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tv   Republican Leader Mc Carthy Holds News Conference  CSPAN  October 22, 2021 1:48am-2:00am EDT

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-- so far we haven't seen a lot of evidence that. the prospect of maybe one day they think they will have a republican president, or we have a democratic president -- i'm going to tell you something, have you read [indiscernible] then you know it addresses other concerns. thank you all. >> house republican leader kevin mccarthy called the subpoena against steve bannon quote invalid. as a house is getting right to vote on holding mr. bannon in contempt, pierces spoken dissent to that spending proposals. reporter: what is your response to senate republicans who are
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still [indiscernible] >> they are the only ones who think it is a stand-alone bill. you heard president biden come to the floor, come to the hill with the democrats, is no longer a stand-alone bill. speaker pelosi says they will not take it up, they have to take up both. my conversation with them is the same as it was before. it is not a stand-alone bill, and opposes -- republicans are opposed to having just one. we support infrastructure, i know the senate used the ability to -- puts ability to states use covid money that they have that they do not need for covid, used on transportation projects, i'm not sure why they don't do that in the house. reporter: speaker pelosi just said about the reconciliation bill that it will be paid for
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and that no taxes will be raised. >> leader mccarthy: i'm not sure that critical race theory is talk, no one believes that. we are sitting with a real challenge here that is going to cost trillions of dollars. someone is going to pay for, the future generation, is the same reason they change the $600 to target american bank accounts somehow went to $10,000. you know what that mean? any american who makes more than $29 a day or spends $29 a day, you are a target. that is the majority of tarp -- of americans. reporter: doesn't also say the treasury secretary has the ability to go after whatever accounts [indiscernible] leader mccarthy: tire 85,000 new irs agents. do know how much that is, a larger population than scranton, pennsylvania, the president's hometown.
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that is what he is proposing. yes ma'am? reporter: are you ok with defying a congressional subpoena? leader mccarthy: what are you talking about? reporter: [indiscernible] reporter: leader mccarthy: we are in -- issuing an invalid subpoena. he has the right to go to the court to see if he has executive privilege are not. i do not know if he does or not, neither does the committee. they are weakening the power of congress itself by issuing invalid subpoenas. reporter: he was a private citizen-- leader mccarthy: i don't know the answer to that. reporter: they want a republican majority -- [indiscernible] what message would you like those republicans to deliver to
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world leaders on climate change. leader mccarthy: i think climate change is a real challenge for us, it is the one thing i truly believe everybody has to participate. you have watched her americans have been able to do, we've done a tremendous job and we want to become energy independent at the same time. if you look at what the republicans have been able to offer, we are going to solve this problem by utilizing technology, not by paying restrictions on people. you've got to hold people accountable, china able to produce an america now is going to present harm's way. reporter: what makes it invalid? this is the subpoena that congress created, that the house created, they issued a subpoena by the chairman, all these things -- what makes it invalid in your eyes? leader mccarthy: the house to not create something, there was
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a select committee, that for the first time in the history congress, the minority was able -- not able to participate -- no it was not able to participate, you knew from day one my position on this. this is being used -- the rules are very clear, the law is clear. the house has a role for legislating body, tell me what is the legislative -- they are using this to target their opponents, even -- one person says they have executive privilege, nobody knows the answer to that, not the main or i, nor bannon. the courts can decide that, this committee is not allowing him to go to the courts to make that decision. that is not the role, what the commission do, allow the minority, like a time in the history, place on there so they don't use it to target people. we watched hard -- government
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today targeting parents because they want a say in their children's education. but this can make should look at, why was the capital so ill-prepared and make sure it never happens again. have a legislative right to do that. that is what they should focus on. not targeting and political point. they cannot name the legislative -- it is not just myself saying this, even left-leaning legal scholars are sounding the alarm on the democrats and what they're doing. the brennan center as well, they are concerned about what is going happen in the future based upon what this committee is doing. reporter: [indiscernible] leader mccarthy: let me answer the question.
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first and foremost, i went to pelosi in january and asked for a commission. policy fought it for more than six weeks. when we wanted to have a fair process all the way through, she is the one who continued to deny. while -- the senate went out and erika mays, do you know what they look at? why was the capital so ill-prepared and gave recommendations to make it not happen again. that is what should happen. yes ma'am? reporter: donald trump said republicans will not be voting in 2022 or 2024 if we do not fix these issues. is that being helpful, if republicans are trying to retake the majority? leader mccarthy: fundamental thing i firmly believe, people should participate in their elections, we are seeing what happens based upon the last election, the now we have inflation, a department of justice going after parents because they want to say in
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their children's school. we have shortages from food, prices continuing to rise, crime in the streets, i think everybody should vote to change the direction. just as we did back in 1979. if we get the democratic policies out of here. thank you all very much. >> get c-span on the go, watch the day's biggest political events live or on-demand anytime, anywhere on our new mobile app, c-span now. access top highlights, listen to c-span radio app and discover new podcasts, all for free. download c-span now, today. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, everyday we are taking your calls, live on the air on the news of the day and we will discuss policy issues that
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impact you. coming up this morning, we will discuss the latest on president biden's build back better agenda and congressional news of the day with alabama congressman -- and peter welch. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning on c-span, or c-span now, our new mobile app. join the discussion with your phone calls, is the comments, text messages and tweets. >> coming up friday on c-span, the house is back at 9:00 eastern to work on legislation that would create mark accommodations for nursing mothers in the workplace. at 9:00 on c-span two, the center for strategic and international studies holds a discussion on economic competition between the u.s. and china. you can also watch these events online at or by downloading our free video out, c-span now.
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