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tv   Campaign 2024 RNC Chair Ronna Mc Daniel Speaks at Summer Conference  CSPAN  August 14, 2021 4:20am-4:45am EDT

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elections. this is just over 20 minutes. [applause] >> i am so thrilled to be with all of you in nashville. welcome to the 2021 summer meeting. there are so many people i need to thank for making this possible and i will go through it quickly. they are just wonderful people who make our committee work. our coat chairman, tommy hicks.
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[applause] our finest check who was not with us this weekend good richard walters, our chief of staff. i can't say enough great things about him. [applause] and all that he does. our chief operating officer tina jackson, our deputy chief of staff, mike reed, our great legal counsel, our rnc officers, i also want to do a little rug for shannon fisher. jenna, where are you? she has been with me for -- shannon. she has been with me for five years. if we could all wish her a happy birthday, 1, 2, 3. happy birthday! she is great. at this point, she is a member of my family so, thank you i want to thank all of our staff.
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they do such a great job and they help us get closer and closer to victory. we have to think marianna herrera and the member services. [applause] they work so hard and this is a sad day because we are losing two of our service member family members who are moving on. this is their last day with the rnc paired join me in thanking them for their great service to our party. [applause] my family is not here right now and i could not do this with them. he is now here, driving, it is really scary. it is really, really scary. my husband and my daughter.
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think a husband or wife is one of the most enjoyable jobs. i am so grateful for the love and support. i want to thank to members not here with us today and honor their memory. they lead amazing lives and were extraordinary leaders in our party. they leave behind remarkable legacies and we will miss their kind presence and friendship. we are here in tennessee and nashville is a great city, i will not live. it's been a little high but i want to think our host. [applause] and the committee members, can you three stand? thank you guys, for hosting us. [applause] your great governor and senator and everybody came out.
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also, the attorney general. thank you for everything that made this meeting so special finally and i mean this, thanks to all of you. thank you for stepping up to serve our party and the country did the country we love. when the winter meeting came around, we were all depressed. i was hobbling a little. we were worried. we weren't ready for what could happen to our country you guys made such a difference with your optimism to thank you so much. this is now my fifth summer meeting as rnc chair. i have aged a lot. actually, i have not at all. i'm so proud to be chairman of a party that is growing and uniting the wind. we are doing our part to make that happen and each of you and your state parties are doing your part to make that happen. we have a video was posted right
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here. >> we have to's -- to start thinking about long-term and humanities that have been democrats. [inaudible] >> rebuilding the party and making sure we are in a position to win any level. >> our partnership with the rnc will be [indiscernible] they announced today that the party [inaudible] >> we got a fight to make sure every legal vote is counted. [indiscernible] >> is a stark contrast. >> we are a party for every american. we have a lot of hard work to do and i will not let socialists rule this country and i will work with every single one of you to squash it, take out the
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house, take back the senate in 2022. [applause] >> since january, we started making tremendous progress. one of things that starts with and i note we talk about it a lot is raising resources we need to win. as of january, we have raised $85 million. we also have more than $81 million cash on hand without any debt. zero debt. [applause] we spent millions, tens of millions of dollars to defend election integrity, hold democrats accountable, go our data and ground game, register voters, and open minority engagement committee centers earlier than ever. he to our success is reaching new voters. we continue to bring our empowering message to every single community and every day, more and more americans are
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finding their home in our party. we have welcomed more than 25 million new republican voters since 2016. this is due in large part to our outreach and engagement and we are opening community centers in cities across the country, dedicated to engaging voters of color. we cut the ribbon on our first black committee center in cleveland. engine, we opened our first apa center in her district. at that event, i met this great young man who is a superstar volunteer here he helped her when her race. he made over 100,000 phone calls , not 1000 doors, leaving personal notes for every person he knocked the doors. he is only 16 years old. he is the first recipient of the
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chairman's champion reward which we have created to recognize and celebrate our great grassroots volunteers. let us give it up for brandon. [applause] we are also engaging the hispanic community with our office openings in texas next week, with many more on the way. doing this kind of engagement this early demonstrates that we are committed to investing and building diverse communities for the long-term. democrats have continuously taken away -- taking these community's for granted and it's a lot more than politics and votes. we want to be present in these communities every single day so we can listen and learn and have conversations with them about how we can better represent their communities as a republican party. this type of engagement is paying off. in june, a republican flipped
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the mayor ship in mcallen paired this is a city that is 85% hispanic and voted for hillary clinton by 40 points. we are competing for every vote and we are winning. [applause] we have three big races coming up that we are looking into. we want to recall gavin newsom. hello, california. [applause] we want to elect a new governor in virginia. as so the new governor in new jersey. everybody in those states is working so hard and the rnc is doing everything we can to support them but we cannot talk about winning at the ballot box if we don't talk about something we are hearing about as members. how do we restore confidence in free and fair elections? everyone one of us knows we can never let what we saw happen in
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in 2020 happen again. democrats waged war on election transparency, security, and integrity. we are using every tool at our disposal to protect the vote. we formed an election integrity committee where 19 lawsuits protecting election laws across the country and here's just a few of them. georgia now requires voter id for absentee ballots. iowa is standardizing their election practices and ending ballot harvesting. florida is strengthening their dropbox security ending creasing -- and increasing integrity. not to mention the huge when we had at the supreme court to been ballot harvesting. -- band -- ban. [applause] as a democrats lie about these
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laws, republicans are making it easier to vote and harder to cheat and that is what the american people expect from our elections. we are leading in this fight. we are winning and our elections will be secure. [applause] as i said in january, we were depressed. joe biden, we could not imagine how he could stumble and bumble through the white house but we could not have imagined how much damage and division he caused in just a short amount of time. covid. muddled messaging. skyrocketing inflation and rising prices across the country. high unemployment. labor shortages and help wanted on every main street in america. president trump. workers with higher wages, joe biden is getting them pink slips. on the world stage, even more
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failure. let's not forget about what is happening in afghanistan right now it also abandoning israel, cal tailing to china and russia. turning his back on the cuban people. on top of that, let's look at the disaster at our southern border paired just last month, 210 thousand illegal immigrants were caught at our border. 19,000 unaccompanied minors just last month, the highest ever did children who are put in harm's way. this is not humane. this is awful what they are doing. an 800% increase which is killing people across this country as we now have a drug crisis. numbers are historic and horrifying. the agents are exhausted. our entire immigration system is overwhelmed. this is a failing policy and joe
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biden is to blame and one more obvious question. isn't kamala harris supposed to be in charge of this? i thought she was in charge of this. you hear that? where is she? they are mia on a problem that is facing our country and it gets worst. violent crime is surging because democrats are defunding the police. shootings and homicides are up. cops are retiring in record numbers. democrat run cities are failing. joe biden, still refusing to condemn the movement. as democrats defund, demean, and disparage pulleys. let us acknowledge the men and women in law enforcement for the heroes they are. we appreciate their sacrifices. republicans back the blue.
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[applause] nowhere is democrat extremism evident than when it comes to our most fundamental right of all. the right to life. not long ago, democrats believed it should be safe, legal, and rare. now they support abortion on demand up to the point of birth. whether it is on abortion, back in the supreme court, if federal takeover of our elections or ending the filibuster, joe biden is in lock step with the radical left. this only motivates me more. i am confident as ever in our future. confident because of the leaders in our country. i get to see it. we are showing americans what
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strong conservative leadership looks like and there is no clear contrast than the way republican governors have led to this pandemic versus how democrat governors have failed to this pandemic. trust me. i now. i am from the people's republic of michigan paired they took away freedoms to increase their power. the destroyed small businesses. they kept children out of the classroom and impose unscientific mandates only to be caught breaking their own rules time and time again. meanwhile, governors like desantis are leading. they follow the senate -- science. they kept our kids in school. they kept our churches open and they protected our liberties and preserved our freedoms. the results do not live. 17 of the top 20 states with jobs report -- recovered have
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republican governors. 15 of the top states of the lowest unemployment are republican run. 21 republican led states have recovered at least two thirds of the job loss from the pandemic. recently, i've had the most amazing opportunity to have conversations with these leaders as i have launched this podcast. it debuted as number one in america. real america. [applause] it highlights republican leaders and shows how republican policies are working and leading america's come back to conservative values and common sense solutions. that's take a look. >> america is an amazing country filled with wonderful people who do incredible things but too often, the media and liberal politicians ignore parts of our nation and the people that make it work.
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i'm speaking with leaders and policymakers who deal with real problems every day. >> there is a reason why we were founded the weight we were. it was founded for freedom and it was to get out from under the heavy-handed government guard -- government. >> we will make biden pay for it. this is a good insight and look into the chinese communist party. as we get to the heart of who those leaders are. they can get away with an awful lot of truth and corruption. >> they continued to accuse republicans of being racist. . it produces measurable progress and live reasonable time. >> it's not controversial to make sure that the principles in
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our constitution, one person one vote is up health. -- upheld. this is real america. [applause] >> we are the party that cares about achieving measurable, meaningful results for americans. we stand for freedom. we stand for a constitution and we stand for our americans live. this is what the party is about. i want to share a great example for our optimistic uplifting message that we saw with tim scott and what he did after the state of the union. we are this on a national ad campaign. >> the president who promised to bring us together should not be pushing agendas. that tear us apart.
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our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. they come from you, the american people. we are not adversaries. we are americans. i'm confident that our finest hour is yet to come. >> you know why that is the case? we are the party that stands for freedom. we stand for our constitution and we stand for the united states flag every single time. we stand noted in our beliefs that america is the greatest nation on earth and the greatest force for good ever known. it was ronald reagan who said the greatest leaders who don't mess so do the greatest things. we get people to do the greatest things. that is you. that speech and everyone of you is us. that is what our charges heading
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into this election as rnc members and leaders. we need to be out there, mobilizing and inspiring others to get involved in the greatest fight we have ever faced. a fight that will determine if we will keep the america we know and love. america's future is always worth fighting for. freedom is always worth fighting for. i am so proud to be in this fight with all of you. i am so optimistic about the next election. i see the energy and passion of people across our country every day. i also see something else. democrats and their radical policies have awakened a sleeping giant. the moms of america. moms are mobilizing against what they are doing to our kids. we will not let you teach our children that they were born racist or oppressed based on the color of their skin.
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we will fight for school choice and the education for our kids. democrats are the party of limiting opportunity and we are the party of limitless opportunity. we know the best path to the american dreams comes from a good education in the right to choose the best school for your child. we will not allow democrats to close our plot -- classrooms again or mask up our children again. >> we will not allow you to teach our children anything other than that the united states is the greatest nation on earth. the democrats cannot take away my right to call myself a mother. i am not a birthing person, i am a mother and that is the most important job i will ever have.
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joe biden, kamala harris, nancy, chuck, defund the police open party we have a message for you. the american people love freedom. we love this country and despite everything you do, freedom matters and freedom will win. we will take back the house and senate in 2022 and we will take back the white house in 2024. [applause] >> god bless you, god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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