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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 16, 2021 10:04am-11:07am EDT

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tuesday, the committee investigating the january 6 attack considers whether the whole former trump administration chief strategist steve bannon in contempt for refusing to testify before the panel. watch the meeting live at 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span2, online at, or on a new video app, c-span now. ♪ >> download c-span's new mobile app and stay up-to-date with live video coverage of the days big events, from live streams of the house and senate floor and key congressional hearings, the white house events and supreme court oral arguments. our live, interactive morning programs washington journal, where we hear your voices every day. c-span now has you covered. download the app for free today. washington journal starts now. ♪ host: good morning and welcome
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to washington journal. it has been another busy newsweek in washington, d.c. president joe biden and democrats still trying to find ways to come to an agreement on infrastructure and social spending bills while states and companies are debating vaccine mandate, inflation concerns arising, a supply chain issue is roiling on the coast, and legal battles are brewing over abortion laws and the generous sixth attack on the u.s. capitol. what do you think is the most important issue going on right now? we want to hear from you about your thoughts about your top news story of the week. we open regular lines. republicans, we want to hear from you at (202)-748-8001. democrats, your line is (202)-748-8000. independents, you can call in at (202)-748-8002.
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you can always text us your opinion at (202)-748-8003 and we are always reading on social media on facebook at, on twitter @c-spanwj and always on instagram @c-spanwj. another busy newsweek and washington, d.c. let's start the conversation with what is going on with the infrastructure and social spending bills in washington. the hill has a story about what's going on right now between the white house and democrats in congress. a growing number of senate democrats getting inpatient with president biden's kid glove approach with the negotiating with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. biden's approach is involved face a personal attention but
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little in the way of public concessions or discernible movement. after talks on the scale and scope of the democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending bill stalled in september, democratic senators expressed hope that biden's personal involvement will yield a breakthrough. yet after several one-on-one meetings with the president manchin and synema, democrats do not seem any closer agreeing than a month ago. yesterday president biden spoke at a childcare facility in west hartford connecticut and promoted his build back better plan. he explains the high cost of childcare and the benefits of that plan's childcare provisions. here is president biden. [video clip] >> the average cost to bring your child to a childcare center
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is $16,000. that is after taxes, after you pay your taxes. the average two parent family with young kids spends 60% of their income on childcare every year. my build back better plan is going to change that. it is going to cut the cost of childcare for most connecticut families in half. no middle-class family will pay more than 7% of their income on childcare. [applause] that is going to help parents get back into the workforce and make ends meet or maybe care for that -- i won't talk about it today -- but it deals with eldercare. 80,000 waiting to qualify for medicare and there are no spaces. we can afford to do this. look, you and the legislature were way ahead of the curve.
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there should be a place for their children. well, you know, what we want to do is make sure we encourage businesses to do the same. to get a significant tax cut to have an on-site facility to take care of their workers' children. you go to work with your child and have a serious facility on site. studies show when you have on-site care for the children center businesses have less employee turnover, less absentees, and higher productivity. it's real. host: we want to know what you think is the top news story and what you think about it. let's start with paul calling from paducah, kentucky on the independent line. good morning. caller: what has me scared as i read an article not long ago is
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what makes third countries poor is corruption. that is what is going on in this country with the democratic party and their lackeys and the news media. biden is one of the most corrupt persons ever in the white house. they do not cover anything about his son and his art and all the lies he has said throughout his career. the supply chain is mostly truck drivers. they only want union truck drivers. most truck drivers are independent. it is not going to change. they opened the ports 24 hours a day now. that's not going to open them up. it is just corrupt now. host: james calling from
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. good morning, america. thank you for taking my call. you are an awesome program. the only people who can make changes is us. we the people have to make changes. we the people must get together and say, let's act like human beings. jesse, trump just doublecrossed the country, set the military stuff over to kabul, and then they put biden in as puppet and started to say coronavirus. i don't believe in it. i believe it is a scam. it was a health care scam and a scam of the people and it is a shame. we the people have to get together and start a third party or we are going to be in a third war. host: susan calling from bradenton, florida on the
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democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the top issues that should be covered are immigration and energy. i think those two should be addressed and in terms of other callers i agree with what they said. there is so much about the biden family people need to know about. we know it is out there but it is not being covered. thank you. host: has a story this morning about the supply chain problems going on in the united states, especially as the united states heads to the holiday season. here is what cnn has to say. computer chip shortages, epic port congestion, and a serious lack of truck drivers, the world's delicate supply chains are under extreme stress. the supply chain nightmares
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jacking up prices for consumers and slowing the global economic recovery. unfortunately, moody's analytics warned supply chain just ructions will get worse -- warren -- warn supply chain just ructions will get worse before they get better. -- disruptions will get worse before they get better. the imf downgraded the 2021 u.s. growth forecast on tuesday by one percentage point. they cited supply chain disruption and weakening consumption, which itself has partially been driven by supply chain bottlenecks like lack of new cars. some people looking at what is going on in washington and
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others looking at the coast with supply chain disruption. what is your top news story of the week? carolyn calling from alexandria, virginia of the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling because i never realized how white people are so dumb. they blame everything on the democrats. biden hadn't been in office that long and if you know anything about the government, everything pulls from that president did the new president. you have to work nine months to a year to get that straightened out. the public knows that but i never thought they were so dumb. every time they want to get into office they want to do with they want to do. i have to give trump one credit.
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immigration is playing a good part in our economy and what is going on in america. i got to believe you would go to another country and help immigrants you would help american people. people are losing their homes, places burning down, flooded, where these people going to go? but they are going to find homes and bring them over here and pay for them to be in homes. i cannot believe the united states would do something like that. help other people before they help their own people. host: vic calling from windemere, florida on the democratic line. caller: my problem is misinformation. people don't know what's true and what's not.
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they need to start checking these media companies. since biden has been president the poverty rate has dropped 45%. since biden has been president unemployment has come down to 4.5%. biden is doing an excellent job but getting smeared by fox news every night and people believe it. yes, there is corruption in the government. yes, we have a global supply chain, it is global, worldwide. yes, we are going to have inflation of prices but that is to be expected coming out of recession. he is doing everything possible to help this. the fact that congress will not do their job. 28% approval rating and they cannot do these two basic bills.
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the way they are constructed we are not going to get anything done on roads and bridges and we need programs to help the women go back to work and we need quality childcare. thank you. host: dwight calling from fairfield, california on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. how are you doing this morning? host: i'm doing fine. go ahead. caller: good morning, c-span. my top news story is remodeling my downstairs bathroom and bedroom. i don't have any problem with the supply chain. i am getting things as i need them. costs are a little high but everything is coming out ok. another thing, as you are well aware, we have a black news channel so we can get away from all these opinions and stick with c-span and the black news
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channel. that's all i have to say. thank you very much. host: joel calling from spring, texas on the republican . good morning. caller: good morning. i have been a loyal viewer since 1979, first day of inception. please don't allow people to categorically be racist. that's the first thing. when somebody denigrates an entire race and you sit there and listen, it is painful. i will leave it there and have used you on that a little while. host: brin calling from northridge, california on the republican line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: just fine. go ahead. caller: my issue is i've done my own research and a lot of people seem to think the wall that
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trump was building only in mexico. they did not realize the actual wall was built around the borders throughout the country. another thing is i agree with the lady who said we should help american people first. i agree. darn right we should. it should be americans against non-americans but you should go through the proper protocol. that is what america is about. not racism, not religion, not our skin. it is very simple. biden is not doing a very good job at all. i think he is too nervous and doesn't have what it takes to stand up and say, ok, this is what it's going to take. let's do this.
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i don't believe biden wants to do these things and kamala harris -- sorry, i get a little excited because i can't believe i get the chance to speak. host: alan calling from ohio on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: there are so many issues. a couple of calls ago the one gal who had spoken of, if you listen to the news, the immigration issues and housing people i don't. . know if they are prioritizing them in housing but i think the president needs to resign. host: on tuesday house speaker nancy pelosi was asked about the status of the democrats' social
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spending and infrastructure bills. here is what speaker pelosi had to say. [video clip] >> he said you should do fewer things well. are you suggesting the package may ultimately draw universal pre-k, childcare expansion, free community college, or even the medicare expansion? >> let me just say $3.5 trillion, we are doing everything well. the fact is if there are fewer dollars to spend, there are choices to man-made. members have said -- we will not diminish the transformative nature of what it is and some members have written back and said, i want to do everything.
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in the family section of it, the biden child tax credit, childcare and universal pre-k go together. that is -- they go together. they are part of the same -- a meeting the same need. it is issues related to home health care. we are still talking about a couple of trillion dollars but it is much less. mostly we would be cutting back but that is decisions we can make. >> would you have to drop one of the programs? >> we hope not but we have to make sure we have a bill which i have also said we have to have something that to pass the house and passed the senate, passed the house and passed the senate.
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host: let's see what social media followers of same. here is one from facebook that says, inflations and shortages. a tweet that says, the supply chain issue is driven by pent-up demand straining our system. when we gave trump the boot people started buying big again after trump failed to upgrade our infrastructure. so what did you expect? a text that says, there is a coin change shortage in central new jersey. does this problem exist nationally? is anything being done to address the issue? a tweet that says, covid is still killing people in the usa while other countries have many less deaths and higher vaccination rates. republicans promoted anti-vaccine, anti-mask death
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style and still deny any wrongdoing. fox news promoted this. 700,000 dead and millions injured. another tweet that says, the most important story is the mass of information war being executed on the public. the lies are large and continuous. one final post from facebook, energy costs are skyrocketing. the price at the pumps is forcing families to make our decisions. natural gas has increased in price so much of government is predicting a cold, expensive winter fermenting americans. yet we live in the most energy rich country in the world. we want to know what your top news stories of the week are. let's go to the phone and talk to hanaphia from new york. i am sure i mispronounced your name. caller: it is hanaifa.
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host: go ahead. caller: this has been going on before covid that 89% of the bees in the united states are gone. i think we should get the local governments to try and restore them or we are likely to be able to eat. i think that is really important for survival. there are reason for the colony collapse disorder, not enough diversity in crops, pesticide, there is a variety of things. but if we work on it we could restore the bees and i wish people would pay more attention to it. host: sandy calling from
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columbus, ohio on the democrat line. caller: good morning. mine is the voting rights. if you do not like what is going on and stopping half of the country from voting and dividing up and gerrymandering all over ohio, we do not have any win at all. we have a statehouse full of republicans. they are doing the same thing in texas. if you are upset about what is happening, you cannot get anything done because you elected this republicans in the house and senate and they are fighting everything so they can have the power. that's what i have to say. host: let's talk to john calling from santa paula, california on
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the republican line. caller: good morning, jesse. my topic would be the budget, the trillions of dollars they are going to propose spending. i look at it in a different way. i look at it as it is not infrastructure it is assets and expenses. your assets would be your airports, roads, whatever. your expenses would be your programs. your assets are a direct return. you have direct ownership. when you put money into expenses it is an indirect return because the other person ends up or the dollar you spend. you spend it you get a service, let's say, and they end up owning the dollar whereas you put it into assets, you own that asset, you own that dollar. the government with this bill
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that is so lopsided is not a good bill and it is going to cost america a lot of money through inflation. the dollar store is now dollar and a half store. the gas is up, the food is up, that will continue if the bill passes. inflation is another tax on poor people and middle-class people and not the rich. when you raise 5% of the corporations guess what? they are going to raise that on you. you put 5% on them, they are going to raise their prices. that's was happening and i w arn everybody about the infrastructure because it is an indirect return. host: let's look at some of the news stories we will be talking about during the show this week. we want to get your opinions on. we've already talked a little bit about the supply chain
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disruption. there are also stories going on about the inflation concerns in the united states. we will talk this hour about the debate over the vaccine mandate and the biden domestic agenda which we have heard president biden and speaker pelosi on. the legal battle over the texas abortion law in the january 6 select committee subpoenas. there was a story about the latest move in the abortion law battle. here is what the post had to say. the justice department said friday will ask the supreme court for an emergency halt to the texas law that has restricted abortion access in the nation's's second-largest state to an extent not seen in 50 years. it followed a decision by a federal appeals court that allow the law to remain in effect.
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a lower court judge said last week the law was unconstitutional. the departments announcement means the court will be asked for the second time to put the law on hold while legal challenges continue. in a divisive 5-4 decision last month the court allowed the law to take effect. even the majority said it raised constitutional concerns. the development in texas could be a monument of reckoning for abortion rights -- a moment of reckoning for abortion rights at the supreme court as opponents of the procedure see a new opportunity for victory because of the court's changed membership. three justices chosen by president trump were in the majority that refused to block the law last month. on december 1 the court will hear a challenge to the mississippi law that conservatives have urged to use to overturn the constitutional right established half a century
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ago in roe v. wade. more than 125 friends of the court have been filed on both sides. there is a legal battle going on right now in court over the texas law that blocks most abortions in that state. let's go back to phone lines and see what your top news stories of the week are. larry calling from north las vegas, nevada on the democrat line. good morning. caller: hey, jesse. longtime listener, first time caller. i think the top news story is the fact that the economy is definitely doing better than it was. unemployment is down, some of the other callers called earlier. energy is being better represented by the president we have in biden.
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the last president we had was trump and it was constant negative, constant anger. now we can take a breath of fresh air knowing we are going the right direction. all we have to do is get a few republicans on board. they talk about freedom but none of them are free to say anything against trump. the one caller called earlier about hunter biden. they have got to let that go. that is holding back the free flow of ideas. host: let's go to thomas calling from delray beach, florida on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning and how interesting the last caller is similar to what i'm talking about. trump added a lot of jobs but i
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am republican and i will happily criticize trump. i will happily criticize a lot of things he did. i think he was a bad leader. i think the way he carried himself was on presidential. but talking about hunter biden and letting things go, i agree. but i can't help but notice the hypocrisy between what democrats talk about on january 6 and how republicans and trump tried to subvert democracy. find, but isn't it hypocritical to say that when the democrats tried to push the false russian collusion myth against trump and tried to impeach him? the evidence was circumstantial at best. muller was the former head of the fbi. he's an expert investigator. if there was something to find, he would have found it but he didn't because the evidence was not there. that was known going in. was that not subversion of democracy? if i could squeeze in one last thing, i know a lot of democrats are concerned about abortion
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rights. i am personally pro-choice. i am 28 most of my generation are pro-choice. the abortion law in texas is the last gasp of the dying fish. if you have ever seen a fish dying, it flip-flops and then loses oxygen and it starts getting slow and lethargic and loses energy, and finally, right before it dies, has a sudden burst of energy in one desperate flip-flop and that it dies. that is what this abortion stuff is going on. abortion is never going to be outlawed in the u.s. it is dying out. it is an old way of thinking and pro-life is dying out and not coming back. host: let's talk to joe calling from maine on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning is thanks for taking my call. if i could comment on the guy from florida, please read about
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obstruction of justice. that is a crime. my biggest concern this week is the doj going after the criminals that were involved in the insurrection. i hope they prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. if this wasn't an election and the proud boys or anyone else attacked the capitol of the united states, the republicans would not be burying their heads in the sand, obstructing the investigation. it is just ridiculous. i am 62 years old. i have never heard of any losing presidential campaign. they have always said, well, we wanted to check votes. they never attacked the capitol.
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mr. trump is going to get a subpoena and we will see what happens. host: there is a story in axios that talks about what the president is saying about the doj's subpoenas for the january 6. president biden said friday the justice department should prosecute those who defy subpoenas from the january 6 committee. the president's remarked came one day after donald trump ally failed to show up for committee. the select committee will convene on tuesday to vote on pursuing possible criminal contempt charges. i hope the committee goes after them and holds them accountable, biden told reporters in route from connecticut.
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he answered in the affirmative when asked if the justice department prosecute those who defy subpoenas. that comes from a story in axios this morning were president biden says the doj should prosecute those who defy january 6 subpoenas. let's go back to our phone lines and let's talk to anne calling from jamaica, new york on the independent line. caller: good morning. my thing is voting. i am an 80-year-old african-american woman. i remember when my grandparents could never vote in the south. to me, the most important thing, because all these other issues are very important, but if they take the vote away from us, we have nothing. we are going back to that time back in the 1920's as far as i'm concerned. the voting is the most important thing. if you cannot vote, all these
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other things are not going to matter. this is what the republican party is trying to steal from people, not to be able to vote and it is ridiculous. host: let's go to michael calling from stanford, connecticut on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. my biggest story is mitch mcconnell not wanting to raise the debt ceiling come december. what do they want to do? remember a couple of years ago when donald trump had the government shut down for christmas? wasn't that great for all those families? i bet there was republican people loved that, having no money for christmas. now mcconnell is going to do it again. what is that going? to serve is he going to blame it on biden? how? down in texas this abortion bill, what are those people thinking about? they just do it to get props for trump? trump is a loser.
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he lost. he is not going to be president again. nobody's going to get him back in there. they used to always claim an empty vessel makes the most noise. trump makes a hell of a lot of noise. host: speaking of the debt limit, republican tom cole at the rules committee hearing warned democrats they will not be able to count on republican to help them with a long-term debt ceiling fixing december. here is what representative cole had to say. [video clip] >> i recognize the necessity of addressing the debt ceiling. i have reservations of the course of the majority follow i urge. my democratic colleagues to begin workin when we do -- when we do we can raise the debt
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ceiling when necessary. unless and until democrats give up on their dream on socialist america republicans cannot and will not support raising the debt limit to pave the superhighway. if that continues to be the chosen course reconciliation is the only path forward to raising the limit again. the passage of this, democrats will have the time to get this done. i suggest you use it wisely. host: let's see what social media followers are saying about their top news stories of the week. here is a tweet that says, more than 10,000 john deere workers went on strike. this is the first strike in 35 years. i feel as if this reflects how workers in the united states feel as a whole about being treated unfairly. here is a text that says, remove dark money from our politics. not knowing who is behind a
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particular message is dangerous to democracy. another tweet that says, a top news story is texas officials requiring teachers to present the other side of the holocaust. another tweet that says, free community college and senior care should be cut from the package. one last tweet that says, may be free market should actually focus on delivering services instead of cutting wages and benefits. our country could start innovating again. we want to know what your top news stories are this morning. let's look at one story in the wall street journal that talks about retail sales, consumer demand and higher inflation. this story says, americans stepped up their spending in september, a sign of resilient demand and rising inflation as
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consumers head into the holiday shopping season. sales at retail stores, restaurants and online sellers rose seasonably adjusted 0.7% in october from the previous month. the commerce department said friday the rise in sales reflects persistently strong demand and higher consumer prices. consumers armed with stimulus payments and rising wages have stepped up spending this year, shrugging off the delta variant of covid-19, the end of enhanced unemployment benefits and emerging supply constraints. retail sales, which are are not adjusted for inflation, rose 5.4% in that time. but still, economists see some reasons for concern in the months ahead, including supply chain disruptions causing
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backlogs and pushing up prices further, a slowing labor market recovery and aging consumers. this coming out of the wall street journal talking about retail sales rise, stronger consumer demand and higher inflation. what do you think is the most important thing to be talking about? let's go to nick calling from alton, illinois on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i think the most important news story of the week is the intelligence of our democrat voters. my problem is i have listened this morning and heard every single democrat call in. not one admits the fact their party has had 83 of our 117 congresses, over 116 years -- 160 rather of our governance. . you have had power this entire time. you don't even need one
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republican vote in either house but yet, it is our fault? you are smarter than that. you aborted 30 million people. that's why you need the immigrants. have a nice day. host: let's go to mary calling from philadelphia, pennsylvania on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. my top story was the pandora papers and how president biden is going to rein in the tax seats. people have been cheating us several decades to the tune of $29 trillion debt. we have glossed over the people of the panama papers. president obama tried to have people bring their money back with the repatriat act.
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you had to have a high security clearance to retrieve this information and i saw the tax scheme. it is listed under our treasury department. the state department and irs. our systems have been integrated since president reagan and now it is time to make sure these people pay their back taxes. e-verify was only for your people to get the information, not to cheat the system. host: let's go to tim calling from alabama on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. there are so many stories out there but one of the ones i have concern about is, i guess you
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could say, the vaccines, the moderna and pfizer. friend of mine told me he went and got his shot and he put a small magnet on the side where he got the shot and the magnet stayed. from what we gather is what they call nan-ites in pfizer and moderna vaccine. nan-ites is a new technology they are using. they call it nanobotics. they are tiny, small robots. host: sean calling from st. petersburg, florida on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. my story is steve bannon. i am a supporter of steve bannon. he is a patriot. if they try to jail him, wait
10:47 am
until you see three percussions of this. or if they even try to indict president trump, that will kick over the hornets nest like you have never seen. believe me. we know the election was rigged. why doesn't anyone talk about arizona and the thousands of votes that were illegal? i have followed politics since 1992. followed heavily, watched c-span, watched every show i could. i know a president who wins ohio, florida and iowa wins. this election was rigged. thank you. host: thomas calling from naperville, illinois on the democrat line. good morning. caller: my major concern is the way the insurrectionists have gotten off with a slap on the wrist and how bannon is snubbing
10:48 am
his nose to the legal system. our jails are full of african-americans who are in their for lesser charges and have not seen court systems for quite a while but yet, these folks who stormed the capital are getting slapped on the wrist and allowed to be at home with home monitoring systems? the legal system in this country needs to change and it is very discouraging. thank you. host: let's talk about what is going on with the vaccine mandates in the united states. the hill has a story that talks about the fight between the white house and texas over the vaccine mandate. the fight over vaccine mandates between the white house and governor greg abbott is putting businesses in the metal. but many are for picking the white house's preferred policy. american airlines and southwest, which are both based in the lone
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star state, said they would defy the order that no businesses can impose a vaccine mandate on employees or customers and comply with president biden's mandate that all companies with at least 100 employees require vaccines or weekly testing for employees. other companies based in texas have already imposed vaccine mandates and have given no indication they will change their positions in the wake of the executive order. texas-based dell technologies has required vaccinations or testing since january. a few major technology companies not based in texas do have a hub in austin, like google and facebook, and already require some employees to be vaccinated. southwest downplayed any fight with a home state governor saying biden's order superseded any state mandate or law. the airline has ordered its thousands of employees to be vaccinated by december 8. american airlines also said it
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believes a federal mandate supersedes state law. all this comes as florida republican governor ron desantis spoke in st. petersburg tuesday arguing that there should be some type of protection for private sector employees and workers who get fired for violating vaccine mandates. here is what ron desantis had to say. [video clip] >> i think the issue is going to be, looking at the private sector, biden announces this mandate on private employers, like, a month ago? it hasn't been issued yet. i think the reason it hasn't been issued is it is a definite loser in court. we are prepared to contest that immediately. i know other states will do it as well. you are in a situation where you are going to force the businesses -- they want to hire. you are in a situation where you may be forcing them to fire employees.
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why would we want people to be out of jobs? it is unacceptable. i think what is happening in the private sector is some of these businesses are scared of the feds and they think they need to do that. i think every worker, not just police and fire, but every worker should be protected from losing their jobs over this. this has become a political issue unfortunately. this has become about politicians wanting to control people. why would you want to see people lose their livelihoods in the place where this is the most outrageous with the hospital workers. these are nurses who have been working this entire time. most have probably already had covid and recovered. now they are going to lose jobs at a time when the health care system has been shortstaffed the last year. we just went through a delta wave. what is going to happen in the north? these cases are starting to
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rise. are they going to do this shorthanded without those folks? i think we need to, in florida, we should be providing protections. i think you need the legislature to pass the law. i don't know if it can be done unilaterally although we will look, but i think you need a law to be able to say, you shouldn't be terminated for this reason. i think that would put a lot of people -- give them some peace of mind. host: let's see what our social media followers are saying about their top news stories of the week. here is a tweet that says, top story is rising inflation. mayonnaise $4.99. i paid $2.99 this summer. heating our homes in maine is going to be impossible. another tweet that says, january i paid two dollars a gallon for diesel. yesterday three p $50.
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a post from facebook that says, we have an extreme shortage of health care workers. people are being turned away from hospitals for lack of beds and staff. another facebook post, same as it has been for two years. global tyranny. another facebook that says, sending more evacuation plans to afghanistan to evacuate americans who could not get out as the country collapsed last month. one last tweet from twitter, how many americans are still stranded in afghanistan? once again, we want to know what your top news story of the week is and what you think about it. let's talk to eric calling from duluth, minnesota on the democrat line. good morning. caller: i would agree the top story is pandora. there is a certain subset of the population that when it gets a hold of a financial resource it
10:54 am
is going to hide it and disappear from the common coffers, no taxes taken off of it. it is hidden from us. when money is going that direction society does not benefit. biden is asking for a large chunk of commerce. what is he going to do with that? he will put enough out that will spray it with the common good, to people on the streets that need a break, to the women who need help taking care of children during the day. that is the common good. then you think about the other side. how did they do in 2008 when we trusted them with the country's money? the country went broke. china had to carry all the paper for the debt that was incurred. that is how they managed. they failed. i think it is important to review history. it teaches. host: ben calling from woodstock, connecticut on the independent line. good morning. caller: good, jesse.
10:55 am
thank you for taking my call. i don't know if you know about the nuremberg trials. i am just following orders was not a good enough excuse. the amount of news anchors and newspeople who are hung because they lied to their people. thank you. host: let's talk to rick calling from paige, arizona on the independent line. caller: hello. first i want to comment about the person on magnets being in the shot. i don't understand that. i got the shot seven or eight months ago and didn't have a problem with it. first time or second time. until everybody starts getting the shots the economy is not going to improving the future. people need to get their shot
10:56 am
and just do it. thanks. host: let's talk to robert calling from lie dell creek -- lidel creek, california. caller: good morning. the story missing since indigenous months is that, in the pastor 500 years -- past 500 years 82 per 5 million indigenous people have been killed. hello? host: let's talk to pat calling from long, south carolina on the republican line. caller: good morning. there is so much going on it is depressing but my main concern is our government overreach.
10:57 am
this policy they have outgoing. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. there is so much going on it is just depressing people and making everybody anxious. my main concern is government overreach. this bill that they want to pass, there is so much garbage in it. why don't they donate money to build homes for our military that are handicap? they want to go into our checking account to check every little dime. the average american is not evading taxes. if they want to change the tax laws, go out to the corporations. i'm getting confused here. they have to change the tax laws. that can raise the percentage of tax to 100% if they want to until they get the loopholes
10:58 am
out. al sharpton, joe biden, they owe taxes. host: let's go to denise calling from florida on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. my concern is how we are teaching our kids about american history. i was listening to a news report that was talking about the texas governor where they are trying to make the teachers now if they speak about anything white americans did to anybody else, they want them to have an opposing view. i don't understand what kind of opposing view you can give about slavery or the holocaust or how they treated indians, asians. i am purposely going to buy a book of what has happened so that i can teach kids the correct way. host: let's go to don calling
10:59 am
from tremont, pennsylvania on the democrat line. caller: good morning, america. i want to bless these three cops they got shot in texas last night. one got murdered, shot in the back execution style. jesse, you will never report it. that is number one. on your list you did not put the border down. show the little girls with the border patrol getting dumped over the walls. report it. host: let's go to dale calling from white lake, wisconsin on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. it is a local story that has been going on the last few days and i think it needs some interest drawn to it. it is about homeless people being arrested for sleeping in public areas. i don't see throwing them in jail is good to solve the
11:00 am
problem. they are already down on their luck is struggling to make ends meet. i would like somebody to explain to me how that will solve the issues. host: let's go to matthew calling from emerson, new jersey on the independent line. good morning. caller: thank you, jesse. just to the point of the one lady who called in, critical race theory is child abuse because it teaches children to hate themselves, to hate others, to hate our police and hit our country. -- hate our country. there are many disasters currently going on with mr. biden and ms. harris but it is a terrible thing to be fired for a reason that is not the person's fault. for mr. biden to threaten people, including nurses who
11:01 am
know something about medical things like covid, to threaten them, to be fired unless they submit to taking the vaccine they do not want -- maybe they had covid already and have the antibodies or maybe some of them are pregnant and they don't want to take a chance with their child or maybe things like, and this is a fact, women's menstrual periods have been irregular or excessive. that is unamerican. that is mean and cruel to threaten people with that. host: let's go to mike calling from covington, north carolina other republican line. good morning. caller: hey, jesse. calling about two calls that came in. one was the einstein guy about the magnet and the pfizer. his friend told him it stuck. i was boostered yesterday and
11:02 am
there is no megan in my house that shows attraction to the -- magnet in my house that shows attraction to the market. another called in about the justice system and how it was being unfair to some people and letting the insurrectionists out. i think they treated them worse than murderers and people all over the country they are letting out on the no bail system. just wanted to give my two cents. host: mitchell calling from chattanooga, tennessee on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just listened to that clip you put on. how can anybody be saying things like that? i don't understand this. we have people that want to come to this country and if they want to come to this country that mean they like our system of government. our top person we put in that
11:03 am
house is the president. he is our lead governor. he is governing against not just your personal interest or how you feel. he is talking about the whole united states and saving us. host: let's go to richard calling from nashville, tennessee on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, jesse. i work in a grocery store, one of the top chains in america. i do a lot of pricing and anytime you walk into a grocery store and you see we have lowered our prices for you. they are lying to you. they go up. i have seen them go up on the prices. they lower the price one week and raise them twice as much the second week. when you walk into a grocery store right now they have not mandated masks in tennessee but it is coming. here's the point i'm trying to make. when you have hundreds of customers coming into a major grocery store every day and they don't wear the mask or not
11:04 am
required to or they have the antibodies or maybe they had the shot, maybe they didn't, who knows? you're going to require your employees to be mandated to take the mask and we have had employees who have had family members dive heart attacks of this vaccine. i am not for it or against it but here is the point, are you going to make every customer, stand guarded every retail outlet and make sure they have their vaccine card when they walk in the door? here's is where the word liability hits with employees and customers. i got to tell you from what i am seeing we got more people walking around without the masks being accosted then we do people with masks. workers are bending down in stocky shelves and the mask falls off. workers host: we would like to take -- thank all of our callers in social media users to chime in.
11:05 am
host: later on washington journal. a journalist discusses the future of digital currency and what that could mean for the united states dollar. stick with us. we will be right back. ♪ >> weekends bring you the best american history and nonfiction books. american history's tv, a look at how the legacy of president woodrow wilson faced a major racial reckoning. the woodrow wilson international center for scholars.
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on lectures in history, to programs on the reconstruction era in america. first from the citadel military college, and looking at why the new international african-american museum -- they are being joined by a harvard university professor to talk about his work on the documentary reconstruction: america after the civil war. and then a professor teaches a class on african americans the reconstruction era and economic rights, including the right to vote and where they work. find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime at >> sunday night on q&a, the
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brookings institute fellow and wall street journal economist discusses only the rich can play. >> opportunity zones create 8764 tax payments across the country. they gave wealthy people an incentive to put their money in those poor communities in exchange for capital gains tax break. unfortunately, we don't know how much money has gone into them as a result of reconciliation, which is now a household word in washington. a provision that requires reporting was stripped out. i would say that based on the stuff that i said we are talking about tens of millions of dollars going into opportunity zones. unfortunately, i think that the bulk of the money has gone into zones that didn't really need the money. they were already improving. it is a project that probably would have been built anyway. >>


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