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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Tom Mc Clintock  CSPAN  October 1, 2021 11:38am-12:02pm EDT

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day's biggest political events live or on demand any time, anywhere on our new mobile video app, c-span now. access top highlights. listen to c-span radio, and new podcasts for freevment download c-span now today. host: republican congressman tom mcclintock joins us next. good morning. guest: good morning. host: what the house coming in early the 930 eastern -- 9:30 eastern, what will happen in terms of debate or vote? guest: i can't read minds or tell fortunes. i am not in nancy pelosi's circle of friends and confidence. -- confidants. what is certain is they have the votes, they will be one. host: they are talking about the
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infrastructure built. what is your position on the bill? guest: it takes a certain degree of -- the culloden infrastructure built. only about 10% is going to things like highways and bridges. most of it is going to green energy subsidies. it reminds me a little of benjamin franklin's story when he was given a few pennies by his mother to buy himself a present. he went to the store and spent all the money to discover he spent four times more than it was worth. he said that was an important lesson. we should not pay too much for our whistles. this is an enormous expense. we are talking about $1.2 trillion.
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when we start throwing around these kind of numbers, it's important to boil them down for what that means to and average family. it is $8,000 taken from the taxes and earnings and purchasing power of an average family. $1 billion is eight dollars. the next time a politician says we are only spending $1 trillion, that is $8,000 for my family's earnings. in my paying too much? -- and my paying too much? host: the house and senate passed a resolution that will fund the government through december. what happens then? guest: two months older and deeper in debt. host: part of the package has money for the disaster relief,
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including hurricane ida and some of the fires in your state. did you support that measure because of that? guest: i did not support the measure. continuing resolutions abandon congress's duty to superintend finances. it bypasses the normal budget process. it's an absolutely vital tool to restore fiscal integrity. the alarms are flashing all around us. we are approaching great danger as a nation. we are seeing rising interest rates and inflation is brewing, and that's just the beginning. the idea of hitting the snooze button seems to be increasingly irresponsible. host: another item left undone by the house and senate is raising the debt limit. with a deadline expressed by the secretary janet yellen, what do you think will happen to ensure
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we don't hit that? that we don't forfeit on our debts and not be able to make those payments? guest: we are not going to default on our debts. the treasury department, from the day it was founded, has the authority to prioritize things to ensure the dollars go to service the debt. the debt limit is supposed to say, congress, you are spending more than earning. you have got to make changes. you have got to think about making changes. what they are planning on doing is suspending the debt limit so they can spend whatever they want through the end of next year. that is totally irresponsible. if you are a family, living off your credit cards, you better be
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sure the first thing you do is make that minimum payment. that is what the executive branch has always had the authority to do. i think a lot of this is panic talk. to the broader point. it's very important to use the debt limit to reassess our spending patterns and to start making progress to restoring fiscal responsibility to our spending before it bankrupts us. countries that bankrupt themselves are not allowed -- around very long. you have to be able to pay for it and the ability of our country to do that is coming into doubt. host: our guest is congressman tom mcclintock of california. for republicans, the line is
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(202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. representative mcclintock, you are the ranking member on the immigration subcommittee of judiciary. we saw this headline. democrats put illegal immigrants before taxpaying citizens. expand on that a little bit for us. guest: the numbers are horrific. more than 200,000 encountered border patrol in the number of joel -- in the month of july. that is the population of salt lake city. why the 200,000 people are encountered in august. that's the population of des moines. that does not include 350,000 who were heading to the country with no vetting.
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that's the population of anaheim. there are 42 million people in latin america and the caribbean who intend to come here. no civilization has survived this magnitude of mass migration. ask some fundamental questions. how are americans helped by flooding the labor market with illegal immigration? how are our children who have already been robbed the year of their education helped by filling their classrooms with non-english speaking classmates? how are communities made safer by making it harder to deport criminals and gang members? how are our hospitals more assessable by overwhelming emergency rooms with illegal immigrants demanding care? these are questions i have been asking since the biden administration reversed all the
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policies that secured our borders. i have not heard an answer to one of those questions yet. host: we are having technical difficulty with our signal for you. our folks are going to reconnect with you here. it will take a moment to let them do that. we will take a couple of calls and will make note of what folks are saying. we can follow up on that. we want to make sure our signal is good with congressman tom mcclintock of california. i see a call from rockville -- bacaville. let's hear from lewis in colorado springs, republican line. you are on the air. congressman mcclintock should be reconnecting shortly. go ahead with your comment. caller: good morning. i want to thank the congressman for all he is doing. i would ask him to stay strong.
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in spite of all the socialism trying to take over our country. and god bless him for that. i wanted to bring up something online last night involving him. he was showing the family -- it happened to be the gee family in town for the funeral of their daughter that got killed in afghanistan at the airport. he was showing them around. did not have masks on. a political reporter took a picture and video of them and demeaned them. i don't know how long you look you going with this stuff.
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he was being kindly to show them around the building and showing some of the things that go on there. i thought that was kind of him to do that while they were in town and what they were going through. if you can pass that along, i would sure appreciate it. thank him again and god bless. host: congressman mcclintock is back with us. you are meeting with one of the 13 marines who died in afghanistan -- killed in afghanistan and the attack. -- in the attack. guest: she was holding a baby and saying i love my job. the family -- i don't know how they can bear the loss. they were here in washington to lay her to lay heard arrested arlington cemetery the day
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before -- her to rest at arlington cemetery the day before. i cannot hide my contempt for this reporter. they are a goldstar family. she chose to attack them like this. i really don't want to go into it because i am so angry about it. i am afraid it will not choose my words as carefully as i should. the bottom line is -- host: steve from california on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning to you, sam. i got a little horse with allergies in california. representative mcclintock, i am 68 years old. i am a labor democrat, a conservative democrat. i watched you for years. with all due respect, sir, the
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republicans, the way they go after biden and the afghanistan -- he mentioned that -- this is not a videogame, america. they had airlift 120,000 people. we were there for 20 years. the population of vacaville is 125,000. they airlifted the entire population of my city out of afghanistan. we are trying to do the best we can. we cannot do endless wars. you talk about the tax bill and $3.2 trillion or whatever. what about the farmer subsidies that they get in the sacramento valley? we give all the money to the farmers. you guys are stomping biden -- blocking him. mitch is blocking him for the batteries in the electric cars. that is the future. you are deniers of global warming. you sit there on your hands,
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cover your eyes and mouth and say, trump, don't say that stuff in public. you are embarrassing us. host: will get a response with the congressman. guest: i agree completely. we should not be subsidizing farmers or any other part of our economy. consumers ought to have the ability to make their own decisions about what they need in their lives and vote every day with their dollars. subsidies corrupt all of that data. it sends the wrong signals on productivity. i could not agree more. but how you can say we should get rid of farm subsidies, yet on the other hand spend billions and billions of dollars subsidizing corrupt green energy companies, i don't understand the logic.
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as far as the biden administration's conduct in afghanistan, that speaks for itself. they took a conditional orderly withdrawal under trump and turned it into an unconditional surrender to the taliban. $80 billion of military equipment lost to the taliban. bagram air force base abandoned. trump never attended to abandon that. that was a vital strategic asset. we spent billions of dollars of your money to establish that base. when biden abandoned the base, they released 7000 hard-core terrorists. one of them was up suicide bomber that killed our 13 marines on august 26. the other question, where are the other 7000? my suspicion is more than a few of them are probably on their
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way now to enter this country through the southern border because it's wide open. i am sorry you think these policies are good ones. i simply cannot agree. host: deepak on the independent line. caller: good morning, sir. the question is we raised the debt ceiling eight times for donald trump. he refuse to raise it for biden. you want him to fail. that is the reason you don't want to do that. that is your concern. afghanistan. you said trump -- why did not he do it in four years? when biden does it, you blame him for not doing it right. why do you play biden for
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that? guest: with respect to afghanistan, it is simple. trump was disengaging from afghanistan but doing it in an orderly way. he was ensuring air support for the afghan army. he was maintaining bagram air force base. he sent a powerful message to the taliban that we would not complete the withdrawal until they reached an accommodation with the afghan government. that is what biden completely reversed. they went from a conditional withdrawal to unconditional surrender. we are going to be dealing with results of that for many years to come. with respect to the debt limit, when i have voted for spending that exceeded revenues, i voted for the debt limit. in this case it was the democrats who have blown the lid off our spending.
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it is their responsibility to increase the debt limit. i am not going to do that because i will not accommodate this reckless spending that is running up a debt that americans will never be able to repay and will follow us for generations in the future and rob our children of the american dream. host: back to the migration crisis comment on twitter. how is the illegal immigrant problem going to be resolved when none of the illegal employers like donald trump are arrested for hiring illegal immigrants? the availability of jobs is the draw, says this person. guest: i think there is some truth to that. that is why it is important we enforce our employment laws and immigration laws. we are not enforcing anything. it is still legal to cross our border in the manner being done. that is a violation of our border laws. staying here is a violation of
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immigration law. it is illegal to seek work here. that's a violation of our employment laws. we are not enforcing any of them. a nation that either cannot or will not enforce its immigration laws has no immigration laws. if it has no immigration laws, the border is meaningless. if it's border is meaningless, it is no longer a country. i am afraid that is the path the democrats are taking us down. people ask, how can this be happening to our country? if it weren't for the democrats -- this is what you voted for. they are surprised by that. well, you were not paying close attention. this reconciliation built which we try to take out in the budget hearings, democrats stepped in. it is the entity for 8 million to 10 million immigrants. the senate parliamentarian ruled it is not appropriate for reconciliation built.
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they intend to ram it through anyway. eight to 10 million people who are here illegally and demanding to stay, given amnesty, permanent legal residency which qualifies for the whole welfare system, and a special path to citizenship. it's important to understand what the population is. that is the low figure on what they are trying to legalize. that is the entire population of alaska, vermont, wyoming, north dakota, south dakota, delaware, rhode island, maine, and montana combined. america needs to wake up. our country is in grave danger. . host: we hear from sam on the democrats line. caller: mi on? -- am i on?
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where was he at during the time he was raising the debt ceiling for donald trump? all the tax break he gave to his own people. he went to mar-a-lago and bragged he saved a lot of money for his people. when trump was in office he did not mind everything that man has done, and he has done a lot of stuff that isn't right. he backed him. now they are drawing $175,000 a year. most of them are millionaires. they don't help the poor. what is that saying? guest: you have addressed -- host: you have addressed the debt situation under donald trump. guest: the left is good at
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attacking people individually. the question is, what were the trump policies? one of the biggest tax reductions in american history. we are collecting more revenues after the tax reduction them before. -- than before. we secured our borders for the first time in generations. what was the result of that? we enjoyed the greatest economic expansion in our lifetimes. the lowest on employment rates in 50 years. the lowest party rates in 60 years. the fastest wage growth in 40 years. it was working class, blue-collar wages growing the fastest for the first time in decades. the income gap was actually narrowing.
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all that before the lockdown took a wrecking ball to the economy. who was benefiting most? working americans. we had the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for americans of african descent, of asian descent, the lewis on a planet rate for women. that is with the trump policies produced. all of the nasty personal attacks don't change those fundamental facts. this is a question of public policy. policies that work and policies that work. the trump administration had policies that work. energy independence for the first time in 75 years. you remember what you are paying for gasoline in year ago and you know what you are paying for it now. that is the difference the policy makes. the biden administration came in and systematically reversed all these policies. you now have the collapse of the
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southern border. this unprecedented mass migration into our country. it is not only being accommodated but encouraged by this administration. you have the most wicked inflation rate have seen since the jimmy carter era. it is going to get worse. you see the stagnant hiring market, the job market. look at the rising crime rates. you see the same things. you see a rise in crime, sky high taxes, failing businesses, a failing economy, failing schools, sky high >> we'll leave this discussion here. voting rights experts join the federalist society about the john r. lewis voting rights


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