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  Campaign 2024 Fmr. President Trump Holds Rally in Iowa  CSPAN  October 10, 2021 5:09am-7:01am EDT

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[god bless the usa by lee
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[applause] [chanting u.s.a] donald trump: i am thrilled to be back on such great news. that was a big one. you've made a great school, great team. great tradition. really, an amazing job. it all started right here and we will keep here, number one, right? the fairgrounds, they broke a record tonight. in the history of the fairgrounds, i don't know how old it is but in the history of the fairgrounds, this is the most people they have had to thank you very much. [applause] donald trump: all of you are hard-working american.
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-- patriots. we love you all. as we gather tonight, millions of americans are realizing that joe biden and the radical left had brought our nation to the brink of ruin. there has never been anything like what has happened. after just nine months under biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. inflation is taking over the economy. china is taking over our jobs. the taliban has taken over afghanistan. lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialists are taking over our country. we will not let that happen. you cannot say i did not warn you. i also can't say you didn't get
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out. you got out and voted like no sitting president has ever received. [applause] donald trump: the election was rigged. as disastrous as the administration has been, nobody can blame the great state of iowa because boy, we did really good here. [applause] donald trump: iowa, what a place. nobody has been better to iowa, the farmers, to trump. i can tell you that. you know that. first, you rejected joe biden by delivering him a humiliating fourth-place finish in the iowa caucuses. dear member that? he did not even stick around. he left. you came out in record numbers to give us an eight point landslide victory. a big beautiful victory in november.
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you proved why iowa should continue to vote first in the nation. that's right. first in the nation. jeff understands that. first in the nation, jeff. just this week, the latest des moines register poll shows that joe biden is a record low, 31% approval in iowa. who the hell is the 31%? is anybody here? that voted? any 31%? while your all-time favorite president, this is a negative whole for trump where they don't like me too much but we cannot complain, i guess. is that a record high, the highest we have ever been. 53% approval which for, a radical leftist is not too bad, right? you saw some of those polls?
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texas is in play. we won by a lot. florida is in play, we won by a lot. ohio is in play. we won by a lot. he is down 17 points in the state of wisconsin. and actually, we won by a lot. twice. rumor last time? they had us down 19 points in wisconsin and we won, why is that? they want to keep people from going and voting. it is called super ration. the suppression poles should be illegal but basically, it is the fake news. we got a lot of people there. fake news. the fake news, as we speak, joe biden and the radical left are trying to ram through a $5 trillion wild spending page -- binge that costs more than the
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entire some have spent on any war in the history of our country. not only is this the largest spending bill of all time and the largest tax hike, this monstrosity is so dangerous for the country and so bad for children and grandchildren to come, it is a bill to end america as we know it. it is so bad. the republicans have to stay strong. you gotta stay strong. you gotta fight. bring our country back. the socialist transformation bill. it is an open borders bill. it is an american energy destruction bill. first time ever, we had energy independence ever. now, they are calling opec, russia and other countries. send us some oil, will you? please. we were finished. we had more by far when i left
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office. we had more energy, more coming in. we had more oil and gas then saudi arabia by far and russia by far and now we are calling them, asking if they could help out? in alaska, they have been trying to get it since -- ronald reagan could not get it. and i got it. that is right. for many years and decades and now, perhaps the biggest drilling site anywhere in the world, as big as saudi arabia. you know what they did? they terminated it. republicans did a bad job for the state of alaska. that, i can tell you. it is an illegal race-based discrimination bill. it is a corrupt elections bill. wait till you see what they have about your elections. like they aren't bad and corrupt enough. it is a bankrupt medicare bill, they will bankrupt that an
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social security. it is a naked power grab by the likes of biden and pelosi and kamala harris. hasn't she done a great job with the border? bernie sanders is in their, too. what about omar? omar is in thereto. she does not like israel too much, does she? didn't she marry her brother? right? she came in and married her brother, jesus christ. they don't do anything about it. they don't do anything about it. with us, they do everything. congressional republicans must stand strong. this is not a time for republicans to fold. to walk away, to quit, to be afraid. whatever happens, happens. they gotta be strong. don't worry about being impeached.
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don't worry about anything. they are worried. he let everything happen. it was so sad to watch. i watched it. it was pretty sad. they just don't seem to have the spines, some of them. that was a great work. that is the word i was looking for. you need spines. these are just some of the l.a. surprises hidden in the democrats, socialist calamity. according to the nonpartisan joint committee on taxation, biden spending bill will raise taxes on working families like never ever before. the biden plan will make the u.s. business tax rate dramatically higher and bring it back to one of the highest in the world and actually substantially higher than a place called communist china.
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have you heard of it? taking into account all taxes under biden's plan, a democrat bill will give businesses approximately 100% tax advantages to locate jobs in china. rather than the u.s.. think about it? we are incentivizing people to go to china but not here. gee, i wonder why? the biden plan will build up china and the republican party, we want to build up america. very simple. [applause] donald trump: biden's socialist bill includes amnesty and free college. don't get excited, for illegal aliens. not for you, but for illegal aliens. an increases an increase in chain migration and eliminates caps on green cards for foreign workers. lots of luck. by the way, we have created more
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jobs than ever before. we have, we have. 12 months ago, we had 100 60 million people working in this country. the highest number by far. african-american, asian american , hispanic american, women, men, graduates at the top colleges and universities. non-graduates, people without a high school education, never got a diploma, every single group had the highest numbers they have ever had. hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into the u.s. from haiti. the people coming into our country are uneducated, and many cases, do not speak the language, they do not have the skills that we need to make america great again. have you heard that expression? [applause] donald trump: they have, for
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many years, have been unemployed. the democrat bill will also admit every foreign national previously denied under my national security travel ban. member my travel ban? they said what a horrible thing? we don't want people in our country who will blow up our cities, if you don't mind. we don't want fifth avenue blown up. they're having enough time with crime in chicago and lots of other places. we won in the supreme court for the travel ban. bringing in countless unscreened travelers from all over. terror afflicted countries and they were not allowed to come in. i said, i am sorry, we want to beep literally correct, we want to be nice, we don't want people that want to hurt our people that want to hurt our country. i think that is ok.
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it will include funding for unlimited numbers of unvented afghan nationals, given benefits courtesy of you. the people of iowa and the american taxpayer. congratulations, i'm sure you are thrilled about it. only 3% of the people that crammed into those planes, they said the airlift was great. they have no idea we still don't have any idea. only 3% were qualified to be taken to a place called the u.s. is not something? 3%? you were here for them in the coming years in a bad way, right? the democrat package includes plans to demolish the u.s. energy industry which is largely been done in a period of nine
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months with a down payment on the socialist green new deal. it is throwing money out the window at these expense of future generations of americans. the green new deal conceived and made up in 15 minutes by some radical sitting in a room that know nothing about the environment. there bill includes giant new taxes and fees on american oil. and especially, on american gas production that will kill countless oil and gas jobs, devastating workers in pennsylvania, ohio, texas, oklahoma, north cota and many other states. gas prices and inflation, have already skyrocketed. i saw the other day, inflation is the highest in 24 years? think of it. it will go up much more.
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get ready. the democrat bill imposes a new energy tax on methane which is projected to increase your energy costs by hundreds of dollars a year. percentages nobody knows what to say, up 50%-80% quickly. it abolishes the amendment forcing taxpayers to fund the far left stream abortion agenda, ripping babies from their mothers wombs, right up until the moment of birth. in fact, killing babies even after birth. you saw that? in virginia, with the governor of virginia, after birth and in the republican party, we believe every child is a sacred gift from god. [applause] donald trump: the democrat socialist bill also includes a 1.3 billion payoff. to the fake news, we are giving
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them money. they do not deserve it. by subsidizing and hiring of reporters, as media outlets, all across the country meaning liberal media outlets. can you imagine on top of everything else, billion's of dollars are being spent to take care of these people that do not report the truth? they do not report the truth. they are all going out to buy a new car. a nice one. meanwhile, the media says nothing about biden's handling of covid, despite all of the vaccines we came up with, therapeutics we came up with and knowledge we gave, biden has come up with this horrible. of -- period of time. we have more people that have died of covid in 2021, with the
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vaccine, with the therapeutics, more people died in 2021 then in all of 20/20. the media is silent. they don't talk about it. they hate to talk about it. can you imagine if i were president and had these numbers? some people thought, he did not get elected, forget that. some people said, oh, sir. it was covid heard [applause] -- it was covid. guest: donald trump: they are allowed to sit about me. they called illegitimate. they called everything in the book. here's the difference. hillary conceded. i never conceded. [applause] donald trump: never conceded. no reason to concede. when you look at the number of
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these swing states, we will go over them, when you hear these numbers of swing states, there was no reason to concede. they did the honest thing. packing our country. even though the numbers are greater, they do not have the deathwatch in the right-hand corner. cnn said it is down 80% in ratings. member, they had deathwatch? we don't have that anymore but they are more people. what is going on? that doesn't sound so good because it is fake news. they are the enemy of the people. the mccright bill, billions of dollars for unlawful government training programs inspired by toxic and bigoted, critical race theory. it is crammed with equity
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provisions. the note equity means? we will take it away from you and give it to other people. i don't think they will take it away from too many of you. i have a feeling. i don't think they will take it away from you. it is a code word for illegal government discrimination that they want to bring to everything from education, housing, health care and the military. they are also giving the irs the power to destroy people like they tried to do with the tea party, christian organizations and just like they have done to me. you see that? we fight like hell. we all fight like hell. this bill is a sinister combination of job killing tax hikes and woke fascism that will destroy our nation and to think we had 11 republicans go along with an extension.
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headed up by mitch mcconnell. can you believe that? mitch mcconnell. you know what it does? it gives the democrats more time, two months, to figure it out. they can now have two more months to figure out how to screw us. that is what they did. they approved it and they should be ashamed. the radical democrats will lower the final price tag to try to fool the public your day will come in, it's five, not 3.5. it is also not an infrastructure bill. it is 9% infrastructure. the rest is green new deal garbage that you might as well just throw it out, put it in the wastepaper basket but, chileans and trillions and trillions of dollars more than anybody has ever conceived. most of it for junk programs that will only hurt our country.
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the bottom line will always be a socialist transformation of america if they allow this to happen. when they talk about the debt ceiling, we have a powerful card there. we don't want to violate that but that is more important than what they are going to do by passing this thing that will kill our nation. all americans of common sense, republican, democrat, and independent must stand firm and you must really stand strong and firm against biden, crazy nancy pelosi. she is a nut job. and the extreme power grab. [applause] donald trump: we must to claire with one united voice that we cannot allow america to ever become a socialist country. that is what they are doing. i really think it is a step beyond. i think this will be a communist country. we are not letting it happen but
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these people, the media who do not cover anything they do that is wrong, anything they do is ok, they make it like the greatest thing that has ever happened and anything we do that's right, they make it sound bad, evil and corrupt. they are sick people and they are hurting our country. practically every single democrat has endorsed this deranged legislation and that is why they have to be voted out of office next november. time flies, right? time flies. member the election? we said boy, it will never end. in november, we have an election already. it is one year from now. we are having election so quickly, it flies. for years really flew. i did a couple things. i have two things.
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number one is to protect and save our country. the other thing was to survive against these maniacs. we must end the -- send the radical left a message they must never forget and do it by electing record number of america first republicans. we have a lot of great ones. we have so many great ones. the democrats multitrillion spending spree will also trigger runaway inflation and last month, we saw yet another dismal jobs report. did you see those numbers? they were disaster. in fact, even the radical left newscasters, they said we are looking at 600,000? i think 700,000. i think it is 800,000. how about like less than 200,000? they are saying well, this is bad. 10 minutes later they are like it's not that bad. it is pretty good. these people are so corrupt.
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i don't need to do this. the media is corrupt. you know what? i am so proud of this. two things i proved. number one, the elections are corrupt. they have been for a long time but never like they were this last time. they used covid to cheat and rig. the other thing is how dishonest to me. they are worth 96% approval rating before i came along and now they are in the 20's. they are actually i think lower than congress. is that possible? we are going to witness that deadly conversation of no growth and inflation or what is known as stagflation. remember stagflation from the years of jimmy carter? that is very good. she is a historian. they were not good years. i was in business. i said this is not good. it was a bad time for the
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country but this will be far worse because the numbers are bigger. under my administration, we had the exact opposite good we had low inflation, surging growth and the greatest jobs presidency history of our country. [applause] [chanting u.s.a] [applause] donald trump: i keep looking at these big beautiful screens. who also give you a big screen like that? by the way, we have great
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generals. television guys are major losers. do you think george patton would have left early out of afghanistan? do you think he would have left dead soldiers for no reason whatsoever? do you think he would have left 85 billion dollars worth of the best equipment? anywhere in the world? russia, and china, they have samples of our great helicopters. we have the apache helicopter we have the best stuff in the world and they arbery engineering -- they are reengineering it. they are figuring it out and soon, they will build the best stuff for less money. it is a disgrace. think of it. 600,000 of the best machine guns, rifles and guns. made anywhere in the world. i read the other day the
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tremendous numbers of our equipment being stalled on the black market. isn't that nice? general george patton, i saw that movie years ago. a little while ago, we were at a rally. i said, could you guys ever find an opening to george patton? right? what a great thing that was. [applause] donald trump: george sees scott. i don't know, did he win the academy award? i think so. they did pretty well that was him. in fact, they said it was not as tough as the real patton. that was a softer version. we need that. we did great. we knocked out 100% of the isis caliphate. we had great generals. we had a general named cain. i went to iraq. i don't want to embarrass him because he is not a television general. he will come out with a bad
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statement about me because he was told to. we had a general. effluent turned i landed at night and every window was dark. they -- isn't that terrible? the lights were off. they pulled down the shades. the plane was entirely black. they could not see it. isn't that incredible? we spent joins of dollars in the million -- middle east and we cannot land it with the lights on. i landed and it was an incredible experience. i got to meet real people. real soldiers. real generals, real officers. we have great generals. i said to them, they greeted me with the airplane. immediately whisked me inside. the hit and with the money we spent but i met two generals who could start in any movie. they have that quality. soldiers who were unbelievable.
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could've been a movie star. you know, you are looking -- a good-looking guy. i met the general and said what is your first name? raisin. like a raisin? you mean your name is general raisin cane? i love you. you are what i am looking for. i am looking for that. so general, they said it will take two years to get rid of the isis caliphate in iraq. do you agree with that? no, sir. i said, you don't, but my washington general said we will -- it would take two years. i disagree, sir. how long will it take? we can do it in four weeks, maybe less. i said wait a minute, explain this to me. they would come here and of a higher rank. did you ever tell them what you
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had in mind? no sir, that was not my job. i was at a lower rank. they tell me. they did not ask. i am not supposed to do that. i would like to but i could not. so you did a plan they did not want? that is what you want to do now? very easy. when you say four weeks. you know what? we will have time left over, sir. what is different? two years, you said you have time left over. sir, we will hit them from five locations. we will hit them from the left, the right, down the middle, we will be launching from syria, iraq and from all over. they only wanted to supply from his big air force base that we have right here from our big base. we are very far away. it is one location. sir, we have many locations and we will hit them from every one
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of them. [applause] donald trump: you know what? let me give that a little thought. i went back and listen to the other ones. i said they are not good. one of them told me that when we leave, i know where this came from, he went to biden. i know exactly where this came from because he told me the same thing. i put the patton thing up. compare that to millie. he said the same thing as they did. sir, we -- it is cheaper to leave the equipment that it is to take it. specially being in the consumption business, i said you mean you have a $50 million plane and all it needs is a tank of gas and a pilot? we could've flown 200 pilots, take everything out but we didn't have to worry. tell a man listen to me. we did not have one soldier
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killed. think of it, and 18 months. i spoke to abdul. he is the man running the taliban right now. they left us alone. it would have been fine but what happened was we took all of our soldiers out there i told us one time before to a great group of people like you, from a slightly different state. member when biden said it is great to be in idaho. they said, you are in iowa, remover that? it is wonderful to be in new hampshire, sir you are in florida. i know exactly what happened. millie went out to them like he did to me. it was unacceptable. with me, i want every nut, bolt, screw, tanks, plane. [applause] donald trump: i even want the hangers. those be a full canvas hangers that hold these big monster planes. i want the hangers.
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i want the canvas. i want the plastic. i want the fiberglass and the steel. i want everything out and we will bomb the hell out of the five or so bases we don't want and i hate to say it, it is right next to china. nice to have a base like that. it has the longest runway there is. maybe, six inches? how about six feet? six feet thick. we left it. they spent 10 billion dollars building and we left and when i and we left all the equipment. don't believe them when they say they disabled it. you see a couple of helicopters. they got killed for leaving the equipment and so they disabled a couple of old helicopters. that equipment is brand new out of a box, including the night goggles which are better than the goggles we have. they are later models. including all the rifles, machine guns and guns. they are the latest models.
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our enemy of many years has all of that and it is a shame. to see what has happened to our country as a shame. the general was great so he called me up. i said general, give it to me one more time. for weeks, sir. go ahead. thank you, sir. he doesn't give a [expletive] about it. when millie told me that, what are you, a nut job? that is one of the main times i realized he was stupid. -- many. you know what i realized? he went to biden and said the same thing. sir, it is cheaper to leave the equipment than to take it. you will have a $5 million army tank. $30 million helicopter.
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brand-new. even if you flew it into pakistan, it is a short flight. if you took your time, we should have taken everything. most importantly, we should have never left -- lost 13 warriors. nobody talks about it but we should talk about it every time. we also have numerous young people who have lost a leg, lost in arm. in one case, lost two legs and an arm and nobody talks bit we talk about the 13 and we love those 13 and they are looking down on us right now. we know what we are doing. we had some terribly wounded people and overall, they lost approximately -- should not have happened. should have happened or you have a big, big wall, actually. you're not allowed to say well. they don't like walls. the democrats say they don't
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like it. it was almost completed. i had started 2.5 years later. i had to fight off all the lawsuits where they were suing me. they would have finished the wall but what happened with the general raisin cane is he called me up and said sir, it is done. done? it is done sir. we defeated 100% of the isis caliphate in record time. sir, they didn't know what was happening. we have great generals. we have great soldiers and sailors and everything. i am so proud. room or space force? they did not like that. what about our most important -- we totally rebuilt the military. what we did is and that is much tougher than withdrawing from pakistan which we wanted to do.
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we wanted to do that. by the way, speaking of pakistan, pakistan would've helped but we didn't ask them for it. we gave billions and billions of dollars a year to pakistan and they don't do everything for us. they would've helped if we did it the right way. that is what happened. we knocked out sulla meaning. we knocked out add baghdadi. they didn't know what happened. i will tell you what. our country was respected again this would have never happened. taking the military out. i said if you look, abdul, the american soldiers have left. he said, i'm doing this leg with
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a phone call he made. mine is probably totally true. the leader of the taliban, good fighters, by the way, they said you are crazy. get him out of here. sir, they left. no, they did not. they sent a patrol there. sir, the americans have left. i don't believe it. they just walked in to couple and the remaining portions of the afghanistan. they did not do that with me. they did not do that with me. they respected us. we had conditions. we would hit them hard. they would've met everyone of those conditions because remember, the first condition was you cannot kill americans or shoot. not one soldier was killed in 18 months. not one. think of that. remember when biden was making
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the speech about three weeks ago. it was a disaster for him and he was in the middle of it but protected by the press. they don't talk about afghanistan anymore. they did not talk about it. member when he was making the speech, i will say that in 18 months, we had lost no soldiers. as people are screaming at him, don't stop there. what you bring that up. that is a good ring for trump. i kept waiting for the but. there was no but. we lost no soldiers for 18 months. abdul knew that we would've hit them harder than any other country has ever been hit before. it is very simple. he understood that. to me, afghanistan is the most f -- embarrassing event in this real our country. we went in there and did not fight like we should have.
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they did not fight. you know what, they did what they did and leave in disgrace and say leaving the way they should have left. when i left office, we handed him the most secure border in the u.s. history which includes from drugs, not just people. we ended catch and release. we shut down asylums. we struck historic agreements with mexico and central american nations to stop illegal immigration. we built almost 500 miles of powerful border walls which really helped us and i want to thank the president of mexico, great guy, you gotta put your soldiers until we build a wall. how many do you need? 28,000. that is a long wall. that is a long border. he did it. he gave us 28,000 soldiers and that is why we did things that
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nobody else could do. [applause] donald trump: in all fairness, he did for a reason. if you don't do it, we will put a 25 percent tariff and they said yes, we would love to do it. it would be our honor. whatever it is, it worked. we have a great relationship with him in mexico and it worked out great and then these people came and tore down everything. all of it is gone. people are destroying our country. we track down the gang members, drug smugglers and the dangerous terminal aliens and we threw them in jail. or we threw them out of our country. ideally, we wanted to get them out. some are so dangerous we jailed them. biden has systematically reversed every border security policy that we had in place. that was so good. i say and i mean it. if biden had just gone to the beach, enjoyed the surf, he would have a great border today
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because it was getting better and better and better. here the border patrol people. even those that work for him say we should have left it. you didn't have to do anything. people could come in but would have to come in legally. just days ago, even admits the worst border crisis in history, the biden administration issued an order, effectively abolishing ice. these are tough people. they would go into these gangs, ms 13, the toughest king in the world they say. i have some tough people in front of me. some of them are tough. i don't think you people want to do what they do. they loved it. they wouldn't want any other job. they are great patriots. to get rid of ms 13 and some of the worst people you have ever seen. it typically -- when you have tattoos on your face, it is not a positive event when you have a
5:55 am
tattoo on your face saying we hit america and we would love to have you, it will not work out well. when you look at what they have done, ice has been so incredible and they have taken away their power and prestige. they will be around because nobody can do the job that they did. that goes for the border patrol. our police department is incredible. i met a lot of them backstage. you have them here. incredible. with rob lukens, no defunding of the police. [applause] donald trump: that is not working out too well. you see in minnesota, they are not doing too well. they defunded the police. it is a disaster. crime is through the roof but it is in other places.
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you have district attorneys. it is crazy what is happening is so bad for this country. so dangerous. people want other people to stop shooting and knifing people to death. in broad daylight. did you see the case in chicago? they said they will not press charges even that he is on tape. it is a terrible thing. it is sick. it will only lead to the destruction of our country and other bad things. i found that a lot of people are going to take it. other countries are asking their prison and sending their murderers and drug smugglers and child abusers into the u.s. we are becoming a dumping ground. we are a dumping ground for very serious criminals. i used to say it was in
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guatemala, honduras, el salvador. it is not. it is in many countries including middle eastern countries. taking them out of prison. these are seriously tough people. evil people in any cases and dumping them and we are becoming a dumping ground. never before, has a president for his oath of office. he is supposed to be protecting this country. joe biden has launched a foreign invasion of his own country, he said come in. this is a sick thing that's happening to our country. i used to say it was incompetence. it's almost people. they want this to happen. they are paying $6 million a day
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to contractors to not finish the wall which could be finished very rapidly. do i know contractors. they are making a fortune. they are paying millions of dollars a day, a week, a month not to build the wall. you wonder, is that incompetence or a bad ideology? [jeering] biden had the call to attack our brave border agents. remember these guys with the horses? keep them at bay. now they are fighting for their lives. it was not a whip, by the way. what a sad thing is going on. in the republican party, we will
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always stand the long oarsmen and our great heroes of law enforcement. we will keep america safe. [applause] all of these calamities are the direct consequence of a corrupt election. it's all because of the corrupt election. they rigged the election and they are destroying our country. that is not a mandate, that's a destruction of our country. remember this is not about me. this is about the american people having their country taken away from them. that is what it is about. just recently we got the results of the arizona forensic audit, but the papers refused to report it. it showed massive irregularities to put it nicely. a few of the findings.
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23,344 mail-in ballots came from people who no longer lived at that address. that is wonderful. the entire margin in the state, we do not lose. the number they concocted was 10,400. there was no chain of custody for 1.9 million mail-in ballots. think of that. there is no chain of custody. there were 2500 duplicated pallets with no serial numbers, what happened to the surreal number? there were also missing serial numbers on thousands of
6:01 am
adjudicated dallas, at least 1900 blank envelopes were discovered. it's not supposed to be blank. there are numerous bad signatures that should not have been counted. these are things that they have. 2000 zero 81 votes were cast by people who had moved out of the state. we are talking about arizona. 10,324 voters might have voted in multiple counties. that's ok. 284,412 ballot images were "corrupt or missing." i only lost more than 10,000 votes. in addition, the auditors discovered that millions of the
6:02 am
election related files, the files were deleted. after the election in violation of federal law including software the day before the audit began. [jeering] the justice department did not want to do anything about it. it's been going on for years, but never like this. they use covid in order to cheat with these ballots in early voting, late voting. likewise, the supreme refused to hear the case, and now the approval rating is the lowest it's been in memory. the lowest approval rating in memory. i believe it's for the reason that they refused or did not have the courage, the rule against me all the time. very personal rulings. they did not have the courage to
6:03 am
do something about the election, and i believe that's the real reason approval is so low. these findings are now in the hands of the arizona attorney general, let's hope he does the right thing for our country. i do not know that he will. let's hope he does. our country needs it, arizona needs it. with those numbers being so horrible -- [indiscernible chanting] thank you. there is sad for our country. the whole world laughs at us. afghanistan. with all of those numbers, arizona was in my opinion the
6:04 am
least corrupt of the other swing states. i think it was the least corrupt. it was so corrupt, they use the word determinative. for instance, if you had 300 dead people voting, but you need 10,000 votes, i cannot even talk about that. we have a determinative result, many times over. it was reported that 43,000 absentee valid votes were counted in dekalb county, georgia that violated the chain of custody rules. 43,000. georgia was decided by only 11,000 votes. in other words, i needed 11,779 and they have 40,000 here, 20,000 here. there were many other infractions. the secretary of state and
6:05 am
governor, who i got elected by giving him an endorsement, thank you very much. absolutely refused to do anything about it. it hurt our party in country very badly. kemp was in last place when i endorsed him, and he ended up winning because of my endorsement in a landslide. he is afraid of stacey abrams. i do know what she has got, but he and the republicans, he is afraid of stacey abrams and refuses to take on the corrupt democrats in the state of georgia. i know, it's fraught with danger. you have to do it. it is for the country. i've been alabama, i love alabama. i win by a record vote.
6:06 am
i wouldn't south carolina by a record vote. right next to them is georgia, i lose by that much. doesn't work that way. a new investigation alleges gigantic illegal ballot harvesting operation involving large numbers of people throughout the state of georgia, and many other places. why are they not investigating this stuff? congressman gave up his guaranteed seat because he saw what was happening, also in georgia, everybody has heard the water more -- water main break story of people were rushed out of the room because of a water main break area. everybody leave! there was no water main break, only to see a crew of democrat
6:07 am
operatives or whoever come back and start pouring votes into machines from boxes that mysteriously appeared from under a table. the governor found nothing wrong with that and the justice department found nothing wrong with that. it's on tape. just like baseball and football, they do action replace. they have a fashionable, magnified tape and you can see just about everything. it's a sad thing. i think they have cases. that was a fake story. there was no water main break. they said it took place 250 miles away. i don't know if that is correct or not, they were looking all over the place. georgia is very sad. the law they passed is not tough enough.
6:08 am
they weakened it because stacey abrams wanted it weakened. they do whatever she says, pretty amazing. maybe she will be running for president. i would like that. let's run against stacey abrams. in pennsylvania, there were reportedly hundreds of thousands more votes than there were voters. oh, i see. philadelphia, more votes than voters. that is a tough one to explain. why didn't they do something about that? hopefully the people are angry this can be allowed to happen and will not allow the republican majority to be reelected if they don't get to the bottom of it. there's no getting to the bottom, we won the state. i was up by massive numbers on election day. the news was saying wow, what a big lead in pennsylvania.
6:09 am
i love pennsylvania, 20 school in pennsylvania, college, the great state, what great people. i was up by so much, all of a sudden the booths closed. 3:00 in the morning. shortly thereafter, we are tied. then we are losing, but just a little bit. no, it's a disgrace. the says he was told not to do anything. the u.s. attorney was told not to do anything because the attorney general did not want to have problems, he was worried about certain things with regard to himself. i think it was probably the easy way out, so bad for our country. the u.s. attorney said i was told in writing not to pursue it.
6:10 am
philadelphia was so corrupt. pittsburgh was very corrupt. more votes than you had voters, that's a pretty easy one. we don't have to go into a lot of details. pennsylvania, thousands of voters report receiving at least two ballots in the mail and many others reported receiving ballots without requesting them. we happened to flow in. on election day, thousand people were complaining they were not allowed to vote because they were told that their ballot had already been cast. where is the governor? great governor. [applause] more votes than voters. with that bother you? they say sir, more coats.
6:11 am
the complaint, some left. people walk in and republicans tend to vote on election day and democrats tend to use ballots. maybe they are better off using ballots, it was a shocker. people would walk in, proud people. they don't want anybody playing with the ballots. the one anything to go wrong. they get up and go out, they go out and vote. they go on they say, i would like to vote. i'm sorry, you have already voted. i haven't voted, i just came here. no, you voted. this happened by the thousands and thousands. you know what? some would walk out laughing and discussed. some walked out crying. so many complaints.
6:12 am
such a disgrace. there has never been anything like this in our country before. everybody has a good idea who got those votes. 97% goes to sleep he joe biden. i said, you know, i did really well in that state. i don't think i only got 3%. look at the boxes, the tabulation. in michigan, the legislature found 300,000 people were listed on the voter rolls even though they had not voted in over 20 years. again in detroit, the single most corrupt election venue in the country for many years, nobody wants to look at that.
6:13 am
there were more votes than voters. if you saw the percentage of errors, it was almost where even four years ago, when you did not have the mail-in ballots like it was this time, they had 4%. this year, almost nothing. i have to listen to people, they say there was no fraud. there was no fraud. over 40 years, bellwether counties have correctly predicted every election. it's a big deal. i won almost every county, more than any other president. i want 18 out of 19, the president has ever done that. if you got just a small number, you win. on 18 out of 19, the most. think of it.
6:14 am
we won 27 out of 27 tossup house races, they like to say, the people in the house were more popular. no, i made robo calls for them. i helped them. some of them said to me, it's impossible. i got more than you. but you are much more popular in my district and i was. it's amazing. that is what happened to our country. i had numerous calls from people saying, it's not possible. this election was rigged. they said that. candidate has ever lost an election while winning florida, ohio in a place called iowa. [applause] first, has ever happened.
6:15 am
-- first time it has ever happened. think of it. think of it. in the history of our country, if you win iowa, florida, and ohio, no president has ever -- you don't lose. so many years, never happened. thank you very much, iowa, we love you. [applause] joe biden lost with the african-american population to former president barack obama and every state, other than the five swing states. the only state that were going to determine the election, although other states were corrupt also, the only swing states that determined that's where biden won with the
6:16 am
african-american population. in other words, the election was a fraud. if you want to save our country, we have one choice. we must elect strong and unyielding america first republicans at every level and we must pass a complete overhaul of our entire election system to ensure it is free, fair, honest, and able to be fully and the audited. [applause] i tell a lot of republicans in congress, that i want to get involved. [we want trump chant] thank you. you have been incredible.
6:17 am
i tell these republicans, people that like us, sir, think to the future. you should not go back to the past. i have been doing this stuff along time. i am telling you, the single biggest issue that gets the most pull and respect, the biggest cheers is talking about the election fraud. nobody has ever seen anything like it. you have the democrats. a lot of what they do is don't want to talk about it because they know we are so close. when they say cancel culture, do
6:18 am
you know why it's canceled? because they don't want anyone talking about the election. they don't write about it. i bet you the cameras one off. they know that they got caught. all you have to do is listen to the numbers. ours, was more honest on the other states in my opinion, much more honest. the single biggest topic, they want people to love our country. they say if you do not solve this, people are not going to vote. that it want to go through this again. when i go to arizona all pennsylvania -- or pennsylvania, 58,000 people show up in a small town. just before the vote.
6:19 am
i said it's not possible to lose. he would go there and they could not fill eight circles. we had 58,000 people. i go to arizona, we had 38,000. i left them i said it's not possible, then we lose but a whisper. fraudulent numbers should not take months to accumulate with democrats and republicans in the way of every single step we take. we got them by surprise. in 2016. they said we will never let this happen again. they were tarred for four years, and yet we did far better in 2020. it was a rigged election.
6:20 am
a reporter from one of the people on the liberal side said what was the difference between 2020 and 2016, the primary differences i did much better in 2020. the rallies were bigger, the enthusiasm was greater. we got far more votes, 75 million both. more than any sitting president has ever gotten. no president in history has ever gotten that many more votes. we got 63 million, i was told by the best. the best pollster. you have mostly really bad pollsters. people, crooked pollsters. they came to me and said sir, you got 63 million votes. if you get 64 million votes, you
6:21 am
can't lose. if you get 65, it is over. i got almost 75 million, probably i got 85 billion. be lost. -- and be lost. our country is paying a big price. by the way, do you know who was one of our best supporters? -i name chuck grassley. he was one of our best supporters. i will introduce him in a second. he would write these letters. [indiscernible] he is trying to be nice. did you leak? yes, i did i'm sorry. as everybody knows, my new slogan was going to be make america -- remember this?
6:22 am
it was supposed to be something different than make america great again was supposed to be keep america great. america is not great. make america great again. we may even add to it, but we will keep it. make america great again again. [applause] i had a whole big deal it was good. keep america great. our military was rebuilt, job numbers. we had the best country we have ever had. in nine months, they destroyed it. i can't say keep america great. i am back to make america great again. again.
6:23 am
make america great again again! what you like better? it's more accurate. make america great again again. we made a great. now we have to make it right again. our nations come back begins in november 2022 when we reclaim the house and reclaim the united states senate. we have with us tonight a great american patriot. a man who truly loves iowa. he is young, he is strong, and he is very handsome. he fights like no other. when i have needed him, he was always there especially with anything having to do with
6:24 am
farmers and that includes ethanol. i know more about ethanol than anything in the audience. he was with us all the way. every time i needed something, he is tough. when i needed him, he was always there. i just want to ask senator chuck grassley to come up for a second. [applause] strong on military. strong on vets. strong on the second amendment. he helped pass the usmca. helps confirm almost 300 will judges. come here. you are the greatest. he is young. i'm thrilled to announce tonight that senator chuck presley has my complete and total endorsement for reelection. [applause]
6:25 am
chuck. [applause] sen. grassley: i was born at night but not last night. if i did not accept the endorsement of a person that has 91% of the republican voters in iowa, i wouldn't be too smart. i'm smart enough to accept that endorsement. mr. trump: t is a great guy, great gentleman. don't think he has ever missed a vote. can you believe it? you're lucky to have him. we are delighted to be joined by kim reynolds. she is so tough.
6:26 am
great job. i said to you want me to endorse you tonight? she said sir, this is chuck grassley's night. if you would, give it to me sometime in the very near future. [laughter] i thought that was very nice. most people would not say that. she has been an incredible governor, she loves farmers, loves people, everyone. she has had tough races and always comes out on top. she is smarter and tougher. members of congress have been incredible. ashley hinson. [applause] great job. great job.
6:27 am
marionette miller makes. thank you. we talk about strong people, stupid people and smart people. we have a man from arizona with us tonight. he is tough as hell, he's incredible. he is running for a certain position that's going to be i think an easy victory. arizona state representative is with us tonight. what a job. great job. he is not controversial. a man who runs an organization. the iowa gop chair.
6:28 am
great job. record crowd tonight. i did not know who be such a big deal with the iowa football game. that was pretty big. also, former acting attorney general, great guy. somebody up in heaven looking down on you right now. he loves his pop. matt whitaker. he loves his pop. we love not. -- matt. he was a football player. look at the size of that guy. he was a great football player. we accomplished more in four years than any president ever dreamt of accomplishing. what we did with the military,
6:29 am
we passed the largest tax cuts in the history of our country. we stood up to china, never has anybody done this to china. we took in billions of dollars. nobody else was able to take in 10 cents. nobody took in money from china. when china attacked our farmers, we remember that very well. i went back and i started doing tariffs on china and took out $28 billion over a two-year period, i gave it to our great farmers all over the country including iowa. chuck grassley wanted me to do it. we gave $16 billion and $12 billion, those farmers made so much money they are so rich. remember what i said? i said you will suffer for a little while because we
6:30 am
negotiated an incredible trade deal. i don't know if they will honor the deal, but they honored it under me. the farmers made a lot of money. the farmer said go out and buy more land. it turned out to be true. they have never been so successful as they are now big is about we did. don't give credit to the guy who is sitting there, he does not like farmers. i signed a trade deal with china that made so much sense because they were taking such advantage of the country. the farmers for the biggest beneficiary and manufacturers two. i kept my pharmacist -- promises to iowa. kept my promises to everybody. i kept my promises to protect iowa ethanol, and that turned out to be an important promise. thank you. i approved it for use all year
6:31 am
round and allowed higher ethanol gasoline to be distributed from existing pumps. they wanted brand-new. no difference. we used existing pumps with the help of iowa farmers, we became energy independent for the first time ever. 75 years. america was respected again like we have never been respected before. under joe biden, america is no longer respected. the worldwatch the afghanistan withdrawal. you just see. every night, they were watching. our borders were exploding. the fake news refused to reported, but everybody saw it. it's worse now than there was last month. it's worse now than i was two months ago.
6:32 am
it is at a level that is unsustainable by any country. again, they are emptying prisons and people are coming into our country. we should never allow this to happen. they are destroying the united states of america and our credibility has been literally thrown out the window. now the democrats want to send $10 billion to afghanistan, despite the fact that when biden hopelessly surrendered to them just a month ago, moved our military out first, without them with the $85 billion of the finest military equipment in the world and now he wants to give them $10 billion of your taxpayer money on top of everything else, and we should not do that, unless, we have breaking news.
6:33 am
here is an idea. unless they are willing to give back 100% of the military meant that our generals left behind. does that seem like a good idea? i would give them any money must they give us back the equipment. remember this, they haven't played that game yet. they are paying because we have so many people over there. afghans are great negotiators. they are saying, what are we going to do. they were not doing anything. we could have taken six months, a year. two months. they were leaving us alone. they did not like jets over their heads.
6:34 am
know what has happened? look at us like we are stupid people. we should not be giving them $10 billion, we demand every ounce of equipment back and we want our hostages back immediately. if we do not get our hostages back, the amazing thing about politicians, have never heard that idea. they don't even think of these things. i don't want to give them $10 billion. let russia give the money. but iran give the money. that is their territory. we are doing their work and we are supposed to keep them going. biden is giving them $10 billion so he doesn't look bad because they are tough and will do numbers on us. we want our hostages back immediately, we want our equipment back immediately, then we can start talking about doing what we can do. i would not mind doing it. we want our hostages back.
6:35 am
we want our equipment back and then we can start talking about that. [applause] [scattered yhelling] leaving afghanistan was a good thing. we should have left under the symbols of strength and dignity, not weakness. we could have left under strength and dignity. it did not have to take long. we could have been respected. right now, i do know we will ever recover. every allies taking advantage of us. nato. germany, france. we are like the stupid people. we are a country run by stupid
6:36 am
people. every nation and every deal i have looked at but i looked at countries that people have never heard of. we made bad deals. you wonder, how do you sustain, how does it keep going? our soldiers are heartbroken. they wanted to win. they wanted to be respected. they wanted to show strength. television generals would not allow them to do that. just imagine how hard china is laughing when they see our woke politicians injecting poisonous ideologies into our schools and military. you have seen the military of china. one million soldiers in the square. you think they are told about the things we are telling our soldiers and schoolchildren? they laugh in our face, they
6:37 am
think we are a family nation. i ended all of that. mitch mcconnell said we have to get back to business. mitch mcconnell should have challenged that election. we had plenty of material to challenge the election. he should have challenged the election. schumer would have challenged the election. mitch mcconnell did not have the courage to challenge the election. he is only a leader because he raises a lot of money and gives it to senators. that is his only form of leadership. he should have challenged the election. he said be have to get back to work. the first thing that happened is biden signed 17 executive orders that were devastating to our country. now the democrats want $6 billion in new federal funding to teach critical race theory which i ended in our schools, at
6:38 am
the same time biden is unleashing the fbi. the parents are the enemy. biden is using federal law enforcement to threaten in silence citizens who oppose radical left indoctrination. to joe biden, the hated taliban, our enemy for many years. patriotic american moms and dads are the enemy. along with the constant use that city, state and federal prosecutors, this left-wing tyranny is the kind of thing you see in russia and china and third world dictatorships.
6:39 am
it's un-american. and has to stop. we're not going to have a country left. the only thing the radical democrats are good at his hoaxes, witchhunts and abuses of power. you saw the russia russia russia, totally made up and paid for. for five straight years, it has been a con job one after another. a nonstop parade of fake whistleblowers, phony investigations, twisted spirit see theories, very perverted lies. first it was russia russia russia! i said i don't know anything about russia . people would come up to me early on, i said no. did not even think about it. month later, sir, you know
6:40 am
anything about russia? i don't. i wonder why he asks. sarah, do you know anything about russia? now i'm starting to say what is going on with russia? they said they were going to impeach me before i got sworn in. it was in the washington post three days before i got sworn in. had to run a country and survive, those are my two jobs. some senators -- the call was so good. i got impeached. impeachment hopes number one, impeachment hopes number two. the witchhunt, then it became,
6:41 am
every story you see they will quote all of those numbers and all of this stuff. this is a small sampling. these crooked people say there is no evidence of election fraud. ever see that? then they say, there is no election flood. while these claims are totally unsubstantiated, they are. there is massive evidence. it's the big lie. remember that? and, c&c, between the two of them. i thought msdn see and cnn with sometimes, prior to the election, endorsed me. we want donald trump.
6:42 am
because ratings have gone down the tubes. they called it the big lie. the big lie turned out to be the corrupt election itself. ever notice, while there is no evidence you this, there is so much evidence, pouring out of our years. we have never had so much evidence. let them look at it and prove it's wrong. the people of this country, whether it is arizona, georgia, wisconsin. pennsylvania. if you look at all of michigan. the people get it, more so than the politicians. we have some great republican politicians and they prove that on thursday when they decimated the people making the arizona presentation in congress. andy biggs, jim jordan. [applause]
6:43 am
they totally devastated. they were going point after point, all bullshit. within about 10 minutes, it was proven the whole thing was a fraud. the president want to report it. the left's new obsession is the committee. it's called the select committee. we have appointed a select committee. no who was on the committee? swalwell. why aren't they investigating the sleaze bag? why aren't they investigating him for being with, what is being with? i will give you a definition after. [laughter] a chinese spy. he is on the big committees.
6:44 am
have all of these people, we have the warmonger liz cheney. [jeering] she is going to lose big in wyoming. think she is down to 9% approval. terrible. as i said before, the truth is a force of nature. it's going to come out. hang in there. it leads to misery and destruction and failure. we will end the reign of radicalism and we will take back america. we will take back america. [applause]
6:45 am
[usa chant] such a great country. such a loving country. with a republican congress, we will fight for more jobs or american families, fair trade for american workers. more american factories. for two years i am talking about factories, five years ago i talked about forms and doctors. -- farms and factories. the job we did was incredible, but it's being wiped out. american factories, forging more products stamped with the beautiful phrase made in the usa. made in the usa.
6:46 am
we will shut down joe biden's border disaster, we have to do it quickly. we can't let this go on. he is poisoning our country. people say three years, two years. sir, you will win in three years. we will not have a country left in three years. catch and release, we will stand strong and demand -- they could not come into our country until we have them checked out. most did not make it. we will quickly complete and most did not come up. we did not have a problem where millions of people are pouring through south america. we will quickly complete the border wall and we will end illegal immigration. we will have to start all over again. it would be so much better if we had an honest election.
6:47 am
we will be able to do it again. we will hold china accountable for unleashing the virus and charge them trillions of dollars for the unbelievable suffering they have caused to our country and all around the world. we will reign in the big tech anopheles, we will reject left-wing cancel culture. we will restore the right to free speech in america, which we don't have any more. there is no free speech. we don't have free speech anymore. used to be automatic, free speech. we don't have free speech. we have the opposite of free speech. this is the beginning of communism. we will protect innocent life, we will defend our constitution, we will defend the second amendment, and we will probably oppose -- uphold the
6:48 am
judeo-christian values of our nation's founding. we will care for our great veterans, i love our veterans. [applause] we had the highest approval rating of any president for taking care of our veterans. 92%. we will continue to strengthen our military and give our law enforcement our 100% support. we love you. we know we love you. the whole country loves you. we will ban critical race theory in our classrooms. we will ban that horrible, crazy critical race theory in our military. we will ban it from our
6:49 am
workplaces, we will ban it from our federal, state and local governments. it will be banned, permanently banned, and never allowed to come back again. [applause] we will restore patriotic education to our schools and teach our children to love their country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. [applause] our moment is the greatest and most powerful in the history of our entry, and it is based on one thought. make america great again again. yet, we are up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone has ever seen in our country.
6:50 am
we have never encountered anything like this. no matter how big or powerful they may appear, you must never forget that this nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to you. [applause] this is your home, this is your heritage. our magnificent american liberty is your god given right. in closing, i just want to say the united states of america will not tell you how to live, how to think, what to do, you will not be bossed by incompetent, this honest, disgusting politicians, big tech tyrants, left-wing bullies or anybody else because we are a great, proud and sovereign people.
6:51 am
we know what to do. we are a great, proud and sovereign nation. we are born free, we will live free, and we will win again like we have never ever one before. -- won before. [applause] the great state of bible, and it is indeed a great state. -- state of iowa, and it is indeed a great state. founded by pioneers who defied the dangers in order to carve out a life and home for their family, they tamed the wilderness, they braved the elements. they poured out their blood, sweat and tears. we will never let anyone take that away from us. never.
6:52 am
we won the first world war. we won the second world war. afghanistan, we couldn't even take our troops out properly. they found the strength to topple communism. that's what happening today. communism. communism is happening today. we are not going to let it happen. we will not be afraid of woke agitators who despise our country, hate our people and want us to lose. they want us to lose. there is no mountain we cannot climb, there is no summit we cannot reach, there is no challenge we cannot meet, there is no victory we cannot have.
6:53 am
as long as we remember that we are proud and mighty americans. we have great people. [applause] we have great people, thank you jj and janet, friends of mine. we will not bend, we will not break, we will not yield, we will never give in, we will never give up, we will never back down, and you will never, ever surrender. [applause] like they just did and afghanistan. my fellow americans, our movement is far from over. our fight has only just begun. remember this. look at the crowd tonight. in theory, there isn't an election and you broke records. bigger crowds everywhere. not just in iowa, everywhere. we have bigger crowds
6:54 am
everywhere. there is more spirit now than there was before the election. nobody ever thought nothing like that could happen. [chanting] thank you very much. greatest movement in the history of our country. it's never even challenged. the fake news never says is not really true, there is nothing they can say. there has never been a movement like this. i remember one politician came in second in a certain state and he became famous for many years, because he became test came in second. we won 34 states, we did a job no one has ever done. you are the people that built this country. we are not going to take that away. you are the people that built this country. we are one movement, one family, one glorious nation under god.
6:55 am
and together, we will make america great -- powerful again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. kindly -- and we will make america great again. god bless you. thank you iowa. thank you very much. i will see you soon. [applause] ♪
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will join us. and later, china's growing military and their inclusion into taiwan airspace with jacob stokes. all that and your calls, texts in tweets next on "washington journal." host: good morning, everyone. welcome to "washington journal" on this sunday, october 10. with schools around the country opening up this year, on capitol hill this week, biden administration officials were testifying on how it's going so far. lawmakers question the officials over children wearing masks, testing, and staying open during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. this morning, we want you to tell washington what it's like for you, where you live, your back to school experience so far. parents and