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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  October 23, 2021 11:53am-12:26pm EDT

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vaccine for children 5-11 years old. that day, we will have live coverage of congressional hearings on and the c-span now mobile video app. the senate armed services committee will hold a hearing on the security situation in afghanistan and the region. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, representatives from tiktok, snapchat, and youtube testified before the senate commerce committee on children and social media. then on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, attorney general merrick garland testifies before the senate judiciary committee on issues facing the justice department. and on thursday at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, the heads of four major oil companies and other industry leaders will testify before the house oversight and reform committee about information the fossil fuel industry publishes on climate change. watch next week on the c-span networks, or you can watch coverage on c-span now, our new
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video app. head on over to for scheduling information or to stream video, live or on-demand, anytime. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> "washington journal" continues. host: some time here for our open forum, where we let you lead the discussion on any public policy issue, any political issue you want to talk about. phone lines split, as usual. republicans, democrats, and independents can call in for the next 30 minutes. brian is up first out of fulsome, pennsylvania. what's on your mind? caller: good morning, guys. thank you for your venue here. that fella who called from florida hit some nerves regarding labor. i've been a blue-collar worker pretty much all my life. i've worked for what was a major retail company that has been disheveled by misuse of
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management. in any case, i go to people's homes and repair appliances. the gentleman was talking about how blue-collar workers and unions do not want to learn. that is the biggest farce i've ever heard on your program. the problem with this country is that private and public sector is not paying, or not educating the workforce, ok. it is much easier to leave these jobs overseas if you have an uneducated workforce. i cannot tell you how many bosses i have been through who i want to get more training on the product that i work on on a daily basis, and they refused to give it to you. they need you out in the field to do the job. therefore, you are going out, and you are doing a job that you have been doing all your life, and you feel uncomfortable with. there's an anxiety level among
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the individual worker. and i assume that's going in the nationwide area. the gentleman from florida, he may be republican, i am also republican, and i feel that he was unfair. now, as far as unions are concerned, i think there's public sector unions that are, in essence, communists. i think that's a whole different issue. but the average american worker wants to do his job well, he wants more training on his job, ok, and -- host: you said you're an appliance repair? how is the appliance repair business in a time that we are hearing about these supply chain issues? are a lot more people choosing to repair their appliances than risk ordering a new appliance and it being stuck on a cargo ship somewhere? caller: yeah, there's definitely some of that going on. and i think there's also issues of getting parts, you know. some of the parts are also in
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supply chain issue. and i must tell you that, you know, i think the industry is in a flux, because everything is either made overseas. we need to bring back manufacturing home. if we don't get manufacturing back in our nation, we are going to be, we are going to lose. if you don't manufacture, you lose your power. i tell you, if you go to gary, indiana, chester, pennsylvania, trenton, new jersey, these cities that are devastated by crime and lack of jobs, these companies, lg, whirlpool, you name it, ge, they should be bringing manufacturing back to the united states of america and giving these inner-city kids jobs. host: thanks for the call. mary is in las vegas this morning, democrat. what's on your mind? caller: i agree with the most
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99% of what the last caller set. -- with almost 99% of what the last caller said. i think citizens united did is an injustice, giving large corporations so much money, money that they could share with their employees. whatever happened to profit-sharing? you know, instead, they are buying off politicians. and i don't care what party you are with, when they start talking about we don't want a society that are just a bunch of takers, well, you know, the government gets their pensions, they get nice, hefty pensions. some people would love to have pensions like that. who are really the takers here? yeah, people want more money, because you can't live on $10 an hour. host: that's mary in nevada. this is raymond, aurora, colorado, independent.
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good morning. caller: yes. hi. good morning. we are not talking about theelephant in the room in the ceo 's ratio to the average worker has increased and is continuing to increase. jeff bezos is about to be the first person to become a trillionaire. and his ex-wife is up there in the billions. so, you look at all the ceo's of these companies like papa john's got a 48 car garage. they are not helping the average worker. and this society right now is in a lot of trouble. we are creating more billionaires and people that are becoming close to trillionaire's, so how can it not be fair that a worker should earn a living to take care of his family? it's agreed, that's the elephant -- it's agreed, that -- it is greed, that's the elephant in the room. thank you.
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host: john. good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: doing well. caller: don't cut me off. i know how you like to cut off white people. host: not trying to cut off anyone, who are just trying to have a civil conversation and stay on topic, john. caller: i got you. good morning, everybody. i just wanted to say your last guest, mr. jamieson, he had a difficult time trying to tie in inflation with this, with the union workers, the contracts, you know, that these unions have, they get everything given to them. you know, my property taxes here, particularly my school taxes, tripled, you know, mainly in part because of the teachers union. you know, we have here in the state of pennsylvania, right now, they are trying to tie in a
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vehicle mileage tax, which is going to raise our gas $2 price because the penndot unions are running $9 billion deficits. but this is, you know, this pro-act that is being proposed, it's bad for the economy. you have to have competition. you can't be, you know, solely giving government contracts for all the work that needs done out there. you have to have competition in the labor force. and one other thing i wanted to say, you know, everybody wants to talk about trump being divisive with, you know, his followers, and you know, promoting, you know, inequities, you know. you go back to the previous administration, barack obama, you know, he was the one that
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tried to divide this country. i always referred to him as the instigator in chief, because he would talk, you know, about the veterans, and he will talk about, you know, white people having a war against women. when you start to divide people like that, you know, that's just bad. host: you mentioned former president obama. he is back on the campaign trail today and that closely watched gubernatorial race in virginia. we are going to be talking more about that race. barack obama, the former president, campaigning for terry mcauliffe, the former governor who is trying to run for that same office again in virginia. you cannot run for reelection as governor, you have one term and then you have to leave the governor's office. terry mcauliffe has done that and is trying to become governor again. more on that in a little bit. until then, your phone calls. james in venice, florida. good morning. democrat. caller: good morning.
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host: go ahead, sir. caller: oh, good. thank you. i'm shocked. i've been washing for so long, i set, i've got to get on that thing. in venice, florida, we have benatar lucy -- notoriously brought up in the news for two things. there was a chiropractor here in town who was handing out covid excuses. i kid you not, parents were in line for a couple of blocks getting these things. they finally found out a chiropractor is not a medical doctor and he couldn't do this. host: when you say covid excuses, you are saying a medical reason not to get the covid vaccine, is that what you mean? caller: right, right. host: got you. caller: thank you for correcting me. ok, he is not handing them out anymore. anyway, th the other thingen --
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then the other notorious think in our community, a woman being murdered out west and then her killer was found a couple of miles from here. it's a sad, sad thing. but i really wanted to call senator manchin. i was a classroom teacher, and i was very fortunate in having a beautiful school in new jersey, and a handpicked staff, and it was the best time of my life as far as work is concerned. one of the things we tried ever students,, and we were upper-middle-class, to go out and see what america was like.
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we would exchange with another community. one that was absolutely mind-boggling was we went into west virginia, and mccoy had been there. and when we were there, we put a man on the moon and it had just been completed. there were three television sets on doilies. it was a good place to put things, and i asked people in the home there, and they were there. what do you think about getting to the moon. her answer was, son, we did it. that was the big thing.
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host: good morning, go ahead. caller: i would like to discuss a situation that is going on with the kids. i am not trying to be political or anything like that, but what i'm saying is the kids are being abused. what do we do about that? host: which kids were talking about, diamond? what situation? caller: i'm talking about every situation in america. the pta meetings. covid, and parents shouldn't be going to a pta meeting in the first place host: diamond, in louisiana. we mentioned a virginia gubernatorial race. let's focus on that.
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sir reagan with the associated press is covering state politics and state government, all the politics of the old dominion and virginia. a lot of your job these days is focusing on the gubernatorial race. what is your take on why this race has become so close at the end with about 10 days until election day? guest: thank you for having me. i think it is quite close, as he said. we have seen polls through october. they seem to have some structural advantages, for quite some time. he is running against glenn young can who has managed to pull support from all parts of the republican base. host: in these final days -- 10
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days to go. president barack obama's on the campaign trail for terry mcauliffe area. where are they going and who are they meeting with? caller: they will be at the virginia commonwealth university, and we will also hear from top democrats and elected officials. they are expecting a crowd of several thousand. host: will he be campaigning with joe biden? caller: yes they campaign over the summer. they are expected to campaign at an event in northern virginia. host: in terms of former presidents, how much of a role is former president donald trump playing in his race? how much as bring young can referenced donald trump on the campaign trail. guest: young can knows that
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trump is not popular in virginia. he lost by nine points. he has embraced trump's endorsement, but they have not campaigned together in person. they have reported that it is unlikely that trump be headed to virginia in person between now and election day. the top surrogates will come afterwards for victory rally. host: 10 days to go in the election. his early voting? guest: there is early voting. it has been expanded by democrats and between 19 cycle. host: where will you be headed, and what will you be watching for? what does this race turn on? guest: that is the key question and i don't know if i am -- i do
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not have all the answers. i will because crossing the state and i will be looking for signs of voter enthusiasm. there is talk about an enthusiasm gap favoring republicans, and we will be looking to see how engaged things are on the democratic side on the final stretch? host: how does one judge voter there's he hasn't? guest: it's hard to do. i've traveled across the state and there are pockets that are tempered with signs, which is something of a departure from the past few years. the usually are not as many. through the valley, it is expected to be covered. it probably has hundreds if not close to 1000 people. so, republicans are widely saying there is more there is as a side, and more excitement for young can and the candidate. host: this raises a national
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story that will be covered. explain to viewers who do not live in virginia, what parts of the state they should be looking for as they try to understand what the results mean that night mark --? guest: we will be watching northern virginia. it is deeply blue, but the campaign hopes they can do better there -- candace another recent years. -- candidates and other recent years. they pulled in strong support. they're looking to see the bellwether of richmond that has been blue in recent years. if democrats hang on there. host: sarah in the old dominion of virginia. thank you for your time this morning. good luck in the next 10 days. guest: i appreciate. host: back to our phone calls.
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we let you lead the discussion. let us know what issues you want to talk about. about 10 minutes left in the segment. martin has been waiting in smithtown, new york. independent. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to give an economic cycle. the ends go on strike for $.25 and they settle. the manufacturers pass it on to the wholesaler. it is now up to $.50. the wholesaler passes it on to the jobber. it is $.75. the jobber passes it on to the retailer, and it is up to a dollar 25. the gentleman who settled the union for $.25 is now causing people a dollar. as far as the keystone pipeline, i do not know what biden has against trump, but just think about the price of gasoline. how it is passing through the
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economic cycle. the same way as the truck goes through the retailer, the whole thing, and i feel that if we go back to the stone pipeline, regardless of if you are king or democrat or what ever you are, and the price of gasoline, our country will get rid of inflation. host: sabrina in new york city. democrat. good morning. are you with us? jimmy and athens. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for noticing the measurability of enthusiasm. i want to talk about inflation. it is in the news a lot, and it has economic history with inflation. the highest inflation has been in my lifetime was 1980, ronald
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reagan was elected president. not only was inflation high that year, but so is unemployment. that was the main reason reagan one. while reagan was president, he immediately tackled the unemployment issue by lifting defense. that caused jobs to be created that we did not have unemployment. inflation stuck around for a while, and the cpi, which was the main way we measured inflation did not go down right away. then i remember reagan did something i didn't like and he gave amnesty to a bunch of illegal immigrants in our country. he allowed them to come out of the hiding and work, and that is why inflation came down. in the reagan years. that is some important history, and i hope it has a lesson for the future of our country. host: how optimistic, if that is
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the right word for you, about this congress passing any sort of immigration legislation right now? caller: i am not very optimistic about it. i wish it would work like, the republicans would get together and say we want cheap labor, and the democrats was a, we want more votes. together, they could get some compromise which would help get inflation down. we are not going to get to that point. i am always hopeful, and after an election cycle, more interest will be in office. host: lawrence in north carolina, democrat. good morning. caller: two independents and republicans, i am a retired union worker making about $30 an
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hour. thank you very much. have a great day. host: ralph and washington, d.c.. independent. good morning to you as you get into your car. caller: how are you? where you headed? host: i am headed to pick up coffee and tea. we are running out of it at the house. what's on your mind this morning? caller: you hear people talking about rages -- wages and poverty and stuff. ever since reagan got out of office, we have seen nothing but tax cuts on the wealthy. this is well documented. tax cuts on corporations. the sheer of the average working man's salary, compared everyone
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else, it has gone from 33% to 47% of the total taxes. the top 1% account for 20% -- they have captured 90% of the wealth over the last 20 years. the democrats talk, but if you look at capital gains, i have been in the situation where i made seven figures one year. it was a great amount of money because of an investment i had made. the taxes i paid on that were substantially less than when i paid when i was an engineer. you know, what the people you sell this tax situation, many of these work for the right wing think tanks. they say that the wealthy pay the biggest percent of the tax, but it is only federal income taxes.
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they are not talking about social security, medicaid medicare, and more taxes on things. if we do not get the situation under control, we have a society that is unbalanced. we have a huge number of people who are barely scraping by, and you get a varies mall set of people who are making money. they are making huge money. when corporations like amazon pay no taxes, you have to's that back and say -- you have to step back and say there's something wrong with that. you have 10,000 pages of tax code, and most of it is written to give the wealthy and the corporations tax breaks. the rest applied for the little guys. they don't even think of their money because it is taken out of the paycheck. they have no way of setting up trust funds and setting up tax deduction havens and stuff. it's going to destroy this
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country, and less we stop it, and it will end up in the degeneration of our society. caller: ralph weighing in. indiana, independent. good morning. caller: i've a few things to say. i am 70 years old, but my family has been in this country since 1630. we were brought to this country, and we need to stand back up and fight for this country. we worked hard. host: the hoosier state. this is tommy in hammond. republican. caller: i have a few questions. i want to make three quick comments on three separate subjects. one, the economy. it is a proven fact as you can see that we don't need a
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politician in office. we need, whether it is trump or someone like him, we need a businessman. because look at trump's track record as opposed to biden's track record or the democrat as a whole track record. my honest opinion is the biden plan is going to keep as many americans out of jobs because all of the aliens and migrants that have come across the border somehow, i think, they are going to give them jobs and what they want is payment. number two, growing up, we used to play a game on the farm. we would throw cow patties on the side of the barn. whoever's cow patties stuck the longest, that is who won. it looks to me like the
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democratic party is doing exactly that. they are all over the board, just throwing cow patties and we will go with whatever sticks it. host: philip is in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. when biden entered office, the very day he entered office, he cut off our northern pipeline, the keystone pipeline got shut down. i'm not sure it was the keystone pipeline, but he by doing that, he has increased almost double the price of gas on everybody. he wants us to bear the burden, the medium class and the middle class of going green. everyone wants to hop in an electric car and drive $100,000 electric car around. host: you are calling on the democratic line.
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did you vote for joe biden? caller: i did. host: why did you vote for him? caller: i thought he was going to put tax on the superrich. that has certainly not happen. he has put tax on the poor who cannot afford the gas to get your car and go to work. we are stuck with a giant bill for gas doubling. they have to pay gas when they go. the gas bill is double. the employers are like, you gotta pay a certain amount of the gas bill. it is coming out of the trucker's pocket. i am surprised they are not all on strike, they are on strike, they are at home. host: one more call. republican, neil, go ahead. caller: i wish i been able to
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call and when you had a guest speaking about unions. i just want to make a comment. they have a very happy workforce that could carry. they would show up all the time wanting to unionize, and they did not push hard. all it required was a little money in his pocket, and this is how the union leaders represented their people. they took care of themselves and did not care about unionizing people for their benefit. but the comment i wanted to make was, i noticed that all of these people who are prounion call in and they talk about how the ratio between a ceo salary at a workers is increasing, and they talk about sharing the profits, but i don't hear anyone talking about workers who are sharing the loss. not all years are great for businesses, but they want to dip into the pockets when their bosses are having problems. host: our lost -- last caller in the segment. about 40 minutes left, and in that time, we will spotlight a
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magazine segment. we will be joined by pat nolan of the americans conservative union association with the peace in the american spectator. sick around, we will be right back. >> a new mobile video up from c-span -- c-span now. download it today. >> weekends bring you the best in nonfiction books on book tv. watch our coverage of the 33rd annual southern festival of books from nashville. this virtual event features the book "jesus and john wayne." the former tennessee governor discussing his book and, on afterwords, adam schiff, chair of the house intelligence committee, talks about his book, "midnight in washington." he
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