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tv   Confirmation Hearing for U.S. Ambassador Nominees  CSPAN  January 5, 2022 6:40pm-8:03pm EST

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question how does the federal government impact your life? >> be passionate about what you're discussing. express your view no matter how large or small the purse -- the audience will perceive it to be. in the greatest country in history of their, your view does matter. >> content is king. river to be as neutral and impartial as possible in your petrella both sides of the issue. crises been awarded $100,000 in total cash prizes and you have a shot at winning the grand prize of $5,000. entries must be received before january 20 of 2022. visit our website at the senate foreign relations committee held --
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nominees included amy gottman, president of the university of pennsylvania, los angeles mayor eric garcetti and donald blown.
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>> thank you very much members of the senate foreign relations committee. thank you for allowing me to briefly introduce dr. amy gottman and supporter to be our next u.s. ambassador to germany.
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thank you for your willingness to serve in such an important leadership role. dr. gutmann serves as the president of the university of pennsylvania. before i highlight a few of her many accomplishments, i went took knowledge the different aspects of penn's history. benjamin franklin was one of the u.s.'s must accomplish diplomats he navigated the collocation -- collocated dynamics of european politics to protect our nation's democracy abroad. much has changed but many double medic challenges franklin faced are the same today, including faithfully and ardently defending u.s. interests, even in times of disagreements with allies while maintaining those relationships. we face this challenge today in our relationship with an important european ally, germany. we rely on germany is a major security and trade partner, especially given its role in the
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european union and amidst increasing global threats, strong representation to germany is critical. i am confident dr. gutmann will arise to meet these and other challenges facing the u.s. and our european allies. dr. gutmann earned degrees from harvard university, a masters degree from london school of economics. she spent over 20 years at princeton university in a myriad of roles, most recently as provost. she became the eighth president of penn, a position she holds today. during her tenure she group the endowment, expanded the commemorative science, technology and medical innovation, and enhanced the university's engagement in the philadelphia community among other things. she's why the respected expert in subjects from ethics to health care to political philosophy. she has received countless awards and honors, including named to fortune's world's 50
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greatest leaders list in 2018. her impact that penn has been recognized, including by many penn students you regard her as a committed and passionate leader. these accomplishments have prepared dr. gutmann well for the role of u.n. ambassador. i want to know this significance of dr. gottman --gutmann's nomination. her father fled religious persecution in nazi germany, and her family has returned to germany in the form of u.s. ambassador in amy gutmann will be in its ordinary moment. i'm confident dr. gutmann will approach this next mission with the same ingenuity, tenacity and dedication as she did over the nearly 20 years she has spent at penn. i look forward to supporting dr. gutmann's nomination and urge my colleagues to do the same. thank you, mr. chairman. >> senator casey.
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sen. casey: esther chairman, thank you for this opportunity. i want to start by thanking you and the committee for this opportunity to talk about her but if i referred to her as amy, this because i've known her for the better part of 15 years. known her character, known her commitment not only to academic excellence and the excellence personified by those who are graduates of penn, but for the commitment she's made to the city of philadelphia and our commonwealth. on a bigger stage, her commitment to our country by putting herself forward for this kind of public service. i want to talk about her tenure at penn. since 2000 four, amy served as the longest tenured president of the university. during her 18 years of
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commitment to the university, philadelphia, our commonwealth and --resident gutmann -- president gutmann turned it into a more impactful academic institution. in 2006, she let the largest fundraising effort in penn history to support financial aid for students in need. the president's innovation prize and engagement prize offered opportunities to turn their startup and service ideas into reality. she is focused on the development of the community around the university through programs like penn compaq 2022 and community partnerships. as a leader of the largest private employer in philadelphia, dr. gutmann as one of the commonwealth's most powerful economic engines, with a total economic impact of $21.5 billion annually in the region. while leading universities,
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she's continue to publish cutting-edge scholarship on the intersection of political science, ethics, education and philosophy. in 2019, she published her 17th book and she remains one of the top political theorists in the united states. outside herbals at the university, she has long supported philadelphia and the country through a variety of interdisciplinary roles, including as a board member, vanguard and chair of the presidential commission on the study of bioethical issues. her many years of leadership at penn, applied expertise in clinical science and commitment to the community have prepared her well to be united states ambassador to germany and represent u.s. interests with one of our most important allies. i don't think i have to explain the importance of this bilateral relationship, especially now. she is prepared to do the job
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and i can testify to her character, her commitment to public service, and her willingness at an important time in our nation history to serve as ambassador to germany. i want to thank the committee and dr. gutmann and her family for this commitment to the country. thank you. >> thank you, senator casey. timing is everything in life. >> thank you you, chairman menendez. . my pleasure to introduce mayor eric garcetti from my home city of los angeles and the great state of california as president biden's nomination for ambassador to india. his credentials are impressive. he's a graduate of columbia university a rhodes scholar and a veteran of the united states navy reserves.
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he was first elected to the los angeles city council in 2001, where we served for five years together. in 2006, mayor garcetti succeeded me as president of the city council as i lost my campaign for california's state senate. in 2013, he was elected to serve as mayor of the city of los angeles, the second largest city in america. in his time as mayor he has led the city through a number of challenges while leveraging the position to exert influence over regional, national and international organizations. he served as chair of l.a. metro, one of the largest public transit agencies in the country. he is the federal climate mayors, a bipartisan group of more than 400 mayors adopting the paris climate agreement. he championed los angeles as a successful bid to host the 2028
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summer olympics, and he chairs c40 cities, a network taking action on the climate crisis. he led the organization's expansion in india. in the past year and a half, he has used the network to spur international collaboration in the face of the covid-19 pandemic and share resources and best practices around the world. his commitment to public service and leadership on issues from climate to human rights will be instrumental to his new role as ambassador to india. india is a critical partner on the front lines of many of the world's biggest challenges. from covid to climate change to national security. our close cooperation will help support global security, fight the climate crisis and further economic growth. mr. chairman, i urge the committee to support mayor garcetti's nomination and i thank you for the opportunity.
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chair menendez: thank you, senator. we know you have other duties so please feel free to excuse yourself. let me turn to brief remarks on these nominees. mayor garcetti, we welcome your nomination to this post at a critical time. with more than 1.3 billion people and the six largest economy the world, india is a vital strategic partner for the u.s. as a member of the quad, india is playing a greater role in helping maintain a free and open indopacific. the biden initiation hosted a summit in washington. when it comes to the bilateral relationship there is much to discuss, in particular the shared threat of climate change in india's growing need for electricity presents an opportunity for deeper cooperation. that is what i introduced the climate cooperation within the
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act to help advance india's climate goals. dealing with the coronavirus must remain a core element of our bilateral engagement. india was on the front line of the pandemic earlier this year and face a devastating surge in new cases. as we deepen our partnership with new delhi, there will be areas of friction, including concerns related to india's purchase of russian military hardware and reports of democratic backsliding and discrimination against religious minorities. i expect you to be frank with their indian counterparts, not just on the areas of cooperation but also on these differences, all of which are bipartisan priorities for this committee. new delhi needs to address our concerns as it looks to deepen our partnership further. having you in place in india would be critical to advancing u.s. interest on these issues and many others. ambassador, we welcome your
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nomination at this challenging time. the failure of our mission in afghanistan was due in no small part to years of pakistani doubledealing. islamabad offered safety to the taliban even as is militants targeted u.s. troops. we need to have a serious conversation on the path forward and confident you will deliver a tough message confirmed. the odd afghanistan i remain concerned about the growing strength of extremist groups in pakistan itself. the government has created an increasingly permissive environment for extremist groups to operate. pakistan has become increasingly dangerous place for religious minorities. i'm eager to hear your views on how to strengthen religious freedom in pakistan. however, there are many important equities in the bilateral relationship, such as curbing nuclear proliferation, managing tensions with india,
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responding to covid, your experience will be an asset. i look forward to hearing how you will address these challenges in islamabad. dr. gutmann, congratulations on your nomination. your years of experience, your academic experience and powerful family history will no doubt serve us well. the importance of having a senate confirmed u.s. ambassador in berlin cannot be overstated. this is a critical time for the transatlantic relationship, and for the united states and germany. with the new german government we have an opportunity to build on every new deck it's friendship and cooperation. it is no secret u.s.-german relation has suffered under the last administration. i'm confident you will help return the relationship to one of respect and to a close strategic partnership. germany is a political alley in our efforts to deter russian aggression in europe and prevent a renewed invasion of ukraine.
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as putin tries to bully his way through europe, we need strong u.s. representation and close coordination with allies to sandefur partners and reject illegitimate efforts to redraw the map of europe. the urgency of these challenges underscores why we need our embassy to have a confirmed ambassador in place immediately. i hope my colleagues will join me in supporting your nomination and moving swiftly forward. let me turn to the ranking member. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. thank you to all of you for your willingness to serve and for your families who will share in the sacrifices you will make. i want to turn to the nomination of ambassador to germany. we are entering a new chapter in the relationship with germany after 16 years. angela merkel is no longer leading the country. we must build a new relationship with germany's first coalition.
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this comes at a critical point for the european continent. the prospect of a russian invasion of ukraine. germany and this administration seem dead set on handing putin another point of leverage, nord stream 2. it is no secret i and many other members formally are opposed to this pipeline and not efforts to see it and putin's influence stopped. that is required to deter russia. an operation with germany must be a priority. the data states and europe must take on the challenge of the chinese calming his party together, cooperating with counterparts to counter chinese influence will need to be among our top priorities. chinese influence is a problem all over the world. as we will see in a minute, it is a real problem right here in the united states. is important this committee
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understands how dr. gutmann will handle these issues. given these extensive ties between china and the university of pennsylvania, the institution you ran during your tenure and still do. the department of education data shows penn has received roughly $86 million -- i will say that again. $86 million in donations and contracts from sources in china since 2014. it is safe to assume the amount is higher given universities are only required to report contracts over $250,000. dr. gutmann, i went to underscore that this isn't unique. this is an issue throughout our higher education system. we have been drafting and discussing and attempting to pass legislation to address this.
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we don't allow cash to flow to politicians to influence them. it astounds me that we look the other way as the cash flows into our higher education system. you told the committee, our staff, you are not aware of most for donations and contracts coming into penn and don't have a role related to a process of reporting for donations and contracts to the department of education. i want to explore this but i think the american public deserves the next when nation, not only as to penn but in the broader context of all higher education. we need to understand how and why you were not aware of the kinds of donations and contracts coming from authoritarian countries like china. i understand the university is a large operation.
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you are in charge of it. i believe the admission -- we will give you that opportunity. i have in front of me a portion of a large number of these contributions made to u penn and we will talk about that during the question-and-answer period.india is a critical u.s. partner. the defense cooperation is more robust than it has ever been. fruits of that were evident in u.s. support during india's border dispute with china last year. india plays a crucial role in the indian ocean region. our strategic competition with china. we cannot ignore the reality of concerns over india's defense relationship with russia. way to ensure relations are healthy and strong and long-term to advance a free and open endo pacific.
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we must work closely on counterterrorism. that withdrawal from afghanistan led to big shift in security environments. it's a good thing we have the nominees on this panel to address these issues together. it's also an opportunity for economic cooperation with india, especially with technology, health and energy. we have to address lack of property -- intellectual property protections and tariffs. the united states needs to continue to advocate on human rights issues in india. i look forward to hearing your thoughts on these issues. on the nomination for the ambassador to pakistan, 320 years has been viewed through the work -- for 20 years and has been viewed through the lens of the war in afghanistan.
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whether it is humanitarian assistance, human rights or counterterrorism, it is clear the end of u.s. military involvement in afghanistan does not signal the end of american interests there. we are presented with an opportunity to reframe u.s.-pakistan relationship, not solely focus on afghanistan. as we adopt relationships with india, around competition with china, and we must rely on the balance of player with all players. with that, i yield back. chair menendez: thank you. we turn to our nominees now. we ask you to summarize your statement in about five minutes. your full statement will be included for the record. we will start with ambassador bloom. amb. bloom: chairman menendez, honorable members of this
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committee, thank you for considering my nomination to serve as ambassador to pakistan. i'm grateful to this committee for confirming as ambassador to the republic of tunisia. i would like to thank my family, my wife deborah who is here with me today and my three children who could not be here. over more than 28 years in the foreign service they have served with me and during frequent moves, emergency evacuations, long periods of separation. they have shared the honor of serving our country abroad, an honor for which i have been deeply grateful. events in afghanistan weigh heavily on me having served there as the embassy political officer in 2012 and 13. i worked alongside colleagues in and out of uniform, some of whom gave their lives. somewhere gravely injured and many bear the invisible wounds of war. i engage with courageous afghans
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who put themselves at great risk to build the afghan state institutions instability. -- and stability. i will prioritize the safe relocation from afghanistan of any u.s. citizens, lawful permanent residence, special visa holders and other afghans to whom we have a special responsibility, along with their family members. it plays an important role on encouraging and inclusive afghan government that respects and promotes the human rights of all individuals, including women and girls, minority groups, and ensuring afghanistan never becomes a safe haven for international terrorism. if confirmed, i will press pakistan to target all terrorist groups without distinction. i will work with colleagues to decrease tensions between india and pakistan. i have been encouraged by the continued cease fire along the line of control. strong partnerships with india and pakistan are not mutually exclusive. we need productive ties with
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both. pakistan and india should decide the pace, scope and character of their interactions. i will promote u.s. commercial interests in pakistan and encourage pakistan to promote more transparent investments in sustainable financing with a focus on the environment till and social impacts of investment projects. pakistan is a partner in the covid-19 pandemic. in may of 2020, pakistan donated 100,000 face masks, 25,000 protective suits to the u.s. to safeguard the health care workers in the early stages of the pandemic. united states donated to pakistan 26.7 million doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccine's, as well as 200 ventilators. on climate, pakistan has signed onto the global methane pledge, announced a moratorium on new qualified power generation, and renewables provide 60% of energy
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generation by 2030. it is if women get 10 billion treeplanting campaign. -- it is implementing a 10 billion treeplanting campaign. i will never shy away from human rights on pakistan. religious minorities have long faced discrimination, including accusations of blasphemy. these accusations have undermined the rule of law, threatened more rule been deeply damaged pakistan's international reputation and led to many deaths. if confirmed, i will speak out against violations of human rights and religious freedom. pakistani journalists and memories of civil society face kidnapping, assault, intimidation and disappearance. i will advocate for freedom and will be with society partners regulate. we have an important opportunity to renew and strengthen the bilateral relationship with pakistan.
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i want to work with this committee and congress to do so. thank you for considering my nomination. i look forward to answering questions you might have. chair menendez: mayor garcetti. mayor garcetti: thank you to all members of this committee. i'm honored to appear today as president biden's nominee to be ambassador from the united states to the republic of india. let me think the president and secretary blinken for their trust for this amazing opportunity to serve our nation. few nations are more vital to the future of american security and prosperity than india. if confirmed, i look forward to building on the work of my predecessors to elevate our partnership to new heights. my parents are here today, children and grandchildren of immigrants from mexico and russia. two public servants who brought me to india as a teenager and taught me how deeply we are connected to everyone in this world. two people not with me today are
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always the best part of my day, my wife amy and are incredible and beautiful daughter maia. -- maya. amy has dedicated her life to advocating for women and children. maya turned 10 years old yesterday and is watching as she gets ready for school. good luck with your science to est today, honey. i visited india as a guest of ambassador bill clark who served under h w bush and whose son was my college roommate. i started studying hindi in college, cultural and religious history, and u.s.-india ties in the shadow cold war mistrust. annual trade was a paltry $2 billion. defense trade was zero. military and operability was not existent. the idea of a u.s.-india strategic partnership would have
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been deemed laughable. today the fundamental nature of that strategic partnership is firmly ingrained here in washington and new delhi. 20 years ago, president biden when he was chair of this midi, called for -- committee, called for a new partnership. thanks to success of his administration -- administrations, democratic and republican, that strong new chapter is upon us. in september, president biden hosted prime minister modi and the australian and japanese counterparts for the first in-person quad leaders summit in washington to reinforce cooperation, promote call -- common challenges. that will produce one billion additional vaccine doses for the world. if confirmed, i will endeavor to advance our ambitious bilateral partnership. united by a shared vision of a
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free and open and inclusive indo pacific region. even with the pandemic, our bilateral trade will break your record this year. if confirmed, i will champion in ambitious economic partnership to reduce market barriers, fulcher free-trade, and generate good middle-class american jobs. we all know india's is situated in a tough neighborhood. i will extend efforts to strengthen india's capacity to secure its border, defendants sovereignty, counterterrorism -- counter terrorism. we will do that through information sharing, coronation, joint statements, military exercises which i have missed personally by my brave indian counterparts. as well as selling our defense technologies to realize the partnership. i want to express my condolences to indian people and armed forces for the loss of their chief defense staff last week,
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he was a hero to his nation and a good friend of ours. if confirmed, i will advance partnerships in space, science, flight and emerging technologies. i have chaired c40, a global network of mayors to confront global climate change and share the experience of l.a. i will work closely with india to promote green energy, green international solar alliance, and the clean energy partnership. the bedrock of our relationship are the warm and deep ties between our peoples. they connect our nation embodied by the 4 million strong indian-american diaspora. it strengthens our nation, serves at the highest level, including our vice president,
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and tens of thousands of indian professionals contribute every day to the strength of this country. respect for human rights and strong democrat institutions are a key element of our relationship. if confirmed, i will engage regularly and respectfully with the indian government on these issues. ike knowledge the honor and response ability to be chief of mission for the welfare of hundreds of u.s. and thousands of employed staff at embassy delhi and our consulates. in addition to 950,000 u.s. citizens who reside in india. there will be no higher priority than their safety and security. chairman menendez, thank you for the opportunity to share this testimony. i recognize, i respect and i relish the role of congress in advancing her leadership. i cannot wait to engage with you, your staffs, and nevers of this committee. i look forward to serving in
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india salivating 75 years of independence and shepherding annex chapter in our partnership. i look forward to your questions. chair menendez: thank you. dr. gutmann. dr. gutmann: members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today. i also think the senators from my home state of pennsylvania for their support and friendship. i would like to introduce my husband of 45 years, michael doyle. his love and wry wit provide constant sustenance, as you are daughter and son-in-law who cannot be here today. i am deeply grateful to president biden and secretary blinken for placing their confidence in the daughter of a jewish german refugee. and a first-generation college graduate to represent our nation to one of our closest and most important european allies.
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it would be my honor and duty if confirmed to work closely with this committee and congress as the u.s. ambassador to germany. my father's journey to the united states made the most profound impression on me. after fleeing hitler's germany and saving the lives of his parents and siblings, he found a home in the united states. he instilled in me what it means to lead as an american. never forget and always stand up against anti-semitism, racism and all forms of bigotry and discrimination. work to advance freedom and democracy, prosperity and the rule of law, national security and respect for the dignity of all. democracy does not happen by accident, as president biden has observed. we have to defend it, fight for it, strengthen it, renew it. my professional life and scholarship was devoted to advancing freedom and democracy. as president of the university of pennsylvania, the largest
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private employer in philadelphia and the second largest in pennsylvania, i expanded educational opportunities well championing dialogue and global diplomacy. innovation and economic growth have soared, generating thousands of jobs, while revolutionizing lifesaving patient care. most recently, indo pacific research -- penn research produced vaccines that are saving millions of lives in record time. i will work to further strengthen our bilateral and multilateral relationships with germany. i would like to highlight three priorities. i will work closely with congress and many agencies represented by commission germany to maximize the benefits of our bilateral relationship. this includes increasing trade and investment, combating climate change, strengthening global health, resisting
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weaponized energy flows, and countering corruption, terrorism and malign influence. second, i will engage in robust and inclusive public diplomacy to strengthen the foundation of our bilateral relationship. i will engage younger generations of germans to discuss the united states's role in helping to rebuild a prosperous, unified and democratic germany. a story that is an example to the world. i will advocate the strength in our transit medic alliances and european partnerships. central among them is nato and the eu. partnership with germany is essential to deterring russian plans to take further and more significant aggressive moves against ukraine. and addressing the challenges to our shared security, prosperity and values posed by the p.r.c.. an essential foundation for
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advancing our national interest will be avidly supporting the health, safety, security and morale of mission germany. our dedicated, hard-working and unsurpassed public servants and uniformed personnel to serve no less. chairman menendez, members of the committee, i am greatly honored to be nominated to serve. if confirmed, i would be excited to begin work during this key juncture in our relationship as any german government is stepping onto the global stage. i pledge i will serve the american people with honor and dignity. i will work to foster an even stronger alliance between the united states and germany based on our common interests and shared values. thank you so much for your consideration. i welcome your questions. chair menendez: thank you all for your statements.
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we will turn into a series of five-minute rounds. before i begin, i have a few questions on behalf of the committee as a whole that speak to the importance of responsiveness by all officials in the executive branch and we expect it will be seeking from you. i would ask each of you to provide verbally a yes or no answer to the following questions. do you agree to appear before this committee and make officials from your office available to the committee and designated staff when invited? >> yes, mr. chairman. chair menendez: when you keep this committee informed about activities under your purview? >> yes, mr. chairman. chair menendez: do you commit to engaging in meaningful consultation while policies are being developed, not just providing notification after the fact? >> yes, mr. chairman. chair menendez: do you commit to responding to requests for
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briefings and information requested by the committee and its designated staff? >> yes, mr. chairman. chair menendez: you very much. all the nominees have responded yes to all questions. the chairman for reserve his time. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. ms. gutmann, one of my pet peeves is the of money flowing to higher education from china. i work with the chairman as we try to rein this up and we will continue to do that and i went to get your thoughts while you are here. i was shocked at this number of $86 million from your institution. i was also shocked when you indicated you did not know much about this. what do you know about that? do you supervise that at all?
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dr. gutmann: thank you, then please let me put this question in the context. your excellent report of november 2020 on transit and cooperation on china. the focus on the p.r.c.'s use of american institutions of higher education by having confucius institutes asking american universities to restrict freedom, control faculty hiring and threaten core values is something that i share great concern about. at a time when confucius institutes were proliferating in the united states, i ensured the university of pennsylvania did not accept an invitation to have a confucius institute. that was 2009, and have ever
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since been vigilant against the nefarious influences of the p.r.c. sen. risch: i think that is to your credit. i need you declined the invitation to have a confucius institute. i think that is to your credit. having said that, the $86 million is still pretty stunning. i will talk about that when you are done. dr. gutmann: thank you. we are one on this issue. the second piece of context echo see your question, the scale of penn and what i do as president and take due diligence on, we have 12 schools and six hospitals. the fundraising over the period you spoke about his over $5 billion, then over my presidentcy over $10 billion.
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baseball fraction comes from china. considerably less than 1%. what i do make sure of, so it is not surprising i don't know a specific gift and contracts, most of which are in the wharton school of business, but what i do know and what i make sure of is that no gift, no contract to the university of pennsylvania is allowed to threaten academic freedom or threaten national security. we do know classified research -- no classified research. we get about one gift per three minutes of every few minutes and one separate different donor every few minutes of every day. it is not surprising i am not familiar until actually being asked the question by you and your staff of the details of
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this. what i am sure of is that the university of pennsylvania has stood strong against accepting any gifts that would threaten academic freedom, that would threaten national security and as i said we do no classified research. this aligns with the 2019 staffer report and the committee on a limb security. sen. risch: i think that is a fair answer. since it is 1%, that does put it into context for us. that will give as a springboard moving forward. i look at these and i know university presidents look at this list everyday to look at the contributions coming in and seeing what they can do. i am surprised you are at least
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not familiar. the shanghai advanced institute of finance. i'm sure they are not giving money to promote capitalism. there are all kinds of these that are anonymous. million-dollar gifts. country of origin is china an anonymous. there are dozens of these on here. let me ask you this because my time is up. if we gave the institutions of higher learning time to extricate themselves from this and back away from these kinds of influence, particularly from a place like china where some of this money is coming from slavery. we all know what's going on. that is money generated clearly as a result of slavery.
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-- if we gave them time to reconstitute. it is only 1% of what you get. when you talk about $86 million, they have to be getting something for it. it seems to me we ought to ween institutions of higher learning from these contributions. dr. gutmann: i agree that we should make sure institutions of higher education do not accept gifts from the p.r.c. or any foreign government that would compromise our values. i should say for the record that none of the gifts the university of pennsylvania accepted what it except anonymously. anonymity is what the department of education is reporting is required by law to do. every gift under my presidency to the university of pennsylvania was looked at by
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our legal team and so on. none would be anonymous. i do agree we should make sure institutions of higher education prevent the kind of nefarious influence the p.r.c. is all too capable and a tory is for. dr. gutmann: money carries -- sen. risch: money carries influence and that's the difficulty. >> let me think all three nominees for their willingness to continue to serve and serve our nation. we thank your families. we know this is a family commitment. senator, i think you know our concerns about the p.r.c.'s impact on our academic centers around the nation. we have had issues in maryland. i appreciate the fact we need to
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continue to put a big spotlight on this. i do congratulate dr. gutmann for her leadership at penn and in so many areas of integrity. >> that issue is bipartisan. sen. cardin: no question that it is. ambassador blome, you mentioned during your statement concerns about human rights. we have found a significant challenge on protecting basic human rights. recent actions taken by the pakistani government with regards to restrictions on social media platforms is the latest of the efforts. tell me how you would plan to use the tools available to confirm an advance the values of human rights that america stands for in your representation in pakistan? amb. blome: thank you very much,
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senator. if confirmed, i would use my position to speak publicly, along with my engagements with senior levels of the pakistani government to make clear u.s. government priorities and values with regards to human rights and personal freedoms. jan that it's important -- beyond that it's important to work with local groups and individuals who are often courageously leading these fights on the ground. i would look for ways we can continue to support those groups and strengthen our support for those groups and those voices to make them more effective in leading the movement for change in pakistan. sen. cardin: would you send a clear message that the embassy is open to those standing up to defend human rights in pakistan, to have a friendly venue where they will
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have an attentive ear? amb. blome: absolutely i would do that. it certainly would be an open door for such groups. sen. cardin: mayor garcetti, i want to talk about india. dan dio was just downgraded from the end of report by freedom house from freda partly free. they recently enacted a citizenship amendment act that is very much aimed against the muslim population within india. the same question to you. india is an incredibly important strategic partner of the united states, but the human rights records are certainly anything but the way we would like to see them. how do you balance our need to work with india as a strategic partner while making advancements on behalf of human rights? mayor garcetti: there is no question the relationship should
7:30 pm
be underpinned by our common commitment to democracy, human rights and the civil society enshrined in our constitutions. the oldest democracy in the world and the largest democracy in the world. human rights as a pillar of our foreign policy. if confirmed, i will actively raise these issues. it's a two-way street but i intend to engage with groups that are actively fighting for human rights. people on the ground will get direct engagement from me. democracies are complicated. it is a cornerstone of our shared values. for me these will not be afterthoughts. i have a masters degree in international law and i have fought for human rights on four different continents. sen. cardin: i believe the citizenship amendment was passed recently. the way it looks like it will be of limited will be very
7:31 pm
discriminatory against the muslim population, which is very large. do we have your commitment you will be a voice in regards to any discrimination against minority groups such as the muslim population in india? mayor garcetti: absolutely. it would not be something that's an obligation. it will be a core piece if i'm confirmed. chair menendez: senator tra hain. >> congratulation to each of our nominees. i look forward to working with you. i have this committee feels the same way. mayor garcetti, i would like to start with you. i have read with some concerned accusations that when of your advisors engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment while employed for yoush and you did nota respond to those allegations.
7:32 pm
in a way that would have stopped the behavior i raise this because i want to give you a chance to respond to the allegations, but also because as we all know, india is an ally. the world's biggest democracy. it is a democracy where the rights of women and sexual assault and sexual harassment against women has been rampant over the years. they have made some real progress and women are speaking up more but there is a great deal of fear and intimidation for women to speak out on issues of harassment. i think it's important that we model the behavior we want to see in our allies. i wanted to give you a chance to respond to those allegations. mayor garcetti: thank you, senator. i deeply appreciate not only the importance of the question but i'm grateful for the opportunity to address it as well.
7:33 pm
simply said, harassment and discrimination have no place in the workplace. no place in our society and i have zero tolerance for it. i know that words are not enough. we have to take persistent action to protect victims. i have dedicated my professional life to doing just that. whether it was in college with the national student coalition against harassment, as a naval officer adjudicating cases, for a mayor where i have five for policies to allow folks to anonymously file reports and seek justice. in regards to that specific case, i never witnessed nor was it brought to my attention the behavior that has been alleged. i want to assure you if it had been, i would've immediately taken action to stop that. in india, this will be a priority of mine. my wife and i have served to abolish slavery and trafficking.
7:34 pm
i have gone after sexual harassment, sexual assault, civilian teams, calls for officers to help people execute themselves. as ambassador, if confirmed, it is a core issue of my life. sen. shaheen: thank you very much. i look forward to your strong stance when you were confirmed. dr. gutmann, as you are aware, the united states and germany last summer made a joint statement to ukraine about the importance of taking -- responding to russia's aggressive behavior in ukraine. using -- taking the opportunity to try to use nord stream 2 as a way to use energy to threaten ukraine and weaponize energy.
7:35 pm
as you are thinking about your role as ambassador, how will you work with germany, with this new government in germany around the nord stream 2 issue and holding russia accountable for its efforts to weaponize energy? dr. gutmann: thank you for that important i view our opportunity to advance our relationship to germany as one that has -- that is opened up by the new coalition government, germany being one of our strongest european allies. i believe nord stream 2 is a bad deal for germany, for the ukraine and terrible for all of europe and the united states. you have my commitment to focus on diplomacy that resists all threats, all human rights violations especially from russia and the prc.
7:36 pm
i will call on germany to meet its 2% commitment to nato which is an organ purity measure against russia. i view the july joint statement as setting not only a commitment an important floor on our expect tatian's of alliance with our important allies but it is a floor, not a ceiling, on what may need to do together. >> i'm sure everyone on this committee would agree with that strong position. i am out of time. >> senator kunz. >> thank you to all three of today's nominees and i have enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to this next chapter in your service to our nation. i am thrilled the administration continues to send to the senate such well-qualified nominees.
7:37 pm
i am greatly concerned for three such important countries, we don't have confirmed ambassadors and it is the middle of december. i will do everything i can to advance your nominations through this committee i hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will work with us to achieve that goal. it's great to see you again mayor garcetti. your experience leading a global coalition of mayors leading climate change will serve you well and your long history of this will be important. how can we continue to build the u.s.-india relationship in terms of public health and how we might strengthen our partnership around vaccine manufacturing while still finding ways to respect american innovation and protect some ways in which our inventions were creations could
7:38 pm
be best protected? thank you for your friendship and collaboration. public health on both sides of this will join together to support the manufacturing can pacitti to bring a million more vaccine doses around the world to be able to make sure we have supply chains that are diversified from a single country. when it comes to public health, we have a strong record together whether it's in the supply chains were some of the innovations we have. it is in our mutual interest to cowrite rules of law that will allow intellectual property in indy which they develop. they are not just a country that produces elsewhere. they are great innovators in the medical field and they want to protect that and we want to as
7:39 pm
well. when it comes to emergencies like a pandemic, we were the right ones to try to open that up and work with the world community and the private sector to say we can relaxes rules in order to save lives. for the long-term term, we have done a great job to produce in india and the u.s. with cooperation. >> i look forward to closer u.s.-india ties in research and economically and in public health. i recently led a bipartisan delegation to berlin with senior members of the bundestag. i would be interested to see how there new coalition government differs from the previous one. what might be the challenges given the coalition statement and maintaining consensus on foreign policy and how do you think we can learn from the ways in which german advanced manufacturing in their workforce
7:40 pm
scaling practices make show the way in the new economic environment we face post-pandemic. ms. gutmann: thank you for leading the trip to germany. i was heartened to see that chancellor schultz mentioned that there is continuity in german foreign policy. i think there is always more to be done and especially in light of the challenges of russian aggression of chinese malign influence in chinese predatory trade practices, chinese genocide against the uighurs and it is aggression against hong kong, tibet and threats to taiwan. i see this as an opportunity and i think there will be a challenge with the coalition. i think we can address that with
7:41 pm
strong and respectful diplomacy. on trade and investments, germany is our third largest source of direct investment in accounts for over 800 50,000 jobs for americans and we in turn account for about 750,000 jobs in germany. germany has a model of apprenticeship that i believe we could build on in close partnership with germany which exists in the united states in some states and i think we can do more. it's a great alternative for talented, hard-working young people for whom four-year colleges not the best. the apprentice program has grown in the democratic republic and i think we can learn and work with germany on it. >> thank you very much, can i
7:42 pm
ask for barrett's for one more question? >> go ahead. >> you as a mayor will be nearby in a tough neighborhood. i will be interested in how you we can repair the pakistan-u.s. relationship while encountering -- engaging them in the counterterrorism mission going forward. mayor garcetti: it's very important we find ways to work together to address some of these shared challenges we will face on the counterterrorism front. we have to be clear eyed about the troubled history we have had on these issues but looking ahead, i think pakistan is a shared interest in ensuring that afghanistan does not once again become host to terrorist groups any contributor to regional instability. i think we have seen some signs recently in terms of pakistan's
7:43 pm
willingness to engage with international partners on issues of afghanistan's future including in the extended troika format and the upcoming oic meeting that will be dedicated to that question. i will urge them to continue to work together with international partners on a common set of objectives there. looking further ahead, there are things we can do on the trade and investment front to grow the u.s.-pakistan trade and investment in a way that serves both our countries in a balanced way. >> i look forward to working with you. >> i want to congratulate each of the nominees. i will continue the line of thought that in pakistan, it is
7:44 pm
china's closest ally in south asia. how do you see islam a bed balancing ties with china and the u.s. as we work more closely with india on mechanisms like the pacific? mayor garcetti: i think pakistan has signaled clearly an interest in diversifying their relationships while their relationship with china has been important recently, the signal has been clear they are interested in a growing relationship with the united states, doing business and treating the united states as a key partner for the pakistani private sector. we have been a trading partner for decades. we have strong people to people ties with the people of pakistan through civil society. they -- they have stated
7:45 pm
aspirations of the geo economic foreign policy demonstrates their interest in diversifying the relationship beyond beijing. if confirmed, i will -- it's a position i would look forward to working on those issues with pakistan. >> mr. mayor, great to see you again and congratulations to you and your family. i have a similar question about russia. india and russia have had a long-standing defense tie. prior to the passage of the sanctions in 20, india had begun to explore purchase of the air defense system from russia which could trigger sanctions. there is an executive waiver possibility. talk to us a little, as we are doing more and more together with india in military relations with joint exercises, what is
7:46 pm
the potential danger to the u.s. -india cooperation that the acquisition of the s-or hundred would create? mayor garcetti: i don't want to pre-judge the secretary's decision about sanctions but i do fully support the law of the land as law here and part of that is the waiver provision. if confirmed, i would advocate continued diversification of india's weapon system and the threats to our own weapon system if that curse because who we have to protect our system and data and growing this major defense partnership. i think it is one of the great success stories of the last few decades.
7:47 pm
i would seek somebody who has served alongside my indian counterparts to deepen the people to people relationships in the military, the industrial coordination on that and be clear about what the threats are to our system especially for new weapons systems in the future that would come from outside the united states or russia. >> i walked in at the end of senator cardin's questions but i know he was asking about human rights. we have a sizable indian diaspora community in virginia with many sikhs and others who feel there is nationalism or religious division that is pushed at times of internal political challenge and they feel demised by that and i hope you'll will take that very seriously. congratulations to you. senator kunz was covering what i wanted to cover but in
7:48 pm
particular, i want to make sure that germany sees the same danger in russia amassing forces on the ukraine order as the u.s. does. we had meetings earlier on how it affects security with eu officials. it made us feel good that they seems to feel that the danger of the russian troops on the border was as significant as we believe it to be. germany believes the nord stream 2 pipeline is important that i would have to believe and expect they would encourage ukraine sovereignty as an existential challenge in europe and i hope they take that threat seriously as we do. ms. gutmann: as do i and i will take the good work of this
7:49 pm
committee and the administration on one i understand the ongoing high-level discussions are going on with germany and underscore how important it is to act strongly in alliance against the aggressions of russia. >> send -- senator van hollen's with is virtually. senator van hollen? >> can you hear me ok? >> loud and clear. >> thank you, mr. chairman and congratulations to all of you on your nomination. you're are going to be representing the united states as a critical nato ally with the
7:50 pm
new german government. we are witnessing ongoing russian aggression especially threats to sovereignty in the ukraine. i know you understand the severity of the situation. i hope the biden administration and germany will agree that if russia takes any offense of actions or invades ukraine, there would be a snap back of the nord stream 2 to sanctions. mayor garcetti, congratulations to you on your nomination will stop india is a critical partner in the indo pacific region. i want to salute the biden administration's efforts to further expand the quad relationship and india's role in it and we are working with india to try to develop vaccines to address the challenges
7:51 pm
throughout the developing world. maryland has a company that has teamed up with the institute of india and has pledged to provide 1.1 billion doses to covax to distribute to the neediest places around the world. that is still going through the final steps of getting accepted but i am confident that will happen and i look forward to staying in touch with you about that. ambassador blome thank you for your service over many years in your most recent posting in tunisia. as we discussed when i met you earlier, i have been concerned with the lack of a real strategy from the administration as it relates to pakistan.
7:52 pm
i'm interested in your thoughts on how we can more fully and gauge both economically, politically and on security issues at the highest levels. pakistan is an important country and it has an especially important role right now with the withdrawal of u.s. forces from have janne stand in the tele-takeover of afghanistan step there are many who exaggerate the amount of influence pakistan has over the taliban. people forget that pakistan has waged its own bloody war against the pakistani taliban. as you know, pakistan is not yet recognized in kabul. at the same time, clearly, pakistan has ties to elements of
7:53 pm
the taliban and could they play a positive role potentially going forward with respect to our demands. what do you think our strategy should be? what role can pakistan play in furthering our goals together with others in the international community with respect to the goals we have set out especially in a dentist and and the demands we placed on the new government? 7 mayor garcetti: mayor garcetti: thank you, senator. i think there are opportunities to work with pakistan on the agenda we have set out for afghanistan and in particular, i think we can identify a number of areas of common ground we have with pakistan to try to
7:54 pm
achieve a government that is inclusive in nature inside afghanistan, one that can help avert you hama -- humanitarian catastrophe inside the country and stabilize the economy and ensure that afghanistan does not again become a source of terrorist threats to the united states or our allies. we've set this out in a number of dialogue we have seen recently with pakistan including those hosted the in extended troika format in the upcoming oic. i think we have established a basis we can work with pakistan on those important strategic issues. we have to find a way to make progress on this and work together on these issues. beyond that, we can also look at
7:55 pm
ways we can build the relationship with pakistan including the trade and investment ties i mentioned before. >> thank you, i would ask you to use your influence to a rage -- to arrange a telephone call between president biden and the president of pakistan will step this is an unforced error on our part and it would be an important gesture at this point in time. >> thank you you, mr. chairman. i know you have already been asked about the entities given to universities. thank you for your willingness to serve and be here but i wanted to ask you more specifically about china and germany.
7:56 pm
china and germany have been large trading partners and while other governments are forward leaning on the diplomatic boycott, germany has been more resistant. what is your assessment of how the germans view china on a global scale and what are your plans or thoughts about getting them to be more engaged? ms. gutmann: thank you for that very important question, senator. my sense is that there has been a balancing in the german government between its important economic ties with china and its concerns for human rights and democracy threats thereof.
7:57 pm
if confirmed, i would lean and on this to emphasize our government's position and our society's position that the ongoing genocide in the province against the uighurs, the threats to fair market practices, cybersecurity threats and i could go on and on and will if confirmed with the german government, pose economic as well as security threats to germany and europe, to the free world and to the united states. i see this as an opportunity with the new government that there is an opening to help build and reset the german position. i would very much urge germany in concert with this committee to join us in boycotting the
7:58 pm
olympics, to stand down and speak up against chinese practices in alliance. it will be to the betterment of german security and most important to me if confirmed to the interest and values of the united states. >> there are a series of votes going on and there is no other member seeking wreck ignition and the chair has a series of significant questions. i will submit it for the record. i would ask backed -- i would expect substantive answers to my questions. this record will remain open until the close of business tomorrow and i would ask members to submit their questions i asked the nominees to answer those questions expeditiously and substantively so we can consider your nomination. this hearing is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
7:59 pm
visit] >> without objection, the documents will be included in the record and this hearing is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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