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tv   House Republican Leader Mc Carthy Holds News Conference  CSPAN  July 23, 2021 6:41am-7:00am EDT

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house minority leader kevin mccarthy talk about speaker pelosi's decision to block to republicans on the committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol. reporters about speaker pelosi's decision to block two republican lawmakers from serving on a select committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. leader mccarthy also talked about federal spending and inflation. mr. mccarthy: good afternoon. before we begin, i'd like to wish a happy birthday to a guy
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in the back of the room, caleb smith. happy birthday. he's a good man. as lawmakers, we are here to serve people. our main mission is to work on issues that will positively impact the constituents we are sent to serve in washington. to do that effectively, we need to engage directly with the american people. to get a sense of their major concerns and what's happening in their day-to-day lives and how we can make it better. over the past week, i set out just to do that. because democrats' reckless spending has led to inflation, i asked the american people to send me their stories about the soaring inflation but how does it personally affect them and their families. the stories i heard are just devastating. there's a few here i'd like to bring up. first, chuck from arkansas. he writes, i'm on a fixed income. i'm retired from the state
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police and the national guard. my everyday expenses are up. my small amount of money is worth less. for example, i just bought gas for my truck. last year it cost $35 to fill up. this time it cost $92. how many of us across america have actually felt that as they fill their cars up? katrina from idaho. gas is $3.78 a gallon. milk is almost $3 a gallon. we have cut spending at the grocery store a bunch since prices have gone up. no extra outings or eating out. home improvements are on hold until prices come down. mike, a lead pastor at the church. my wife and i can't do as much as we used to do for others. so we're not liking that. we're on a fixed income and working on building a church congregation from scratch. we're seeing many who are going without food, medication, etc.
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so we're taking food to them to hopefully make their lives easier. . inflation is destroying our financial security. as i watched a clip from the president's town hall last night, i couldn't see a person more out of touch. a small business owner struggling to survive through the pandemic, he has government competing with him with high unemployment and $15 and can't bring people back to work. i wish the president understood what it's like to own a small business. for all the small business owners are first to work, last to leave and last to be paid. what they went through during the pandemic, so many did not make it. they shut down and all their investment is gone. they are trying to survive today
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and that's the response they get. prices are going up. not just republicans sounding the alarm on inflation. larry summers who severed as treasury secretary under president clinton and has been warning since february that biden's spending agenda would lead to inflation. unfortunately larry was right. last week, treasury secretary said that americans have to brave through several more months of rapid inflation. it is not the stories we have told. the white house says and the treasury secretary, prepare for more, eat less, drive less. this week, the president, choice words, that prices are now up. and what does he propose? more spending.
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not working together. not finding to put an infrastructure package together but bernie sanders' approach of $3.5 trillion. if the president won't listen to us or his own economic advisers back when he was vice president, i don't know who he'll listen to. but america deserves more. republicans will continue to work to bring inflation down, secure our borders and stop crime in the streets. because unfortunately since democrats have taken the majority, took the majority in the house, first thing they did was defund the police. i watched in my own home state, people walk into stores and walk out without paying. big named brands like target have to close down and can't survive in a big city like san
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francisco. we see young kids walking the streets of new york being tackled and being shot. in chicago, where they defunded the police or a man and woman are pulled from their car and shot on the street dead. we watched our border wide open with the new policies of this administration. fentanyl has increased by 300%. it goes to every single city in america and adds to the death of our youth and others. it is time to stop that. to make sure the next century for america can be better. we'll open it up for questions. should i answer it before you ask it? reporter: what is wrong with having liz cheney and potentially adam kizzinger serve
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on the select committee and might provide balance with having one or two members of your conference to find out what happened. mr. mccarthy: you know it and we predicted it, this is a sham committee that is politically driven by speaker pelosi. we proposed to do a commission back in january, she said no, she wanted to make it political. she waited 10 weeks to say anything else. i don't think anybody in america and your viewers understand what a sham this committee is and how politically driven, for her to pick and choose to can serve on and the ranking member on judiciary would have jurisdiction cannot serve, when she decides jim banks who served his nation in the navy in afghanistan, that he can't serve here, when she selects a chair of the committee that believes republican senators are equal to terrorists, just dropped a
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lawsuit against a president and objected to the electors when it came to the election of george bush, i think even you would understand that. yes, sir. reporter: how do you view -- [indiscernible] mr. mccarthy: i haven't seen all the details. i like the idea of people working together and having an infrastructure bill. if there is one thing we should be able to do is infrastructure. i laid out to the president what i thought a bipartisan infrastructure bill would look like. you have to agree what infrastructure means, roads, bridges, highways and broadband and airports. we would look at the need of the nation. we want to make sure we can make reform with nepa and others so your money would go further. i think we can find compromise. that moment in time when they did get an agreement, the president said there was an
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agreement but he said i need the other $3 trillion. listen to the stories. since the new administration and democratic majority, they proposed a bill with a nice title, but it has nothing to do with it. we watched what they did at the beginning of the year and less than 9% going to it and now we have inflation. i would like the idea of a bipartisan infrastructure bill. reporter: there is one. mr. mccarthy: they don't -- they can't vote on it yet because they don't have one. a trillion dollars is a lot of money but i would like to see the details. but the concept of putting one together, i would like to do that. yes, ma'am. [indiscernible question]
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mr. mccarthy: our main focus is making sure we stop the run-away inflation. the idea of securing our borders and making sure the crime that is rising in california and throughout the entire nation because of defunding the police, that we stop all that. from the standpoint that others could be busy on other things, that is a conference decision. yes, ma'am. [indiscernible question] mr. mccarthy: i don't understand how i have shifted my tone -- >> more republicans coming out advocating for a vaccine.
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mr. mccarthy: i disagree with the nature because i don't think we shifted in our tone. the republican advocated for operation warp speed. we funded it. when i sat back and watched the then-senator of california criticized and questioned whether they should get a vaccine as she was running for vice president or the number of democrats in the house go to the microphones and criticize operation warp speed, think about what we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time. dr. fauci said it was impossible to do that quickly. and the idea that we could have not one, but more, more than three vaccines out there. the investment we made, i think many times people will study that. the number of lives we were able to save after this virus had come from a foreign land. i think republicans will go down from the perspective of looking
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forward and saving a lot of lives and we haven't changed from that position. maybe through media, people are just now hearing it. and president trump deserves a lot of credit for that. i know when president biden -- i know he got the vaccine before he got sworn in but his own vice president criticized it and it was not great for all of us. [indiscernible question] mr. mccarthy: i think when members first got the vaccine, that's what they were doing and showing. more information should be provided. because at this moment in time,
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i think anyone who wants a vaccine should be able to get it. the aspect to it, many times, if people have questions about it, let's answer the questions and let's not say, oh, you can't put any information out. i think what would have people have greater trust, provide all the science, provide all the information. instead of trying to withhold something, that would bring somebody more doubt. that's the wrong approach and at times we hear that from the white house and that's just wrong. [indiscernible question] mr. mccarthy: i would hope so. from what the speaker has done, that puts a great deal of doubt in it. i mean, at no time in the
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history of a select committee in america and i checked with the historian, as what speaker pelosi has done, ever happened before. the idea she is going to pick and choose, you are not going to get an outcome. and put a chairman on that elected to the election of george bush and a chairman on this committee that just had to now pull back on his lawsuit against president trump. and she questions having jim banks, a naval officer who served in afghanistan, that somehow she pre-determined. it doesn't matter today what she does with that committee because it's not going to change the outcome because what is a pre-determined or already written report. at the same time she played politics with this for six months, its senate acted.
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the f.b.i. has investigated. and the architect of the capitol has $10 million. there are two questions, why were we so ill prepared. if you read the senate report, they knew about this on december 14. why were we so ill prepared? second is, you got to make sure it never happens or has the ability to happen again. we have lost officer evans on good friday from a driven individual that could be politically motivated. i think everything should be looked at. reporter: leader mcconnell has said that he thinks democrats are going to go this alone and republicans won't vote for it. what is your position on the debt ceiling? how would you hike to see the issues dealt with and should the
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democrats put it in reconciliation? mr. mccarthy: democrats have put into forms. the idea -- you got inflation caused by their spending and warning from their own democrats , warning from their own economic advisers that if they go forward with this, they will get inflation. they went forward with it. inflation is a tax on every single american. you just listen to the first story of a retired police officer and national guard in arkansas that just last year he paid $35 to fill up his truck. today it's $92 or that mom who says they can't eat out anymore. they propose to spend another $3.5 trillion. i can't think of one republican who wants to vote to allow them
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to do it. they should think look long and hard with the debt ceiling coming. they should listen to america of the damage they are causing, not just of the crime in the streets because of defunding the police or the drugs coming into america. they are just not drugs, they are catching terrorists on the watch list. these are not the senators on the other side that they believe are terrorists but terrorists that on the watch list coming across this border. there is inflation rising that we haven't seen in more than a decade. there is a tax on every american. when it comes to the debt ceiling, take it serious and stop digging the hole they are creating for america. >> you said about being prepared.
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