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tv   House Republican Leaders Hold News Conference  CSPAN  October 21, 2021 5:57am-6:21am EDT

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and the southern border.
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this is 20 minutes. >> thank you, everybody, for being here. the american people are continuing to suffer under the failed policies of the left democrats, nancy pelosi, and president biden. they are feeling this in their wallet. inflation is an attack on all americans and it is going up every month of joe biden's capacity to -- failed presidency. the average american spends over $200,000 a year -- we are hearing from our constituents about the skyrocketing gas prices that are up over 42%. meats are up 12% at grocery stores. eggs are up over 12%. fresh fish and seafood are up
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over 10% electricity costs are up over 5%, and yet the biden administration only sees these skyrocketing inflation numbers as high-class problems. these are problems every american family is facing, and in addition to the skyrocketing inflation, the country is facing an unprecedented supply chain crisis that we have not experienced since the carter administration before i was born just in time for the holiday season. this is joe biden's gift of americans. this is a direct result of joe biden's failed leadership and his build back bankrupt agenda. as the american people are suffering crisis after crisis this week as democrats have returned to washington in complete disarray with their eyes set on a tax and spend package totaling over $5 trillion. it is important for the american people to know it is not just the topline price tag of this
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bill, it is not the fact that it is the largest tax and spending package in our nation's history, it is the fact that this democrat reconciliation bill is riddled and chock-full of far left socialist policies that the american people do not support, including a made in america tax that imposes $2.1 trillion in tax increases, propping up the green new deal at the expense of small businesses, reducing our energy independence, and implementing a gas tax and heat your home tax. at a time when inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are surging, and we have a supply chain crisis, including grocery stores shelves empty democrats are proposing zero solutions and instead are discussing a far left tax and spend bill that will make these crises worse at bankrupt america. today we will hear from michael
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mahal and whimsical lease. with that i went to handed over to my colleague -- and it over to my colleague. >> thank you, we do have an economic crisis with this democratic agenda and we also have a borders or crisis -- border crisis and a national security crisis. terror is taking over our united states embassy in iran, unconditional surrender to the taliban, which was humiliating for the united states and for projecting weakness not strength. that is what i remember of the carter years and this is a replication of those years if not worse. a year ago, a task force came up with this report, we warned that china [indiscernible] these hypersonic missiles, a report
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came out that they launched a hypersonic missile that is able to go all the way around the world. this is very disturbing, it is a wake-up call. the space race, this is why we formed the space horse. this is why we put more funding into the aaa for hypersonic. the fact is, we need to catch up. these are very frightening missiles because they can go undetected. we do not have a missile system that can stop them. they go in five times the speed of sound and they go undetected. most disturbing to me is they are billed on the backbone of american technology that china
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as either stolen over the years or we have given it to them or we have sold it to them. we need stronger export controls to stop this from happening. through capital flows and technology transfers, the cia director said it is the most important you political threat to the united states -- geopolitical threat to the united states and the 21st century. clearly presidency -- president xi jinping is testing this president. look at ukraine, ccp will be looking at taiwan. when they see weakness they will go just like they did in hong kong. unlike russia, we have no
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treaties with china. when it comes to hypersonic's -- hypersonics [indiscernible] let's say it is for one year and try to get china into the deal. it is extremely important this administration engaged in discussions with the ccp on these hypersonic missiles that are so dangerous to our national security and to the world. without i will introduce congresswoman michelle steel. >> thank you, very much. good morning, we have a crisis happening in our ports, especially in california. yesterday the backlog at the ports were the worst it has ever been. 100 ships were waiting to enter the ports of los angeles and
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long beach port yesterday. that sets a new record. another 45 ships are expected to arrive on thursday. where are these ships supposed to go? the ports are supposed to be operating 24/7, but it is clear it is not happening yet. the supply chain issues are affecting every single american. the ships should be able to pull up to the port, unload, and leave. instead they are idle off coastline -- our coastline. our community is still dealing with a devastating oil spill caused by a ship's anchor, the direct result of the administration's failure to address this issue. in morning after the spill i asked president biden for a
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major disaster declaration for orange county, which would bring much-needed resources to our committee -- community. yesterday bipartisan officials wrote to the president in support of this request, and we still have not gotten a response. because of their failures to respond to this crisis, i introduced the ship act which would ban the ships from idling for the next 180 days. the democrats did not want to address this or the real problems. democrats want to enact the same failed policies that are contributing to this problem in california. these failed liberal policies that make it harder for independent contractors, like
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truckers, who have to move cargo from all of the ports to working california. i support getting these ports moving. we need to solve your supply chain issues, and doubling down on failing economic policy that makes life for american businesses and workers harder and more expensive. thank you, and next is our whip scalise. >> thank you, and it is good to have louise back. after beautiful baby sam, she showed us pictures today, it is good to have her back here. look at what is going on this week, is unbelievable when you see a way of of crises after crises facing our working families. there is not a single bill on
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the floor to address any of the crises. clearly the inflation crisis is probably the biggest cut to the paychecks of low income and middle income families. gasoline, 40% higher. bacon, 19% higher. used cars, more than 30% more. if you can find appliance you will probably pay 30% more because of the supply chain crisis and yet not a single bill on the floor is set to address those crises. this week using another attempt by speaker pelosi and far left socialist trying to passive this massive multitrillion dollar tax and spend bill that would make inflation even worse, that would make these crises even worse. when you look at the package they are trying to get past, --
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passed, it would be devastating to american families. president biden promised anyone who does not make $40,000 would not pay a dime. that is a lie because they are paying more for biden's inflation, a tax on income for families. things like a natural gas tax. any family that uses natural gas in america will pay more if that bill would become law. energy costs are higher. over 14% increase in energy because were families. when you look at some of the other proposals, they want to hire another 80,000 irs agents. who in america thinks that having 80,000 more irs agents is a good thing for them and their paychecks, especially when the biden administration was to track every financial
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transaction over $600. they will have 80,000 more irs agents to do just that. that will hit lower and middle income families harder than they are already being hit and now they are trying to lower expectations for christmas. why don't they bring bills to the floor to address those crises they have created? they can fix these crises. the border crisis can reverse tomorrow if they would just go back to the policies that were working before president biden took office. instead, they want to double down. there flying thousands of people dark of night two states, they do not give people a heads up to the states of who they are sending and how many. they are trying to be secretive about this. american people are demanding that we get back to saint, sound policy that supports american families. that is what we will continue to
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promote. policies will continue to increase inflation, raised spending in washington at the expense of middle class and lower income families. i would be happy to take some questions. >> [indiscernible] what effect do you think these crises will have on the biden administration? >> families are already revolting and you can see swing voters how they have shifted away from president biden, and that is just after 10 months, and he has spent trillions of dollars already. the problem is he wants to double down and go even further toward the socialist left, and that will only make inflation worse. families have already had enough. you would think they would finally want to start working with republicans. come meet with sam graves and put together an infrastructure built where democrats and republicans can unite.
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they will not have that conversation and i think people are fed up with the far left movement of these big government socialists. >> [indiscernible] >> this commission started off as a very partisan exercise, they did not want to get a true working relationship, and in fact, pelosi rejected some of mccarthy's pix to the commission , so they are not trying to get at the truth, they went to try to continue to create distraction so that they do not have to talk about the crises they have created on every level. they do not want to do with inflation. they hope it is going away. it is getting worse. ultimately they are going to be judged on how their policies affect regular people across america, and right now it is a devastating impact that these far left socialist items have had all those families. >> [indiscernible]
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>> i think you are seeing most members get tired of the witchhunt and the games let's focus on policies that affect every day families now instead of these partisan witchhunts they want to focus on. >> [indiscernible] >> there ought to be oversight going on, bring in cabinet secretary's. why isn't pete buttigieg coming before khamenei's talking about the supply chain backlog and what is their plan to get us out of it? why are they bringing in the energy secretary at the interior secretary to look at the shortage of energy. look at natural gas prices going up in america. there are things we could be doing in america to produce more of our own energy instead of president biden begging opec at a restaurant which by the way they emit more carbon.
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should be making more energy in america, not less. they do not want to have hearings at oversight on that because it will expose their failures. the border crisis, the origins of the virus that started in a wuhan lab most likely, what michael mccaul is done with the china task force, they will not have a hearing on any of that, and i think americans are fed up with it. >> [indiscernible] >> i have not talked to them about that, obviously we do with the rule is, but jeff is one of the most decent people we serve with. he has a man of deep faith too, by the way, so i keep him and his family in our prayers. >> [indiscernible] >> the rule is very clear that
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while you are facing those legal actions you would have to step down from your committee. i have been talking to the leader and we will work through that. >> [indiscernible] >> look at the proactive, this is been democrat's push to force unitization on people who have rejected it limber as been thought up by both sides. business and labor have fought to get rules that are clear, established by decades. president biden as been trying to undermine that for a long time. if you look at the big government socialist spending bill, even things like electric vehicle credits, they will not be allowed to apply if it is built by a non-union company. --
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people are tired of these washington bureaucrats picking winners and losers and trying to force unions on people who have rejected them in the past. it is the wrong direction and it undermines the delicate balance of labor law that has been established for decades. >> [indiscernible] >> look, colin powell, you can see republicans and democrats alike have served with him, in different capacities in the military. he was an american hero. anytime you lose somebody like that you mourn the loss. policy differences aside, we surely mourn the loss of someone like him. >> [indiscernible] >> voters have never been more
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motivated to get out and vote. if the election was tomorrow i think that is the biggest thing nancy pelosi and her fellow socialists are scared of, but the problems they have created are not going away, they are getting worse. they have double down on the government socialist agenda, and that is what they will be judged on next year. i think you were going to see very high turnout and i think you will see more democrats lost. you do not announce you are retiring when you are in the majority if you do not think the voters are going to have a strong say in rejecting this big government socialism next year. thank you all. c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded i these television companies and more including wow . >> fast reliable internet
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join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets. >> here's a look at what's life today. on c-span, the house will vote on the resolution to fine steve bannon in contempt of congress for going a subpoena issued by the january 6 collect -- select committee. they return at 10 a.m. eastern for general speeches followed by legislative business at noon. on c-span2. the senate is back to take of judicial nominations as well as the douglas parker nomination to be assistant secretary of later -- of labor and later clarence thomas and senate geordie leader mitch mcconnell speak at an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of justice thomas's confirmation to the court step at 10 a.m. on c-span3, attorney general merrick garland
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testifies before the house judiciary committee. you can watch on or with their new c-span app, c-span now. the white house covid 19 responds team held a briefing on the biden administration's plan to rollout vaccines for children ages 5-11. they anticipate approval from federal regulators in the coming weeks. the team spoke with reporters for about 20 minutes. mr. zeints: good morning, and thanks for joining us. today i'll first turn to doctors walensky and fauci to cover the state of the pandemic and the importance of vaccinations. then dr. murthy and i will provide an update on the work we're doing to prepare for potential vaccinations for kids ages five through 11. over to you, dr. walensky. dr. walensky: thank you, jack. good morning, everyone. let's begin with an overview of the data. as of yesterday, the seven-day


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