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tv   Palestinian President Addresses U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 28, 2021 3:32am-4:02am EDT

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modern-day israel, and date -- a nation of an unbreakable spirit. [speaking hebrew] a bit of light dispels much darkness. the lighthouse among the storm sees stands tall, stand strong, and her light shines brighter than ever. thank you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the prime minister of the state of israel for the statement just made. i request to escort his
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excellency. >> i now take the floor of the blessed state of palestine to introduce the head of state. >> thank you, mr. president. it is my pleasure to introduce to you the recorded statement of president mahmoud abbas of the state of palestine. before the 67th general assembly in confronting the challenges that we are facing in the world and in the state of palestine. thank you. >> in the name of god the
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compassionate, your excellency, president of the united nations general assembly, your excellency, secretary-general of the united nations, excellencies , members of delegations, ladies and gentlemen. may the peace and mercy of god be upon you. this year marks the 73rd anniversary of the -- more than half of the palestinian people were uprooted from their land and disposed of their property. myself, my family and many others still possess the deeds to our land. these deeds are registered as part of the united nations records. here is that deed and many palestinians carry there's -- carry theirs as they still carry
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the keys to their houses to this day. nevertheless, we have not been able to recover our property due to israeli laws disregard international law and united nations resolutions which affirm the right of the palestinian refugees to return to their homeland, recover their property and received just compensation. as enshrined in resolution 194. in contrast, israel, the occupying power has hold court hearings -- until our neighborhoods in jerusalem, which can only be characterized under international law as ethnic cleansing. which is rejected by our people and the international community as a whole is constitutes a crime under international law. this year, also marks 54 years since israel's military
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occupation of the rest of the palestinian territory in the west bank, including in jerusalem and the gaza strip in 1967. this occupation exists -- persists despite being concluded -- the oslo court to achieve peace and mutual recognition with israel in 1993. while we remain permitted to this day and agreed to recall an initiative to achieve a political solution on the basis of international legitimacy, including the 2002 arab peace initiative and the 2003 quartet rose map, israel has not honored its obligations under the signed agreements. have abated participating in peace initiatives and instead pursued its expansionist colonial enterprise, destroying
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the prospect of a political settlement based on the two state solution. to those who claim that there is no better partner for peace, to those claiming we are missing opportunities just for the sake of it, i challenge them to demonstrate that we have rejected even once a genuine and serious initiative to achieve peace. i accept the judgment of the world in this regard. ladies and gentlemen, does the israeli occupying power believe that they can elude its responsibility for the crime of uprooting more than half of the palestinian people from their land? and for committing numerous mastic years, killed -- massacres, killing and maiming thousands of palestinians in 1948?
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[speaking foreign language] does it believe it would evade responsibility for subsequently destroying over 500 palestinian towns and villages, does israel believe it can simply ignore the rights including the political rights of male -- millions of palestinians within and outside of palestine? the owners and some of the daughters of this land which does it believe it can continue its policies to steal their land, suffocate their economy and prevent them from even breathing the air of freedom? does israel believe it can endlessly promote a false narrative that ignores the historical and present right of the palestinian people to their homeland? the crimes and aggressive policies of the israeli occupying power against our
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people, land and holy sites will not derail our people's struggle to achieve their freedom and independence on their land. the colonial regime that israel has established on our land will disappear, regardless of how long it takes. we will not allow them to hijack our lives and kill our people's dreams, hopes and aspirations to realize freedom and independence. ladies and gentlemen, it is regrettable that the policies of the international community and the resolutions of the relevant united nations policies regarding a solution for the question of palestine have until now not been upheld and implemented, resulting in a failure to hold israel accountable and him approve sanctions for its violations of
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international law. allowing israel, which claims to be a democratic state, to act as a state above the law. they did in gentlemen, there are still some countries that refuse to acknowledge the reality that israel is an occupying power, participating -- practicing apartheid and ethnic cleansing. these countries probably state that they have shared values with israel. what shared values are they referring to? what shared values are they referring to? this has made israel's arrogance , emboldening it to reject and violate all united nations resolutions. at the same time, there are those who denounce from the palestinian people and institutions that believe in the rule of law. to provide explanation and
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justification, to demonstrate that they can not incite hatred. for example, we have to explain and justify what appears in our -- which represents our narrative and national identity. while no one is asking to review the israeli curricula and media. it is there that the world could see the real incitement by israeli institutions. we reject these double standards. we reject these double standards. why should we have to clarify and justify, providing assistance to families of prisoners and martyrs for the victims of the occupation and
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its oppressive policies? we cannot, ladies and gentlemen, abandon our people and we will continue our efforts until our prisoners are freed. i salute here the prisoners's heroic stance. if the occupation ends, there will no longer be an issue. i cannot but wonder, as i dress all people around the world, is there anyone on this earth who would punish the dead and prevent their families from burying them, except those who are deprived of morality in humanity? until when will this historical injustice against our country continue, do the states that provide financial and military support to israel, which then uses this to prolong its occupation and kill palestinians
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, do those turn silent in the face of israel's policies, do the states actually believe they are ensuring peace and security for the israeli people and security for the region? the answer is no. i say it loud and clear, and incontrovertible no. what do you want from the palestinian people? we have fulfilled all of our obligations under united nations resolutions. we force ourselves to endure the suffering, imposed upon us, waiting for hope, events over the decades have proven that these international policies toward israel are misguided. ladies and gentlemen, as part of
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unifying our internal -- we once again that the palestinian liberation organization is a legitimate mental representative of the palestinian people. we stress that we are committed to the unity of our people and our land. committed to holding legislative, presidential, and up elections as soon as holding such elections in jerusalem is guaranteed, as per signed agreement. we call on the international community to help us bring pressure to pair -- to bear upon the occupying power. it is inconceivable that we remain unable to hold elections. that me say once again, we did not cancel the elections, we only postponed them, as we could not hold them in jerusalem until the situation is addressed we will continue to work on creating the necessary
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conditions to form a successful national unity government. so that we can assist our people everywhere, so that we can implement reconstruction plans in the gaza strip. which requires a complete -- throughout the territory of the state of palestine. i am glad to reaffirm that the coming months will witness the holding of municipal elections in accordance with the law, and elections for all unions and universities are already underway. ladies and gentlemen, regarding building state institutions, we stress that we have a fully
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fledged state, with institutions that operate in accordance with the rule of law and the principles of accountability, transparency, democracy, respect for human rights, and the empowerment of women and jews. we have a suited -- we've exceeded more than 115 legal instruments and international organizations committed to upholding our people's rights and strengthening our legislation and regulations, including those attending to human rights. -- pertaining to human rights. we will continue our efforts to exceed two what remains of the 500 international organizations acknowledged by the united nations. we have taken the initiative of working jointly with human rights organizations in palestine to preserve the international accomplishments and improve the work of our
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institutions on the basis of the rule of law. under issued instructions to take all necessary measures to prevent any wrongdoing and continue upholding the rule of law, freedom of expression and human rights, and this is the path we are committed to in my country. i reaffirm to the international community our commitment to political engagement and dialogue as the path to achieve peace, the path for popular resistance, the path to come but terrorism -- to combat terrorism in our region and the world. we have more than 83 agreements with other countries around the world to combat global terrorism . ladies and gentlemen, i must refer here to the constructive
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dialogue currently underway with the united states administrative -- administration to resume u.s. relations and take steps that would ensure that the occupying power will abide by signed agreements. from our side, we are committed to ensuring the success of this dialogue to create conditions conducive to moving swiftly toward the final political settlement that ends the israeli occupation of our country. and that applies the two state solution. however, the current and former israeli governments have persisted in evading the two state solution based on international law and you and resolutions. and insisted on pursuing occupation and military control over the palestinian people, when presenting flimsy,
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insubstantial, economic security plans as an alternative. these unilateral plans will not achieve unity and security for anyone, they under meowing efforts for legitimate peace, as -- they undermine efforts for legitimate peace. ladies and gentlemen, this is a moment of truth with the occupying power. it seems we are at a crossroads. we have had enough. the situation cannot continue. our people cannot indoor it any longer -- cannot indoor it any longer. i have dedicated my life to achieving peace and chose the path of peaceful, legal, diplomatic work in international fora. we have extended our hand time
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and time again for peace, and still we cannot find a partner in israel that believes in and accepts the two state solution. the leaders of israel today no longer feel a shame when they arrogantly dismiss the solution that enjoys global consensus. i warn that undermining the two state solution based on international law and u.n. resolutions will open the way for other alternatives imposed upon us by the situation on the ground. as a result of the continuation of israeli occupation of our state, the absence of a just solution for the plight of 7 million palestinian refugees, uprooted from their land in 1948, the systematic theft of palestinian lion and the ongoing
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crimes of the occupation and demolition of homes as a way of collective punishment, the killings and detention of thousands, including women, sick people and children, the imposition of an inhumane blockade and unjust lock aid on the gaza strip and the annexation measures under numerous pretexts and names including principate invented and that we fully reject. all of this, coupled with the force of displacing palestinians from their land as part of a policy of racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing, pursued by the occupation in the absence of a deterrent international response. our people will not surrender to the reality of occupation and its illegal practices.
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we will pursue our just struggle to our right to self-determination. options are available, including returning to a solution based on the partition of resolution 181 of 1947, which gives the state of palestine 44% of the land, double the territory that we ended up with after 1967. we remind everyone that israel, seized by military force half of the land set aside for the state of palestine in 1948. the solution would be in conformity with international legitimacy. at the israeli occupation authority continues to entrench, the reality of one apartheid state, as it is happening today, are palestinian people and the entire world not tolerate such
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situation as circumstances on the ground will inevitably impose equal and full political rights for all on the land of historic palestine within one state. in all cases, israel has to choose. these are the options, and israel has to choose. ladies and gentlemen, international law stipulates the right to a free and dignified life and calls on states to take necessary measures to protect and secure this right. that protection constitutes an indispensable and decisive element for the maintenance of peace, security legitimacy and development. in this regard, i call on secretary-general to work on the basis of relevant united nations
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resolutions of protection including the resolution adopted during the general assembly emergency special summit held in june 2018, entitled uniting for peace. i call upon the secretary-general to take all the necessary steps toward developing an international mechanism for protection as foreseen in those reports of august, 2018. i call upon him to activate this mechanism on the borders of the occupying state of palestine -- occupied state of palestine. the borders of 1967. in parallel and accordance with the forementioned resolution, i call upon the secretary-general to convene an international peace conference, in line with internationally recognized terms of reference and you and resolutions.
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the air peace initiative and under the sole auspice of the mideast quartet. ladies and gentlemen, to ensure that our initiative is time bound, we give israel the occupying power one year to withdraw from the palestinian territories as occupied in 1967, including east jerusalem. we are ready to work throughout this year on the delineation of borders, approving all final status issues under the auspices of the international court in accordance with u.n. resolutions. if this is not achieved, we maintain based on -- moreover, we would go to the
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international court of justice to adjudicate over the legitimacy of the occupation of the land of the palestinian state in the relevant obligations for the united nations and states around the world in this regard. all parties will have to abide by the verdict of the court. colonialism, occupation and apartheid are prohibited under international law, there crimes that must be confronted and a structure that needs to be dismantled. the international community support for this initiative, consistent with international law and united nations resolutions, may save the region from a grim, unknown fate. we all have a chance for peace and security to have good neighborly relations, to live
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each in their own state and delaying the implementation of these steps would keep the region in a situation of turmoil and instability with dire consequences. do the leaders of israel dream of maintaining their occupation forever? do they want this occupation to last forever? ladies and gentlemen, i should palestinians continue living either under israel's racist occupation or as refugees in neighboring countries? are there no other alternatives? freedom for instance? palestinians everywhere are creative, innovative, hard-working dynamic people, the entire world can testify to that. palestinians deserve to live free in their homeland. from this podium, i call on the sons and daughters of palestine,
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everywhere around the world to continue their peaceful and popular struggle. let us show the true image of the palestinian people, striving for freedom and independence by the existing occupation and apartheid. to conclude, are people everywhere and all nations and countries that have stood in solidarity with our people during the jerusalem uprising against the aggression they claimed the lives of hundreds, the spread destruction injury east jerusalem and the gaza strip, we also salute all those who took part in done ministrations in the united states -- in demonstrations in the united states, europe and across the globe to announce an end to the israeli occupation,
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apartheid and ethnic cleansing. and to call for justice, freedom and self-determination for our people. this is a burgeoning awakening to get to know the true palestinian story. i urge you all to continue dispensing the truth story and palestinian's rights to freedom, equality and statehood. criticizing the aggressive policies and practices of the israeli occupation ancestors and the narrative in general is not an act of incitement or anti-semitism, but rather a duty of every free man and woman in the world. in this connection, i conveyed to the international community our regrets and appreciation for their political and material support for people and for the building of our institutions and
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national economy. the time has come to take tangible steps to revive hope and end the israeli occupation of our land and people. and -- the values of peace in our region. i wonder, what prevents countries that recognize israel from recognizing the state of palestine? i say to israel's leaders, do not deprive the palestinian people of dignity, of their right to their lands and state, and you will destroy thereby everything our patients and the patience of our people is running out. i reiterate that the palestinian people will descend -- their identity and will not surrender, will not kneel, they will not leave. they will remain on their land,
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under their fate, pursuing their great journey toward the end of the occupation. the occupation of the land of the state of palestine and its capital, east jerusalem, we say again, this is our land, our jerusalem. our palestinian identity, and we shall defend until the occupier leaves, as the future belongs to us. you cannot claim the security for yourself alone, let us be, peace be upon you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the president of the state of lestine for the statement just made. >> i


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