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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  July 26, 2021 11:44am-12:00pm EDT

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a front row seat to democracy. >> the u.s. house for -- returns today at noon eastern. legislative works at 2:00 p.m. tuesday, members will take up a spending package for 20, including money for labor, hhs, energy, and transportation. the senate returns today at 3:00 p.m. eastern to debate the nominee for the assistant attorney general of natural resources. they will vote on whether to advance a nomination. off the floor, negotiations continue on a bipartisan infrastructure bill that could be voted on later in the week if a deal is reached. watch house coverage on c-span. see the senate on c-span 2. the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol holds its first hearing tuesday. officers from the u.s. capitol police and washington metropolitan police department
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will tell numbers what they saw and experienced that day. watch the hearing live tuesday, beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern, on c-span 3, online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. this is open form. if you have interests you want to talk about, (202) 748-8000 four democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8002 four independent. tomorrow, the select committee starts its work on looking at the events of january 6. speaker pelosi talked about the work of the committee, particularly in the light of appointing another publican and the republican decision not to put members on the committee. >> we have had an unprecedented action, and insurrection against our government. it is an assault on the congress
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on a day when the constitution required us to validate the work of the electoral college. this is not just any day of the week. this was a required date. our select committee will seek the truth. it is our patriotic duty to do so. we do not come in worried about what the other side has been afraid of us. we have a responsibility to seek it and find it. host: kevin mccarthy put out a statement about the committee yesterday.
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that statement coming from the minority leader, another person putting out a statement was adam kinzinger. he is serving on the commission. he is the second republican appointed to the committee. the first was liz cheney of
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wyoming. tomorrow is the first hearing talking to the capitol police and other police officials. you can see that on c-span 3 starting tomorrow. you can listen on our c-span radio app. host: jay is up in new hampshire. go ahead. caller: thank you. i was hoping to get on with the law professor. i had questions about the who and its changing of some key language in their policy formats. they were changing the definition of a pandemic to mean that no one had to die before it was declared a pandemic. incredibly, they changed the definition of herd immunity to say that it only is conferred through vaccination, which is
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crazy. they backpedaled on that and said herd immunity was also a factor in that. i was also concerned about the cdc. they are not describing their investigations into the actions to the shots. they are required to do that. that would compromise the emergency use authorization. i was hoping to ask the professor those questions. thank you very much. host: let's go to conyers, georgia. caller: good morning. i appreciate you letting me get on. we continued to talk about uniting the country. you had a earlier that said black lives matter in antifa
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burned down the country last year. those are reasons why they shouldn't support the january 6 insurrection. clearly, that's a lie. there is not any pushback that black lives matter had anything to do with the sedition on january 6 or the nonsense that black lives matter is this left-wing crazy. there is not enough pushback on that. that's it. tell the truth. let's move forward. let's stop all this foolishness. host: palm beach florida, good morning. caller: i am calling regarding covid increases in numbers. no one has addressed illegal immigrants entering the country with no testing and no vaccination.
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there is one -- two sets of rules. i don't get it. somebody breaks our law and we expect them to follow our rules. apparently, that is not the case. host: that is barbara in florida. the wall street journal looks at activities in afghanistan after the announcement to pull troops out of there. this concerns airstrikes.
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that is highlighted in the story. you can read it on the website of the washington journal. alexandria, virginia. hello. caller: good morning. one thing i wanted to bring up, i don't know if we've ever had a president who lost the presidency who still goes on spewing falsehoods about the election. as one of their caller alluded to, making sure that people who follow the guidelines of the country are held accountable when they break the rules of the country, specifically targeting the insurrection.
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there are a lot of different notions going on. i am looking at the way the country is established. it seems there is a large group that wants to follow the lie. host: all to mont springs, florida. we will hear from maggie. caller: good morning. i for one i'm tired of the time being spent on january 6. a group of people did bad things, get over it. quit trying to blame our former president for it. these people were acting on their own. they didn't behave correctly. what is there to investigate? host: you don't think there were causes behind what happened? caller: of course, they were
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upset that mr. trump didn't get into office. how is that investigation procedure going forward? they have arrested people. they've done what they can do. i don't see why they are wasting more of our time on this investigation. host: why would you advise people to get over it? caller: get over it and move forward with the country. host: why would you do that? caller: because there's nothing to investigate. law enforcement handle it. host: considering the end results of what you saw that day? caller: yes. host: ok. that is going to be part of the questioning. many investing -- will question the police in particularly. we are taking a look at the
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issue of the situation at the capital on that day. follow along at c-span starting at 9:30 a.m. you can follow along at independent line from new hampshire, this is catherine. caller: good morning. concerning the coronavirus, there is the gruesome more deadly question, i suggest reading the book germs. it was published in 2001. it's about biological weapons and america's secret war. if american dollars funded the wuhan lab, how much money did we
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give the lab? who okayed the funding? did the deep state or u.s. health agency ok the dollars? we need answers to determine actions and policies to stop the research in the future. they said no to the research. host: ok. caller: the world would not even be in this mess. host: one of the pieces you will find this morning is how democrats are reacting to voting laws throughout the united states. a fear of turnout catastrophe in
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the politico. politico is where you can find that story. in louisiana, we will hear from rodney. go ahead. caller: i have a comment. i love your program.
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every time you turn the tv on, you see evangelicals, conservatives, so-called republicans. they seem to know the problem with the black family in america today. they didn't have a problem with slavery when black people being sold. i don't understand how they claim the breakup of the black family today. host: milton is in taylor, michigan. caller: i would like to know if you are going to be an american, everyone in the united states are all americans. why do you categorize us to the point where it's black america,
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asian america, chinese america, when you become an american citizen, everyone should have the same rights. why do we need to pull nationality in? i'm just a white american. it doesn't matter what color you are or where you are from. an american is an american. when you become an american citizen, everyone should have the same rights and laws. host: ok. caller: i don't care if it's black lives matter, leave the black part out. they broke the law. if a white person does it, they broke the law. >> and we will leave the conversation here because the u.s. house is about to gavel in, part of a loss long commitment to bring you


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