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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 21, 2021 3:59pm-7:25pm EDT

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the speaker pro tem what purpose does the gentleman from virginia rise? mr. beyer: madame member des wisconsin, pursuant to h.res. 8 i inform the house that ms. 730.
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the r the g madam designated representative rodgers, pursuant to h.res. 8, i inform the house that representative mcmorris ro h.res. b@xdv
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229. the nays are 202. the resolution is adopted. withoutbjection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.ú=w
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the speaker prowill be in the house will be in o
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conversations from the well. for one minutes. your conversations from the well. thank the house will be in order. members please take your conversations from the well. is now enter for one-minute speeches. pseurpoion? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro temporrecognized for one minute. >> i rise today in support of the pump for nursinghers act house late ]ey are week. as a working mother i strongly8 support this bipartisan bill to provide reasonable accommodations to nursing mothers in the workplace. the mothers act amon changes would !4tendections
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overtime protection, including teachers, transportation workers and w to work as part,( of the bipartisan group, bill's sponsor, carolyn maloney, which maintains the at 50the pump for nursing mothers act is supporteda broad coalition of stake holders including the nation national education association and the american civil liberties union. i enthusiastically support this the same when it comes before the house this week. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from mississippi seek>> i ask unanimous conse addr to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker i rise today to enco colleagues to join me in opposition to the on the bank americans and impose new regulations on our already banking system. first, it is not apparent that theional authority to monitor americans in this way. second, the american public does not support the expansion of inch r.s. bank data collection.
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recent polling with 67% of those polled opposed to the i.r.s. and withdrawal information. finally this would add another institutions after a historic year when banks and credit unions provided lifelines to and communities during the covid-19 this is bad for families, small businesses, and i hope my colleagueross the aisle will rekor their support for this unwarranted expansion of i yield spe o tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from haye seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized minute. >> for far too listening america's broken for-profit health care system has left millions of americans uninsured while out 0"corporate profits continue to have turned to a new form of health insurance online fundraisers like gofundme to pay as one of them.
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he passed away from cancer earlier this month at just 22 years of ainge. mr. speaker, we live in the richest country in the world. no one should be priced out of the that theyt because they can't afford it. no one should be stra crowd source it is simply not right. pas better act. the build bact better act will invest in our communities' health care and expand medical coverage for our kapuna and pr will save lives.d= during the deadliest pan democrat nick u.s. historye families deserve. we must leave no one behind. yield bore: for what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition? >> i seek to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. proposed scheme is a power institution into i.r.s. reporting saijts, on privacy of everyday americans. mr. lamalfa: the i.r.s. already knows how much you earn and now they want to know how you spend
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it this is an invasion of privacy with guilt i'm not o to place trust in our with the government is keeping tabs on every single item. this is another push by the government tolives. disincentive for people to save and keept to thing tracked want to have savings in coffeeattr go. whether it's $600 per transaction or up to $10,000 per yeare, it's an invasion of privacy and wtracking us when we have a border like a sieve and problems of much greater magnitude than what you or i are spending our personal wealth on. the biden ad the house need to take back such ideas. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the jlt new york seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent todress the house for the speaker pro tempore: withouten honor a woman of many first, an outstanding member of our communitiering someone i'm blessed to call a constituent. her name is dr. renee f. washington gardner. she's the lon pastor of the harlem
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memorial baptist church in its entire history, dedicating decades of her life in service to church her community, and god. this past sunday marked her year of service, the first woman to also be named a moderator to the united missionarba 60-year history. pastor gardner is no stranger way for the nextation of cleric leaders. under her guidance and guiding principle of unity, hope and grace, has proven vital to the str and resiliency ofp harlem and pastor gardner at the helm, i trust that this work is only the beginning and that memorial baptist church will continue communities most vulnerable and ingr fabric of our neighborhood. . speaker and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from new j? >> mr. speaker i rise to address the minute. the speaker pro tempore: without ne minute. >> thank you. i rise tlb edward pelham, a
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community leader and student advocate for my town, montclair new jersey. al was known for bringing people together. his worked aced and generations of people and he leaves behind a beau from school, before returning to new jersey and graduating from bloomfield col the montclair naacp, the montclair neighborhood development corporation, the statewide parent advocacy network montclair african-american heritage foundation, and more he community a better and fairer place. many achievements project oasis which offers year-round educational and recreational when the covid pandemic began, al adapted the program and organized a remote learning space so all students had access to a exeurlt to attend virtual classes. he also created a program forprovide them with academic training and counseling as an alternative to staying at home. al worked to ensure that all student, regardless of their tunities to excel. for racial justice and inclusivety, guiding both the montclair montclair foundation
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through especially difficult times in our country. recognized for effor county dr. martin lutherking jr. leadership award. dedication to his communitys matched by his deep commitment to his family. al took any opportunity he could to be with his dw audre and rhonda, his grandchildren, his sisters and extended family. passed away after a hisit place will not soon be forgotten.nored to have known al and called him my friend. the me and so many others over the years will us and thetire montclair community for years to come. thank you and i yield bacurpose does the gentlewoma recognition? msress the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlewoman is re ms. jackson lee: rise today to be able to further defend and add to the resolution
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730 recommending that the house of representatives find steven k. kempt -- in contempt of congress. it is well known even from his own words andshed all hell is going to break looseit's not going to happen like you think it's going going to be quitep this -- you made this happen. strap in and let's get ready. many people said if i was in revolution i'd be in washington. there is your time in history. there'stional deny the january 6 committee the right to receive information after he had been subpoenaed from mr. bannon for information regarding the insurrection, the riot, the attack on the idea of executive privilege is exerted by the limbed on a president of the united states no longer in office, and in fact mr. bannon has been gone from the whit he has this is based on three equal branches of government, we cannot allow an individual to undermine democracy. and i exp to the united states department
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of justice will be handled. i yield back. the the speaker's announced policy of january 4 2021, the gentlewoman from newico, ms. leger fernandez, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. ms. leger fernandez: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative daysxt and material on the subject of my special order.o tempore: without objection. ms. leger fernandez: thank you mr. speaker. we are here today t about the importance of this historic moment i this historic of where we investing, investing investing in our planet we are talking about the b want to begin by talking about my district, which is made upautifully diverse rural communities. my district is the size of pennsylvania. but my communities in this district are rich in culture and rich in love. but you know what? they've also been historically left behind investments made to impr them to
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thrive. new mexican values are rooted in caring for each other. we know that we invest in what we care about, we know we invest in what we believein addressing the climate clie krie sis because in my district, we know that water is life. our farmers and ranchers are preserve their water resources. communities along our rivers, along our -- areas, need us to pass back better plan to ta the crisis head the water flowing from our mountains and cascading from our streams for decades to come to
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work in ruralmerica? it's more bridges. medical care. it's investments in long-term care and affordable child care. in my state 53% of people live in apj'f@ 71% of rural families live in areas withoutt enough licensed child care providers. we can change that the build back better plan must invest rural communitie it will invest in our rural communities. we are talking about this plan empowering our rural regions including our tribal nations. with the resources they need to grow their econo to affordable health care, lowering prescription drug prices, and making housing affordable. we can do this for our communities now. we can make this happen.he american rescue plan but we can't stop there. we must build it's not enough to go back where we are because where we were wasn't good enough. we need to make child tax credit does not run out. we cannot kick our children who came
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out of poverty, 50% of the children in poverty in my state came out and, the you must go back to living in pferty. no. we must include an expansion extension of the child tax credit in the build back better act. you know -- those children who were living in poverty are coming out. we also need to make sure those children in rural america get the early and that's what build back better will do. the question i ask is simple, do keep an economy that serves people and corporations?our families a fair shot to truly thrive? believe in. we believe in our youngest children, we believe in our workers. we believe in the promise that i'm glad to be on the flo my caucus colleagues this evening to shine a lightthe brilliance of the build back better at this tim texas. ms. jacksone gentlelady from new mexicor leadership. and i'm very glad that she has
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it and eunity of democrats as relates to allof our constituents, whether we are in new mexico s mississippi illinois california, up to the new england states, down the coast in down to between. it emphasize to the american people that this is about breakinges fighting for, and we take no discomfort in you saying at the bus stop taking your child to school, what are they talking about? it is our responsibilityre talkingand to let you know that the congressional reng and and working. we now are at a point where we will say to you we arebut we are the engine to get it done. working with the quad caucus the tri caucus, and the caucus. and so you have heard that there may be different from $3.5 trillion, of which i still stand on. but we are working to american people.
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is, you have indicated that there is a framework that will change my life. i want to see it sooner than later. so here's where we there is the invest act, though we are talking tonight abouthyba i want you to know that as some would say it's on the table. it's on the table for broadband. it's on the table for high speed rail. it's on the table for electric cars. it's on the table for the trials commute. pothole here that's out of commission dam. it iso be sure that we will have that framework. but then the build back better is what i want to today. that we will provide you with thelity of life that gives you more time with your better wages, climate change response, and gives your child universal competitive around the yes, who never lived in states where they opted into the public option or expanded so you are working every day. we wantinsurance. on medicare, hearing, we want those dental to
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be part of your is the bowl of the only work for how implemented is to get it done. my view heard from a member i'll give him creditm arizonand let's move. once we organize and analyze the pieces of it, and i'll just leave, manager mythe table. let us be meticulous abouts or what items can accept because you something that does not work because you or do let' meticulous in ensuring sheurg -- ensuring the final bill is an impactful bill on lives in termslong the programand in terms of dollars of how much imct it will have. we as a congron mix and we will do the nation's bidding and we'll do it right because we nation and particularly those who cannot speak for themselves. that gives me pride. i'm delighted to be here on the floor with you tocan be i korking with you we will get it done. put them together and let's back.
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ms. leger fernandez: thank you so much. i do think that to remember what it actually means for a family. mexico the annual cost of infant care is 33 states and d.c. where infant care is more expensive than college. better plan will limit that to income. i would now like to welcome our colleaguehultz, to speak to the issues around build back better and what we hav and why, why we must get this done. ms. wasserman schultz: thk you very much. force mrs. watson coleman: thank you very much. once in a lifetime opportunity. there are so many elements of this build back better agenda that touch us from th1u the oldest. to the middle class, to the class, to t those unable to work. and those at greatest need. like to use a little bit of my time to speak on the our the decisions that make. mr. i rise today because congress has an opportunity to address the climate c even though some members still
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isand we witnessing it rsthand. to ignore very real and very deadly effects. thisear we saw largest wildfire in californiarain the pacific devastate my home state jersey as well as many others. these tragedies were we could have avoided them had our country made a clear -- made it clear decades climate change is not a political issue but a real issue that needed to be responded face thand present decisions. this could be our last chance to take long overdue action and to spare our children from having to rai+se their children in an the build better act includes crucial climate are in jeopardy as some of our colleagues seek to eliminate them. the build back better include climate action. it's nonnegotiable. we need to pass the president's entire agenda and we need to
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pass it now. we might never get chance. i thank youspeak on such an important issue. i yield back the balance of my time. ms. leger fernandez: thank you so very much. i'd also note that when we adjust the -- address the climate we are also anticipate there will 763,000 green jobs available to our communities when we pass the build back better and address the climate crisis. and yield some time to my wonderful colleague whofellow freshwoman, mari neumann from the great state of illinois.esentative leger fernandez. weo be here tonight, all of us. this is a really imant evening. you know why? we are talking about why this is so important that we get accomplished. like a great team that the democrats are, i want to talk about one minute about that if i may with our chair's permission. we are a i'm frustrated with the media and anybody who is saying we are not a team right now.
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we are ready to go. 99% now, as of today. and i 99% of us are on the same pq just have to get a little bite. asking the media is to report accurately. i'm asking all of the americans that are understand we are ready to go. we are a team. tal this package i of. so think of it this way, folks. if trillion companies came together it wo probably two a matter of l do it well and precisely and get it done. teams get things done in an orderly fashion, and we are going to get this done. let me talk a little bit about lyus irritating. and that is when folks talk about a labor shortage. with the real issue we ha we have a health care shortage. we have an housingtage. we have a shortage of affordable pre-k. and there is a shortage of folks being properly for hard work. so what we frustrating when i hear there is a labor shortage and then our friends across the aisle block eve single possible thing we can do to make that better and to boost our economy.
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that's super by the way, you have a labor shortage and then bloc it just does:mt work that way. you can't say immigrants are stea jobs. it doesn't work. it's common sense. it let me say something else, mr. speaker, if i e. is that, if we do things like expanding paid leave m if we make sure that folks haveca free ch get back to work because moms, let's be honest about t. moms are frequently the primary care giver. we can get them back to work. 300,00of o been forced to quit because they hav t care of their kids. i want to mention something else. that's just that it's 300,000 the force of the female nature. itti to that 71 -- when you take all the sources of childcare whether ymca, moms and dads in other jobs and working three time, or our school system, or our childcare system was losting the pandemic. so of course it's get -- guess what? the reason we had this amazing package set ve roads and repaired and broadband delivered as childcare and health care andtp in-home
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health care and all of things on the human infrastructure side, you know why? because when mom and dad go to fix a bridge, guessd some that's why this works so well together. and that's why we have to pass this. but that's why we are doing this. because it's a super practical thing to do. every dollar in thi get infused right back into so this is really brilliant in every way. and it is very practical and it's founded in our great principles, our economic principles. guess what? capitalism because supply and demand is l get this done. thank you so m it's a joy to have my friend, everything she i yield back. ms. leger fernandez: thank you so much, representative. i want to just few ed the need for immigration. i would point out that when we pass our comprehensive nn would have $1.4 trillion benefit to our need to help care for us. ththey are part o communities. and the build back better act as the house is looking at it includes immigration reform. today i was also -- i was
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reminded during the remarks on sohat today is sadly i say sadly today is the latina equal paay. and i have introduced a resolution to acknowledge that it is latina equal payday. what that this long into the fall into october before a latina earns the same as a white the other thing we know, the recession caused by the pandemic 20% unemployment, talking about that would help tlose women get back to work andmake sure they're paid for the work they taking care of children putting foodust taking care of those we love. i would now like to yield to somebody i have always looked up to and learned muc r from massachusetts. ms. pressley: thank you so much. thank you, mr. speaker.
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thank you to my colleague sister in service here, congresswoman fernandez, for conven today on behalf of every worker. every parent and every caretaker that's questioned how they'll make ends meet and keep food on their table for the parent tt pit in look over monthly bills with the growing cost of rent and child care. the frontline worker who isause of our nation's failure to provide paid leave. the family afraid of being displaced from their home due to extreme weather and the existential threat of climate change. the student living in a tra access to jobs food, community. the daughter who is a caregiver to her parent is one of list. for much needed home and community-basedces. and our immigrant neighbor unjustly denied a pathway to citizenship. mr. speaker, the act will help us get one step closer to unjust status quo and beginning to build a recovery that centers
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the people. as no longer accepting the chings i cannot change, i am changing the thing us can no longer accept. despite what some might argue, the needs of our communities go far roads and bridges. we must ensure our policies and investments reflect that reality. mr. speaker i refuse to choose between the union worker who builds our highways and the who protect ours sets them on a pathway to a healthy life. to bri bear theirbutions to the world. i would ask every member of congress that they do the same. choices that force us to and well be two. thathe opportunity and responsibility make universal paid leave, home e and universalccess to quality and affordable child care a in $21,000 per child for child care. we have the opportunity and responsibility to address climate changeat our housing crisis and to finally
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to citizelions of our imankers. the during the pandemic.eed your appl-wse. they need you to value m their labor but their their families. we must reveal strong -- rebuild a just nation ke ta to truly build back better we must truly address and infrastructure nds of our communities. this is responsive to the needs of the p%"ple. focus on impact, advanced policies that willl family, leave no community behind. this is how we set forth a just recovery and chart a new course repair generations of hurt and harm and what i classify as policy violence on our most vulnerable communities. this is the moment legislate our values, to this is om moment to senate and white house, more than a talking point that we're in the majority. that we codify once and-- infrastructure are fundamenta is infrastructure. paid leave is infrastructure, disability justice is infrastructure and.
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there is no deficit of resource s country, nl a deficit of empathy. and political courage. let's pass the buildact so we can deliver for the community that for too long have been asked to wait. and justice delayed is justice denied. our constituents deserve more. thank ms. leger fernandez: thank you for bringing to light and describing those individuals for whom we are working today. it is they who are us. we are part of their)h stories are respo colleague from california, representative barraga resolution i spoke of earlier for the latina payday. representative barraga because other that'm other. thank you very much. ms. barragan: i thank the gentlelady for yielding. i join my colleagues today in calling for congress to pass irbu the climate crisis and fights for
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environmental justice at a time when we have seen record heat waves, wildfires and drought in californi it invests in things like climate smart ports that will reduce toxic air pollution in neighborhoods near our ports. color that surround the port o district. agenda, we know will also invest in things like the construction of more thess the rising housing cost that hit los angeles so hard and across the country more than 41,000 suffering from homelessness. insurance costs. invest in higher education to lower tuition for students at minority-serving institutions. it's going to cut taxes for children with families by extending the credit and cutting poverty. how do we not invest in that? but today i want to focus more on climate. because this is a crisis. and this is that is happening as we speak.
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it is urgent. it is urgent that we act boldly to respond to the threat of climate change. and the climate the better act are critical to maintain, not cut. for example, there are two investments in the bill i have led on that are important for climatend environmental justice.@: at ports. this includes a $3.5 billion invest optometrist reduce air pollution at ports by providing grants and rebates for the purchase and installation of zero nearly 40% of within three miles of a port and will benefit from these investments in clean air. in myict, the port of los a major economic engine. but it's also a major source of pollution. air quality in the country and it disproportionately impacts communities of color in for decades, my constituents have advocated for zero emission solutions. 3.5 -- this $3.5 billion port investment inill deliver. it's
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in environmental justice. in climate action. in jobs. so i urge us to fight to keep these long overdue investments in clean air for our and environ climate justice that's also in the big p back better ag just a $5 bilp by far the largest ever amount we have invested in this. with this investment, we willenvironmental justice communities to lead projects that reduce pollution and bring climate justice to communities hit first and worst by the climate crisis. this will mean climateutions such as clean energy microgrids to keep during events like heat waves and hurricanes. it means the community solar projects that create local jobs and electricity bills like the recent solar project in my district at the it means green infrastructure to prevent flooding and to protectéas from extreme heat. these long overdue investments
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will get environmental justice communities the resources to fight for a safe climate and clean and ofs investments such as in-home care that will help provide care for our older americans and those with dn care they need. itngs like paid family and medical leave. imagine you're a nurse at a hospital. you help deliver babies. and all of a sudn you get cancer. and you have no paid leave. you to go home and fight can focus on that cancer fight instead of worrying about how to pay the bills, that veryha last november. delivers babies at a military hospital, a federal workers. you would think these are people we take care of. but this is happening across the country, day in and day out. people haveers to donate leave and time and that's wrong. we need to invest in these and we hav fight to keep tesk better agenda. and investments should be paid for and
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the corporations finally pay their fair share of taxes. now is the time to make these once in a generation problems that have long been neglected. now to is the time to stand strong and deliver the promises we made to the american people. let's stand up for the people better agenda. with that, i want to thank you for leading this effort and thankaucus for being at the forefront of making sure that we are fighting for the people. ms. leger fernandez: thank you very much. you have raised the issues of environmental injustice since the day i met you. you raise them, you lead them in the caucus and you have described what it means on the ground, what it means in terms of jobs but also what it the air that you breathe. because we know that in ourommunities offer from higher rates of asthma. and something like covid comes about that ravages the lungs they've already been damaged.
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it hurts. that's why we saw the leveof deathseath and communities. is costly, when they don't want to spend the money, remember that fail wrur to address climate change will lead to world instabilit would lose $23 trillion -- $23 trillion impact on our economy our to address i don't want pass over terms of the creating jobs for the people in our community, for the people in america. we know we are now coming back. the pandemic is hard. we're still numbers, 290,000 is below what they had projected so we're feeling good. we know the pan democrat sick something we are working on, that this president has doneorking with congress on that. but still, it's estimated that the build back better agenda 4.0 millionfour million jobs.
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that's 1.1 care giving jobs, that'sot just a number. that is somebody that you are going to take your baby and you know that what we are sure that that caregiver has the kind of training that he needs to provide the best quality care. that because we are providing assistance, that their caregiver is going to be receiving the kind of pay that she or he deserves because they are providing the most valuable things to you. they are caring for resource, our children. and that's what build back better will do. it would also create 556,000 manufacturing jobs. and those are and those are good-paying jobs and that's what we need. and when we talk about bringing( you are for manufacturing, you have to be for the build back
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better back. and what does that job mean? means that somebody is going to go to work, who has a family or who wants to start a family and be buy a home. but we know home is hard. the better act is going to provide assistance for the first-time home buyers and the is is that downpayment. and that's what we are going to be bringing. and look at the different levers of our economy that makes a difference that a community thrive not just survive, that is. and construction jobs, 312, jobs doing the things we need in building those bridges and clinics and schools and businesses, because it takes al
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of that. and we do pay for it. there is not a dime. this is not about debt, this is paider those to pay those taxes even when due. tax cheats, we are going to make you pay your taxes because that is onl and those paid less in taxes than my chi teacher, we to make them pay theai fre. so if earning half a billion dollars a year you will see a your taxes. but if you are listening and what is it going to do my tax burden. you will you will have a tax because we have thehild lowering taxes for lower and and we know that includes
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benefits paid family leave, we will help more people help and keep those jobs. when they are able to go home and help someone who is ill in their family, they don't have to and that's what we should be caring about. when is the time it done because that is right, th for ourgood for america and good for our women and good for our planet. and with that, mr. speaker i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 4 2021, o texas is recognized designee of the minority leader. mr. babin: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have fecl material on the subject of my special order. the speaker pro tempore: without
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objection. mr. babin: m i will be shedding light on democrats' i include mass the build back better bill. a disaster. it will causeand crush small businesses, raise taxes, and lower wages and expand government. as one of the chairs of the house border and texan and an american, i am stunned in the worst cries crisis, senate democrats are trying tore trynto millions to illegal aliens and we are up against more criesees and too many to and folks, this of all. our ope the president's dereliction of duty will affect every single american in this country and generations to come. let that sink in.
4:48 pm
this isn't a talking point but a fact. history that is shown us that itntegrity of and breeds contempt and we are seeing this happening before our e living color. if we look back totime that mass amnesty was granted, we have a clear if democrats push this plan through. millions of jobs will be put at risk and massive ways of legal immigration and our will use this to enter the united states and embed themselves into our society. country our neighbors, us, america is at stake. and so with that mr. speaker i yield toem mr. mcclintock, my friend. mr.mcclintock: i thank the gentleman for his issue. yesterday, we learned this y
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illegal impwraeugs. the c.b.p. arrested 1.7 million. that is the entire population of the state wyoming and vermont combined. that is a federal crime. it is a misde the first offense. but this administration is n lysecutinghis actively assisting and encouraging it. the attorney general the individual responsible could not give usess of how many are bein prosecuted andcause that number is zero and couldn't us to us the federal law and ation not to i ask you, is it just possible that the administration's enforce our immigration law might have something to do with the fact country is being kpaepld. ask the sole reason they are coming
4:50 pm
isecause of the biden's administration to open the border and under donaldrump's leadership they sa trip because we time. yet on. biden reversed thecy he abandoned the this anmigration laws we have no if we have no border, have no country. there are 42 million people who intend to come to the united states now that they ask my fellow democrats onhe aisle how are helped by low-wage are wereeang and how are our hospitals made moreby overwhelming emergency rooms with illegal immmanding ca mr. speaker, no civilization in history hasd the mass
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migration that we watching move toward our border and the countries cannot or will not enforce their board people ask happenin democrats, this is what you voted for and if you are surprised by t paying a yield b arrests by border patrol at the highest 1986, ask yourself what happened 1986. mass a cause-and-effect and i yield to my frieng, mr. scott from pennsylvania. mr. perry: sincenessed migration -- weitnessed an 200% increase over f.y.2 of think that amid what is open-border crisis were sexual assault, rape proliferation of dr activity states would stop pro its
4:52 pm
citizens. not the democraticey onzing this illegal invasion and you can presideaide unstopping immigration in this copeople thought he was legal but it is illegal. no number of sexua dug overdoseeaths, n of human the highest little objective which is of new voters. b of reconciliation procto what thateans is saying it doesn't matter if you break the lf law. we a not go to go prosecute forgive all yourfrp and millions of immigrants and now they are o planfr them to break our laws to of illegal millions of peoou about the jar odd vargas kille stuffed in a
4:53 pm daniel and alphonso establi by illegal alien. was a sexual relationship an illegal jailen as she american citizens. the people in this building take an the constitution. 11,ti eonald 40 minute an i will yell groped her and 10 people watched to watch and to break law and going to senttivize. a committed to their security. weis bill and i yield there friend from pennsylvania. would like to to the gentleman mr. bob good, the gentleman from mr. go: i rise to add my voice to crisis created by this is hardsis
4:54 pm
but this is the the illegal never in the history of country has ourone more tore the united states that this pres here we are, to over three months in a row but weop that this month. we are expected to this i have been there to meet with ranchers, local law enforcement, folks who live at the border, border patrol who are living every day w crosse so under the control of the mexican cartels. there is no compassionate peace to our traicking sex trafficking as people who are coming threef terrible conditions across ourery city every state a border state. i wasitnessed illegals being flown wher we asked my colleague, my colleague fr
4:55 pm
lady -- illinois asked the lady beside me saying you have t and to a court to get -- they are not being stopped, not being but distributed into the interior of our country. nowng them during the taxpayert+ they're not trying to fix it. they're trying toit from american people.02(qrder is this happening? whyn administration a majority isy, dem our southern border, no b intenti completion of wall? why would we pay co why would wesousandtoomeour health iraq -- health issue, in the short run in the long run they don't eve in want to change our country oc europe. and i yield back. thank you to the dileman from mr. posey: the press just can' reality it's more like a america
4:56 pm
faster. if you really think a builds back better, your v of america is diffmost peopl tn most people i up sthink, not how to think. and not cluing with -- called fact checks. we grew n america where parents were encoudrage targeted by the department or telling a school boardey're direction. we grew up in america where our welcomre legally.t mexican. i can moho i can never become honor duran. hondura somal wouldn't become somalian. and on and on it goes. if people work hard and play by thrules, they can build a better future th c their lives and some have died try country. no policies that you are trying to force down the throats o america where most folks, where they have wokeness trumpphobia livb' world pre-covid-19 we had the lowest african-american and hispanic unemployment rate since they began keeping records. an america that was energy 4(
4:57 pm
ca where we have secure rs, let's be a crisis at the border. even though the president the vice president and most my colleagues across coming into our country illegally n a legal immigrant. any more breaking into house makes them one of your family. you see, most people kw illegal invasiont' now. propos only encourage others to come and try hard see where you know, based upon the e that he would americoffice. my friendsn the other side of the aisle gained a razor thin majority in the housend senate. but you know, we know, we everybody knowsat a lie. and yourity's going to be short lived. must feel to a radical agenda before the mid-terms. rey y,angr sit back and take it much longer. back and reconciliation plan, you know what they want? they want youerica back where you alone. let's back. >> i thank friend, the gentleman from florida so very much. you know, we're immigration. most of us are the children of immigrants. my own daughter-in-law is a naturalized citizen.
4:58 pm
but we have to do it the rig we'rs to yield to the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. tiffany. mr. tiffany: thank you very muchntative babin. i appreciate being given here. today, to speak to attorney general garland and talk about wt's happening at thetice. and what becameere answer today is that's two sets of in america. and it immigration we're ple comerom all parts od from the american p stamps. they get free things that are free while have to pay forone of the questions i posed to regards to facebook, and i that very mucht there's two sets of ru america. recently, the president,cak]$buryhare entercountry illegally or release smuggled. think al would be concerned about that? let me read title 8 u.s. code 1324. encourage an alien to $9 stat for individuals to aid or entry. yet, facebook is allowed to do are
4:59 pm
they a full-blown subsidiary of the biden administration at éis point? a personas couple months that th happening. and the attorney general would not make a c that he is going to is la in the coun of -- companies in thenited states of america. also, what came outr today, in my mccoy. we've been hear mccoy as a result of the mass can people by the bn th s.i.v. process tha in on pabe -- ha were in quarantine with measles, covid, and just beinguntry. we f there are people being charged crimes. aping two mccoy found out was beating t fort outt that a female soldier was being beaten by afghan ander, they wonder why are rules.d representative perry pennsylvania, brought up the story in regards to the rapep on the that has americans.
5:00 pm
the assailant was an to sexual abuse drugs. he should have been however, hee was allowed to ppeals board determined his prior sex crime serious enough to merit does a sex crime have to be. these of rules we arethey're ?eeing it basis with the mass migration that's coming into our country. and we have an attorney general that is being urged by school boards across to entertain the use of the on mothers we won't use the patriot act onople who propose to come into united states of america illegally but we'll use ou something is wrok. absolutely. thank you úzase you missed itouse democratsé] rejected, rejected the republican efforts to block amnesty forre have gun charges or sex multiple. lunacy. i yield mr. i thank the gentleman for yielding time. mr. speaker, the flow of illegal aliens into the united states is control.esident biden stopped bui watt, brought --
5:01 pm
wall, brou era catch and release open borders agenda that's devastating our countrymore than 1.3 milliongr illegal aliens have been =prehended women of the u.s. customs patrolaring for a surge of e this month. we must invest in border security now. butmocrats are pushingllion tax and spend package that will only make our borders -- and our bor this package includes z funding for border millionhile theed benefits. crisis far-locialiston package will only make it back. mr. babin: ok. thank appreciate that.he floor to my friend from buddythank the gentleman for yielding. mr. massive package house is considering aims toally, an effort this hhs and years instead of timeline we are on nownd i are taking this time to highlight how they intend tdramatically change our country and the consequence it will have. perhaps problem we are
5:02 pm
facing, illegal immigration. this is happening as we speak. therever 208,000 border 317% increase second straightwith over apprehensions. what's worse, this is not a new thing. of all places, illgat year but t biden t 1.3 million illegal border crossings under president biden next mont 350,000 apprehensions in6 octob that number of apprehensions in a single month. so we now been a problem in the past. it's still a problem now. and it w future. and what a in control? the democrats have includemnesty for around eight million illegal ira $100 billion over the next 10 years. . aby trade. believe when i say the ounce of p a ostatement. paying th s fentanyl has been s e every american
5:03 pm
four times dangero ludicro ridiculous. 160,000 been u.s. often withl little supervision since march. ther side of the happening. we need leadership to navigatewe to the bordseveral times and i can tell youand joe bidenis a way to fix it. furthest mirror. rather than support our b communities in danger. they face threats frome who have aliens. irresponsible to this is a tragedy come to americaeg we cannot continue these policies. let'snsanity, and back. mr. babin: thank you very much my georgia. and i yield toern. h*erpb. the wish list, they have managed an provisio ise of illegal
5:04 pm
border 200 border ossings.ed 1.7 million apprehensions inscal 16,000 have tested positive and released the united states who they were coming in contact with. this 16 tourbgs2< is on top of thousands biden. we no longeention centers, we haveer ande all over this country. we know the biden administration was flying covert children around the country. and mymany children wereflrder and paying for the american people want to know. we have. this is not what we have is invasion of our southern border. ne biden admi ignored the crisis. havep our border safety. and now our border patrol all but
5:05 pm
democrats decided to with thes so-called reforms at the last month. free college or illegal immigrants and tax credits amnesty for illegal immigrants at the taxpayer expense and illegal immigrants will guar remnts and let me say he federal governmen drop charges against laws. insane. these policies are written behindf the american. democrats who hold the house and the senate and have a straining willhold must take action to secure ourr and protect our american people. inted of puttingre are protected and ise abandonment of their sworn duty as a member ofև congress. mr. babin: and now, the gentlewoman from illinoi.
5:06 pm
>> thank you representative biden socialist spending bill provides amnesty to gang sr-r d.u.i. mm ok with allowing illegal in our country even if they have 20d.u.i. convictions. biden-harris open are policies have allowed illegal immigrants to cross our country with ava way. and this is equals and tragic administration has allowed country criminaltels. these child cartel predators who are able because the brought back catch and release. invasion at ouer plus amnesty is the end of we know it. americans mass amnesty. we want a border wall.
5:07 pm
yield: wenow for those who don't know one of the leaders of thely a seasonal worker and he traveled back and aac to receive terrorist training and no reason to believe that terroris would not of amnesty to hurt us. i would like time now to the highest ranking military officer and that is representative byrne thank you. how do you apply adequate objective to the shocking, attempt to jamr eight million immigrants into this at-ownedon it is a complete sham. it is clear to most americans immigration
5:08 pm
is illegal and sounds like i'm repeating words here and stillurion needs borders. people aren't trying to break out of the united states of america. why we are the greatest country in w nobody else did. the democr country are defying logic border policy and proposing a mass legalization amnesty policy before opposite of a solution. we solutions whaoeubg when we being built and border security policies th worked. i am here tonight because will illegal activity on the southern border and make sure it's not rewarded this shameful sham bill. i thank you and yield mr. babin: i appreciate what you
5:09 pm
said. while the exact number of sho to the united states sponsors an averag of additional family numbers for green cards and green cards for three or four family members 43 me million me repeat 43 million immigrants will be coming in. thisunding i yield time to good friend frommr. grothman: the topic for when we look at bill with so many change some of the most radical immigration provisions we have ever the democrats itself and what they affect 9 to 12 million morein country who are not here and willad to a h in america. this has nothing to do legal
5:10 pm
immigr every year, in asappropriately vetted and they have jobs crimes andt7ur citizenry. i'm talking about the peopleming across the border claiming they want asylum. i was down at the border last weeke of these people who people feel they will be good citizens. one of the yuma, arizona, you see the path is littered with identification that is away country. why would people want to throw it away? you have nothrowing the immigration on the ground, it means you are have a new identity when here. people under this bill are going to work their way to become not surprising the democrat party has made it clear, the type of people we want to get. and sanctuary cities or
5:11 pm
counties, and by having them is going to say you are on going public assistance and sending children withouto we are doing in this bill, are going to encourage more parentsirchildrenot to them. as under this bill, the word does not care about will mean more illegal this bill and we are now in a position over which 90,000 am year primarily of covi but other drugs that passed the border. theiven the $3.5 number is border patrol agents. but in their regular budget, that isn't thhe need more of. i beg t i know it's easy toet lost $# 3.5
5:12 pm
trillion andize up against this bill because the massive green light of massive immigratiois going come. mr. babin: i thank you to my again, i come before this chamber to ask when this administration crisis at our southern border? mcclain: for the life of me, i don't understand -- and let me say this again -- i don't understand why our commander in chief refuses to go and see that he and border politics have created. but i've seen this crisis myself. so let me paint him a to use a
5:13 pm
paintbrush with facts. in fiscal year 2020,ur southern 2021 under president leadership, leadership,rocketed to 1.7 million. and that's not a crisis. that doesn't even warrant aur hea go down to the border. 1.7 million, i'd çdwhat a crisis would look like under his more than 12,000 haiti squatted under a bridge until president biden's department of homeland security those illegal aliens into the interior of our country stop with people. it doesn't stop with people comi in illegally. illegal drugs from the coming to a town near you, and we're already seeing it. again, let me use somets 2021, border patrol agents at the southwest
5:14 pm
bo s 900 pounds of fentanyl. th the math, that's enough to nearly 200 millio people. that's nearly 2/3 of the country. to all you, i implore you we must fix this crisis at the border, but can't f you don't think exists. with t you, mrs. mcclain. really appreciate i'd like to yield time to my friend from florida, mr. byrononmr. speaker. thank you to my distinguished colleague from the lone star state, mr. babin. i've been couple talking about the $3.5 trillion or maybe what they're saying on cnn, $2 trillion. who knows how many trillions are in this a provision that i find to be juste one that will allow the i.r.s. enter the bank accountsam that allows for mass amnesty through budget reconciliation.
5:15 pm
something, by the way, that the senate already out still in the house provision. it's important that the american people understand this. how disastrous of a policy is that is because thosein the v of the united states said she was looking for. she wasng for root, here's the number one rootci to green ÷% light in a package there will be mass amnesty in a spending bill, that tells the drug cartels, itybody who's been waiting south of our bigrate into the united state on down because they're the when you do something like that, you are giving a signal to the entire entire world we do not take our own border seriously. there has been a fi chamber to complete border wall construction for 30 years. but what people need to understand is that the number one entity that's en asking is border patrol themselves. you see, the american people will never build walls in their house with wide-open gaps. that's sil we think that's ok. that's why congress has not serious enough to completeol tool at their border. immigration is critical to any likeeed legalt must cannot be out of control.
5:16 pm
and in this budget remost reckless and the open and the mostorder our country has and that is actually something that our congress needs to not do. we need to stand up for our border patrol agents and the american we need toe thatt of this bill amongst others. i yield back. mr. babin: mr. donalds, i k you so much. now my friend from wisconsin scott fitzgerald, i yield two minutes. mr. fitzgerald: thank ymr. s infrastructure. i know this seems obvious to many americans, but i know for some of my colleagues redefine. and what's tucked away spending package are provisions that would give amnesty to overn illegal to the border. some of mys that have been able to visit the border with are here thiscallen, texas, and in the travel back to wisconsin, saw a plane that w envelopes and
5:17 pm
destinations written magic park sp and where they would end up. we know there's 11 million illegal immigrantsiving in the u.s. todayw not only does thosis py, but studies have found itl cost us trillions oflars in benefits. what i experienced back in a position where unless weess we act swiftly to get a handle on the southern border, we will no longer urgency could be any more clearer and any more in front of 'd back. thank you, mr. speaker. mr. babin: fitzgerald. i appreciate that. and0 now my friend dentisll, from new jersey mr. van dre thank you. friend and fellow democrats, led by president joe biden, are abusing the budgero partisan,áz
5:18 pm
socialist spending spree that will fundamentally change our natio forever. one of the many dangerous provisns is to provide amnesty to more than million immigrants. and for those that hear me or didn't quite believe it eight million illegal immigrants parliamentarian already ruled that to do so would violate rules@z process. additionally, the majority party outright rejected offers from bar g members sex offenders violentfrom receivingne before, literally, you have to believe that many democrats are actively destroy our great nation. with record breaking levels of migrant smuggling, the majority is still somehow finding new ways to weaken and undermine our great ame immigrants. america needs immigrants and immigrantseed america, but legally.
5:19 pm
we are a nation of laws, a america must go process. true story -- just the other day i received a cmy constituents who immigrated the united states from europe. with her husband, she went through america's legal immigration process b she respects our country. she me literally crying intter disbelief with our currentn situation and also the current affairs america. she came to the united states, teltú employee, and eventually money by working purchase her own business husband. that is the america that i know. thatica reckless concept of open bor accountabili foroing radical ideas? is this really what becoming? a people canur borders and do whatever they dammit wrong. ur communities, think about our children, think about our grandchildren who are going to have to suffer the consequences of radical democratica$ polsie proven that do they not care about our
5:20 pm
institutions, but our laws or protecting our great america. god, help us. dr it. now, mr. speaker, i'd like to yield time to my friend from arizona and also fellow co-chair of t security caucus mr. biggs: i thank the gentleman, my colleague on the hose borders. secithairman, you've heard a lot about numbers today. i want to just tell you a little bit some of the faces and individuals. een from the rio grande valley to san diego and8o this year. i get down4é to the border on an incredibly -- incredibly often. down again last week. that. down a few weeks before that. that's kind because i live in a r.g.v., the rio grande valley, and you can go there to -- you ca la joya and you sit in the rio grande river runs and the
5:21 pm
car. car. i had a c.b.p. agent you look out and you see 40py terally emerging the river. they're dressed great. you know what, most of them kids underage age 14, i 5. the coyote brought them across the river and deposited them. you know what would happen in the united states for us who are citizens, who are legally here, if we had a 4, 5 we put that child in the hands of a criminal levi lentt person, and that's what coyotes are, they the breeches a number or a city, we put th child up in detroit or l.a. or that coyote, child to then turned the child over to the border patrol to
5:22 pm
reunite with upon charged with childrnment is the logistics arm of the cartel, and states of america and we don't criminal chargest remove from thisry. instead, the benefits of our socialwe ourre, the free phones, the housing, all ofthat's what we and down in yuma just standing ere with some of my friends. we are standing literally next to the fence b ends and there's a space of several hundred yards and literally, we're getting pictures ofn front of this hole in the fence. here comes a fella. he's up. so we stop and talk toba. where we i came from russia. i went from russia. and then i went to spain.e. then to mexico city. and then i myself took a busñz
5:23 pm
mexicali to actually, ri across the drugs of that point r. . what are you doing here? wanted to be in america well, why don't you sit right here. there' up a little bit. border patrol will a second. person is not an economic credible fear. he's come to the united states of america. un: if they don't title 42 not doing many of those anymore, he the country somewher an engaging fellow. but nonetheless illegally in this triend andy biggs from arizona. how much time do we have left? the speaker pro tempore: seco to thank my friend for bringing attention t this unbelievably important issue. as my colleagues who couldn't be here tonight, could talk abou since our time is limited i want to a veryxistence as ablic hangs in the balanc overwhelming majority of ss amnesty. border cri assault, drug trafficking, abduction, danger murder, fraud, and death that
5:24 pm
comes along with it will only get cannot afford to risk the lives'll he continuet this for as long as we need to. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from engaging innalities president. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4 2021, the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas mr. royr minutes. i i thank my friend from texas for holding this time colleagues to talk about what's going on in our southern border. talk about how important it is to do something about tqa issues. i know the gentlemange in colloq him time toe to talk a youe time my friend from texas you were talking border, being next tohe at works, by theerp. and there was a hole orunfinished fence or where the fence ends. i noticed that my friend from arizon pile of metal steel. i wonder if he might describeyou were standing next to so they can understand what's happeng.
5:25 pm
mr. babin: i -- mr. bigs: i thank the gentleman fromme tell yo i was standing next to piles many piles. we couldn't even fit them into the camera shot, of fencing panels. me. million bucks wo there. a little further downrom where we were, there is fencing, but welded together dwret. so they are getting stolen, by the way. tolen. where we were was by the temporary headqers t were there to put up the fencep going to work every day. you know why? contract. and they are getting paid to go but they can't put the fence upcause president biden says, you can't put the fence up. think -- mr. roy: theme for this administration. that theme is paying people not to work. in this case we ale not to build the fence. despite the fact the trs thisai that would actually do the the flow of people who want to come across this country. in manyaspg fentanyl,br dangerous narcotics harming the american harmin yet, we can solve the problem butl mr. biggs: that's right. think about this, too. it's in humane. we entice peopleo tcome that the
5:26 pm
control. i't emphasize thi control every person coming acrossed border. let me tell you what that fellow from cuba said for the border patrol to come pick me up. will i bet? country are we that we entice people to come here put themselves in the hands of some of the most ruthle ever. there's two wars going on right now between thef cartel. ty is phenomenal. it helps not humane. and these people that are are p0 haitian. most $4,000 to 7,000 bucks. r lives in the hands of these very mr. roy: one of the reasons the haitians got a different deal they came up through del rio and did so purposely. why di rio? my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are sitting over here inquisitive with their interest. rapt policies to create an the open border because i can tell you having seen my
5:27 pm
colleaguesslhe w remember was my colleague from new york who went down wearing a pantsuit standing outside after fence doinghoto-op kids in cages. cages created by a democrattics -- democratic administration. dealing with a factas fake. it was staged. and lied about of toilets. the reality on the ground at thegrants. my ad migrants in arizona because we have them in texas. my colleagues on the other side t on the back for how comp and for brown people, gorown people in south texas w about what they are finding. talk to the ranchers. i'd lovehear -- if you have similar experiences the ranchers either dead or dying from the heat extiter, call 9-1-1 to get them human being. they county, texas, stacking up this year. body sheriff down there has to deal with this. $3,000 per body for autopsy.$5he families. where are my colleagues? where are our colleues on the other side of the aisle? going around trumpeting and talking about how their policies of openor migrants. say that to the dead ce
5:28 pm
my has seen similar stories. mr. biggs: that's correct. we have se i border whether it's a the new mexico booth the heat so gat s it's hot. it gets 120 degrees in the deserg across -- they got one gallon ofwater they got somewhere along that's it. unremitting heat. so we see here's another question.é you got iinel that was not organic. it was organized. it was now have a group of 95,000-plus forming haitians, forming up waiting. they have anonessed this sunday th date. we think a good sharel go seven-mileap in our fencing down there. from ariz of this is the purposeful and willful disregard for enforcing the laws of the united states a laws actually require the enforcement of the and the secretaryy is willfullyfriend knows the secure fence provisions passed in this body on this
5:29 pm
floor is to guarantee that we have op operational control of the border. that's law.but the second literally stood in del ri individuals standing in america, going back across the rio grande buying tacos, bringing them back over and selling them toamerican soil. he saw it with his own eyes. turned the cameras and said, our border is secure. he looked at the american people lied. just like the wh press secretary lied when she said, border patrol agents were whipping whe what they were doing was trying to do their job that and secreta is purposely, willfully trying to deny them the ability to do. would my friend agree? mr. biggs: 100%. if they would enforce our law we wouldn't here because -- we had the attorney general today come we asked him some pointhow many prosecutions? illegal? yes, it is stihe country. are you prosecuting anybody? i suspect the answer they are not prosecuting anybody. but they are not detaining either.
5:30 pm
andy, under title 8 says you must detain some legal exemption from the vast majority that are coming across, the haitians, we heard about 10,000 tond may yorkis -- mayorkas. the real number is between 0 thatugloy. hhe other 20-some odd thousand? they are now released into the interior of the united states america. that's what's happening. this catch and release program is another contravention of ourw. proversion of our law for the administration to tell the world, come to the united states, claim asylum -- let's be clear. this is what is happening. almost explicitly. the administration is saying to thep& world, come to the border of the united claim asylum we know and you know and everybody knows well over 90% of you for asylum, are you seeking economic benefit, are you seeking them.
5:31 pm
i would, too. i have no problem with their desire you have saying come on here, claim asylum. what we will do we will pa you.s parole mean? you can come in her benefits, we'll just pretend you are going to come back under notice toeport. going to parolegoing to send you out and say notice to appear or report. we might just release you and not give you a notice to appea reporúbt. those states of america. 1.7 million apprehensions this year. 300,000 or got aways this year. as i said hundreds of dead migrants along the rio grande.ues? where are they? they have a duty under theti oath to uphold the constitution to enforce the laws of the united here in congress this chamber is holon accountable to do their job. i'd like to know why. mr. biggs: when yosay that i'm reminded of the surge of019. happened. i know you went down to the border multiple times. down to the border multiple times. dells down the border so folks could see how bad that was. that was my president. he wasto et. they brought lawsuits. lawsuits to prevent the -- to
5:32 pm
stoph now that thei8is basically adopted an open bordersus policyeo coming across, a national secur security issue threat for us it's crickets. mr. roy: what were those policies that president trump and place to actually secure the borders of the u 2019? title 42 came along. little bitater. that was a little later. but most effective w in the agreuhents with thetes. these careka along of 1400 bucks any time anybody came in illegally. stard building the he ramped -- stopped the catch and release. ramped up the due process with the false asylum claims. get them process removed, he was removing people the -- who it removal orders. we got 1.2 million pe due process, wentremoval orders i told i.c.e. officers don't find don't enforce those removals. thosd policlly working. title 42 when thate in that
5:33 pm
firned it off. you know what you had most of all? you had a president not come, you are not welcomed. to come here illegally. you're not welcome to come here and flou welcome to come herelegally,oure welcome to come here and follow our laws. there's a lot of other people already waiting. they say don't worry about it, just over, across. that leaves i.c.e., no ability to talk on thead alone at midnight, unable to drive tir cars. i have a bill to makeable roads along the border. pelosi won't bring that up. the democrats want the reality open bordse for what democrats are doing instead the border of the united states.think about it, in 2018 we saw and -- swore in 830,000 new u.s. citizens. in 2019 it was about 800,000.
5:34 pm
and that's kind of where it sitz. every year. i had a young man his family were immigrants from mexico. 13 took for them to get citizenship.if they would cross the border illegally we this current democrat plan they would have gotten amnes thinkds of ours, our neighbors same situation. 12, 14 years toú get citizenship. and you know what? i to this caravan that's coming up. will do to a town size hing like that? or yuma, which is a town the size of about 80,000. or how about the town of douglas or 3,000, douglas about whee? we done hav theyed relea that's what happens.hat happens. they get processed and releaseigrants coming across between entry,n come across them they die trying to cross the desert, of the deal with the body. they have a coroner doing the you
5:35 pm
can't make this up. i just want to know democraticolleagues think we're makingca of homeland security sure as heck isn't come do you think and explaining this to us. we're not having floor of the house about anything at all, much less our border. we have time to have political show trials. we have time to haveby sham ldn't even put on the ranking member of judiciary committee, wouldn't put on my friend km ba(=o that. so we'reoing to have a show trial. we're going to come out here and have this political theater. but we're not going to do a dadgum thing about migrants dying, texans dying, from fentanyl overdoses. why don't we talk don't want to talk about that everybody over here has a steak dipper they have to go eat tonight. why don't we talk about the high profile texas longhorn football plar today, they put out a statement thethe÷= brother --e overdosed may 6 from what is bleefd on the prescription anti-anxiety laced with fentanyl.
5:36 pm
you know what, mr. colleagues that are not in this chamber that is a story that is happeningry d 100,00 in this country. because of wide open borders with china the synthetic garbage and putting it system and our children are dying. and the democratic party, the people leading this m.i.a. they done cautbout the american people. they only careo about corder to advance a racial identity agen mr. biggs: you'r about the drug trafficking right now. when the carls want to bring in drugs del they put all the haitians there. 224 miles of border with unprotected, they had cameras duh didn't -- but they didn't have any bodies to go arrest these people. places in arizona 62 miles with absolutely the only fencing being a vehicle barrier. we've going throuve got mountains filled with
5:37 pm
scouts watching andrs in they of interstate 8, and the behr section of inter it's trafficking corridor in country. they spit this stuff out all over the moving ills. counterfeit pills. anthey're maden@ mexico. down there cooking zha naaqs in the same cooking feint anyone. s goingoerne. car was being driven by aerican citizen taking them to a st that's the story of your current and again m.i.a. got to comment on. this an americanens iver employee of the cartel we see that all up and down the to get youth to do it as well. because they're not going to(e goe not going to get prosecuted as adults they'll get off easier. mr. roy: i had planned a couple of things that were border related but also another topic
5:38 pm
but he might be interested. give me a couple of minutes i want to set the stable for that i hope is viewed positively. i believe right now what we're seeing is as sam adams put it, you don't need a majority bu m to set brush fires of freedom. what we're seeing across the country are people willing to sef freedom. a cup of different issues. right now we've got a president of the united states set forth an unconstitutional, vaccine mandate. companies have to bow down to the altar of this white house and do what he says. i say no they said no they don't. southwest airlines decided to play footsie withs tyrannical order4t pilots said no, the employees of a lot of their customers said no. a lot of us called task and said we're not going to fire people, we'll give them unpaid leave. i say to let them work and have their livelihoods but god bless us, that's a move in the right direction. delta airlines, we're not do the
5:39 pm
mandate. in and out burger saying we're not going to do that. god bless corporate saying we're not going to bow to what the president said. he doesn't have thez. power. he's not a king. you can't say we're going to get vaccinated when there's a natural immunity or might be a myocardial problem for our kids. under no w going to bow down dictator in the white house tell us to do. i wonder if my friend agrees? mr. biggs: i agree 100%. you've got other places fighting back. the chicago police union. the mayor there is trying to pressure down, guess what? indiana, indiana cities are offering jobs to those chicago police officers saying, come here. that. mr. roy: cops in austin, texas to fill the holes that liberals mr. biggs: that's what you're seeing. i just got a tweet just probably 20 minutes ago, 30 minutes ago.
5:40 pm
seeing one of my big companies in arizona had an employee walkout today. they don't this if you want a vak seen, get a vaccine. it should not be mandedy tyrannical government. this is the tip of the spear on a fascist style government in my opinion. mr. roy: had a couple of employees, a new york hospital will stop delivering babies as vaccine mandate. new york state workers quit trooper tells governor ins lee to fill in his f blank in his final sign off, this put their bootsth protest providers march on city hall to protest. parent pros test vaccine mandat home. wyoming teenager, god bless that wyoming teenager arrested after
5:41 pm
refusing to wear a mask on school grounds. that's the america i know. that's the america that doesn't bow down to the tyranny of a federal government that has noal power to tell them what to do. tell them thousand live their going to preserve the republic for our kids and(é4ndkids worth passing down to mr. biggs: people say looking around they get so depress and frustrated when they see the horr policies coming out of this administration. not the least of which is the curtailing of their freedoms. but talk and remind us re seeing it, i keep like you, i ka folder on my computer of story after story of people fighting back, saying no, we're not going to kowtow we're not going to bow down to this tyranny, it giope and it gives us the optimism to carry on and keep up the fight because you know what? this country was born on freedom and it's going to continue. we will see a comeback of freedom. like ronald reagan said it may not be in your genes but you've
5:42 pm
it every generation, it's a new fight to keep freedom. this is our fight today. mr. roy: we've got frontlin doctors out get access to ier have mek tin and working around the barriers of pharmaceutical companies. americans that want to take care of their lovedspite ment saying you can't get the treatments that save lives. i had a woman break down in tears came up to 52-year marriage to her husband, he august, he was fighting covid, he was beating covid but he couldn't get ier have mekin, denied access to it, they monoclonal antibody treatment, he said if i to florida i would have saifd his life. i don't know, i don't know the facts of that but i hear that from thousands of americans all the time. get care because we've top-down dictatorship out of washington trying to coerce and tell the american people what their ealth care. it's critical race theory. it's all the garbage being taught in our schools about wokeness and telling people weecausetical race theory.
5:43 pm
is it is racism. it is nothing other than that. and we've got american people school we're not having it anymore. we've got independent in south lake fought back and won, fort worth independent school district, collieville texas georgia atlanta where parents are coming in saying enough. we believe in america. we believe in the content of one's character not the color of their skin we don't want to listen to this garbage dividing us further by race. mr. biggs: one of the only good thing abc the covid outbreak was parents got to see wha they saw it they said, this is w and they started standing up. and you know what? it's working. you know what's happening? right now, you've got an attorney general who has basically said we're going to stop those protests, we're going stop that communication those first amend give as parents to the school boards. that is not the american way. tyranny. that's the and i were fighting with the attorney general today about.
5:44 pm
doggone it, we got to stand up and those parents need to be allowed to stand up, express themselves, express their protests. mr. roy: i n colleagues on the other side of the aisle snicker when we talk about critical race theory. they never want to debate the actual substance of the garbage look at the curriculum, look at the b is being taught. the virginia department of education administered teachers that instructed homee race theory to re-engineer attitudes and belief systems. that's what it's about. its roots are in marxist in it loudown county right now where we've seen it unfouledding in loudoun county. board stepping right over the ridown and protest at the school board because his daughter was raped in a bathroom wearing a skirt. and they want to then go down and say we're just going to say this is domestic terrorism andwhat happens? ed states creates the f.b.i.
5:45 pm
parents because parents are protestingnst this stuff. because they know we the people. and you know what? the american people are on to this stuff and the american people are going to stop it. do things in this country. mr. biggs: that's where it is. that's mr. biggs: that's where it is. if we are going to save shall this country, it will come from the grassroots, the people t will take off into the local jurisdictions and the states. if you think that you're going to save this the united states congress, you are sadly mistaken. it's the states, it's the individuals. it's the families. people country and they are going to keep fighting thison that. mr. roy: i thank the gentleman from arizona. i believe my te. mr. speaker, how much time do i have left? the speaker pro tempore: one minute. mr. roy: one minute. i appreciate the speak earn his indulgence. i would point out what we learned today was highly troubling. what we saw with the attorney general. what we learned we saw the white house, the white house was including, we saw -- colluding in evidence and emails, colluding with the national
5:46 pm
association of school boards to include language in the memoranda that got target parents with the f.b.i. we saw that. it was evident. the a.g. admitted today in our committee he said, because of that effort by the f.b.i. we saw that. it's happening. the american people are on to it. the american people if you are listening to me, you stanng. say no to vacs mandates, mask mandates, all the nonsense coming out of this critical race garbage. your kids. go to school boards. turn over those school boards. and fight for freedom. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain he president. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair
5:47 pm
members, last month the house financial committee democrats unanimously passed the housing title of the bill -- build back better act to provide $327 billion in critical investments needed to affordably house america and neighborhoods across the country. with the i collusion of my committees -- committee's eate over three million affordable and accessible homes. it will fully address the needed repairs in residents can safely live in their homes with dignity. it will help an estimated 750,000 households rd rent or exit homelessness through expanded housing choice vouchers t will address the racial wealth gap by helping first generation home buyers access home ownership. these investments will teacher experiencing homelessness, the children and other
5:48 pm
harmful toxins in their homes. the elderly nghbor afford their prescription medications on a fixed income because the rent and mortgage is too high. the cannot rely on the bank of mom and dad for a down payment to purchase their first home. and the millionszfamilies that hang in the balance of imminent eviction or foreclosure due to the pandemic. just today my committee heardal witnesses on the importance of the housing choice voucher program and how transformational it can be. for a family to receive assistance. harvard professor testified about his research showing that children whoseies received a housing choice voucher to move to low povereity n life earned 30% more than children who rem high poverty neighborhoods. another witness testified about how the voucher program helps his clients escape homelessness and stability. housing is of every house -- center of every
5:49 pm
household's economicbili wows these investments and resilient healthy and accessible fair housingck will not improve the lives of families across the country as we have promised it will. mr. speaker to try in the best way that i possibly can to describe what is happenin the unitta america. this build back mission, this act, is the vision of the united states of america. president biden has taken the leadership for job creation. he's taken the lal with some of the equity issues in this country. he's taken the leadership to do everything that can be donee invest in the human potential of the citizens of this country. he's doing everything that he can to deal pandemic. and unearthing and revealing the softness in our econ our society prior to that pandemic.
5:50 pm
this is difficult work. is not easy. and of course eventually we had to deal with the fact that we have some who are resisting the mission of the president build back better. at one point in time i know there was some talk about a $600 trillion bill. course we have heard most about $325 trillion bill. $327 trillion bill. so at have the cooperation in order to realize the president's mission and vision about what takes in order to support the citizens of this country in a way that will help to change their lives. however, thiss transformation -- transformative. this is the kind of legislation that the president of the united states has developed andrstands what it takes to strengthen the economy, to create jobs, to open up opportunities, to deal with rental assistance and all of these issues.
5:51 pm
unfortunately there are two members of the democratic party on the s side who does not agree. it's taken us a long time to understand what it is t is t the final analysis they do not at this point in time support the president's vision. however, those of usr committees work very hard on our portion of the build back better act. i as the chair of the financial committee worked very hard staff in order to identify what is absolutely needed in order to support housing issues that have been disregarded, that have noteen paid attention to. housing issueshaveed to for so many years. in that, of course, we dealt withliub they were in great disrepai and they needed the resources necessary to fix those in order to get the lead out of the paint, in order to make sure that the stairways are safe. and i'm reminded of the fact that ms. velazquez in new york
5:52 pm
called me fromne of the public housing developments last winter when there was no heat in the entire development. so this money is desperately needed for the capital investment that we need to do in public housing. not only do we deal with public housing, we deal that there are people who work every day but cannot afford the rent. we deal with people who are paying 50% of we deal with people who are on the ground in makeshift tents every day hel and so one of the issues that's become very important to me is the choice voucher issue. and so the $80 billion that we advocated for public housing another $90 billion that we advocated for the vouchers. and this includes not only choice vouchers, it includes project-based vouvelop moreffordable units. of course we recognize with the cities wanted, what they have
5:53 pm
been dealing with and what they believe will improve their ability to assist get safely housed. etc., etc. that's the home program that the cities cdbg program and those programs we funded. in addition to that i want you to know barney frank and io come up with a national housing trust fund. so we had $36 billion that we put into that. now given that we don't know what the top is in the build back better act. we don't know not our senators on the opposite side -- dem side, will this vision and this leadership of the president. without knowing what the top line is, we know that probably we all are going toe cuts in all of the areas that we have worked so hard for. i am certainly prepared to accept our share of i know that cuts have to be made, but they have to be made
5:54 pm
fairly. so there was a rumor that theres going to be zero dollars advocated to these voice -- choice vouchers and project-based vouchers. of course that made me very unhappy. that caused me to have great concern. and i have been working organizing, press conferences working with the advocates working with everybody to help the administration and everybody else understand we cannot do th adequate vouchers for the people who are in such desperate need of rental assistance. over the united states particularly in black and brown communities. people have been waiting for years to be able to get these vouchers. so weave a time now by which we are going to be funding some in housing. at the top of my list are the i want everybody to know that i have been talking with members of our caucus and i have been talking with members ofhe black caucus. we are not backing away from getting a substantial number of
5:55 pm
vouchers funded. i'm not going to back away. i'm not it. as a matter of fact, i will let the world know that i and others that i organized will not vote for any bill that does no number of vouchers in it so that we can deal with the long-standing issues of a lack of decentnd safe and secure housing in our communities. i don't need to say anymore. all i need to let people know is fair, i accept cuts, across many of these areas that i have worked so hard for, but i do not want of this housing to bend i do not want the people of our districts who expect their government to come to their aidhey are coming to the aid of others in so many ways, and i respect the fact that and in the progressive caucus we have about five different kinds of interests that we want to see supported. i tonight am talking i respect the agenda of the progressive caucus and the five areas that they have
5:56 pm
but for me, housing with that i call on those who areting this evening. yield to -- friend, the gentleman from missouri mr. cleaver, who is also the chair of the financial services subcommittee on housing community development and insurance. mr. cleaver: thank you very much, madam chair. let me begin my comments by thanking you as i have done in front of you and away from you because i you placed housing on the front burner in this country right now and it could not have let me just say, because i was of some the earlier really bad headache. i'm going to still be able to share these comments. i probably did nomany of the people in confemme pore grew up in texas just outside of downtown
5:57 pm
i had no idea that we were poor. never mind the an outhouse about 30 or 40 yards downhill by a little creek. never mind the fact that we didn't h windows in our house. actually we did have windows, but my father or somebody had put tin over the windows to keep the winter cold out. the in texas the weather is in the winter.>q in this shack. there were six people in it. there were two rooms. my three sisters slept on one side of the room, i slept on the other side of the room. and the kitchen was not really a kitchen. we had icebox. and the ice man would bring a
5:58 pm
big block of ice every two or days for 50 cents. so i guess somebody could say well, you know, his working and you know, that's what happens in this country when people don't work. it may be know that my father attended prairie view, cid not grang wait from prairie view, came back home and started his own business, cleefer's cleaners. cliveer's clean -- cleaver's cleaners. and in a town where there was rigid seg regaition he could only do the people in the neighborhood and that didn't provide enough income. but he kept us in this house as coy o in fact, one night i asked my mother if i could share something that's called hoe biscuits, and she would
5:59 pm
make syrup and i loved it. it was like heaven. and i asked her if i could share those with the people who lived on the big street. in annual lee thereunder there were big mansions, that are still there today, and i wanted to take some over and give it to the rich kids because my mother said they didn't have any hoe cakes. but we and my father turned 100 on the 16th of july, paid shack. worth maybe $2 507b9. that house. we then moved to public housing. my father worked. in fact, i don i don't know how he lived to be 100. because my father worked three jobs. three job at the first baptist church. a huge church, still is a huge church known all over the country. and then on saturday mornings he
6:00 pm
cl the p.a. litikin's construction company. then on saturday s serve parties. and he did that for years and years and years. and years. and i hope he's watching this ght because i want to say thank you to him because i don't know how he would get all ofecause my mother did not go to school, to college, he took -- he felt like it was his responsibility to send her to college. so we moved to public housing. as i said publicly, my father lied to the officials at the public housing. this the roaswood projects. he -- rosewood projects. he would not tell them he had another job because to do so meant he'd have his rent. so saved every dime he could get, everynd bought a house in the white neighborhood and had it moved on a saturday night to the east side of town
6:01 pm
where african-americans lived. this was his dream. my father had the house fixed up. we moved int the house. i had my own bedroom. i rich. i mean we actually had an indoor bathroom. i remember i spent -- i spent just flushiet. just playing with it. it was like heaven. and then my motheras in the 7th grade. my father insisted. so my fathero do whatever he had to do to build his family. but the key to all of it was housing. housing. thed us from a lot of others. housing. it is the most significant thing a human being can have. it makes them a part of the dream my dad is somebody, he rose so high he was
6:02 pm
on display in the paper. i want to say to anybody watch if you love the united states the most power. , the richest nation on this have no business sleeping outside with 700,000 people who it night in this country. you have no business being unable to afford a house in the united states because the average price now is almost $400,000. i yield back. ms. waters: thank you so very much. i now yield time to my friend, the gentleman from new york mr. torres. mr. torres: thank you, madam chair. i would not be here today as a united states congressman for affordable housing and the opportunity it gave me my family so the fight is deeply personal and i'm honored1r
6:03 pm
to stand in the trenches with chair waters, chair we fight for affordable housing. we cannot build back better without realizing the vision of housing as a human right8@izing the vision of housing as infrastructure. we cannot build back better without making america afford to believe all americans.b? housing is not an afterthought. housing is foundational. not only to who we are but to who we become. we knowm the research of professor that zip often destiny and where you live determines your access to opportunity. it often determinesouend. and the services you access. we know that housing is not onl but also intersectional. it intersects with climate. in new york but two record rainfalls.
6:04 pm
and as our city has and lessormericans are living in illegal basement apartments that were heavily flooded by the remnants of hurricane ida and those americans died at the intersection of the housing crisis and the climate crisis. housing intersects with public health. as our city has become less and less affordable, more and more new yorkers and americansed apartments and we saw those overcrowded homes become petri dishes for the spread of covid-19. housing is essential. housing stabilizes the work force that stabilizes the rest of us. according to the national low income housing coalition thegle county in america where an essential worker minimum wage could afford a two-bedroom
6:05 pm
apartment. and there are only seven out of 3,000 counties where an essential worker wage could afford a one-bedroom apartment. and if you are an essential worker earning the federal $7.25 an hour, you would have to work 72 hours a to afford a one-bedroom apartment. the central cause of my life has been public housing. my mother taught me that the most important lesson in lif to never forget where you come from. i come from the bronx. and i come from public housing. the new york city housing authority. commonly known nycha, the provider of affordable housing on the continent of north america. housing a population of about a
6:06 pm
half million americans. a larger than most large cities in the united if uh unto itself it would be the largest city of low-income black and brown americans in feel, mr. speaker, we're on the verge of making history. we're on the verge of going fromp3 f.d.r.'s new deal to l.b.j.'s great society to joe biden's build back better. the fundamental difference f.d.r.'s new deal and joe biden's build back better is racial equity. f.d.r.'s new deal was exclusionary and the build back better act must be racially equitable. we cannot build back better ng the cause of racial equity but we cannot advance the cause of racial equity without rebuilding nycha without rebuilding america's largest city of low-income black and brown americans. we must rebuild affordable housing.
6:07 pm
infrastructure is about more than roads and bridges. it's about safe, decent, affordable hou safe decent, affordable housing represents roads and bridges to the american dream and i stand here as living proof. i yield back to chair waters. ms. waters: thank you so very much. i now yield time to my friend the gentleman from texas mr. green, who is also the chairof the financial services committee's subcommittee on oversight and investigation. mr. green: thank you very much madam chair. it's always a be have taken up a cause that is not only worthy but noble. and ea you're doing tonight. i would say this. housing isnfrurast infrastructure for multiplicity of reasons. i and still i rise. and still i rise to talk about
6:08 pm
housing as infrastructure. housing is infrastructure. if w traverse the highways and boys across our country in our urban areas, we will find persons who are sleeping under overpasses. sleeping under bridges. sleeping along the roads. the roadways. overpasses and bridges have become housing. the infrastructure itself has housing. it is my belief that if anoverpass can become housing which isthe housing itself can be infrastructure. it's time for us to fully fund and i would mention but one that i think is very important to us and that is the housing choice voucher program.
6:09 pm
this is an important program because i had my staff to compile some statistical information for me.ave call we need to know who actually benefits. over 40% of these are households with children. 29% are the elderly. 36% are nonelderly people with disabilities. this myth that people are for so reason deciding that they'll just make their way through life on the backs of i call inanti. -- i call inanity. it is close examine the empirical e6d. we also find that yes, the wait timeng. years nationally. and many of the lines are closed. the 50 largest housing authorities having wait times of
6:10 pm
a year. or more. and some up to eight years. madam speaker and madam chair there's much more to be said but the time is limited and i would simply say this. shown to -- vouchers have shown to reduce homelessness, help people pay rent, reduce poverty children exit the welfare system help persons find and keep employment, help children do bet for the school, help peopleh abilities health, help people achieve greater economic mobility help families enter the middle class as time to fully fundi yield now to the chairwoman and i thank you for the time. ms. waters: thank you so very much. i would like to yield time to my friend, the gentlewoman from new york ms. clarke. clarke: mr. speaker,
6:11 pm
i today on behalf of the american people to express my support for the maintenance of effort of a robust housing provisions of the better act that is before us as a body. i'd like to thank the chairwoman of the financial services committee, a champion for all of us in the united states of america, but particularly for the poor a i rise on behalf of all of our american families who are directly impacted by our crisis. and i rise today, mr. speaker because despite the proposed solutions democrats fought to secure in the bill to address our crisi on, they are at-risk of being eliminated. negotiated away from the revised package. in america is
6:12 pm
real and growing exponentially each and every month. housing insecurity is aery real in the lives of far too many american families. mr. speaker i rise on behalf of my central and south brooklyn who continue to struggle due to the lack of affordable housing and for whom? t rate units have created a again at thistry figures -- gentrification juggernaut that has swollen the ranks of the homeless in new york city and across this nation. working families stuck who can't afford to stay in their but can't afford to leave their town. homelessness at a rate we have never seen. all of real and sustained unsustained investments in affordable housing. mr. speaker, i yield back to our
6:13 pm
chair and thank the chair for giving me this time. i yield back to chairwoman waters. i believe our time has been exhausted. i thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair recognizes the gentleman from wisconsin , for 30 -- mr. grothman for 30 minutes. mr. grothman: i would like to time to address americae american rescue plan. on the build back better act. which is kind of a follow-up on the american rescue plan. result of that original big spending, government printing act was a big increase in inflation in the united states apparent to one and all. this is a follow up bill to that which will further require the federal reserve to print money, driving up the cost of gas, food, of housing everywhere we look. but i'm not going to just
6:14 pm
address the cost of this bill, i'm going to address the way i believe it will permanently change america. and the vision the democrat party apparently pairnl has for -- apparently has for america and the future. in this bill we are adding i.r.s. agents. for quite a while when i give talks about this bill i would talk about 8,700. my staff would tell me it i thought i would have to correct them. nobody would want to add 87,000 i.r.s. agents. i stand corrected. i was wrong in this bill we are adding 87,000 i.r.s. enough to fill up a massive american football wisconsin, i think of camp randell where the university of wisconsinys. lambeau field where the packers play. somebody wants to hire that many i.r.s. agents. it is not in the bill but it's in conjunction with i think a proposal monitor every $600 transfer of funds. what type of country would have m
6:15 pm
and want to know if you spend $600 on who knows what? giving to the politically incorrect church. politically nonprofit. giving money to a fringe, whatever. it sounds like something you think of east germany when apparently the vision of the party that put together the build back better in this bill, adding money for more low-income apartments. that sounds good. president biden a increased the food stamp allowance. but there is an author of mine that by the name of theodore english author who was a doctor, dealing both with en english slums. and he talked about the empty lives that people live what i'll refer to,nd had. and he attributed that empty
6:16 pm
life to the fact thatgl maybe they backedis by now, but at least england 15 years ago, no matter how irresponsible you were, you alls got a free apartment. 1u alls got free food. and you alls got free medical care. in other words, there was no responsibility morning to really accomplish anything because you would always be able to exist. we are clo now but i am afraid the majority party wants to go all the way there when i look at proposal. i hope the majority party stops and thinks in addition to the cost moreo -- psych lodge gliically what will ito to the people of ameri graduate from high school or don't graduate from h qyou if you have a child, you can live a life lifestyle in which you can bely irresponsible and you'll always be able to eat and
6:17 pm
always be able to have air conditioned heated apartment. which will probably feet per person thane housing in europe, much world. this will, again change america for the worst. psychologically it will give people nothing to live for. it also, by the way, since its usuallyte children sad situation we have already created in this country in which men will have respo their children. when you have no other responsibilities in life, it can lead to, a and empty dep life. and secondly, it can lead to the idle hands are the devil's workshop. bill that also will change america. we are aiming for universal 3 or 4-year-old, i guess you c kindergarten. as a side light this bill says the people in these daycares, which is what they are, need a degree,
6:18 pm
that's a little bit of snobbery that we should put an end to. the idea if i have a college degree i'm betmebody who doesn't have applying for a job, we treat the hardworking, intelligent, commonsense person without a college degree as being for so paycheck than the lack of common sense person who may not have a strong work ethic who does get a college light, a bad provision there. another provision about this that's bad is you are taking the care of the 3 and 4-year-olds out the parents and giving it exclusively to the government. now, a given number of parents may prefer it, but i think throughout most of this country children has been primarily the responsibility of the family. i know the marxist element in party does not want parents and in particular fathers too involved in their children's i feel this, again, will permanently change america. i should point out, if you look at thetu sometimes have bad test scores.
6:19 pm
but our test scores are pretty good in the fourth grade. in other words, our problem in this country isn't that the children are doing poorly when the parents take care of them. those test scores on children in american schools school and high school. so the problem is later on. it's not with the 3 and 4-year-olds when the parents have responsibility. i should also point out that are in this bill increasing pell grantse two problems there. pell grants are grants going towards what we'll refer to as low-income people but they don't go to middle class people. already getting complaints in my district from pell grants in the past as couples, married couples, who thought ting responsible and raising their children, they find out their children might be going $30,000 or $40,000 inents hadn't been working, or hadn't been working as hard, those parents' children are college.
6:20 pm
i know i'm sure it always feels good to give more away, but put yourself in the place of the middlean that is working to raise their child, married couple, and you see som nex working very hard and is a bonus their children get free college where the responsible class kid wind up 30 or 40 grand in debt. anothermple here of complete unfairness.d incentives. when i go back home the major concerns of businesses they can't find anybody to work. i hope everybody is familiar with that obviously hiring87,000 new i.r.s. agents is going to take 87,000 people away from the private sector. but another ipobill is we have a new expanded civilian conservation corps. in other words, we are taking moreúñ people away factories, construction sites,
6:21 pm
the retail outlets that they so desperately need to hire them for the government.make them depend on the government, but above all, make sure they are not available for private sector. i mentioned the pell grants, in a way they are an insult to the middle class kids who have to go further and further in debt. provision about these pell grants, another to change america in this bill is the pell grants are eligible -- you ar eligible for the pell grants if you are here illegally. this is not a mistake. i am not making this up. i'm on both the education and budget committee where we try to take this provision out, and the democrats on those committees the provision. they believe if you come here you are entitled to free college. whereas if you are a member of the middle class american workingily, your children should go 30,000 to $50,000 in debt to get a kot lenl degree. it's almost÷4 beyond belief. that's another one of the of this bill and one of
6:22 pm
the reasons why i really hope it fails. another feature of this bill be it natural gas or methane is increasing taxes, driving up the cost of energy in the united states. the environmentalists in this country may be interested to know that alre cost of energy in the united states and even more in europere and more foundries i assume other factories as well to go up in india which is a much much, much bigger pollution problem than the united states. so when you drive up the cost of energy, which is so very important for american factories in general and our foundries in particular, what this bill will do is ship more american manufacturing jobs increase the overall pollution in the united states as we have energy production go from the much dirtier power plants in india and china
6:23 pm
om around the world. that are a little bit irritating, after much effort the charge required socl security numbers for the child tax credits. why do we require social security numbers? to make sure people aren't filling out tax returns and getting tax refunds they are aren't entitled to. i don't know why anybody would not want social security numbers so we can check to see if somebody children, they really have five children and get the money back. for whatever motivation, i can't even imagine motivation would be. in this bill, the wonderful democrat party is saying no. you don't need social security numbers to get refunds for your child tax credit. which will not just increase a form of welfare this will increase cheating. why you would do this, again, i can't imagine. so in summary -- another
6:24 pm
provision in this bill, not fiscal provision but the democratic party is trying to allow up i'd say up to0 here -- 11 million people who are here illegally you make eight million to 11 million legal who was previously illegalx@he united states which the drug cartels who are involved in all this illegal immigration will show around the to the united states. we are not enforcing our immigration laws. perhaps the majority party is not aware that already the drug gangs inrica and brazil are taking out tv ads, inviting people to come into the united states. because if you're in central america they may charge you $5,000 to $7,000 to come here. in brazil they may because there's money to be made for the drug gangs, they advertise, encouraging people to
6:25 pm
come here. now, when we do something like essence legalize people who are already here illegally, don't you think the drug gangs are going to educate the people in centr america doing? they are. so not only are you inviting people or that were illegal now legal, you're showing a green light to anybody hanging out in other countries. now is the time to come to america. by the way, when i am down on the border, another thing i hear is the cooperation from the mexican and less over the six or eight months if we try to control our border. now, to keep illegal people out but to keep the drugs out patrol notices a little less cooperation from the mexicans, and i can see why. they bel getting less cooperation because if th united states itself own border, why should mexican law enforcement risk theires and protecting the integrity of the border if the united states itself doesn't
6:26 pm
care? so here we have another provision which advertises, the united states doesn't care about their immigration laws. i am sure the mexican border patrol the mexican military is aware of it. i risk my butt preventing people from coming here in thef the united states itself care? i encourage america to wake up. we are permanently changing the type of country that this bill passes as is. so i encourage americans to contact their please, don't pass this bill. make one more brief comment here. two more brief comments for the press s if they're paying attention toñ congressmen, i frequently get contacted on issues and ask whether i can look into it. of course, to respond to requests from individual congressmen, particularly congressmen in the
6:27 pm
which is so incredibly powerful, more powerful than they imagine can get answers from bureaucratic agencies than perhaps congressmen cannot. i will imagine two requests here. i have had requestsro f republicans and democrats, as to what is in the videos when we on this building on january 6? for whatever reason, those videos have not been made public. people going on. i would hope the press corps would apply a little bit of pressure to the appropriate authorities and makedeos public, because from what i can tell in my district, both the on-the-ball republicans and the on-the-nú d wish we could see those videos. and i think if the press applied a little bit of pressure, we'd see those videos. the other thing i'm hearing my constituents back home is they wonder about the apparentf you
6:28 pm
look at the popular website, they will show a dramatic drop in fatalities in india over the last few months. just a shocking drop. people claim it's from ivermectin. i don't know if it's true or not. but the american news media need to find outf it is. if it's not from it, the american public should know it. if it is, the american pu maybe we have a way to greatly reduce the number of fatalities. to arethose are two -- so those are two requests that i have of our sometimes slufsherring -- corps. thank you very much for giving me this time. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188 the house stands adjourn
6:29 pm
recognition? by direction of the select committee to investigate the juary 6 attack on united states capitol up house report 117-152. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title. calendar number 39 house report 117-152, report to accompany resolution recommending tha
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