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tv   House Lawmakers Consider the Reconciliation Bill  CSPAN  October 28, 2021 7:25pm-8:12pm EDT

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the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188, the house stands adjourned until noon on monday next for morning hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative busine
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we have money to help with the town payment they need. many of these young people pay their bills. they may be in the gig economy where they're working two or three jobs. they would love to own a home.
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this would include c.b.g. funding with specific amounts set aside for manufacturing housing communities. $1 billion to help native communities and $3 billion for a community restoration and revitalization program that will stabilize neighborhoods that have experienced decades of i wanted more money because cities love that. they have flexibility, and they can use it for assisting in housing developments and other issues that are related to housing. they happen to make that possible in the cities. but of course, we had to take cuts there as we did in other parts of the agenda we put together. with regard to native communities in particular, i
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want to take senators serrano for working with me to champion the rights of the descendants of the freedmen and through this process, members of congress are beginning to better understand the plight of freedmen descendants and i look forward to a future where it freedmen descendants have equal access to housing assistance, covid vaccines and more weight secured one and 6 billion to support minority owned businesses by crating and infrastructure at the minority business agency to ensure they thrive. in sum, this provides long overdue investments to protect a beast from getting led was 92 keep families and veterans from living on the streets, in their cars and to ensure seniors and people with disabilities to live independently and to build the kind of future where your zip code doesn't dictate the kind of opportunities that you and your family have access to.
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having said all of that, we believe that despite the fact that we did not get the 320 $2 billion that we thought we needed to deal with all of these issues. we are very happy to have -- we have the possibility of this $150 billion to deal with these issues. we have worked with the senate closely. we have the support of the senate. we worked with all the advocates in this country on these bills and have come to the conclusion that this cannot just be great for the economy. we can help so many families, children, safe and secure housing and we can do what we should have done years ago. get into subsidies that are needed for our public housing developers so that people can live a decent existence. with that, thank you so much and i yield back. >> we will go to ranking member
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mckendry and go back. you have the floor. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it is late in the evening. our account programming on all the networks is antique roadshow and for the purposes of congress, as a group, we would be better off if we were antiquing right now rather than here in these hallowed halls. we have bred some collegiality, perhaps an interesting work for the economy. i don't know. it might be fun. what we are dealing with now is really, i think one of the words and terms is this. it has been dragged on so long. we are ineffectual at this hour but we know we will have to come back. here we are.
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i know we have to deal with this. let me have a couple of winds. last week, san francisco federal reserve released findings on the economic impacts of the democratic parties american rescue plan from back in february. i won't get into the whole analysis. let me translate the economic speak. they are predicting higher inflation through 2022. because of democratic party policies they have enacted already. they put inflation question back to the bill that your party passed on a partisan basis. democrats are already back here again, driving up core inflation with frankly, throwing more fuel on a raging fire in our economy that is driving up prices. this is not a plan. it is a heist. democrats run hot washington.
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these spending plans will make prices worst. why are we here today? we are addressing the growing supply -- we are not addressing the supply chain issues. it is not directly related to covid. this is a left-leaning set of policy from the financial service committee, democratic party members. this last week, we had a hearing in the financial services committee which was interesting to me. to watch democrats how much they would spend. in the midst of that that -- let us rewind. maxine waters called first -- for the spending in this plan. she pledged that she got direct lead from the president for that. legislation was filed. threaded $25 billion that our committee marked up. we don't know why there are changes.
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there is no hearing about those. i don't know what happened. why did that money go? what programs were left behind? where the consequences of those decisions? republicans are not a part of those meetings. without any explanation whatsoever. she had a hearing last week and her counterpart had a press conference to demand $300 billion. there is a report overnight that it was cut to $200 billion. don't know why. we are here at $150 billion. we don't know the consequences of those decisions. there is not a single reform that are allocating in norma's amount of resources to. i would like to know why those numbers were changed? the chairwoman might have the answers but you might want to find out before the committee why those numbers were changed.
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what we do know is they do nothing to address the mismanagement of the rental assistance program that we were here back in july trying to figure out a way to work it out. instead of us getting covid relief and getting our economy normalized, the supply chain issues driving up the issues and policies out of washington. we are marking up a bill and a significant piece of the resources will go to two states with the most powerful democrats in washington residing in those two states. if you look at public housing, senator schumer and the state of new york will get the disproportionate share of the public housing dollars within this bill. according to deed -- the design of this legislation. number two, the chairwoman from the state of california and so does the speaker.
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they will get the disproportionate share of out or dollars within the moneys we are allocating here. for the rest of us, if this is good policy, why isn't it for the rest of us? with that, i will stop with my contribution tune if a math length and get back to conversations rather than spend our time on a husk of this legislation. i yield back. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate the opportunity. today's rule meeting on the reconciliation bill has gotta be one of the most partisan bills i think we have ever considered so far this congress dared this has been a highly partisan 10 months. it is a divisive proposal that comes against the backdrop of a supply chain crisis that is likely to ruin the holiday
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season for a lot of americans. while the supply chain challenges loom over our country and has loomed over for months, now building up to a full-blown crisis, the administration is making things worse the vaccine mandates, government benefits that discourage work, tax and spending and regulatory agenda that is bearing american companies and bearing american families. now what the vaccine mandates will exacerbate that supply chain crisis by reducing a very critical workforce. to top it off, we are facing the biggest surge in inflation in 13 years. groceries and basic goods are up across the board. this thanksgiving could be among the most thanks -- expensive in history. inflation matters. i think congress should be prioritizing the supply chain crisis over a massive spending bill. every day that passes, we get
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closer and closer to a christmas that is not looking to marry at this point. having said that, the majority is clearly going to ignore the crisis and proceed on the speakers socialist wish list whiskers so reckless and expensive that they have no choice but to oppose it. that said, from a quick review of the text of we got a few hours ago, i'm not sure if that will be debated. some of the most egregious items opposed, transportation committee republicans have still made it into the final package. there is still $10 billion in their for transit and $10 billion for high-speed rail. the beginning of -- since the beginning of covid, transit has gotten $70 billion. transit receive the equivalent of more than five years worth of funding.
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with other pressing needs, transit has received far more than its fair share. given the current supply chain crisis and focus on those infrastructure bottlenecks seems to be a much more worthwhile effort. to continue down this path when we know it will lead to more inflation, highlights the row can promise not to raise taxes on the lower and middle classes. americans know that inflation is taxation. they are scaring everyone. one is the majority going to say enough is enough and slammed the brakes on the reckless spending? it is clear that the majority will continue their attempt to ram through almost 7 trillion of spending in 10 months and much of it along party lines. these numbers are scaring everyone. i urge the opposition that this reckless spending spree and call on congress to focus on the
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supply chain. on -- with that, i yield back. >> mr. panetta? >> thank you. i appreciate this opportunity. thank you to all of you for being here tonight. and giving me this opportunity to speak to you in support of the house agricultural committee and the build back better act. these provisions that the committee spent where i think we spent 15 hours marking up. they represent a historic opportunity to focus federal investment in rural communities, debt relief, mitigation and something that is close to my heart on the coast of california : agricultural research and education. this package makes tremendous investments and our programs,
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many of which will authorized under this bill are backlogged. it of these types of programs that will help farmers, help our ranchers as well as landowners so they can carry out smart practices as well. to step up and sequester carbon, you will be able to carry out those practices with the funding provided in this bill. my colleagues in the west both democrat and republican have recently experienced some pretty brutal wildfire, not just seasons but years as we are starting to stay out here on the west hundreds of thousands of acres and communities have been devastated by this. the funding in the forest he program in the build back better act will work to reduce the hazardous fuel loads on our
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national forest system and provide forest -- funds for forest resistance. it is this type of investment that will ensure that our private forest landowners are also able to take steps to address climate change and alter committees and even urban treat canopies. this is the type of funding that democrats and republicans have supported in previous farm bills as well as that appropriate to the legislation. they provided funding for hbcu programs as well as investments that would help our hbcus and other educational institutions continue to train the next generation of leaders and scientists to help us address climate change and help people around the world. as many of you know, we grow over 100 variant of tribes and therefore, -- variant of crops
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and therefore, we can help our family farmers put i'm disappointed that the funding was cut but it still provides significant amounts of funding for added research and programs and for our specialty crops and even our organic crops. if we want to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, i believe we need to renovate and secure new facilities as well. our investment to help rural communities increase their use of renewable energy and make improvements on the farms and our rural small businesses. we included funding for the programs that my colleague championed. we also built on the provisions of the american rescue plan by broadening access to usda farm
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loan borrowers. this includes a renewed focus on providing technical and financial assistance to ensure that underserved producers have access to the usda program and capital for their program. once again chairman, thank you for this opportunity. and the entire committee for this opportunity to share some background on the good work that we did. would have liked to dunmore but we believe this is an important investment under the programs in our jurisdiction. >> ranking member thompson. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak before you today. i met a loss of words for today's meeting. having to testify as head of the agriculture committee. we went through our instructions on in a hurry on september 10 we
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were in such a hurry that it did not include one third of the spending. we did not have the time to figure out the issues. republicans offer the motion to postpone until september 20 just so that all members, republicans and democrats could have their say in all the spending that would be within our communities. one was voted down from the democrats. several members also amended the fact that we were marking up incomplete language. it is now october 28 and here we are in a hurry governed by yet, another artificial deadline. this language for just a couple of hours. i can tell you that it is significantly different from
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what we sent to the budget committee in september. difficult to defend. i would bet that it will probably change again. why the rush? why the secrecy? why stop us from building a way to stop this unprecedented amount of spending? this is not the agricultural committee way of doing business. we have never done in this manner. we were left to assume that the missing billions would be at the rules committee. our community has never given the full commissions under the committee. an issue help they could appreciate. respectfully, this is a dear election of process.
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the election is an understatement. it is blatant abuse. your committee and mine have become -- just a member -- reminder. there been roundtables and listening sessions with ranchers, and rural stakeholders. this was based on none of that. now, we have to all sit idly by as the provisions that our committees that we have created behind closed doors by individuals who could not care less about the many crises impacting rural america. despite the billions of spending in this bill, this majority managed to somehow again, ignore the means of rural america. the covid relief, this majority has neglected these needs. these are urgent issues that demand bipartisan solutions.
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adding insult to injury, despite my many requests, members of the majority refused to commit to me that any law sets -- assets in this package would not financially devastate our family farms. these impending tax policies are shrouded in secrecy will destroy farm families. the result are a huge assault on the rural economy and lead us to food insecurity. for example, a recent study has shown that these policies were once approved for $1 million for the tax liability for a family farmer in a generation. mr. chairman, from where i stand demonstrate -- democrat leadership does not care about the committee that we both sit on. they don't represent interests in the backbone of this nation. farmers, ranchers, foresters and the world community so they continue to ignore the plight of
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the very people that fuel our great nation through shoddy process, careless legislation and exorbitant spending. for that, i am committed to ensuring that the american public knows how these destructive policies and this broken process will crush their livelihood and saddle future generations with debt and irreversible government overreach. with that, i yield back. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. i appreciate the opportunity. i want to commend you, your committee and all of our colleagues in the work that has gotten into this once in a generation piece of legislation. the bill back better bill will invest in confronting the damage being done by climate change but -- by putting our country in a more sustainable and equitable and environmental path by creating millions of jobs.
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every american community will benefit from these investments including those that have been left hind in the past, indigenous communities, underserved communities, insular areas who often bear the brunt of our environmental harms that we are seeing across this country and across the globe. investments in our committees title directly confront the damage being done by the climate crisis and take major steps to limit u.s. contributions to the global crisis. all the while creating thousands of jobs. as we deal with the climate crisis, we must ensure that we are also investing in resiliency, mitigation and nature-based solutions. the u.s. is already beginning to feel the climate crisis in every region and every community. wildfires are raging, sea levels are rising, droughts across the west and the southwest.
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this year, you have seen 18 weather disasters that cost $1 billion a piece. investments in the natural resources committee title will help americans who are suffering today deal with the consequences of climate change. in addition, this bill invested in preventing you well and gas extraction off the atlantic, and gulf coasts and prevents new extraction from the art -- at -- arctic refuge. they invested $6 billion in restoration and resiliency of our coasts and great lakes, providing funding to address sealevel rise and prepare for future storms. this bill also invests 500 million in wildfire preparedness and ensuring federal agencies have the resources they need to address climate driven fires. in addition, billions will go to tribal hospitals, providing access to comprehensive health care services for committees that suffer from historic
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underinvestment and that was more than obvious to all of us during the pandemic and the consequences and effects of that pandemic on indian country with indigenous people with indigenous citizens in this country. our title raises important revenues. the u.s. government subsidizes oil and gas companies that operate on federal lands by charging far too little and forcing taxpayers to pay for pollution cleanup. we will address these problems. i look forward to advancing this important measure. i look forward to advocating for committees we represent and the resources and i yield back, mr. chairman. >> thank you, chairman, ranking members and members of the aisle. i have always admired rules committee members who put in a lot of work, a lot of extra hours. i can see the excitement on your
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face tonight. if you are only half as excited to be here as i am to be with you. it would be in exciting time because i missed getting to come in person and sitting in committee hearings and looking at people in the eye and talking about the issues. as we talk about build back better, i think we have to realize that better is a subjective word. what you may think is better, i may think is worse. i want to set subjective aside to focus on this idea of building back. this bill probably should be called. down because the void of leadership, partisanship and the incompetent policy proposals are doing a lot more to destroy america than to build it. as we speak, scores of cargo ships are idling off the coastline, threatening enter g
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in the water and dust many our supply chain. our president and democratic majority ignore the humanitarian, and national security crisis that is shredding our southern border. deadly wildfires have clear-cut millions of acres across the western united states, obliterating numerous homes, businesses and other critical infrastructure. president biden's bias to afghanistan withdrawal highlighted the incompetence of democratic leadership, leaving american citizens chosen -- strand at the mercy of the taliban, not building diplomacy but tearing down u.s. credibility. people going to their local grocery stores are seeing prices of food and goods skyrocket to the point that even the new york times even -- wrote that this year's thanksgiving feast will wallop the wallet. these policies decimate their bank accounts of hard-working americans.
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they do not build and they certainly don't make life better. if my democratic colleagues truly cared about making america better, we would be addressing these issues and working on bipartisan infrastructure. bipartisan infrastructure that went through the committee process in the house. this bill simply takes right up with the current destructive policies of this administration, leaving american families in the rubble. the natural resources committee title nearly $19.8 billion price tag alone, dwarfs the budget of 20 u.s. states. it is only 1% of the bill. notably, it does not contain any meaningful bipartisan reform designed to strengthen our economy to get americans back to work or revitalize infrastructure. it is just the opposite. it is spending taxpayer dollars to make things worse, not better.
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it spans $500 million to resurrect a $100 makework program, first implement it by fdr, creating a new bureaucracy to compete against american businesses at a time when help wanted signs are made in the windows of thousands of private businesses nationwide. the democrats even looking up what -- looking at was going on the country when he created the conservation corps? unemployment was 25%. with only 55% of americans in the workforce. inflation was negative. not ballooning out of control like today. during a season of historic drought in the west, this bill thumbs the nose at water storage solution and proven drought relief project spirit what does that mean for americans? sticker shock at the grocery store and higher food cross -- cost across the board. meanwhile, former still face the same issue year after year since
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this bill contains zero long-term drought solutions. this proposal attacked safe and reliable energy production. declaring all-out war against the domestic energy industry. it already takes decades for drilling and mining projects to get off the ground. by raising royalty numbers to the group -- roof, their driving the nail in the coffin of domestic oil and gas, forcing our company to take their businesses overseas, exporting american wealth and jobs and making opec great again. that clean dream -- clean energy they say is around the corner, how that work when you are actively shutting down every mineral mine insight? is democrats force us into the willing arms of the chinese come is party to acquire minerals for everything from cell phones to electric vehicles, america's
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wealth will be exported and rural communities will be decimated. you have democratic shortsightedness to thank for that. the same short neck -- shortsighted this -- shortsightedness that will shut down a copper mind will reduce our gathering of copper that is below the arizona desert. give us a break. if you want to do something about the climate, talk to us about that. we got great ideas. ideas that will work. making the environment and economy better. i hope you'll ask me about our ideas. i would be happy to share. let me put it plainly. while speaker pelosi plays fast and loose with leanne's of dollars, while progressive members hold congressional meetings hostage until demand cement and while we hold hearings like this one on a bill we just received a few hours ago, our constituents back home are making sacrifices in order to fill up their cars with gas
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and put dinner on the table. democrats in this body and at 600 pennsylvania avenue have only themselves and their wild spending sprees to blame. by the way, does speaker pelosi know you cut her $200 million earmark for presidio park? it is no wonder they think congress is broken. it is. hearings with no notice and a bill like this one are the perfect example but it doesn't have to be that way. i urge speaker pelosi to stop wasting our time, ramming a ridiculous bill through the house that appears not even democrats can agree on. i urge the president to finally acknowledge any number of the crises facing our country into sending about them. i urge you chairman to set party politics aside and work with both sides of the aisle to reach bipartisan consensus on something that would actually benefit the country. before we talk about building,
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let us stop demolishing. enough is enough. americans deserve better than financing destructive policies that will help -- not help but would hurt in the future. our children deserve future than inheriting chileans upon trillions of dollars of debt. it is time for house democrats to slam the brakes on their own spending, come to the table and do something good for america. i yield back. > thank you very much. i wanted to make sure the record is correct on the amount that i gave you. we have been negotiate in for $100 billion then down to $150. i want the record to reflect, i am struck by all this false talk about bipartisanship. i am absolutely struck, in the way that it is hard for me to
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even explain what it means to try to work with people, who target you for being killed -- our capitol was invaded by those who came to kill us. they looked for nancy pelosi. they looked for her, in order to kill her, and they came onto kill most of us, they don't know what bipartisanship is. than they want us to overlook the fact that they don't even support the investigation of those who invaded our capital and the members of congress who worked with them, and they talk about bipartisanship? i tell you, i don't appreciate that at all. i take this opportunity to say it. having said that, i want to correct the record and make sure that the record is absolutely correct on the numbers.
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$25 billion for vouchers. @65 for public housing -- $65 for public housing. $2 for green housing. $1 for the disabled and the elderly. $700 million for fair housing enforcement. $10 billion for down payment assistance. i want to make sure the record reflects it correctly. >> i don't know where all that came from. i didn't hear anyone talking about that. i just think potentially mr. mchenry would want to respond to some of that. >> does mr. mchenry want to respond? >> it's not going to do our colleagues any good. but i will say this. less congress -- last congress, we got the cares act together,
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three dozen bills out of our committee jurisdiction, bipartisan, that got signed into law. multiple pieces of legislation. i tried to work with my colleague, even when she steps out to do interviews and says [indiscernible] against republicans. i've been able to legislate with her. this committee is the best example within congress of having tests agreements -- having disagreements but so being able -- but still being able to have the fairness to treat each other with respect so we can do with the people ask us to do. i don't appreciate the personal shots. i don't appreciate them in the committee. i know the work here is about legislation, not about petty politics, and that is all i heard, is petty politics, and personalities that are unbecoming of this body. >> i don't want to delay this committee too much. >> you already have, you have already done it. >> i question the patriotism of
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those who don't want to support -- [overlapping voices] >> every opposition can accuse us and talk about -- [overlapping voices] >> first of all, this is your chair. >> this is -- [indiscernible] >> this is a rules committee. >> i appreciate everybody's passion. i'm going to ask people to allow me to say something that hopefully is bipartisan at this moment. because passions are running high. a lot of things have been set all day today that are quite frankly provocative on
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all sides. we have been here since 3:00 p.m. and i think we've learned a lot from these hearings. i continued to be very proud of what we are at something to do here. i think it will be transformational. i think it will make a difference for people of this country. i know there are philosophical differences. i think our values differences as well. be that as it may, we are going to work through all of this and we are going to pass something important for the american people. now, obviously, issues have been raised about the fact that the language in this bill may change. and it will change. and i think at this particular point, after five hours of hearings, it makes sense for us to recess. and we will come back, subject to the call of the chair, and
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revisit this issue next week. i think you raised an issue earlier, dr. burgess did as well. i think at this point, i would recommend that we adjourn, subject to the call of the chair. sorry, recess. yeah, we won't be back until -- we are not coming back later tonight, let's put it that way, or tomorrow. [laughter] right. you can go to minnesota and back again, mr. cole. >> mr. chairman, i want to thank you for the way in which you handled our committee. we are pretty -- a pretty contagious committee sometimes. >> we are a family. the addams family. >> the addams family is a pretty good analogy. [laughter] anyway. number one, i appreciate that, i appreciate my friends.
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it's been a long day for you guys, too. there's a lot of tension. with all due respect, it's been a rough day for you guys. i don't say that with any glee, it's just the way things are. i have been on both sides before. it is a lot easier to be in the minority. i appreciate the decision you made. i want to associate myself with the decision you have made. this bill will change a lot. that is part of the frustration now. part of my friends' frustration on the others, having to negotiate across the rotunda with their own folks in a 50-50 deal where everyone is king of the mount now there. given all that, thank you for interviewing and we will know more about the bill next week anyway. we will be in a better position
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to ask intelligent questions and have a more intelligent debate. >> the good news is people will be free to go. the bad news is you will be coming back. [laughter] >> thank you so much. >> can we stand to recess subject to the call of the chair? [indiscernible] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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