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tv   Washington Journal 01022022  CSPAN  January 2, 2022 7:00am-10:01am EST

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goodman. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. "washington journal" starts now. ♪ ♪ host: donald trump was the -- jeff -- joe biden typed the record last year -- topped the record last year. he is 78. word may be going in the next two years. we had talking about a possible joe biden and donald trump we match. how this year's congressional election night change 2024.
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welcome to washington journal and happy new year. do you want to see a biden/trump rematch in 2024? lines for democrats is (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independent at (202) 748-8002. you can text us at (202) 748-8003. we will hear from both men and the most recent comments on whether they will run. go ahead and start dialing. we are joined by our goes -- our
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guest. happy and good morning. guest: good morning and happy morning -- happy new year's tear viewers. host: we are to have here is out -- two and a half years out, but tell us why it is important for campaigns to start this early on a potential run in 2024. guest: here we are at the beginning of 2022. the race for the white house began almost a year ago after president biden's inauguration. former president immediately started to flirt with making another run in 2024. here we are. we have been dealing with this
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and we will continue to deal with this through 2022. they are not just in the years that they happen anymore. that is clear. we have seen cycles start so early. it is just the way that is happen with presidential campaigns. a lot of these contenders come to these early voting states. host: one of the recent pieces looked at the survey out there. the approval rating for president biden. what did they tell us? guest: president biden started out in very good shape.
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starting in august, many people say -- add inflation to that makes and you see his ratings flagging. that is an issue for him and his party. we'll see if he decides to run for reelection. host: what do you think the pluses and warnings are for president trump and joe biden? guest: that is a good question. both men made history as the oldest president. if they team up again and we see a rematch, we will make history again as the oldest presidential nominee and challenger.
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age is a huge factor, health as well. there are a lot of factors involved. kind of a grudge match angle to this as well. host: aside from donald trump and the republican party, who is the odds on favorite to get the nomination two and a half years out? guest: if donald trump is the favorite decides to run, every poll that has been taken shows donald trump way ahead of the field of average contenders. probably around 54% to 55% of support of republican voters. if you taken out of the mix --
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take all of these polls with many grains of salt. the florida governor has become quite popular among conservatives and other republican voters. he is in the number one position to trump. he is slightly ahead of former vice president mike pence. after that, i have a list of about 15 potential contenders. it could be a crowded field of republicans, but we are seeing these people visiting over the past year. you mentioned mike pence was just here. so was a senator from. mike pompeo has been through all the early voting state. nikki haley has been to a number
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of the states. it is a large list. host: donald trump announced for the 2016 race, and he can be full of surprises. what potential surprises or underdogs come in terms of candidates, are you keeping and i out for? guest: another good question. first of all, he remains extremely popular. he continues to play a haymaker's role in the party. it can be helpful at times, but which mental at others. he has raised a boatload of money. we have never seen this before
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with a former president, but we have never had a former president in this kind of position. take him out of the equation. if he decides not to run, you look at others, such as governors -- governor desantis. his coffers are in norma's the large. we are so early in this cycle. in the 2008 cycle, we did not know much about barack obama. i could say that about a lot of potential presidents. host: in 2021 was the historic bill passed. how important is it for his legacy?
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guest: democrats feel that is very important for them and their party as they retain the majority of the senate. back in early spring of 2021 this past year, the recovery act was passed. the third wheel would be the build back better. for now, senator joe manchin said he could not support it. democrats will try again to get something passed early this year. they feel it is very important to pass something to help their
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party out. another important item out there would be those sweeping reform bill that they are trying to get past. they have tightened voting restrictions. host: paul, thank you for joining us this morning. guest: great to join you. thank you a lot. host: would you like to see a biden and trump rematch in 2024? democrats, the line is (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independence at (202) 748-8002.
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our first call from charleston, south carolina. good morning. go ahead. caller: thank you. i think washington journal spends too much time putting people towards each other instead of having questions, to where people can talk. every morning, washington journal has questions that are really idiotic. donald trump should be arrested. i do not think the united states of america can take anymore of
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this guy. host: here is joe on the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i do not think it is going to happen, but no matter who runs, whether a republican is going to run -- that speaker never once mentioned a republican policy. they are not going to fix immigration. it made all those promises years ago. no debt -- they blew the debt up. there is no republican policy. can you .1 out where they have said that we are going to fix something? they fixed nothing. the speaker talking about infrastructure -- you had to pull it out of him to have him say one good thing at the end.
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they have done nothing for five years. i live here in maine. it is the perfect example of what the gop has become. the state of maine in the last election, put it on the ads because maine is a small state. it is ridiculous. they have no policies at all. i do not think governor desantis could run for dogcatcher, even in florida.
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host: go ahead. caller: i agree with the previous caller. the gop, republicans have no policy recommendation, no policy platform. they did not write a platform in 2020. i do not believe they had a platform in 2016 either. no party platform in 2020. the only thing that they are running is let's get donald trump elected again. they will do that by cheating by putting cronies in the county election officials and in the secretaries of state. trump will proceed to campaign and stay the same stupid things that he said previously. if i lose, it was rigged. i won the popular vote by a landslide. he will continue to lie.
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it is going to be a campaign without issues. host: michael in tyrone, new york. go ahead. you are on the air. caller: let's say that if there is a rematch with donald trump and joe biden, i would be surprised. i think that the case is moving against donald trump -- isn't it supposed to go to trial for everything that he did in the last election? i am a republican and after what i have seen, i am going to be registered democrat this time around. i'm going to go with the democrats on this one because they sound better for the country.
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host: biden says he will run for reelection in 2024, if he is in good health. here are comments. >> i will ask you about something that i asked weeks before. he said he would absolutely serve. president biden: i am a great respecter of faith. if i am in the health that i am now, i would run again. you are trying to tent me. sure. why would i not run against donald trump? that would increase the prospect of running. host: what are your thoughts?
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republicans and (202) 748-8000. democrats at (202) 748-8002 -- (202) 748-8001 and independent at (202) 748-8002. caller: it has been at least a year since i called in. this is how i see it. i like joe biden. i think it has been a fresh breath of air since he came in, dealing with the trash that was left over from the trump administration. they did nothing but make money for the wealthy. republicans have nothing to run on. this nasty sarcasm that they seem to be putting out absolutely turns me off.
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the ones that are really pushing donald trump right now is trump and the price. the major networks are pushing him because he brings up sales of advertising. that is what they are really all about, making money, which is part of the american dream, but in my country, i want somebody in there working for me and the people of this country, not for themselves. that is what donald trump stands for, all for himself. have a good day. maybe i will call in again soon. host: michael on the republican line in new jersey. caller: i am from patterson. i do not think joe biden is doing the job right now.
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we have 2 million people who just walked over the border. nobody with a love for america would allow drugs to come into america. no president would give our energy independence away and go tie van, that says debt to america and buying energy from them. i think trump has a lot to run on, those things especially. i did not see joe do one thing. check china out. why did he sell it to china? how come nobody interviews that? where is the irs on that? but if it was donald trump, you would hold him hostage for four years. he did a great job and he loves
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america. americans first and america first. joe biden is america last. he does not love america. host: in michigan, the democrats line. caller: basically, i have a comment. donald trump is guilty of insurrection against the usa, resulting in multiple deaths. him and his inner circle should be hung or imprisoned. goodbye. host: which 2024 candidates won 2021? i want to read you some of what they had to say about the candidates that we are talking about. here is a at a review of donald trump. their conclusion, did trump make good use of 2021?
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no. he had the inside track but his insecure, bullying nature, let him to spend more time criticizing republicans than democrats. he could not unite his party behind him. reading about joe biden as well. bill, go ahead. caller: good morning. i love america. america is the greatest country. former president trump is like a child. if you allow a child to misbehave and break rules, that is when a child will do. the gop had senators who refuse to stand up for america and check the former president. that is why he was able to go through with what he did. as far as a joe biden and donald trump rematch, as a country, i
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think that we need to move on from joe biden and donald trump. joe biden is beak and we need people who will keep america strong. host: who do you think that might be in 2024? who would you like to see? caller: that is a good question. at this point right now, i am trying to educate myself and trying to look at the candidates, but i heard earlier that you had a guest talking about governor desantis. i am not thrilled about him, but i am very much in advocate for someone who will stand up and do the right thing for america, instead of trying to divide us. you had a collar earlier you
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mentioned the gop has no policy. the gop has a policy. they have a list of policies that they are trying to implement. for example, state legislators are trying to suppress voters. all these laws are trying to suppress the vote. gerrymandering, favoring the gop , and finally, all this hate that has-beens viewed from republic -- has been spewed from republicans. somebody made a comment about the red states and blue states being separated. that is un-american. that is not what we need to move forward. host: thank you very much.
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ohio on the republican line. caller: did you say bill? host: sorry. edward. caller: the whole biden and trump thing -- it is playground garbage. you get the media involved -- involved, and they are pushing all this untruthful information. you do not know what to believe. a few colors back -- callers back, trump made promises and he kept promises. he got the wall build -- built.
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biden comes in and the first thing he does it shut that down and flood our country with immigrants and narcotics. we need all new people to run. host: we appreciate your call. the former president was recently interviewed. the question of whether he would consider running again in 2024 came up. >> why would a man who has all the things that you got -- why would a man who has all the things that you got, great family, wonderful life, you are fit, looking for -- why on earth would you consider going back into that hell again? mr. trump: i brought the country to a level we had never seen before.
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we got covid and i brought it back. came up with vaccines that everyone is using. tens of millions of people throughout the world, in less than nine months. it was supposed to take 12 years. everyone said it was not going to work, and it worked incredibly well. we have done an amazing job. this is a wonderful, beautiful life, but i like that to because i am helping people. i think you will be happy in the future as well. >> i know you cannot answer that question, but we have the midterms coming up. lee be out on the campaign trail? is to: yes. -- mr. trump: yes. those two losses were by people -- the people who won were more trump than i was.
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what is happening is -- the most powerful endorsement our country has ever seen. we have many people online. when i leave, i have four candidates who want an endorsement. i think we will have a big 2022 and an even bigger 2024. host: looking at some of the comments on donald trump. here is joe biden. the underwater president is the title of the piece. did biden make good use of 2021? no. instead of reminding democrats about his ability to beat donald trump, he mentioned that he
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could lose a rematch. -- he ends the year with pull suggesting he could lose a rematch. in 2024, the unvaccinated will not be around to vote for trump. trump should not be allowed to run, says david. in addition to crimes committed before his term, his eyes amount to fraud committed on the american people. he tried and failed to steal a second term. now the gop have rigged the process based on his lies. timothy says no, but i like watching trump run from his past.
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cantley find two people who are 60 and not 78? -- can't we find two people who are 60 and not 78? caller: does anyone know out there what was in the build back better bill? democrats were going to put into law, ballot harvesting, voter id was going away. they were going to permanently reenact those covid rules. i guess everyone out there is against energy independence for the country. record unemployment for blacks, latinos and women. who would be against those things?
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we were energy independent and what are we now? what do we have inflation wise? jobs were coming back to the country. i would love to see trump run again, but joe biden is never going to run again because he cannot do a political campaign again. he would never hold up to another election we match against trump. caller: i would like to say that the punishment for traders is death, and that is what mr. trump deserves. others are talking about hunter biden and china. what about trump's daughter getting patents in china, while he was president? they have not won the popular vote since the 1980's.
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as far as democratic person, i like cory booker. host: all right. diane, do you want to see a rematch? caller: no, i do not. i cannot tolerate president biden. i think he is ruining the country. i really like this policy. i do not necessarily blame it all on him, but there is something about him that some people will do anything to avoid. i support somebody like ron desantis or nikki haley, someone who is strong.
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there is a better way of working with everyone in this country. the republican party needs to take a better look at the working class than they have been. you need to look at things like raising the minimum wage. there needs to be a little bit of a balance in the country. host: how early do you think donald trump would have to say, i am not working -- running in 2024, to give room to candidate that you are talking about?
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caller: before this june. i appreciate what president trump did for our country, i really do. i think he is somebody who can really help our party, but we just cannot have him run again. people need to be together. we are such a fractured country. host: hillary rodham clinton was recently on sunday today and was critical of the direction. >> i think it is a time for careful thinking about what wins elections, not just in deep blue
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districts, where a democrat and a liberal democrat or a progressive democrat is going to win. we do not know what the state of the map will be after the redistricting. it appears as though republicans are doing their best to eliminate as many seats that democrats can be competitive in. we have to be very clear idea about what it will take to hold the house and the senate. i understand why people want to argue for their priorities. that is what they were elected to do. nothing will get done if you do not have a democratic majority. it comes from people who win the majority of the checks. the majority of the senate comes from those who can win not just blue states and hold them, but
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they can win in more purple states. i am all about having vigorous debate. i think it is good and it gives people a chance to be part of the process. host: a preview of president biden's coming year. biden faces a series of minefields. president biden is staring down a number of minefields. he will have to tackle major issues, including the coronavirus -- getting the coronavirus under control after a severe spite of the omicron variant. we will have to ensure that the
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virus does not overwhelm the health systems and financial markets. he will have to revive talks about his spending legislation. we will see if parts of it can be salvaged. democrats fear that they could lose the house. it is a daunting series of challenges as he gets ready for his second year in office. susan in germantown, maryland. caller: thank you. happy new year. i do not think either of them will run in 2024. one thing about trump is he has so many crimes and lawsuits against him. i do not think he will do it. i think he is just saying that. but trump putting much wants to take us back.
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many are terrified about what they see. they do not want to see minorities rising, and that is what is happening. it is happening around us and it will be that way and 20 years. i truly believe it. there will be a wide pool of both, but i do not think either will run again. host: atlantic city, new jersey. go ahead. caller: i think most of us have lost our focus. i live in a city -- another thing i want you to think about when he swore on the
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bible that he would uphold the constitution, he broke that last january 6. they keep trying to hide that fact. thank you. host: chris christie was mentioned as -- was mentioned. >> anybody who was a supporter of president trump's -- [applause] the lying forms behind me. here is why. i was the first major officeholder to endorse him in 2016. you want the videos of that, believe me. i shared his opioid commission
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to deal with the scourge of drug abuse in this country, which killed over 80,000 americans last year. for all people who say, the line begins behind me, i started that. let me tell you something else. we can no longer talk about the past. no matter where you stand on that issue, it is over. every minute that we spend talking about 2020, while you are wasting time, joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer -- we need to start looking through the windshield again. host: here on washington
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journal, asking you this first hour in the new year. republicans at (202) 748-8001. democrats and (202) 748-8000. independent at (202) 748-8002. caller: hello. i just feel that joe biden and his corrupt administration are a joke. nothing they have done has been positive for the country at all. i won the election and it was rough. he did not win the election. he was installed. everything he has done has been corrupted and dangerous for this country. there are some people out there
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-- i know that donald trump was a great patriot. i hope he runs again. host: is the answer for republicans donald trump? caller: i like ron desantis, but he should run in 2028. i think donald trump was robbed in 20 -- was robbed. i think he smokes the democrat nominee. i think it will be biden, if he is still alive. who knows what will happen. the democrats have no bench. let me tell you this, desantis in 2028 is good, but i like him as governor here. if he runs, he runs.
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trump, if he decides not to run, desantis will do just fine for me, except for chris christie. he has not my guy and he never was my guy. host: on mike's comment about the age of the candidates, joe biden will be 82 and donald trump will be 78. caller: thank you so much for having me on. i wanted to comment. you see what joe biden came in and all the promises he has made , it has been a lot of empty promises. the border crisis has been --
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the key to trump is that he has to tone it down. no more twitter or divisiveness. if he could do a good job of controlling his rashness -- i think it will be a phenomenal term. i think when you look at the promises that kamala harris and joe made, it is clear that they are not living up to it. a lot of people have been deceived. host: in war and, ohio on the republican line. caller: i do not want to see either one of them run again. joe can be bought off so easily. he has taken his cues from
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bernie sanders. trump could be a florida governor. it is kind of ridiculous that you would bring this up because we know it is not going to happen. there has been a lot of republicans -- joe manchin has some common sense. joe can be -- joe biden can be bought off so easily. we do not have independent oil. we have to depend on other countries for oil. the border crisis -- the republicans think it is broken and democrats think that it is working just fine.
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host: they aggregate poles on a number of things. this is one that they are tracking. we will read that in a bit. the latest and republican candidates. republican -- mike pence with just under 7%. mike pence recently with what might be ahead. >> we showed what it takes. to get this free market economy rolling. under the leadership of president donald trump. we cut taxes across the board. we rolled back more federal regulations in four years than any other.
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we unleashed american energy and made america energy independent. we fought for the free and fair trade that puts american jobs and american workers first. 7 million jobs created and wages rose at their fastest pace in more than a decade. household incomes sword to a new record. unemployment plummeted. we had the lowest unemployment ever recorded for african americans and hispanic americans. 10 million americans moved from welfare to work. before the pandemic struck our country, we were experiencing a level of prosperity we had never witnessed in our lifetimes.
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we made it stronger than ever before. host: to show you the aggregation of the polls, republican candidates -- here is a cap potential democratic candidates and their poll average. kamala harris got 21%. i apologize. i lost that. rick is critical saying that c-span needs to stop playing both sides and be honest with the american people. they turned the base of their party into a bunch of fanatics, like al qaeda. if it was going to be a fair election, yes, i would love to see him with a second term, but governor desantis would be the best choice. president trump will not win over the women. governor desantis will win them
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back. caller: good morning. i would like to see president biden run again, if his health was all right. trump, i would like to see him behind buyers. he is actually a criminal. there are many crimes he has committed and people need to realize that. hopefully that will happen, but i do not think it will. the american people do not have enough back bone to do that. i see on facebook people complaining about the people killed coming out of afghanistan. think of it this way. if president biden did not take us out of there, how many people would have been killed if we had stayed there? host: a story from the new york times this morning.
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this is from the sunday edition new york times. it focuses on the ice to sell that hit afghan airports as a terror attack on the west. a suicide bomber killed scores of people, including at least 13 american servicemembers outside the airport in kabul, afghanistan. officials have pieced together a profile of assailants. they are using that information to focus on a cell that was involved in the attack. they could be the first insurgents. the u.s. has not carried out any airstrikes since the last american troops left. the attack unfolded four days earlier.
7:50 am
it was one of the deadliest attacks of the war in afghanistan. they identified the suicide bombers. a former engineering student was one of several thousands freed from two high-security prison actors securing control. the taliban emptied the facilities indiscriminately. here is the story that could concern national security in the u.s. they write that the attack raised international profile and positioned and as the major threat to the taliban.
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the most imminent terrorist risk to the u.s. coming out of afghanistan. that is from the new york times. back to calls. this is the republican line in california. caller: i think most americans like stability. we have two term, -- 2, 2 term president in clinton and obama. another one were able to solve the problem. i think next year you will probably see a big republican landslide in the house and senate. i do not know why joe biden would want to run again at his age and be in the minority. i think that both parties are in desperate need of a new voice, a
7:52 am
new face, and something that the people can look to. right now you have two guys over 75 years old and i do not think anybody wants to see that. i think both parties would do themselves a service by finding someone new and different. host: linda is up next. go ahead. caller: i would like to see her run as a democrat. she is the best thing that the republicans have at this time. i think she is more a politician than the politicians that are sitting in the republican party, at this time.
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trump needs to go to jail. he should have been in jail. he did not pay his taxes. why do you keep hollering about trump? he never wanted anyone to have a job over nine dollars and hour. people cannot live off of nine dollars an hour. thank you. happy new year's, everyone. host: let's hear from jonathan, canton, ohio caller:. happy new year. it is interesting how people are talking about democrats coming into america. i want to make a statement. when coca-cola started, they had real cocaine and coca-cola.
7:54 am
cocaine came from mexico. they want to do something about people coming from that state. let's talk about italians, polish people -- they were all immigrants. host: reported on yahoo! news. revocation ronnie date -- republican rodney davis with a trump endorsement. mary miller has embraced the far right elements of the party ideology. saturday, she will challenge five term republican u.s. representative rodney davis in the june 28 primary after gaining the endorsement of former president donald trump. she said she would seek we election but did not say where she would run. under a redistricting map, where
7:55 am
illinois lost a seat, it is the same district as four term representative mike bost. republican line. caller: yes. i would like to see trump run and really cement america first policies into the republican platform. effective military action -- he has a proven record on all three of those, so i think he has the most strength. i respect the outlook of the caller from california, who says that we do not want somebody who can only run one term.
7:56 am
it was a singular figure. he has produced results, secure borders, reliable energy production and effective military action. it does not get more effective than that. nothing demonstrates that more than the debacle in afghanistan that has been orchestrated by this regime. like i said, i like trump, but i also like the idea of tilting around that policy platform to produce candidates in the future. host: sam also on the republican line in jersey. caller: thank you for having me on. all i can say is that democrats
7:57 am
are kind of embarrassed right now with the president and everything that is going on. instead of everything being trump, trump, trump, we need better policy. we need to do better. host: to francis in michigan. caller: yeah. i have been getting emails from trump to send him money. why does a billionaire need my money? i do not understand that. there are other things that i do not like about him. all the lies. thank you. host: we will continue the conversation about politics, focusing on 2022 and of going elections this year. we will be joined by democratic strategist to talk about
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6 attack. live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. hearing oral argument in or a mandate for a larger, private companies. but the house and senate return in january for the start of the second session of the 117th congress. taking up the social spending plan known as build back despite west virginia democrat announcing opposition to the bill. leadership hopes to bring up voting rights legislation and there is a february 18 deadline for members to pass additional spending legislation to avoid a
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welcome to washington journal. let's start off by asking each of you about the strengths and weaknesses of the parties. rebecca, we will start with you. guest: i think the democrats are excited to expand and build upon our majorities in the house and senate. i think that when voters get to the ballot box. unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1969. i think that there are a lot of different ways we can provide this contrast, tickly on covid and health care which is in the
8:03 am
forefront of people's minds. host: do you see areas democrats have to improve in? guest: i think it's still early. remember where we were a year ago without vaccines or when we might come out of the pandemic. a lot can change. i don't think the future is written yet. i'm very excited, we will get to put a lot of host: the republicans going into 20 2022, strengths and weaknesses? guest: i want to hit the other side of the fence. elections are referendums object times and the referendum on the economy is not a good one. we've seen the highest inflation rates in 41 years, crude prices are high est in 2013 years, gas praces are up
8:04 am
58% i think it is. just this area. this reminds me a little bit of 2016 when the real issue in the economy was the squeeze, that wages weren't going up as high as prices. i think that will be a difficult thing. and then the history part suggests that as you move into the midterm kind of the hardest election is for the party in power which would be the democrats and history has not been kind to that party. and the issue of covid which is of course the issue of our times i think this country is very weary, i think the president made promises that this was going to be somewhat resolved by now. it is not. whether you feel that's the fault of the administration or not it certainly is something that would be a judgment. and then you have another issue which hopefully we'll talk about with the callers today, which is the rising intolerance in america, which i think is something that was somewhat
8:05 am
seen as reflection of the virginia governors race such as this past fall where perceived intolerance in the schools i think helped now government elect youngkin ascend to leadership and will be one of the issues all of us on the both sides of the aisle will be looking at closely. host: what are the things that democrats have to get done to bolster their case to be e elected or reelected to the american people? guest: i think it's continuing to deliver on the all the things we have mentioned, getting us out of this pandemic, putting americans back to work, enshuring our jobless rates stay low, addressing the inflation is something that we would look to the biden administration to do. another thing that i think that democrats want to get done and making sure it's something we
8:06 am
can run on is enshuring our schools are safe places for kids, whether that means gun control or talking with people about how their kids are learning, whether it's online or in person or whatever it is, figuring out what this dialogue is and having a better understanding of how to address it going forward. host: i think michael was alluding to this but do you think there is a lesson for democrats in the youngkin election in virginia in 2021 guest: i do think there is a lesson there and it is that much more nuts and bolts and very tactical answer than a messaging one. and that is we didn't campaign in all the places i think we should have campaign. that doesn't mean they ran a bad campaign, there were mistakes made. there were some messaging points particularly on the schools issue that youngkin capitalized on and sold himself as a very moderate republican who could keep virginia in the
8:07 am
spot that it was in and mccallive couldn't get himself back from where youngkin put him. host: do you think that on the other side what do republicans learn from the youngkin victory? guest: they learned plenty. you saw that youngkin actually outperformed former president trump in many of the areas that trump ran in in the campaign in 2020. that was very encouraging, the enthusiasm level was up. and beyond what we talked about in terms of the schools where obviously rebecca alluded to a mistake that was made by the democratic contender where they suggested parents should have no voice in the curriculum and in the future of their schools and what's being taught and not taught in classrooms. but i think she also made an interesting comment about a
8:08 am
sense of moderation that there's a perception that youngkin represented kind of a more moderate form of conservatism, maybe a compassionate form go back to the days of the bush family and i think that sold very well. that would be a nice roadmap for americans and for republicans running for office. but the biggest thing we learned is that in the times we live in, and these are very tough times, americans have not been giving the democratic party a great score on their report card. and if you believe in history you look at the midterms to come where the average loss in congress of the in party is 36 satisfy, under president obama it was 63 under bill clinton it was 53 seats that were lost. you have to assume this is going to be rauf ride for democrats in the mid terms. and not just the asking in play. 36 gubernatorial campaigns will be waged as well and many down
8:09 am
ballots. i happen to think what we're looking at, and history would bear this out is a wave election. host: our guest republican and democratic strategists. we are focusing on politics in 2022. we welcome your calls and comments. democrats and republicans, the numbers are on your screen. and independents and others. because we starred the program focusing on 2024, let me ask you both, on the role of donald trump what do you think? we've seen him endorse a number of candidates for 2022. what do you think it should be in 2022? guest: his influence would be significant, it certainly was in past campaigns. the republican party finds
8:10 am
donald trump still to be their standard bearer so to speak, he's still very popular with the base. a lot of candidates across the board are still seeking his endorsement even if they're not in competitive aces. so for those who are looking ahead, the scorecard begins for donald trump in 2022 and how successful he may be in pushing not just republican nominees but campaign winners in the fall. host: and is it advantageous for democratic candidates to continue to run against not against donald trump but against the trump policy and the trump influence on the republican party? guest: i think it is advantageous. and whether republicans like it or not this is trump's republican party and he's interfering in republican primaries all across the country you will and down the ballot discouraging some from running, elevating really problematic candidates they
8:11 am
don't know if sort of the more moderate mainstream republicans agree with, and increasing a lot of this g.o.p. primary infighting. this refusal of chris to run in new hampshire, influx of republicans running for office statewide, and at the congressional level in places like pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin. and the in-fighting amongst the candidates are the latest demonstration of this trend. host: when you hear adam talking about a wave election what are your thoughts? guest: i think it's going to be a puddle not a wave. something that adam touched on was that it will be a rough road in the midterm for a sitting president with both the house and the senate and democratic control. i think historically that is right. what makes this midterm different is the impact of redistricting so we're all going to be running in new lines that we haven't seen the full impact of.
8:12 am
and the other thing we are rubbing against a republican party that is more or less divided. you have the marjorie taylor green wing and then some more moderate republicans that have been fine with the mainstream for a while. and so i think all of these things converging sort of make it a perfect storm for who knows. so it could be a rough road but i don't think it is going to be as big of a wave as we saw in 2010 or 2014. host: a quick response? guest: i think it's going to be a tsunami. the rates are one of the lowest in history, the country is feeling down on itself across many fronts. she mentioned about crime and the next line was gun control. i think rising crime violent crime is now at historic highs in many cities across the
8:13 am
country. it is a referendum, ar very clear referendum and i think we are looking at a tsunami. and bill if you're a democrat looking ahead to 24 frankly i think you want a tsunami because i think they need to see very clearly how americans feel or don't feel and maybe make adjustments, if they can going into 24 or the tsunami will continue across both election cycles. host: we have calls waiting but i'll ask you a question from twitter. we'll start with you adam. how long do both think the democrats will stick with the build back better plan? guest: they can't get through that fast enough. i think what the democrats want to do is they are going to put it up for a vote. i still think it will not pass. i think it will have to pass one item at a time to have a shot. i think they're going to try to
8:14 am
do things in election reform in part to trim what could be momentous losses in the midterm and i think you'll see that early in this coming year. host: and your thoughts on that question. guest: i think we won't stop until it gets done. there have been road blocks along the way but i think this administration is committed to making sure that all lmingts of build back better get to the floor and a vote and get to the president's desk to sign. host: first up on that line, arlington, tennessee texas. caller: first, i would like to say the republican party is nothing more than a socially accepted fascist movement and donald trump suggested we ingest disinfection to treat coronavirus. they are full of people who came after the civil war.
8:15 am
these people have nothing invested in the institution of democracy so you see erosion of democracy. these people have no belief in democracy that's why you see them tearing down election laws and making it tougher for people to vote. they'll take over small election committees and get rid of places where you can actually vote and you call this democracy. but they have no platform. they've been talking about trickle down economics and businesses for 30 years. donald trump claims there were several factories and refineries being built under his watch. do you know how many? zero because he as compulsive liar, he's a narssist and he should being treason. if we didn't have an effective attorney general that's exactly what he would be facing charges because they tried to overthrow the government his supporters along with others attempted to overthrow the u.s. government by claiming hugo chavez created
8:16 am
some algoo go rhythm. host: adam would you like to respond? guest: i don't think that was a supportive message for the republican party. one of the things he talked about kind of raised another issue that we haven't covered which is immigration. immigration is again a major issue in the midterms as we've seen record numbers of people try to cross the border our southern borders i think we talked about a million or 2 million over the past year. that's at record lelvings and when president biden tried to kind of roll back some of the thing that is donald trump had put into place when he was president to try to discourage that kind of mass migration i think now the president is regretting that and they're starting to reverse course as well. that is a major i think point of debate and contention between the two parties.
8:17 am
i really believe that citizenship in america should be made clearer, that you can debate the dreamers certainly but not debate the idea that we don't have a border that we're willing to police and enforce. and i think more and more americans especially those who live in the southern reaches of this country are not only feeling that but demanding that reform. host: do you see that immigration is coming up as a top issue among democratic or potential democratic candidates this year? guest: it really depends on the district and a lot on the candidates and what their lines and views are on this. but i will say i largely agree with what adam said that i think we do need to address immigration but i think the dreamers are should be here to stay. and we need to figure out how to make this process for becoming a citizen and imgrating legally clear so
8:18 am
people understand what they need to do so they have all of their ducks in a row and are able to come here and start a new life. host: one other issue was election e reform efforts throughout the country. rebecca, on what that caller said and what you've seen in terms of state legislatures and local election districts are doing, what are your thoughts? guest: i like seeing things like california going to all mail-in voteling. i think there are republican -held states in the legislature which are putting up a lot of road blocks for voters of color in particular where they're taking some of the dropoff center and putting them far out of reach or creating just one for a county of millions. so i would like to see a lot more some of these lawsuits that i think you'll see bandied about on twitter blocking a lot of these actions and enshuring that people have free and fair
8:19 am
access to either return their ballot or cast their ballot on election day. host: how do you see these efforts as affecting or changing potentially the 2022 elections? guest: well i agree that we all want free and fair elections. the problem is if the american people don't have great confidence in the system right now which distill everything down to it the most important element the biggest threat to democracy is the unwillingness of americans to believe in their elections. after the 2016 campaign 40% of democrats sained they didn't believe in the final number. they thought that hillary clinton was the rightful winner. after 2020 i think the better part of 65, 70% of republicans felt donald trump was the legitimate winner. i went through the 2000 recount in florida, i was right in the middle of that storm and i remember thinking the most important thing we were trying
8:20 am
to do there as we arrived at the result led to the 537 vote margin of victory for bush over gore was to kind of reinforce the confidence of americans in their electoral sls and we don't have that right now. so as we debate election reform, and you see this happening, many other states across the country, legitimate issues being raised i think about demanding a photo id when you come to cast a vote or to have ballot boxes that are there for mail drop-ins. i think actually be surprised. the most important thing for us to get to is not whose right and whose wrong but what can we do to reinstall confidence amongst americans that whatever happens they can take to the bank. we have lost that. and until we bring that home i think we'll have more debates and campaigns that follow the real campaigns to determine who won and lost all of which i
8:21 am
think ruin the fabric of america and american confidence. caller: i love c-span and i love greta. but i love donald trump, too, but i don't want to see him run for president. too many people hate him for -- the only reason why is because google and all your major outlets news outlets totally trashed trump and they totally catered to democrats. and back to january 6th, if we have election reform, you won't have another january 6. that's why they went to washington because they felt that their votes were not counted. and you go back to john f. kndy, go to gore and bush and even hillary's trying to run when she lost crying about election fraud. and with trump there was definitely election fraud. they need to get the rules for
8:22 am
e elections straightened out or it is going to be more stuff going down in washington because it needs to be done, because you cannot have rigged elections. host: rebecca, start with you, and broadly, too, is how big of an issue do you think the january 6 attack will be in 2022? guest: i think it's something voters won't forget and there will be a lot of media coverage of the one-year anniversary. i will say that the insurrection at the capitol is absolutely not an acceptable response to figuring out how to do election reform. i think that there are plenty of other ways to get election reform done. if lobbying your state legislatures, talking to secretary ofs of state, signing petitions makeing things happen but storming the capitol is not how we do things in america.
8:23 am
host: january 6 in terms of republican candidates, is it a lead weight around them or can they get some mileage running with it as an issue? guest: first all it was a terrible day for all america and i totally agree with rebecca about that. in terms of it being a major issue moving forward tor republicans, democrats, i think it is not. i think it's a bigger sign of something. it is a symptom which is a growing distrust and intolerance across america between and among people. and as much as they think election integrity is the big est threat to democracy i think intolerance is the biggest threat to our society and that's something nithesdzer party has figured out yet. and until we do i think america in rallying around big ideas like the infrastructure, you can debate the merits of the dollars that have been dedicated to it. i thought that was a miss by
8:24 am
donald trump and his administration. that should have been one of the trop priorities infrastructure. but even something like that has divide it had country almost down the middle where a program that literally would help rebuild falling bridges and streets that are in disrepair and creating a 21st century infrastructure beyond that, for some reason we can't seem to get there and i think intolerance is what's driving this. it's what drove i think what happened on january 6 and will continue to drive a wedge between americans until we get to what i call the chokepoint. when we get to the chokepoint, i think we then start to move forward. i'm not sure unfortunately we've reached that point. host: you've mentioned that a couple times intolerance. when did you start to see this as a social issue with political imications? guest: think about schools and college campuses.
8:25 am
if you're a conservative and on a college campus you keep your head low. there's a sense that you have a bit of a scarlett letter on your forehead for holding different points of view. that and it's an attitude that's carried by the faculty and a lot of major campuses, administrations. that's frightening, i think, because those are supposed to be areas where you have a free and open exchange of ideas to hopefully broaden per spectives. that's not being allowed and i think people get that in the whole cancel movement, the whole idea that in one tweet your whole career, your whole reputation, your whole life could be turned upside down and often unfairly has frightened everybody. and i think that's a major part of the discussion america has to have not just in campaigns but around the dinner table so to speak to resolve it. host: and rebecca douff any thoughts on the things that
8:26 am
adam is seeing? guest: i think adam's completely right. america needs collective depress and what we're seeing is a charge and ready to go without much forethaugget into what happened next. which is probably what caused a lot of what happened on january 6. what did they think was going to happen once they got in there? so not thinging things all the way through, i do think that adam's right when he uses the words he uses and it's something that we've got to start talking about not just on line or twitter or tv shows but it needs to start happening at the dinner table with your kids so they understand that this intolerance is not acceptable either. host: let's hear from jason on the democrat's line. caller: good morning. i have a few questions.
8:27 am
regardless of the policies of donald trump, all the stuff they said back and forth has been going on. the united states is not racist i'm sick and tired of saying the american flag. i grew up in boston, massachusetts, the most a racist stuff going on busing. one black kid my family a nice kid people don't agree with people's policies you're racist. besides with the border stuff. now he did you may not agree with right and left but agree with sitting down like the gentleman just said. the united states is -- you say
8:28 am
stuff about, people get this terrorism and there's racism. it's disgusting. my grandmother came from germany she had to leave, they came. i wouldn't be here right now if america hadn't fought for freedom. i think it's disgraceful. host: we'll give our guests a chance to respond. guest: america is racist. that is just who we are. we are a country built on the backs of slaves that were black people brought here on boats from africa. all these years later america is still a racist country that's just what it is. and if you think your grandparents that came over from germany and ireland or wherever were not confronted with racism at some point back in boston i think you have probably got a little bit of
8:29 am
researching to do. host: independent line, north carolina. good morning. caller: thanks for having me on. that last caller just frightance me to death. he is so angry. talking about intolerance and i didn't -- i grew up around all white people for the most part and there's no way i can pass, i am very dark complected. it has turned frightening sometimes when i go into a white community that i don't know that well but i know the person that's living there i went just recently and i was waiting for them to come home. i got there earlier than they
8:30 am
did. i had two people stop and ask me, you know, what i was doing there. i'm parked in the driveway. i'm pushing 74. there's nodsing about me that looks intimidating, i think. but this is the intolerance number one that the person would have this feeling that they could just ask me what i'm doing there as if it was their business. host: in your experience you said you were almost 74. is it worse now than in years past this feeling that you have in going into this neighborhood? is this an experience you might not have had 10 or 20 years ago? caller: that's an interesting question.
8:31 am
it is worse now. it is worse now because my father was a physician my mother was an rn. i tend to navigate to like people, like i said i was in the white environment for most of my life so i navigate to that group of people. host: we'll let you go there and let our guests weigh in. adam you brought up the issue of intolerance. your thoughts on her situation, her call. caller: i'm very moved by that and anyone who feels that way in america today or yesterday or in years past. it's wrong. and i think obviously been a much more open conversation about racism in america than ever before. i mean that clearly has happened over the last couple of years. but the caller before, bill,
8:32 am
who was -- and i agree, was very angry said something about the american flag. so there are neighborhoods now where if you fly the american flag it's like a statement you're making. not about your love of country but about where you line up politically. you see that on many blocks in superben america where you have you might have the american flag then you might have something that is reflecting support for black lives matter but the american flag is seen as a statement like almost wow that must be a republican or that must be a conservative. i can't imagine, i could never imagine way back when that we would arrive at a point in this country where the american flag was a political statement. and that's what it's become. and until or unless we address that, that should be a unifying symbol but for some it's a divisive symbol.
8:33 am
and in terms of what rebecca said, we are essentially i think she was saying we are a racist country or at least has a racist history. we have to respect and learn from history and in my opinion tearing down history is not the way to learn from history. it's looking it square in the eye and saying what have we learned and what can we do better moving forward? but i do not see america in its heart as a racist country. i see it as one of the greatest democracies on earth. host: your thoughts. guest: america is great. but i do think adam is right we do need to address the history of the racism of this country and we've got our caller friend calling in at 74 nearly 74 years old saying she is get clg fronted from people asking what she's doing there. that to me is racist and that
8:34 am
is a racist america and it's something she probably would have gone through 50 or 60 years ago and the fact she is still going through it now shows we still have a lot of work to do to repair what was done but also to learn from those experiences. and i do think your point about the american flag is an interesting one because i view it as a less partisan move to put a flag out in front of your house. but if i'm being honest and thinking about it now it does feel a little bit political and it shouldn't. and i want to get back to the place where it was where it wasn't a political statement to have an american flag flying outside of your house. host: steve in minnesota, republican line. caller: hi. my name is steve. i live up here in minnesota and i was watching all the town of
8:35 am
minneapolis getting burned down last summer. and i was wondering why kamala harris was helping out with get out of jail free cards. host: i'm not sure what the caller is referring to but, rebecca she has been placed to oversee a number of key biden initiatives including the situation at the border and dealing with countries in central america and yet like the president her approval ratings are fairly low. what do you think she and the president have to do to get those ratings higher? guest: i think it is continuing to deliver on some of the promises that were made during the campaign in the first year of administration. again, i will say this goes back to making sure that we as a country are coming out of this pandemic stronger than we
8:36 am
were when donald trump was president and continuing to deliver on vaccines and guidance on how to keep our families safe, moving the economy forward, securing our bodrders in a way that is humane and clearer lined about how to get into america legally and how to stay in america legally. and i think that we've got to keep reminding voters and people alike that democrats are the party that have put money in their pockets via tax cuts, vaccines in their arms via all the innovation around vaccines that are free, and we are the ones that are keeping them safe and putting them back to work. host: you spent time on the road with senator warren. you are senior adviser, it's early yet i understand that but if joe biden decides not to run in 2024, who do you think the odds on favorite is to be the lead candidate? is it the vice president? guest: a pretty loaded question
8:37 am
forcal 2349 morning, bill. -- for 8:00 in the morning. i believe president biden will run for reelection and in the event it's not it's a conversation we're going to have to have. but i don't think anybody is having the conversation kuwait yet. host: and adam, to be fair on the republican side the polls show donald trump clear far and away the leading candidate for 2024. how likely do you think that is of happening? guest: i think it's very likely that donald trump will seek the presidency again and would be the standard bearer. but i can't resist commenting what rebecca was say if she weren't on about her party, because i'm hearing this all over the place in washington among democrats is maybe the best ticket they could have in 24 would be neither president biden or vice president harris but somebody else.
8:38 am
if you consider that 2022 rebecca said it could be a puddle i say a tsunami. if it's a tsunami scenario and democrats have to quickly tap into 2024 with a standard bearer that has a chance to win, i don't believe it will bear the name biden or harris, it will be somebody else. maybe more in the dlc kind of philosophy, democratic committee a bill clinton type somebody a little more moderate. you're hearing that and speculation about well if the president doesn't run for reelection and maybe there's a sprout opening that can clear the entire field for democrats to move forward. on the republican side as you can see, certainly the former president donald trump is the odds on favorite. there are other candidates like the governor in florida that have gotten a lot of attention if donald trump doesn't move
8:39 am
forward. but whoever carries that flag and we are proud to carry the flag i think it's going to be a referendum on the biden presidency and if you took that test or that poll today you're a democrat, you don't like the numbers. host: a quick response to adam's thoughts. go ahead. guest: i do think there is some of what adam said is right. after 2022, it is incumbent on democrats to figure out how are we going to defend this presidency in 2024. i don't think it is us sitting around the table trying to figure out who are we going to replace these two yet? i don't think anything they've done is so egregious we would be saying we need to replace them. while there are some maybe insiders that are unhappy, i think that by and large we are better off today than we were a year ago with donald trump as president. and i think a good reminder for
8:40 am
voters of that will be if donald trump runs again in 2024. host: let's hear from philadelphia, mary. good morning. kimplingtsdz good morning, c-span. i think the top story for 2022 will be taxes and the tax revenue and contract awarded and haven't been collected as there are unconventional wars. we have been providing trillions of dollars for war on poverty, war on terror, war on drugs. and when we award these contracts, no taxes is collected from the people that we have been providing these contracts to. and they use dibt cards illegally when they hire someone and that's another form of tax avoidance. you know, so this is why it
8:41 am
bothers me when i hear people say that the patriots but do not want to fund the country that they live in. i mean, we even have this the contract under gr immigration rea form the military, social services contracts, and they come on board as independent contractors and at that point then they stop paying taxes. this is illegal and this needs to be changed and will be changed for 2022. host: ok. do either of you have any thoughts on that? guest: certainly she's right. i think taxes and there's always been talk about tax rea form is something that americans have debated for years. and i don't think we're exactly where we need to be in terms of tax favorness. but the tax that is really
8:42 am
bedeviling americans today is inflation and it is scarey for people who are looking at the rapid increase in prices across the board for basic needs and while that's going on the debate over the build back better plan and it's one-and-a-half, 1.7, $2 trillion price tag, my god how are we spending that kind of money at this time during a pandemic and most obviously how are we going to pay for it? we're paying for it with inflation. and with the federal reserve saying that they're look at not one or two but possibly three hikes in interest rates for 2022. that should scare the devil out of all of us, to be a reminder that when government spends a lot of money at some point someone has got to pay for it and the someone happens to be the american people. host: do you think the economy can be a winning story, a winning platform for democrats
8:43 am
in 2022? guest: i do. i think that we can also provide a contrast on taxes. democrats are the ones cutting taxes for the middle class and people making less than 200,000 a year are not paying more taxes. on the other hand, ult rat rich handouts didn't work. we're seeing the richest people in the world paying less taxes than the american teacher and that's wrong and needs to be addressed quickly. host: let's hear from cj in the nation's capital. go ahead. caller: happy new year. mr. goodman, are you in a position where you can actually just look at the camera as a republican representative and say hey joe biden won the election fair and square? that's it, no more debate, no
8:44 am
more mealy mouth well there's some strange things in precinct 3. just man up because this is where your party is really off the rails. i would like to vote for traditional republican issues but it seems like you've become like a cult of personality and you seem to be worried about inflation. well, if your side got the same numbers of the democrats this would have been over with. you could have made it the biggest feather in your cap but you somehow blew it. that's two things. and number three do you agree with what's coming out of texas where you can put a bounty on a woman's head or anybody around her that might facilitate her taking her agency back as a woman who might want to get her
8:45 am
rapist child outside the womb? people like in iran are allowed to get a $10,000 bounty under these kinds of laws. host: i'll let you go there. several topics. adam if you would like to respond. guest: first i appreciate the questions. let me take them one at a time. in terms of elections as i said earlier i was in the middle of the 2000 recount. the decision in florida came down to 537 votes. that's a difference between bush and gore and the who became the next president of the united states. it was that close. and a lot of people have legitimate gripes and by the way it's not a republican thing only. you're seeing this across the board, as i said earlier, after the 16 election 40% of democrats did not believe that donald trump was the true winner of the 2016 campaign. they believed hillary clinton won. we have to find a way for us
8:46 am
toible in the final numbers. in terms of what to do, i'm more of a republican who likes to think about moving forward. whatever your opinions were about the 2020 campaign, whether you think it was fully counted properly in states like pennsylvania or arizona, you're entitled to your opinion but i believe we have to look at making sure in 2024 that that lack of confidence never happens again. and unfortunately i don't think we're going to quite get there. the other thing you talked about in terms of inflation, we are in a very frightened period right now where we know the bills are coming due and i know that rebecca talked about fairness in taxes and i agree with that. i think those who don't pay their fair share they need to find a way where they do. but the biggest penalty that i think has come in at people is
8:47 am
inflation and they feel it in their pocket book and it's a day-to-day concern and that's something that i think has to be addressed moving forward. host: brian on the republican line in florida. good morning. caller: good morning. happy new year. i would like to make a comment about the last guy but i'm going to go with what i started with. i'm talking about prejudice in america. there is prejudice in everything, the white people the black people everyone, it's too much against everyone. what you both should do is maybe not look to the future as much as now. and realize that you should both support a candidate that's going to be true to your beliefs. your republican beliefs, your democratic beliefs. and i can't change the past my jamaican friend says across the street you can only change
8:48 am
today. you can't change tomorrow. but if we're going to talk about prejudice, i'm scott wrish, irish, english. if those people weren't taken slaves for so long they wouldn't have been in power. it's everybody's prejudice. you can't change the past. you can only change the future. right now you can only change today working on the future. thank you very much and i'll take your comments. host: rebecca we'll start with you and any response. guest: one, i will say that i did work for a candidate whose democratic beliefs i believed in. look, i think you might be on to something. we should look to the past and learn from it with regard to racism and prejudice. and figure out how to fix it. i don't think we can avoid the
8:49 am
future. i think that if we are just living in the day trying to learn from our past and making changes at today today level we're not thinking enough into the future to continue to ensure a more just and fair america for everybody. host: let me ask about in terms of the biden build back better plan in terms of the climate change aspects of that. is it one of the issues where the biden administration they're trying to pass a major bit of social legislation and climate change legislation in the midst of a pandemic? do you think they were too optimistic in trying to get their package passed? guest: no. i think adam mentioned earlier that he would like to see it broken up into several pieces to ensure its package. i think they did this the right way to put it on the table say this is what we want to get done. congress you're with us or against us. figure it out and get a bill to
8:50 am
my desk. i do think that by putting so much on the agenda and on everybody's plates it is a lot. it's a lot to digest. we have climate change, voting rights, we've got more election reform, tax breaks for people making under $400,000 a year. there's a lot in there but it's actually the answer to the last four years under president trump. we had to do a lot of stuff in order to get back where we were before trump took office in 2017. host: and adam a lot of people didn't think the president would get an infrastructure package passed, the $1 trillion measure. what makes you think he won't get at least elements of that social spending and climate change package passed? guest: i would like to be glib and say joe mavenen is the reason. but it's as you kind of suggested already bill this is all happening during the pandemic. the idea that big huge spending
8:51 am
bill. which by the way has never been marketed properly to america. americans don't know what's in that bill. they get tidbits and it's been one of the greatest failures of every president for the last 50 years. short of fdr. when you talk about, you have to sell a big idea to america for america to rally big behind that idea. and i don't think that president biden with all due respect has done a great job with the marketing either the infrastructure program or build back better plan despite maybe best efforts it hasn't worked well. americans don't get it. they don't feel the urgency to push for it now and all this because history would suggest what presidents try to do is put the biggest most difficult things up front, try to get at those knowing they may not have the opportunity as they face the grimness of the first midterm or not reelection after
8:52 am
the first four-year term. but this idea that americans are just going to suddenly rally behind this huge omnibus bill that has some nice talking points but doesn't have i think the full faith and confidence the american people that this is something they desperately need as opposed to relief from covid, relief from spiraling inflation, from violent crime, from borders that aren't tightly enforced. those are things that are primary and the difficulty this administration has faced and will continue to face moving forward. host: next up is bobby in los angeles. democrats line good morning. caller: good morning. host: make sure you mute the volume on your television there then go ahead with your comment or question. caller: ok. my question is i'm a u.s. navy veteran, my father was also a u.s. navy veteran. what do black people have to do to show you that we love this
8:53 am
country and dare i say even more than white people? secondly i don't believe the institution like the federal government are so much racist because they try to do a good job and be fair. but they need to do a little better job. also i think reparations will fix a lot of this problem. no one wants to talk about that. host: rebecca, a question for you on twitter about the election this year. and this tweet says, if biden doesn't give people a reason to flood not polls for democrats they're going to lose. what is the reason to flood the polls for democratic volters this fall? guest: i think it's the fact that we've got vaccines in the arms of the american people hopefully by the time ballots go out or people are going to the mail box or ballot box. we are coming out of year three of this pandemic. i think that the tax credits for working families, families with kids enshuring taxes don't
8:54 am
get raised on families making less than $400,000 a year. i think our cuts on health care which is a contrast with the republicans who wanted to make sure we were giving big tax breaks to big pharma and a lot 069 companies that are keeping drug prices up. i also think that there are things that we don't know quite yet how the mood is going to be in october and november when voters really start paying attention. and it's on us as democrats, it's our job to ensure that the american people know that we're the party that has delivered this for them. host: scott in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i have a comment about rebecca had said about the country being racist. i disagree. i think it's being blown out of proportion. you have the majority of people are not racist. it's just that there's people pushing this and the caller before was talking about people be ragist. what percentage do you think
8:55 am
are racist in this country? i don't think the majority of people are racist. host: we kind of covered that territory but if you would like to address it again. guest: i'm going to -- caller are you white? host: we lost the caller. guest: well, i do think that america is racist. there are certainly people that are not. i'm not going to put a percentage on what number of americans i think might be racist but i think we've got racist institutions and racist people both in and out of the state legislatures, judgeships. it's just part of who we are as a country and it's on us to go back and look at the past and figure out how to fix it. but it's also on us to look forward and be clear eyed about what racism in america looks like right now and what it should look like in five to ten years from now as opposed to head in the sand america is not racist. host: ask bodes of you.
8:56 am
how did what's called critical race theory become an issue? guest: i would be interested in adam's an on this. i don't know how it became such a hot issue. i do think a lot of this stemmed from the virginia gubetorle campaign. where we're talking a lot about what's happening in schools, who gets to decide what's happening in schools and what's being taught. i also think that this notion that critical race theory being taught in schools is pretty ludicrous. are we not just teaching history? shouldn't we be teaching history and not leaving out massive parts of our history as a country? host: adam. guest: it's been the reaction of many americans. whether it's a reality or potentially a reality, the reaction has been predictable and it's the same in the south
8:57 am
which is it has the effect of making children feel divided, ashamed, guilty about something in the past that they had nothing to do with. and it is a divisive idea. whether it's intend that had way or not it is dividing people and it's creating a pressure point. but the bigger thing here is that at a time when we're getting beat up across the board where we still are fighting a pandemic now almost two years old and showing very few signs of giving up, when the economy is starting with inflation to feel more frightening, when we are looking for that proverbial shot in the arm critical race theory and other things feel like a continued beating down of americans and the american trazigs and ink frankly the
8:58 am
american people are tired of that and looking for something more positive. i think we're better and looking ahead i think we've got to find those things that go beyond having an opinion that divides the room into those thing that is are big ideas that unite a country and i hope all of us in the new year -- and happy new year to everyone -- all of us should cheer for that with everything we've got. host: one or two more calls here. raffle on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i would like to make a point to these democratic strategist there. i have two quick points i want to make. one is that i heard the democratic why. you only tarbg to a certain group of americans that believe in the democratic party.
8:59 am
we have seen republicans are doing because they have told us that what they were going to do. they were not going to support anything. and before you cut me off let me tell you right here we are letting things, the democrats are doing nothing about it. they went to wal-mart and as soon as the pandemic started 17%. the other thing, out there those ships out in the ocean by america those have taught us that we need to make our automobiles run. that started when trump put the carrot on china and the other country soss they're stuck out there with parts that we need and it's not going to be easy to get those ships unloaded the way it has to be done. host: all right. rebecca we'll start with you, your rebecca, we will start
9:00 am
with you. your thoughts? guest: i do think the democrats do need to do a better job. voters who have not traditionally been democrats talking outside of major metropolitan cities and talking about the agenda that we've put forth. make sure they know that there are people in washington that have provided for a better life than perhaps the last administration. host: adam, any reaction? guest: i think the callers talking about the supply chain issue sitting out there with things that americans desperately need. a lot of times you are talking at a two or three month wait or longer. we haven't talked at all about foreign policy and what is the
9:01 am
number one foreign policy issue and that is china and our competition with china and signs that there may be some potential militarized threats find that relationship on the others of the sea at some point downstream. we just started to replace the new world and the new world involves china. the competition between china and america across the planet or who is going to be the most favored nation. the african continent is full of chinese investment as they try to nail down critical resources necessary for building and making everything. until and unless we have a clear policy there and this began well before donald trump, and certainly continues under joe biden, we have to find a way to
9:02 am
assert american ideals and american economic power. at a time when we see china on the ascendance, we let it happen. now we are going to have to embrace it. we are going to have to take our heads out of the sand and say this is a real economic threat but could be a military threat. at supply chain situation, all sorts of americans trying to get basic goods, will remain an issue. host: let's hear from brad, springfield, republican line. caller: good morning. i have a quick question about joe manchin. it may be wrong, but i think him resisting the spending package is more about gaining name
9:03 am
recognition because i think he is planning to throw his hat in the ring for a presidential run a soon as possible. host: your thoughts? >> that is the first time that i've heard he might be ready for president. i think he has always had an independent streak. democrats from west virginia are few and far between. i think that he has done a great job. he is in talks with the white house. he is talking with the caucus about what his intentions are. i definitely don't think it is a name recognition play. i think he is true to his values and making sure he is doing the best thing for all people in west virginia. i think he will come to the table and say this is what i'm willing to do. host: adam, do you see joe manchin drifting to the
9:04 am
republican side? >> i see him drifting -- guest: i see him drifting to the american side. i wish we had more joe manchin -- joe mentions out there -- joe manchin's out there. i think america should be cheering for leaders like that. joe manchin was looking at one thing in particular. the bottom line. he said this is a lot of money. how do we justify all of this money and he was going to pay for it? he is not, he did not come off supporting the package. i hope in 2022 as well as 24 that we as a country are looking for that kind of leadership which is not partisan, not
9:05 am
overly ideological but all-american. i hope not just democrats but republicans are learning a lesson from all of this and the power of holding forth the best of american traditions. host: you've both been generous with your time. let's get one more call from jeremy, wisconsin. go ahead. caller: happy new year. i would like to ask your guests a quick question. these propaganda regarding critical race theory. i've been thinking about a solution. so we give princeton and harvard and yale and assignment. we want to give the eighth-graders history on the
9:06 am
40's and we do miles davis in the 50's. 10th graders in the 60's. 11th graders miles in the 70's. and then miles davis in the 80's. host: we covered critical race theory. any final thoughts as we look ahead to canteen -- camping -- campaign 2022. guest: i'm happy to have been on this money. i'm excited that it is, that we get to run on the record democrats have provided. i think you will see intentional focus, particularly state legislature. but also some of the more obscure races across the country.
9:07 am
the texas railroad commission is one that i'm thinking of. lieutenant governor's race will be very important. i think we've seen election reform is important and have a better understanding collectively that while we want election reform, congress might not be the best avenue to ensure that he gets done and so people are looking more local -- more to local races to make sure gets done at a local level. guest: we are going to run on the record and that's the problem for the democrats. the last year has not been a good one in the eyes of the american people. our response to covid, the economy, inflation, elections, immigration. we happy, a nationalized conversation -- we have become a nationalized conversation.
9:08 am
think it's going to be a wave election built on a national conversation. right now, that conversation is focused heavily toward the republican party. i think they're going to win across the board. as i said earlier, the best thing you could hope for if your democrat is a true shellacking because i think they will come to their senses a lot faster moving into 2024 so it's not a ship going into heavy headwind. host: adam goodman and rebecca pearcey, thank you so much for the conversation. more ahead here on washington journal, we will continue the political conversation asking you would you like to see abide in trump rematch 2024? -- biden-trump rematch 2024?
9:09 am
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operations. get c-span on the go. watch the biggest political events live or on-demand anytime on our new video app. listen to c-span radio and its cover new podcasts all for free. download c-span now today. >> washington journal continues. host: we will ask you about 2024 and the potential rematch between joe biden and demo -- donald trump. you like to see a? democrats the line i that's the line is 202-748-8000, republicans, -- emma grabs the line is 202-748-8000. republicans, the line is
9:13 am
202-748-8001. independent, the line is 202-748-8002. text to 202-748-8003. >>. our two years out, to an half years out really from the presidential election. tell us why it's important for a campaign to start this early on a potential run into thousand 24. guest: as crazy as it sounds, this race for the white house really began almost a year ago right after president biden's inauguration. donald trump immediately beginning to flirt with taking another run into 2024. so here we are at 10 months now.
9:14 am
we are going to continue to deal with it. they are not just in the year they happen. with anything new, we've seen the presidential cycle starts early. a lot of the other potential contenders on the republican side, it's just the way things happen with presidential campaigns. a lot of these potential contenders other than trump and biden come to the states to make friends that pay dividends down the road. it is almost a four year process. host: one of your recent pieces looks at presidential polls and surveys and the approval rating for president biden. what do they tell us? caller: guest: --guest: president biden started out 2021 in pretty good
9:15 am
shape. starting in august with what many people say was a controversial and haphazard exodus from afghanistan, the delta variant, add inflation and the southern border and you see his numbers drag. that is an issue for him and his party. we will see how that infects -- we'll see how that affects him if he runs for election -- reelection. host: what you think the warnings are for both donald trump and joe biden? >> good question. as you mentioned at the beginning of the segment, both men made history as the oldest presidents if they team up again. -- oldest presidents. if they team up again, they will
9:16 am
make history again. age is definitely a huge factor. health as well. the health of the president and trump if he decides to run. there are a lot of factors. also, an angle to all of this as well. host: looking aside from donald trump, who are the dense who is a favorite to get the nomination -- who is the favorite to get the nomination? guest: donald trump is the overwhelming favorite if he decides to run. almost every public opinion poll taken shows trump way ahead of the sea of potential contenders. we had probably around 54% -- support among american voters. take him out of the mix up and
9:17 am
right now, it is extremely early. many grains of salt. ron desantis who has become quite popular among conservatives because of his pushback against coronavirus restrictions. the number one position to trump . without trump, he is slightly ahead of mike pence. maybe after that a list of potential contenders. it could be a very crowded field for republicans. we see them visiting over the last, you mentioned mike pence. the senator from arkansas, mike pompeo, nikki haley and former
9:18 am
u.s. ambassador under donald trump. she has been to a number of states. i could go on. host: during 2015 when he announced for the 2016 race, he can be of surprises. if you look at 2024, what is the potential surprise or underdog in terms of candidates are you keeping an eye out for? guest: another good question. with trump, he's not just, he is extremely popular. he continues to play the role of his party which can be helpful at times and detrimental at others. he has raised a boatload of money. he has been a juggernaut when it comes to raising campaign.
9:19 am
we've never had a former president in this kind of position. it takes him out of the equation. for whatever reason he decides not to run you look at others such as ron desantis. he has raised a lot of money. but there could be plenty of surprises. we are so early into the cycle. we did not really know much about barack obama. host: almost lost was the passage of the historic infrastructure bill to congress, certainly a big part of the biden agenda. how important is it for his legacy and the dental 2024 campaign to get at least some of that build back better plan past
9:20 am
into thousand 22 or beyond. guest: democrats feel like that's, they've gotten part of it. back in this late winter, the presidents recovery act was passed and we got the infrastructure. the bill back better suffered a major step back when joe manchin , a moderate, said he could not supported -- could not support it. democrats are going to try again , the white house is going to try again to get something passed and they feel it's important for them to pass something to help their party
9:21 am
out in the midterms but also for the president if he turned -- if he tries to run for reelection. a sweeping reit -- a sweeping election reform bill which they are trying to pass as well. host: also at fox as we start the new year, we asked you about 2024. do you want a biden trump rematch? democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001 independent, 202-748-8002.
9:22 am
you can also send us a text. some comments on social media. this and says do i want a biden trump rematch? no because biden would be an unworthy opponent. it would not be a fair contest. would be much more fun to have a clinton trump rematch. people are slowly realizing that local elections affect their lives more than the president. some of you used think parties were the same are seeing the differences and voting. see georgia. let's hope january 6 committee is successful sooner than later. this one says a biden trump rematch, no, trump lost and should go away. only a narcissist would run again. we can't whitewash what happened january 6 or perpetuate trump's
9:23 am
big live. when he did on january 6 is a line that cannot be crossed. independent line, richmond, virginia. go ahead. caller: good morning to all and happy new year. thank you for the opportunity to talk to you all this morning. i just wanted to go back for a moment if i could to talk about your question this morning about what our choice would be for the candidate, what party we represent and i frankly can't see donald trump because of his lies and what he did to aid the insurrection on january 6. i think he is an appropriate. i don't see a republican candidate that really represents
9:24 am
, i thought christie might that i'm not sure because he still running on donald trump. i don't have a choice for the democrat right now, but to move on, i just want to go onto the next segment you have between adam and rebecca. that was really informative, but i what -- but what i wanted to share with you and the american people is that we need to come together. i just feel like we can't do this anymore. it stared us apart and so i want to say that there's a song i represent from the r&b era and it's called we are family. i just want to help us to recognize as we go into the new year that we are -- that we as american people are family and we really need to talk -- we
9:25 am
need to come together. we need to find a way to be able to do this so that we can make our country a better place. i know that donald did something that you can say was good and you can look at biden and said there were things, but we are a family of people and that's what our democracy is set upon. we are relying upon the republic to help us bring that through and express our understanding of what we really want. and i'm just looking for government officials to be able to bring that to the table, but i can also just, if i could take a moment to say that we talked about the conversations that go on around the dinner table and i just want to say to you that those conversations are important, but it's those
9:26 am
conversations are skewed by our racial bias and they will never be a true conversation. to those we talked to around the dinner table, we need to really be able to come together. we need to as american society be able to come together. and i just want to say that this is our country, the land that we love. so we've got to figure out this covid. we've got to figure out so many things, but what's best for us is not whether it's a democrat or republican in charge. we have to come together. and that's why i brought the subject up. host: appreciate the call. we go to jerry in ohio.
9:27 am
republican line. go ahead. caller: i've got a couple of things to say about our government and i hope donald trump doesn't run again. we do need to come together, but there is such a racist problem in our country. and i'm a white man, but the only people i ever hear that is racist is the black community of our country. one other thing i would like to know, when they passed this last bill, the democrats, it was supposed to have been $10 billion come up missing. well they found two of it. why can't they find the other? somebody knows where that money has disappeared to. host: what bill was this?
9:28 am
caller: the last one that they just passed, that congress just passed. build back better land for our highways -- plan for our highways. host: it is past in the u.s. house and has not been taken up in the senate. host: we go to anna -- arkansas. caller: i hope you remember my call a few months ago, you were on and you got a kick out of it. you looked up the reference after the call about how the media changed the political colors from red to blue. democrats where the red party. but it was the media, the media decided to make that change that
9:29 am
republicans were blue. that's just 20 something years ago. people are so stunned. of course, thank you for looking up that article after the call was over and showing people the confirmation, i think it was an npr article. i appreciate that and i appreciate you are the most unbiased host. i tend to find the others obviously biased. they claim not to be. and i say that, i had a political communications career. always on the debate teams. radio broadcast career and news director and that sort of stuff and american history teacher and so on so i say that to add some credibility as you like to
9:30 am
introduce their guests with their credentials. a quick reference on the covid thing and then i want to speak to the january 6 thing. of got one other article. host: i would love to hear you talk about it, but we are trying to focus on the rematch 2024. if you want to talk about that, that's great. otherwise, we will talk to each other in a couple of weeks i guess. caller: i'd love to. i want to talk about the biden-trump rematch. there is a covid article, may 10 2021 with your guest offit. it is at the 25 minute mark on that day. it's the first segment, if you just replay that afterwards it
9:31 am
talks about how immunity exists with covid acquiring a vaccine. here's my point on the rematch, a color last week called in washington journal --caller last week called in washington journal. they reintroduced the idea and it's coming. this election in a few months when the republicans are going to take a massive majority in the house and make it a point, their own speaker does not have to be a member of the body. i've never heard before. and trump, they are sane, they can appoint for speaker -- they are saying, they can appoint for speaker. i don't think biden is going to make it because of his
9:32 am
condition. host: so would you rather see donald trump as speaker of the house or president of the -- president of the united states? caller: harris will be impeached and he will be next in line and be restored to the presidency through this vote. host: i'm gotta let you go there and let others weigh in on our topic. tennessee, it is kathy on the republican line. caller: i don't think is going to be a rematch because biden is senile. he might not even make it through this term. trump will be president again. host: dayton, ohio. it democrat line, martin. caller: thanks for having me on. i'm actually a little disappointed. you guys are great. you guys do an awesome job, but this prompt is something you would get from cnn or msnbc or
9:33 am
fox news. there is a quote, socrates. i think eleanor roosevelt said it. weak minds discuss people. great minds discuss ideas. it sounds like a ww e type of thing. i think we should be talking about ideas and moving forward. we are so far away from 2024. why our country focuses on an election that is so far away. six weeks of political stuff. there was a guy running from colorado. he basically said i'm running for president so you won't hear from me for weeks at a time. enough with the twitter and every day personal things. it should be about ideas and
9:34 am
making this country stronger. host: let's hear from dave on the independent line in las vegas. caller: truck should not run. he tried to overthrow the united states government. he got people killed. as long as the fbi does not go after him or the internal general -- deterrent -- attorney general, we will have no law. that guy stand in -- that guy said you could stand in times square and kills her body. until the fbi or -- kill somebody. trump took the united states government down the toilet so that's mine comment. he should never run. he should never be allowed in office. host: the former president was briefly on news, the commentator and former member of parliament asking the former president about his potential plans for
9:35 am
2024. >> why would a man who's got all the things that you've got, why would a man who's got all the things you've got, great family, wonderful life, your fit. why on earth would he consider going back into that hell again? >> i love our country. i brought the country to a level of servicing before. we had covid come in and then i brought it back. i came up with vaccines that you're using, were all using, the world is using. saved tens of millions of people . and less than nine months, it was supposed to take 12 years. and everyone said it wasn't went to work and it worked incredibly well. we've done an amazing job. if you love the country, you don't have a choice. there's no question. i like that too and that's why i did it. i think you will be happy in the
9:36 am
future to because that's your next question. >> we got the midterms coming up. are you going to be out on the campaign trail? >> we've been endorsing candidates. my endorsement, 152 wins and 2 losses. what happened is everybody wants endorsement. it has become very important. the most powerful endorsement our country has seen. i have an obligation to make sure the right people get in. we have many people online. when i leave here, i've got four candidates that wants an endorsement. are going to have a big, a very big 22. i think we are going to have an even bigger 24. host: randy from michigan, no, i
9:37 am
do not want to see a rematch between biden and trump. i would prefer a younger candidate. when you divide the country into segments, you get the worst candidates in my opinion. on the independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for your time today. c-span does a great job. i agree with the gentleman from michigan. they have ideas that are old and what we need is a younger generation of politicians to come forward and to actually make a case for why their ideas are better than the other side. i will mention one person. andrew yang. people know him from the democrat side. his party forward opened voting to change the tenures of safe
9:38 am
districts to change the whole idea of the two-party system. the early weigh will happen is if the money people actually start to say this isn't working for us. we need to look at how to change it. media would have to go along with them. a different way, may be another people. a combination of money, media and generational point of view. host: donald on that democrat line, indiana. caller: i've got to agree with the last caller. i don't want a rematch, but i fear it may be. i wish we all, and i put myself in this category, that we can start acting like adults and nominate people who will do for
9:39 am
the country instead of for the party. it's getting silly. we are treating this as some wrestling match. this is a country. let's start acting like adults and let's start dominating adults who will take this country forward. thank you. host: former senior advisor to president biden and campaign strategist -- for president obama rather, says online at that says online it is not over for joe biden. he writes this about the build back better plan. he writes, even after the passage of the affordable care act, some voices on the left call it a failure because it did not include the public option he could not win. so that today to all of the americans with existing conditions who can no longer be
9:40 am
refused coverage or be gouged by insurance companies. tell that to the 10th -- tens of millions of americans who have coverage thanks to the aca. despite relentless efforts by donald trump and republicans to undermine and repeal the bill, the obamacare has proved durable and popular. he concludes with this. mr. biden pass the rescue act which jumpstarted the distribution of covid vaccines. families, businesses and the nation to navigate the coronavirus. he defied the skeptics and passed a bipartisan plan to rebuild the country's fraying infrastructure. independent line. caller: good morning.
9:41 am
i think we are looking at candidates. the decision of the supreme court, one of them being with mississippi, texas and new york gun law will determine who wins in november. you've all forgotten about that. i am telling you right now, that decision everybody knows they're going to overthrow roe v. wade. if you want to see an overturned election, it going to be republican because they will put the connection. i guarantee you will see a landslide supreme court ruling. host: jerry from chicago, republican. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i would love to see a debate between biden and trump because biden has ruined our country. he has done nothing.
9:42 am
inflation is up. the supply chain, the border. they don't even talk about the border. donald trump worked for the people. the economy was good. host: some of jerry's comments reflected in this opinion piece from the new york post. voters need to tart -- need to start turning to page on bidens disastrous presidency. president biden on with david muir on news tonight asked about 2024. >> i want to ask you about something i asked weeks before the election will be set down. you said he would absolutely serve eight years if elected. do you plan to run for reelection? >> yes, faith has intervened
9:43 am
many places in my life. if i'm in the health i'm in now, i'm in good health, i would run again. >> if that means a rematch against donald trump? >> you're trying to tempt me now. sure. why would i not want to run against donald trump? >> politics aggregate poles. this is from real clear politics. host: 43.1% disapprove. 53.3%. stamford connecticut on the republican line. daniel connecticut caller: i'm in stamford, texas. host: my apologies.
9:44 am
go ahead sir. caller: that's all right. the thing is, donald trump should run again because they tried to impeach him before he was even elected and they gave him four years of craft that he had to tolerate and he's done more for our country and for years than any the rest of these have ever done. his first years in august -- in office we had the best economy. his whole term as president, they've been trying to impeach him for all kinds of mess. they lad about the road -- the russian collusion and a lot about all this other stuff. eight done nothing to any of them.
9:45 am
he steel -- ain't done nothing to any of them. they're liable to put him through the same crab. -- same crap. we have the greatest country in the world. if you want to live in a communist country, pack your bags and moved to a communist country, but leave america america. host: los angeles, independent line. caller: good morning. how are you? mike -- my comment, no matter if it is a republican or a democrat , it doesn't make any difference because politics are politics of lies. my people, the descendents of
9:46 am
slaves, what we need is reparations. we were put through the worst slavery the world has ever known. there has not been any attempt to rebuild the people that they destroyed. i would say reparations are more important than the vote. if our people would say we are not going to vote, if you don't give us reparations, i believe we would get it. what would reparations look like? $1 million for every man, woman and child who was of a slave. free higher education for as long as we were in bondage. no taxes for as long as we were in bondage. and free travel to africa and back for as long as we were in
9:47 am
bondage. and i think we will see a change because the american heartland takes they were right in enslaving other human beings just because they are black. thank you. host: house and senate return for their post holiday sessions and the coming week. this network, c-span, has covered parliaments around the world. the british parliament with our come up parliaments all over the world. there is a story this morning about south african parliament, the parliament building. fire ravages cape town parliament. firefighters battled. it flames in the air at the center of cape town and caused some of the building to collapse. the fire started on the third
9:48 am
floor of an old building that houses offices and spread to the national assembly building. it meant -- anita is calling from missouri on the independent line. welcome. caller: i am not for a rematch. i am tired of hearing from people like the gentleman from texas who said that trump had done some good things. guess what? putin has done some good things for russia, and i sure wouldn't want him. trumpet this not have the character to be president. he gave us nothing but chaos and division. if anything, i would trade trump first noted who would be a much better patriot. i hope that the lincoln project starts a third party. true republicans that i could
9:49 am
vote for. i do not see a rematch and i do see that we all need to vote. i don't care if we are voting for the problematic items we are given to vote on, but we need to vote no matter how depressed we get over people like donald trump. thank you. host: here's bloomington, indiana. next up, john on the republican line. caller: good morning. first time caller, republican from indiana. it amazes me that the republicans in indiana actually voted for trump. this is the guy only a couple of years earlier, they refused to give a casino license to because
9:50 am
of his terrible background and his poor business. but yet they idolize him as god now. i really hope it's not a match because both of them are way too old. let's face it, trump without anybody attempting to questioning his sanity went out of his way to try to prove that he had cognitive functions and got on cp 22. -- and got on tv to do it. joe biden is too old. trump is the total destruction of the republican party. not to mention, how he is not in jail. this is a guy who is in multiple cases going back to the 80's has
9:51 am
hung around with pedophiles. there is the french guy and the italian from new york where trump was the cohost of whatever or hosted the pageant 14 modeling where he miraculously -- pageant for teen modeling. host: in the new york times agrees taking that joe biden is too old. writing a couple of weeks ago, biden should not run again and he should say he won't. is it a good idea for joe biden to run for reelection. if he runs and wins, would that be good for the united states to have a president that is 86? i put these questions bluntly because they need to be discussed candidly, not just
9:52 am
whispered constantly. in the 1980's, it was fair game for reputable reporters to ask whether ronald reagan was too old for the presidency. donald trump's apparent difficulty holding a glass and his vocabulary repeatedly prompted unflattering speculation about his health, mental and otherwise. and joe biden's memory lapses were a source of mirth among his democratic primary rivals. he is now -- it is now considered horrible manners to raise concerns as if doing so would only play into trump's hands. as if it doesn't matter much whether he has the fortitude to do the world most important job. new york city, up next, this is bill.
9:53 am
caller: good morning. i want to say thank you to c-span for bringing about this program. i kind of felt this question wasn't solving problems. we should be figuring out. i don't believe that we should, no they should not run. we've had enough of both of them. they are too old. we need some new blood in this system. we need to have people who are willing to make changes. correcting the injustices of america. reparations would help a lot of people. you named a lot of good things. i say this because you had an author, heather mcgee, her book the sum of all of us and what it's costing us to be a certain way toward each other, to be
9:54 am
unjust toward each other. we bite our nose to spite our face. she talks about getting a pool in an area and how people would say we are not going to have a pool because we don't want to integrate. i say those things because we need to, biden and trump no. we need someone else. host: gary up. republican line. caller: yes sir, been a pretty good subject this morning. you've had people talking about how we've all got to come together and how we are family. the first thing you do in a family issue fix your own problems. you don't look to somebody else to fix it. if i was looking at the biggest problem right now facing the belak -- the black community i would think it would be 3
9:55 am
million abortions and 40,000 young black men shooting one another every year. i think al got a lot more problems to worry about -- i think you all got a lot more problems to worry about than to worry about how the white man is holding you back. host: maryland, democrats line. do you want a biden-trump rematch? caller: personally would prefer michael bennet from colorado. i would like to see him into the ring, but i need to comment on this last caller about the african-american and the unjust idealism that he just pretrade through his comments -- portrayed through his comments. we are predominantly destitute it. we need the 500,000 $1 million
9:56 am
reparations and we could clean up our our community and cleanup all that is in its that hurts us. that is my comment. michael bennet, i hope you hear me. host: lori in winston-salem, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. happy new year. i just don't want a rematch because i honestly, and i hate to say it, i honestly feel for any good that trump has done, and i tried to give him credit for all the good things he's done, but he's such a bully. i call him the pied piper of politics because he blows that pipe and people follow like sheep. i understand, but he's such a bully. he did not even have the decency . he's a poor sport. he didn't have the decency to pass the torch and even show up.
9:57 am
when he's wrong he just will not admit it. i really hope he does not run. host: let's get one more call. let's go to new jersey, sean, go ahead. caller: i do want trump to run into thousand 24. i do not want -- i do not want biden to run. i do believe trump put america first and if you would just stop with the disrespectful tone, people would actually like him more. i think the biggest problem that people have with him is that he put america first and he doesn't really care about other countries because he wants to build up america and get america back to where it used to be. host: brad is next up. he is in oklahoma on the
9:58 am
independent line. caller: hello. i think president trump according to the constitution amendment for section three should not be allowed to hold any political office ever again because section three of the 14th amendment says no person shall hold any office in the u.s. or any state having previously taken an oath to support the constitution and have engaged in insurrection or rebel it or rebellion are given aid or comfort to the enemy. absolutely, he should not run for president. in fact, he should be prosecuted for what he did last year. host: appreciate the call. all your calls this morning. washington journal is here every morning at 7:00. we will be here tomorrow and we hope you are too. enjoy the rest of your weekend. we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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