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tv   Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Jayapal on Meeting with Pres. Biden  CSPAN  October 19, 2021 8:45pm-8:56pm EDT

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dozen community centers to create wi-fi so students can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. announcer: comcast supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. announcer: president biden met separately with progressive and moderate members of the democratic party at the white house to discuss his socioeconomic agenda and efforts
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to get it passed through the house and senate, along with the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. reporters had a chance to hear from a representative as she and other members of the progressive caucus left the white house. >> but afternoon, everybody -- good afternoon, everybody. we had a really good, productive meeting with the president, with the vice president, secretary ellen. and i think we all still feel even more optimistic about getting to an agreement on a really transformational bill, that will fundamentally lift people up with the priorities that the progressive caucus laid out five months ago. we feel good the majority of those priorities will be in this bill. i think the president has been working incredibly hard to get everybody to a place where we can move this forward and finish this process so we can
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start on the next important thing we need to do. i feel like we -- his conversations have been really important. the president's work with the senators and with our caucus and the house has been really, really critical for us to be able to move forward. we are feeling good. reporter: did you agree to a bottom line number for the reconciliation package? what would you say to those saying you're having separate meetings with the president and the moderates? >> i want to remind everybody the house has a build back better act that has the best majority of us, progressive, moderate, whatever you want to call us, all agreed to. we really are talking about just a couple of people that were not there, and we understand the margins are slim, so we need to get there. i think it is fine for the president to have smaller meetings with different groupings of people. i think that is a good thing.
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it doesn't mean we are not all talking to each other separately as well. so i think we are in a good place. reporter: what about the bottom line number? >> the president has consistently laid out a number that is somewhere between 1.9 and 2.2 -- it's not the number that we want. we have consistently tried to make it as high as possible. but at the end of the day, the idea that we can do these programs, a multitude of programs, and actually get them going so that they deliver a media transformational benefits of people -- benefits to people is what we are focused on. reporter: can you shed any light on the meeting this morning with senator mancin -- senator manchin? >> he is going to try to get us to resolution and went through some of the things he knows are important to us, in terms of when he is fighting for in the bill.
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reporter: are they on board with the 1.9, 2.2 number yet? >> those are the numbers he is still putting out there and those are the numbers he is continuing to work on. reporter: [indiscernible] on some of these programs? >> the program has agreed with our strategy that the majority of our caucus put out some time ago, which is, we would like to see more of our priorities. remember, the progressive caucus did not give a list of 100 things, we give a list of five major priority areas. i think he is with us, that we need to invest in as many of those just for mission or areas as possible even if it means for some of them -- those transformational areas as soon as possible even if it means for some of them it takes some time.
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this is one of the most challenging places for our caucus. we are still witting to see exec we what the agreement is around -- waiting to see what the agreement is around emissions reductions. i think that there are lots of possibilities on the table. some of which might be in the bill, some of which may not be. we just need to continue to look at the final agreement around that. because i don't think there is a final agreement there. but we are hopeful we are going to get to a significant investment in claimant. -- in climate. reporter: [indiscernible] reporter: did he talk to you about any deadline, if it is not october 31st? >> the president is the inspirer, he is the closer, he is a convincer. the mediator in chief. he really is doing a phenomenal job. reporter: what about deadlines?
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can you talk about deadlines? >> we are trying to get to a real close as quickly as possible. reporter: does he sound frustrated with what is going on, is he taking a tougher stance? >> the president has been nothing but respectful of all that we are trying to accomplish, all thatisa. these conversations have been really great. they are really conversational. really important listening sessions for him to hear from our members and for us to hear from him. reporter: senator schumer has expressed when he wants by the end of this week. >> we are all working as hard as we can. all of us are having a million conversations every day to try to get there. reporter: [indiscernible]
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>> we didn't discuss that. reporter: did you discuss the carbon tax? >> no. i'm not going to get into all the details. certainly paid family and medical leave is a priority of ours. we have to figure out how to make sure it stays in there. we don't have a final -- we are talking about what we hope to be able to get to. just want to be clear, we are not at a place where there's a final thing for us to look at. i think that's what we are try to figure out right now. from everybody. yeah. reporter: are there certain revenue raisers or taxes that would be part of the package? >> we didn't get into detail on that. i think it is really important we remember what a tiny piece of
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our gdp this package is -- at any of the prices we are talking about. the president talked about how this is ultimately a zero dollar bill because it is all paid for. it is paid for in part -- in large part through taxes on the wealthiest corporations and individuals, and it will be a tax cut for so many middle-class families, because so many of these things are crucial to their being able to actually survive and thrive. reporter: is there any indicator of what senator manchin's demands are at this point? >> he laid out areas important to us and where we think we might be able to get on some of those. it was in a discussion of the two senators. reporter: [indiscernible] is that something you could back? >> we don't have all the details on the climate piece yet.
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we are still working through that. let's see where we get to. reporter: on reconciliation? >> do we have another option? [laughter] thanks, everybody. appreciate it. nice to see you. [overlapping voices] ♪ announcer: c-span's washington journal, everyday we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, wisconsin republican congressman dump tiffany on the future of president biden's build back better agenda and upcoming deadlines on the debt ceiling and federal spending. then kristin ralph, the exec of director of moms rising, talks about efforts to ensure
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childcare, senior care, and family leave are included in the social infrastructure bill. then the former democratic senator joe lieberman will discuss his book, "the central solution." join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages, and tweets. ♪


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