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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  July 26, 2021 10:58am-11:18am EDT

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investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol holds the first hearing tuesday. officers from the capitol police and washington police department will tell members what they saw and experienced on that day. watch the hearing live tuesday beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3 or listen with the free radio app. >> the cdc has their covid tracker online, and it tells us that among the united states, 163 million fully vaccinated and it breaks it down to percentages trade when you look at the people who have at least one dose, 188 million 472,188, about 56.8% of the population of those with at least one dose. but even if you take that number, it only shows 49.1% of
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people in the united states currently fully vaccinated, seeing the reports about the rates of vaccinations, concerns from the officials, and a recent poll by the associated press takes a look at questioning those about who have not taken the vaccine and the endpoint of why or why not, it said that if american adults among those who have not yet received a vaccine, 35% say we will probably will not and 45% say they definitely will not according to a pull from this issued press. it also adds saying 3% say they definitely will get the shot and 16% say they probably will and it adds 64% of unvaccinated americans have little to no confidence in the shot.
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we will show you more along the way, but when it comes to this idea of whether you are vaccinated or not, if you want to call and tell us if you are vaccinated and want to tell us why, (202)-748-8000. if you are unvaccinated and went to tell us why, (202)-748-8001. that is how you can call on the phone lines. perhaps you want to text, you can do so at (202)-748-8003. if you want to post on our social media feed, is the one place you can do that or on twitter at @cspanwj @cspanwj,. this was dr. anthony fauci esther day, to show you the headline from the bbc pickup of the interview he did on the sunday shows saying that the u.s. was heading in the wrong
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direction is delta cases rise and talked about models and predictions. here's a little from that sunday show. [video clip] >> one modeled by the covid-19 scenario rejected at the u.s. does not improve the vaccination rate, cases will continue to rise, and the u.s. could see a tripling of the current daily death toll, so up to 850 deaths by mid-october, although, the worst case scenario in the modeling, it could climb as high as 4000 deaths, about as bad as last winter. do you think it is possible it could get that bad, 4000 deaths a day? >> well, when they do modeling, they generally give you the worst and best case scenario, but somewhere in the middle, if you look historically at the modeling that has been done over the last 18 months, for the most part, it has been pretty accurate, so i am not so sure it would be the worst case
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scenario, but it will not be good. we are going in the wrong direction if you look at that inflection of the curve of new cases, and as you sit in the run to the interview, that isn't among the unvaccinated. since we have 50% of the country not fully vaccinated, that is a problem, particularly when you have a variant like delta, which has this extraordinary characteristic of being able to spread efficiently and easily from person-to-person, and we know we have many, many vulnerable people in this country who are unvaccinated, and that is the reason why i have said so many times we have the tools to blunt that and make that model wrong and if we don't, that model critics we will be in trouble as we get more cases. >> almost entirely the victims will be unvaccinated americans? >> well, yes. that is the issue, and that is
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the thing that sometimes gets confusing to people. if you are vaccinated, the vaccine is highly protective against the delta variant, particularly against severe disease, eating to hospitalization, and sometimes, ultimately, death. so as dr. walensky has said many times, and as i have said, it is an outbreak among the unvaccinated, so this is an issue predominantly among the unvaccinated, which is the reason why we are out there practically pleading with the unvaccinated people to go out and get vaccinated. that is the reason it is heartening and positive to hear people like governor hutchinson and others to go out there in their own state and say, hey, let's get vaccinated because that is the solution to this. [end video clip] host: dr. fauci yesterday from the sunday shows. the highlight in the wall street journal taking a look at florida when it comes to new cases, the
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doctor referenced florida leading in cases, with one in five new infections in the u.s. and over 73,000 cases the past week, and epidemiologist say various factors are a relaxation of preventative measures like mask wearing and social distancing, the spread of the highly contagious delta variant and congregation of people indoors during the hot summer months. that is the case in the wall street journal. as far as your state, if you wish to tell us why you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, let's start with robert in virginia, vaccinated. go ahead. caller: good morning. i am vaccinated with pfizer, and my wife is vaccinated with sputnik v. we got our vaccines because we travel. this pandemic has been a huge burden on both of us. we have beeneparated for months because of travel
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restrictions, so we really want everybody to be vaccinated so we can try to go back to normal. thank you, dr. fauci, for all the work and service you have done for us. my main question was, delta is causing big troubles, but isn't there also lander? and doing know how many more variants are going to pop-up before we can read about this in history books but instead of living through it? host: you said you traveled for work-related purposes? caller: and family related purposes. my in-laws are in europe, and my wife is in europe right now. i cannot go see them because of travel restrictions. she has a difficult time getting over here depending on whether or not she's allowed to leave based on the case count in russia where she is from. host: ok, let's hear from teresa, dan ridge, tennessee,
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says she is unvaccinated. good morning, teresa. caller: good morning. i do not believe the messengers. dr. fauci, if it was between dr. fauci telling me to get the vaccine and getting the vaccine, there is no way i would ever listen to dr. fauci, one word he says. matt has been wrong on everything. he admitted he lied in the beginning several times. he admitted he lied about the vaccine. joe biden, kamala harris came out and said in the beginning they do not trust it with president donald trump, and they said they would not take it, and they have been the only people doing the misinformation, and this vaccine, they clearly do not believe it works. why would you ask somebody who has been vaccinated to mask up unless the vaccine does not work?
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go ahead. host: you said the messengers or involved, is dr. fauci the only messenger you are relying on and you have nobody locally as to whether you should take the vaccine or not? caller: first, two points to that question, dr. fauci and the ones who are democrats, so to speak, are the only ones you are allowed to hear now because that is all you have now. you never have anybody with a different opinion. facebook has censored anybody who might have a different opinion. it is like a government sanctioned, all you see is people that supported out there talking about it. you have no difference of views anywhere. i am talking about i wore the mask, i did exactly what they said for a year. i did not work, i stayed in the house, we never went anywhere unmasked, and i got it in march
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of this year, i got the coronavirus, and i got it very bad. i still will not take the vaccine. there is no way i will take that vaccine. i do not believe you all. host: ok, you made your point. let's go to connie in chicago, illinois. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i want to say that i am 75 and have underlying issues, and listening to dr. fauci, whom i fully trust, i have a lot of faith in what he says, and he has been essentially telling us that the only thing that will protect us from covid is the vaccine. that is all we have, so, you do not have to be a graduate of biology or some type of phd to understand reasonable logic. what else do we have to protect us? my husband and i got the
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pfizer. we have been fully protected. we have been adding other things to help us to stay fully protected, including keeping our children away from our home until and unless they get vaccinated. listening to these people saying that they do not trust dr. fauci or the other medical experts, i would like to know, what medical school did they go to? where did they get their medical degree? host: but fundamentally, why do you trust dr. fauci? caller: because he is a medical epidemiologist, he is an expert in these diseases, infectious diseases. why should i not trust him? has anybody come up with any evidence that is substantiated to say that you should not protect -- excuse me, leave what dr. fauci says? he is not going to get on there and lie like this former guy
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used to do 42,000 -- 40 thousand times. host: dr. fauci worked for the former guy, did you trust him then? caller: i did because he was telling the truth, the former guy was a documented liar. i mean a pathetic liar, so dr. fauci has proven for incredible credentials, the former guy did not. host: the former person is the former president, donald trump, which dr. fauci worked with as far as the task force. let's hear from new york on our unvaccinated line. frank, go ahead. caller: hi, pedro. first of all, this is the first time i am calling. i do not think i am going to get the vaccination because i was contemplating on getting one before, even all my three adult
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children told me not to. i was thinking about it, but, anyway, regardless, i went for a physical, and i am not going to mention the name of the hospital, the hospital gave me a flu shot. when they gave me the flu shot, they also made an appointment for me to get the vaccination within two days of the flu shot. i left the hospital wondering why? i have been around for quite some time. i am 65 years old, and i have friends who are doctors. so, i was talking to one of the doctors, a friend of mine, and he told me, if you are just getting your flu shot, do not even try getting the vaccination. now, my point is, how come the hospital did not know that? host: did he explain why he said that? caller: he told me it is dangerous for you to get the flu shot within two days and then get vaccinated.
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how come the hospital not know that? -- caller: my children told me not to do it so i am not doing it. first, i was almost contemplating going against them. i was with them. they were using me for experiments. host: that is frankly in yonkers explaining why he has not decided to get vaccinated. you can explain your reasons why you have decided to vaccinated
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were to not get vaccinated. if you are vaccinated, (202) 748-8000. if you are not, (202) 748-8001. this is priya, saying when it comes to the vaccination process, yes, because i am fire risk. -- taxes paid for it. and not that prevention heavily recommended by our doctor. let's go to james. hello. caller: it makes me angry to hear people talk about's -- talk about the ignorance of what
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is going on. are you there? host: let's start with why you have decided to get vaccinated. tell us why? caller: because it is proven. all these people calling dr. fauci a liar, let me tell you. we were saved from the because of dr. -- we were saved from aids because of dr. fauci. believe me. i am not mad at the people who are not listening were our unvaccinated, but it is going to stupid. host: you said the reason you took the vaccination is because it is proven. tell me what you mean. caller: i'm 75 years old, vietnam veteran. i have some illnesses going on. i want to be safe.
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i have close people to me that her -- that are not listening, but i'm just saying we have to do this. this vaccination is not perfect it is not 100% but it is working . i will say this. they are guaranteeing us that this winter is going to be worse than last winter. host: that is james in spring valley. the cdc also posts cases versus deaths in the u.s. when it comes to covid related matters. 34 million plus cases of covid. the seven-day case rate per 100,000 is 100.1. that is information from the cdc when it comes to total number of cases versus total deaths.
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you can continue this hour in the next 40 minutes or so, let us know your thoughts on why you are or are not vaccinated. a lot happening this week outside of discussions when it comes to the vaccine, particularly when it comes to the white house efforts. jessica chambers joins us. guest: that is not where the
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white house wanted to be, up to 70% earlier this month, but white house officials sharing via twitter that they are encouraged by the uptake they have seen in the last few days of the americans who were getting vaccinated, so they are suggesting they had reason to believe there is some progress being made on the number of vaccinations as a focus on this issue brings back up in the national media and also from experts and officials. host: i was going to say that uptick, did they attribute it to the recent announcement they made as far as stepping up their efforts to educate more people about the vaccine? ♪


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