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tv   Pres. Biden Tours Electrical Training Center in Cincinnati  CSPAN  July 22, 2021 1:52am-2:03am EDT

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>> earlier today, president biden toward an electrical training center in cincinnati, ohio. pres. biden: where am i supposed to stand? >> anywhere you would like. pres. biden: what is your name? >> nicholas. pres. biden: good to meet you. okay. >> we have one of our poc motor control training labs. we use it with apprentices and groups of up to four, teaching the systems, manufacturing and industrial. it uses components, like
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switches here, frequency drives, the plc itself, different relays. we use it to streamline and make more efficient the industrial processes. conveyor systems, fill type processes. we do a lot of work with proctor and gamble. >> pg has endorsed the plan. >> the construction plan. we use a system, the conveyor system here. we use lighting systems to actually show if we were to use it. if you want to get the first start button. if we start the conveyor system, a visual notification. usually they are in a remote location, like a control. the person would see the status is normal, it is operating. these are out on the fight, so
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everyone walking plant could see it. there are different settings, or if there's an emergency, there is a stop button, the change, the system shut down. >> the stop button from the floor? >> or the control room. emergency valves go anywhere they would be, in the machinery. we can also program safety devices. instead of emergency stop, sometimes there is a plexiglas shield. we worked at sam adams brewery, they lifted their shield and shut it down. we don't have any audio devices, but you can hook up bells, whistles, anybody in the plant would know. if you are in the control room, that is fine. if somebody else hits it, you want to know why. that is what the devices are for. pres. biden: how long does an apprentice work in this room, on these systems? >> typically, we do two nights a week. classes about two hours each.
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most plc's is running on about 20 hours of instruction. half of it would be classroom, the other half would be hands-on training. >> motor control apparatus. pres. biden: hey courtney, how are you doing? good to see you. what are we doing here? >> we have a control set up. inside this instructional lab classroom, apprentices get to sit down every day in front of this equipment and wire up stuff to go from the very simple control wiring diagrams, to the more complex, industrial stuff. they get to actually touch, feel, and hold all of this so it makes more sense later on in the field, even though sometimes the stuff is contained. they get to see how it works every day. they build up through those processes, and they end up with
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the more complex stuff, the programmable logic controller. pres. biden: more difficult, isn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> and they use it to write that program. once they write that program, they can wire it. the biggest thing is troubleshooting. then they get the experience of troubleshooting what they did, if it works, if it accomplishes what they need to accomplish. pres. biden: what got you interested? >> i've always been a hands-on person. once i realized college was not a financial option, my grandfather recommended this to me. he worked with two guys that were first years, and was like you can definitely do this. pres. biden: five year program? it is a five-year program. it is important for people to know. there is a reason why. you are the best trained people in whatever field you are in.
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nobody is this good. >> i would agree. pres. biden: i really mean it. that's the reason why there is one. how long have you been doing it? >> i'm going into my fifth year. i will be learning about the plc this year. pres. biden: when you figure it out, call me. these are all different units? >> yes, we basically have enough for each apprentice to have their own in front of them. as we are doing this, they are not sharing, they have the same kind of thing. and we change out the product. those bits and pieces go to simple ones to complicated ones like semiconductors. we are trying to stay cutting edge with all of our processes and manufacturing. that way we stay with them. pres. biden: where are you? >> i work at paul broun stadium.
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pres. biden: good for you. are you enjoying it? >> absolutely, i love it. pres. biden: that is great. for every -- that guy quit, and every single guy on wall street, they wouldn't affect much. but you guys, the country would come to a screeching halt. it would literally come to a halt. by the way, don't be crazy climbing on poles in the middle of us harm. >> they won't let me do it right now. pres. biden: thank you. how many students do you have come through? >> a lot of times, our classes vary. normally, we see about 24 inside this room. all 24 students -- pres. biden: how many times a
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week are they here? >> right now, we have the need for industry. i teach three to four times and week. usually a few hours a week, working 40 hours plus and going to school. >> that was the point i was trying to make it a 40 hour week job, and the apprenticeship. pres. biden: that is a lot. they could do the apprentice piece. thanks guys, good luck, courtney. >> it was an honor, sir. pres. biden: can you translate that for me? -- [indiscernible conversation]
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