm coming after them as well. we are making the largest investment in the digital infrastructure putting $1 billion into connecting more new yorkers with high-speed internet. this investment will boost innovation and economic growth, especially in the low income communities. there is one piece of critical infrastructure i plan to rebuild it, making it our infrastructure against climate change. just days after being sworn into
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office, we were slammed with hurricane ida. i walked the streets of the town and witnessed the aftermath. there were devastating consequences. it is a reminder that too much time has already been lost in the fight against climate change. these events are no longer rare. the next one is coming. [inaudible] or the tunnels of new york city and communities of long island, more than a decade after hurricane sandy hit. this is a threat, here and now and that's why we must and we well implement at this moment. we've already started increasing the act $4 billion for this fall so we have the resources we need. i'm announcing
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500 million-dollar investment in offshore wind energy to create thousands of good paying green jobs. this will boost wind energy capacity and transition to clean energy and the reliance on fossil fuel -- i announced to mega projects to put us on a path to achieve the ambitious goal of cutting 80% of new york city's powerplant emissions by 2030. new construction in the state mission by 2027 and climate friendly electric homes and to run electric cars and buses. it's personal to me. i was born at a time and place when smoke billowed out of the factory smokestacks, blocking the skies with a stench i can still recall to this day. all dumping toxic waste into the freshwater lakes. surrounded by the causes of
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climate change, and now i'm living with the effects. so while we confront the climate crisis, we need to invest. to also feel safe on the streets, in schools and homes. a time and time again, new yorkers tell me they don't feel safe. they don't like what they see on the streets. and things look different now and not always for the better. it's not just new york city, it is cities all across america. and manufacturers contribute, including the very real uptick in gun violence nationwide since the start of the pandemic. now, this is not a return to the dark days of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but we need to get back on track. in total, i find a bill to close loopholes of the gun registration and making it easier to track down weapons and crime scene to prevent gun
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trafficking and ban the sale of ghost guns. to double down on practical proven strategies to combat gun violence. working with mayor adams, the lieutenant governor, to take lead to set a new consortium, cooperation between new york state police, the nypd and other law enforcement agencies including the neighboring states to retrace guns in crimes and stop the flow of guns into the states. meanwhile, triple the resources of the gun tracing efforts as well as the successful, community-based programs. getting guns out is critical. we must address other factors contributing to the pervasive uneasy feeling many are feeling in the streets, and that includes the humanitarian crisis unfolding right before us, the rise in the street homelessness.
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.. tragically, none, we need to focus and address the root causes of homelessness. mental health, poverty, addiction and housing insecurity. every new yorker deserves access to affordable housing. risk of homelessness are struggling to pay their rent on time each month. for many to remind us economic hardship is a double hit.
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prices intervening to many. the situation even more and that's why i am launching a new housing plan to create and preserve 100,000 affordable homes including 10000 supportive services for high-risk populations. like runaway youth and the car incarcerated individuals. we can no longer have major residence living and sometimes deplorable conditions. working with the city of new york and legislature on concrete action so there fixing outdated boss to hold back the housing supply. we encourage development and conversion of hotels and offices into housing as part of the overall housing strategy. accomplishing everything proposed thus far is one thing,
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people's trust. across the country trust in government at all time rose, we know why. this information on social media in the policy divide, gridlock and the right to vote. it's getting harder and harder for people to believe in elected leaders in all levels of government. here's the question, how do we restore faith? here in new york, i've demonstrated good honest government looks like. the legislature to allow statewide officials. for government to work, those of us empowered cannot continue to close to it, we need to continue to past times with different perspectives and fresh i guess. outside income for statewide officials, argued job to be to serve the people of new york.
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it no secret calling into question the effectiveness of public ethics. i introduced legislation enforcement watchdog, answers to new yorkers and not politicians. how do we safeguard in place elected officers making mistakes once in a while with reforms and restore public trust by focusing on our constituents. you've just heard your sampling of 220 proposals for a book released today. the accomplishment given 134 days in office and i commend the staff who helped me shape this agenda and i am proud to have
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the most diverse team worth we've ever had. before we leave and get to work, i want to pause to reflect on unique history and the destiny that lies before us. it's a tragedy from all over the world in search of an idea worth the risk, too simple words, the american dream. late here to rest, as i spent the promise of a better life slavery in the south set appear as refugees from afghanistan. our state has recognized mr. quality and progress, women's rights movement, lgbtq plus movement, the racial justice movement, they all started here
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by new yorkers. we attract the best, brightest, fullest and celebrate racial, ethnic, cultural and entertainment. the beauty of niagara falls, the lakes, erie canal and hudson river valley as well as new york city sky glow at night, it is breathtaking. this is who we are and we are proud of it. the keepers of the flames of the movement past, the national treasury and pleading our state in the future courage and confidence. new york has always been takers, entrepreneurs, innovators, builders, new immigrants, true believers and dreamers who know there's only one new york. my fellow new yorkers, the
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legislature, time has come for the american dream, a better more inclusive dream that i call the new york dream. new york is not just a place like other states, it's an ideal, excitement, energy, endless possibilities. just as we are inspired by history rate new yorkers the social justice movements and leaders like fdr who navigate us through a crisis with a calm and steady hand. history looking back on our time, this will be determined what we do right here, right now. seize this moment with confidence and optimism, indoor through the ages and may god bless the people new york and our nation, thank you.
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[applause] [applause] a new mobile video out from c-span -- video app from c-span. vermont governor phil scott gave his state of the state address at the capitol. he talked about the challenges of legislating remotely through the coronavirus pandemic and the cost of living, education, and mental health.


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