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tv   Washington Journal 11192021  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 7:00am-8:01am EST

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coming up, the latest on president biden's climate and social spending bill, and other news of the day with your phone calls and text messages. you can send a comment on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. ♪ host: it is the washington journal for november 19. the house was supposed to have taken a vote on build back better legislation yesterday, paygo democrats believed would pass. kevin mccarthy spoke for over 8.5 hours, prompting the house to hold off on the vote until 8:00 this morning. when the vote takes place you can watch it on c-span,, and our c-span now video app. you can comment on the ready leader's efforts -- minority leader's efforts and the bill itself.
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(202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. if you want to text us, you can do so at (202) 748-8003. post on facebook at, and you can post a tweet. c-span's communications manager sent a got a tweet about minority leader mccarthy's efforts. "longest single camera shot in the history of the u.s. house on tv, eight hours and 32 minutes. it features the minority leader kevin mccarthy "magic minute" remarks. it ended at 5:10 this morning. the house controls the camera, not c-span." also saying another tweet, the start time and end time of those
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remarks. the house adjourned but will be back at 8:00 this morning to vote on the build back better legislation. you can see the whole eight hours if you wish on our c-span now video app, also our website. a little bit from the minority leader's comments yesterday before his marathon speech. [video] >> mr. speaker, i am proud to yield limited to the republican leader of our conference, the gentleman from california, leader mccarthy. >> the gentleman from california is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i want to thank mr. brady for his work. we are minutes away from voting on a $5 trillion, more than 2000-page bill. the house is not in order, mr. speaker. [gavel]
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>> the gentleman is recognized. >> the bill the white house chief of staff dragged -- bragged is twice as big as the new deal was. i just listened to congressman neal. to build up the institution. i have heard that in a lot of different countries. countries that are of a different philosophy that america. let that sink in for one minute. the house is not in order. >> the gentleman will suspend. [gavel] the gentleman is recognized. >> let that sink in. more than 2000 pages, $5 trillion. twice as big as the new deal was. let me be clear. never in american history has so
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much been spent at one time. at one time. never in american history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. host: that was just the start of the eight hour speech. the vote scheduled for today at 8:00 this morning. watch it on c-span, on the c-span now video app. up until then, your calls. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. text us at (202) 748-8003. one thing that came out yesterday before the expected vote was the score on the package from the congressional budget office. usa today talks about that.
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the cbo reported it would raise $1.2 trillion in irs crackdowns on tax cheats and increased revenues. the overall spending on the social and climate priorities with lead to a net cost covering 2022 to 2031. the expenses would outweigh web revenues, but the irs enforcement would bring into hundred $7 billion, leaving a deficit of $160 billion when it comes to the cbo score which many were waiting on. one of the legislators planning on voting no is jared golden of maine. the washington times highlights some of his concerns. mr. golden penned a letter on thursday urging lawmakers to oppose the expansion of the state and local taxes, salt taxes. mr. golden represented district
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trending towards republicans and argues any increase in the tax rate would benefit the wealthy, adding congress as a choice. we can enact a tax cut for the wealthy or pay for historic investments in america's working and middle classes. salt allows individuals to write off a portion of their local taxes. the lucrative deduction is used by predominantly democratic coastal areas. the house expected to come in at 8:00 to start the process of the vote. democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with mccarthy. i am a democrat but this bill is just way too much money. it is not doing the things they pronounce or say it is doing. what is it really doing for lower middle-class? nothing.
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it is all upper-middle-class and the rich. if you are on minimum wage, you can't afford daycare. it is not helping you there. it doesn't ensure small businesses have to pay family care leave. you will not get money there. who is this bill really helping? host: that is virginia and maryland. gary in new york on the republican line. caller: hello. this build back better plan is a lot of giveaways. like daycare. i agree kind of with daycare. shouldn't people take care of their own kids? if i had kids, i paid for daycare. my social security is not going up. nothing is going up. it seems to be all for young people. pay for your own kids. host: some other reaction from
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legislators at the speech yesterday. congressman fred keller sang leader mccarthy is showing the american people what real leadership looks like. president biden and speaker pelosi should take note. representative jamie raskin. "never were so few words listen to by so few people." let's get back to work. don buyer, democrat from virginia sang mr. mccarthy ended his bizarre rambling hearing various opinions unrelated to the bill. we are focused on reducing child and health care costs, fighting climate change and child party. -- poverty. stay close to c-span. derek in seattle, independent line. caller: pedro, what i would like
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for you to ask all these republicans who call in, if they don't vote for the bill, should they get any of the aid in their district? they are already getting the child tax credit. they talk about socialism. they talk about debt and deficit. when trump was in office herein up over $7 trillion in debt. the tax cut they are talking about paying for. they have supporters who vote for these republicans. they get the things that the democrats an independents get to the people. ask these people when they call in, instead of about the cost, show who gets it and what state. west virginia is poor. they get all the child tax credit. they talk about giving it to kids. but trump paid out everyone. he gave it to our allies, cruise lines, to his buddies.
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as come -- host: when it comes to the cost, new york times has a breakdown of the legislation when it comes to not only the spending and tax cut side but how it is paid for. $800 billion to families, health care. climate issues, $495 billion category. immigration, $133 billion. other categories of $96 billion. $814 billion comes from business taxes. $341 billion, health care. other spending, $149 billion. $34 billion coming from climate and immigration categories. that is the new york times's breakdown. cbo showing the expected cost and what it adds to the deficit.
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you can see that at caller: good morning. first of all, the comment about the child tax credit, if i'm not mistaken i believe the entire country is eligible and is receiving the town tax credit. that is number one. number two, donald trump did not run up the debt like they are doing now. all this reckless spending is ridiculous. paul it is doing is causing us -- costing us more money at the grocery store, more money at gas pumps and everywhere else. you would have to be blind if he did not see that. host: you did not think december of 2020 added to the deficit issued? caller: excuse me? host: the tax cut back in december of 2020 did not add to the deficit issues?
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caller: to give a tax cut in 2020? host: the president. republicans signed it. caller: i have not seen any kind of tax cut anywhere, is what i'm saying. we have to spend more money everywhere we go. host: let's hear from mark in westwood, new jersey, independent line. caller: thanks for c-span. i dell think much of mccarthy -- don't think much of mccarthy's brandt. not -- rant. republicans are only about obstructing and getting nothing done and tax cuts for billionaires. host: did you watch the speech? caller: i watched clips on c-span. mccarthy just parrots whatever trump won tend to say. i'm glad the democrats have passed the big bill. it will get paid for with taxes. host: it has not passed yet.
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caller: i believe it is going to pass. it is not easy, because the majority is -- they get things done. i might not agree with the democrats all the time. i'm a democratic-socialist. they get things done and the republicans do nothing, say no to everything, and obstruct. the only thing they do is tax cuts for the billionaires. i am paying more taxes now in new jersey because trump's tax bill does not allow me to write off my state and local taxes. my taxes went up triple. host: did you support adding the salt taxes back into the legislation? caller: well, the salt taxes, we still can't write them off, correct? host: there is an effort to put them back in, yes. caller: then we could write them off from federal taxes? yeah, we need that.
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i'm a regular guy. i can't afford to pay more taxes. let jeff bezos and elon musk pay more taxes. they don't need $36 billion every year, whatever it is they make. fair is fair. i don't understand america today. they vote for these republicans to give them nothing can hurt them and then they blame the democrats were trying to do something. host: willie, glenwood, illinois. democrats line. caller: i just wanted to call in because a lot of the colors are misinformed -- callers are misinformed or uninformed about this bill. this bill will do many good things for middle-class and lower middle-class. we have been needing something like this for quite some time. when mccarthy -- nobody voted
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for joe biden to be fdr. some democrat in the hall hollered out, yes, i did. i wanted to scream but my television that i did too. host: that was alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york. caller: she said exactly the words i would have said. i voted for him to be fdr, because this country needs a large transformation. the way we take care of the middle class and the poor and the wealthy are getting away not contribute in their fair share for years and years. that tax cut that donald trump passed was horrendous. host: how do you think this legislation benefits middle-class people? caller: the first thing is a lot
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of people will be getting some childcare. you will be able to get some help with your elderly family members if you need it. the child tax credit we are already dealing with. a lot of this will go to help out the efficient -- the ever structure built. -- the infrastructure built. these are things people need to go about their lives. these things are very costly. host: ok. let's hear from chris in new york, independent line. caller: how are you doing this morning? mccarthy was right and wrong yesterday. wrong on the part of dragging out eight hours when they should have been working on the bill. right about questioning certain issues in the bill. let's talk about infrastructure.
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they earmarked all this money for highways and bridges. that money should go to other programs to help families. the reason i say that is every state has state and federal tax per gallon of over the road use fuel. where is all that money going? additionally -- host: since we are talking about the legislation, 20 think about the spending slated in that bill? -- what do you think about the spending slated in that bill? caller: like i said, talking about the highways, the money for the highways. the money has been there. what is going on with the states? a lot of the lotto money is supposed to be for highways. the money they will use for rebuilding i feel should go to other programs to bolster of those amounts. host: president biden sending
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out a tweet on his twitter feed about 7:00 last night, before the events we are talking about. when it comes to the bill back better act -- build back better act, let's get this done. the cbo had other conclusions. "how did they reach the deficit reduction? it will lead $367.1 billion to the deficit, adding tax enforcement, treasury estimates that 479.6 billion dollars. $112 billion in deficit reduction. the cbo report is available online. matthew in mark hill, new york
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-- martville, new york. caller: wasn't there just an increase in social security? host: i believe that was last month or the month before but i will have to find it to be sure. caller: when was the last time there was an increase in social security? quite some time if i recall. host: i don't know the exact date. caller: it was a long time ago and much needed. democrats got it done. now we are talking about build back better. this is something that, wow, that has been needed for decades. the government has never put any money towards the middle class, the working poor in this country in decades. this is just another reason people should be backing this. they will feel it. they will see it. it will affect them.
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to this day i don't understand how many poor white working people have been bamboozled into believing the republicans have their best interests at heart. by convincing these people we can't afford it, we can't afford not to. host: specifically how do you think it will benefit them? caller: if you have working for parents that need childcare, this will give them a leg up. it will give them a helping hand. childcare is very expensive. if you've ever had to send your child off at daycare while both parents are working, that's an astronomical amount coming out of your paycheck. host: do you think those programs will survive changes in the senate before final passage? caller: probably not, and that is too bad. this has been a long time coming, pedro.
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these people need desperate help and they needed it for decades. this is finally the only time we will probably ever get this opportunity. host: that is matthew. when it comes to social security, if you go to, the benefits for approximately 70 million americans will increase 5.9% in 2022. a cost-of-living adjustment for 64 million begins in january of next year. increased payments to 8 million beneficiaries begins on december 30, 2021. you can find more at the website for social security. kathy in springfield, illinois, republican line. caller: good morning. i was watching kevin mccarthy's speech overnight. when is it ok to chew chewing tobacco on the house floor? i had to watch madison cawthorn
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spit his cup for two hours. how can that be allowed? host: that was the take away for you? caller: yeah. how can i take it seriously when i have to sit and watch that it all the chatting and giggling. that was not a serious event. it was gameplaying. i did not appreciate it. they are not taking this seriously. host: marvin in lawrenceville, new jersey, independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. i will keep this simple. this reinvestment plan mr. biden has passed to piggyback on what caller said, it is very late in coming. everything has its flaws, but
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overall the help to poor children, the internet access, infrastructure in terms of bridges and roads, i'm all for that. the republicans are always screaming about the debt. but when they are in power, everybody knows what they are are about. it's all very positive to me. believe me. they had to fight for it. thank you. host: mike in long beach, california, republican line. caller: good morning, pedro. thanks for c-span, i love it. i have a huge problem with the way that this has been reported. in fact, the whole biden administration has been reported. we right now, 2020, we spent
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$738 billion for the military. if it was reported like this bill back better built is -- bill is being reported, they would say it is $7.3 trillion we will spend for the military in the next decade. if you look at it in that perspective, you have $7 trillion going to the military. $7 trillion plus going to the military. this bill has less than $2 trillion going to the people paying the bills. host: brenda in saint stephens, south carolina. caller: hi. i don't agree with mr. mccarthy rambling yesterday and previous callers took my thunder, especially the men talking about how the republicans don't realize they are not helping them.
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they are against this bill but they are the ones that need the help, especially the childcare and different things in this building help poor people. one young lady did not know about the tax credit that trump passed for the billionaires that benefited the billionaires and not her. yet the thinking about spending too much money. they should get that tax credit back for the billionaires and use it towards helping the poor. i don't understand the republicans. he is rambling and all they care about is making money for themselves. they don't care about the little people in the middle class. i don't understand how these poor republicans call and complain about what biden is trying to do to help them. i don't understand it. host: when it comes to the length of the speech, even though it was technically packaged as a one minute speech, the house minority leader delayed the passage of the
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democrats' social spending and climate package, saying three numbers of the house are allowed to speak for unlimited amounts of time during a floor debate in "a magic minute." the speaker, majority leader in minority leader. mccarthy used one of the few tools available for the house minority to delayed proceedings last night, continuing for more than eight hours. during the first couple of hours democrats repeatedly interrupted the speech with jeers and yells to vote. mr. mccarthy responded, i will be here a long time. i'm upsetting people by telling them what is in the bill. they just yelled at me they are leaving. it was at 4:26 that he broke the record, set by speaker pelosi in 2018 when she spoke for eight hours and seven minutes in four-inch stilettos on an
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immigration reform bill. she spent the time reading about stories of individual undocumented immigrants, dreamers. mr. mccarthy hinted he wanted to break the record set by speaker pelosi. 8:00 is when the house is set the gavel in to vote on the build back better act. if you want to watch it on the computer or devices, [no audio] . -- you can download the c-span now streaming app to watch it live. you can pick that up from your store of choice. until then, we will take your calls on the boat today. also, the acts of the minority speaker yesterday. gary and fletcher, north carolina. -- in fletcher, north. -- north carolina. caller: i used to be a democrat until he learned about the free market society.
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i was about help the poor man. everyone says help the little guy, help us. nobody says help me understand the free market society. it is kind of the cat chasing its tail, for the dog. as soon as they get this thing through for children, the childcare, it will raise the price of childcare up. it is never going to end. it is never going to stop. in a free-market market society you dictate the price. if i'm doing childcare and this thing comes in and they offer money for childcare, i will raise the price. you will need more money and more votes. it is just a game to get votes at this point. how many years have we been helping the poor and they seem to never get anywhere? i changed. when a person calls and says it
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helped me with childcare and they say help me understand the free market society so i can participate in it -- host: there was a survey done by the census bureau about how parents are using the current child tax credit, saying it was researchers finding that three in 10 families who received the payment used them on school offenses. one in four used them to cover childcare costs. officials found through data gleaned in a survey that fewer households with children experienced food insecurity after the payment. adding 36 million families received a check this month. irene is next from houston, texas. caller: yes, good morning c-span. i have some ideas. i have been listening to the conversations from the previous
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callers. i have been thinking for quite some time this -- the people interested in passing this bill should think about the long-term effect of this. they should forget about the trees and the money, money, money, and think about the florist. think about what you are buying with this bill. you are forsaking the individual tradition of the american people. for instance, the childcare. that is a big hook. you will get hooked into all these particulars -- excuse me -- of this program and you are buying a socialist leaning communist country. you have to be careful of what you are thinking, what you are doing, what you are voting for. host: how does childcare relate to socialist countries?
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caller: who is going to be in charge? the money comes from the central government. already universities are receiving government money. they are subject to their directives. host: that is irene in houston. other news today, president biden is expected to undergo his annual physical at walter reed medical center. that's according to the white house. among the reaction to minority leader mccarthy's speech, representative grace meng said, "i delivered a baby less time. step aside and let us deliver real change to american families." "it is 1:25 in the morning. our colleagues have gone home and we are just getting started. the american people will know what is and bill back broke. keep it up, minority leader."
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that full speech available on a website and the c-span now video app. robin in alabama, independently. -- independent line. caller: i love this show. i have a couple of comments into question. the comments are one party, when one year. the republican be two-part -- the republic can be two parties, three parties. why can't we spend some of the money we have already signed into law and see if there is any left over and put it toward some of these things everybody is worried about? the children and stuff like that? my question is, pedro, how long were those stilettos that nancy
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hello seek -- nancy pelosi wore? host: i don't know. philip from taxes on the democrats line. -- texas on the democrats line. caller: mccarthy should know he will never be speaker. they love calling democrats socialists. the gop are the people sleeping with putin. but they love calling democrats socialists. let them return the money back to us. give the money back to us. they should return the money. they should turn it back to us. host: patricia in jacksonville,
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florida. caller: good morning. i want to say that i raised three girls by myself and i never got any help from the government. i did not get food stems or anything and i had entry-level jobs. i raised three girls have great jobs today. i think mr. mccarthy did a wonderful job. these democrats are so crazy over getting free stuff that it is all they can think about. that is what is wrong with the world today. everybody wants everything free. nothing in this world is free. joe biden is the worst president we have ever had and never will have -- ever will have. he should be impeached, along with that harris. host: patricia in florida. kimberly in new mexico, independent line.
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caller: i wanted to let everyone know the childcare portion of the bill is going to require your childcare providers have at least a two-your college education -- two-year college education. that will raise your childcare even higher. people who are ready for the government to subsidize your childcare, you are going to be paying a lot of childcare, just so you know. host: in other news, you probably saw this week play out of the house floor the censure of republican paul gosar over tweets he sent. it was former president donald trump endorsing mr. gosar. "he's been a loyal supporter of america first agenda and more importantly the usa.
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he continually fights furlough or taxes, less regulation, and the second amendment." the house minor leader kevin mccarthy said if he becomes speaker after midterm elections next year, he would reinstate both representative gosar and marjorie taylor greene to committee assignments they lost. it was an 8.5 hour plus speech yesterday by representative mccarthy. it held off the vote on the bill back better act. that's expected today on the house gavels in at 8:00 this morning. up until then, we will take calls. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. timothy in gilmer, texas. caller: hi.
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good to talk to c-span this morning. america is finally waking up and realizing you have a friend working for america now. wait and see how many republicans -- host: you have to stop listening to the television and finish your thought on the phone. caller: how many republicans are going to vote -- we will see. i am proud of biden. i am proud of the job they are doing. host: timothy in texas. debbie in churchill, tennessee. caller: i agree with irene and patricia. i would like to know who are all these people that are supposedly going to get paid leave.
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maybe you have to work for the federal government to get that. it is still only a portion of people. that will not impact people that are self-employed or people like myself who work several different jobs because i choose to do that as a college instructor. basically i have to work at several different institutions because of obamacare. we even saw with obamacare how basically companies try to get out of having to pay the benefits by cutting the hours. some people like myself work several different jobs so we don't get benefits. all these people say paid leave. it was a going to impact? maybe only the people that work for the federal government. they keep adding more holidays. i agree with patricia. i understand childcare can be
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very expensive, but at the same time that is not going to help everyone. it is going to help some families. like irene said, nothing is free. host: debbie in tennessee. dorothy in north carolina, democrats line. caller: please give me a moment to say this. i want to talk about free. i pay taxes. my husband pays taxes. he is a vet. my children pay taxes. my mother pays taxes. my grandmother pays taxes. nothing is free, but the government belongs to the people. the money belongs to the people. the people have turned our government into a business. the government was never established to be a business. the government was established for and by the people. for the people.
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everybody complains. republicans call up and say the government ain't doing nothing for us. they are giving money to other countries. we tried to give it to the people to help seniors with their hearing. they complain. they are still not satisfied. i have no idea -- let me say this. when the republicans cut that social security and medicare which they wanted to do forever, and would have if trump got a second term, what are seniors going to think about the republicans when they take everything away from them? host: that was dorothy from north carolina. when it comes to vaccine boosters, usa today reports and advisory committee and the director of the cdc will probably give boosters for all of thumbs up today. there is a chance they will restrict shots to those over 30 because of a rare side effect seen mainly in young men.
7:41 am
they have seen rare but relatively high rates of myocarditis, a swelling of the heart muscle within a week or two of the vaccination. it can be caused by a covered -- covid-19 infection. it is usually mild and short-lived. west virginia, mike, the line. caller: -- republican line. caller: i was a former democrat. i turned the day they voted to impeach donald trump. i went up the next day and i went and turned republican. i think the people in america need to wake up, because all this free money. they are the ones paying the taxes. they are doing their job. when is america going to get the working people -- when is the
7:42 am
working people going to get some money? host: michael from miami, independent line. caller: how are you? i've got to say, i don't understand why we need roads and bridges when we are not going to be able to afford to drive in another year. there ain't going to be nobody on a road or bridge. is there any provisions to buy the states they can't afford -- still working with these antiquated voting machines from the pac-man era? i will never trust another vote until we have two be required to give a fingerprint. that is deliberate i can see getting rid of all the cheating. host: that is michael in miami, florida. this is from the fox news congressional correspondent when it comes to activity in the senate. the senate back this morning at 10:00. it will begin debate on the defense bill. he's reporting the capitol
7:43 am
christmas tree arriving this morning on the west lawn of the capital. bonnie in alexandria, minnesota. caller: good morning. one thing that has my attention on the build back better blil is -- bill is the provision where insulin could get capped at $35. whereas right now some people have to pay $1000 for insulin. for somebody that has members of my family that do have diabetes, that's really important. host: another holiday tradition from the white house, the president expected to issue the first pardons of the presidency to two turkeys, peanut butter and jelly. that ceremony at the white house. he will spare them from becoming
7:44 am
thanksgiving dinner. the national turkey federation pledging there are plenty of turkey seed this year when more americans gather then in 2020. that event expected to take place around 3:15 this afternoon. stay close to c-span for more information on that. gary from westport, connecticut. caller: how are you? i want to make comments on the bill back better. we know what happened with -- when president obama was in office when they passed the stimulus bill. nothing ever was done. i think everyone in washington, republican and democrat, they think money grows on trees. this is a saying. opm. it is other people's money.
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it eventually runs out. this thing is heading towards socialism. the funny part about is this green new deal of 500 something billion dollars, they need bulldozers, backhoes, shovels, diesel operated equipment, dump trucks to build these things. they went across the energy independence of our country, which they already did. president biden does not know where he is in this role. host: the topic of electric vehicles, also a topic with the leaders of canada and mexico yesterday. reporting about their opposition to the u.s. plan for allergic vehicles, single leaders had expressed discontent with the legislative agenda, a roughly $2 trillion package negotiated. it would give consumers a tax write off of as much is $12,500 if they buy an electric vehicle
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assembled by union workers using american built batteries. automobiles produced in nonunion factories would only qualify for a $4500 less write off. it adds the opposition that both leaders -- of both leaders. the president holding bilateral meetings. you can see that as well if you want to see the exchanges with the leaders of mexico and canada. from connecticut, independent line. mibkey. -- caller: it is mike. i'm right in the middle here. i can't understand for the life of me what is going on with this country. why are so many people blinded to what nancy pelosi and these left-wing radicals like aoc and iliana mark -- ilian omar?
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america is a you do for country. if they don't like it, they can leave. they are using joe biden as a puppet to get these plans across. i feel bad for him. he seems like a nice man but he doesn't know what's going on. host: how does this legislation do the things you propose it does? caller: elect republicans. host: as far as the legislation, how will it change the country? caller: what they are proposing right now? it doesn't. it hurts the country, extremely. we don't have the money to afford this. as a homeowner, if i don't have the money to pay my bills, i can't pay them. why go into more debt? host: donald from michigan, democrats line. caller: good morning, pedro. good morning to the american people. i'm sitting here laughing
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listening to these republican callers about spending too much money. we give billions to chuck grassley, a farmer, and subsidies. that is welfare. we give billions to the oil companies as subsidies. welfare. we give billions to the big pharma in rebates. that is welfare for corporations. it is time to give the american people, the hard-working, poor and hard-working middle-class americans a break. host: how do you think they are going to benefit from this legislation? caller: pedro, i will be 60 in january. i have two daughters. when they were kids we were
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paying $500 apiece for child care. we were making good money back then. that was expensive for us. $500 apiece for two kids that were two and three. childcare will help them. host: that is donald in michigan. kerry in boca raton, florida. caller: good morning. i was with you up until about 1:00 a.m. what great coverage. i'm so proud of kevin mccarthy for speaking up for us. i'm concerned with the amount of money we are wanting to get to china to help our resources here in america. i'm concerned with the amount of batteries and the electrical components that go into making these great new deal cars. they are so not good for our environment to begin with. where to bigo from here? --
7:50 am
where do we go from here? host: brooke in north carolina. independent line. caller: hi. i wanted to make a comment about the republicans. they always had the ability and income from their parents. the poor never had the opportunity to have good jobs. they would lose their food stamps when they got the good jobs. or they don't have the education to go to school or finish school. most republicans had access to -- more access to more money to do more than the poor. host: how does that relate to the debate in the boat today? -- and the boat today -- vote
7:51 am
today? caller: i'm watching the journal right now. they are talking about it. i worked and did not receive food stamps that i had to pay everything by myself. i was in a bind. when i was receiving food stamps and got nothing, i was able to do more. host: you said when you did not receive food stamps, you are able to do more? did i hear that incorrectly? caller: when i was receiving food stamps i could only get more food in my household then when i was working. it was hearty for me to have food and maintain paying the bills and not be living with a tight pocket or have money issues. host: you are saying legislation like the wind debated today
7:52 am
would help people in those situations? in my hearing that wrong? dashcam i hearing that wrong? -- am i hearing that wrong? caller: we have not had the same opportunities in life. that would really help out the poor with additional money and help them -- host: thanks for calling. james from prescott, arizona. democrats line. caller: i'm a long-time democrat but i will vote republican this next go around. i can't believe they are allowing -- not because of covid. he keeps -- biden keeps typing about being vaccinated. i understand that. i'm vaccinated.
7:53 am
it's upsetting. let everybody come in the front door, break immigration law rather than come and legally -- in legally. when he chimes in on crimes like these shootings and stuff like that and chimes in on the border patrol, this guy is lost. host: you have concerns about immigration, why didn't you change under the obama administration? caller: i was not paying attention back in. when you see the amount of people coming in now, it is unbelievable. it is like triple. the fence. they got the fence out and it is laying there rusting. they are paying people not to put the fence up. when you hear the news -- you have people coming in.
7:54 am
we don't have a clue who they are. they could be terrorists. host: that is james in arizona. mike in texas, republican line. caller: good morning. the last caller is precisely correct. we have people coming across our border. we have no idea if they are criminals, if they have diseases like tuberculosis. we don't know if they can support themselves. we don't know if they know english. they are not vaccinated. what expectations do we have for people coming across our border? none. host: and how does that relate to the legislation being debated today? the build back better legislation? caller: fair enough. the spending happening -- when you just spend money wildly you are reducing the value of the dollar. the two areas in our past 30 years, the two industries where
7:55 am
inflation is at its worst to the consumer, to the life at every family in every household, the areas where it is the worst is in college education and health care. that is where the inflation rates are way far exceeding. both industries, government interjects itself between the consumer and the seller, the provider. in both cases you are seeing rapid inflation. people want help, they want money. here we go. let's get government involved in more things. let's stay home and have government pay our bills when we have challenges. host: we will hear from pat in new york on the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am listening to a lot of the views from around the country. i respect people's involvement. it is clear a lot of people don't understand the actual issues. the independent issues.
7:56 am
i am constantly reminded this two-party system does not work. it is a set up so we fight each other and we don't actually look at the issues. i was reading some statements, comments and our forefathers who dreaded the idea of a two-party system. it broke out into conflict and that is what has happened in this country. host: when it comes to build back better, what issues do you have? caller: there is too much fighting among the congress, which has become a fight among the people themselves. it is a fight. rather than doing something i am respecting a dictatorial decree without the involvement of congress or the people. host: that was pat. diana and misery, democrats line. caller: hi. i think mr. biden is doing a
7:57 am
wonderful job from the massive deceit and destruction we got before. now we are trying to build back. our roads are a disgrace. you drive through the city, you drop your wheels in the middle-of-the-road because the roads are so bad. no. he's doing a wonderful job and no one could have done too good after trump. host: you support this legislation being debated today? caller: i do. host: why is that? caller: we have got to do something to bring america back, for us to get along and what we really want. republicans are afraid to vote for what they want because of trump. host: let's hear from tony in ann arbor, michigan. we are running short on time. the house is about to come in. tony, no ahead. caller: thank you. i want people to understand
7:58 am
if they spend more than $20 a day, the irs will be knocking on the door asking for more money. that is the main thing. childcare. they have to have a four-year degree. as for the roads, that $1.2 trillion, only 9% goes to roads. roads are going to stay the same. it did not do nothing. host: gail from jacksonville, north carolina. caller: good morning. i will make this short and sweet. thank god for president biden and the democrats. i am so thankful the build back better is for our children and caregiving and generations. it is the most transformative investment in children and caregiving and generations. we have to do what is best for our generations. 100 years ago, we had high schools where we could have public education for free. biden cares about families. the democrats care about
7:59 am
families. prescription drugs are supposed to be lowered. i don't understand how these republicans can sit back and do nothing to help the ordinary american person. how can they say no to trying to help children and childcare? i am baffled. what i see is the gop and the right-wing media, all they do, their job is to bash biden. i support biden and what he does. host: we are going to let rob get in from stockton, california. go ahead with your comment today. caller: i will be very efficient. if you can pull up the u.s. debt clock for the democrats to see with the debt is today in the united states, we are at $28.9 trillion in debt. that is for 2021.
8:00 am
you cannot deny that. host: we believe that there. watching c-span today for work on the build back better and the expected vote. the house of representatives is coming in. we will take you to them. november 19, 2021. i hereby appoint the honorable katherine m. clark to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nope, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by chaplain cribben. chaplain kibben: would you pray with me. holy god ie


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