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tv   President Biden Campaigns for Terry Mc Auliffe in Virginia  CSPAN  July 23, 2021 11:25pm-12:17am EDT

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lives in danger. >> you will also hear from democrats from colorado and new jersey. "january 6: views from the house," on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app. >> president biden spoke at a campaign rally for the democratic nominee for virginia governor, terry mcauliffe, who served as governor from 2014-2018. during his remarks, the president praised the outgoing governor and said mr. mcauliffe would make a great partner for his administration. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> 13 million more meals were served, i think dorothy for that. first of all, i would like to thank our great chairwoman for the great work she is doing. congressman don byer, our majority leader for the great work they have done. i want to thank the great chair of my campaign, louise lucas, the senate pro tem, who has done a great job for the commonwealth of virginia. i want to say this now, on behalf of all of us, i want to give a great offer of thanks to
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our great governor and first lady pam northam, ralph thank you for everything you have done for the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] and a huge thank you to our democratic ticket. we have our delegates and our next lieutenant governor, the first woman lieutenant governor in virginia history, right over here. [applause] and we have got our great attorney general, who will come back to make sure he is defending us and keeping virginia moving forward. [applause] virginia democrats are really going to deliver for our commonwealth with this amazing team we have in place. let me say to all of you, thank you. i cannot think of a better place to be. this beautiful evening, right here, with our president, joe biden.
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[cheers and applause] let me just say this. it is amazing how far virginia has come over the last eight years. i remind everybody in this audience, when we took office in 2013 we were facing the most anti-women, anti-gay, anti-environment, pro-gun legislation in the united states of america. we inherited an economy in crisis. we have made great strides, but virginia has big challenges ahead of us. it will take clear plans and experienced readership to move virginia forward and lift all virginians up. [cheers and applause] that is exactly what i did is your 72nd governor of the commonwealth of virginia, and it is what i will do as the 74th governor of the commonwealth of
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virginia. [applause] as governor, i woke up every single day trying to make better -- trying to make life better for all virginians. we created new jobs. 1100 new economic projects. 20 billion in new capital. personal income went up 14% when i was governor. unemployment dropped from 5.8 to 3.3% and i was governor, and i am proud unemployment dropped in every city and county in the commonwealth of virginia. [cheers] and our world communities, most saw unemployment dropped -- and in our rural communities, most saw unemployment dropped. some are the most republican economies in the state, but that did not matter to me. i was willing to work with reasonable republicans to bring
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jobs to every corner of this commonwealth. we did this on clean energy, we invested in education, expanding pre-k to thousands of our children here in virginia. [cheers] and speaking of education, i would like to give a shout out to the best professor we have at northern genia college. our own dr. jill biden. and she is doing a great job representing our country in the olympics, but working together we came so far, but we have a long way to go. covid has been so tough for so many families. we must take this opportunity to build a stronger virginia where every single virginian can
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thrive. i think you deserve to know where i stand on the issues. that is why i have released 140 pages of detailed policy plans so you know exactly what i will do as governor. we will create thousands of new high-paying jobs here in virginia. i promise you we will make sure virginians have high pay and benefits, and we will get paid sick days here in the commonwealth of virginia, and we will get family medical leave here in the commonwealth of virginia. and i promise i will raise the minimum wage to $13 in the next three years. we will reduce health care costs, and that starts by taking down drug who have raised drug prices.
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during the pandemic, they have raised prices on over 8000 drugs. -- over 1000 drugs. i will renegotiate and i will get sunlight laws to expose greater price increases. i promise you i will not allow or tolerate pharmaceutical companies coming into virginia and ripping off our citizens. i will hold them accountable. i promise you i will invest an additional $2 billion in education. my plan will lift up every child across virginia by focusing on preparing our students for jobs of the 21st century, and i promise i will raise the teachers' pay above the national average for the first time in virginias history. and i promise you as governor, i will get broadband access to every single virginia home.
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folks, that is why i am running for governor. i am running for you. my opponent -- [boos] rep. mccaul: of -- sen. mcconnell: of -- >> he is not running for you. he is running for donald trump. folks, don't take my word for it, the man has said so himself. he has said, and this is a direct quote, donald trump represents so much of why i am running. he said he is honored to have donald trump's endorsement. in fact, he has endorsed him three times. so you have got to ask yourself why is it that glenn young kim
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and donald trump are so close? because they share an agenda, an agenda that is completely out of touch with virginians. let's start at the beginning. let's start at the beginning of his campaign. he launched his campaign on an election integrity plan that was based on donald trump's conspiracy theory about the 2020 election. and for five months, that was the only plan he had on his website. he called it the most important issue. i am going to clear it up for you. joe biden won that election fair and square. [cheers] [crowd chanting "terry!"]
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>> thank you. listen to this. we saw a shocking video in which he admits behind closed doors what he wants to do as governor. he was caught on tape saying that when he gets elected, he will go into office and defund planned parenthood and ban abortions in virginia. we have seen this playbook before. when i was governor, trump-style republicans tried to shut down every single one of our health care facilities for women, every single one of them, all 16. they tried to defund planned parenthood. i looked through those bills. i stopped them before. i stopped them again. i promise you i will protect women's rights here in the commonwealth of virginia.
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but the worst part of the video, the worst part, glenn youngk in is caught on tape admitting that he is lying to the voters. he is saying to this tape he cannot tell his voters his real agenda because if he does, he will lose his election, and this is what people hate about politicians -- lying directly to their face. let's take the economy. glenn lies about the virginia economy every single day. he says we are in a ditch. really, a ditch? governor northam and i can give
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this private equity guy a little facts on economics because just last week, virginia was just named the top state in america for business for the second year in a row, and the only state to get it twice. [cheers and applause] so with lies like that, it is no surprise that glenn youngkin is the first candidate in 36 years to refuse to debate his opponent at the virginia bar association. think of that. folks, glenn youngkin is scared to debate me. he is a chicken. [applause] glenn, i will debate you anywhere you want, anytime you want. let's go. but instead of me debating tomorrow, which has gone on for 36 years, i am before you tonight to tell you about virginia's plan to move forward.
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we will create jobs, make health care more affordable, and give every single child a world-class education. but i need your help. the election is just over 100 days away. between now and november 2, i need your help. i need you to work every single day and night. sleep is way overrated. i need you in the game because we can take virginia to the next level. we are going to do it with the help of my good friend of 40 years. you know who is going to help us? joe biden! [cheers] mr. mcauliffe: let me say this, when joe biden was sworn in on january 20, joe biden was hard at work adding our country back on track. thanks to our efforts, we have gotten shots in the arms of more than 9 million virginians. the american rescue plan has
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injected new life into our, -- into our economy, keeping small businesses afloat and providing more than $3 billion in funding for our virginia schools. right now, the families of 1.5 million children in virginia are now receiving a little extra help, and that is all thanks to joe biden's child tax credit. thank you, mr. president. let me say this. what did my opponent, glenn youngkin, have to say about the american rescue plan? do you know what he called it? unnecessary. [boos] i have got to tell you, i can't think of anything more necessary than having a president and governor who are committed to lifting up all virginians, making sure our children get the best quality education, strengthening our economy.
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that is what we can do. president biden has always been a great friend to virginia. he was a great ally. he leaned in on critical issues and worked with me when i saved the port of virginia. he helped with a cybersecurity initiative for historically black colleges and universities. [cheers and applause] and when i needed help to unclog all of these virginia road, who did i call? joe biden, and he helped me secure the largest transportation loan in the history of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and he worked with me as we made virginia the first state of america to functionally end veteran homelessness. he has been there for us time and time again, and can you imagine what we will get done for virginia?
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if i am back as governor, let me tell you, folks, this state is going to take off like a booster rocket! ladies and gentlemen, our president, joe biden. ♪ >> ♪ rumi a higher love -- bring me a higher love bring me a higher love bring me a higher love where is that a higher love that i keep thinking of ♪ ♪
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pres. biden: hello, virginia. so great to be back. first off, it goes without saying how much i appreciate your current governor ralph northam, by the way. because of the hard work of the american people, we put ourselves in a position to control the virus instead of it controlling us. here in virginia, covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations are down 90% since january. 54% of your population has been fully vaccinated. 82% of your seniors, both of which are above the national average. but this did not happen by itself. it is due to the heroic vaccination programs, one of the greatest, most complex operational challenges in american history. it happens when we work
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together. the federal government, states, cities, the private sector, and all americans. it happens when you have governors like ralph, a key partner in coordinating fema and the national guard to move personnel and resources around the state to get shots in arms. it happens when you are honest with people. i know folks are watching the number of cases rising again and are wondering what it means for them. here is the truth -- if you are fully vaccinated, you are safer with a higher degree of direction. but if you're not vaccinated, you are not protected. what we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. by the way, you know the old expression. you've noticed a lot of our very conservative friends have finally had an altar call.
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they have seen the lord. whether it is on fox news or it is the most conservative commentators or governors. thank god the governor of alabama had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country and is now, i am genuinely complimenting her. [boos] pres. biden: that's ok. that is all right. [crowd clamoring] that's ok. look. it is not a trump rally. let him holler. nobody is paying attention. [cheers and applause]
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>> with all the covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations among young vaccinated people, i know it has gotten a bit politicized, but i hope it is starting to change. it is not about blue or red states or guys like that hollering. it is about life and death. i know governor northam will work like the devil to finish the job. thank you. look, we have another great friend. they've been around a long time and seldom do i get to campaign for someone who i have agreed with more on basically everything. we go back all the way to roots in syracuse, new york. and before that, i'm ashley
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talking about dorothy. [laughter] look, she has always been there for me and jill when we needed her most. she was an incredible first lady of virginia, and she will be again. she is the very best. [applause] dorothy, speaking of first lady, i'm jill's husband. jill wanted to be here tonight, but if you turn on the olympics can watch team usa, you will see jill biden standing there cheering with them. the japanese prime minister, who i invited as the first person to come to the white house as head of state, made it clear. he didn't want me. he wanted her to go. he is a man of incredible judgment. [laughter] look, folks. it's great to be with my friend
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and your once and future governor terry mcauliffe. [cheers and applause] think about this. [crowd chanting "terry!"] you are not going to find anyone who knows how to get more done for virginia than terry. that is a fact. you don't have to wonder what kind of governor terry will be. you know what he was and what he will be again. he was a great governor of virginia and he will be greater this time because he is more -- has more going for him. virginia, you've got to elect him again. [applause] i mean this. not just for virginia, but for the country. the country is looking. these off year elections, the country is looking. this is a big deal. terry and i share a lot in
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common. i ran against donald trump and so has terry. [laughter] [applause] i whipped donald trump in virginia, and so will terry. [applause] i tell you what, the guy terry is running against is an acolyte of donald trump, for real. i don't know where these guys come from. i really mean it. above all, terry and i share the same vision about these results. maybe more importantly, why we got involved in politics in the first place. the very wealthy -- and i respect anybody who makes a lot of money. you should be able to be a millionaire or billionaire as long as you pay your fair share, but here's the deal.
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they don't need me to protect them. i got involved in politics because of the neighborhood i came from, the towns i came from. deliver results for hard-working people if you just give them a chance. just a chance. they never let the country down. [cheers and applause] you know, i really mean that. that's not hyperbole. i really mean it. i have been in office now for six months as of a couple days ago. [applause] i think the administration has a lot to be proud of. we vaccinated over 160 million americans. we created over 3 million new jobs, more than any administration has in the first six months in the entire
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presidential history. it's never happened before. we are now estimated to be on track for an economy that we said would grow 3%, 3.5%. all of wall street suggests we will grow this economy 7% just this year. that is the highest growth in more than four decades in america. in fact, it is the best job growth in the world right now. [cheers and applause] in just the past few weeks, one of the biggest tax cuts in the history for families and kids went into effect just last week. [applause] i really mean this. it is about time that ordinary hard-working people get a tax break.
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[cheers and applause] parents are seeing that money going into their bank accounts right now. i'll tell you what it means for americans. we are going to cut child poverty in half this year because of that. [applause] terry and i share the same basic truth. trickle down has never worked. let's build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out. that's who we are. by the way, the wealthy have never done poorly when the middle class and working class people do well. they do well. terry understands that it started with the american rescue plan that has delivered immediate relief to the folks who need it most. folks were on the back of their
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heels, a lot of them locked down. those checks going to 80% of the adults in virginia provide a little bit of breathing room for people. that is to say and i really mean this, my dad said it is not about your paycheck, it is about your dignity. it is about respect. it is about your place in the community. it's about having joey. when we left everything and moved to delaware, he said, joey, it is about a little breathing room. that's all people ask for. just a little extra room. aid for small businesses. it helps them higher and open doors. excuse me. [cheers and applause] cities and counties can keep their police, firefighters, and first responders on the job.
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educators on the job. the american rescue plan lowers health insurance premiums for those buying the affordable care act by 40% on average, saving people $600 a year. [applause] terry knows the work continues that health care should be a right, not just a privilege. as i said, when i was running with terry, it is not enough to build back. i mean it sincerely. america is the only nation where it has faced a crisis and come back stronger than before the crisis. only one. i'm not joking. we have to build back and build back better. it's amazing how that has caught on around the world, isn't it? we know along with mark warner and tim kaine. [cheers and applause] they are working on this in
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congress. it means modernizing our physical infrastructure. folks, we used to invest more than any other country in the world in research and development. we had the number one infrastructure in the world. best roads, highways, roads, ports. it's about replacing lead pipes that are poisoning our kids in the water system. delivering high-speed internet to every single virginian, rural and urban. making sure to buy american so when we invest in jobs and we purchase all this, american workers are doing the work. it's not that complicated. it really is and, if you fight for it. terry and i share the belief that building back better means investing in human infrastructure. that is my plan. these are all the things he is fighting for. terry and i believe that if we educate our children earlier, they do better.
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[cheers and applause] by the way, no matter what background they come from, all the studies of the great universities in this state and others have pointed out that if a kid goes to not daycare, but preschool beginning at age three, they increase by 58% to -- the possibility of going all the way on through school and community college. that is why we support universal pre-k for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. [applause] if we get it done, you won't have to pay for it in virginia. we believe 12 years of education is not enough to compete in a 21st-century economy. that's what i want to make two years of community college available to every single american. [applause] we can afford to do this. i do have one concern.
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my wife, jill, is teaching full-time still as a community college professor. [cheers and applause] terry is going to be her boss again. she teaches at northern virginia community college. by the way, since the time she started working there, she has never stopped teaching. when we got elected, she thought i would object to her still teaching. i strongly supported it. teaching is not what my wife does, it's who she is. folks, look. the fact is, the idea that we are able to bring together people and give them great opportunities is totally within -- we can afford to do this. we can afford to do this if the very wealthy just start paying
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their fair share, just a little bit. terry and i know how hard the pandemic has been on working families, especially women. about 2 million women are still unable to go into the workforce during this pandemic due to things like not being able to afford childcare. look, when i got elected to the united states senate, i was 29 years old. between the time i got elected and before i was sworn in, there was an automobile accident and my wife and daughter were killed. my two boys almost died. by the way, i thank all firefighters who took the jaws of life three hours to get them out on top of their dead mom and sister. they saved their lives. i needed help. i was a senator making $42,000 a year. i could no longer afford daycare and someone to take care of my kids and fly.
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thank god, i have a sister who is my best friend. she and her husband, without my asking, moved in and helped me raise my kids, my mom and brother as well. i got lucky. look, the idea as a single mom or dad working and having young children, it is awful hard. that is why terry and i want to expand paid leave and childcare in this country. [cheers and applause] by the way, terry and i have been talking about this for a long time. we have been talking about high drug prices, how incredibly high they are and how we keep getting ripped off. we pay more for drugs than any major country in the world. here's the deal. there is a way to do it. let medicare negotiate drug prices. [cheers] guess what?
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all the prices are going to come down. it will pay for itself. i promise you, i will get that done. [cheers and applause] look, here's the deal. terry and i know this will be paid for. we support asking the wealthiest 1% who got that $2 trillion tax cut that, in fact, not a single penny was paid for, the so-called trump tax cuts. guess what? just beginning to pay their fair share. i come from the corporate capital of the world. more corporations are registered in delaware than every other state in the union combined. i have been elected 36 years there because i was honest with them. look, 50 of the biggest corporations in america on the fortune 500, 50 of them do not pay -- this is not an
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exaggeration, check it out -- not a single solitary any in federal taxes. not one. [boos] no, i just want to make it clear to you. [laughter] they made over $40 billion. if they paid a minimum tax of 15%, they raise dollars we need to do all this education were talking about here. look, when i was vice president and the president asked me to check out what major corporations needed the most, along with the secretary of commerce, we reviewed over 350 ceos and major corporations said we need a better educated workforce. guess what, they are not spending any money to educate that workforce. if we want to make sure america succeeds and runs the world, and becomes the most powerful economy in the world, we should
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make sure that we have a chance, these millionaires and billionaires, i am not one of these guys who say you should not be able to be a millionaire or billionaire. just pay your fair share. [applause] look, all told, experts in the world bank, experts like wall street, like moody's, estimate that my plant will grow the economy and create 2 million more jobs over the 16 million they said in 10 years. good paying jobs. a significant amount is jobs will pay an hour. $30-$50 90% of the jobs in our infrastructure plant go to those without a college degree. we have a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild america.
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once in a generation investment. american jobs and families will position us to win the competition in the 21st century. we have got to get it done. we need a partner like terry who is not only respected in the state but is respected all across america who knows how to get it done. folks, the last time he was governor, the virginia economy bloomed. unemployment went down in every single county, including rural virginia, by nearly 50%. he attracted major companies to the state. look how your state grew. and if you are in business, you know, the first thing you try to attract a company to your town is they ask what is the highway system? do have access to an interstate ? is the port available?
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do i have broadband? all of the things we need to build. by the way, virginia has a whole bunch of veterans and active-duty military members, more than almost any other state. and guess what? [applause] the american rescue plan marks one of the biggest investments in veterans health in a long, long time. the va hospitals that are 50 years old that have shortages of doctors and nurses. no veteran, from my son who passed away on, should pick up a phone and say or have a relative say i need help and say we cannot see you for a while. we owe them immediate action. immediate. [applause] it is a sacred obligation. i know no governor who stood up
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for military families more than this guy. good skills for good jobs like cybersecurity and health care. he also worked with the general assembly to fund more veteran centers. he understands, he knows. he knows about crime prevention as a top priority. he understands how important it is to find funding to provide law enforcement personnel with more resources, not fewer resources. [applause] look. we need to help him in a lot of ways. we need to do away with chokeholds, all those things, i agree. the other side of this is we need them to have more social workers, more psychological help. more psychologists. and where it happens, it works. personnel and resources to keep communities safe.
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and he has taken on the gun lobby to enact measures without infringing any second amendment rights, including keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. [applause] here's what else. terry will guarantee a $15 minimum wage. think about it, folks. maybe some of you, maybe you know people. anybody working 40 hours a week, making less than $15 an hour is in fact living in poverty as defined by poverty in america. it should not happen. period. [applause] an amazing number of american people who are struggling have rental costs and housing costs that are at least 30-35% of their income.
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how do you do that? how do you make it? especially if you have a child? look folks, housing that is affordable will be in this plan. when he thinks about the climate crisis, he thinks about three things. jobs, jobs, jobs. [applause] there is a reason why we will lead the world. i will close with this. i'm getting wrapped up in this. [laughter] [applause] look, this election and in 2022, the question that the american people will ask is whether or not we are helping them and their families. i have -- i believe in giving them a shot. we understand what they are going through.
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can we deliver for them? as democrats, we have to show that we understand. we are delivering for them. we are keeping our promises. we just need to keep making the case just as the republican party today offers nothing but fear, lies, and broken promises. i mean think about it. ,turn on the television and seeing the replay of what happened on generate sixth and saying, -- january 6, and saying i was told there were a lot of peaceful wonderful people? think about it. it is bizarre. we have to keep cutting through the republican fog that government is the problem. we gotta show that we the people are the solution. we are the most unique country -- think about this. we are the most unique country in the history of the world. not a joke. every other country is put
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together by race, religion, ethnicity, backgrounds, except for the united states. we are based on the only country in the world based on the proposition that we hold these truths to be self-evident because all women and men are created equal. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. we have never met the test but we have never walked away from it like the republicans have. never walked away. [applause] every administration, we move that needle further and further. we will have to go out and win this thing. races up and down the ticket. -- win races up and down the ticket. we gotta protect your majority and house of delegates. we gotta reelect the attorney general. we've got to reelect the lieutenant governor. we've got to elect terry to governor. he has been here before. he knows what to do.
12:09 am
he knows how to get things done. virginia we did it in 2020 and , in the battle for the soul of america, people voted. democracy prevailed. we have to do this again. i have said time and again, no matter what, you can never stop the american people from voting and they are trying like hell. [applause] the power in all american people. i promise you this, 50 years from now, our children and grandchildren will look back and know that it was at this moment that america won the 21st century again. it starts now. virginia, it starts with terry. it starts with you. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause]
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>> ♪ bring me a higher love bring me a higher love, oh bring me a higher love where is that higher love i keep thinking of bring me a higher love love, that love bring me a higher love that love, that love bring me a higher love that love, that love bring me a higher love that love, that love bring me a higher love that love, that love bring me a higher love that love, that love bring me a higher love worlds are turning we are just hanging on facing our fear and standing out
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there alone a yearning it is clear to me there must be someone out there for me things go so fast every day in this whole world what is fair we walk the line and try to see falling behind in what could be bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ >> saturday on the communicators. >> under obama, under trump and now under president biden, they have all been very strong in the same areas they believe in the future of artificial intelligence, self-driving, and these great technologies coming down that will make our lives better. as much as we say about the white house, i'll be talking
12:12 am
about the president or the people who do policy and get things done? i have to say the last few administrations we've had terrific people with a very consistent policy agenda. >> gary schapiro from the consumer technology association talked about technology and broadband access. saturday on c-span. >> sunday on q&a, a washington post columnist on her book, what to do with your money when crisis hits. >> is not a matter if there's going to be another economic crisis, but when viewed we want to set you up for the next crisis. it is not all about covid, but what recession is going to come down the road.
12:13 am
it may be long or short, but life is going to happen and i need you to repair now. i do a lot of financial seminars in my community and it is so hard to get people to save up and prepare when they are doing well. because they are doing well and they don't ink tomorrow is going to have an issue. i say you need to save, and they say i will get to it. when a crisis hits, everybody is in frugal mode and ready to do it, that is too late. the time to do that is when you have the resources and the ability to cut. it is easy to cut when you campaign for anything or things are shut down. i wanted to say, let's prepare, let's be like the fireman ready for the next fire. they hope it won't happen, but they will be prepared. >> michelle singleterry on q&a.
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you can also listen as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. >> this sunday, c-span premieres january 6: views from the house. 14 members of congress shared stories of what they saw, heard and experienced that day, including colorado democrat jason crow. he talks about how he felt as people tried to breach the house chamber. >> if you are not scared in a situation like that, there's something wrong with you or you don't understand the magnitude of the situation. there was a moment i was going to ask one of the officers of for his firearm because i have used firearms before. i know i am capable of doing what is necessary to protect myself and protect others, but i did not know whether the officers were. my experience in combat is you never know who is willing to actually pull that trigger and do what is necessary.
12:15 am
but i knew that i could. i was thinking about asking the officer for his firearm, i ended up not to because -- not to, because i didn't want to put him in that position. i am a very different person from when i was a ranger. i thought i could take the uniform off years ago and i had left that life behind me. i have changed. i never thought it would converge. i never thought i would be in the position of having to think like that and potentially having to act like that. certainly not as a member of congress in 2021 in the house chamber of the u.s. capitol. >> this week you will also hear from a republican -- an oklahoma republican and a new jersey democrat. starting this sunday on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app.
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>> next, look at how cities are addressing climate change with los angeles mayor eric garcetti, atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms, and the madison mayor. this is one hour and 40 minutes. rep. castor: members are responsible for their own microphones. documents must submitted to the repository. finally, witnesses eer


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