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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  July 22, 2021 2:45pm-3:18pm EDT

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>> the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol holds its first meeting tuesday. watch the hearing live tuesday beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3, online at, or listen with the free c-span radio app. tagram, @. we will hear about those decisions. politico, the headline is a pelosi vetoes banks, jordan for january 6 select committee. they write that policy stunned that gop on wednesday by vetoing two of mccarthy's choices for a select panel investigating the january 6 attack. move all but aaron teed to spark a republican boycott. pelosi rejected jim banks of
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indiana, tapped to serve as ranking member, and jim jordan of ohio, both of whom voted to challenge certification of biden's electoral winds earlier this year. her decision sent shockwaves through the house and is likely to galvanize republicans against any participation in the investigation. the comments yesterday. after that, it was announced in a news conference on capitol hill -- also a news statement from pull too. -- from pelosi. this is kevin mccarthy. >> this shows exactly what i warned in january, the policy would play politics -- pelosi would play politics. the senate bipartisan. schumer did not pick who went on for the republicans. they have reports from two
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different committees. two main questions. why was the capitol so ill prepared for that day when they knew under summer 14, they had a problem: what have we done to make sure that never happens again? pelosi has created a sham process. unless she reverses course and seats all five republicans, we will not participate. host: speaker pelosi making that announcement yesterday, saying, with respect to the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth, with concern about statements made and actions taken by this members, i must reject the recommendations of banks and jordan to the select committee. the unprecedented nature of january 6 demands this
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unprecedented decision. that is from nancy pelosi. (202) 748-8000 four democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. the one remaining republican member on the panel will be liz cheney, appointed by nancy pelosi. she spoke to reporters outside the capitol yesterday afternoon. rep. cheney: we supported what would have been the very best option, which was a bipartisan
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>> one of whom may be a material witness to the events that led to that day, that led to january 6. the other who disqualified himself by his comments in particular over the last 24 hours, demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously, he is not dealing with the facts of this investigation, but rather viewed it as a political platform. host: and the "politico" playbook team this morning with some analysis on that decision yesterday by house speaker pelosi and the decision too by kevin mccarthy, the republican leader. we haven't heard whether democrats intend to do so. some democrats think any republican who objected to the electoral college result should be barred from serving on the panel but pelosi ousted only two of the three republicans
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who did so, suggesting this was not her guiding motivation. they also write, it's important to note that jordan and banks, both fiery trump allies, are effective communicators with their base, a threat to pelosi's messaging on this. but moving to silence members by kicking them off committees instead of trying to make the better argument is a new tack in oversight. and the precedent has long-term implications. we wouldn't be surprised if a future speaker returned the favor if and when the time comes. let's get to calls and hear first from ronnie in georgia.
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the people who stormed the capitol that day were in-grown terrorists. to get on the right committee. trump don't want that. some of the republicans don't want that. we need to find the facts. these two, jordan and banks, is going to put more problems within the committee than trying to find out. the main thing, i'll say again, after years and years on january 6, again, election results, why this year we had people to storm the capitol. why? because someone stirred up a lie. it was stolen. you have people that, when you hear that word and somebody
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stirred it, just like stirring up for fire, as long as the fire is down but when you get to stirring up, it brings more and more. that's what 45 did. host: all right. to falls church, virginia. olver is next on the independent line. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: we can. just ask that you mute your set. go ahead with your comment. caller: ok, yet, i cut that volume completely off. listen, very important. i've got to say this. i lived in the metro d.c. area, northern virginia, born in alexandria, all my life. i was appalled yesterday that kevin mccarthy is playing this game that he's doing with the american people. the american people that wake up and realize that the republicans are pulling us away from democracy. thank god for joe biden. thank god for liz cheney and people who want to get to the bottom of why these people
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attacked the capitol. i've lived in the metro area and been at the capitol numetrimes. never thought i'd see people attack that building. host: we'll go to the republican line next and hear from sophia in the bronx. caller: hello? host: good morning. you're on the air. mr. mckeon: yes, good morning, dear -- caller: yes, good morning, dear. you were the host the last time i called about nancy pelosi. when president trump shut down the government for 35 days, she told him you can come and have your state of the union speech but you got to open the government. he opened the government, it was on february 4, and all he did was to bring rush limbaugh a medal to give him, anyway,
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what he did was after -- [indiscernible] -- she tear up the paper. ok? the reason i'm saying this, nancy pelosi, that's the word i used when i spoke that day, she's beautiful, she's elegant, she's intelligent. what she did yesterday, i slept so good last night to take jordan when i heard jordan is going to be on the committee to do this, i said, lord, it's back. the 40 years we went -- [indiscernible] -- is back. i don't know -- anyway. i got so involved with this. thank you, nancy pelosi. host: the speaker yesterday blocking two members, jim banks and jim jordan, from that committee. i read your statement -- part
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of her statement a moment ago and then kevin mccarthy pulling all five members that he nominated from the committee. liz cheney is the only remaining republican member. she was appointed by the speaker. here's jim banks of indiana at yesterday's news conference. mr. banks: she knows that we were prepared to fight to get to the truth, to find the facts about what happened on that day, to make sure that january 6 would never happen again. but she doesn't want to go down that path. she knows that we're already asking questions in just the first couple of days that leader mccarthy appointed us to this task. questions that democrats have never asked about why the capitol was vulnerable on that day, when we had intelligence for weeks leading up to january 6 that told us that something dangerous would happen on january 6. she knew we would fight back against their political games and that's why she didn't want us to participate in this committee. it just goes to show this is entirely a political exercise on her part. it's a shame.
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the american people deserve better. they demand answers. about january 6. because the american people demand that their leaders step up to make sure it doesn't happen again. host: here's what some other members are saying via twitter. this is congressman andy biggs from arizona. republican.
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host: republican line. this is reggie next up. good morning. caller: yes. thanks for taking my call. yes. i feel it was righteous yesterday what pelosi did. i thank god we have liz cheney on the committee. i hope the committee can go ahead and do their work. i feel good we have released the woman, the republican, from wyoming, i wish she could get one or two more republicans if she can. i hope the committee can get the truth and i hope the americans can accept the truth.
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and accept joe biden as their president. and try to work this thing out with voting laws. i think some of the things are crazy and taken the rights that i would say, yes, my people, my fellow americans, had over 40, 50 years ago. we had to get right to vote and now they want to take them away. host: we'll let you go there. reminder, call on the line that best reflects your point of view. democrats, 202-478-8000. republicans, 202-748-80 to 01. linda in marks, mississippi. democrats line. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes, we can. you're on the air. caller: all right. thank you. nancy pelosi did the right thing. jim jordan, every committee he's ever been on, he is a
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disrupter. he does not want the truth. not kevin mccarthy. if he wants to ever be speaker of the house, he must, like liz cheney said, he must go by the constitution and rule of law. he is a republican taking it to an autocracy. they don't want democracy. in every move they make, they're looking towards a dictatorship. you're supposed to love the constitution, not the man that's in the white house. regardless of whose. -- of who he is. we are the united states of america. not the republican, not the democrat, but the united states of america. people have to wake up or we're going to end up like they are in russia or north korea. you know, loving the man, not the rule of law. host: going to go to the republican line. earl's next in amory, wisconsin.
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caller: yes, i have questions on it i think jim jordan can answer. there are there were four buses that pulled up in front of the capitol ahead of the group that came from trump's rally. they got in there somehow and we don't see any videos on it. we want the videos shown to us public so we can understand what's going on. host: also on the republican line, jason, maryland. caller: i want to out that you -- to point out that you are never going to get to the truth until you get kevin mccarthy and nancy pelosi both under oath. i mean, that's the bottom line. jim jordan, jim banks, it does not matter if they are on the committee. how could that impede the
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democrats in any way? it doesn't happen. i just want to say that i have been watching for the past couple of days. probably 60% of the republican calls you take are actually democrats. when you call, they are asked if they are calling on the republican line. this is watering down the republicans' opinion and i just want to end by saying nancy pelosi is a demon. host: this is the story today in "the washington post" and some of the background on this bipartisan committee. they write that, earlier this year, pelosi proposed appointing an independent bipartisan commission akin to the 9/11 attacks is made up of experts not holding public office. over the course of negotiations,
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that the subpoena power will be that and the establishing legislation remove references to domestic violence extremism and white supremacy. but democrats rejected republican leaders' demands that the commission investigative scope be broaden beyond the causes and -- beyond january 6, arguing that it is an attempt to up you skate the fact that the riot was spearheaded by trump supporters. that proposal died in the senate, prompting pelosi to push ahead with as -- with the committee containing republicans and democrats. pelosi appointed cheney and benny thompson of mississippi. he's the chair. adam schiff. zoe lofgren. pete aguilar, steph my murphy, jamie raskin and elaine luria. besides jordan and banks,
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mccarthy had recommended others. let us hear from lorena, california, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say that pelosi basically took out the trash yesterday. the january 6 insurrection was a violent attack on our democracy. jim jordan and donald trump incited that insurrection along with mo brooks and a few others. i do not understand what we are talking about. the debate is not between a -- should we be doing this together or should we not. the debate is why is the g.o.p. lying to the american public? they have lied throughout this whole thing. they are denying everything that happened on january 6. they need to stop. this is a tearing our country apart. i am sad that this is how the gop has decided to act, instead
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of stepping up and finding out for the american people what happened. i would also like to point out that kevin mccarthy's separate investigation is going to be wasted taxpayer money and he should not be allowed to do it. if he cannot step up and do what is right by this country and be bipartisan, he should get out of the way and let nancy pelosi and her bipartisan committee with liz cheney -- i think she'll put on a couple more gop representatives and it will be fine. kevin mccarthy is just a crybaby and he should go back and just -- host: all right. we'll hear from kathleen in new york. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. anyway, as i'm watching kevin mccarthy speak, it's ridiculous. s ridiculous. when he is speaking, you can see in his eyes, his facial
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expressions, the way he is standing there, he does not even believe his own lives. starts jim jordan and that banks gaia, nancy pelosi is an awesome woman. she did the right thing. she took out the trash. let us just say it was an awful thing that happened that day. mccarthy, banks, they all have blood on their hands. that is why they wanted a separate committee. host: here is a jim jordan at yesterday's news conference. >> i have said this before. what else are they going to talk about? crime? the fact that crime is up in every major urban area in this country? are they going to talk about the order crisis? march was the highest month on record for illegal crossings.
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april was the highest on record until may. you cannot talk about that. are they going to talk about inflation? the fact that the price of eggs is up, milks, airline tickets, the price of a used -- the price of everything? they cannot talk about that. they will be partisan and focus on this. host: eddie thompson of mississippi had been selected by that speaker to be the chair. they have a hearing. the first is set for next tuesday, the 27th. we will have coverage if it goes forward. here is what benny thompson said yesterday. speaker pelosi has met republican leadership more than halfway to investigate that facts, the circumstances of generally six. today the speaker by exercising her authority took decisive action to bring us closer to answers that the american public seeks on democracy. it has been more than six months
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since the attack. we owe it to our democracy to stay the course and not be distracted. comments on social media. this one says, mccarthy put jordan and banks on the committee knowing lucy would not entertain a clown show instead of finding out what happened did we know it is a trap so mccarthy could say this not fair. this one says, if policy is organizing the investigation, issue the one who will be direct -- redacting everything before the american people can see it? similar to bill barr filtering the truth. this has nothing to do is who broke into the capitol. it is another example of creating a crisis in order not to waste it. just, tennessee, republican line. caller: i would like to make a few points. obviously, the covid increase
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has been caused by open borders, coming to texas mainly. it is not a coincidence that all these traders who left texas go to d.c.. not a coincidence that they also have the virus. as far as i'm concerned, blm does not stand for black lives matter. blm stands for big lie movement. most of the colors i have noticed on the program have either been democrats or rhinos -- rino's. we basically have only two political parties anymore -- the republicans and the socialists. host: richard, georgia, democrat side. caller: i would like to make the
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point that at no time have you seen the blm marches attacked the capitol. the insurrectionists during january sixth wanted to assault democracy and the constitution. jim jordan ought to be ashamed of himself and lindsey graham. i want to get into lindsey graham's head to straighten him out. he is disruptive as well. we need to get these laws passed on voting rights, so that all americans, black, green, blue, whatever they can vote like we did in 2020. black lives matter did not attack the capitol in none of their marches. host: kelly armstrong of north dakota is one of the selections
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by the republican party. a call next from north dakota. we have one from new jersey. tom, new jersey, republican line. caller: for anybody to accept any information from this committee is going to have to be bipartisan. you take any law or anything else. you have a jury. who picks the jury? not just the prosecutor, but the prosecutor gets to pick who he wants, the defense picks who he wants. then you have a fair trial. how can you have a fair trial of one of them pick everybody who is going to be on? you can be sure they are not
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going to be able to convince all of the people in the u.s. that it was fair. host: delaware, gerald. caller: i would like to point out that i find it ironic that the democratic party and democratic callers who are trying to defend democracy are applauding nancy pelosi for moving -- removing duly elected officials from the committee. secondly, as far as a jim jordan being disruptive, the democratic party supporting defunding the police, haven't we seen the disruption that that has caused? there are some serious questions about january 6.
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the meaning of the word in stash what the meaning of the word insurrection is? -- i would like to know what the meaning of the word insurrection is? it was a riot. it should have been prevented. there are facts that will tell you there are policies in place to prevent that. however, the speaker of the house is responsible for the security of that building. perhaps she also has an agenda. i would like to know who shot ashli babbitt? who shot and aren't armed air force veteran -- and on armed u -- unarmed air force veteran who should not have been in that building?
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host: paul from kansas city says, kevin mccarthy has no interest in justice. pelosi accepted three and jordan. dave, illinois, why does pelosi play politics with everything and not strive for true facts. we need troops, not power. mccarthy should pull all the members. william, ohio, go ahead. caller: it is just a kangaroo court. just like everything else. a waste of taxpayer money. it was all right, all the
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hearings the republicans had on an illegitimate deal. jim jordan thinks he is the arresting officer, the judge, the jury, and the executioner. as far as i am concerned, everything to do with the government is a waste of taxpayers' money to have some idiots representing like we have from ohio. that falls back to our great speaker of the house. it is a shame that we have let our political system get to this. i will never vote again in my life. i am 86 and would not waste my >> take you live now to the white house where president biden will be signing a bill into law to replenish the crime victims fund. you're watching live coverage on c-span.
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