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tv   Mike Pence at Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting  CSPAN  November 13, 2021 11:51pm-12:26am EST

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the democrats are the party of despondency. everything is bad and you need us to get you out of it. the republican party is the party of hope. and aspirations and the american dream. if you all are willing to join with leaders all across this country to do that, then we are going to see a greater day not only for our republican party, not only for each other and our children and grandchildren, but everyone around the world who is dying once again to stand within america that stout -- that tells the truth and we can believe in. when we give them that we will once again be that shining city on a hill. thank you very much. [applause] ♪
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mr. pence: it is my great honor to be with all of you today and to know that right here and right now from this point forward, we will all resolve to do our part to win back the house, the senate, governorships all america in 2022 and we're going to win back this country in 2024. [applause] mr. pence: as we gather tonight, i know all of your hearts are where mine are. and that is the one empty chair this evening. allow me to pay tribute to a man without whose leadership we would not be here. sheldon adelson was so much more than just and extort very businessman. and philanthropist.
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sheldon adelson was a warrior, a patriot, a proud u.s. army veteran, and a zealot and unapologetic defender of zion, jerusalem, and the united states of america. let me say from my heart, may all whom -- who knew this extraordinary man be comforted with the thanks of the love in the country and the people he did so much to support. and especially to marion. [speaking hebrew] may his memory be a constant source of blessing to you, your children, and your grandchildren. america will never forget or fail to honor the extraordinary leadership of sheldon adelson.
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[applause] sheldon adelson. [applause] i came here tonight to say thank you. thank you for the privilege of serving in the most pro-america, pro-israel administration in american history. it was the greatest honor of my life to serve as vice president under president donald trump. i will always be proud of the record we assembled together with your support. we rebuilt our military, we revived our economy, we unleashed american energy. we saw more than 300 conservatives confirmed to our federal courts and in the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years we launched the greatest national mobilization since world war two and under the tpence administration.
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if the world knew nothing else the world knew this, america stands with israel the trump pence administration. [applause] ensured that israel would always have the resources to be able to defend herself by herself and i'm proud to report that under our administration, american support for israel's security was greater than ever before. and i know you've heard from this podium already at this conference, but it bears reciting with your support. our administration was able to take historic steps to strengthen the ties between the american people and the jewish state of israel, we acknowledge israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. we declared that israeli settlements in the west bank were not inconsistent with international law.
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we pulled the united states out of the u.n. human rights council for its blatant anti israel bias. and we shut down the p.l.o. office in washington d.c. we signed the strongest executive order ever written to fight anti semitism and maybe most important of all we withdrew from the iran nuclear deal. we confronted iran's malign behavior. we vigorously enforced sanctions to bring iran's oil exports to zero and qasem soleimani is gone. [applause] yeah. on the day we left office the iranian regime was weaker and more isolated than ever before. and of course after years of broken promises across four previous administrations it was president donald trump and our administration that kept our promise to the american people and our most cherished ally.
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when we moved the american embassy to jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. [applause] but every step of the way, democrats and self proclaimed experts derided our approach. remember? they issued dire warnings about what would come if we stood so steadfastly with israel. but as usual, they were wrong. and a little more than a year ago, we proved just how wrong they were when leaders from israel, bahrain, the uae and the united states signed the abraham accords. [applause] it was a season of extraordinary progress and members of the republican jewish coalition, i hope you take great pride and all that we were able to do for the american people and to
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strengthen our ties with our most cherished ally. but how times have changed. as we gather for this national leadership meeting, america is a nation in crisis. under president joe biden, we're facing the worst border crisis in our nation's history. runaway spending, the largest tax increase in 50 years being planned, driving a supply chain crisis and the worst inflation in 30 years. the radical left agenda is driving up the price of gasoline for working families. a woke crisis in education is dividing our kids by race and silencing students on campuses across america. and the disastrous withdrawal in afghanistan was a disgrace. and make no mistake about it, president joe biden has turned his back on israel as well.
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he restored funding to the palestinian authority. he announced his intention to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. and now the biden administration is planning to open a consulate in jerusalem for the palestinian people. [booing] this is an unlawful step and it's time for congress to act. to deny president biden from opening a consulate in jerusalem where the american embassy stands. [applause]
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i think you all know that a careful study of history proves that weakness arouses evil. and after the president's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, our adversaries are sensing weakness. they're emboldened to test our resolve. in fact, they've already begun to do so, missiles being fired by north korea once again. and of course the iranian regime launching a drone strike on a u.s. base in syria. but let me say after traveling all across this country as your vice president over the last four years, however weak the current administration may be, the american people are strong, and they will stand with those who stand for freedom. [applause] so i just want to thank you. i want to thank you for your steadfast support over the past
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four years and your prayers. i want to thank you for all you've done to strengthen the us .s. -- the u.s.-israel alliance. we stand with israel today at a critical moment in the life of our relationship. and we stand with israel for the same reason the american people have always stood with israel. we stand with israel because her cause is our cause. her values are our values. her fight is our fight. we stand with israel because we believe in right over wrong and good over evil. and we stand with israel because we hold fast to that ancient promise that those who bless her will be blessed. [applause] as the great winston churchill said in a speech before the congress in the midst of world war ii, he said "he must indeed
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have a blind soul who cannot see that some great purpose is being worked out here below, of which we have the privilege to be faithful servants." so it can be said of this nation and even more so of israel, there is a great and invisible hand at work in history. i mean, think about it. how probable is it that a man named abraham would leave and travel north? he ruled no empire, he commanded no army, performed no miracles. but how probable is it that he should become the most influential man in the history of the human race? how probable is it that his descendants would outlive and outshine the world's greatest empires, and to this day remains strong and proud and free?
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how likely is it that after 2000 years of exile, after millennia of being scattered to the four corners of the earth, after centuries of relentless persecution and hardship, in just four years after walking through the valley of the shadow of death, that the jewish people should return to their ancestral homeland to create a new, free, proud and prosperous state of israel. but so it was promised so long ago. in the words of jeremiah, the lord says, i will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to this place. for i know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope in the future.
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so, my fellow americans, thank you for coming here tonight. thank you for claiming a hope and a future for our nation and our most cherished ally. let us continue to draw inspiration from the story of israel and, in a word, even in these challenging times, let's keep the faith. let's keep faith with the ideals of our founders, enshrined in the declaration and the constitution. let's keep faith with 74 million americans who know in their heart that the sun has not set on this land of the free. [applause] and let's keep faith that him who has ever guided this great american experiment and his chosen people guides us still,
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because god is not done with america or israel yet, and i know the best days for our nations are yet to come. [applause] ♪ god bless you all. >> ♪ i was born free born free ♪ >> boy, mr. vice president did we miss you, does america miss you. those of us who love israel miss you. thanks for the opportunity to
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have a little conversation, and there is a lot to ask. i will give you a softball question to start with. tell us three things that if you were running in the oval office that you'd be doing different what the biden administration is doing to america right now. mr. pence: everything, everything, and everything. [applause] it really is amazing, if you think about it. and rjc members know this, but it does seem to me that after spending an entire campaign in his basement, articulating very few policy positions to my recollection, the biden administration is essentially advancing an agenda that is from day one has been an effort to undo the successful policies of
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our administration. but i'm not exactly -- 12 months from now, we're going to start to get it all back. i believe it with all my heart. [applause] norm: so if without question donald j. trump was the best friend that israel ever had in the white house, mike pence, mike pence is the best friend that israel ever had as vice president of the united states. [applause] one of the things that i heard as i listened to your remarks, let's start by a conversation about his real. i'm trying to figure out -- about israel. i'm trying to figure out, was a getting out of jcpoa. but you talked about the promise the president made about moving the embassy.
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i know it is a promise he made to sheldon. i heard a story about how that decision went down in the white house, wherever it was it went down. it was not an unanimous decision. i imagine you had a number of institutional folks expressing what they had to do for the folks they represented, that this would be problematic, that the world would come to an end. the arab world would rise up, etc. i'm told that your voice was the last voice before the president made his decision. mr. pence: second to last. norm: can you give us information about that now? mr. pence: i think it was an extraordinary example of presidential leadership. i mean, four different presidents when they were
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candidates for the office had promised the american people to republicans, to democrats, that they would move the american embassy to jerusalem. jerusalem is the only capital in the world where our embassy was not located. to say that every leader in the world opposed president trump moving the embassy to jerusalem would be an understatement. literally, i was there in the oval office many times when the calls had come in from heads of state, one after another after another. and lee, you remember this as well, hearing all about it, telling the president why it couldn't happen. and i literally was there watching some of the leaders in our own foreign policy establishment, including some in positions of authority who were telling the president that it couldn't occur, but i have to tell you, i saw president trump
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turn his face like flint against the wind. he believed in two things. number one, that when you take what's not negotiable off the table, that you might be able to actually negotiate. and jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel is non negotiable. [applause] i saw a lot of conversations and in the oval office and the great kellyanne conway is here as well. she saw them. isn't she great? how many conversations ended when the president would simply say, well that's what i said i was going to do. you know we said we were going -- we said we were going to rebuild the military, we said we were going to cut taxes and we said we were going to move the american embassy to jerusalem. and it happened because the president kept the word he gave to the american people, plain
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and simple. [applause] norm: and i think the vice president is being modest with his humility. he is a very humble man. i know that voice said that's a promise that you made and it's a promise that should be kept. and the president pounded his fist and the promise was kept and we are all grateful. [applause] norm: a cumbersome and on the armed services committee this afternoon talked about the chinese communist party being a threat to america right now. the thought was that we brought china into, opened up, brought our ideas to them, that they would turn like us. as you kind of look at that, it seems maybe things are going in the other direction. can you give me your sense of how that's playing out? mr. pence: well, let me be candid with you, and senator, you and i have known each other
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a long time. i will be honest, in my years in congress, any time any issue relative to china came up, i was someone that believed if you expand economic exchange with china, you would be strengthening the better angels of their nature, that economic freedom would give way and promote political liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. but what our administration was able to articulate is that exactly the opposite has occurred, that as china has become more prosperous, in fact it's become more authoritarian. it has used the largess that it has cleaned from our administration -- gleaned from our administration unbridled access to the american economy, the largest economy in the world, to enrich themselves to build a massive military, that they've used in provocative ways in the south china sea and most recently in the taiwan straits,
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intellectual property theft occurring on a regular basis among american corporations and institutions of higher education, human rights abuses against muslims and christians and people of faith in china, breaking their word to hong kong. and now the menacing message toward taiwan, and of course worst of all is that china did not come clean with the world at the outset of covid and we need to hold china accountable for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world. [applause] i mean, in the midst of all that, i am pleased to report to you that i think one of the enduring legacies of our administration is that we changed the national consensus on china, and i will tell you that i think there is a broad and bipartisan recognition. senator graham would agree with me on capitol hill that china
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today represents the most significant, strategic challenge that we have, the most significant threat to our economy, and in the long-term, to our security on the face of the earth. and it's the reason why our administration took strong steps to impose tariffs on china. i'm at least pleased at this point that the biden administration has not gone done those, - not un -- not undone those, although i read in the newspapers that that's being given consideration. the truth of the matter is what we need to be doing is accelerating the pressure on the chinese communist party until they open their markets, cease the theft of intellectual property, cease the provocative military behavior in the south china sea and respect the basic human rights and liberties of their people. we should condition access to
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the american economy on a respect for the international rules of freedom. [applause] norm: i want to end this conversation talking about faith. you ran for congress twice as a decaffeinated rush limbaugh. mr. pence: rush limbaugh on de caf. norm: i'm told that there was conversation you had with your wife, karen, about whether you can run again. and i understand it's an important conversation. perhaps if you hadn't had it, i may not be sitting here with you right now. your path would have been different. can you talk about how your faith impacts your decision making and your policy making? mr. pence: well, thanks norm. i'm happy to share that story and thanks for the -- thanks for
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your evident faith and the way it has shined through and inspired all of us through the course of your life and career. [applause] so we had run for congress a couple of times when i had black hair and was admittedly a lot thinner, but we lost those races for congress. and 10 years later the opportunity came back around. we had three kids under the age of six. i could tell you it was a very difficult decision for us. i was making a living at radio television. i was home for dinner at night, but karen and i felt felt drawn to the opportunity to serve our country after the disgraceful years of the clinton administration, but it was a tough decision. and we found ourselves out west.
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we like to ride horses. and karen and i saddled up a couple horses and we rode up to a place called chimney rock in the teddy roosevelt national forest. we got off the horses and we were going back and forth about whether we would run or not run, run or not, run, candidates that are in the room will tell you it is never an easy decision to step -- to step forward because you understand the cost. but as we were standing there in chimney rock, mulling it over, we saw these two red tail hawks and they were coming up the valley floor in a circular motion and their wings weren't moving. and i just said to my wife, she said i was trying to be a romantic. i said those two hawks are us. she said, then i think we
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should run. but if we run, we need to do it like those two hawks, we need to spread our wings, let god take us wherever he would take us. no flapping. and that is what we have done, norm. when that race for congress was successful, when i put my name on the ballot to be governor of indiana and when i got that phone call to join a national ticket in 2016 was asked to run again in 2020 for our little family. it is about letting our yes be yes and no be no, letting people know where we're coming from, where our hearts are, spreading our wings, just letting god put us wherever he wants us to serve. and i promise you as long as i live, that will always be our practice. but wherever the lord leads us or lifts us, i'll stand with all of you and every american who stands with israel. so thank you very much and god bless you all. [applause]
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norm: mr. vice president, we love you. give a round of applause. this room is filled with love, mr. president. [applause] announcer: c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies anymore, including cox. cox is committed to providing eligible families access to affordable internet, bridging the digital divide. cox, bringing us closer. announcer: cox support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers , giving you a front row seat to democracy.
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