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tv   DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Remarls at Annual Meeting  CSPAN  October 9, 2021 10:38pm-10:56pm EDT

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look back and say this is the moment america won the 21st century. we are bound together by one of the most consequential periods in american history because we stayed true to who we are as democrats and americans. let's get it done. let's keep the faith. thank you and god bless you all and protect our troops. >> i want to welcome you again to our fall meeting. it is good to be with all of the people who make the democratic party the strong, impactful organization it is. before i say anything else, i want to say thank you once again. the past nine months, president biden and democrats have delivered for the american people. we showed our commitment, and showed that it is still possible to do good for this nation. i was lucky enough to get back on the road this summer, and i saw the impact of our work firsthand.
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everywhere from virginia to california, north carolina to the gila river in arizona, the american rescue plan put shots in arms, checks in pockets, and invested much needed on the into communities across the nation. at the state and local levels, democrats are putting the money to work. [no audio] >> it appears we might have lost the audio feed. our apologies, we are looking to get that fixed, give us just a moment, see if we can get the
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chairman back. if not, we will hold a moment while we get the chairman back. >> in my back? -- amide back? -- am i back? when i say broadband, we need to get the infrastructure done so we can get good broadband here in south carolina. [laughter] we are on the verge of the largest investment in infrastructure and families since the new deal. fdr had huge majorities and we had a handful in the house and senate but we are on the verge of making those investments. we will continue to work harder so we can lower the cost of childcare and education and fight the climate crisis and create good union jobs, while doing it all. all of that is because of each of every one of you. because our state and local parties, caucuses and coalitions, organizers, interns and everybody in between worked
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hard to elect president biden, vice president harris, and democrats at every level. because you all had hope for a better future. hope that with the president's leadership, we could really build back better. it is important to me you all make that connection and feel directly responsible for the progress we have made it will continue to make during the biden administration. because of the action you took, because you turned your hope into hard work, millions of americans have a bit more as well now. many of you have heard me talk about how hope has played a big role in my life. growing up in orangeburg as a poor kid, sometimes it was all we could afford, a little bit of hope. there was one thing my grandmother would always tell me, and she would still tell me today, she said jamie, people are not looking for a handout, they are looking for a hand up.
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we proved the past nine months that democrats are there to give you a hand up. it is more than just policy and legislation. with our democrats care initiative, we are rolling up our sleeves and helping our neighbors. we are providing tangible ways to live our values and improve this country outside of politics. from food drives to beach cleanups, these service products -- projects will ground is in local communities. we can never forget that responsibility is public service. because of leave me, the republicans have forgotten who they work for. i wish that wasn't true, but it is. i wish they saw themselves as public servants instead of the political arsonists they have turned into. i wish they still felt called to deliver real results for everyday folks, to give them a hand up. i wish folks like mitch mcconnell had more than empty platitudes for the legacy and work of my friend congressman john lewis. i wish he would support voting rights way -- the way he did
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back in the day when he attended the march on washington as a college student. instead, he is opposing the freedom to vote act. why? he knows his party can only win if they resurrect jim crow. i wish kevin mccarthy gave a damn in working parties -- families or infra structure. i wish i could tell you he is working to cut a deal with democrats but he is too busy catering with conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists in his party. i wish these republican governors were serious about keeping our kids safe during a pandemic. i've got two little boys at home who are not old enough yet to be vaccinated. one of them right now is quarantined because a kid in his class got covid. their safety is always my top priority and i can't tell you how much time i have spent, how many hours of sleep my wife and
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i have lost thinking about covid protocols and their protection. i know it is the same for families across this country. you think that would mean something to greg abbott or henry mcmaster or ron desantis, instead, they are giving in to anti-vaxxers. i don't think there is a single thing these clowns would not do or say if it meant took across and would say nice things about them on fox news. it doesn't matter who dies as a result. that is the thing about republicans nowadays, unless you have a big checkbook or could give them something, they could care less about you pay -- they couldn't care less about you. my friends, president biden and the democrats in congress offered a monthly tax cut because they knew it would be life changing for working and middle-class families. a couple of weeks ago, i was talking to courtney driver on my podcast, welcome to the party.
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you should listen for yourself where you get your podcast, that is my plug. courtney is a u.s. marine corps veteran who lives in georgia. because of the child tax credit, she could get childcare for a five-year-old over the summer, and she knows other parents who benefited as well. folks who have been able to buy school supplies for the kids, afford daycare and save a little bit to make sure there are some gifts under the tree for christmas. for the life of me, i cannot tell you why every republican said no to that. why they said no to making life easier for parents like courtney. why they said no to a common sense step to lift families out of poverty. i am proud resident biden and the democrats put in the work for parents like that. i am proud of the way we delivered for the american people. it is a privilege to be part of that. more than that, it is our responsibility as a party in power. when i say responsibility, i want to be clear, that means all
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of us, from president biden to myself as chair, to every member of the dnc, we all have to take that responsibility seriously. and we've got to conduct ourselves accordingly. my grandfather would always say, just make it clean. that is what i will do. we've got to act like we have in there before. as we approach 2022, we have to have a singular drive to retain our majorities in congress and make big gains at the state and local level. that means staying focused and helping your fellow democrats. that means bringing more people into our party. that means working together to advance the president's agenda. that means asking yourself with every tweet, with every resolution, everything you are doing or saying, am i making the democratic party stronger? am i bringing people in, am i putting candidates in a stronger position to win?
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am i embodying the democratic best? if we let the small disagreements get in the way and forget our larger responsibilities to the people who elected us, we will lose in 22 interludes our ability to deliver for the american -- in 22 and lose our ability to deliver for the american people. we cannot falter. he will end up with speaker mccarthy and later mcconnell. stop the squabbling, let's work together and get a winning game plan folks. the dnc has already committed $20 million to organizing across the country, $23 million to shore up state parties, $25 million to protect the sacred right to vote. last week i announced $5 million for voter registration for the first time in 30 years almost, the dnc getting involved in voter registration. this is a historic moment and we have to step up in these historic times. our diverse symposium in
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partnership with others helped us build a and lasting partnerships with diverse contractors and suppliers. we have procedures in place to ensure that the dnc and our sister communities have top-notch talent and we are dedicated. just last week, as i mentioned, we made what i think is our most important investment yet, committing $5 million to get communities of color registered to vote across the country. these are just getting started. let me tell you why that is important. there are a lot of important issues. broadband, info structure, education and so many more. this is the thing, the right to vote is unique. the water hoses did not come out
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over paving roads and fixing bridges. only for the right to vote. people were willing to take oppression to keep folks like my grandparents from the vote. so many were willing to sacrifice their lives for the right to cast a ballot. so many did sacrifice their lives. and why? every vote is an expression of hope. hope that change is possible, hope that your voice matters, hope that the leadership you put your faith in will deliver for you and your loved ones. my friends, that sort of hope is a powerful thing. it has changed this nation. generational progress, voting rights, historic expansions of health care, social security, they all flowed from that sort of hope. my friends, i guarantee right now the democratic party will champion that hope. while the republicans are hell-bent on taking us back to
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the days of grandfather clauses and literacy tests, history will remember the democrats were a voting rights party. we have to make sure we also use the right to vote. if we don't, if we have hope without action, we will be doing the republicans a favor. they will not have to use their dirty tricks to take away our power. we will have given it away already. our motto here in south carolina is while i breathe, i hope. while i breathe, i hope. but folks, we don't have time for idle hope anymore. we have given you folks the tools and information they need to make their vote count. now we have to get them fired up to actually vote. so it can't just be while i breathe, i hope. it has to be while i breathe, i vote. while i breathe, i organize, i knock doors, i sent out postcards and texts.
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while i breathe, i act. i do everything in my power to make sure voters know if they are looking for leaders to show up, if they are looking for leaders who do the work and get real results, they are looking for a democrat. that is how we win. there is no plan b. our collective effort is what the moment the man's. fdr once called the american people hardheaded, farsighted and realistic. he was motivating us to rally against the largest threat to democracy we have ever seen. he knew that the american people had it in them to overcome anything. my friends, it is time to prove we've got what it takes again. i might be round headed, but you better believe what i am facing down people who want to take us backwards, i can be hardheaded in a hurry and i know you can be too. that is what makes us democrats, we are committed to being on the
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right side of history, we are committed to having a vision for what this country can be, and we are committed to doing the little things every day, the practical, realistic things that will get us there. and all of it, everything we have and everything we are striving for, it starts with you. i want to thank you all again for everything you do for democrats. it is an honor to be in this fight with each and every one of you. ♪ >> watch book tv's coverage of the national book festival. on sunday about the virtual event hosted by the library of congress, features online author discussions and live call in segments. at 2:00 p.m., joseph ellis talks about his book, "the cause." he will join us live at 2:30 pm to take your calls and tweets. at 3:00 p.m., a discussion about the opioid epidemic with the author of "empire of pain," and
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the author of "death in mud lick ." at 4:00 p.m., a look at russia, featuring the author of "putin's people" and "the 22 fires." then, the history of women in medicine, with two authors. and at 5:00 p.m., a kansas democratic representative talks about her book. watch book tv's coverage of the 21st annual national book festival sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on book tv on c-span two. >> download c-span's new mobile app and stay up-to-date with live coverage of the days biggest political events.
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midco supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> now, arizona election officials and others testify on the 2020 cyber ninjas audit of the presidential vote. the audit failed to find evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities and discovered that joe biden won the state by more votes than originally thought. this is just under four hours.


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