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tv   Verdict Announcement in Trial for Kyle Rittenhouse  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 4:03pm-4:14pm EST

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announcer: washington unfiltered , c-span in your pocket. download c-span now today. announcer: federal health officials testified on global distribution of covid-19 vaccines at the 2022 covid-19 forecast and other treatments for the virus. you can watch this hearing tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span come, or watchful coverage on c-span now, our new video app. announcer: the jury and the kyle rittenhouse trial found him not guilty on all charges, including two homicide counts. he was arrested and tried after shooting two fatally in kenosha, wisconsin in 2020. his legal team argued he fired the shots because the men attacked him. here is the announcement of the
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verdict. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> members of the jury, have you elected a four-person -- forperson? has the jury reached a verdict as each count? >> yes. >> one verdict, and one verdict only? >> yes. >> would you hand the paperwork
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to the bailiff? everything, yes. may i see that too, please. thank you. the defendant will rise, face the jury, and hearken to its verdict. >> the state of wisconsin versus kyle rittenhouse. we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the second count of the
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information, richard mcginnis, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the third count of the information, unknown male, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the fourth count of the information, we would the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the fifth count of the information, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> members of the jury, these are your unanimous verdicts? is there anyone who does not agree with the verdicts as read? ok. ok, folks, your job is done. we started about three weeks ago and i told you it could last two weeks, two days. this is three weeks.
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you were a wonderful jury to work with. her punctual, attentive -- you were punctual, attentive, six over here had the very difficult job of keeping from discussing the case during the time they were sequestered as well. all of you, i could not have asked for a better jury to work with. it has truly been my pleasure. i think without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves, just in terms of your attentiveness and cooperation you gave to us, it justifies the confidence that the founders of our country place in you, so i dismiss you at this time. you are never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case with anyone. you are welcome to do so as little or as much as you want.
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the media have requested a number of media sources have requested the ability to talk to you. they have been allowed to present presentations to you that you will get in writing, and it is entirely up to you whether you want to contact them . they are not to contact you. if anyone does contact you, just tell them you are not interested in discussing it, if that is the case, and if anyone persists in doing so, report that to us and it will be addressed, i assure you. at the beginning of the trial, there was some concern about information and your safety, and i assure you we will take every measure to ensure that is, your concerns are addressed and respected. and i will talk to for just a
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minute, not anything to do with the case, but that sole issue. and, and, you, as i say, you are welcome to discuss the case has little or as much as you want. any questions, anyone? thank you so much. and, after four years, you are eligible for service again. it would be my pleasure to work with you. yeah, please. or in the library. it would not be more than a minute, or maybe it will be. take them upstairs. that is fine. that is fine.
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mr. richards? any word from the state? >> the jury has [indiscernible] in this trial and has spoken. >> the motion of the defendant is granted. charges against the defendant on all counts are dismissed with prejudice and he is released from the obligation of his bond. anything else? >> no.
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