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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 20, 2021 3:59pm-7:12pm EDT

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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 413. the nays are 14. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the bill is passed, and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. without objection, the title is amended.
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for what purpose does the the gentleman from utah seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i hereby remove myself as a co-sponsor of h.r. 1297. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's request is accepted. for what purpose does the gentleman from mississippi seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i hereby remove myself as a co-sponsor from h.r. 11297 -- 12 the 7. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's request is accepted. for what purpose does the gentleman from arkansas seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i hereby remove myself as co-sponsor from h.r. 1297. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's request is accepted.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the speaker pro tempore: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, madam. for nine terms in congress i have conducted my work on behalf of nebraskans with honor and integrity. i am grateful for the outpouring of support for my friends and colleagues as we work against the injustice confronting me. as the rules of the house republican conference require, i hereby temporarily step aside from my committee assignments even as i do i will continue to focus on the most important issues facing nebraska and america. i look forward to taking up these committee assignments again once this matter is resolved. signed, sincerely, jeff fortenberry, member of congress. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the resignation is accepted.
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the chair will now entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> madam speaker, it is with a heavy heart that i rise today to honor the life of john who passed away after a lifetime of public service to our country and to el paso. i have the special privilege of knowing john as one our most dedicated leaders in our veteran communities. he was the chairman of the 82nd airborne division association where he continuously create add space of support for veterans. he was a mentor for the el paso veterans courts program and always would celebrate the accomplishments of the 82nd airborne division. to know john was to know a person of strength and resilience. he served in the u.s. army for eight years during the vietnam war, after his time in service, he went back to school where he graduated from the university of texas at el paso was bestowed a
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master of science degree and became an instructor for department of kinesiology. we have lost a giant in our community and i ask you to join me in paying tribute to the life of john. may his legacy of precious memories and unwavering commitment to service continue to inspire us all. madam speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? mr. thompson: madam speaker, request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. thompson: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, last week we celebrated national farmers day. october 12 we recognize farmers past and present for their hard work in providing our nation and the world with food, fiber, and energy. it is a day to thank those who work by acres not by hours. only 2% of the population feed and sustain the other 98%. the national farmers day we can pay tribute to the men, women,
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and families who put food in our groceries stores and on the kitchen tables. in 2020 agriculture related industries provided more than 10% of u.s. employment. national farmers day has already passed, it's never too late to show your support or thank a farmer. considering visiting a local farmer's market where you can buy directly from local farmers or spend a fall afternoon with family at a pick your own farm where you get the freshest fall apples and pumpkins. it is important for us to thank our farmers and recognize their hard work not just on national farmers day, but all year-round. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from new york seek recognition? >> i seek unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> thank you, madam speaker. i rise today to congratulate my good friend and constituent, a veteran, a public health servant, dr. jose contreras on
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his retirement after dedicating over 65 years of his life to protect our nation and the community's health. he hails from the dominican republic. mr. espaillat: he did his residency at the university hospital in san juan, puerto rico, before completing list residence he was drafted by the united states army to serve during the vietnam war where he joined many honorable men and women who risked their lives to defend our freedom and our way of life. after his military service, he returned to puerto rico to complete his residency by 1971. he was also a community doctor. he helped lead efforts to combat the great inequities in the health care system on pras tate cancer in the male population. dr. contreras is a true hero in our community. he's a veteran, a doctor that
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was chief of the department at new york presbyterian hospital and for many years worked for the families in the community of washington heights. right there on fort washington avenue where he still has his office. his practice. we congratulate him and we will miss him. we ask that this house would always remember dr. jose contreras. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from missouri seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> i want to read a letter i got just two days ago. it's like a lot of letters i am getting today. billy, i'm appealing to you as one of your trusting constituents and fearful mother of two active duty marines. is our government trying to force courageous military into submissive robots? the disgusting abuse are now out of control when the government begins taking away our god given rights to loyal citizens and seeking to take away the very
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dignity of those who serve beyond measure. my son and daughter yain will you served with pride and honor for 14 years. what can do i to help the administration from -- keep the administration from taking our very hearts and stomping on them. i believe with every ounce of me god is in control here and we all know who will ultimately win this battle. what can do i to help this sooner than later? debbie. let me be clear. i have been vaccinated. i had three shots. i encourage everyone to talk to their daughter. if it's right for them take the vaccine. but that ultimately the vaccination should be a choice that shouldn't be mandate the by anyone. i had a mother show me a picture of her daughter daughter in her fatigues d.c. -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. long: telling me a nursing mother is not exempt from this. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from missouri seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.
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>> thank you. thank you, madam speaker. st. louis and i rise because in 2020 four black women and girls were murdered per day in our country and that kind of violence has continued in st. louis with many, many black women and girls being shot, some murdered over recent months. ms. bush: this is personal. i have had bullets fly past my head. i have been left for dead by a partner. i worry about whether my own daughter will get home safely. we rise united under a message, under our message. we will break the cycles of violence that are killing black women and mothers. our sons, and our daughters, our trans and none binary neighbors and sex workers. we urgently need the $5 billion for community-based violence prevention services in the build back better act and we won't stop until we have all that we need to keep each other safe. thank you.
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i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from new mexico seek recognition? >> thank you, madam chair. i rise to a address the house for one minute. and seek unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> thank you, madam speaker. today i rise in defense of american families who were worse off in every way since president joe biden took office 10 months ago. today the average u.s. household now spends $175 more per month on groceries, gas, and their homes. in new mexico gas is a full $1 per gallon more than it was a year ago. that may not mean much to washington politicians, but it means a lot to people in rural new mexico who have to drive long distances. it's the kind of costs that can hurt a family. food is more expensive. jobs aren't coming back fast enough. and the biden administration tells americans that they will have to be happy with no
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christmas presents this year. miss harrell: in the middle of this, democrats think a bernie sanders budget bill makes sense. here we sit not even discussing the supplies -- supplies and cargo sitting off the california coast. if this is the build back better plan, then count me out because it looks like we need to start making america great men -- again. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? mr. carter: unanimous consent to address the house the house. i rise today with a heavy heart to remember and honor bobbie durham who passed away at september 26. a publicist and the creator of media campaigns, bobbie's life
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work put a smile on many peoples' face. he promoted some of america's most talented individuals. recognized for "i love new york" campaign his work touched countless lives. his love for savannah was unden aoeubl. to co-founding the theater, he was a passionate creator. i'm thankful for his legacy. my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. and i yield become. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from district of columbia seek recognition? ms. norton: address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. without objection.
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ms. norton: the president's build back better program has been the most important in our history because it is essential to overcome the effects of the first pandemic in more than 100 years. so erbl are the bill's ingredients that congress faces a daunting task in trimming the bill. one ingredient -- that is particularly essential is child care, because it relates to social else, the ability of both women and men to work and ability of children to go to school. the united states is the only democratic country that does not afford quality child care to its families. the reason so many more women than men are still out of work is the disproportionate responsibility women absorb with child care. this makes child care an
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essential ingredient in the president's build back better plan. i yield. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from kentucky seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house the house for one minute and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> i rise today to recognize mayor kevin cotton being the angel in adoption. it seeks to honor organizations that focus on adoption and child welfare issues. he and his wife consistently give back to the community by fostering children in their home. they have provided love and cared for 46 children three of which they adopted. those who know mayor cotton know for his passion for foster care and make a lasting impath through his business and public service. i appreciate the profound
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contributions that the cottons have made. and the nomination is symbolic of their adoption of children. i'm proud to recognize mayor and his wife for their incredible work on behalf of all my constituents, i congratulate them on their efforts to make the dream of a family a reality. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from tennessee seek recognition? without objection. mr. cohen: i saw a lady's speech. if prices have gone up in new mexico, a large part of the reason that prices have gone up is because of the pandemic and supply chains and didn't counter in because of joe biden people have gotten $300 and because of
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actions mostly of the democratic caucus they have gotten stimulus checks. what people should not forget we need to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has 17 republicans on it from the senate. i have broken with the progressive caucus because it creates jobs and my republican colleagues should commit to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. if you are not for build back better, that is your business. but infrastructure is bipartisan. the senate made it bipartisan and i broke with my caucus will vote for it. build back better is fine but you should vote for the infrastructure bill. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from tennessee seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my
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remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. >> it is an honor to recognize my honor and friend tommy whitaker, one day before his 70th birthday, tommy is retiring as an employee and 16 years as president and c.e.o. of the farmers bank head quartered in portland, tennessee. the bank has grown from $25 million to $850 million with 10 branches and 150 employees. he graduated from the university of tennessee in 1974 with a degree in business where he met his wife shirley and attended the louisiana state university. they have raised two children susan and joseph and proud grant parents of their grandson. and he has a strong devotion to
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service and has gained respect to everyone in his community. it is the end of an era to the farmers' bank and i wish him a happy retirement. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from new york seek recognition? >> i request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> i rise today in opposition to democrats' radical reconciliation package as specifically their plan to weaponnize the i.r.s. and expand the reach into the lives of every day americans. and they are surveilling bank accounts of americans. while they have upped an amount
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in the legislation to $10,000 in deposits and withdrawal, this would still subject a minimum wage job who has a bank account. i can tell you and i think most of my colleagues would agree that i have not had a constituent call or beg me for more i.r.s. agents to have increased ability to monitor their accounts. my constituents are concerned this proposal represents an attempt to weapon tphaoeuz and fund their partisan agenda. this proposal is a tkraplt dramatic overreach and expand the i thank you and yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition ?
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without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. lamalfa: under the occupational health and safety apbgt, employers are required to maintain a log for illnesses and injuries and if it is work related, a new case involves days away from work among other things. on may 21, osha changed these requirements. this policy removes legal liability from employers that require a vaccine at least through may of 2022. experience and adverse reaction not responsible for this injury. osha stated that only because they don't want to give any suggestion -- discouraging workers from receiving the covid-19 vaccinations or to disincentivize employer's
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vaccination efforts. why are they trying to hide statistics related to the vaccine? this policy change appears to be a mere side not and we have to ask president biden and osha -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from alabama seek recognition? without objection for one minute. >> millions of freedom-loving americans have legitimate concerns with the vaccine and some are vaccinated have had their jobs and service. they are being told to shut up and take it. that is un-american two air force bases in my district, i'm
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disturbed that the mandates they are having to endure. i spoke at a meeting with concerned forth rucker employees and hundreds showed up. americans are mobilizing to resist against these mandates. i met with a military physician stationed at forth rucker and seen the health risks with the vaccine. why are voices like hers being ignored? she is a ranking lieutenant colonel and medical degree and is an expert and if he is not, who is. this is about control and safety. and our concerns will not be silent. the american people will kopb to resist the vaccine mandate and i stand with them. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? ms. jackson lee: i seek to address the house the house for one minute and revise and extend
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my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. jackson lee: i pay tribute to secretary colin powell, america's general. secretary powell was more than an astute general and outstanding civic leader who served our nation's president. he was kind-hearted and genuine american hero, a man of conscience and integrity and brought people together. as a son of two hard-working jamaican immigrants he knew the importance of education and hard work. he was the first african american-american national security adviser and chairman of joint chiefs of staff and secretary of staff and 35 years of service in the military to this nation. he described himself in "the new yorktimes" article and he talked about himself in the third pen,
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powell is a problem solver. so he has views and he has passion but he is not a fanatic and he is a problem solver and that he did. in vietnam he was a hero when his helicopter crashed and pulled out his commander, major commander james gety. he organized america's promise and helped at-risk children. and his wonderful wife and his children he remained to us an extremely beloved individual and i'm reminded of all americans, a general can be soft and strong and remain a hero to all of us in spirit, sacrifice. the nation has lost a great leader and a symbol of what is best and great pw-r america.
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i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the gentleman from louisiana, mr. johnson, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. johnson: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include remarks on the subject of my special order. during our time this afternoon, my colleagues will address the burning issues that are on the hearts and minds of all of our constituents back home and that is the numerous self-inflicted cries sees of the biden administration and the house democrats' increasingly left-wing agenda. democrats barely control the house, senate and white house pu
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they just cannot govern. america is in crisis. everybody knows that and everybody can teal it in so many areas. the white house does damage control when all these multiple cries sees. just thing what we are facing. economic crisis. crisis for basic goods continue to rise and the shelves sit empty and energy crisis that has led to the highest gasoline prices since 2007 and we have multiple foreign policy criesees and we have ar public health crisis like we have never seen before. . while all presidents confront crises yont their -- beyond their control, that's not what's happening here.
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these crises, the things we are talking about today, are the direct result of this administration's own actions. we know that inflation is rising because democrats are flooding the economy with money. and supply is down because of labor shortages, caused by the democrats' so-called pandemic policies. gas prices are up thanks to a steady assault on our energy producers by the biden administration. our foreign policy is in crisis because of the biden administration debacle in afghanistan and all the other fumbles they have made. the border problem is simple. they open the border. they put a welcome mat there and told everybody around the world to come on in. the democrats opened it so we should not be surprised or shocked at the result of that invitation. here in congress the picture's no better. you think about this. the democrats have a mere three-seat majority in this house. we have a 50-50 deadlock in the senate. there is no objective person in this country who could look at
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those numbers and say that the democrats have any mandate to ram through the most partisan, most expensive legislative package in the history of this nation. using the slimmest majority possible. if you ask the democrats what's in the bill, they can't tell you because they don't know. is amnesty in it? the house certainly worked to add it. taxpayer funded abortion? a carbon tax? a tax on prescription drugs? they have been working very hard to include all those things. the one thing they do know for sure is that they are deadlocked, they are insistent that they want to spend $5.5 trillion of hardworking americans' tax money while inflation goes through the roof. while we are trying to recover from a pandemic. this is the worst possible time to be doing what they are doing. the american people expect spected competence in the white house. they wanted bipartisanship in congress. they have received instead the most incompetent white house of our lifetimes.
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and a democrat-led congress trying to push the most extreme agenda in our history. this is not high ber poely. this is facts. my colleagues are going to lay out many of the reasons, many of the facts, many of the evidence that prove what every american now knows intuitively. if house democrats drop their radical dangerous agenda right now, i promise you, they would find so many members of this party on our side of the aisle that would be ready to work with them in a bipartisan fashion tomorrow. we have so many challenges facing the country. but they won't do that. they are dug in. their votes prove over and over they are determined to be big government socialists and not the democrat party of our parents' generation. this afternoon we'll highlight what this agenda is doing to our country. with that, madam speaker, delighted to yield to my good friend from pennsylvania, the gentleman, g.t. thompson.
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mr. thompson: madam speaker, first of all thank you to my good friend and colleague for organizing and leading this leadership hour. madam speaker, i rise today to address the biden administration's energy crisis. this is a crisis that was created by the biden administration. last week the price of gas reached a seven year high back in my home district of pennsylvania 15, we are now paying anywhere from $3.49 to $3.67 a gallon. well over the price any american should have to pay. in 2019 and 2020, the united states was a total net energy exporter. this means for the first time since the 1950's we were exporting more energy than importing. we were energy independent. weigh wee saw the benefits across all sectors of the united states. manufacturing, production, consumption. for example, in 2020, the average gasoline price in the united states was $2.17 per
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gallon. i'm proud to represent a district and come from a state that plays such a large role in domestic energy production. in fact, pennsylvania's the second largest producer of natural gas and third largest net supplier of energy to other states. without the energy production of my district and others in rural america, our citiesies will wake up in the cold, dark, and hungry. president biden chose to stifle energy energy -- american energy production. reducing and even pausing our own access to oil and natural gas. in addition, the biden administration has reached out to opec plus, begging them to produce more oil, let's not forget, is less environmentally friendly, less humane, and less regulated than the united states' resources. last week i joined my colleagues in a letter to this administration opposing the pleas, the begging to opec plus and encouraging the use of
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american produced energy to meet our current needs. we asked the administration to reverse the crushing executive orders impeding our own energy production and to work with congress on issues affecting american energy security and supply. we know the answer to this self-imposed crisis, we must lift the limitations on our own energy supply. by repealing these executive orders and encouraging american producers to harness our abunkeddance of natural resources, we can meet our energy needs and we can ensure americans and our allies have access to affordable, reliable, and exportable energy produced in the united states. i want to thank the gentleman once again tore his -- force his leadership. i yield back. mr. johnson: it's an important issue. in louisiana, my home state, we are a big energy state. we were so excited to have achieved energy, not just energy independents pence under the trump administration, but energy
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dominance. we were a network exporter. all that's been reversed as my friend just explained. madam speaker, i'm happy to yield next to the gentleman fromtown, mr. -- tennessee, mr. rose. mr. rose: thank you very much. madam speaker, the fight to restore law and order and secure our southern boarder continues. border apprehensions remain at a two decade high. the department of homeland security warns officials to prepare for roughly 400,000 illegal migrants crossing the border just this month. president biden is more committed to ending president trump's policies that had successfully slowed the surge of illegal crossings than he is to securing our border. the cartels and human smugglers have taken notice of our weakened position and more than willing to exploit these changes for their financial benefit. meanwhile, those who are understandably seeking opportunity and a better future
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are being coached to gain entrance to the u.s. by claiming asylum. as a result of our open southern border and the refusal by the biden administration to detain the majority of those we encounter, more than two million illegal immigrants are expected to pass-through our southern border this year. already $1.2 million having entered the country illegally and been apprehended since president biden took office. and millions of these are expected to be brought into the interior of our country. all at taxpayers' expense. the desperate situation at the southern border calls for urgent action. instead, house democrats are determined to use the budget reconciliation process to pass am necessary ty for millions of illegal immigrants. this type of thinking if turned into law will have staggering consequences for our nation for
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years to come. widespread illegal immigration is debt detrimental not only to americans and our families, but to our nation and even the migrants themselves. as one of the representatives in congress for middle tennessee, i have responsibility to safeguard our sacred freedoms. but if we cannot control our borders, how can we defend our sovereignty as a nation? that's why i'm fighting to restore law and order at the southern border. president biden and house democrats can no longer run from this crisis. thank you. i yield back. mr. johnson: i appreciate efforts. thank you for sharing your insights this afternoon. madam speaker, i would -- delighted to yield to one of the great gentlemen from the big state of texas, mr. sessions. mr. sessions: i want to thank the gentleman from louisiana not only for his leadership to our conference, but also speaking up, taking time out of his
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schedule to speak directly to america and americans about important issues that face our country today. madam speaker, we hear time after time our colleagues from the democratic party talk about all the violence that is taking place in large cities. murders' up 30% this year by the f.b.i. who talk about this rise. and then we turn around and see where they are the activists leading the defunding of police. the destablation -- destabilization of our cities. the bringing together of illegals legals into this country with record drug deals and amounts of drugs on our streets. ed regard numbers of death from fentanyl, opioids, misery. what is our -- what does our president do? he goes off on an aggressive agenda.
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one which is fueled by the radicals in his party. one which he fully believes in. one that he's proud of. one that they sustain and are still pushing. it's not enough just to push, push big spending and big government, it's actually an agenda that is in chaos. a chaotic agenda is apparent to the american people. for a second i'd like to have us think back about what we have had previously with republicans not only in charge in the house and the senate, but in the presidency leading this great nation. our goal as republicans is to have america to be a land of hope, to have america to be a land of opportunity, to have america be a land of freedom for america to be a land of achievement, and for america to be a land of heroes. for this to happen, madam
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speaker, it means that america needs its ability to go back to work, to have the dignity of work. madam speaker, it means that we need to have americans that go to work not because a government or political party wants to keep people away from work and using trillions of dollars of government funds to keep them there. madam speaker, we have an administration and president that wants to take people's freedom away by requiring them to wear not just masks, but to have vaccinations or lose their job. but, madam speaker, the thing that is harming america that is apparent to everyone right now is the cost of prices just to live. inflation and monetary policy is what the fed is responsible for. the fed bank. and they are giving hundreds of
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billions of dollars and drills of dollars -- and trillions of dollars compared to some $5,000 trillion is what they'll be asked to take loans out on go. that devalues not just american dollar but actually causes price increase directly at the grocery store. where people buy their food, basic elements. intblaition is at a 40-year higa 40-year high. we keep hearing about how much money the government is going to put in people's pockets. but it is robbed when they net it out, madam speaker. it is robbed when they net it out because inflation robs not just people who have families, but it robs those who live on a fixed income. it robs the vitality and the ability that we have to be ingenious and move our country
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forward. so, madam speaker, please know this, that the republican party and our members that are here tonight are not just speaking about things that, because we disagree, it is because we love our country. we believe that what was built and available for america and americans is the greatest country in history of this world. we believe in americanism. we believe in american exceptionalism. we believe in the constitution. we believe in freedom and a right to make our own decisions, our own homes, and in our own communities. and increasingly we are finding that this new administration, the house and the senate under democratic control, are taking away the basic rights and freedoms that would have been enjoyed by free people, but they are not.
4:45 pm
because this administration intends to extend the long arm of the federal government and to all transportation, to all members of the military, and to free people who want to live their own life. so, madam speaker, republicans are on the floor today. to offer better ideas. to offer hope and solutions. but perhaps more importantly to say this, that we believe that it is time that this administration get off its radical agenda, radical agenda that is leading america into chaos. and if the president would listen, if the speaker of the house would listen, and if the senate majority leader would listen, they would hear even members op their own party saying that a radical agenda will greatly change america to where we would become a socialist nation.
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madam speaker, we we are offering the example that made america great and it is called capitalism and freedom. mr. johnson, i thank you for taking time to gather republicans on the floor to offer our vision and highlight to the american people that elections have consequences and we look forward to next year and i thank the gentleman for allowing me this time. mr. johnson: that clarity and conviction is so necessary right now and i love how you articulated the stark differences between the two competing the chas ph-frp is so wide and we say that without any pleasure at all. it is a sad development in our politics that this is not listen to us at home, your parents and
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grandparents. i move to alabama, mr. karl. carl carl i thank you for organizing this special order. i rise to address president biden's failure to secure our borders and enforce our national immigration laws. the biden administration disregard for the national security threat and humanitarian crisis they have created is extremely troubling. the american people did he sefrpb better than this. my constituents in south alabama as well as millions of folks across america share my concern. that's why today, i sent a letter to president biden asking him a few simple questions. why did you stop construction on the border wall even though we had supplies on the ground and contractors ready to finish it?
4:48 pm
what is the plan to enforce our immigration laws today? what is the plan? what is the phra than to prevent additional and as we know 50,000 to 80,000, i want to know what the plan is before they get here. and what is the plan to handle thousands of individuals living in make-shift tents along the border? and can the white house assure us that these criminals that are sneaking across the border will not be released in our community. i challenge my friends from across the aisle to stand up and start speaking out. this is not a republican issue, but an american issue. we have got to stand up for our constituents because we are getting these coming across the
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border with diseases and drugs it becomes an american problem and we have to stand together and fight this. if we can't get the democrats across the aisle to listen to what we are seeing, it will be a tsunami in 2022 that will change this house for a long time. and that's not what we need. we need to be working together. although i doubt my letter will get a response from president biden, i will continue to protect the health and safety of american citizens. i yield my time back. mr. johnson: i appreciate you being here tonight. i now yield to the gentleman from georgia mr. collide. mr. clyde: no matter how this is
4:50 pm
a problem because of the biden administration's policies and it affects all of us. inflation continues to climb hitting a 13-year high, from the gas pump to the grocery store, americans are paying more for just about everything while they are working less. despite having 10 million job openings, only 194,000 were added making september president pwaoeud i don't know's worst jobs' report since taking office. biden and his allies in congress are adding fuel to the inflationary fire by advancing $1.2 trillion, only 9% infrastructure bill and $4.3 trillion big government socialist spending package. in the face of an economic
4:51 pm
catastrophe they are spending $5.5 trillion on their liberal wish list. that is wrong for small businesses and wrong for hard-working people. squandering trillions of dollars for unpopular rad radical and dangerous policies and a tax hike to pay for it will only inflame the crisis and how many more empty shelves, record high gas prices. $3.30 is where we are at right now. 50% increase from where we are. how many more struggling americans will it take for the biden administration to get serious about this economic crisis? and call it a crisis and act like it's a crisis. for the sake of our country, i
4:52 pm
call on president biden to join us and reverse course and work with republican lawmakers to get our economy back on track. with that, i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank you, my friend, for those insights and i yield to the gentleman from tennessee, mr. burchett. mr. burchett: chairman johnson, thanks for yielding. the current state of our economy is about a car about to blow through a. >> crossing. indicator lights flash red warning of danger ahead. despite warnings, the car tries to beat the john coming train. the train t-bones the car leaving it in pieces. think of this crash in economic terms. we are ignoring flashing red
4:53 pm
indicators, rising inflation, weak labor force and $28 trillion of national debt. we need to heed these warnings. if we don't, we face the complete destruction of our entire economy. joe biden and the democrats are controlling the spending in congress. since these folks don't seem to care or don't want to work with us republic caps and can only stop this out of control economy with colliding with disaster. joe biden and the democrats are going to put pedal to the metal in pursuit of their far-left political agenda and their plan recklessly overstimulates the economy and pays folks not to work and pumping trillions into our economy combining this with
4:54 pm
rising prices and every day folks who won't be able to afford a whole lot, democrats are trying to move forward. let's not lie about who is going to be hurt the most if this happens. it will be our poor and working-class folks, both republicans and democrats and paychecks won't go as far. folks will be struggling to afford. picture that car colliding with the train think of that total devastation and it can be prevented. joe biden and the democrats need to get control of our economy or let republicans take the wheel. i yield the remainder of my time to my sometime friend. [laughter] and it pains a real picture and we are headed for a crash if we
4:55 pm
don't change course. i'm delighted to yield dot the gentleman from utah. >> as crisis after crisis emerges, i would like to take a moment that has been on my mind and the hearts of millions. the humanitarian national security and public health crisis that must be addressed immediately. i have seen these scenes for myself down in texas and further south where are women and children are going through a dangerous stretch. it has been a hotbed for human traffickers, child trafficking and illegal immigration and direct result of disastrous harmful open border policy. policies that enrich the
4:56 pm
cartels, cartels who abuse children. some reporting earning as much as $14 million a day. these are horrendous crimes that have no place in our country. during the month of august, almost 19,000 of the 208,000 illegals crossed the border. we need to be taking steps to prevent predators. the number of illegal immigrants taken into custody topped 1.2 million since february. this does not account for the hundreds of thousands of get-aways. this crisis is not seasonal or inherited and it is like chaos by our democratic party. we must restore security at the southern border, end illegal immigration and take steps to
4:57 pm
prioritize the health and safety of all america caps. i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank the gentleman for yielding back. you are right, it is purposeful, the chaos and too much of it and this has to be intentional and no way we could have these many dilemmas piled upon us unless there is an alterior motive. i yield to the gentleman from new jersey, mr. van drew. senator van hollen: -- mr. drew: thank you, mr. johnson. our country is experiencing an unbelievable crisis at our southern border, in august alone, the united states customs and border protection environs countered over 200,000 migrants
4:58 pm
which was a 317% increase from august of last year. let me repeat that one more time. a 317% increase from just one single year ago. president biden has righter prioritied reversing trump policies and most notably the border wall. they were working. we literally have tons of building materials all of which have been bought and paid for by the hard-working men and women american taxpayers sitting in the desert collecting dust because president biden cares more about trying to be politically stylish than he does about implementing policies than he does about strengthening
4:59 pm
america. is president biden requiring these migrants to show proof of vaccination? the answer is no. are they being tested for covid-19? the answer is no. or are they being tested for other deadly virus uses? the answer is no. they are able to return to their normal ways of life but hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants can breach and break through the border and infect our nation. how does that make accepts. how can any one individual american make any sense or understand that. drug cartels are recruiting and using children as a drug mule. they are sexually abusing women and they are responsible for bringing enough fentanyl into america to kill every man, woman
5:00 pm
and child at least 10 times over. and we read it in the headlines. this is unlike anything we have ever seen before in our america, yet this administration continues to leave this border wide open. again, how does it make sense? how can we how can we believe it? the border patrol is on track to encounter more migrants this year than any year prior. in fiscal year 2021, roughly 10,000 migrants with criminal records, with criminal records were detained at the southern border. this is no joke. this is a real tragedy for america. the former border patrol chief has also stated that our border control is encountering known
5:01 pm
and suspected terrorists at a level that we have never, ever seen before. this is no joke. this is the real world in which we live in in america. there are serious shortages among border patrol agents and somehow congressional democrats and the administration are making zero efforts to address them. they fail to recognize the severity of the issue or even admit there is an issue to begin with. again it's no joke. these men and women are putting their lives in danger half the time they don't even have the backup that they should. i remember when i went to the border and saw them, encountering all types of dangerous situations, not a single backup sometime. how can we do that to our american men and women in law
5:02 pm
enforcement? make no mistake about it, i don't want anybody to think otherwise. make no mistake. this is the worst border crisis that we have ever experienced in america. president biden is actively destroying our country and our way of life. by not taking this crisis seriously at all. but he should. and i'll say it again, it's no joke. it's the real thing. mr. speaker -- miss speaker, god help us all. we must save our country. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: thank you, my friend -- mr. johnson: thank you, my friend, for yielding back and all you do to save this country. we have a lot of work to do. i yield to my good friend to the state of pennsylvania, mr. meuser. mr. meuser: i thank my good friend, mr. johnson, very much, and our conference vice chair for putting this together today. madam speaker, as we all know we
5:03 pm
have the latest crisis under the biden administration known as the supply chain bottlenecks, particularly as our u.s. ports. we have thousands of ships waiting to be unloaded with goods that the consumers of the u.s. purchased. now some of this could be said to have been covid related due to the manufacturing delays and disruptions in the us us and worldwide -- u.s. and worldwide, ok. that was the reason for shortfalls last year. this situation has been very much exasperated by the policies of the biden administration. you see, in q4 of 2020, we had a 4% g.d.p. growth which is pretty good. it was followed by 6% in q-1 in 2021. then came along the so-called rescue plan which every economist worth anything said was three times too high in taxpayer dollars. they continued enhanced unemployment supplement under this plan. present trillions of taxpayer dollars. extended $ 100% health insurance through cobra, further disincentive to work.
5:04 pm
stimulus checks to $5600 of families of four. there is something in all the sciences known as the law of cause and effect. and the effects of these actions have included disincentives to work, rampant inflation, heavy consumer spending, but nobody to make the goods that provide the services. so since the production the u.s. is down, all these products are now coming from asia as the thousands of containers waiting off our coast prove. the blunders and mistakes being made have caused over demand and weak production and less trucks on the road. some in this house call this the economy of the future. the modern monetary theory. my constituents call it big government socialism versus free market capitalism or just simply economic madness. wait, we are not finished. or they are not finished. progressives in this house let's be honest run this house and the white house are holding a transportation infrastructure bill hostage while doubling
5:05 pm
down, no tripling down -- no $3.5 trillion down on all the effects of this liberal economic policy. so we will continue with the disincentives to work. we will continue spending us into oblivion. and we will add taxes on small businesses and families and all who purchase goods while inflation increases. making america business less competitive worldwide. this is why $3.5 trillion in reconciliation plan must be stopped and the american people need to contact their members because they are not giving us a seat at the table to negotiate or discuss this disastrous plan. i yield back. mr. john johnson: i thank my friend. that's a really good explanation of what we are facing right now. people back home are scratching their heads. how can it come to this? you see. it's the result of policies that are being implemented by this administration. madam speaker, i'm delighted to yield to my good friend from the
5:06 pm
state of georgia, mr. allen. mr. allen: thank you to my good friend from louisiana, mr. johnson, for holding this special order and his leadership in our conference. it started off with the world fossil fuel. and the border crisis. and of course now this new deal about a war on small business. the biden administration and bernie sanders trillion dollar tax and spend bill is not about addressing our nation's urgent needs which i just described. like rising inflation. supply chain crisis. illegal immigration. or we should not say illegal immigration, it should be human trafficking and drug trafficking. or the crime rate in the country. it's a blueprint to bankrupt and fundamentally turn america into a big government socialist
5:07 pm
nation. so what's included in their house democrat bill? it includes a radical expansion of the i.r.s., granting them unprecedented access to the bank transactions of a vast majority of americans. again, a war on small business. allows on demand taxpayer funded abortions by excluding the hyde amendment protections. folks, we are just one of three countries that allow elective full-time abortion. the other two are not good company. china and north korea. it provides college financial aid for illegal immigrants. it advances green new deal priorities to the tune of $630 billion at the expense, again, of small businesses. forces taxpayers to spend nearly $14,200 per person per year for government control health care plans, dumbing -- doubling the cost of the employers' health care plan. continues welfare benefits
5:08 pm
without work requirements for able-bodied adults without deimrentsd. at a time when there are 10.1 million job openings. i'm talking 25 million people. work capable people. that's not all. the democrats are desperately trying to sell this bad bill with both biden and nancy pelosi falsely claiming it will cost zero dollars. you got to be kidding. but the american people can see that this costly bill will wreck our economy all to advance the democrats' socialist agenda. we must fight for the future of this nation by stopping their tax and spending spree. my friends, why in the world would you follow the biden administration and bernie sanders over the clip after every legislative initiative that's been created by this administration has resulted in a crisis? and caused the american people tremendous suffering.
5:09 pm
stop this nonsense. with that, i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank the gentleman from georgia. it is nonsense, indeed. madam speaker, as they say, everything in texas is bigger. including the representatives. delighted to yield to my good friend, mr. pfluger. mr. pfluger: thank you to my colleague from louisiana. crisis after criescicies, after crisis. madam speaker, i rise against the extreme anti-american policies that we see right now that are being discussed in this form, in this house. i asked two simple questions of the president. are you making us more secure? and are you making us more prosperous? and the answer to that is no. unequivocally, no. we've got an anti-american energy movement in this country that is going to devastate every
5:10 pm
american. it's going to leave us cold, dark, and hungry. it's going to embolden our adversaries and harm our environment. this administration has taken a hard line against american energy. by canceling thousands of pipeline jobs. by canceling drilling permits. by kneecapping our energy producers with targeted tax increases and harmful regulations. americans are already feeling the pain of the biden energy crisis at the gas pump, at the grocery store, where we see exorbitant prices that are continuing to skyrocket. just today hi a democrat colleague that said in my district small businesses are feeling the pain everywhere. i said push back. stop this madness. any vote for reconciliation is a vote against the american worker. it's a vote against american energy. to make matters worse, heating bills are forecasted to be 54% higher in 2021.
5:11 pm
under this administration, make no mistake about t. middle class families will pay the price and they will be forced to think twice before turning the heat on this winter. we are nearing an all-out energy emergency that is eerily close to where our neighbors in europe are feeling. at $25 for gas, $25 in europe. it's only going to get worse. instead of unleashing the producers in the basin where i represent, people who have done more to innovate and bring emissions down to levels that the paris climate accords could never have dreamed of, we are cutting them off at the knees. and the american family, our mothers and fathers, the working class american, that's who is paying for this. adversaries whose energy is nowhere near as clean as ours are going to benefit from this.
5:12 pm
when you see that today on average $3.30 per gallon. over $1 more at the pump of what we saw last year. it's only going to get worse. i'm urging my colleagues to oppose this radical agenda. to stand up for american energy producers and to provide every american household with affordable, reliable energy that has come from this country that has allowed us to lift a billion people out of poverty in this world. with that i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank mr. pfluger. he said it so well. we feel this acutely in energy states like texas and my home state of louisiana. the permanentian base basin. but all across this nation, we benefit from domestic energy production. it is not only the cleanest, the most efficient, it benefits us here at home. it's that america first idea that this administration is bond
5:13 pm
bandonning too quick -- abandoning too quickly. delighted to yield to the the gentleman from california. mr. obernolte: i rise deeply concerned about the pressuring sure that have been brought to bear on america's supply chains and the effects those pressures are having on inflation and on the constituencies that we represent. every day i talk to members of the community from my district who are struggleing in playing tir -- paying their bills. they are struggling because just in the last year they are being asked to pay over $20 more in my county to fill their gas tanks to get to work. they are being asked to pay substantially more for commodities like milk and eggs and bacon. madam speaker, economists say that this inflationary pressure is greatly exacerbated by the irresponsible spending decision
5:14 pm
that is have been made right here in this chamber in the last 18 months. that's important to talk about tonight because we are considering the largest spending bill in the history of our country. in fact, if you take the version of that bill that's in print and the spending it represents, combined with the extra federal spending that has been approved over the last 18 months, add it together, that exceeds the combined annual wages of every single american. i find that a stunning statistic. i'm also very concerned about the possible impact the spending will have on our national debt. now, the administration just this week has said that this spending package will be fully paid for and will not add a single dollar to our deficit. my response to that is, prove it.
5:15 pm
speaking charitably here, it's strange credibility to think that would be the case. it's certainly not the case that the current version of the spending bill that's in print is fully paid for. but if the new version will be paid for, prove it. wait to vote on the bill until the congressional budget office has had a chance to store it and verify that claim is accurate. even if that is the goal i would submit that america doesn't have a revenue problem. in fact last year we collected more in tax revenue than any year in our entire country's history. we don't have a revenue program, madam speaker, we have a spending problem. even if you believe that the problem is we don't tax people enough and we need to enact the largest tax increase in the history of our country, which is what this bill would do, even if you believe that, then my question would be, why would we
5:16 pm
not use that revenue to shore up the safety net programs that are already in danger like medicare and social security? why would you not use the extra revenue to pay down the $2 trillion of deficit we have every year and the almost $29 trillion of national debt we will be passing on to our children and their children? madam speaker, i pray that we will get our fiscal house in order and stop this reckless federal spending. i yield back. mr. johnson: i thank the gentleman for those insights. so important that people recognize what's happening here. madam speaker, i'm delighted to yield a few moments to the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. grothman, but real quickly, may i inquire how much time remains? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from louisiana has 12 minutes remaining. mr. johnson: thank you, madam speaker. mr. grothman. mr. grothman: thank you. i urge the american people not
5:17 pm
to take their eye off the ball itch honestly sometimes believe the reason the majority party is putting people like steve bannon in the headlines or mandatory vaccines, as horrible as they are, or driving up the cost of gas to over $3 a gallon, is to cause the american public to avert their eyes from the most long-term dangerous policy that the biden administration is implementing and that is what is going on on the border. i was down on the border last thursday in the yuma sector, and so the american public understand, there are nine sectors along the southern border. every time i go down there i find more things that should scare the american people to death. first of all, just the sheer number of people crossing the border. a year ago in july, all nine sectors, about an estimated 8,000 people were crossing the border. we're now up over 100,000 a
5:18 pm
month crossing the border. as far as the type of people coming across the border, i saw something in the yuma sector i hadn't seen before and that is dozens of identifications, scattered along the ground where people crossed from mexico into arizona. why are people throwing away their identifications prior to checking in at the border patrol? there's only one obvious reason. they don't want the united states to know who they are. these people are paying the drug cartels to come here. if you are from mexico, you are paying $3,000 or $4,000 per person. if you're from central america you're paying $6,000 to $8,000. if you are from brazil you're paying over $10,000 per person. the drug cartels are recruiting people by putting on central american tv or brazilian tv ads urging people to come here. there are some americans who are
5:19 pm
taking out ads telling people it's not all it's cracked up to to be, to turn yourself over to the drug cartels, but right now, clearly, many people are crossing the border. these are not people coming across in desperation. they are people with very top of the line shoes or top of the line purses. well done hair. well done nails. it is -- people have to realize, people are not always coming here out of even a little bit of desperation. they are coming here because it has been advertised they'll make more money coming here. as far as families, in july, on all nine sectors, there were about 15,000 unaccompanied children coming here. you go down there and you see children in what can only be described as pens, being held en masse, as they wait for the united states to transport them wherever they want. they are given, they write it on
5:20 pm
their clothe which address they should be delivered in and we turn the children over to nonprofit organizations who will transfer these children to new york, to denver, wherever they want to go. it drives the border patrol up the wall because of course if any american took a 5-year-old child and dropped them off at the airport and said please deliver this child to oregon or maryland or wherever, social services would be after them. but the united states, due to neglect, has pushed a policy in which mek cans are -- or people south of the border, are encouraged to turn their children over to border patrol and transfer them wherever they want. of course as we have more and more children come here, the border patrol cannot patrol the border because they've got to spend all their time processing the little children. and the more people, the more border patrol that's not patrolling the border, the more people are just walking in here.
5:21 pm
without any vetting at all. last year in the yuma sector, they were processing maybe 25 people a day. this year it can be up to 700 people a day. it's not a difficult thing. the way they teet each other is kind of the sign that maybe they might not make the greatest people they have around america. they need help recently because of fights between the haitian and colombians. is that a sign of the type of people we're letting in our country? other things that you learn down here. in the past when i go down on the border i was under the impression that if people had any symptoms they were tested for covid. we don't want another 100,000 people a month here under any circumstances, but right now, i was told, that we like to test them but of course you can't require people to be tesd. which means we're letting people in this country who may well have the covid. now i don't know what to make of that.
5:22 pm
i guess what i make of it is when the biden administration requires mandatory vaccines for people it's really not that important. they're just doing it to avert people's eyes. because if it was that important they'd be requiring at least tests for people coming over the border. but they don't even require tests. we'll just let them here. other activities of the biden administration clearly are acting as magnets to bring more people here. and one of the reasons why the people on the mexican side of the border, the mexican military, does not seem to care as much now as they did a year ago, is because why should they risk their lives taking on the drug cartels when the american government by all of their actions indicate that they don't care whether we enforce the border. two examples, we have, of course, well advertised free medical care for people coming here. and there are border patrol
5:23 pm
agents who believe people just come to the united states for the free superior medical care. and in the infrastructure -- i'm sorry, in the reconciliation bill being passed here, people who come here illegally are getting free college. talk about a magnet to come to the united states. of course it shows contempt for the american middle class that we're seeing more and more if you're a member of the american middle class and want to go to college you take out those student loans. go $30,000 in debt. go $40,000 in debt. go $50,000 in debt. if you're somebody showing up here illegally you get free college. talk about advertising that our administration does not even remeetly care if our immigration laws are being obeyed or do not and the other thing that we have moving thru here, again, on the recondition silluation package, is we believe about 10 million
5:24 pm
more people coming here who we did not appropriately vet are going to be eligible for amnesty and allowed to become american citizen which is is a further magnet bringing more people here. so while there are a lot of things filling up the newspapers, well, people don't read newspapers, but a lot of things filling up the tv screen or computer screen, i want the american people to contact their legislators and pay attention to what's going on at the border. there are people right now who permanently want to change america. and they are going to get away with it unless there is more of an uproar here saying get that immigration stuff out of the reconciliation package. finally hire some more border patrol agents to see what's going on down there. and please, please, please, go back, biden administration, to the mexican government, and renegotiate deals where we keep
5:25 pm
people south of the border. and by the way, while i'm talking about things that indicate there's a complete lack of caring on the southern border on the part of the biden administration, when was the last time you saw the vice president, kamala harris, at the border? i tell you if you go down to the border there are all sorts of congressmen poking around, seeing what's going on with the most important issue facing america today. where exactly is kamala harris? as she just brazenly ignores this crisis. so please, america, wake up and defend our southern border. thank you. mr. johnson: i thank my friend. and you're right, we better wake up and just by way of quick reminder, over 1.2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border since february alope. we know that number is grossly undercounted because of those who got away and those who crossed undetected across the open border.
5:26 pm
i'm delighted to yield next to my good friend from california, mr. lamalfa. mr. lamalfa: thank you to my colleague from louisiana, mr. johnson, for this time here tonight. today marks the exact nine months in of the biden administration. so the motto was build back better. so where do we stand? what have we built back better on behalf of the real american people out there? we talked about unity. talked about unity in his inauguration speech. it only seems to be that he's unified the american people in anger at the cost of doing business. everything has gone up for american families. as you see if this chart here. my home constituent of california, everything is going up. you see fuel, we heard the national average is $3.30. my home state is anywhere from $4.20 to $5. that's not the rest of the country's problem how the state runs itself but it underlines that we got big problems. so what is the focus going to
5:27 pm
be? the biden administration is going to make it where farming in california is even more difficult. we'll have less of the crops california grows. therefore driving inflation even more. on everything. when these crops have to be replaced from foreign imports. come on. the inflation is being caused by this government. when you pull just four or five trillion dollars of spending out of mid air, thrair threatening to have tax increases on certain people, whether it's corporations or the rich or whoever, then they back off and say no tax increases on those under $400,000. it's gipg to be impossible to pay for this without doing that. show us how you're going to do it. the inflation is going to kill the american worker, especially middle and lower income folks. it's irresponsible what's going on. lowing these terms, trillions of spend, stimulus spending is what it is, it isn't infrastructure, trying to sneak it through in
5:28 pm
budget reconciliation by getting a mere 50 votes in the senate is a slight of hand that's going to hurt this country. this country is already hurting compared to a year, year and a half ago, the way our economy is right now, our energy reliability, our food reliability, you want to talk chain of supply, all the ships are sitting off california waiting to be unloaded. there's one thing about it, if we were building it here, producing it here, manufacturing it here, we wouldn't have to be worried about unloading ships. but when you chase the jobs out of the country with tremendous regulations and the taxation that's going to be upon businesses, farmers, timber fallers, you don't get a good result. the biden administration needs to take a real good, hard look at how economics actually work and quit doing this to the american people. because i'll tell you what, we're not going to have much left after four years of all this. so i appreciate my friend here from louisiana trying to bring this to the american people with the time here tonight, seeing
5:29 pm
what this really, nine months in of the biden administration is costing and hurting regular americans of i yield back. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. lamalfa, you're exactly right. it's only been nine months, it's only going to get worse. what you have heard tonight is a quick summary from our friends, we could go on for hours if we had the time. we talked about the economic crisis, energy cry sthirks border crisis, it goes on and on. i'll summarize and close with this. we've got two competing visions for america. it is now very clear, free market capitalism versus big government socialism. i think the american people see the result toafs latter. i hope we have an opportunity very soon in the next election psychle to get back to the former. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the gentlewoman from california, ms0 minutes as the designee of the
5:30 pm
majority leader. ms. speier: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the subject of my special order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. speier: thank ms. speier: i'm astonished by the last hour. it's like they are living in a different universe. if you look at the economic growth in the united states, under this administration, it's actually growing at such a rate that by the end of the year it will have reached 6% in growth. all of that blatter that went on on the other side of the aisle should be registered as what it is. false. but we are here to talk about something much more important. we are here to talk about what 90 members of the democratic
5:31 pm
womans caucus are concerned about. that is the care economy. the question that we want to ask is, why does america not value our families or our children? why is it that france has provided eight weeks of maternity leave to working women since 1913? yes. since 1913. yet we struggle to provide paid family leave. why is it that germany 30 years ago was able to decide children have the right to quality childcare, yet some of my colleagues call universal childcare and pre-k a handout? surely if ourure european counterparts can understand childcare and pre-k is not babysitting, it's education that fuels the brain and emotional development in the most formative years of a child's life so that children can grow and thrive, we certainly can grasp that. surely my colleagues would stand
5:32 pm
here and preach about the sanctity of life can understand the hypocrisy of advocacy for birth but not advocacy for life. after they come out of the womb is when we should be investing in them. and surely they can understand that the she session that happens to both republican women and democratic women is real in this country. and has resulted from a pandemic that isn't just a burden on working women and families, it's a burden on all of us. it's an issue that touches every corner of our society and government from national security to economic growth and most importantly the health and well-being of our children and the progress of our country as we work to build back better. i'm just getting started here, but we have many colleagues who are here and want to speak to this issue. madam speaker, i now would like
5:33 pm
to yield my time to my colleague from the great state of new jersey, congresswoman sherrill. ms. sherrill: i rise today to talk about the childcare crisis facing our nation and by extension our national economy. i rise today to share the stories from working mothers m 3450eu district to outline the disastrous impact maintaining the status quo will have for families in communities and businesses to instill a sense of urgency for addressing this childcare crisis. because prior to covid, women represented over half the working people in this nation. over half. let's be clear. when working moms are losing ground, that's the american middle class losing ground. and the current reality of the american childcare system is endless wait lists for spots that may not open up. the current reality is
5:34 pm
unreasonable cost that is eat away at 20%, 30%, 40% of a working parents' paycheck. i have a constituent who has two children in childcare and pays over the amount of their paychecks in childcare. in over half the states in this nation, center based infant care costs more than instate college tuition. that's what's facing families today. and the current reality is to make it work often for families, including my own, the only way you make it work is with the help of grandparents or friends. so god help you if you don't have that safety net in place. the current reality is that too many moms are being forced to leave their jobs because they simply can't make it work. and if we don't act, too many of those moms will not be able to re-enter our work force. two weeks ago i convened a round table to have an in-depth conversation with working women in n.j.11. the stories i heard myrrh roired
5:35 pm
the experiences of women across my district of the women serving alongside me in this legislative body and mirror my own experiences over the past 16 years as a working mom raising my four children. anyone who has had a child in the last few decades knows the barriers to entry for childcare in america begin before your first child is even born. you're only pregnant for nine months but mothers have told me about two-year waiting lists and a dearth of available options. that situation got worse during the pandemic with many centers closing down or going out of business. that the current reality when things go according to plan. during that round table, we heard from too many people who had changes in their lives which upended their whole childcare plan. during that round table, i heard from a professor who told me about how her search for childcare became twice as hard when she and her wife found out they were expecting twins. it got even harder than that when they were born premature
5:36 pm
and had health concerns that required in-home care. she and her spouse were forced to make the impossible choice to cut their income in half so one could stay at home or to incur the astronomically high cost of in-home care. that's the catch-22 our families are facing too much times today. i have a working mom and a councilwoman in my district who faced a similardy lema. when she had her son she was lucky enough to find a great childcare center for space. but the price was steep. she was in the position where her salary was just above the cost of care. like far too many women, she considered leaving the work force simply because the costs were unjustifiable. but in her case she couldn't afford not to work. she's lucky she didn't stop because we know for women who quit the work force for even one year, that's a 40% pay cut over the next 15 years. this issue is about the family budget, bottom line. the ability to make ends meet. for too many families the
5:37 pm
exorbitant cost of childcare places them just steps away from financial ruin. my councilwoman was lucky to find good childcare where she lived. but what happens when you move? we heard from another working mom about that. she and her husband had great daycare for their 1-year-old that they loved. they were one of the lucky ones. unfortunately, when they decided it was time to move, they couldn't find anywhere with the space near their new home. for months before they got off the wait list at a new center, they left their house every day at 6:30a.m. to drop their child off at the old daycare center before starting their own long commute to work. even with that daycare system, she still needed help from a family member to pick up her son when the daycare center closed hours before she and her spouse finished work. thisdy lema has only gotten worse during covid with childcare centers scaling back their hours due to work force shortage issues. all these barriers come with a direct economic cost.
5:38 pm
this isn't just a woman's issue. this isn't just a children's issue. this is a critical economic issue facing our nation. in september alone 26,000 women lost jobs. while more than 200,000 men gained jobs. that's not to mention the more than 300,000 women who left the work force entirely that month. we are leaving hundreds of billions of dollars of potential economic growth and improved g.d.p. on the table by failing to fix this crisis and continuing to force women out of the work force. we are certainly not solving the work force crisis facing communities all across this country. tonight you'll hear from many of us outlining the stories that we ourselves and our constituents face. the concerns that are very real obstacles and challenges of childcare across this country are hampering too many women in the work force. jumping through hoops and making financial decisions calling on friends and family members just to find and maintain affordable and quality childcare. as a result, our families are
5:39 pm
suffering. the progress women have made in the work force and in our society is suffering. our economic recovery post pandemic is suffering. it doesn't have to be this way. we have the opportunity to make crucial investments in our childcare system to ensure that no family in this nation pays more than 7% of their income on childcare. this budget plan represents an important start to helping working women stay in the work force after having a child. help those who left re-enter and keep more money in the pockets of hardworking families across this country. and we can do all this as we ignite our economic recovery and build back better. thank you so much. i yield back to representative speier. ms. speier: before you leave, you also served in the military. as you called upon this being an economic issue, is it not also a national security issue? ms. sherrill: it truly s as you know, as you chair your subcommittee and hear from far too many families about the
5:40 pm
difficulties of childcare grow, the difficulties of being a fully deployable force like our united states navy grow. certainly it is a national security issue as well. ms. speier: i thank you for participating tonight. i now yield to my good friend and colleague and co-chair of the democratic women's caucus, none other than the great lois frankel from the great state of florida. ms. frankel: thank you representative speier. thank you for your leadership today. madam speaker, i had this speech and all that. i don't want to make a speech. i told my friend i was just going to rant. she said go to it. i'm listening to the cable news and all that, they say the democrats are fighting. and they are talking about the moderates and progressives and the -- i just want everyone to know this
5:41 pm
we are fighting. we are fighting for you. we are fighting for the american people. and especially we are fighting to make sure that women and children are on this train when it pulls out on build back better. i'm here today -- i'm a very proud member of the florida delegation. but i'm not really here as a representative. i am here as a -- someone who was a working mother. now i say i'm a working grandmother. and i remember those days of just having to juggle and make sure that my son was in good care and good nurturing care as he was growing up and i was working full-time. and now i have grandchildren whose both parents have to work full-time. i think about them all the time. who are they going to be left with? what about when they have their colds? i found out -- i had forgotten, representative speier, your first year pre-k you are constantly sick. not only do they go to school,
5:42 pm
then they have to have someone to take care of them when they have that cold. it's not -- i think my -- think my colleague from new jersey gave a good summary of what it's like for the parents struggling to make ends meet. we know that parents are really making the least amount of money usually when their kids are the youngest. it is really a stretch for so many parents to even afford childcare. then for the sandwich generation to have to take care of the elderly or the disabled loved one who needs home care. i want to talk about, also, representative speier, madam speaker, i want to talk about the worker. the people who we are leaving, the people who we love the most in their care. representative speier, did you realize that the average, the average salary for a childcare
5:43 pm
worker or home care worker is about $27,000. you think about it, after you pay your rent, your car payment, your insurance, your food, you buy your clothes, doesn't leave much if anything. and think about the responsibility of these workers. as i said taking care of our precious children. i want to give you an example. the average income of all workers in the united states is $68,000. i like that to be higher, too. i'm not saying other people don't deserve good salaries. but just to give by comparison, truck triefer $46,000. school teacher $64,000. a plumber fd 60,000. i could go on and on.
5:44 pm
salesperson, $64,000. i'm not saying they don't deserve that money. but don't the people who take care of our loved ones also deserve to make the money so they can have a decent life? isn't it stunning that we will pay those -- ms. speier: those who -- ms. frankel: how about parking your car in a parking lot? we pay more for someone to watch our car than our children. this is -- it's not only not fair and not right. mostly affects women of color, because that -- that's who predominantly our caretakers. as a result, madam speaker, of this paying so little, there is a tremendous shortage. would you tell us, representative speier, what this means today in terms of the childcare and the home care industry in terms of getting
5:45 pm
people to even work the jobs. ms. speier: that's why we have lost so many slots in childcare centers around the country. that's why there are 64% of our families live in childcare deserts now. think about that. . there's no child care even if they have the resources to pay for it. the child care doesn't exist anymore because we paid them so lit. the build back better plan, you know, you can articulate, will change all of that. ms. frankel: we're going to build back better for our children, for our working parents, the elderly who we love, the disabled, by not only making it affordable but raising the wages of our careworkers. as i turn it back over to you we're talking about a transformational bill with build back better. i know you appreciate this and
5:46 pm
those here today is that we are going to -- we are fighting in this bill to have universal pre-k for all 3 to 4-year-olds in this country. getting our children off to a good start, representative speier, i know you can tell us. what does it mean with a 3 and a 4-year-old gets off to a good start? how does that equate to how they're going to do later in life? ms. speier: we all know from 1 to 3 is when the brain is developing. that's when the resources need to be made available to these young infants and toddlers. so that they will be prepared to go into pre-xk and into school. if you don't have that experience you're not going to have the children being able to do well in school and then to be able to be personals in our communities who are working very important jobs. so if it's duly about the children, let's make it about
5:47 pm
the children. build back better. ms. frankel: this is a declaration in the united states of america that getting children off to an early start at age 3-s and 4 is as important as getting them into kinder garten or 6th grade or whatever. i know i said i have one last thing, but i do have one last thing. we're talking about taking care of our families. if anything we learn from the pandemic is the importance of being able to take care of a loved one when they're sick or they're disabled or whatever and that is why the paid family leave provision of build back better is so important. in fact, is it true that we are the only industrialized nation in the country that does not have a paid leave policy? ms. speier: that's correct. as i pointed out earlier, france had it back in 1913. think about that we're a century later and still struggling with
5:48 pm
parental and medical leave. it's important to point out that it's really being taken, the vast majority of this money in terms of who takes advantage of parental and medical leave, it is for the individual. 50% of the paid leave goes for an individual who is sick. and who needs that particular benefit to be able to have the surgery or be provided the health care during a time of sickness. so when we say paid parental and medical leave, the big beneficiary of that benefit is probably an older american who is in the work force who, without this, would have to use their sick leave up and then probably go on unpaid leave. ms. frankel: thank you. i'm so glad i got to do my little franting and raving. i know i have colleagues who are going to add a lot to this. the american people should know
5:49 pm
that the democratic women's caucus here, right here, we represent people all over the country. ms. speier: 90 of us. ms. frankel: there's 90 of us. we're going to build back better for our women, our children, our parents, our grandparents. i have two grandsons, i want them to have the same rights as every little girl. thank you and i yield back to you. ms. speier: thank you, i thank the gentlewoman ms. frankel. as we look at the infrastructure bill semp supporting, that trillion-dollar package is going to create two million jobs over the next 10 years. that's great but 90% of those jobs are going to men. meanwhile, the pandemic has created an environment where 1. # million women have less -- have left the work force. that is the lowest participation of women in the work force since 1988. we are going back. we are not going forward.
5:50 pm
unless we have the build back better plan which is going to provide the infrastructure for child care and pre-k and the opportunity for women to get back to work. so i now have the gate privilege of having the congresswoman from illinois, my dearest friend, january schakowsky, to speak. ms. schakowsky: thank you so much. the democratic women's caucus and i see we have all three leaders of that caucus that i'm so proud to be a member of, you know, my daughter is a child care worker. she works in a child care center. i'm so proud of her. and just the effort and the creativity and just the energy she puts into this very low-paid job. if it weren't for another, someone else earning money in the household she could not really afford to live on that
5:51 pm
pay. you know, i quote from a scholar who said, you know, most of countries in this world have a robust social safety net. the united states has women. the united states has women. and when it comes to taking care of those in need, either as workers or as family members, it's mostly women. and i want to tell you that in the 1980's, i worked -- i was director and proudly so of the illinois state council of senior citizens. and as part of that, i was a co-chair of the long-term care coalition that we had in illinois. and at that time, there was no health care policy in the united states, a long-term care health policy in the united states of america. and guess what?
5:52 pm
there is no long-term care policy in the united states of america. right now. families are left to figure it out. what are we going to do? i'm getting older. i don't have family. what am i going to do to take care of myself? i'm getting older, and my family is the only one available to take care of me because we can't afford -- i have to move in with my children. or they have to move in with me to take care of me. because there's no other choice. or you end up, i don't know, in some kind of an institution where people again are poorly paid, often women of color, often low-income women, who get, in fact, for home care, the average worker does make about $12 an hour. with no benefits. and if you have to travel from one place to another, there's no
5:53 pm
payment for that kind of transportation or getting there. it is not really doable. and so we have made pretty much no progress until now. and then the president of the united states, joe biden, said, we are going to have medicare, home and community-based services in this country. now he announced a very big amount of money to go for that. i don't know if that's going to be able to be paid for fully right now in the build back better plan, but we're going to make a start. and we're going to say yes. it is not just that we're going to leave families, women at home, not being able to go back to the workplace themselves, we're going to have a home care policy. and that's where people want to be. in their homes, in the united
5:54 pm
states of america. and i believe that we will see billions and billions of dollars that are going to be able to go to long-term care. we are going to pay attention to these workers. it is not right, it is not possible, to depend on workers who themselves live in poverty, don't have someone to care for them when they get older, often can't even afford to get, you know, we talk about paid sick leave, have no health insurance. have no backup if they get sick. this is absolutely not working in this country. and if we're going to build back better we have to build back better for women. we have to build back better for women toward the end of life, as we age, we have to take care of women and children in this
5:55 pm
country. it's really embarrassing in a way when we look at the rest of the world. how far behind the richest country in the world is in taking care of our families. the most in need in the country. but we are finally at a tipping and turning point right now. we have an administration, we have leaders in the house and the senate, who are now saying those days are gone. we are now going to be a country that, as the president says, is built from the bottom up and the middle out. we're going to cake care of workers. we're going to take care of families. and we're going to take care of women and children. and i am just so proud to be part of a caucus that is determined to make this a reality. to transform the united states of america into a place that is
5:56 pm
safe and healthy and has opportunity for all of us. and i yield back. to my dear friend and colleague. thank you, congresswoman speier. ms. speier: thank you for your rousing speech and maybing the case once again that women are the back bone of this country. if we build back better in the build back better plan, what we will have is a situation where two million more jobs will be created and there will be $24 billion more in take home pay for women which will then move through the economy and benefit all of us as well. now it's my great pleasure to introduce one of our newer member, one of our feisty new member, that is congresswoman wild from the great state of pennsylvania. ms. wild: thank you so much. it's an honor to be part of this special order hour.
5:57 pm
it's an honor to be called feisty. and it's an honor to follow my good friends and colleagues, representative frankel and representative schakowsky as they talked about different aspects of the care economy. representative frankel was focused on child care, she of course has grandchildren and is focused on the care they're receiving. i want to tell a personal story because it's something that i frankly, without the experience of having had this experience, this issue of the care economy might not ring -- resonate as much with me as it does. but in 2014, my mohr was diagnosed with brain cancer. she was an incredibly independ woman. had always had a career until she retire. lied alone. gardened. took care of her home. and was in all respects somebody that quite frankly my sister and i thought was going to live to be 100.
5:58 pm
she was 82 at the time. and everything changed on a dime. she was diagnosed with brain cancer. in the summer of 2014. she -- we, her daughters, were told that she had a pretty short time left to live. and it was a shock. nothing that we could in any way have planned for or anticipated or made prior arrangements. but we knew that it was incredibly important that we bring her to one of our homes. for the remaining weeks or month she is had to live. so she was transported to my home, where we had home hospice care for her. i worked full time as a lawyer at the time. my sister worked full time. obviously our first concern was our mother but both of us also had careers and bills that had to be paid. that we had worked for for so
5:59 pm
many years. and so what ended up happening was that we engaged home health care workers to help us take care of our mother. and it was only because of those tireless home care workers that were with her at her bedside during the night so i could sleep, providing essential care, and it was only because of them that my family and i could rest somewhat easier knowing that mom had the help and the resources that she needed around her. i can tell you quite honestly that we would not have made it through those months had we not had the benefit of home health care workers. i have to tell you, again, firsthand, watching a parent or a loved one suffer is hard enough. but those workers and they were all women, i might add, who came
6:00 pm
into our homemade it just a little bit easier for me and for my sister and the rest of our family, knowing that she had a team of hard working caregivers by her side through her sickness. we know homeworkers have been on the front line and heard a lot about it until the pandemic and i don't know if we heard much about home care workers but they cared tore our population and put themselves and families at risk and did this while earning near-poverty wages. home care workers are living at the near-poverty line while struggling to pay for their health care. one in my district who cares for
6:01 pm
a young man who is disabled told me she hasn't taken a single vacation time in more than 10 years. she is a young woman but working for a long time. this kind of thing is completely unacceptable. i stand with them and their call for a long overdue raise, improved worker benefits and to organ collectively bargain. none of us are going to anticipate when we need this kind of care. this happens when you least expect it. but this is the smart thing to do. we have the opportunity now at a pivotal time, as your nation grows older, the critical need is going to grow. the investments is part of the build back better act are absolutely commonsense
6:02 pm
investments that will create jobs and will provide the necessary support both in terms of health care support and emotional support for families that our aging population is going to require. for too long, these workers have been underpaid and undervalued and this has to end with the build back better act. ms. speier: i think it is important to point out when we are in a situation where we want to bring our family members who are dying and bring in home health care, we are actually saving money for the medicare system because if they were hospitalized the cost per day would be prohibitive. i had my mother in law and my father and mother all living with us at the end of their lives, and it was a great source
6:03 pm
of sole ace they could stay at home. >> that is exactly what we experienced. she was hospitalized for a full month and went underwent necessary interventions and she was in faily physical therapy which was ludicrous for a woman who had weeks left to live. the cost factor for medicare is significant. expire expire i -- ms. speier: i yield to the my colleague, pwrepbd ha* lawrence from michigan. mrs.lawrence: i recognize the strong leadership of her co-chair and throughout her tenure, and thank you for this
6:04 pm
special order hour. since the start of this pandemic, women have lost 2 million jobs and our labor force is down for women, down 57%. why does that matter? it's because the women labor force participation, please hear this number -- contribute more than $7 trillion to the u.s. g.d.p. every year. when you talk about building back with women, there is an economic incentive for us to do that in america. but the aatlanta is far too many women in the united states who care for their children and the elders in their families, they are looking at situations where it's far too expensive. we heard the description of my two colleagues caring for their elder parents. do you know what that would mean
6:05 pm
if they didn't have a child care or elder care system to take care of them. in america, there are women who call in sick, who take off from work because they have a child who is suffering from cancer or a parent who is dying and they are the only ones to do this and can't afford to pay for it. we know that caring for our loved ones should not force women to make a choice between the two. in michigan, 44% of the people of michigan live in a child care desert. people are saying, let them figure it out. and in some scenarios, there isn't a child care facility for the parent to even consider or try to figure out how to pay for it. the reality, there are a large
6:06 pm
number of women who work for jobs, one to pay for food because there aren't other options. do i lose my home and pay for child care. they have two jobs. and i want you to know that the build back better agenda increases the access to affordable child care. how amazing it is to say that every family in america will not have to pie more than 7% for their income for child care. we talk about child care workers and i want to go back to the page that my colleague was talking about. disproportionately, when we are in that point where we have needs, it is the woman that knocks on our door to provide the child care and a woman who
6:07 pm
knocks on the door to take care of our elderly and disproportionately, they are women of color, black women, hispanic women, asian women, who are in the majority of care in this country and what do we do? we say our children and elders are our most precious in our family. i will walk through fire for my child and nothing i won't do for my parent, but we disrespect these workers every day with these pathetic salaries that we have in america and the build back agenda, we will be boosting the compensation for our care workers so they can feel the respect and honor and go home and take care of their own families. i was a dear friend of aretha franklin and i think about that
6:08 pm
song, all i'm asking for is a little respect. in america how can we say there is something so precious to us, hold the hands and wipe the nose of our children who tuck in our elders and sometimes there when they take their last breath. america, we can do better. america, we have coined th-pl term and will not walk away, our colleagues because we consider build back better in this country with the human infrastructure that you captain do unless you build back better with women and that means paying attention to the service, to the need for care, to the need to invest in our human infrastructure. if you want to improve poverty in america, invest in jobs and invest in women. the majority of poverty, those
6:09 pm
in poverty in the united states of america are women, head of households, who sr-r children. we make an effort to ensure that no one goes hungry in america, but we disrespect those who care for our loved ones. i'm standing here locking arms with my colleagues and i demand that america build back better. i know my colleagues and the democratic women's caucus are fired up and ready to go because we know this opportunity to put our thumbprint on the values of america of what we are going to do is laid out in build back better. we are fighting and we will never step down like the women who were suffrage women and whatever we have to do, that we
6:10 pm
are going to build back better and making this investment. we have a president and a speaker of the house who has locked arms with us and the democratic caucus and saying that build back better will build back families and transform the lives of women. our country who can't wait any longer. and a pothole is an inconvenience and we need to fix our potholes and our children are not drink ink lead and our bridges are fixed. but we need to know that they are human beings in this country deserve our passion a work in the build back better agenda. i thank you and yield back. ms. speier: i thank my co-chair
6:11 pm
for that passionate speech and the feminization of poverty that was dubbed some 30 years ago, is still, in fact, what we are dealing with today. and that is part of what we are trying to do with build about back better. i yield time to my colleague on the armed services committee, someone who served our country in the military and who is an outstanding member from the great state of pennsylvania, congress member houlahan. ms. houlahan: it ace pressure on be standing which your side and powerful women who came before me and had this important conversation over and over again. it's time that i have the opportunity to rise next to them in this chamber for a couple of reasons. one, we have the opportunity to
6:12 pm
celebrate. some strides that we have made in the historic paid medical leave. my conversation will talk about that. but we need to recognize where our nation falls short ofpl delivering all workers in pennsylvania. like many of you all, i have pictures of my family in my office and seeing faces of my husband of 32 years and it's a constant reminder. as a parent, my own story begins with the birth of my first child serving in the air force. this chapter of this story and it drives to work and paid family leave in part because of the lack of affordable child care, i separated from the service 30 some years ago and my story is not unique and still to
6:13 pm
this day, we know there are problems with child care issues on bases that have waits of six months to a year and that story continues to play out in households across our country. too many people are faced with the choice of caring for their family or caring about their employment. the people of my district deserve better. as a compassion nature country we need to act on the repeated calls from the american people to and we shouldn't be and it may be that you have not heard from those most affected and i will share stories. susan in pennsylvania told us not having access to paid leave forced me to liquidate my assets to care for my newborn.
6:14 pm
lynn is a home health care worker and she said she is stuck with a choice protecting her own clients and having a short paycheck and unpaid bills. when i think about the hardship of people like susan and lynn, that isn't who we are. we can't allowed people to go into debt and cannot accept a system that those who are sick to choose between paying their rent especially as covid reaches havoc and cannot ignore the research that kopb teurpls what we know to be true, that paid leave is an overwhelming bipartisan and popular idea. democrats, independents and republicans agree that family center policies strengthens our economy and businesses and does not weaken them.
6:15 pm
we can be pro-business and pro-family. i'm an engineer and i would like to share some data and facts with you. and here they are. policies like these like paid family leave. 62% of workers earning less than $32,000 receive no pay during personal health issues compared to 26% of those earning more than $75,000 a year. ., 13% of white workers reported the same. these policies, like paid family leave and paid medical leave, will strengthen our economy. research shows that women have a greater attachment to the labor force if they are allowed paid leave. and with an economy that needs every single worker, we cannot neglect 51% of our workforce.
6:16 pm
these policies will also help small businesses. over 60% of the executives in a recent bipartisan policy center survey believe that paid family leave has a positive impact on employee morale, retention, and their company's ability to attract new employees. and lastly, these policies will modernize our u.s. economy, as many of our colleagues mentioned, we rank dead last, 35 out of 35 amongst advanced economies offering paid leave for mothers and others. we simply cannot delay any longer. and the time is now to invest in paid family and medical leave. but i would like to say that we are making progress. in 2019, i worked with chairs maloney and smith to successfully pass into law 12 weeks of paid family leave for 2.1 million federal workers. and i led legislation through the foreign affairs committee to harmonize parental leave policies for state department employees around our country and around the world.
6:17 pm
and this year i helped to write a bill through the armed services committee that codifies 12 weeks of parental leave for all of our uniform service members, regardless of their branch or service. this summer, i championed be a effort with over 100 of my colleagues urging house leadership to include paid family leave in build back better. and just yesterday, i co-authored this letter to president biden, again, with more than 100 of our colleagues, asking him to do everything in his power to protect these critical investments in our build back better act. this comes at a time when we're making progress for the people. as house democrats, we are centering on you, the hardworking, sensible families of pennsylvania, as we deliberate and invest and -- deliberately invest in our shared future. as a member of the democratic women's caucus that i am very grateful to stand here with today, i stand united with my colleagues tonight, and i assure that -- we are ensuring our economy is robust. so when i see that picture of my family in my office and i remember what's at stake for my family and with yours, i'll
6:18 pm
continue to work hard along with all of my colleagues to make sure we are protecting these interests and these dreams for our american future and our people. with that i yield back, representative speier, and thank you. ms. speier: i thank the gentlewoman from pennsylvania for her comments and i do believe that today, a woman serving in the air force would have the benefits of 12 weeks of paid parental leave and hopefully in the very near future a childcare system that will not speak of some 9,000 who are waiting for childcare slots that don't exist in childcare centers in the military. shameful that we have to legislate that, but we are in the process of doing it. ms. houlahan: i continue looking forward to working with you on that. thank you. ms. speier: ilyou a now -- i'll now join my colleague to recognize one our new but very effective members, congresswoman marie newman.
6:19 pm
ms. newman: thank you, representative speier. so pleased to be here. so pleased to be here with all my colleagues from the democratic women's caucus. and thank you for hosting this special hour tonight. madam speaker, i rise today on behalf of the millions of parents struggling to pay for childcare each and every day. it has become abundantly clear, our current childcare system is absolutely untenable. just this past september, more than 300,000 women left the workforce. as we all know, women are more likely to be the primary caregiver in a household. and with a growing lack of affordable childcare options, we are seeing more women forced to quit their job in order to stay home and watch their kids. so let's be clear -- no parent should be forced to quit their job because they cannot find the childcare they can afford. but the reality is, too many families -- this is definitely the case.
6:20 pm
they cannot -- they cannot afford childcare in their area, period. just this week, n.p.r. reported that one in three american families are struggling to find childcare they desperately need. and i'll repeat, 1/3 of america's families cannot find affordable childcare. in illinois, 58% of residents live in a childcare desert. 58%. more than half. in fact, infant care in illinois cost just $168 less than in-state tuition for a four-year public college. so think about that. if you're a mom and a dad, and you have kids of various ages and you're getting prepared to have kids of various ages, right? so you're thinking about the childcare you have now, you're paying effectively what you know what you have to pay for college in later years for your children. it's astonishing. we can and must fix this.
6:21 pm
under president biden's build back better act, we can finally ensure every american has access to quality, affordable childcare. this will provide mothers with the support they desperately need to return to the workforce. this is not only the morally right thing to do but it is actually one of the strongest ways we can further boost our economy. i'm tired of hearing some colleagues complain about a labor shortage. while at the same exact time they are trying to block families from receiving the affordable childcare they need to return to work. and i think that you don't have to go too far to understand wherever you go on any block in america, women are saying, i can't afford childcare, which is why i'm going back. we have to stop blaming it on these fictitious things. women need to have childcare so they can go back to work. enough is enough. for far too long, our country has worked for the largest corporations and the ultra-wealthy while working families have been left behind.
6:22 pm
let's change that by passing the build back better act for working families and let's deliver universal affordable childcare. let's get this done. thank you, madam speaker, and thank you. i yield back to representative speier. thank you. speier speier i thank -- ms. speier: i thank the gentlewoman for her comments and for her great leadership. i now have the pleasure of introducing my colleague from the great state of california, congresswoman barragan. ms. barragan: thank you, gentlelady, for yielding. i'm here to talk about the build back better agenda and two specific aspects i want to highlight, some of which have been covered today and share some of my personal story. the investments in the home care and paid family medical leave are personal to me. to my constituents and to the american people as well. not enough american workers get paid family medical leave benefits from their jobs. my sister, a federal worker, she's a nurse. she helps deliver babies at a
6:23 pm
military hospital in colorado. last november, got diagnosed with cancer. we're about the same age. she's a couple years older than me. and all of a sudden, we learn there is no paid family medical leave. so what do people have to do? they either have to leave their job or go without pay or, in this case, ask co-workers to donate their leave and their time so that somebody who's fighting cancer can actually focus on fighting cancer and getting better. and that's just wrong. in america, we need to take care of our workers. and that's why i think it's so critically important that we include in reconciliation the paid family and medical leave. and fortunately, most workers are forced to give up their wages to deal with health crisis for themselves or loved ones, and this is true, especially for
6:24 pm
women and women of color. my sister's story is not unique. it's happening to workers across the country. so i am committed to making sure that we fight to keep these provisions in the build back better agenda. secondly, caregivers. the home and community based care system is so critically important, especially for those on medicaid and the disabled. this year, this very year, my own mother was able to qualify and get it. not -- not easy, though. after being on a waiting list for eight months, when you need that in-home care. and this is a program that helps patients stay in their homes. which many older americans wish to do and can't, this program will be expanded. we also need to increase wages for those that are providing the care because the wages just don't cut if. and we know -- cut it.
6:25 pm
and we know there's a shortage of health care workers now and providers. i've been dealing with this every day. just last night, i had to get on a red-eye. why? to help provide some of that care. so we need investments, the human investment in people and to provide that care in-home. we saw what happened with covid and what it did to those in institutions and nursing homes. if we can avoid that and have people in their homes, we should expand this program and support it. since the beginning of the pandemic, the american economy has lost more than 500,000 jobs in the caregiving industry. and we're seeing that firsthand how hard it is to hire. so investing in this is not only going to expand that, it will make it more available to americans and those in need, whether you're an older american or you're disabled. in conclusion, by investing in families and our care economy, we will show compassion to those in need, improve care and help
6:26 pm
women get back into the workforce. the investments in the build back better package will be meaningful for our families and transformational for our economy. let's keep them, not cut them, for people like my mother who has severe alzheimer's and for the rest of americans who need that care. thank you so much. and with that i yield back to my colleague, representative speier. ms. speier: i thank the gentlewoman and i am very impressed that you took the red-eye because you were caring for your family and are here tonight caring for your constituents. i hope you go back to -- go home and get some rest. i now yield to my colleague, the great advocate for all those in her state and throughout the country and that is congresswoman sheila jackson lee from texas. ms. jackson lee: thank you very much, congresswoman. and, again, i'm delighted to be with you and as well to be
6:27 pm
fighting for what is right and that is what we're doing here today. we're fighting for what is right. i am amazed when i hear people want to try to understand whether or not we're on the floor of the house talking about a safety net, whether we're on the floor of the house trying to create the care economy. well, let me be very clear, the clearness of my point is that the care economy is alive and well. it may be called by many names, but it is millions of women who have in the decades, some without names, some without categories, been working to take care of people. and they have been layered from those. as we heard, my sisters, my colleagues indicate that they've been parents who are in the last stages of life. they are working mothers who need childcare. and they are particularly care workers themselves who don't
6:28 pm
have childcare. so the build back better act is what you want america. many people say, what is in the bill? this is what you want. you already have gotten portions of the child tax cut. it's a credit. i like to call it a child tax cut. that is in there to be continued. and i've heard the stories from my constituents making ends meet, getting diapers and formula, paying rent to be able to keep a roof over the head of toddlers and babies of single parents. mostly women. so we know how important the child tax credit is. but then we talk about childcare, and when we talk about kindergarten that will be universal. these are in the early stages of life. and so i'm excited. let me mention one deviation, congresswoman speier. let me just mention one deviation, and that is that in
6:29 pm
texas we've got a compounded problem. people without childcare, people without health care. because we never opted in -- i say we -- the state government never opted in to the expanded medicaid. so we have working parents with 766,000 uninsured in the state of texas. can you imagine they're working parents with child who have no childcare -- children who have no childcare and have no health care. so can we ease their burden? can we ease their burden? and quickly, let me ease their burden and ensure that very quickly i pay tribute to the school in humble, texas. that is where i met a woman who runs a subsidized childcare facility who desperately needs this childcare program which is going to allow her working parents who are working parents in the care industry who come to her with children at night, who have children that are in fact
6:30 pm
in early education, meaning they're first and second grade, and she works hard to open this school because most of the children who enroll them in the school are -- cannot afford childcare. these men and women are working people and they work at night. so i stand here to join with my colleagues to say, what does america want? they want to know that this bill is going to help them. you can see how colorful it is,n television and did this as a young woman who was a sing 8 parent and hires those who are in the working class. child care, america, is what you will get. and with that, i yield back. ms. speier: i thank the madam speaker to have this special hour to talk about and what the build back better will do that
6:31 pm
are families will have the opportunity to go back to work. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair recognizes, mr. owens, for 30 minutes. mr. owens: i ask unanimous consent to address the house and revise and extend my remarks and yield two minutes to representative gaetz. mr. gaetz: i think someone may be trying to kill me and if they are successful and i would like to know. on october 8, 2021, a twitter handle tiled bob is at your door. look here, pal. i lived in portland and portland has ordered a hit on you and i
6:32 pm
accepted the contract. following this tweet, this individual traveled toll washington d.c. and the capitol police recommended his arrest. that information was just shared with me by the investigations and threat assessment section of the protective services bureau and specifically george shared with me that the capitol police recommended the arrest and the department ofjustice refused to do so. and on the eve of the attorney general testifying before the judiciary committee tomorrow, it is yet another example of the department ofjustice having a double standard. if my name wasn't gaetz, if it was omar or tlaib. but they don't care so much when it is republicans. i thank my colleague and i yield
6:33 pm
back. mr. owens: utah is in the 4th district thanks to the disastrous economic policy and 1970's economy and no end in sight. they have spending package and it is a bogus talking point that shouldn't go any further. the reality of this tax and spending bill will perpetrate shortages which will hurt families in my district. violate america's first america's fiscal policy by increasing our think data and mandate financial services to report financial services 200. the i.r.s. has no business tracking the checking accounts and reduce our country's energy
6:34 pm
independent and now by the way and sitting record numbers and impose taxes as they attempt to get back on their feet. the democrats in congress want to use this spending bill to re-imagine our country's economy and raise taxes on the middle class. that means higher prices for families at the gas pump and grocery store and the highest inflation prices. fiscally irresponsible spending spree leaves our country's economy worst off. i ask unanimous consent to continue to address the house and revise and extend my statement in order of utah's heroes. 31-year-old united states marine
6:35 pm
corps staff sergeant taylor hoover of utah was killed on august 26 by a suicide bomber and taken too soon and assisting the efforts of u.s. allies. in his service, sergeant hoover and 12 other members embodied the honor, courage and commitment. i pray that his family finds soleace in the healing of family and friends. from hill crest high school, i know this tragic loss will be felt by many. we will never forget the sacrifice. god bless to the family and our nation's gold star family. i would like to honor a utah
6:36 pm
hero, commander todd gross berger who lost a battle with cancer. he was a second employee employed by the riverton police department and served in that for 26 years and started at f.b.i. and patrol commander. todd and all our brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our community and they are hometown heroes and as we honor our i pledge to back the plus. i think of todd and his wife brenda. mr. brett jackson is a retired detective of 20 years in the west jordan police department
6:37 pm
and served as president of the utah fraternal order of police since 2012 as a member of the apprehension team, he has participated in searching for criminals. dedication for men and women uniform. even more, right now more than ever our officers are under scrutiny and stress. they have a voice with brent and referring to mental health treatment, before i thought it was a sign of weak ifs and have to seek treatment, it is a sign of weakness not to do so. he is a member of our law enforcement community and state of utah, grant, thank you for what you have done.
6:38 pm
like many industries across the country, covid-19 pandemic took a toll on small businesses. over the past several months, i have had the pleasure of visiting several businesses to hear firsthand how they are coping through the economic recovery. the people of utah are know -- innovative. and there is a in-home monitoring system. greek house is a family opened and restaurant celebritied its first birthday. local advanced manufacturing companies like excel corporate, rock west composite and advanced composite incorporated are leading in the aerospace industry. and providing innovative speech
6:39 pm
therapy for adults. and salt lake city and a center that improves lives across the country. these companies and everything in between are showing the innovation and they think big and bold. to every small business, thank you for all you do to serve our state. thank you. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time under the speaker's announced policy of january 4, 2021, the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. schweikert, for 30
6:40 pm
minutes. mr. schweikert: i promise i'm not trying to go for the most bo r-frp ed but if i make it -- this is one of those moments next half an hour, i'm going to try to walk through -- and this is a the boiling frustration that we go through around here and frustrated because i believe our brothers and sisters on the left mean well. they say warm, fuzzy things and say things that actually should make you feel good and then you deal with the reality of what is
6:41 pm
happening in our economy. so we are going to blast through a lot of these things and as conservatives and as americans. just one quick point. so, do you remember all the rhetoric from the last election from our democratic colleagues that they are going to do these things with greenhouse gases. this is the chart before president biden took office. g.d.p. was truly growing and greenhouse gases made a change. but now, we have some other facts. think about this, the attacks that happened ol president trump but yet on those four years, use of coal fell 30%. i have to congratulate the democrats, coal usage will go up 23%. coal usage will now go up almost
6:42 pm
23% this year because they have so screwed up the energy economy when you block pipelines and block the movement of natural gas and when you block the much cleaner fuel and you need to produce ion. kopb tkpwrat you layings to the democrats. they took a trend where they said they wanted this and absolutely reversed it. amazing thought that the biden administration and demonstration did more for coal production than the previous president did in four years. it's a good example when you don't own a calculator. you have also seen the reports and the analysis of how many poor people are going to suffer this winter. have you seen what energy prices
6:43 pm
looks like if you use heating oil. those of us in the desert, have you seen the numbers of what is predicted to be paid in cold parts of this country? if you are angry about it talk to your democrats because not owning a calculator, have will have doubled, doubled your heating bill this winter. this is what crappy economics looks like. how many if you are in those neighborhoods where crime is an issue? well, you got to thank democrats once again. homicides are up 16% in the first six months of this year. and we chose not to use it, but if you look at the concentration
6:44 pm
of where these homicidesr people of color are the victims here. once again, we have beautiful situations behind these microphones, but they are killing them. at some point, the mathis the mat. and the democrats' destruction in the first nine months of this year. the mathis the math. the air is getting dirtier. you are less safe. let walk through more of the damage that is being done to our country, our society. in my state, we have a little problem. we are a border state. and the number of adult males that are crossing our border has skyrocketed, has skyrocketed and you start to walk through that that actually means, let's
6:45 pm
actually take a look. oh, what about the fentanyl and who is that killing when you take a look at the pounds, tonage of dangerous narcotics, fentanyl that is crossing my border in arizona. thank you for the absurd policies that have been adopted by this president. you want to kill people? i can't believe that is in your hearts but that is what you have allowed to happen. let's talk about the economic side of what the democrats have done in regards to the border. we'll come back to inflation here in a second. what are the two things you do in a society if you want to destroy the working poor? you make the value of their labor less. and unlike 2018 and 2019, which we had records in this country if you're part of the working
6:46 pm
poor, you're someone that didn't finish high school and what you sell is your labor, you are getting dramatically less poor. we know income inequality, wages were all going the right direction. now the democrats take over, and you flood the society with now what was today's final number, 1.7 million, heading towards two million people of moderate to low skill and you understand the economic effects of what you just did to the working poor in this country? we have some data we did a couple weeks ago on the floor that showed by the end of the decade, you will have made the working poor poorer in this country. substantial because of opening the border and now add in inflation. if you actually take a look at the real earnings, the real earnings, they're negative.
6:47 pm
people in this country, the working poor, the middle class, they're getting poorer. do we care? because it's the math. i mean, it's nice to give these beautiful speeches how we care, but then when you so screw up the basic economics of a society, when you've now devalued their labor by flooding the market with similar skill sets and you so monetize a society that you have cash chasing products and goods and then you screw up the incentives to work, what did you think was going to happen? and you wonder, where's the compassion around here? the working class, that middle class, and the working poor are getting poorer every day in this country because of democrat policies. it's just a level of cruelty. can we stop the hemorrhaging? can we stop the cruelty to these populations? it's not enough to give pretty
6:48 pm
speeches that you care. and when you start to look at this and you realize the skyrocketing inflation, yeah, it's the highest in 13 years, but if you do some of the core goods that if you're on that -- i hate the term lower quartile where it goes to transportation and food and rent, it's even higher than this. and now we understand from the economists, it's no longer considered transitory. this is democrat policies at work. couple weeks ago we tried to do a simple explanation of, you have supply side where you use resources, whether they be tax cuts or incentives or getting regulations right to encourage production and by encouraging production you make people labor more valuable and they get paid more but the society has more goods and products and services to buy so you don't set off
6:49 pm
inflation. you're now living the democrat stimulus model of throw lots and lots and lots of cash at it. but you did nothing to simulate production. so now we have lots of cash chasing goods, but at the same time all that cash also encourages people saying, hey, you know, maybe i don't really have to work right now. so you have a fall in labor force participation. you have lots of cash to go buy things. and then you wonder how the supply chains get screwed up. you wonder how you have inflation set off. we are reliving the 1970's. did anyone actually buy a textbook? i mean, seriously. and if you actually loved and cared for the working class, for the working poor, you would have been racing 20 -- bracing 2018, 2019, which were miracles of no inflation and dramatic wage growth. and, yeah, the pandemic has been
6:50 pm
miserable. but much of this did not have to happen. but it's that arrogance once again of democrat policies. and is it the darkness of, hey, if we send out lots and lots of moneys in checks, if we're -- the democrats' so-called build back better plan, which is to take the majority of our society and put them on transfer payments, maybe it's great politics. maybe that's how you become the majority party forever. it's really crappy economics. so if you start to take a look at just the last six months, remember -- you remember a couple months ago this is transitory, it's going to stop? not stopping. not stopping. even the federal reserve has updated their national park service numbers. -- updated their numbers. it's transitory, give them a pass. we have so structurally screwed up the labor markets, we have so structurally failed to produce
6:51 pm
things in our own country and massive amounts of this liquidity are functionally now financing the rest of the world and particularly china. so congratulations once again. and if you actually start to look -- and we're going to put up all these slides on our website so folks actually have a chance to sort of dive into them. but how prices have changed in a year, when you start to understand, that's gasoline. this is your fuel oil as we were just talking about. cars. but you start to go over the things that are sort of the bare necessities for so much of our community. we're just kicking them in the head. and then the arrogance coming out of the white house saying, well, these are sort of -- what was it, high class problems. come on. is that really where the heads of the left are? their excuse is, because the basic economics are, if you're a person with assets, you have a
6:52 pm
house, you have retirement accounts, you own gold, you own other things, you're getting richer. now, your purchasing power is eroding. if you don't hold assets or you're a saver -- someone trying to save for retirement, these policies are just destroying your economic future. so let's continue down the line of misery that the democrats have brought us. you actually take a look at where we were going after the tax cut and jobs act and you started to realize what had happened in wages, particularly for female participation, we had the highest female labor force participation in u.s. history. it was off the charts. and their wages had begun to skyrocket. do we see anything in the democrat proposals that will ever bring us back to that? actually, no. it's actually just the opposite. the chicago -- university of chicago study now makes it look like they will incentivize those
6:53 pm
numbers to continue to go the owe direction. so -- go the other direction. so let's touch on this. if you're part of the working poor and you start to understand that what happens on -- if you start to break out the world by education level -- and i know sometimes this is uncomfortable because you sort of segment your society. but the reality of it is, we actually saw amazing wage growth. just amazing wage growth in 2018, 2019. 21%-plus, and that's the very population that the pandemic smashed into a wall and now the democrat policies of inflation, opening up the borders, incentivizing people functionally not to participate in the labor market, they are going to destroy. as a matter of fact, they have already begun to destroy.
6:54 pm
and so let's look, also, at the brilliance of the left's proposals of functionally let's throw lots and lots and lots of cash at the problem and then try to figure out why that cash functionally is on its way to china to buy things. it was not designed to create a robust manufacturing backbone in this country. you actually incentivize people, well, go out and buy lots of things, engage in the consumer economy. by the way, we did nothing in those policies to have that become the new backbone of productivity and opportunity and jobs in our own country. and the simple proof of this, have you seen the pictures of the container ships lined up at the port of long beach? what do you think is in those? we're living it, we're looking at it. and yet, the talking heads are incapable of trying something
6:55 pm
new around here. that would be, tell the truth. so let's do something that's even a little more uncomfortable to talk about. do you remember when president -- vice president biden was running for president and repeatedly we were told how if we just had a democrat presidency and democrat-unified government we would see the deaths -- and the deaths are miserable and horrible. i had a couple friends die of covid. but they would come to answered, the world would be better, and so we have a new president. he's handed multiple vaccines. but how's it possible? how is it possible to have vaccines available to this administration, functionally bought and financed by the
6:56 pm
previous administration -- and then there's more deaths this year than there were last year? are the democrats ready to stand up and say we lied, we made crap up, and the results have not -- of not telling the truth and the way they approached telling the american people about the vaccines, are they going to take responsibility of the deaths? because they sure beat the republicans and the last president over this. they should live by their own words. so now let's talk about the democrats' tax policy. we need to tax the rich, right? and we've done multiple presentations here on the floor saying maybe we should stop subsidizing the rich. we showed a couple months ago $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years of subsidies that go to the rich. in this case, the democrats actually have something brilliant saying, this is a great scam. we're going to tax the wealthy
6:57 pm
but wink, wink, nod, nod, we'll actually hand it back to the wealthy in tax subsidies and the wealthy. here is an example of a family that makes $800,000 a year. $800,000 a year. the democrats' tax bill, tax proposal will hand them $118,000. $118,000 in tax credits if you just buy the right electric vehicle and the right solar panels and these things. this is absurd. you're taking the wealthy in the society, you're actually blaming them for not paying their fair share. i'm sure if anyone is around here, you saw "the wall street journal" saying you are not getting to the superrich. you are actually attacking the high-income earning rich. ok. because we tax income. we don't tax wealth. but in this case, we're going to build a tax bill saying we'll raise your taxes but wink, wink, nod, nod, we will give you tax
6:58 pm
credits as long as you buy what the democrats tell you to buy. and yet, if you actually look at what the design of the democrats' tax plan is, you must understand by the end of the decade, we're all poorer. the society is poorer. the working poor are poorer. the middle class is poorer. we now have multiple studies -- and we are going to talk about this on a number of the slides where the size of the economy actually shrinks. the number of people working actually shrink. and if you understand our debt problem, if we do not have a robust economic expansion, we're in real trouble. and yet, this is sort of the
6:59 pm
dystopian future the democrats are planning for my 6-year-old daughter and for every american. you understand when you add in the spending proposals, in less than 10 years, we're going to be running $2.6 trillion of borrowing every single year. nine years from now when we're working on the budget, just the borrowing package -- so nine years, the borrowing package just to finance the spending of baseline government, the entitlements and the expansion of entitlements, we will be borrowing $2.6 trillion-plus every single year. this is the healthy economy we were promised? so understand, what that means
7:00 pm
is in less than nine years, if the democrats get their way, we're at 129% of debt to g.d.p. and that's publicly held debt. you all understand why that number is so incredibly important. when you strip capital out of society, how does a small business get a loan? how does the entrepreneur get a loan? how does the person who just has a dream and wants to start a business in their garage, they have to compete with government. and is there a bizarre fantasy that somehow we're going to monetize it? maybe the fantasy of modern, you know, monetary theory which as you understand, it's been tried many, many, many times over history and it has always ended up very badly. remember the inflation numbers a few boards ago? welcome to the distaupian future
7:01 pm
that the left is bringing us. this is -- i mean, look, already, the baseline number was already crappy. it was 106% of g.d.p., with the democrat's additional proposal it goes from 106 to 129. this is a miserable future for this country and this is being brought to you by joe biden and our beloved democrat friends. i know they mean well, at least i'd like to believe they do. but they have to see these same numbers. most of these are based on c.b.o. projections. and you start to see other things happening in the society because of democrat policies that really, really are starting to take effect right now. we're seeing some numbers that we need to understand between now and the end of the year, there's some economic numbers from the joint economic economy that are becoming uncomfortable.
7:02 pm
this is a sort of odd one that popped up the other day. it turns out we're having this sudden huge spike of individuals dropping out of the labor force. what happens when you have a substantial spike of folks who just say, i'm going to retire? one of the miracles of 2018-2019 is we saw our brothers and sisters coming back into the labor force because wages were going up and there's so many opportunities. so how can there be a world right now where we say we have over 10 million open jobs, and yet we're seeing huge dropouts of the labor market. this is a chart that basically says we had, what it, 1.5 million plus older american december side i'm going to take early retirement. what's so dark about this number is a huge, huge, huge portion of
7:03 pm
those have almost no savings. they're taking early retirement and going to live on social security. instead of what we were seeing in 2018-2019 as the economy grew we were seeing poverty of seniors actually falling because many of them had taken part-time, they had taken some work. now the reverse trend is happening. what has happened in the psyche of americans, of our brothers and sisters out there, that -- we're already seeing millions of americans of traditional working age disappearing from the labor pool. so they're not counted in unemployment because they're not looking. but they are in that baseline number we call labor force participation. i knows this geeky but it's really important. you cannot have a grow, healthy, prosperous society if you built so many disincentives in your public policy that not working or dropping out or retiring early is where your head is at.
7:04 pm
according to the university of chicago, democrats plan to expand the child tax credit would cause a million and a half workers to exit the labor force. so we've actually, on the conservative side, have made multiple proposals thousand do creative things with the earned income tax credit so you help the working poor and make working more valuable, more attractive. the democrats' proposal is now to delink a monthly check from participating in society. participating in the economy. building skill sets. building an economic future for yourself. your retirement. for your children. and now we actually start to see the academic studies coming in. we're going to lose a mall and a half workers just on this one line item.
7:05 pm
it truly is almost distaupian. that the left can get behind the microphones, say these warm fuzzy things, but the economists are sitting there shaking in their boots saying, we tried versions of this in the 19 80's and it did not work well. and now we're doing it in a time where our demographics are a real head wind and our debt load is crushing. and we actually have some proof that also demonstrates that the president, the democrats, said a lot of things that just weren't true. because the data now is in on the states that ended the early, we'll call it the spif on unemployment. it turns out they represent a small portion of this country's population because i think there was only, what, 13 states that
7:06 pm
did it? and there are like 20, 23, whatever, a small percentage of the nation's population but they're over half the job growth. the data is absolutely clear. the states that actually ended the unemployment spif, the enhanced unemployment, had dramatically better economic growth, job growth. and once again is having a job, is economic prosperity, is economic growth moral? because if it is then what the democrats are doing is ablutely -- is absolutely immoral. you start to see the business structure of all the tax hikes that the left are proposing. we may do some of this next week. what's so crushing about this is, to even get close to their
7:07 pm
spending requirements, it doesn't produce enough revenues. so i keep getting asked over and over, ok, the democrats aren't dumb. there's probably a few of them that actually do own calculators. they have to understand that there's spending pro-- that their spending proposal in this environment, would be incredibly destructive to opportunity in the society. we have lots of charts, you need to go through these other studies that basically show the transfer payment model the democrats are pushing ends social mobility in this country. if you're poor, you're going to stay poor. if you're middle class, you stay middle class. and in this country do, you really think our societal social fabric is going to held when you have no opportunity to move upward? sometimes even downward. that we're going to basically become a european transfer payment socialist society. that the class you're born into
7:08 pm
is where you stay. no matter how hard you work. the schooling you go to. because that stagnation is what every study says. but the other part that's also perverse is the democrats have to also understand. the receipts, revenues, that would be produced by all these taxes don't come close to covering all their spending. it's obvious. they're setting up our country to actually have to do other layers of taxes. are they going to sweep retirement accounts in that's where a bunch of the cash is. are we basically going to move to a vat, a value added tax, so each step of production will be taxed? are you going to have to add some sort of tariff or border tax? because right now none of this works. none of the math works. and then the final slide here is a congratulations to president
7:09 pm
biden and the democrats' policy because they did something none of us thought was possible. remember when we started this year in january, this was going to be one of the most robust economic growth years in modern -- in history? there were discussions that we were going to be six-plus percent g.d.p. growth. as of yesterday, g.d.p. growth from the atlanta fed calculator is .5. one half of one percent is our economic g.d.p. projection this quarter. proving at some point the policies really do matter. the people you elect really do matter. and the amount of pain this is going to cause to so many people because the opportunity to grow from their wages has now been crushed by these policies.
7:10 pm
with that, madam speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for morning hour
7:11 pm
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