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tv   Pres. Biden Meets with Asian Pacific Islander Leaders  CSPAN  August 5, 2021 3:50pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated. ♪ pres. biden: we were talking a little bit about his son and
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grandsons. he was on a camping trip. but at least he was with people that adore him. so, i apologize for starting late. the vice president and i are honored to posed leaders representing the rich diversity of the pacific islanders communities, many of whom i have met before, some of whom i am meeting for the first time. welcome again to the white house. we have a full agenda to discuss -- the pandemic, the economy, immigration, voting rights, and hate crimes. let me start by acknowledging that on this day in 2012, i was with another friend who is a seek -- sikh, and we were dealing with the -- with 10
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people shot in a hateful act of bigotry at a temple in wisconsin. seven people lost their lives that day. today, we honor everyone impacted by this tragedy. and we think about all the pain during this pandemic, with the rise of hate crimes, harassment, the bullying, and other forms of bias against asian americans seems not to stop. and after the shooting in the atlanta area, kamala and i met wi a gro in atlanta of asian american leaders. the discussi was wrong, -- r aw, it was powerful and a common theme was of asian americans feeling unsafe, unwanted, indicg invisible sometimes.
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t we can com together and truly look out for one another. that's why we wanted to convene this meeting, to continue to strengthen our efforts, because more must be done in our view. the pandemic, the asian communities, has been on the front lines from the beginning. and is critical to helping us vaccinate america, not to get vaccinated, but the vaccinate america. they are also critical in
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keeping the u.s. economy strong. in six months, we are seeing the fastest growth at this point in any administration's history, in no small part thanks to this community. now we have an opportunity to make historic investments in every sector and in our families, in an economy that deals everybody in, not from the top down, but from the middle and bottom up. create millions of jobs in every community, including the aanhpi communities, and delivering affordable childcare, paid leave, universal pre-k, as well as community college. there's work to do on immigration. there's work to do on voting rights. and so much more. my first day in office, i signed
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an executive order to advance racial equity and a whole of government approach to adjust and this group's and put his go to that approach. i look forward to the discussion we are about to have and the actions that will follow. so, i want to thank you all for being here, and we will get to our meeting. thank you. [indistinct conversations] announcer: each night this week, we are bringing new book tv to showcase what is available every sunday on c-span2. tonight, we will have a look at the military with malcolm gladwell's book, which describes
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the development of precision bombing during world war ii. that's followed by "war"'s author, looking at how military conflict has affected aspects of society throughout history. and then, patrick o'donnell with his book "the indispensable's," about the marblehead regiment and how they played a crucial role in both battle and as protectors of general george washington. watch book tv tonight, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. ♪ announcer: weekends on c-span2 bringing the best in american history and nonfiction books. on saturday, at 2:00 p.m. eastern, on the presidency, we will feature two programs on gerald r. ford, the only white house occupant who was never
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elected as vice president or president. he took office 47 years ago this month after president nixon's resignation. we will first go to the presidential museum, looking back at film and photographs. then a look at his wife, betty ford, who was honored on the white house grounds and gardens. featured speakers include a landscape historian and author of "a garden for the president." and the first daughter. then, here about the all-female -- hotel, which afforded young women the opportunity to pursue independent lives. among notable residents, sylvia plath and actor grace kelly, liza minnelli, and the future nancy reagan. we take a look at the historic society's -- we talk with the historic society about the hotel's unique role.
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book tv features authors discuss in their nonfiction books. on sunday, atlantic magazine's staff writer reflects on the past and future of what he calls trump's america, in his book. and at p.m. eastern on afterwords, a podcaster discusses his new book, "the authoritarian moment," in which he argues the progressive left is pushing an authoritarian agenda in america. he is interviewed by radio talk show host --. watch american history and book tv, every weekend on c-span2. and find a full schedule in the program guide or visit announcer: on sunday, c-span's series january 6, views from the house, continues. three more members of congress share stories of what they saw, heard and experienced on that day, including new york democrat akeem jeffries.
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>> we did not really have the highest degree of information, particularly being on the house floor, we did not get to see the images and the realtime footage of of the ongoing assault on the capitol. however, after we arrived in a secure location, we got some understanding of that and could only have imagined how our loved ones were feeling watching it in real time. so it certainly was a great comfort, of myself and every other member, communicate with our family members back at home. one of the communications that i received that was disturbing was my brother reached out to me to indicate that -- to check to see if we were okay. i indicated to him that i was ok.
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as an aside, let me know he and his family had received a threatening message from someone, indicating that they knew where my brother and his wife and his three girls live, and they had people in the neighborhood, and if me, meeting his brother, the congressman, did not stop telling lies about the election, something bad was going to happen. announcer: this week, you will also hear from two texas representatives. january 6: views from the house sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen on the free c-span radio app. ♪
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announcer: now the white house covid-19 response team gives an update on the latest delta variant numbers and vaccination efforts. this is just under half an hour. >> i will start with an update on the progress we're making in our fight against the pandemic. driven by the more transmissible delta variant, cases are continuing to rise. these cases are concentrated in communities with low vaccination rates. in fact, over the past seven days, florida and


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