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tv   House Republican Leader Holds Briefing  CSPAN  September 30, 2021 12:50pm-1:08pm EDT

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can you tell us about the meeting with the president of angola? >> just a few minutes after speaker pelosi's briefing, house republican leader kevin mccarthy answered questions from reporters and said most house republicans oppose the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill because he said democrats have tied it to the $3.5 trillion
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reconciliation bill. >> head's up. >> just saw you on tv. what would you consider that answer to be? far beyond me to make judgments. good morning. thank you all for being here. very good, very good. well, we've seen from the democrats this week dysfunction, delusion and deception. a all might help sell papers but doesn't help the country one bit. an ineffective government helps no one. a fail in your leadership helps
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no one. as the results have shown, it makes things worse. our country is in a crisis. we have a border crisis. there's been over $1.5 million illegal border crossings so far under president biden. small towns at our southern border are overwhelmed by migrant. and a record amount of fentanyl is pouring into our country. our border patrol is desperate for support. we have an inflation crisis. americans today are paying more for everyday items than they have in over a decade. more to get to work or drive kids to mr. and businesses are paying more for the materials they need to operate. this all means higher prices for consumers and less money in your pocket. it is a tax on every single american. then we have a labor crisis created by the democrats. small and local business owners can't find workers. for the workers that now show up, your government is paying others more to stay home.
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on the screens behind me are the stories that show just how destructive these policies are. we have a china crisis. the democrats hold every lever in our federal government. and yet have not made one single move to hold china accountable. for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of americans. we have a foreign policy crisis. the afghanistan hearing this week revealed the commander in chief, president biden, lied to the american public about the recommendations he received from his military advisers. a disastrous and deadly afghanistan withdrawal will haunt us for decades to come. the democrats are making american life harder, and it's about to to get much worse. so i'm making this promise right here and now, republicans will investigate our government's failure to keep us safe at home and abroad.
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we'll do this because the consequences of their failures are what the american people deal with every single day. we know that the democrats are doing everything in their power to prevent congress from doing real oversight. but that will end the minute republicans take back the majority. the democrats have forgotten that we're supposed to focus on the people, not us. but for the past several months, that's what democrats have done. they've wasted the american people's time. they've lied every step of the way, president biden said no one making under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up. that's a lie. just like he lied about afghanistan. in fact, under his plan, an average family who earns over $50,000 will see a tax increase. joe biden and nancy pelosi said it will cost zero dollars, zero. i don't know that's common core
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math or not but that's a lie. their tax and spend plan costs $4.3 trillion. it might not cost nothing to the elites who think they'll vote for it, but it will cost almost every single american their hard-earned taxpayers money for it. and now democrats want to spy on anything you buy that costs $600 or more. government wants to know what you're doing with your money. by hiring 85,000 new i.r.s. agents to deal through every aspect of your life. the democrats want to enlist the bureaucratic army to achieve their goal of a big government socialist nation. so instead of waking up to a country in crisis, the democrats are asleep at the wheel and leading us to an unrecognizable future. our country is in a crisis and it's time the democrats focus and fix it. with that, let's open up. yes, ma'am?
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reporter: you're moving forward with bringing the bipartisanship vote to the floor, how confident are you that you have enough members that will take it over the edge haveway so many working against it? mr. mccarthy: the speaker was so confident, i thought we were having that vote on monday. are we still having that vote today? i'm not sure. we'll find out. yes, sir? reporter: the question for you, where are your members, we know what she's saying, where do you think your members are? mr. mccarthy: the majority of our members will vote no because they don't view it as a infrastructure bill. our conference wants to have an infrastructure bill. i went to the white house in the oval office and exactly what i told the president. we want to build roads, highways, bridges, broadband, airports. we want to reform nepo and make sure it happens and is built in less than a decade and make sure america is competitive. but what we found is we have a bill with nobody on the committee on the republican side
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working on it. we now found the democrats from president biden to bernie sanders, the budget chairman, to nancy pelosi that it's no longer one bill, it's reconciliation with infrastructure. that's not something we want. that's not something we can afford and that's not something we support. yes? reporter: don young is the dean of the house. he's been around here a long, long time but he says he's going to vote for this and said it's not a purpose bill but sees enough to benefit his constituents. coming back to jake's point, are you thinking of every member of your conference representing the constituency, are you confident you can keep it from going more than eight votes because really pelosi can only afford to lose -- mr. mccarthy: i don't know her count. they are the majority and should have enough votes. i listen to the speaker claim she's having challenges because somehow seats are not filled.
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she's only one vote short of where a full congress is at. i don't know how that's a challenge. the challenge is how she flip-flops back and forth. if she wanted to have an infrastructure bill, if the president wanted to have an infrastructure bill, he should have said it shouldn't become one bill. he should have focused just on infrastructure. but what they want to do is restructure and transform america. you just sat through her press conference. this is a culmination of her life's work in public policy. so it's not an infrastructure bill. it is one bill and members don't see it that way. yes, ma'am? reporter: i was wondering, you mentioned congress should be focused on holding china accountable to the risk and why do you use those words and what's your plan of how congress can do so? mr. mccarthy: i rolled out a plan. we should release all the intelligence we have to all the nations about where this virus originated from. i think secondly, we should be able to have the ability for
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anyone who lost their lives to hold china accountable, be it in the courts just as we did after 9/11. thirdly, i think we should make sure that all the nations together should not reward china with the olympics. there are a number of things to do. we also should make sure the funding of where our money goes, to a grant or somewhere else, for the idea of studying what was happening in china, make sure no money goes there ever again or to iran or north korea and others. i think it's a reflection of but we put a five-point plan out a number of months ago about this so this is nothing new but something we want to hold people accountable to. yes? reporter: so as of today, if the infrastructure bill does not pass, the highway funding runs out. mr. mccarthy: it would have to. reporter: they're working on a stopgap measure and if they pass that and get it to the house, will you encourage your members to vote for it? mr. mccarthy: we have a solution. the democrats control the house and they control the senate and they control the presidency.
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why are we on the last day of government funding having a crisis? because they can't manage. why would we even have a crisis about highway funding? because the speaker is trying to create one to influence members to vote. putting a cliff. and if the senate passes a continuing resolution, which, why didn't we do this sooner so america would not be in a crisis, if they pass a clean c.r., and i would like to see iron dome in there, but i know democrats now in the house and in the senate that israel is now something they do not want to support. a defensive weaponry to help israel, and also keep highway funding going. as long as the c.r. goes. i think the c.r. should go into december. i would vote for that.
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reporter: would you be happy if the infrastructure bill does -- mr. mccarthy: what i would like to see is an infrastructure bill that builds roads, bridges, airports, the republicans put a plan out. if this plan failed today, go back to the table. get one together and let's make one that's an infrastructure bill. why does everything have to be tied to reconciliation, too? from a debt ceiling, you got to spend $5 trillion more to be able to build a road? that's not america. that's wanting to control everything we do. now in this bill they want to look at any time you spend more than $600. to every single american. why does the government have a right to know that? why do they? buy a new car they have to know? you take your kids to disney world they need to know? i don't think so. but that's what they want. an all-encompassing. when you vote for reconciliation, if you vote for
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infrastructure, it's all one bill. based upon what the president said. based upon what speaker pelosi said. based upon what bernie sanders said. bernie sanders is tweeting not to vote for it. yes, sir. reporter: why would republicans still vote for the infrastructure bill? mr. mccarthy: a different time and different place. i think it was a while back. it was the speaker who tied it together. it was the speaker who said she would hold it. it was speaker pelosi who said yesterday you cannot vote on infrastructure until they get the reconciliation and the language. it was the speaker who promised the moderates that they would be able to move forward to deem reconciliation going forward because they would have a vote last monday. we didn't have that vote. time and again. unfortunately we are not in the majority. i would promise you this. if we were in the majority, it would be different. we would have an infrastructure bill just only about infrastructure. i think america would like that. reporter: are you whipping an infrastructure vote, as pelosi is planning for today, and members who do vote for it, what
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would be the consequences, what's your rhetoric going to be like, what's your message about those republicans? mr. mccarthy: the conversation is no different today than tomorrow. members get elected here. explain to the members what's going on. this bill is fundamentally different. if they brought just an infrastructure bill by itself up, you would find overwhelmingly republicans want to work with you and get one through. yes, sir. reporter: to follow-up, to follow-up? mr. mccarthy: go ahead. reporter: what about the conference, liz cheney said earlier this week she was wrong opposing same sex marriage? mr. mccarthy: look, same-sex marriage is the law of the land and that's what america holds and that's the law of the land. it's the law of the land. i don't see how that's different. i don't see how that's news. reporter: democrats are changing the debt ceiling process. so congress doesn't have to vote on it every single time. how do you feel about changing that vote? mr. mccarthy: it's interesting
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to me that the credit cards are completely maxed out. the answer the democrats have is not to find a way to pay them off. find a way to get another credit card and a higher limit. their only action of why they want to raise this is to spend more money that we spent to save us during world war ii. that's what they are fighting for. they are creating crisis after crisis to try to force people to vote. they control every level of congress. from congress -- every level of government, from congress, senate, white house. we are sitting here on september 30 when government funding will run out on whether we are going to get a continuing resolution. they have the letter they know where the debt limit goes. you got secretary yellen saying october 18. if they pass the bill today, it's no longer october 18 because of the automatic funding that will go forward. it's even closer.
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why if you controlled all why would your priority be to have a plan to solve that first? they want to create another crisis. it is the one definition of the last election when democrats took over. doesn't matter if it's the border, afghanistan, china, to now the simple funding of government from one year to the next, the democrats have made everything a crisis. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit] >> get c-span on the go. watch the day's biggest political events live or on
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demand anytime anywhere on our new video app c-span now. access top highlights. listen to c-span radio and discover new podcasts all for free. download c-span now today. jour" continues. host: mike johnson is the conference vice chair of the republican party in the house and is representing louisiana's fourth district. he joins us here this morning to talk about a significant day ahead in the house with the vote allegedly ahead on the if research or bill. guest: it is good to be with you. host: this bigger said the bill will come up for a vote today, any reason to believe it will not? guest: we are skeptical. if you watch what is happening, it develops hour-by-hour on the hill. it does not appear she has the votes
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host: it had some republican support in the u.s. senate. some republicans in the house said they would vote for it. what's your sense? it sounds very much like you would not support that bill when it comes to the floor? mr. johnson: look, i am on the whip team. we hope there would be a small hand of republican defectors left. listen, i'm from the state of louisiana. we need infrastructure investment as much or more than any state, particularly after hurricanes and disasters we've had in the last couple years. and i think all the republicans would support. i mean, you would go almost every republican support for an infrastructure bill that was


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