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they were not to make payments, that will make it much more difficult to rent an apartment going forward. you have to figure out some way people will be able to get a new place to live to potentially have some amnesty. host: jenny schuetz is with the brookings institute. seni >> coming up live, we will show you a conversation on health care workforce development being hosted by u.s. news & world report, you can watch it live starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. resident biden will sign an executive order setting a new target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 20 30 zero emissions including electrics and hybrids. from the south lawn of the white house that is set for 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch that online or listen with the free c-span radio app. we will have it live here.
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: in this last half-hour we will ask about the state of the pandemic -- in your view, are things getting worse, better, staying the same -- if you think it is getting better, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001 is the line to call a few things -- things are getting -- if you think things are getting worse. if things are about the same, 202-748-8002. the graph shows do you believe the worst is behind or ahead of us. for a long time the behind us was growing and the -- the ahead of us was going to 54% now say the worse is ahead of us and 40% decline, the worst is behind us. another poll i wanted to show you, this kaiser family health
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regarding the vaccine -- most un-vaccinated adults think the shots are riskier than the virus. they write that three quarters of u.s. adults who say they will ethnically not get a covid-19 vaccine believe getting the shots is a bigger risk to their health than becoming infected with the coronavirus according to a poll released wednesday that underscores the challenges of getting the most resistant to come forward. the kaiser family foundation also found the majority of unvaccinated people believe the pandemic has been exaggerated in the news and are for -- pharma's likely been vaccinated people to think the emergence of new variants will worsen the pandemic. your view on things getting worse, getting better -- getting worse, getting better, or staying the same. let's go to calls. we will hear from latonya in joplin, missouri, who thinks things are getting worse.
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caller: good morning. i would say things are getting worse for me in my situation. i am a 35-year-old african-american woman, and i take care of a disabled veteran, and we have lived in our home for five years, we have never missed a payment, kept the property up and everything, and we were under the impression that the landlords were going to let us by the house -- the house came up for sale about a year ago you're going back and forth and we decided we were going to buy the house, and that landlord said they would allow us to work on the things we needed to work on for our credit score, so i don't know where they come with an eviction telling us they we are evicted and they found a buyer that is going to buy the house, and they told us that we can buy it, and we felt like
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since we have been in the house five years we invested in their investment, so we should be the ones to buy the property, but there was a lot of marketing and stuff going on. a bunch of crazy stuff going on, but i don't want to get into that. recently we had a house fire. and now the owner is trying to take us to court to try to sue us. we were supposed to be buying the house. then we have been blackballed, like right now me, i five-year-old son and a disabled veteran, we are living in motel rooms, getting treated very poorly around here. host: how long have you been in the hotel? caller: about two weeks now.
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we have been blackballed. we have money to rent a house and nobody will rent to us. host: i appreciate you calling in. i hope the situation improves for you and your family. jorge is next in truth or consequences, new mexico. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i am accident prone and i heard myself a lot. the good thing about that is i know how to get better, and it kind of takes therapy, and it is almost like stages of grief, and unfortunately some of us have not come into acceptance that we are sick, but you go through therapy, it takes time. sometimes you need to use kids gloves and love, and at least we have good leadership now. i don't know about biden, but look at his cabinet.
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it is beautiful, diverse, and i think we have strong people there. but we still have to go through it. host: did you say you have covid or you have it now? caller: no, i don't have it. we didn't have it here for a long time, and then i don't know if people were listening. i think that it has just been politicized, and that is sad because people are fighting for power instead of for the people. host: paul who thinks things are getting worse you to, kentucky. good morning, paul. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i hate it, but i think things are worse because i thought we had the leadership and the momentum to carry us over, yet there is so much reluctance --
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now, i understand there are some religious is used and some health issues. 95% of our population could be vaccinated, and the choice is risk, hospitalization, or death, and not get vaccinated -- it does not -- that is why it is worse. we, kind of ran into a brick wall, and it breaks my heart that people can't see forward. host: thanks for your call this morning. reuters this morning -- headline -- biden to aim for 50% ev's,
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electric vehicles. they will send executive order making have a vehicles sold by 2030 zero emission vehicles. biden's goal, he writes, which is not legally binding, won the support of major u.s. and foreign automakers that warned it would require billions of dollars in government funding. "we have to act," u.s. secretary price petition pete buttigieg said -- the goal of getting half of our new vehicles to be electric will be urgently needed for us to meet the imperative of climate in our time. william hit houston, texas, on covid-19, things getting better, worse, staying the same -- tell us what. caller: yes, i think they are staying the same. by now, we know all of the death in the early part of the pandemic, especially when we did
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not have any guidance of ways to treat covid patients. in my opinion commit it is a harsh opinion, but i would say 60% and upwards are medical mail -- malpractice. we are putting people on ventilator so early, not giving them a shot of breathing on their own and you see a lot of cdcs stop saying pneumonia is a comorbidity, and when you put sewing on a ventilator they are at risk for contracting ammonia. we need to take a hard look at what we did at the beginning of the pandemic. if you have a loved one going to the hospital, i would question if they are being put on a ventilator super early. given a shot, the body can do amazing things. host: news on the vaccine front, "the hill" reporting moderna saying booster will likely be needed before winter, saying the
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covid vaccine maintain 93% efficacy six months after the second dose let's as a booster shot would likely be needed for the winter. the 96% efficacy announced by moderna is a positive sign and compares to 84% efficacy after that time for the pfizer vaccine. that is from "the hill." seattle, washington. mike says things are getting worse. caller: good morning at i am from seattle and i am a usps letter carrier. i work in the metropolitan area, and just in my normal daily life, and seeing on the job delivering mail to some wonderful families, i have noticed people are not wearing masks, people are going out, there is not much local government coordination. obviously there is a problem at the federal level with disinformation and the lack of combating disinformation, and also, frank lee has a worker for the federal government, --
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frankly, as a worker for the federal government, there is not much hr coordination in terms of health and safety. that is very worrisome. also, seattle, we are a port city. we are receiving a lot of traffic for cruise lines. we paid our dues. we locked down in march and february. a lot of us were furloughed. we did our thing. now you have people coming from our -- other states, where it was business as usual. they are coming to a lot of these people are not vaccinated. there is no way to know. they are bringing their virus and infection through the tourism industry. i think should have the right to travel and do what they want to die get it, but it is very difficult to see that people who didn't sacrifice for the health and safety of other people to come in and make things worse from a public health perspective. host: mike, you mentioned a lack of coordination, you are a
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federal worker -- in an ideal situation, what would the ordination look like -- what is missing in information you are not getting? caller: to i-4 asking. i would say it is mandatory mask wearing in the building. we have coastal -- postal governor -- postal customers that come in not wearing a mask. i would look to see masking mandates for all people. they are not training us to deal effectively from a customer service level with individuals who may or may not be wearing masks and to approach us. then another thing -- there is a big political election here -- a mayoral election here in seattle, and you have a lot of candidates who are wishy-washy when it comes to enacting safe and salient policy making. thank you for taking my call and i wish everyone in america stays healthy and safe.
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caller: better because it's getting worse. what i mean by that is the more people who is contracting this new strain, what they get sick they let their family members know to get their shot. on the other hand, because of a lot of people's reluctance they don't know what's in the shot. we were looking at a gentleman yesterday. he was trying to get some answers at one of the press conferences. what's in the shot. i think if they could give them more information about what's in the shot, people would not be so afraid to take the shot. host: all right. appreciate the call. charleston, west virginia. things are getting worse. caller: yes, hello. if people would just think that
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this vaccine was developed under the trump administration. and it was not politicized, i shouldn't say politicized. but with him. if people would think, ok. the man i love, his administration did this. so we should take it because we won't die. if this virus keeps continuing
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to going around the world and the country and producing more variances -- variants, what if the vaccines we have now will not work anymore? what are we supposed to do? when people see their family members, they need to looking in the face -- they need to look them in the face and say oh my gosh, what if it was someone i loved that got that disease? and died? i would feel so bad. i would wish and pray i had gotten that. host: question for you. are things getting better or staying the same with covid? we are asking the question on twitter as well. about 12% saying it's getting better.
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76% saying it's getting worse. 12% saying it's staying the same. a couple of comments on the social media. you can text us as well at 202-748-8003. lynn and washington -- in oregon says things are definitely getting worse with mask mandates coming back, especially with kids going back to school and companies mandating vaccines or taking employment away. it's affecting force of my family for some age is there a risk factor is lower and i don't believe they should have to take the elevated flu shot. i call it that because a vaccine would prevent a disease and this is not. so much confusion by this administration. here we are. this one. how can anyone think this is getting better? americans are still dying from covid. >> we will l


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