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tv   Washington Journal Brendan Buck Blake Androff  CSPAN  October 17, 2021 8:59pm-10:02pm EDT

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that are easy to find and access on c-span's competition awards $100,000 in total cash prizes and a shot at the grand prize, $5,000. entries must be received before january 20, 2022. for competition rules, tips, or how to get started, visit our website. >> with us to talk about what is going on in congress.
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it, but the real trouble is the build back better act. i think they are nowhere right now. >> they talked for many months about a three point -- $3.5 trillion plan and it is going to be much less than that. fundamental questions that they do not have answers to the. they do not know what that top line number is going to be. the question they are debating is whether you do fewer things in a bigger scale or a lot of things and spend a little less on them. you go a layer below and they
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have not figured out the substance, what will be in the bill. there are some big differences. focusing on childcare and climate. climate is not necessarily anything he is focused a lot on. big, fundamental questions and they have none of that yet. they are talking about passing something by the end of this month what it does not seem likely at all. this could easily last into next year. they are so far away. host: do you agree with brendan there? guest: i do not. it is about leveling the playing field and strengthening the middle of the class. it is about a host of things.
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right now we do not have a deal, but whether a deal is made in a week or a month, they are going to get this across the finish line. they have to deliver for the people. while the process is messy and slow, the reality is tremendous progress is being made. there is a lot of enthusiasm. talking about the importance of this build back better initiative, i think we will see this get across the finish line. host: we have heard about the negotiations going on between democrats. you do not want an interparty fight? or is there more to it?
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guest: there is more that unites the democratic caucus then divides us. we are having honest debates about how to get this across the finish line. it is important to talk about how to move the country forward. nothing prevents republicans from joining in the site. it has brought them together and should continue moving forward. we can agreed to disagree on the size and the scope, but the reality is, they are united. they are united in making sure that people can take care of their families and be competitive against other countries like china. it will continue to come
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together but the reality is that we had going to get across the finish line. host: should republicans take any responsibility for this not being passed? guest: republicans in the senate who helped put together the bipartisan infrastructure deal are urging the house leaders to put the bill on the floor and pass it. when there are shared priorities, they are willing to work together with democrats. another reason i cannot understand why. i do not think they have any obligations to pass something that they oppose. massive expansion of government, policies that no one should ever be confused by thinking that republicans would support. democrats are doing that quite well on their own at this point.
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it has been interesting because republicans have not engaged much. they have been happy to sit by and let others control the legislation. i do not think sticking their nose in it will help. republicans are going to work together with immigrants, when they agree on things. there is proof of that. there is no reason to believe that republicans should or would want to work with them on something that so fundamentally changed the scope and scale of the government. host: is there a timeline for getting these bills done? should democrats face a penalty in the next few weeks? guest: there is too much at
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stake not to get this done. there is a deadline at the end of this month. they were extended to 30 days. i think that there is a ton of enthusiasm to get this done. i think there is a lot of excitement to deliver for the people. the president is going to continue to take this show on the road about the importance of this program, and i think, if you look across the country, americans overwhelmingly support the build back better plan, tackling the climate crisis, making sure that people can take care of their families. these are things that americans fundamentally agree with. it is a delicate balance. i said it before, never bet
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against speaker pelosi. you do so at your own peril. i think at the end of the day, we will see this. host: let me remind our viewers that they can join in on this conversation. we will open up on our regular lines. democrats, your number is (202) 748-8000. republicans are (202) 748-8001. independents are at (202) 748-8002. there is a lot of talk about how
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president joe biden is negotiating with two senators to push together this bill. how much control do they have over leaders when they want legislation pushed through? guest: they should have a ton of influence. there are so many levers of power that you can pool. donald trump was within our conference, but he was not necessarily helpful outside of it, in terms of rallying public support. the problem for joe biden, while he knows how to negotiate, the problem is he does not have a lot of lyrical cachet right now. i'm not saying he is unpopular, but he does not move the needle in a positive way.
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barack obama had a lot more political juice and was able to sell things. frankly, the two people he is most concerned about, seem unimpressed with the white house operation. they do not seem any closer today to come together on a bill. to do something big and hard, you need a president to bring the country along and unify your team. if it ultimately failed, it would be a failure of jill biden come up that that is one of the problems they are having right now. jill biden is not powerful or popular enough to go out and say, i need to do this and have people come along. host: you say that we should not underestimate nancy pelosi, but what about joe biden?
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what should he be doing differently? or should he be doing anything differently? guest: i would agree that presidents have enormous power. i think this is exactly what the president is doing and will continue to do. this president has -- his negotiating style does not make for a reality tv show ratings. these are very different from the last four years. it is not that surprising that people do not think he is moving the needle. he spent 36 years in the u.s. senate. oftentimes negotiating on behalf of the senate. he knows exactly how the building works. talking to those within the administration, he is making tremendous progress. people in d.c. constantly talk about policies and price tags. we should be talking about the
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people. we are talking about how this legislation would impact and impact people. it is about issues that matter. they are issues that keep americans up at night. how they are going to open their envelopes at the end of the month to see what their health care bill is. these are things that matter to the american people. leader schumer is going to make the case to the american people and get it done. host: speaker pelosi was asked about the status of the social infrastructure bill. i want to bring to you what she said and get your reaction to it. >> he said that you were doing fewer things well. i suggesting that this package
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-- or even the medicare expansion? speaker pelosi: we are doing everything. not a question of are we doing it well? the fact is, if there are fewer dollars to spend, there are choices to be made. members have said, let's get the results that we need, but we will not diminish the transformative nature of what it is. some members have written back to me and said, i want to do everything, so we will have that discussion. in the family section of it, childcare and universal pre-k really go together. they go together. they are part of the same need.
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they are issues that relate to home health care. we are still talking about a couple trillion dollars, but it is much less. mostly, we would be cutting back. excuse me? reporter: do you think you would have to drop one of those programs? speaker pelosi: we hope not. we have to have something that will pass the house and pass the senate. i'm not asking members to vote for something that has no chance to pass in the senate. host: speaker pelosi is in dealmaking mode. what should she be looking to sacrifice to get this through? guest: the most important thing she said was at the end. she's going to find a bill that can ultimately pass the senate.
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look at everything they have ever done. i think she is going to continue to listen. she is going to figure out how to get those votes in the house. whether that is including everything, as she mentioned at a shorter period of time and not others, i think those are conversations to have with the caucus and leaders schumer to figure out what will pass the senate. i do not think they have reached conclusion on those issues yet, but i think the speaker will have a good sense of where to get. she will continue to figure out what it is to get across the finish line. host: is there anything speaker
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pelosi could say to get republicans on her side with this bill? guest: no. that press conference reaffirms what i said in the beginning, that there -- they are absolutely no way right now. she's not five steps ahead of everybody because they are answering the basic fundamental questions. this is the fantasy that they have been throwing out there. i think they will find a way to get something done at the end of this, but it might be in spite of and not because of the leadership in the house. they continued to make promises to people that they cannot keep. they are making this up as they go along. that is why you have a situation like this. you cannot answer fundamental questions about what your
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approach is going to be and what programs you are going to keep, let alone sorting that out. they are a long way from anywhere. there is no real reason to have confidence that they have momentum. the only reason to think they will get it done is the political necessity. host: we will start with steve calling from florida on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you. i am talking to talk -- calling to talk about one of the issues, mass transit. the reason why i think it is so important is, i am looking at these cities. i have a transport down south and i am looking at cities like orlando and nashville, where they have rejected mass transit
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because of lobbying efforts. the city is not only becoming extremely congested with traffic, with the air pollution that comes with traffic, but they are becoming a city of highways. they just want to build highways. the city of orlando is basically under this mass conglomeration of highways. the more people that move down, the more highways they have built. two things you can think of on a national level, where people go from city to city, i am assuming that this bill, the mass transit part of it refers to both, but i
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am curious as to the comments on that. one more comment i would like to say, observing, it seems like the republicans and democrats in the house and in the senate, that there -- top priority is to make sure that the other side does not get a success. in the meantime, these important bills are left sitting on the table. thank you. host: let's talk about that infrastructure bill. what should be done to push that through? guest: i think the caller we have firms an important point. the infrastructure of what congress has been working on is really populated. it is something that could be passed right now. it was partisan. the mass transit portion of that is in the infrastructure bill. it is waiting in the house. that could be done right now.
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it is a matter of improving people's lives. people care about these kinds of things. they wish it was already past. republicans and democrats need wins right now. the bill is sitting in the house. it was a fundamental mistake. take them when you can get them. you can use this to show that there is an audience for it, but they are not talking about it. host: do you agree? should they take the win on infrastructure, or are they holding it up and it will cost them? guest: we had nine months into a four year term. people are ready to write the obituary for joe biden's agenda.
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there is plenty of time on the clock to get all of these things done. there will be a build back better law signed. he will get these things across the finish line. the legislative process is messy and slow. it will take time to get it done, but it will happen. there is money for roads. there is money for bridges. a host of different things to make sure that we are taking care of the crumbling infrastructure. these are things that reduce congestion. making sure that congress gets to the consumer. it is stuff that is incredibly important to make us more competitive. president biden will look for
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similar opportunities, moving forward. host: the deadline for reconciliation comes at the end of this month. it is on october 31. is it possible to get some of this done before october 31? guest: i cannot help but to smirk at the concept. they are so far away from that. i think they will have to do another extension of the highway bill, that same bill that we are talking about, there is a hired deadline. my expectation is no matter how hard they would like to think that they are close, they are months away. maybe they will get wise and passed the infrastructure bill at the end of the month and let that hostage go.
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i will be surprised if they are not well into december, if not next year, by the time they wrap that up. host: he says it probably will not get done. do you agree? guest: we were in a similar situation and several days before it passed, there were stories all across the platforms, speaker pelosi does not have control of her caucus, the sky is falling, that kind of stuff. the speaker is making tremendous progress. the speaker is making tremendous progress and will get this done. i have faith and confidence that she will deliver for the people. guest: i think they will get something done because they have to, but i think they are absolutely no way right now and it will take a long time. the idea that they will be ready by october 31 is ridiculous.
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host: on the republican line. tim, good morning. caller: i would like to comment on the president's agenda. i do not think biden is doing anything for america. i think but he is doing is -- the things that bothered me the most are wide open -- are the wide-open southern border in the middle of the pandemic. 2 million people have come over the southern border. i do not understand, southern border. he kills our two major pipeline projects and our building -- burning as much fossil fuel as ever. he is out there begging the saudi's to open up the pumps. what a disaster.
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the equipment that we left behind -- it was not just jeeps and trucks. it was our most sophisticated attack helicopters and the supply chain fiasco. i do not see anybody working on the supply chain issue. why don't they just take all of those ships come off them in mexico and let the haitians carry it across the southern border? we would fill up our shelves overnight. they are taking 11 of their cabinet members and flying off somewhere. i think the country is falling apart. the wheels are coming off. i cannot make up my mind. i think it is by design. is it pure and confident -- incompetence or by design? host: there is a color that is
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not happy with president biden and the democrats. what do you think? guest: i think we should look at the fax. 5 million jobs have been created. that is more than the previous administration. wages are up. the first time it has been below pre-pandemic levels. growth is up. two thirds of americans are fully vaccinated. eight out of 10 have had a first shot. the president came into office and had two missions that he was focused on. the second was getting americans back to work. i think he has delivered on both of those. i think you will find that he will continue to focus on those issues. i think we also need to keep an eye on the facts. host: i do not think you are
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going to agree with blake there. guest: it shows why republicans are not focusing as much on the bills that we have been talking about because there are 70 issues that are motivated. that is what we will be focused on, going into the midterm elections. it is a supply chain challenge. it is rising prices. inflation will be a big topic of conversation going into the midterms because rising energy prices, rising prices at the grocery store, at the border and afghanistan, there are a lot of issues that you can motivate people with. the color is right. they are not putting a lot of attention on them. they seem to be looking the other way or downplaying them. the longer something like inflation or a supply chain challenge goes on, the more that
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it looks like the are not the leaders, instead they are looking past a bigger package that is not as focused on the urgent prices of the day, i think there is political risk there. host: let's move over to talk about the debt ceiling. they got a debt ceiling past earlier this week. they extended it to early december. we have heard a lot of warning from corporations, from the treasury secretary about the u.s. possibly defaulting on their debt. republicans say they will not help them do it through reconciliation or do a long-term fix. markets actually reacted pretty direly over the last couple weeks. where will republicans be on this issue?
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guest: if you are going to be spending trillions of dollars, you should not expect that they are going to help you raise the debt ceiling to go along with that. i think that is a very reasonable position to take. they just enabled a short-term extension. but they have said is that they refuse to use the reconciliation process. all democratic votes. it is what they should have done this last time around. here is how you do this without us. go ahead and pass it. we do not have time and we do not have time. there is plenty of time to do this. they can do it completely on their own. that is what they will end up doing. they will give all the runway that they need to do this.
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it is not just mitch mcconnell. they are not going to be part of raising the debt ceiling. guest: leader mcconnell has said if he can tie the debt ceiling discussion to the reconciliation package, that there is a political advantage to take advantage of. the debt ceiling is what money we have already spent. it would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a hamburger, but we skip out before we pay. this is about money that we have already agreed to. it is about money that was spent by the previous administration. guest: that is fundamentally wrong. it is to enable the next year or
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two. there was plenty of increase. those took place. you needed it to fund the borrowing that will go on for the next years or months. the talking point that they like to use -- it is not fundamentally true. guest: pacific -- to get across the finish line, this will not add to the deficit. they want to make sure that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. i think, what we saw with leader schumer working with speaker pelosi to get a short-term across the finish line, it is something that will not happen again. i think you saw leaders of corporate america reaching out to the white house and leader
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mcconnell to say that this is absolutely crazy that we would be in a situation like this. i think that they will widely use it, any time that they can. host: are we going to see the exact same concerns come up before the holiday season? i was going to be hearing the rehash of all of these arguments? guest: when nothing is standing between them for the holidays, we tend to see a lot more action. it is my hope that we do not get to a point where we are up against a deadline, but often times, that is a way that you can use negotiating powers to your advantage. host: the smell of jet fumes will end some of these arguments.
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do you agree? guest: it is a motivator. but there is no reason for that. the recent short-term extension that they did, we take them into late december. there is plenty of time. they could do it to to be a from now or a month from now. there is no negotiation taking place. it is just whether or not they do it. i'm hoping that with all this free time on the floor, they will just take care of this, so we do not run up against that deadline. host: let's go to carl calling from traverse city, michigan. caller: thank you so much for
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taking the call. he painted a pretty sunny picture about what was going to happen. this is about power, as usual. they cannot pass bills that are connected to each other. it is demonized by republicans as outrageous spending. the president's failing support plays into that. the democrats will lose the house next year, based on losses alone. they will lose the senate as well. the president is left as a lame duck one and done. when it comes to picking someone who is more conniving and clever at negotiating this stuff, i will take mr. mcconnell over ms. pelosi any day.
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guest: midterms are always on the agenda. since world war ii, those in the president's political party has law -- have lost two dozen seats. the speaker and leader schumer know that they need to deliver for the people. they absolutely have to deliver. something will get done. i think i am an eternal optimist. there are opportunities to move this country forward, and that is exactly what the leadership will try to do. guest: i think that they realize that they need to put points on the board. they know that their majorities are at risk. the problem is that your
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membership does not always appreciate it. particularly when they are new into a majority and have an opportunity to govern, they get greedy. they think that they are invincible. they think they have all the time in the world to do what they want to do. they will turn around and realize that they have wasted much of this year. we did not get tax reports done until december into the first year of the trump presidency. they wasted a lot of the first year. it came back to bite us because we lost the house. you often run into this relate -- into this situation. it is important to show that you are working for your constituents. they end up spinning their wheels and making promises that
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they cannot keep. they would be wise to get things done and start compromising. as the caller said, redistricting alone makes the house a tossup. very likely that democrats lose power. it would be in their best interest. host: it is a perfect segue into the two of you giving us your midterm outlook for your party. what does the house and the senate look like for democrats and republicans? let's talk about the governor's races. what does the house and senate look like for republicans, coming up on the midterm? guest: i think you have to give -- redistricting will basically erase -- historically very
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small. you may already be at one or two. midterms often lead to a revoking of the party of power. it is no sure thing. i do not necessarily see the groundswell of opposition in the way that i did see it for donald trump, with the resistance. there does not seem to be quite the same energy. the bar is so low for publicans to take back the house, that you have to gives them the advantage. they focus on turning out the base. it is probably a bet that will work out.
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i do not think you can necessarily guarantee that it is good for publicans. if i were to guess, i would say republicans could take back the senate by a single seat, but it is much less assured than the house. taking a look at it nearby -- virginia is funny. the world of politics has written off virginia as a blue state now that republicans cannot play in. it has been easily won by the democrats. now you have a really close race. i expect terry mcauliffe will win because i think virginia has gone so blue. this race does not bode very well for democrats in general. democrats would be wise to take a look at how close this is and
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realize that they need to put points on the board. the worst thing they could do -- i think pulling everywhere shows that the democratic base is lacking enthusiasm. host: preventing a republican sweep and a close race for the virginia governorship. do you agree? guest: no. i am cautiously optimistic. it will be very difficult. historically, the political party loses seats. it will be a very difficult year. i was on capitol hill when the
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affordable care act happened. we are not seeing that today. the reason we are not seeing that the bill back that her agenda is that they are supported across the country. there is tremendous excitement, tremendous excitement to get out of this situation. if you look at next fall, each mentis amount of time for things to happen. once we turn the corner on covid, once we get past the delta variant and the american people see the benefit, i think there is a good chance that democrats keep control. democrats outraised republicans. i think there is tremendous
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promise. i think there is tremendous movement and excitement. democrats, this is their game to lose. they have to continue to show up and bring their message to the american people so that they understand that they are the party that is fighting for the people. host: let's go to glenn, calling from lancaster, california. caller: good morning, america. was that a supreme court ruling, taxed on native american's land -- you have stolen from the native american people on every reservation. the supreme court's ruled that you had to pay it back. his joe biden going to give the native americans their sovereign rights back and pay the people
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back all their billions and trillions of dollars stolen from the people? host: i will let either one of you jump in on that. native americans in congress right now? guest: here is what i will say. with the president's -- i think we are going to make tremendous progress in our nation to nation relationship. i think it is firmly focused on these efforts. they are focused on the trust and treaty obligations. we are going to see tremendous progress on this front. host: president -- former president trump spoke at a rally in iowa. he listed a litany of complaints about what the biting presidency
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has done so far. here is what he said. mr. trump: millions of americans are realizing that joe biden and the radical left have brought our nation to the brink of ruin. there has never been anything like what has happened. nine months under biden, bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. inflation is taking over our economy. china is taking over our jobs. the taliban has taken over afghanistan. lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialist are taking over our country. we are not going to let that happen. you cannot say i did not warn you. i also cannot say you did not
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get out because you got out and voted like no sitting president has ever seen. the election was rigged. no one can blame the great state of iowa because we did really good here. host: you have a litany of complaints of -- about what the biden administration has done so far. do we see similar attacks into the 2020 midterm? guest: at that democrats would love that. donald trump is clearly reemerging, so much that he never went away. republicans are in a situation where they cannot live with him or without him. they clearly made a political
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bed that they need trump to turn out. that is why you see them stick by him so much. the reality is, just as much as he motivates and turns out republican voters, he motivates democrat voters. the longer he is out there, spouting nonsense about the election, some of these things -- those types of things are the reason why republicans have been losing the suburbs. they are losing educated voters and women voters. the more he is out there reminding them that this is the same party, there is a political vulnerability. i know that there is some base political benefit to having him do so, but i fear that the longer this is the trump party, the longer republicans are going to have trouble winning back
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those voters that used to be so important to our coalition. host: is this about joe biden or donald trump? guest: there is a reason that the head of the campaign committee this week said that president trump is a private citizen and is allowed to say whatever he wants. democrats are having honest conversations about whether to extend. republicans are having discussions about whether to double down on the twice impeached former president and whether or not they follow that trap or go a different route. spreading conspiracy theories that are dangerous was democracy , as well as public health. there is a real vulnerability to follow the trump train. he will not be on the ballot next fall. i think the more he is
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discussing conspiracy theories about the last election -- his entire cabinet pretty much walked away from it. it is better for democrats. host: let's go back to the phone lines and talk to eva. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you so much for all the wonderful programming. this topic this morning is very timely. i am one of those suburban, educated women that see the world that i live in, every day, that is integrated. i came out of segregation, but i see an integrated world that i live in. i have been living in it for 60 plus years. i also see an innovative, creative world.
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the gentleman that called, let's get to this. these gentlemen represent the dichotomy of our leadership. they cross each other. i think that the context is, we just had an election and we have a coalition that came together with women, educated, integrated, modern women. their families are elders, young people, rural and urban.
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you can come up with any kind of dig -- descriptive. joe biden and the democratic house and senate. we have the virginia race. we are working on the get out to the polls. i am all about doing a virtual campaign. we brought together people on the telephone. talking about paul ryan's leadership. he would call them the top guns. anyways, now we have -- who you have on your side that you are calling the young gun? you have ted cruz. these are people that are talking the same talk that they were talking 40 years ago. host: i will let you jump in on their. who are the next leaders of the
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republican party? guest: there is a big debate going on about what direction we want to go in. there are a lot of people that are following the lead of donald trump. they have decided that rather than being an idea party, they will be a populist party. it is not necessarily a direction i agree with, but that is what is defining the party. this colliery accentuates my point. they are no longer part of the coalition because the populism and nativism really turns off a lot of people. i understand why you have josh hawley or ted cruz trying to emulate it because that is where
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-- that is where the voters are a. that is all they really care about. you have to care about the base. we are stuck a little bit. it used to be such that the national party was able to control the message to make sure that we are thinking about people aside from the base. individual members have so much of their own authority that there is no real party. you are seeing a lot of people who want to be the leader of this party. if they have not adopted trumpism, they have a doctor populism. it will be with us for a long time. it seems like everybody is making political calculations that being a populist will get you far in the republican party. host: who are you looking at
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think that this might be something we need to worry about in the future? guest: i think he answered the question. nobody knows other than donald trump. until they have made their own decision, they will allow trump to be the head of the party. i do not know if we know the answer to the question. in response to the caller, it is unfortunate that our politics have become so toxic. when i got my start on the hill, most members stayed in d.c. over the weekends. they got time to know each other. now, members do not see each other on the weekends. they do not get to know each other. it has become hyper partisan. i think it would be good for fox news viewers to watch a little bit of cnn. we would realize that there are places that we agree, where we
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are americans and we want all the same things. we want to solve those problems a different way, but there is more that unites us then divides us. i think it would be a healthy thing to show more bipartisanship. host: they all should be watching c-span, especially for conversations like this. let's go to the independent line. caller: good morning, boys. i will get right to it. the number one concern -- i do not know what they are talking about in washington -- it is inflation. inflation is crippling. i think it is upwards of 12 to 13, but it is hurting us. i do not know that the spending beyond the infrastructure is
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really going to do anything to help that. then, we have foreclosures that are up 34% this quarter. 68% from a year ago, so that is all coming down the line again. we have an energy crisis around the world. as well as a supply chain rake out. that is a serious problem. you have to pay attention in washington to what is going on. host: he brought up a lot of problems. we have not had a chance to talk about inflation yet. what should we be doing to help americans that are seeing gas prices and grocery prices going up? guest: any rise in price effects families across the country. we knew that that would be huge
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economic disruptions. this is simply a supply and demand issue. the federal government does not own or manage supply chains. it is done on a global scale. it is affecting countries all over the globe. the administration will use every tool in their toolbox to make sure that we get goods -- that we are moving congress as quickly as possible. they are important things to do. there is a host of things feeding into it, but at the end of the day, that is why the build back better plan has such a focus on cost. we need to tackle the high cost of prescription drugs. it is the stuff that keeps people awake at night.
9:56 pm
they have to figure out how to pay their doctor bills. they have to figure out how to avoid being foreclosed on. these are all things that come as we emerge from a once in a centuryhost: brandon we will giu the final word. guest: i think this reiterates their real issues concerning americans that washington isn't paying too much attention to. i really hope we don't have an inflation problem because once we do it's really hard to get out of and there aren't a whole lot of great options for policymakers in washington to stop inflation once it gets started. the solutions are pretty painful. i think we should hope this is a short term demand shock, supply chain issue but we should be paying a lot of attention to it on the policy side. what the caller was saying, he
9:57 pm
echoes a lot of what joe manchin is saying, he is been making this point as he puts up a little resistance to spending three or $4 trillion as we have this lingering concern out there and if we just decide to spend a lot right now we can make that worse and i know democrats will say they will make up for in taxes and there will be at least a short-term spending increase, so if once we go down this -- once inflation kicks up it's hard to get it to stop so i think both what are you doing to stop it but also making sure you not going to make it worse is something congress needs to think about. i think they would like to just look the other way and plow ahead with their agenda. host: we would like to thank both brandon and blake for being with us this morning and walking us through congress and president biden's agenda.
9:58 pm
>> also a discussion on the rate of covid related deaths in the rural areas of the u.s.. and, a talk about the current delays in the u.s. supply chain. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern monday morning on c-span or on c-span now. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> this week on the c-span networks, the house and senate will be in session. watch on c-span and c-span2.
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we will have live coverage of several congressional hearings on tuesday. the senate finance community -- committee considers the u.s. customs and border protection commissioner. then, the generator six -- january 6 committee will consider stephen bannon. then, on c-span3, the senate foreign relations committee holds confirmation earrings for a few month -- few nominees. among them, a diplomat president biden nominated to be u.s. ambassador to china, and rahm emanuel, up for u.s. ambassador to japan. then, attorney general merrick
10:00 pm
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