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tv   Rep. Byron Donalds Speaks at Turning Point USA Conservative Conference  CSPAN  December 22, 2021 9:39pm-10:02pm EST

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so i want to thank you guys for listening to me today. god bless every single one of you. god bless america. and let's stop the communist revolution. [applause] ♪ >> my mama like to that one. my mama be like, look at my baby. my baby done did something with his life.
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she was a little concerned about me. in high school in college. but it is good to be with you here in phoenix, arizona. he almost seem a little tired. did something happen last night in phoenix, arizona? did you make sure you were in bed? got a full eight hours of sleep? so here's the deal. i don't know about you but i am tired of the left. i am tired of talking about them. i am tired of complaining about them. i am tired of listening to all of their plans that don't do anything and don't mean anything. i am tired of talking about joe biden stuttering about something else. i don't want to be mean to start a verse. it is just something that bothers a lot of americans. it really does. how many times is he going to call kamala harris the president of the united states?
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we are on time number four. time number four. i don't know how many times we are going to have to listen to somebody who doesn't know anything about economics. tell you and tell me that he has the prescription to save america. why do we have to listen to a man at a party that has always been wrong? and i mean always wrong. so i don't want to talk about them today. i know we can talk about immigration, talk about spending, the debt, inflation, afghanistan. we can talk about how the chinese are on the move, how the russians are looking at the ukraine like a nice fresh steak dinner in front of them. but i ran for congress and i'm am here with you today for one reason. and that is because we got a country to save.
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you see, 10 years ago, i was sitting with the wall. don't get me wrong, these are cool seats. i was walking in the back hanging out. you all got good seats. this stage is phenomenal. over the last 10 years i decided to get involved in politics. why? because america is grip -- is by far the greatest nation america has ever known. we have done things in the great country that is america. we have done things that the rest of the world wished they could do. in our country, we got over the scourge of slavery. and frankly it was our party that abolished slavery and led the fight to make sure that the slaves were free. in our country we figured out how to capitalize on the ingenuity of man. we did a simple thing like let people keep their money.
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how many of you all like money? i'm a capitalist. i love money. money is great. i'm not afraid of money. let's talk about building america. if we were going to build a country built to last, what would we create? i got some ideas. they are not new ideas but i got ideas. the first thing is if you are going to save america, if you are going to make a country built to last, you want to have is a country where you are allowed to freely think and speak, to post. you can share memes. some people don't really like them but it is ok because you are free. if you are in america today you are allowed to have your own political opinion and that is ok. if you work in a company you are allowed to say you know what, i don't agree with that policy and it is ok. you are allowed to worship how
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you want. you are allowed to petition your government. so if you are going to start with anything you are going to start with the freedom that we all hold dear. and that has to be preserved at all times. it cannot be questioned. it cannot somehow be passe because a bunch of people choose that they want to riot in the streets. it cannot be done away with because a bunch of talking heads on cable news think they do better than you. if you are going to have an america built to last you are going to have to preserve that first. but what else? let's talk about economics. the basis of any economy is energy. if you want an america built to last you have to have an energy matrix supporting your country that is built to last. you cannot just go to the russians and say can you all give us some more oil? what kind of strategy is that? you can't to the opec nations
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and say can you please, anybody remember -- what was the play, we all did it when i was a kid? please sir, can i have some more? oscar, that's it. oliver. we can't go to the opec nations and say please sir, can we have some more? not but we have more natural gas and oil sitting right under our feet here in the united states. any autonomy requires energy. any autonomy requires energy. and we should be doing everything we possibly can to drill for it, to use it, to take advantage of it, without having to go and deal with other nations. we should not be shooting ourselves in the foot doing some silly climate geo--- deals we know the chinese and the russians want no part of.
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there is one thing about energy that we should actually do. it is this funky little thing called nuclear power. you know. is this thing we kind of discovered here. and you know what the cool thing about nuclear energy? it does not emit. like, nothing. you can just run it and it keeps going and going. it is better than the ever ready bunny. and it is cheap and it is sustainable. we should take advantage of that. when it comes to taxes, we should keep them low. i was in a hearing the other day with one of my colleagues and she was talking about some big banks and the evil banks. she was like, what we need are more credit unions. credit union people, you do your
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job, i don't care. i had to remind my colleagues that the reason why credit unions can do so much and banks are squeezing is because credit unions do not new this very simple thing called pay taxes. so i said to her, if i get to keep my money i can do a lot more. i thought we would just keep taxes low and let people keep the fruits of their labor. when you have your money you're going to do far more with it than if you have, especially some of these democrat members, than if they have your money. because they don't know what they are doing. can we talk honestly? so i deal with a lot of people on the others of the aisle. you want to know the real secret? they are not that bright. i listen to them speak.
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i was sitting in a committee room and i listened. i want to learn. and in the process i am just like, yeah, that is not it. that's not it. that is not hitting on anything. something else you want to do if you want to build a country built to last. you have to have thick streams. does anybody see how the mayor of san francisco now all of a sudden supports safe streets? it is as if 2020 and 2021 and 2019 just never happened. i'm going back over my memory like wait a minute, aren't you the same party, aren't you the same mayor that actually wanted to defund your police? if you want to have a safe america and build a strong america, you have to have safe streets. you cannot keep your business open if you are afraid of it getting looted. you cannot walk down the street to go to school if they are
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afraid that they are going to get beaten up on the way. you cannot have a quality learning environment like that. you cannot have a safe city. how are your kids going to go play little league or play pickup basketball or play seven on seven in the street? i am from new york city where we played football in the streets. the boundaries are parked cars. if you have ever been tackled into a parked car. you've have got to have safe streets. and i have seen it firsthand. when i was growing up, this guy came along, some guy named rudy giuliani. and rudy came along and he put a cop out every corner and made sure they were patrolling the streets. in a funny thing happened in new york. it actually got safer. when the city was safer the economy of the city was able to thrive. and be more robust. the more consistent.
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that is what you do when you want to build a strong america. if you want to build an america built to last then you have a military that is worried about fighting the enemies of our nation and not worried about the social issues of our country. you see, if i want a soldier, i want a soldier to fight, to win, and then to come home. i don't need soldiers to concern themselves with the issues between white america and black america. i need a soldier ready to win. because here's what i know. the chinese don't concern themselves with the issues between white and black america. the chinese concern themselves with winning. and if you are going to build an america to last, our military has to be concerned with winning. and that is that.
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you know -- what's up? oh, thank you. god bless you too. i like you. man, you doing me off script. that's ok. we're right back. i was going to talk about the supreme court. i mean, the supreme court, first of all, 25 did -- 45 did a tremendous job changing this supreme court. i call him 45 all the time. i call him 45. not to his face. to his face i call him mr. president, but i talk to you all and he is 45. i hope our court does the right thing. our court needs to do the right thing. if you are going to have an america built to last, the court
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has to see the constitution. the court has to see law. and while we are in the process of talking about law, we have got to get away from politicizing every trial. every trial that comes in front of us cannot be the determining factor of where america is at that point in time. we have to apply the law as the law should be applied. no more, no less. it can't respect you. it cannot respect me. it has to be blind. because if the law and jurors and judges are more concerned with how you look, who you look like, what kind of hat you where . if the court is more concerned with that, we don't have equal justice under the law. we have political justice. and that means there is no law.
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and if there is no law than what you have is chaos. and if you have chaos you cannot have a consistent america where you can grow and you can thrive and you can be and you can dream and you can make all kinds of money. say all kinds of money. i know the left doesn't like this thing called money. they like to take it from you. they don't want you to use your money. i know that. but here's the deal. the way this thing really works is kind of how i got here. i'm a kid from brooklyn, new york. i think i'm pretty smart. my story is 100 stores. i could literally have been your uber driver last night.
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i am a blessed man. saved by grace. but i will tell you this, i will tell you this. if it was not for a country where i can get an education and find a job and pretty much be left alone and be allowed to rise and fall upon my own merits, my own ability, my own innovation, my own beauty. come on now. come on now. you know what i'm saying? icu over there. i see you. you too. you smiling a lot. icu girl. we can have fun. we can have fun, right? but my story is only possible in a country like this.
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your story is only possible in a country like this. they like to talk so much about how the people at the top take so much money. the last time i checked when i was a kid, we begged our moms for $130 for a pair of air jordans. michael jordan did make me by his sneakers. i wanted them. every kid in his audience either has an apple phone -- i don't know why. because samsung is where it is at. you can pool all you want but if you see me on tv you know i don't have a problem telling you the truth. you may not like it but you better learn to love it. i love america. we can disagree and have a good time. but if you are going to do this thing right, this is how i
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decided how to be. be different. i'm not trying to be you. be different. be me. be yourself. be yourself. here is the last thing we need. we need people to run for office. like i said, 10 years ago i was sitting in the audience like you. 15 years ago i didn't care about politics. i was apolitical. i was more concerned with the suns and hornets game going on tonight across the street. i'm a basketball junkie. i love the game. my lakers are struggling. we will move on. but it takes people who decide that this country is worth saving. it takes people who look at our country and say these people who sit in these offices, whether it be a mayor a city councilmember, a school board member, old lord jesus. members of your state
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legislature, numbers of congress. we have some people sitting in these officers that have no idea what they are doing. and we need new people. we need new blood. and that could be you. and guess what? here is the other thing. if it is not you, that means it is your job to help somebody get there. because everybody in this room no matter where you come from, whether this is your home state in arizona, whether you come from the great state of florida. i mean after that it doesn't really matter what other state you come from, sorry. there is florida and then i mean, come on. we know. there is florida and then everybody else. but we got love for texas. we love missouri. there's only like two of you all. yay, missouri.
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listen, i just want to come out here and have fun. use this time to be ready for the political battle ahead of us. because next year we are going to take back the house of representatives. next year we are going to take back the u.s. senate. in three years, because it is three years now, and this year has been a doozy. god bless america, this year has been rough. in three years we are coming back for the white house. but don't just be worried about the federal level. we need you to take over your cities. we have to have a reawakening of conservative policies and conservative ideals in inner
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cities. we have to build in america to last. because i am here for one reason and i know you are here for the same reason. and that only reason is to save america. that's the only thing we are here for is to save america. if you are tired of seeing who tagged you on something, text them back and say hey man i'm going to look at it later because we are here to save america. that's the mission. that's the goal. god bless everybody. god bless america. god bless turning point. [applause] ♪ >> both the house and senate
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have adjourned for the holiday recess and will return in early january for the second session of the 100 evan teen congress. upon return, the senate will take up the president's climate and spending plan known as build back better, despite west virginia democrat joe mentioned announcing opposition to the bill. senate democratic leadership also hopes take up voting rights legislation which may require a change in filibuster rules. there is a february 18 deadline for both chambers of congress to pass additional federal spending legislation to avert the government shutdown. watch these developments on the c-span networks when congress returns or you can watch our full coverage on c-span now, our new mobile video app. also, head to for scheduling information or to stream video live or on-demand anytime. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. ♪ >> a new mobile video app from
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c-span, c-span now. download today. ♪ >> ahead of the christmas holiday, the white house covid-19 response team gave an update on the pandemic. talked about the omicron variant and precautions people should take as we gather with family over the holiday season. >> good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. today, dr. walensky will share the latest on the omicron variant and discuss how people can stay safe over the holidays. and dr. fauci will provide an update on the latest science. i want to underscore the president's message yesterday. due to omicron, we expect a significant rise in cases. fully vaccinated people, particularly those with a boost, are highly protected. but due to omicron's
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