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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Mc Carthy on House Masking Requirement  CSPAN  July 28, 2021 9:24pm-9:34pm EDT

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substantial covid-19 transmission. on the house floor, minority leader mike mccarthy criticized the mandate and said the cdc made its decision based on faulty science. we will show you his speech followed by a response from democratic congressman tim ryan. and to this bill. mr. speaker, earlier today, the speaker of the house said that people who are fully vaccinated but don't support wearing a masks are morons and said the house should follow the science. madam speaker, you don't know the facts nor the science, so let's talk about it. the speaker is referring to the c.d.c. current recommendation. i just left speaker with the
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house doctor. he said he used the c.d.c. recommendation on a report that hasn't been reported yet. he did not know that the report was based upon india about a vaccine that is not approved in america. and now he did not know that it didn't even pass peer review. that's why vaccinated people in this house now have to wear a mask. there is no science. but i guess the speaker must have not known that. why wouldn't the speaker not know the facts? you know what frustrates americans the most? hypocrisy. they hate the idea that you tell people to get vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. first they said don't wear a
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mask, wear two masks, then take the mask off. americans got vaccinated, we would get our lives back, and we did, thanks to operation warp speed and the past administration. but they also hate about hypocrisy when you patriotic your own rules it's like telling america you can't get your hair cut but you get caught on camera because you do. you tell people don't go out to dinner but in my same state, the governor went out to dinner. a lot of people. today, the speaker who didn't know her own science and said names to people, broke her own rules. twice i saw her speaking in a crowded room without a mask.
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the mask mandate is not based upon a study. based upon a study in india, based upon a vaccine that isn't approved in america that didn't pass peer review. could this be a plan to keep our schools closed? and worst of all, this administration and now this house has broken the country's trust. one size fits all. you know, if you read your c.d.c. recommendation, said you only should wear the mask if you are in a hot spot. i'm sure the gentleman on the other side know what cities and states are hot spots, because those are the facts. you can see the facts and understand the facts. so, what is washington?
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the vaccination rate for the members of congress is over 85%. and as of today, the transmission rate on the capitol campus is less than 1%. the enacts would tell us this is in a hot spot. so the c.d.c. recommendation doesn't apply to us. meanwhile, the hospitalization rate for the people who are vaccinated are .003%. as "washington post" columnist hen ril olson points out, you are more likely to get struck by lightning than to be hospitalized with the vaccine. must be a stormy day in the house. you know what's interesting? we serve in this chamber. we represent our districts and we have senators who represent
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our state down the hall. the science based upon the speaker of this house changes around the ro tunedda. you see you have to wear your mask here, otherwise you are fined because that's what government should do, they punish people. you get vaccinated. if you walk across the hall, you don't have to wear it anymore. somehow the science is different. one thing we do know about covid, it affects older people than younger. those people who serve in the senate are older than the people in the house. but the science is different over there than here. it's interesting, too, because i remember a short time ago, when we had the mask mandate during one of the impeachments the democrats brought up, the managers had their masks on
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here, but as they walked to the senate, they are able to take them off. i'm not quite sure how much of covid lives on this side of the building. that must be inspects. that must be what the speaker was talking about. the past administration worked hard for operation warp speed. i'm proud of the fact that we voted for when we brought up bills on this floor that talked about working towards the vaccine, that's where the money went but not the trillions of dollars wasted that now gave us inflation. americans want to get back to work, back to school and back to health. but the majority doesn't want to base anything on science but base something on a report that is not printed and can't pass peer review and based upon a vaccine that isn't approved in
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america because the facts and science and the vaccines in america work. they are effective, they're free. i got a vaccine. i recommend all americans get a vaccine. . it's a concern we have. we try to get more americans vaccinated. what do you think the message is today? those who run this side of this building believe now if you're vaccinated you have to wear a mask, even though the science doesn't say you should. i'm not sure how many more people are going to rush to get vaccinated. but it's just like their philosophy, they want to mandate, they want to impose, they want want to tell you when you can go to school, when you can eat. you know what they're going to do? if you walk into this building without a mask? they're going to charge you
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$500. why? because they've got the power to do it. you walk across the hall, not sure where they morph into a different science, but you don't have to. mark my words. this is just the beginning. in a few weeks, schools are supposed to open again. we know what the science says about covid and children. we're going to start seeing new reports, won't be printed, that'll try to keep the schools closed. maybe if i whisper the president will listen. he tries it. then they'll try to shut our businesses down one more time. operation warp speed provided vaccines that were tested, that worked, that are effective,
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study and science prove it sthoasm hospitalization rates prove it so. i don't know of one person in this chamber that's going to get struck by lightning today. but i do know even though the odds are better of getting struck by lightning than being hospitalized if you're vaccinated, that if we don't wear a mask we'll have to pay $500. mr. ryan: i would like to yield myself such time as i may consume. i'm prepared to close on this bill but since my name was invoked i want to make a couple of comments about what the majority lead -- about what the minority leader was saying. maybe to the shah begin of the staff here. the attending physician of the united states capitol, the top doctor


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