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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 30, 2021 10:09am-11:11am EDT

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♪ >> this week on q&a, howard he was sick discusses "the poor side of town," is critical look at the effort by the federal government, private developers and others to create low-cost housing in the united states. howard: what happens was once your home is torn down and you are directed to the projects which seem nice, but you can only rent. the government owns them, you can never own anything in public and subsidized housing. to this day this remains a problem. 47% of the residents of public housing to this day are african-american. those are people not owning anything, and not accumulating wealth. we should not be surprised at having steered african-americans into public housing that there is a gap between black and white wealth. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern
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on q&a, and you can listen to it and all of our podcasts on our new c-span now app. ♪ what do you think? do you consider climate change a problem, what do you think about the poll saying multiple americans think that climate change is a crisis.
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we will open up regular lines meaning that republicans we want to hear from you at 202-748-8000 -- 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. keep in mind that you can always text us at 202-748-8003. and, we are always reading on social media, facebook on and twitter at c-spanwj and instagram at c-spanwj, once again we have a new poll saying that many americans think that climate change is extremely very or extremely important, and i want to bring that to you coming from cbs news. it says that americans are more passionate about climate change than ever before according to the study. 50% -- 59% view climate change
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as very or extremely important. a 10 point increase from 2018. that is a 10 point increase from 2018. only 22% of republican said the issue was that critical in 2018. one third of democrats say democratic leaders say it has a lot of influence on their views. extreme recent weather events are influencing the view. again, this comes from a pole put out by the ap. i want to bring some more effects from that from --
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that to you. 59% of americans, most democrats and over a third of republicans, say this is a very corn issue. -- a very important issue. rn half of americans support a measure that all ruined vehicles -- all new vehicles be electric. half as many americans said the same in a 2018 study. this is from a new poll put out by ap. this comes as the president is heading to europe to talk to the g20 summit about what they can
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do about climate change. i want to bring you a little information from reuters about what is going on in europe. president joe biden wants to show the climate conference and conference that the u.s. is back in the fight against global warming, but is continuing haggling against his climate jewels -- climate goals in congress. biden had hoped to showcase legislation to reduce u.s. greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, encouraging other rations to take other actions to protect
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the earth. -- some aspects of the program that would award countries that adopted programs, penalizing those that did not. earlier this week, president biden came out to highlight the climate provisions in his ne w framework. [video clip] >> this makes the most significant investments to deal with the crime -- the climate clices. over one billion metric tons of a reductions, at least 10 times bigger than any big passed before, enough to position us
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for us a bigger reduction by 2030, and we will do it in ways that gross domestic industry, creates good paying union jobs, and addresses long-standing injustice. doing things like weatherizing homes, developing clean energy products and help businesses develop cleaner energy.]we will transform this nation . host: republican senators in congress have been criticizing president biden's build back better plan. let's see what we can find, what republican senator dan had to say this week criticizing the plane is proposals. -- the plan and its proposals. [video clip] >> i want to underscore how
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radical this policy direction biden is taking. every president, secretary of energy, treasury, has always been about more energy, energy independence, more resource development, and as was earlier stated, we have the highest stated on the environment than anyplace in the world. i will give you an example during my discussions with janet yellen during the confirmation process. where you commit like every secretary of the treasury since hamilton to push for a robust, all of the above energy sector? she would not commit to that. so this is policy that is a short break from any other
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previous policy in any in administration in the country, and i think it is important underscore that. this is radical, and a shift from literally any other previous administration. host: let's see what our viewers have to say about climate change and whether they see it as a crisis. let's start with james, calling from west virginia republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. do you know what one of the biggest carbon -- in the world? host: go ahead. caller: do you know what one of the biggest carbon footprint producers in the world is? host: go ahead. caller: ban exam.
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-- ban them. tires on vehicles. they produce the biggest carbon footprint. host: was go to terry, calling from love park, illinois on the independent line. caller: i don't think we have a major crisis. until we get china on board, i was there in 1988 and i had buildings next door to me on the 22nd floor of my hotel disappearing because of the smog. and if we don't get china on board, there's nothing we can do about it. host: if china does not come aboard, do you think other countries should just do what? not anything, or should they move on their own? caller: no.
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the smog. host: how do you get china on board? and what if china says we are not coming on board? caller: well, i don't know. maybe put more tariffs on them. i don't know. but we have to get them on board. they pollute everywhere. that was in shanghai. host: to david, calling from missouri on the republican line. david, good morning. caller: hello? host: good morning. caller: there's no such thing as zero carbon unless you dig the material out of the ground by hand with a stick and a rock, pound it into whatever you need by a stick and a rock, and move it from one place to another by yourself, period, point blake, full stop. host: let's go to barbara,
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calling for massachusetts on the democratic line. good morning. caller: thank you. in that entry you read, you made a reference to a carbon fee, and pulls showing people would be willing to pay $100 more for carbon, on a fee. i want use do a segment on both what is carbon capture and sequestration, abbreviated ccs, but more than that, what is the reference you read about net zero carbon? what was it? people know what it means. no, a fee or a tax on carbon. please let us know what does a carbon tax mean? finally, than incredible quote you read from dan
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silver. is he a senator from alaska, jesse? host: correct. caller: you could read that exact statement, an attack on janie ellen, and flip it over. yes, we are breaking from our history because science and reality is necessitating us to go to the next form of energy and duration. and i am here from martha's vineyard, where we are about to launch a massive offshore wind farm. host: let's go to philip, calling from orlando, florida on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. applauding the lady's community effort with wind farms.
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we need a wind farms fueled by nonfossil fuels, noncarbon. we need to convert our used cars into hydrogen, not a fossil fueled car. -- the permafrost exposure. there will be viruses in -- viruses and bacteria. it seems that those opposing the issue of climate change, it is just too hot to live. like, a sauna. the only difference is you can get out of a sauna and take a
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shower. unlovable -- we are heading for a unlivable situation. host: let's talk to rita, calling from columbus, ohio on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you for having me. i am -- it is driving me crazy that although the things in front of our faces, we are pretending as if we don't see it. climate change has been happening since the globe. the climate is always going to change. we have some responsibility to what we put in our atmosphere? absolutely. but everybody does is let's go completely solar, what happens
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when the wind does not blow? nunnally that -- not only that, electric cars. everybody likes tesla -- is that what it is called? who is going to force that? people who have these older cars, voting for people to make these changes, won't be able to afford the changes that they are voting for. when have we gotten to a society that we do not see what is before our eyes? host: again, president biden is in europe now at the g20. behind it, the cop20 in glasgow. what is this climate conference? the wall street journal has a story that explains what this is. here is what they said. starting sunday, climate negotiators from nearly every country will gather for cop20 in
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scotland to hammer out an agreement aimed at cutting emissions that scientists hope will cut global warming. the u.k. is hoping that this meeting, the aim is to agree to new measures for emissions cut building on the paris agreement. the paris accord called for governments to cup take their plans -- to update their plans every five years. the glasgow council is the first council to be held since the last paris accord, and the first since the u.s. rejoined the paris accord. president biden reversed president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris accord.
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president biden is at the g20 now. what we want to know is what you think about climate change. let's go to joe, who is calling from maine on the independent line. joe, good morning. caller: good morning, jesse.
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both of them have dramatically changed, you know. you can say whatever you want to say reasons not to do whatever you can, but when the earth is gone, or whatever, when the land is gone and it is covered with water because of people who have refused to at least try to make the world better, i do not know, i do not have a better way to say it than that. host: let us go to florida on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i would not say that there is not change the climate. but, you have to understand that every 100,000 years the earth
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goes through an ice years -- ice age. everyone -- every 21,000 years the tilt of the earth changes, that is why places like in the saharan desert was once as lush vegetation -- was lush vegetation. there is no way to control that. do we need to do something that is right to make sure that the energy is clean? sure we do. the whole thing is that people are willing to pay another $100 towards our energy bill, we already pay another $100 for fuel because of biden. because of his decisions with the pipelines and staff. we already pay $100 for groceries than what we were paying a year ago. people on social security and live like that cannot afford another $100, they cannot. host: john from new york on the
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independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: do you have anything to say about climate change? i guess not. let us go to tim from pennsylvania. on the republican line. please pronounce the name of your town for me? caller: to mock well -- tamakwa. i think the planet is usually frozen, and we should be glad that the planet warmed up enough for us to live. that is all i wanted to say. let's talk to ken, calling for massachusetts on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. it is amazing that the callers so far are speaking the tune that i am matching.
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i mean, we have been much warmer and colder, and we should be blessed and happy that it is getting warmer, and we certainly don't want the government to take over our lives with all the ridiculous regulation they are imposing on us. i am braced the combustion engine and hope we have fossil fuels for the rest of my life and my grandchildren's lives. thank you. host: president biden came out earlier this week, pushing his build back better plan, which includes climate issues and funding for some of his climate plan. here's president biden talking about whether the climate provisions of the bill back better plan will help communities better withstand the impact of climate change. host: we will build up our resilience -- [video clip] >> we will>> build up our resilience for the next storms, droughts, and hurricanes.
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last year alone, these events have been covered and you have all witnessed them and some of you have been con up in them. they have caused nearly $90 billion in the united states last year. $99 billion. and we are not spending any money to deal with this? it is costing us significantly. in pittsford, i met an -- in pittsburgh, i met an electrical worker. he calls himself a 100% union guy. his job is dangerous. he said, i don't want my kids growing up in a world where the threat of climate change hangs over their heads. so we all have that obligation, to our children and grandchildren.
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host: let's see what some of our social media followers are saying about climate change and the poll that shows that more americans say it is a crisis. a post from facebook that says -- this is a lie. it is the biggest money grabbing taxation that will not change weather. it is a literal gifts to china. a tweet that says -- it depends on what you plant and when you plant it. farmers will have to adjust. food is not pop up on the grocery's shelf wrapped in cellophane. another that says, how many people do we lose to flooding, storms, etc. do we just ignore them because of china? another that says, a man-made climate change, worldwide emergency.
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one last tweet that says do we have anything that makes these people more money and power in a crisis? we want to know what you think about climate change when we have a new poll that says more americans are worried about a climate crisis and president biden is at the g20 and, following that, a climate conference. what do you think about climate change? do you agree with the poll? let's talk to herbal, calling from albion, idaho. -- to earl, calling from albee -- albion, idaho. caller: my relatives fine world war ii. i was brought up -- it was like being painted on. use them.
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we are living in a country where people depend on other means and motivations to get around. i farmed and i do it conservatively and i am out there working the fields on the highway here. i watch people riding bicycles just to be riding them. and i think, what i'm i doing feeding these people just riding a bicycle for exercise? we need to get back to work in this country. host: what do you farm? caller: what's that? host: what do you farm? ? what do you grow? caller: sheep, horses and grain. host: you work outside a lot, earl, if you are a farmer. have you seen any evidence of a climate shift where you work?
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caller: well, being a farmer all these years, every day is a different day that i have to adapt to what is happening in our weather. host: how long have even farm income earl? -- have you been farming, girl? -- farming, role? caller: 50 years. host: and you see the same amount of rain, sun? caller: it varies. host: you say you are seeing a circuit? some years more, some less, but not an increase in sun, rain, snow, or anything? caller: it is a pattern over 7, 8 years. it varies. and people that live in the cities live in a climate that is
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created by the cities themselves, so you think -- so you take these points within cities and communities where you have all this asphalt. you are creating a spot that varies and effects the weather. -- and affects the weather. host: let's talk to an independent caller, deandre, from miami, florida. caller: i think we are in a crisis and we ought to do something about it. [indiscernible] for example, here are some numbers. 4 million plus specters lost this year -- 4 million plus
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hectares lost this year. 8 million tons of toxic chemicals released into the environment this year, so those numbers exemplify our carelessness and apathy as far as the climate. we have to be self-sufficient and get closer to god. everybody have a wonderful saturday. host: let's talk to stephen, calling from lexington, kentucky on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. good morning. happy saturday. here is my comment. climate change is definitely real. we see it happening, and we have the data. it is a lot. we are seeing it live.
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and republicans, you have to use the same logic you use for the debt ceiling. you do not want to pass this on to your grandchildren. you do not want to pass this on to future generations. i just had a baby. my wife and i, we know -- and i, we don't want her to grow up in a world that is hotter, she can't live in it, nothing can grow. we have to hold corporations more accountable. they are putting chemicals in the water systems, on our land. it is -- it is not just american citizens. we have to hold corporations accountable as well. so think about that and thank you. host: let's talk to tim, calling from minneapolis on the republican line. tim, good morning. caller: thank you for your time. there's a thing called cycles -- called cycles.
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the earth has a 1000-your variable orbit that triggers ice ages. the earth started warming 7000 years before man-made co2. co2, plants, on the planet. dinosaurs, co2, 12 times as much. and the tornado source wrecks group -- and the tyrannosaurus rex grew. higher co2, more plant life. warmer weather -- i like. host: let's talk to dana, calling from flint, michigan on the independent line. dana, good morning. caller: good morning.
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i am looking at all the disasters on the coast. if people could start to try to use steel, build their houses with steel, instead of rebuilding on land and here comes another hurricane next year, six months, aboveground gardening, rooftop gardening, because people are using their land -- people are losing their land to the drought and floods. havana syndrome down in cuba -- i personally think russia is behind that. i think they use some kind of rate to target our -- kind of ray to target our nervous system and our brains. programs for college students to pay on their loans. even people not familiar with the l.a. -- with the area,
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hopefully, that some help with a guidance system could deliver the needs we have. there's a lot of things that they could do about the carbon emissions, to extract that out of the air college students for childcare. wiping out there debt. -- ou their debt. and we are dealing with forces. i hope the republican party can learn to not receive bribes or moneys from foreign entities or dictators. host: let's talk to michael, calling from virginia on the democrats' line. good morning. caller: good morning to you. hear me? host: yeah.
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caller: people should look more into how wind farms are being produced, which is a lot to do with deforestation, and they should look at the impact it is having on birds. if you look back on china in the 1950's, they killed off about 400 million sparrows because they thought it was going to help with their food supply, but it actually did the opposite. all the birds were killed off and they ended up having a famine because all the bugs came and started eating the green, so i think people should -- eating the grain, so i think people should look into these renewable energies and how they are produced, including solar, because solar panels are made with dangerous chemicals, and unbelievers cause and effect.
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i believe that chorus produce carbon. i think it has an impact on the environment,, where you have a lot of cards -- the environment, where you have a lot of cars, and that's clear, but they have not looked at the impact of renewable energies, including wind farms and electro dams. we are playing with fire. host: ed, in pleasant valley, new york, good morning. caller: i am not a scientist. i did read an article put out by john casey. he wrote a book cold dark winter. he believes, since 1970, in the 1970's, our temperatures in the
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last 45 years have only gone up only, 3, 6 degrees. what is going on here, it is basically telling us we will have to change our lives. it is more about money than the environment. we have global warming -- it is the big lie to get more money from us. and i think people believe what they hear. we have been hearing it since the 70's. there's a book out, dark winter by john casey. he said that the arctic circle has gained six feet a day of ice, the coldest it has been in years. so there is a change in weather. it is raining on my house today but it wasn't yesterday. i think we need to believe in all scientists, not just the ones they want us to believe in. host: list talk to steve, calling from fort pierce,
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florida on the independent line. steve, good morning. caller: morning. happy to talk with you. we don't have the data. you look over the past, history, we don't have records they go much farther than 100 years ago. and i live on the coast. i know the people on the coast have built seawalls, places where the ocean cannot go back into the earth, and specifically come in miami, when they talk about flooding and rising water [indiscernible]
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-- back up the caller: and, that is just one example. blood, erosion is what happens on the coast -- but, erosion is what happens on the coast. so, you are going to have ♪ there's an island in between. it is a barrier island. that is smaller because of hurricanes and global tides. and it is moving so in some areas, they have to
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keep putting sand, because there's an area that the water is moving into. when i was a kid, there was 50 to 100 feet. the trouble is is making too many assumptions. we are taking opinions. global warming will affect you not that much. host: let's go to everett, calling from grand junction, colorado on the republican line. everett, good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. how are you and everybody? most people are stealing my third this morning, but anyway -- stealing my thunder this morning, but anyway, i encourage people to study the wobble of the earth, basically. watch nasa channels. they accumulate the statistics on the weather.
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it is all good information. and recycling, like the blades on these wind generators. they are taking them to wyoming of all crazy races and burying them in the ground. you can find these articles, find that information on the internet. and it is pretty good information. it is not just hearsay or whatever. and then volcanoes. they change the earth's climate. thanks, jesse. host: well, in front of congress, several executives from oil companies came to talk about what their companies are doing and what they have not done when it comes to climate change and here is a study from the associated press. top executives from oil giants denied spreading misinformation about climate change as they sparred thursday
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with congressional democrats over allegations that they concealed evidence about the dangers of global warming. testifying on a landmark house hearing, a ceo said the company he is the ceo of said the company has longer knowledged the risk of climate change and has devoted significant resources to addressing those risks. the statements on climate have always been true, inconsistent with mainstream science, wood said. democrats immediately challenge the statement by woods and other executives. -- "they are obviously lying like to -- like tobacco executives were," said the chairman of the house oversight committee. republicans on that committee
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argued that democrats are only attacking the oil industry and badgering the executives. in fact, republican andy biggs of arizona spoke directly to those people. i want to show you what he said. [video clip] >> when you get asked this morning about arch you embarrassed, that's kind of an irrational question to ask ceo's about their company policy, to vilify you, and basically say, will you repudiate your membership in a manufacturing institute? and to battery? i'm not saying you should do your best to reduce carbon emissions and run a clean company. i am saying that you have been brought here so they can beat the crap out of you.
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that is what this is about. they are doing it for political reasons. that is the shame of it all. this is a hearing were democrats attack american workers and the private sector. -- have consistently advocated that -- advocate for policies that have led to an energy crisis. you have the chief of staff tweeting that most of the economic problems we are facing our high-class problems -- facing are high-class problems, when even the new york times is saying that this thanksgiving will wallop the wallet, thanks to biden. some of the inflation is systemic but some of it is driven by scarcity, economic, market driven principles, so i hope you get the lesson, because if nothing else i saint matters -- i say matters, i should say
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that these people would regulate you out of business tomorrow if they could. do not pretend otherwise, no matter how code of corporate citizens you are or how sincere you are in trying to reduce carbon emissions. that is the purpose of this hearing today, to lay the foundation to get rid of you. host: let's see what some of our social media followers are saying about climate change and pulls saying more americans saying that climate change is a crisis. a post from facebook that says the crisis is the invasion of the border, which the president should be arrested for. the other crisis is all the first responders will be losing because -- responders we will be losing because of the vaccine mandates, not the damn weather. another tweet that says a crisis, perhaps, but an opportunity.
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climate change is a shared threat to society and a shared opportunity to mitigate the effects and adapt to the new environmental conditions. willie international community do this? .doubtful .one last post on facebook assess as long as the oil companies and billionaires rigged the policies in favor of them, nothing will change.
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caller: i remember breeding in the paper that why the spruce trees were dying. and, it turns out that the spruce beetle, the winters were not getting cold like they were and the spruce beetles were going nuts. and, the other thing they would do when you move to alaska is take you to a place where park right outside of anchorage called portage glacier. it was a nice little parking lot with a really blue lake, and the glacier right there. it is pretty neat and spectacular. you look at that today, the glacier is gone, the parking lot is still there. the lake is now a creek. i cannot believe dan sullivan, you guys are like alcoholics. we are going to quit drinking,
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but can i have one more. these guys have got to wake up. these northern states see the climate change way more than we do down here in the 48. it is a little more on the edge up there. anyway, i am a surveyor, not a scientist, and i will throw this out there, this is what i saw when i moved out there in the 70's. host: steve from york, pennsylvania on the republican line. good morning. let's go to steve, calling from york, pennsylvania on the republican line. good morning. caller: i will start with climate change with the border and everything else, we have a crisis at the border, and i agree with that one guy. i am in my 70's. they were talking about an ice age 15 years ago. that did not happen. going through history, the sun, with the sunspots, sun flares.
10:57 am
back in 1858, it got so bad that, out in the midwest, where they used to have the telegraph, it just burnt the wires right off. so how do you control the sun? i respect people's opinions, but i am a christian, and this is happening because of us, not because of oils. we do not care of what gun is gibbons. -- over what god has given us. when you go to a forest and go to the trees and cut them out, so for a fire, we are not taking care of them like we should take care of them. host: to mike, calling from virginia on the democrats line. caller: hello. how are you doing, jesse?
10:58 am
always like to see you on the tv there. i think you do a good job. i really believe we have damaged our atmosphere. i believe in the global warming. i have lived long enough to see the change in what is happening. temperatures are different now. the winters are not as severe. and, you know, we need to do what we can to fix it, or we are going to be in bad, bad shape, so, come on, america. let's work together. we have got to fix this. host: let's go to steve, who is calling from new york on the end up in the line -- on the independent line. steve, good morning. go ahead, steve. caller: hello? can you hear me? host: we can. go ahead, steve. caller: way back in the 1960's, i heard the climate is always
10:59 am
changing. i would like to see the debate. sorry -- can you hear me? i would like to see debate by scientists on both sides of the issue. you cannot hear the other side. and also, politicians in san francisco and chicago, how are they going to fix the climate? it is either getting better or worse. it is never ended. -- it is never-ending. so that's what made us what we are today. host: let's go to catherine, calling from bolingbrook, illinois on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. thank you for this opportunity to voice an opinion of mine. i grew up like a lot of your callers in the 1960's and 1970's
11:00 am
and i thought the big issues of the canal and the cuyahoga river burning and pittsburgh having air quality you could not even see one building from another standing right near them. so those were big climate problems that affected our health immediately. so people got together and cleaned it all up. and now, the cuyahoga river runs clean, pittsburgh is one of the cleanest cities in the country, and the canal, unfortunately, there's still a lot of cancer stuff there, but i have noticed, taking a little step forward to now, last year, one we had fewer drivers -- last year, when we had fewer drivers on the road, the air was clear and we had more birds chirping. i would take a walk and say, wow, birds are out. my neighbor would say, yeah, i have noticed the same thing.
11:01 am
this tells me we are impacting our climate on a very serious way. i agree with all the callers that say, yes, the earth this change. we have this, that, and that affects things, but we do not need to breathe air that is so dirty. we don't have to live in the heat caused by offputting extra stuff on -- host: as president biden goes to europe for the g20 and the climate conference in glasgow, some are taking note of what president biden did as he went to the vatican. the new york post has this story and i. want to bring it to you. "president biden drawing criticism for the poor optics ahead of the climate summit in glasgow, scotland. biden arriving at the vatican.
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his motorcade is long, tweeted a washington post reporter, along with a video of the procession. here is a tweet we want to show you. this video is a tweet showing the motorcade from president biden arriving at the vatican. going back to the story, biden routinely has told the crisis caused by fossil fuels. it is unclear how many of them under -- many of the motorcade are electric vehicles. this comes from chico harlan. and again, showing the 85 car -motorcade. let's talk to patty, calling from north branford, connecticut on the end up in one. good morning.
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caller: good morning. i have plenty to say about angus king, the representative up in maine. they went and put in windmills there. he got a $400,000 kickback, him. he is independent, but votes democrat 100%. they will get a kick back and put the blame on us as usual. the crisis we should be worried about is the president of the united states. he is doing more harm than anything else. that is what i have to say. host: let's go to joe, calling from west plains, missouri on the republican line. joe, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you, connecticut. anyway, i worked outside my whole life. a little warmer is better than freezing.
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the main problem, jesse, is we have too many people on earth. too much garbage, too much plastic, all that stuff, so i don't believe in climate change at all. host: what do you do for a living? caller: industrial sheet-metal, putting roofs on 100-story buildings. mostly sheet-metal and ironwork. host: so you don't think it has gotten warmer or colder, that we don't get more or less snow, more or less rain? caller: we get less snow and that's fine with me. when you try to work in the winter, it hurts your body. warmer -- they are both bad. extreme hot is bad, cold is bad, but cold is worse. if we are warming up a little, good. host: let's go to bernie, calling from saint leonard, maryland on the democrats line.
11:05 am
good morning. caller: good morning. how are you, sir? host: i am fine. go ahead, bernie. caller: i would like to say that the climate -- but i don't know why these people cannot put their money where their mouth is. mr. biden gets on air force one, i think, 20 times this year, flying to delaware. and from where i am sitting come it is a 2 hour drive, 95 to 100 miles, and electric cars, you can plug one in and drive it to delaware. it costs $260,000 an hour to drive the plane. so he spends $500,000 in a weekend of our tax money. so let's stop the foolishness. thanks. host: let's go to andrea, calling from hyattsville, maryland on the independent
11:06 am
wine. good morning. caller: hello. good morning tall and thank you for your show. -- good morning to all and thank you for your show. i want to say that i am in my 40's and i am experiencing a change. last night, in the dark, the nights are even darker. you know, used to not be as dark outside at night, but it is extremely dark, and things must change. it is not about, you know, who is republican or democrat. they always lead to that, but we need to do what is right, because god is in control but we have to do our part. have a great day. that's all. host: let's talk to ed, who is calling from nashville, tennessee on the republican
11:07 am
line. ed, good morning. caller: good morning. i am surprised i'm getting through. i enjoy your show quite a bit. i listen to it, but first time caller. host: go ahead, ed. caller: welcome ok, what i think, sometimes, you know, we all think we know something but in the long run we don't know nothing. everything changes quite a bit. i would like to say that not all electric machines -- years ago, i am from michigan, too, and the great lakes was getting polluted because of corporations dumping into it, toxic waste, and finally, joe nader -- ralph nader, everybody remembers nader's raiders, but i think he did a lot of good to this country by having regulations,
11:08 am
and it has cleared up a little bit. and corporations also, china. they are polluting over there and now they are shipping the goods back over here and everything is fine, but now we are going to china for all of the -- the pollution. well, anyhow, i guess there is climate change and i wish people would get together and quit fighting among ourselves and be able to help somebody do something and clear out all this bickering and fighting and yak yak. -- and yackety-yak. host: we thank our callers for participating in this segment. next, our guest discusses the facebook papers and
11:09 am
increasing tensions between capitol hill and big tech. and later, our next guest discusses a podcast that looks a culture from a latino perspective. stick with us. we will be right back. ♪ >> next week on the c-span network, on monday president biden is in glascow for the climate summit. the supreme court will hear oral arguments concerning the texas abortion law. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the case of women's health versus jackson. at 11 a.m. the court will hear united states versus texas. campaign 2022 coverage of victory and concession speeches from two governor's races. and the virginia governor's race between former governor terry mcauliffe and republican glenn young kim.
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