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tv   New York Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 5, 2022 1:16pm-1:57pm EST

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>> the joint session will come to order. representing our state from the court of appeals. we will our also very pleased to have the attorney general, the state comptroller and majority leader andre stewart cousins here today. we thank you for your words and relieving us in the pledge of allegiance. it is my distinct honor to welcome and introduce madam speaker. the governor has lived her life
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in the service of new yorkers. beginning with the town board and serving the county clerk. as a member of congress for nearly 26 congressional district, and as new york's 77th lieutenant governor. while shattering glass ceilings all taking office and becoming the first female governor and history of new york state. governor holcomb immediately faced numerous challenges. the delta variant, and now the omicron variant. back-to-back hurricanes. getting out the door with new yorkers who are struggling. all while establishing a diverse ministration and continue to deliver results for all of us. today, for the first time in over a decade, she wrote -- rightly returns to the sandwich chamber, the people's house, to
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deliver her first date address as governor. she shares her vision for a better and brighter new york for all of us. please jump, it is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you the 57th governor of the state of new york, governor kathy hopeful. i am proud to have you by my side as we deliver for the people. i also want to thank you partners, governors, state comptroller, are attorney general letitia james, majority leader andre stewart cousins of
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the senate, the senate majority leader, and we do hope that the speaker of the assembly gets well soon. i also want to thank the pastor for representing the girl scouts so well. i stand before you aware of the significance of this moment. for the first time in urich's history, a woman has delivered this annual address. i did not come your to make history. i came here to make a difference. i showed deep reverence for the remarkable pass of the state. we come together in a beautiful sandwich chamber. an original and rightful setting with elected leaders join together to serve the public. i want to thank our one-time governor who said it is not the clinic that counts, the credit belongs to the man, or shall i
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say the woman's actions are in the arena. my colleagues and partners in government, for too long, executives and legislative branches fought each other in the arena. no more. that ends now. i propose a whole new era for new york. the days of governors disregarding the rightful role of the legislature are over. the days of the governors and mayors wasting petty bribery's are over. the days of new yorkers questioning if the governor is working for them are over. the days of three men in the room are over. just as the leader. we are held to higher standard, it is not just meet but exceed expectations. we will have historic achievements and norms.
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but things simply, from now on, shared success will have common ground. we will restore trust which we have set for far too long, we will fight like hell, not for the new yorkers. i am proud to be a member of this legislature, more than 400 doors. we are just getting started. new yorkers need to help everyone in this room to pass an emphasis agenda. one of the responses to the covid-19 pandemic was to rebuild our health care and teacher workforces. we have to provide tax relief to those who need the most. economic growth will increase good paying and middle-class jobs. we need to strengthen our infrastructure and confront climate change. secure public safety and make housing more affordable. we need to put a roof over the heads.
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we need bold reforms in state government. new yorkers, this agenda is for you. every single initiative is designed to help you and your families. i know you are exhausted. i know you want this pandemic to be over. i know you are worried about the economy and inflation. your kids and education. what the future holds. we have endured so much hardship over the past two years. we've buried loved ones. we've experienced seismic shifts in our daily lives. we have seen holidays weddings and graduations, the birth of a grandchild. there is been so much loss shattering hopes and dreams. now, just when we have to turn a corner, there is a new variant. another surgeon cases. it is deja vu. you are asking, will we ever get through this. yes. we will.
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we are new yorkers. we've been knocked down before, and weeping counted out. we never fail to defy the odds and rise to new heights. we always rise from the ashes. that is what i believe. this is not a moment of despair, but a moment of great possibility. we are in the midst of an all-consuming crisis, and we all must remember that if we make the right choices right now, it will end. first, it was much better around us. it means controlling the virus that not let -- and not letting it control us. when i took office, we took a pandemic plan. we dealt with omicron. we are doing everything we can to keep new yorkers healthy. we set policies that make a vaccination rate one of the highest in the country. we are activating a military operation with vaccine test sites.
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we are deploying the national guard to nested -- nursing homes. we sent out 37 million kits across the united states. during the winter surge, are focus has been on keeping kids in school. businesses are open, and new yorkers lives are continuing as normally as possible. we are tackling the violence had on. with a tactical science-based approach. we are ready for whatever comes next. we all know too well that this is more than a public health crisis. we need to support the people and industries that were hit hardest. new yorkers have been on the front since day one. it is been terrifying while many hunker down. our health care workers showed up, day after day, night after night. double shift after double shift. they put their lives on the line to save others.
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they are not only physically exhausted, they are emotionally exhausted and will swell. i've seen it in the hospitals. there is exhaustion. pre-existing staff shortages have created a crisis. we simply do not have enough health care workers are hospitals or long-term care facilities or for families or for the homes of our loved ones. the health of every new yorker depends on strong and stable health care systems. these workers are the very foundation actions are required before any more time passes. first, we must stop the current hemorrhaging of health care workers. going to do it, not just by sending them a debt of gratitude, but payment. we will pay them the debt we owe, starting with the retention bonus of $3000 or health and drug care workers that will
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drive salaries throughout the workforce. they are doing god's work. they have not been paid the minimal wage. after salaries, we will make it easier for doctors to understate the practice with the existing licenses here in new york. we will expand the capacity of institutions, and more spoons can train for high demand health care jobs. and, will make it possible for them to get that training with free tuition and stipends if there name here after they graduate. once in a lifetime pandemic demands a once-in-a-lifetime response. that is why i am sending -- setting an ambitious goal by 20% over the next five years. and, we will make the largest investment of health care in states history, with $10. as we bolster our health care
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workforce, we continue to think of the pandemic. i am so grateful to the county leaders and school superintendents, administrators, parents and teachers who work so closely with us to help get kids back to school this week. the role of a teacher is irreplaceable in a child's life. in last two years, that's been hammered home. they are irreplaceable in a parents life as well. a mother, knows this firsthand. this workforces also stressed and overworked. we have efforts to recruit and retrain teachers with more effective training and support. faster and earlier certification, and stronger career pipelines and letters. and, we will add more to health professionals and schools. to help heal the wounds afflicted during the isolation of remote learning. others are hurting as well. families, small business owners,
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farmers, they all need our help. they need it now. they're going to get it. we celebrate a $1.2 billion tax cut that is scheduled to take effect between now and 2025. it will occur a lot earlier. more than 6 million middle-class taxpayers will get more money in their pockets. that is it in a time when inflation is robbing them of any gains in income. to help with property taxes, we will provide a property tax rebate to more than 2 million homeowners. it will help get parents back to work. we are going to expand access to affordable childcare to a hundred thousand more working families. we will invest 75 million dollars in child care worker rages. -- wages. we will invest hundred nine dollars and much needed small businesses. it will keep doors open, for the next few months.
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these businesses are the economic answer to small towns and big cities alike. they are what make our community's unique and give them personality. i should know. i've shopped and immersed with them. i've also help my mother start a small flower shop and a tech company. i know firsthand how hard it is. i know the risk taken by owners. i know the barriers faced by women. many small businesses are being pushed to the brink. they are being pushed by neighborhoods that had to close and are hanging on by a thread. they need to create more space outdoors. it will help with the new york winters. we must offset these costs by providing a tax credit for covid related purchases like outdoor heating and seating. we are also going to do something that the restaurants have been asking for. allow service.
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it is a critical revenue stream from last year. cheers new york. we will supply restaurant kitchens and our own, crating a life line. from farms to long island, life is tough, in good years. we are going to support them. there be a tax credit for the overtime hours that there pain. it will increase from the tax credit. it is also expensive. it will also help with the retention credit. this will begin to address workforce struggling as well. then, this is how we will begin to help text care workers, educators, small businesses, farms and families. it will help them to deal with the devastating impact of covid. beyond the pandemic, my agenda it reflects my beliefs that we cannot allow this virus to cripple us so tightly that it
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constrains us from looking to the future. longing for a simpler return to our old way of life not only is to mid and unimaginative, it ignores our history, and goes against everything that makes new york, new york. if we cannot embrace the possibility of times like these, then we fail to honor the legacy of the visionary new yorkers who came before us. the portrait of flank lynn roosevelt that hangs above the man several -- mantle of the governor's residence is a reminder of what leadership in a crisis is all about. first as governor, and then as president. fdr rebuilt the economy from the ground up after the crash of 29. more than giving people jobs, he gave people hope. policies and just help families lost everything, they spurred decades of economic growth and the birth of the middle class. again and again, he focused on
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the storms around him. one eye on the horizon. always planning for the day when the clouds would depart. that is exactly what we are doing now. this pandemic did not create all of the problems we're facing today. it simply forced us to hold up a mirror and see the cracks in our society. it was too easy to ignore before. this has created opportunity to redefine ourselves. as we embark on a new era for our state, we take a hard look to deal with the harsh reality. the fact that 300 thousand new yorkers walked out of the state alone, that is the steepest population drop of any state in the nation, an alarm that cannot be ignored. to those who left early because of the pandemic, we are trying to decide our next steps during these uncertain times. you do not want to miss what is going to happen next.
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right now, in real-time, we are giving new york talent. we are a jumpstart for economic recovery. we will provide the most business friendly worker friendly state in the nation. we will entice people and businesses, and we are investing loads of dollars to transform downtown in our cities for new jobs and opportunities. in addition, with legacy, and emergency -- emerging industries for success. new yorkers want to deal with the most consequential industries in the world. finance. health care, technology, fashion, entertainment, just name a few. there's plenty of room for growth. these sites have manufacturing warehouses. it will improve our infrastructure, and investments. we will power the jobs of the future. and, we are going to make sure that the workforce is trained to
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step into these jobs. we will invest smartly and strategically in these programs. this means matching people in training and jobs. i know that demand is strong. thousands of workplaces are not having enough trade workers. every single place is the same. that's why we need to rebuild a workforce. we need stronger relationships. more funding for regional economic councils. the work programs are trained jobs are actually demands in different parts of the state. the smart way to do this is to have school districts, colleges, all focused on the same objective. going to incentivize success. we will tie a portion of the workforce to hide job placement rates. and, we are going to make it easier to qualify as an mwd, so
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everyone has access to opportunities. it is a common sense approach. it is backed by an uncommon level of funding. it will help supercharge our economy. it will help make us nationally a place that attracts talent. businesses will follow. for businesses to succeed, they need a well trained and educated work. i believe we will reach that core because there is nothing more valuable than education and training when it comes to unlocking opportunities and prosperity. it changes lives across generations. i know what it did for my own family circumstances. there are teenagers who had nothing. they were poor. there were millions of opportunities in their home countries. my grandfather first became migrant farmworker south dakota. then there were domestic workers.
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they all heard about the great jobs we've done. that was at the bathtime steel plant. my grandpa found a job at bell airspace. they pick parts in world war ii. they came in search of a life. they transformed my family, and it was the part that my father had a college degree at night. he worked by day at the same steel plant as his father. if he had taken that lead, with education, i would be living a very different life today. that's why i am so focused on expanding educational opportunities. we are making the state program of battle for part-time student. i believe that the edges of social mobility, and it has untapped potential that needs to be unleashed and harness. today, i am outlining a vision to make sure that we back the statewide public higher education systems in the nation.
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how, by recruiting world-class faculty. we need flagship institutions. this leading into the strength of our four-year conference of colleges and our community colleges. we must increase -- increase enrollment to -- buy 5000 students by 2030. we need to make sure we are national leader in equity, and increasing the number of diversity programs in every community. we need to spur economic growth in the surrounding communities. as we operate statewide higher education institutions, we also acknowledge that there populations that are at risk of falling to the cracks unless we target job training and educational opportunities for them as well.
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for example, incarcerate people purchase paid in correctional education programs and are less likely to receive advice. they will receive payment after returning home. these outcomes benefit employers in the the taxpayers of new york. it's the right thing to do. today, i'm announcing a jail for jobs initiatives. incarcerate people have the support they need to find employment during reentry. we will also restore tuition programs for incarcerated programs. that ends a 30 year band. with great economic opportunities in every sector, there is one industry, that we are working around-the-clock the clock for in years to come. it is in the construction trade. infrastructure, the likes of which we've never seen. infrastructure can only do different things for different people. for me, it is exciting, and it
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is all about crating connections and connecting neighborhoods. connecting people to jobs. connecting people to families. this can mean long's families, and even lift a child. we can have an entire repair shop after hitting a pothole. it is more stress than everyone needs, and that is why we need to fix infrastructure as a quality-of-life issue. my fellow colleagues in congress on the white house lawn were there when present biden signed law into work. he gave us a once in a century chance to invest. we cannot let this slip out, and we won't. we have a demand of the best, and that's exactly what they are going to get. just look at my administration since the announcement from the past four months. we are finally transforming penn station into a world-class facility. it is worthy of our city. it ensures that the gateway will
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filing before. at jfk airport, it will finish the second avenue subway and connected to jobs. we're just getting started. today, i am announcing a bold idea. we will take a 40 mile long roadway, and we will create what we called the inter-rural express. a new rail service that connects brooklyn to queens. we had environmental reviews to start the project rolling down the track. we also are turning to the port authority, to get turned towards the cross tunnel. it is all about connections. we need to reconnect neighborhoods. they were severed by asphalt highways, and this disproportionately impacted people of color. we are going to deal with it more than half a century, with the expressway in buffalo, and syracuse.
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including rochester, and across his expressway. it has traveled to every one of our 62 counties, and the past several years, so i know every single road and highway embrace. we have been through every pothole in your, especially on the long island expressway. i'm coming after those as well. we are making the largest ever digital infrastructure. $1 billion and connecting new yorkers with high-speed land. it's an innovation and economic growth. especially in our community's. there is one more piece of critical infrastructure in our plan to rebuild. it makes her infrastructure more resigned against climate change. as we were swarmed into office, we were's lamp by hurricane ida. i walked the streets of queens, and i witnessed the aftermath of nature and our info structure.
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there were devastating consequences. it is a reminder that too much time has already been lost in the fight against climate change. it is rare. the next one is coming. according to our counties, there's constantly battering from flooding. tons of new york city. it will undergo repairs. for decades after hurricane sandy hit. this is a threat to our way of life. even now, we must and -- and will start an ambitious agenda to meet this moment. we've already increased the environment till contact of $4 billion to find the resources we need. i am now announcing a meeting for investments which will provide good clean jobs. i will provide wind any -- energy capacity and increase our
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fossil fuels. it must be saved up. in september, i announced to other projects to put us on a path to achieve the ambitious goal of cutting 80% of new york city's power consumption by 2030. construction will continue by 20 between one, and it will bring climate elective columns to bring buses and trucks. it will protect our environment, because that is -- personal to me. i remember orange smoke blocking the sky from smokestacks with a stench that i can still recall to this day. all while dumping toxic waste into one of the largest freshwater lakes. i was surrounded by the cost of climate change, and now i am living with the effects. while we deal with the climate crisis, we are going to advance one of the most basic human needs. we are going to go to streets
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and schools and homes. time and time again, we have been told that we don't feel safe. we don't want to see this on the streets. it is different, and not always for the better. it's not just new york city. it is cities across america. many sectors turn towards our state. they include con violence and eight jim white for the pandemic. -- gun violence nationwide in the pandemic. that is not a metric for success. we need to get back on track. in october, i've found a closed loop hole in gun possession and registration. it allows law enforcement to track down crimes and prevent gun trafficking. as we say, going forward, we will double down on practical and proven law enforcement tragedies. we will combat gun violence.
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working with the mayor in new york, and the lieutenant governor, i will take lead with the administration to form a consortium, with unprecedented cooperation with the police and other law enforcement agencies, including our neighboring states, where we will trace guns to crimes, and we will stop guns in the states. meanwhile, we will triple the resources for gun tracing efforts which are proving for successful committee-based programs. biting gun violence is critical. we must address other factors contributing to the pervasive unease that many are feeling in our streets. that includes the humanitarian crisis unfolding right before our eyes. hostile new yorkers are in a situation that needs to survive on compassion, they will receive it, along with our support. will create teams of mental health professionals and social workers who will partner with new york city and we will reach homeless individuals in shelters
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and housing. at the same time, we know that homelessness only counts for a small practice -- fraction of the homes population. beyond this, sleeping on the streets, and tens of thousands more people, in and out of shelters, will find a secure place to call home. tragically, many of these are children. we need to focus on addressing the root causes of homelessness. mental health needs, poverty, housing and insecurity. every new yorker deserves access to affordable housing. whether they at the risk of homelessness, or simply struggling to pay each month. many people not only faced tremendous economic hardship, but there is eight double bit. the housing crisis also contributes to keeping out of the reach of many. that is why i am launching a new five-year housing plan to create
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and preserve 100,000 affordable homes, including 10,000 units. we will support services for high-risk populations, with incarcerated individuals. we can no longer ignore the plight of residents in deplorable conditions. lieutenant governor and i will work with the legislature to find a concrete action. we are also fixing out dated land use laws with housing supply. we are encouraging development, and leadership in hotels and offices. -- part of our overall housing strategy. we are accomplishing everything based on one thing. a government that the people trust. across the country, trust in government is reaching an all-time low. they know why. this information and lies on social media. partisan divides, gridlock in
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washington, and tax on the right to vote. it's getting harder and harder for people to believe in their elected leaders at all levels of government. it is a question of how we restore the faith? and you are, our answers have met with good and honest governance. we have a committee in the legislature to limit term limits for officials. for government work, it cannot continue to cling to things. we need to journey pass the time of new leaders. we have perspectives with fresh ideas. outside income for statewide officials, because our main job should be to serve the people of new york. but that is not the only part of this that is not working. it is no secret that events have called into question the effectiveness of the joint commission on public ethics.
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i am introducing new legislation with new ethics enforcement watchdogs. it will have real teeth. one the answers to new yorkers and not politicians. it will fix things overnight. we will safeguard this place. [indiscernible] we can begin to restore public trust by focusing on what really matters to our constituents. what you've just heard is a major sampling of more than 220 proposals that will fill a book that we are releasing today. it is an extraordinary accomplishment given hundred 20 days in office, and i commend the hard-working staff that help shape this agenda. i am proud to have this staff. we need to get to work. i want to pause for a moment to
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reflect on our state's history. the destiny that lies before us. since its beginning, the country as attracted people from all around the world, in making our homeland, worth the risk,. american dream. in pursuit of it, we have found our way here. your curtis have always been part of a better life. we have resettled here as refugees from afghanistan. our state is nationally recognized as the birthplace of moving quality in progress. the labor movement. of rights movement. the lgbtq plus movement. the environmental movement. the racial justice movement. they all started right here by our leaders. we attract the best and the brightest. the bravest. we embrace them. racial, ethnic, gender diversity.
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broadway says it all. we are part of the unstressed beauty of niagara falls, the end around ask. yuri canal. the hudson river valley. as well as the grandeur of the near city skyline. it is breathtaking. this is who we are. we are proud of it. keepers of the flames of the movements past. stewards of the national treasures entrusted to us. visionaries who will lead our state into the future. courage, confidence, we may be imperfect, but we are risk takers and westerners, innovators, and true believers. we are dreamers. there is truly only one new york. my fellow new yorkers, members of the legislature, the time is come for new american dreams. a more inclusive version. we call it the new york dream.
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it is not just a place like other states. it is also an idea. it embodies excitement, energy, and -- endless possibility. just as we are inspired by the history bequeathed to us, who started our socialist movement, leaders like fdr, who navigated this crisis. with a calm steady hand, we look back in our time, to determine what we do here, right now. we sees a moment with confidence and optimism. we see the accomplishments that endures to the ages. a new era for new york. may god bless the people of the great state of new york and our nation. thank you. [applause]
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>> this joint session is adjourned. >> see spanish or unfiltered view of government, funded by these television companies, and more, including charter communications. >> broadband -- that's why charter has invested billions. infrastructure, upgrade technology, empowering opportunity, and communities, bake and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications support c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers. we give a front row seat to democracy.
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>> attorney general merrick garland gives an update today on the justice department's efforts to hold those responsible for the capital, one year ago. watch live coverage at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at, or watch coverage on c-span out, our new video app. >> one year ago, protesters broke through police security and occupied the capital. on the one-year anniversary of the capital, we look back on the day, live on c-span, beginning at 7 a.m. eastern with washington journal taking your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. then, president joe biden and vice president, harris delivered comments from the capital. at 1 p.m. eastern, the librarian of congress will lead a discussion with doris kearns goodwin on january 6 place in history. at 2:30 p.m. eastern, lawmakers will take part in a form, sharing thoughts and reflections on that day.
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530, members of the house and senate will gather on the senate step for a prayer vigil, and following the vigil, we will re-air the event. you also take your phone calls. the anniversary of the january 6 attack on the capital, live, thursday, on c-span, or watch on the go with our new c-span now mobile app. you can also go to you will find a page with all of c-span's january 6 programming, including archival coverage from that day. >> at today's white house covid-19 response team briefing, dr. anthony felt see -- how she gave an update on the omicron variant. they answer questions on vaccinations, boosters, and more. >> i will start by briefly underscoring the points the president yesterday.


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