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tv   Defense Attorney in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Holds News Conference  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 11:30pm-11:57pm EST

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in this trial and has spoken. >> the motion of the defendant is granted. charges against the defendant on all counts are dismissed with prejudice and he is released from the obligation of his bond. anything else? >> no. >> thank you. good day.
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-- this story to came up from the beginning was not the true story that is something that we had to work to overcome in court, and we think we did that. >> [indiscernible] did the length of the
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deliberation and still more confidence? >> i never predict how long a jury is going to be out but it was the longest jury deliberation i have been a part of. i have an 18 hour and a 27 hour. when it was a state case. it was torture. this might sound like a small thing, but the judge wanted us to be within 10 minutes. my office was within 10 minutes. it was help -- hell. >> [indiscernible] >> do you want the truth? >> yes. >> had to put them on. at certain points we wondered whether we would put them on -- him on. we had a mock jury, and we did two different juries, one with
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him testifying and one without him testifying. it was substantially better when he testified to a marked degree. if you do not put a client understand you were going to lose period. >> [indiscernible] >> there are a lot. it is at the beginning but when the attorney gave his opening statement and said those things that kyle chase rosenbaum down, i do not know where they came from to this day, it was ridiculous, and they give me something to really show and argue to a jury that this is not fair, it is not a game, and i think that was huge, the first two lawyers, i am not going to use their names. they wanted to use kyle for a cause, and something that i think was inappropriate, and i don't represent causes.
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i represent clients, and the only thing that ended up mattering to me was whether he was found not guilty or not. >> [indiscernible] >> i believe that's what he wanted, and i had you know i told him when i first met him when he was in custody that if he was looking for somebody to go off on a crusade, i wasn't his lawyer. throughout the week, you said, you know, i caught you in between the court. i had to stay at 4:30, i was way
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wrong. nobody had it going past thursday. and you know there was talk today about whether they were going to delivery on saturday. i have never seen a jury, and i do not mean this is a slight, but they did not have a lot of questions, we had no information that they ever fought. they were just working through issues, so it did not -- it was the time that made me nervous. it was not any information coming up. >> they submitted five questions over that whole time. they never asked to request the videos. beyond those five questions was that concerning or puzzling for you? >> i was afraid of a compromise. i know it is reported that we as for lesser included, we objected to a lesser includeds. kyle was questioned on lesser included because he has to be but that wasn't our wish, that
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was not kyle's wish and we as time went on were afraid that there would be some horse trading in the jury room. >> [indiscernible] >> no. i was a prosecutor. cory was a prosecutor, and i never went after somebody like they did, and when they put on the kandiri brothers knowing that they were lying , that is a problem. this is an as i said in my closing argument, it is not a game, and you are playing with an 18-year-old kid's life, and they were willing to put those guys on, detective howard and detective andrew amien had both interviewed him and in their place report said we both know you're lying. i cannot ask that question when
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they are on the witness stand of the detective, because one witness cannot comment on another. they put them on, they knew they were lying, and that is garbage, and i'm thankful we are never going to have to litigate the issue regarding the drone video, but they kept saying we stipulated to it, we let it in. we agreed to let it end because we saw the quality were given in the jury could not see anything, and then they are saying, well, is first layer had because it was on tucker karlsson. john pierce never had that video , we have talked to tucker karlsson's show. the video that was on tucker crossan's show started right when rosenbaum through the back. it is a huge difference. that is what they built their whole case on with that garbage photo, and may be -- you do not
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expect everything in the trial ever, and that program that they used in expert from the crime lab specifically says on the company's blog artificial intelligence enhancements are not to be used for forensic evidence, and they did it, and our research after, it would have been the subject of a huge motion. we do not have to do it. >> [indiscernible] >> you know, i do not know that it says -- i mean, there is -- i personally do not like people carrying ar-15's around. you know, there was so much anger and fear in kenosha on august 25 that people did armed themselves, and we knew from the beginning that if you read that statue correctly, i know everybody thought i was crazy, if you read the statute
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correctly, he was legal and having that firearm, and obviously once the evidence came in the judge threw the charge, and the judge threw the curfew and those were things the state wanted to hang their hat on, so they could argue he could not be there and he could not on the gun. >> [indiscernible] what does kyle want for families to know about all this played out because you repeatedly talked about feeling and some of the other people had let kyle go to the police. >> if they had let kyle go to the police there would only be one individual dead.
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they referred to him, and i talked about it as an active shooter, anybody can look up the definition of an active shooter from the fbi law enforcement. he did not meet it, but the weight that those words or surcharge that is what they used. they went to to paint him as that. i wish nobody died, i wish i never met kyle rittenhouse, and i do not mean that because he is a bad client. i just mean that because that this would not have happened. >> [indiscernible] >> i think he does. we have talked about it. there has been so much talk about whether the tears were genuine. all i can say is when we prepared kyle and we worked on his testimony, there were things we could not talk about in my office because it got too emotional, and you could not and would. she is in counseling for ptsd, so he does not sleep at night.
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remorse i think manifest itself some other ways. i do not think he can ever walk out here and say that because of the situation, but i know kyle rittenhouse, and i know what he feels. >> where does he go from here? >> he has to get on with his life the best again. i think eventually some anonymity will come back to it. i do not think he will continue to live in this area. i think it is too dangerous. he has had 24 hour security since this happened. we are thankful that the judge protected his address. everybody in this case, and what i say that i mean prosecution, defense, to me it is scary how many death threats we have had.
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i was answering my phone on the way back from court in kenosha. my office is not that far. after the third death threat i quit answering the phone. >> [indiscernible] >> he had as much business being there is any of the demonstrators or rioters. that is all i can say. i mean, there is going to be people who will never agree with that statement, but, you know, if we all would just mind our business a little bit, i think we would all be better off, and it is a hard lesson to learn, but -- >> [indiscernible] >> it could be. he was asked to be there, he went to of the committee. and you know, that is the narrative, that is the statement. he was asked to be there by nick
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and dominic, and the kandiri brothers wanted security and you know i am not trying to blame anyone. i wish he had never been separated from my bulge and we wouldn't be here. >> [indiscernible] i don't believe he does. i mean, if he had to do it all over again and you said same thing is going to happen and your life is going to be put in living out for a year and you are not sure if you're would be a free man he would say i wouldn't go. >> [indiscernible] and i am not laughing at president biden. what i'm letting it is a friend of mine who is a lawyer said, he goes, and him and i had done a big is together 7, 8 years ago, and he said to getting this is going to be. in that case?
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and i said i do? and he said what you say that? and i said i've never had a case and i don't think i ever will wear within two days with three days of one another you know the president and the presidential candidate comment on it, and both of them had such different leaves. president biden said some things that i think are so incorrect and untrue. it is not a white the premises. i am glad that he at least respects the jury verdict, and if the government had any information regarding a cell phone or anything, that he had been to any of those websites or been online doing that kind of stuff it would have been introduced in evidence. it was not. we were the individuals who released a cell phone, which could not be cracked by the fbi because we had nothing to hide. >> [indiscernible] no, i am not doing reruns.
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what is that? >> [indiscernible] i am a criminal defense attorney. i do not do civil stuff. >> [indiscernible] if you like to say the biggest take away from this case? >> every case is different and every case has surprises. you know, i learned i can wait 24 hours for a verdict. >> [indiscernible] >> i suspect there will be a fight over that. john pierce is the person who posted the bond. all of that money was raised on behalf of kyle. lynnwood and fight back say that they are entitled to it. i am using run numbers, but there was $500,000 i think they came directly from wendy rittenhouse, so there is going to be a fight over that, and i
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am just thankful that there will be a fight over that, because if he had lost it would not have mattered. >> [indiscernible] >> he wants to be a nurse. >> [indiscernible] >> i need to be more patient. >> [indiscernible] now that he has been acquitted can you look back and point to a pivotal moment that was successful for you that you think created this outcome? >> getting rid of the first two lawyers create and that might be a smart comment but i mean that and i got my best friend corey to join, who i trust, and being able to work with somebody who you do not have to check their work, you do not worry about what they are going to be doing, you give them a project is done as good or better as you do yourself, it is priceless. >> [indiscernible]
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>> you must've got here a little bit late. i have known tom binger for a long time. i knew him when he was a civil lawyer. i am disappointed with some of the things he did, and i've said why. >> [indiscernible] >> putting on the kandiri brothers when you know that they are lying. changing your prosecution going with revocation after you say that my client chased him down and shot them in the back. call them in active shooter when you know he is not. justice is done when the truth is reached, and i do know that is set up to do that, but a prosecutor is supposed to seek the truth. it is not about winning and that is why this case became about winning and that is probably why i got so personal. >> [indiscernible] >> i have never seen so much
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made of so little, and that is not to pick on you guys or anything like that. but i've tried cases as a prosecutor 100 years ago in front of judge rader -- schra der. i have tried cases as a defense lawyer and i butted heads as a defense lawyer. judge schrader gives you a fair trial as a defendant. you don't want him to sentence your client. but in this case we were looking for a fair trial, and if he lost we knew what was going to happen, so it wouldn't matter whether it was that judge were some of the judge. he is getting life in prison, so i'd rather have a fair trial. i thought he gave us a fair trial. you know, everybody got all crazy about the tumbler, who cares. that has nothing to do with
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this. i have seen the tumbler years before. i have seen clerks pull things out and suspicious things happened. kyle pulled it out, and i will be real honest, we had every juror scored on a sheet, and we were devastated with those three of the six jurors were separated from the panel because we thought they were three of our strongest jurors, and kyle pulled their names, so i think it is a good system. you know, i have got a trial in front of him, a big case, and maybe in that one i will think he is unfair but he is a fair judge. >> [indiscernible] given what you guys have gone through, you mentioned that you guys went through a lot, threats made you. >> i do not know about that. i think -- i have never done a
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case that was televised gavel-to-gavel. i have had to cases that got media coverage. i was kind of -- i knew this case was big. i had no idea it was going to be this big. i mean, i have gotten calls from people i have not seen in 25 years. it is just bizarre. and i will never be able to figure out exactly what it is that because the interest that it did. i do not think it made the attorneys act different, i do not think it made the judge are different. i suspect when everything cools down if there was another big case in front of judge schrader he would have left the cameras in. >> [indiscernible] there were people gathering, by the time he left there were more and more people showing up. >> the people who are going to end up causing trouble do not
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want to hear from kyle rittenhouse. what, remain calm? >> [indiscernible]what do you think the wider implications of this verdict are? >> i do not think it is that kind of case. when you want to talk about implications and precedent and things like that, is it ever going to happen again? is there ever going to be just total unrest in kenosha or some other city and that is going to happen? you know, i just do not see that. it was a case about self-defense, the right to protect oneself from, you know, mr. rosenbaum. do not want to speak ill of the dead but he was not a nice person and everybody knows why, and a lot of that did not come in in front of the jury. i do not know if there are any broader implications. i do not want to make it bigger
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than it is. >> a couple of politicians in wisconsin used in the word vigilante to refer to your client since the verdict came in. audi react to that? >> maybe they should have washed the trial. >> [indiscernible] >> it one of those things, anything that is said at this time is kind of meaningless. we have to take it in, reflect on it, and, you know, what is he thanking me for, and i do not mean that it is insincere, but it takes a while to process what happened today. i have not processed it. >> [indiscernible] >> i do not think that -- i cannot answer that question. if i had to guess it would be a guess. >> what is next for you? >> i have a trial in a week. i am going to take a couple of
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days off and go to the badger game tomorrow, which i have missed. i have missed a couple of better games because of this trial, and i'm very much -- we were afraid we were not going to get to go because they would have them deliberate on saturday, and i want to see them beat nebraska. >> [indiscernible] >> i do not believe that. there was the questions, and i think -- i said this to some people yesterday when they asked to call off at 4:00. you can see the tenseness and those people, the jurors, at least i could sense it, who were entering that room, and they went to quit early because i think they were tense. and if there were some early verdict and they were playing all of us were falls, they are
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great actors and actresses. i do not think that was the case. >> [indiscernible] >> i believe so. i have clients from 30 years ago i still talk to. i get one of my oldest favorite clients, he moved out of her seen -- racine, moved to minneapolis, key text me congratulations. i talked one once a month and i try to stay in touch with clients who want to stay in touch with me. i like to see them do well about that kyle does. >> [indiscernible] >> i hope so. >> [indiscernible] >> he took it very seriously. as i said it is a long history i have ever had out. wow, can i go home? >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible chatter] >> probably.
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