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tv   SpaceX Crew Arrives at International Space Station  CSPAN  November 11, 2021 11:18pm-12:03am EST

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under c-span now our new video at. -- our new video app. >> watch c-span now. access cap highlights, listen to c-span radio, and discover new podcast, all for free. download c-span now app today. >> following a successful launch on wednesday, estimates on the spacex crew three docked with the international space station. this is the beginning of their six-month science mission at the station. here is video of their arrival, courtesy of nasa.
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>> as you heard, the crew hands off, meaning if there was a scenario, it would be done autonomously by dragon. >> that soft capture makes initial contact. it does make initial contact. it effectively pulls the dragon into place for the heart capture hooks to drive into place. there are 12 of them in total and there actually fast and around -- in a circle. a little wider than the soft capturing that we just saw on the screen. those 12 hooks will effectively keep it in place. >> here is another big loop.
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you can commence. >> thanks. >> we are in orbital nighttime now. you can see the firing of the engine. this is, again -- there are 16 of them on the dragon and they will continue to fire for any type of micro-adjustments that are necessary. there are green and red navigation lights on the dragon as well. also that is a centralized camera in the middle. again, all these sensors help for dragon to autonomously dock with the international space station. >> dragon now just under 14 meters from the international
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space station, making that slow and methodical approach to the international docking adapter . >> 10 meters. >> copy 10.
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>> now just under eight meters from the international space station. >> this is what dragon -- on the screen is international space station and the forward node 2 port. you can see there are a bunch of lines around that front. that is where the heart capture hooks -- the hard capture hooks will drive into place. right in the center of that is the docking target. the docking target is what dragon is using to again help navigate it towards the
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international space station. we just heard the call out. five meters away. >> soft capture confirmed. [indiscernible]
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>> and contact. and contact confirmed at 3:32 pacific time as the international space station and endurance were flying 236 miles over the eastern caribbean. >> we still have a few steps to complete before dragon is completely attached to the space station. and we're hearing call-outs of soft capture ring retraction. that should complete in about four minutes, and then about two minutes after that, the hard capture sequence. this is where the 12 hooks around the outer ring will drive themselves into place on a secure dragon to the
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international space station, and then hard docking should be complete in about 10 minutes from now. >> that's right. those 12 hooks will drive six at a time in two parts performed a hard mate between dragon in the international space station. >> what is happening right now with the soft capture ring retraction is that part of the soft capturing, they were extended. that is what made contact with the international space station. they are effectively being pulled back into the dragon and because it's attached the dragon , is now getting closer and closer with the international space station. those 12 hard capture hooks can set themselves in place and then we have a nice docking procedure completed. looks like we are over the handover period. we bring you guys the views of dragon and the international space station. we will get them back very soon. for now, this is a view of mission control and hawthorne.
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we are working in tandem with johnson space center in houston to make sure that, again, these sequences we are bringing the crew safely to the station. >> that's right. if you are just joining us, contact was confirmed at 332 p.m. pacific time, as the international space station and endurance were flying 263 statute miles above the eastern caribbean. >> once hard capture is completed, dragon is firmly affixed to the international space station, but not quite able to exit the dragon just yet, there are still a couple of things that need to happen. the space between the dragon and the international space station is a vestibule. it is unpressurized. we have to make sure we put air into it, pressurize it, that way it is safe for the folks inside dragon and on the international
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space station. there are couple of different things that have to happen before we can open up the hatches on both. sufficient that's right. right now we have a soft capture. we will not have hard capture and tilde 12 hooks are fully driven in. >> i am sure that the crew is super to get out of dragon and enjoy the international station. they have been in place for about 21 and a half miles. they separated from falcon 9 yesterday night but they have been through orbit and going through phasing to make sure they can rendezvous safely with the international space station. the folks in the international space station themselves -- sequences holding for reconfiguration.
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>> so, the international space station crew have also been helping on their end as well, monitoring dragons approach and making sure they are doing the prep work necessary to get the hatch open and welcome new members into the international space station. >> now that the ring retraction is complete, they will begin driving the hooks. those are 12 hooks that will drive in two parts, six at a time, to form that hard mate between dragon and the international space station. >> the dragons will also be powered with umbilical's as part of the heart capture sequence. he will also be plugging in liam belittles into the dragon to make sure it has power again from international space station.
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>> eastern on the big loop. >> mission copy. >> ok. proceeding with hawk driving. 12 hooks. six will drive and then the second six will drive, and then we will officially have a hard mate between endurance and the international space station. >> the procedure takes about four minutes. it is underway now. we just got the call. from darrell have to move on to rationalization of that process -- from there we will move to pressurization of the first bill and then we will -- pressurization of the vestibule. then we will welcome in the crew. i am sure there will be lots of smiles and hugs as the cream
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enters the international space station and three of them for the first time. >> this is their first time in space. >> of course they will still have the suits on. they will be able to take those off before they float through the hatch to say hello to their crewmembers and get welcomed on board for the first time in six months. >> the crew woke up a little early. we didn't really have any holds at almost any of the way points , so we went through approach initiation to waypoint zero, from waypoint 02 waypoint one, straight to waypoint two. had a small hold. overall it has been a really great and smooth operation as part of this mission. >> as that hard capture sequence
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is underway, the first set of those hooks are driving right now. that is six of the 12 hooks. >> yeah. part of the reason why the docking sequence is split up into two phases is, with the the design of the soft capture ring , those pedals really allow you a little bit more margin when you are docking. it allows the spacecraft basically to get close. then we have some mechanical features that will really allow it to get that hard mate that we are looking for. again, we are expecting that to be complete in just a few minutes here. we'll be listening on the big loop with everyone else here on that exciting news.
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>> ok. the first set of six hooks have driven. that second set will start now once those 12 have all driven. we will have a hard mate. again, the first set of six have driven.
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>> this is a great view. this is a live view inside the dragon. it has been soft captured and is halfway through the hard capture sequences. on the left side is the commander. to his right is the pilot of this mission. i believe to the other left is kayla who is the mission specialist. the other mission specialist is matthias. this is their first space flight. first time at the international space station. all super exciting. we got the video footage of them earlier. they were playing a game of who
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can spin the most without hitting anything. >> and we have confirmation that the hard capture is complete. crew dragon endurance officially made it to the international space station. >> now that the sequence is completed, the crew on board the dragon will get a chance to get out of their suits before moving onto hatch operation. >> and thankfully picking up inside the station, as nasa's merck to hide gets the area
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ready to be open and pressurizing the vestibule. for now, let's go to sandra jones for a refresher on what is ahead now that dragon is officially docked. sandra: thanks, courtney. it is a very exciting moment for us here at mission control following dragon's docking at 3:32 p.m. while the station was flying 262 miles over the caribbean. the nasa flight director rebecca led the team here in houston for dragon's approach for docking today. to the right is joshua. he will be communicating with the crew aboard the station to step through procedures in preparation. right now there are three astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the space station. that includes nasa's mark, as
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well as roscosmos' cosmonauts, piotr and anto. now thatn endurance is docked to the space station, mark will secure some hardware and will move right into hatch operations . first he will open the large hatch, giving him access inside the pressurized mating adapter. then he will pressurize the vestibule, which is a small space between the hatches on dragon and the space station. because this was exposed to the vacuum of space prior to docking, he will need to fill it with air to make sure the pressure is nearly equal to that of the international space station. >> docking sequence is complete. welcome to the international space station.
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>> copy. docking complete. happy to be here on the iss. >> ground will be enabling hard-line power and comm connections shortly. you have a go to dock your suits per procedure for .012. we will take the cameras external shortly. >> taking the cameras external. >> ok. good read back. >> endurance, spacex, on the big loop. you have a go for hatch opening followed by the remaining actions in procedure 4.400,
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section 6. >> good read back. we are monitoring here on the ground. >> great news, that go for hatch opening. we should float aboard the international space station here shortly. they are working to open up the hatch on the endurance side. >> endurance, the hatch is open.
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>> copy. we see the same. >> dragon hatch now open. and we can start to see the crewmembers inside endurance. . the hatch that we have been waiting for to open since 5:32 p.m. central time is now open. hatch opening taking place just a couple of seconds ago. the hatch is open, but the crew three astronauts will need to walk a few more steps before they can exit the international
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space station. >> 400 on the big loop. 3e international space station -- that hatch opening occurring at 7:25 p.m. central. >> and endurance, this is the big loop. you are a go for hatch crossing. >> first through the hatch will be nasa astronaut caleb baron. some hugs. you can hear the claps inside mission control. next up is the european space
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agency astronaut matthias maurer. and now we have nasa astronaut tom washburn. and nasa astronaut raja chari. lots of hugs and smiles here. seven crewmembers now.
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se and you can really see and feel the excitement by the looks on their crew's faces. looks like they are posing for some photos now. >> welcome to station, crew 3. you guys look great in that photo. >> and if you are just now
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joining us, the crew 3 astronauts have successfully docked and entered aboard the international space station. they launched yesterday at 8:03 p.m. central time, and completed a 22-hour launch to docking to the international space station . docking occurred this evening at 530 2 p.m. central time, and the hatch was opened just a few minutes ago at 7:25 p.m. central time. r nasa astronautaha -- nasa astronaut raja chari,, kayla baron, and tom washburn as well as european space agency astronauts have now successfully reached the international space station and we see a pretty special moment happening right now for kayla baron, first-time
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space flyer, as she is being pinned as an official flown nasa astronaut. next up is european space agency astronaut tom washburn also a first-time flyer -- excuse me, that is european space agency astronaut matthias maurer, being pinned by nasa astronaut tom washburn. lots of smiles and thumbs up. an exciting moment.
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and the third first-time space flyer, commander of the spacex vehicle, roger terry, getting his pain -- raja chari, getting his pain. >> checking for the taming. >> just about to hand over.
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>> hs tonight class has a nickname from the class above them. this one has several totals flying on board the space station. the zero g indicator is rhetorical named for the german -- is a total, named for the german word for peacock.
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>> hey great shot of the crew-4 astronauts as they prepare for
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the coming ceremony slated to begin a few minutes from now. from left to right our master astronaut tom marshburn, astronaut kayla barron, astronaut raja chari, and european space agency astronaut matthias maurer. floating into the frame now is mark vanderhigh.
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>> station, this is houston. are you ready for the event? >> we are not quite ready for the event. have to get the space station commander. >> no problem. standing by.
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>> we are ready for the event. >> we copy, station. please call the international space station for a voice check. >> hello. can you hear me? >> yes, ma'am. we can definitely hear you. greetings. >> greetings. are we ready to go? >> let's do it. i am not sure if we are supposed to be talking first. >> ok. i will get started and you guys can follow. tonight docking was the perfect way for us to finish up what has
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been our 10 year anniversary year for the commercial crew program. i don't know about you guys, but it feels like the last two weeks have been pretty crazy for me. i know you guys are probably real happy to be out of crew quarters. i told norm last night we are rescuing them from crew quarters with this lunch. and i know, mark, you were waiting patiently for them to come, enjoying a few days of quiet before the next round of folks coming up. but boy, is it good to see you. so, raja, i am hearing that you are here leading the turtles. you have the turtle there. i am so happy in particular to see you there after all your work during the joint testing.
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it'll be good to hear how the vehicle operated for you with all the work that you did. it is so fantastic to see matthias, kayla, and tom with you safely. we can't wait to see all the work you all are going to accomplish. and i am looking forward to many, many more amazing experiences to come over the next six months. thank you again for your service. i love roger what he said yesterday, when we were getting ready for lunch and he said, we were hoping for a halloween lunch, but it is even cooler right now to be able to launch and dark. it is a great way to honor our veterans -- able to launch and dock on veterans day. it is a great way to honor our veterans. thank you. >> thanks, kathy. it was great to work on the vehicle.
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we all loved the ride. way smoother than we could have imagined. that feeling going to the second stage was just awesome. a beautiful ride. you need to see and feel the engines respond. it would not have been complete without testing, seeing if we could go from landing to launch in 48 hours. so, kudos to the entire team. we had a pretty -- we are happy to be here now and ready to work. [laughter] >> hi, colleagues. i am very proud to be commander of this great team. i know in the future we will
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have beautiful -- and orbit together. we will build together. >> i can't tell you how happy i am to see these smiling faces. everyone of us, all seven of us are friends and we will become even better friends as time goes on. we have a lot of work to do to do all the science experiments. i learned that at this moment, we have 60 experiments in progress already. and of course, by the time we finish our time up here, we'll participate in many more . a lot of exciting times coming up. it is really an honor to be here at the time when these folks arrived and to be able to help out not just with doing science that is going to help out with humanity on the earth right now, but also to help the human race be better able to explore further and further away from our home planet.
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>> thank you. we now welcome to director-general. >> this is joseph. you hear me? >> hello, joseph. yes, matthias. 5x5. >> fantastic. happy to see you, matthias . happy to see all of you. it is amazing to see these smiling faces. matthias, it must be a great feeling experiencing weightlessness life for the first time for you.
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i think it is just after dark. for esa, and for europe, it is fascinating to have you as our next representative at the space station. thomas has just returned to your common home base. european astronaut center in cologne. both to recover for him but also to engage in post-mission scientific activities. matthias, i can only tell you that we all at esa we are so proud of you and very excited to see you at the space station. we wish you all the best of luck. we know you have a lot of science and a lot of experiments ahead of you. including work on the european robotic arm. look forward to seeing you working in the nasa and the russian spacesuits, but also i hope you have some time to enjoy the stunning views of our beautiful planet earth from the
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cupola. and your messages to planet earth and to all of us down here will certainly be exciting in helping us all to preserve it. it is just beautiful. from my side, matthias, a very warm welcome. to all of you and also to raja, tom, kayla, and the european space agency, i am just so excited and so happy to see you there smiling and in very good shape. >> many thanks, joseph. many thanks to all the colleagues who helped me find a way appear interspace. it was a very interesting ride, exciting yesterday on the falcon nine and the crew dragon. minutes before we started this event, my colleagues actually gave me the honor in opening the cupola shutters, and it
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was an amazing view. a view that i was dreaming about for years. after the event i will go back and indulge more in the view. we have a lot of science experiments ahead and i am very happy to continue what tom has started. after six months i will hand over to samantha and it will be the time of the longest european presence in space, 1.5 years almost without interruption, if thomas had left early. [laughs] we will try to provide all the science experiments to other scientists on the ground that they are hoping for. thank you very much. >> thank you, matthias. very warm greetings from all of us here. danke schon. [speaking in german] >> [speaking in german] danke.
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>> that concludes the event. >> thank you associated administrative leaders, and director-general for your participation in the crew-3 welcome ceremony. station, we are now resuming normal operational audio communications. >> wow. what an incredible few hours it has been. so great to see the crew-3 astronauts on board. they were just welcomed by leaders from each of the space agencies that represent the crewmembers above endurance. first we heard from kathy, the associated ministry of space operations, mission directorate at nasa. then we heard remarks from the
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european space agency director-general. each of them talked about what it took us to get to this moment to welcome four new astronauts to the international space station, bringing the current population of the space station to seven human beings as part of the expedition 66 mission it's . it has been an incredible 24 hours for crew-3 and we are thrilled to see them safely on board the international space station. we have been with you from the very beginning, starting with the crew suiting up in the suit up, the crew then headed to the launch pad and made their way to the service fixed structure and ingress to we had an on-time left yesterday. dragon separated from the second stage. five major burns took place as dragon made its way to the space station. finally, endurance and its crew docked to the international space station at 5:32 p.m. central time and the crewmembers
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floated through the hatch at 7:25 p.m. central time, officially bringing them to their new home for the next six months in space. it's been an incredible 24 hours watching this mission. and on behalf of spacex and nasa, thank you for watching it all unfold with us. the third rotational cremation has reached the international space station and will spend approximately six months docked to the space station until it's time for the crew to return home. now, the crew-3 has successfully arrived to the international space station. be sure to follow nasa and spacex on social media for real-time updates throughout their mission. thanks again for watching our coverage. go nasa, go spacex and go crew-3. this is mission control houston. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more, including comcast. >> you think this is just a community center? no, it's way more than that.
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