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tv   Pres. Biden Meets with Kenyan President  CSPAN  October 15, 2021 12:51am-12:59am EDT

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when they are eligible. i am asking everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. that's how we put the pandemic behind us. and accelerate our economic recovery. we can do this. i have said many times, may god west you all and may god protect our troops. -- may god bless you all and may god protect our announcer: also at the white house today president biden met with president of kenya. here is part of their meeting while orders were in the room -- reporters were in the room. pres. biden: i am happy to have the president of kenya here.
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i am honored to have you here in the white house and oval office. the u.s.-kenya strategic partnership is essential, we both i believe think is essential to addressing key regional and global challenges. i want to thank you for your leadership and defending the peace and security and democratic instincts of the region. you are doing a good job, and kenya is currently the president of the united security council, so thanks for letting us stay in. [laughter] we are continuing our shared fight against covid. the united states has donated 2.8 one million doses as part of
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the 50 million doses to the african union. today we are making an additional historic donation of 7 billion -- 17 million doses of j&j vaccine. today we will discuss what the united states and can you can do on the horn of africa to advance peace and security, and we are also going to talk about financial transparency and accelerating economic growth. i went to talk to you about that , and the fight against climate change. we share a deep commitment to fairness and respect and equity, and i am committed to further elevating our ties with kenya and nations across africa as a whole. kenya is key. welcome, mr. president, and the
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legs do if you are. >> thank you mr. president, and let me say it is a great pleasure to see you once again. i do not know whether many will recall, but president biden visited kenya where we had an opportunity to meet when he was vice president. strengthening the partnership relationship between our countries, that is a great pleasure, and honor to see you again. let me also take this opportunity to thank your government and the people of the united states during this very difficult time. the united states has done its best to step up in terms of not only helping kenya but the african continent in general with regard to access the vaccines. happy to hear your announcement of that increase, because as many of you know, as a continent we are lagging well behind the
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rest of the world in terms of being able to vaccinate our people, so any additional support like the president just mentioned is greatly welcome, and we look forward to the continued partnership. we are also very closely partnering especially with regard to the fight against terrorism globally. the united states has been a very strong partner to kenya in that particular fight, and this is an area again i am hoping to have an opportunity to further discuss with the president. we are also very grateful with a strong position especially with regard to climate change. this is an area where kenya has made tremendous progress and where we are firmly committed to
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the paris agreement and we are glad to see the united states has now rejoined and we look forward to working very closely together on that particular agenda, which as you know, our country, our continent is the least in terms of emitting but pay the highest price. your leadership in this area and i look forward to having that opportunity. keenly also wanting to engage with the president on the issue of trade and investment between our two countries. this i believe is vital not only in terms of further entrenching american interests on the continent but also in helping us also achieve our social economic agenda, so that is another
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agenda that we will also be engaged in. mr. president, let me just say it is wonderful to see you again. it is wonderful to be back here. i look forward as we move forward. pres. biden: so do i. thank you all. [indistinct questions] announcer: get c-span on the go, watch the day's biggest political events live or on-demand anytime, anywhere on our new app c-span now. listen to c-span radio app and discover and podcasts, also free. download c-span now today. announcer: on friday testimony
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