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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Tim Burchett  CSPAN  July 21, 2021 11:37am-12:00pm EDT

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>> the u.s. house returns at noon eastern today to consider a bill requiring the e.p.a. to designate what's called forever chemicals as hazardous. these are toxic chemicals used in manufacturing that get in the water supply. we'll have live coverage of that debate here on c-span. "washing"
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continues. host: we welcome back congressman tim burchett of tennessee who has quite the portfolio. foreign affairs committee. good morning. one of the reasons we are having you want is to get your thoughts on an opinion piece you have had in the washington examiner, the headline of which, i didn't continues to build a legacy of foreign -- biden continues to bow the legacy of foreign policy failures. guest: i think china is always at the top of the list.
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china showed the bullies that they are. like a junior high school bully that shoves a kid in the locker. that is what they did with secretary blinken. they lectured us on human rights. it is seriously pathetic that we would even allow that to go on. it is the difference in leadership. some of your viewers might not like trump, but that would not have happened under him. they are allowed to berate us, for quite a long while, actually. host: news reporting that china had been involved in hacking a u.s. pipeline from 2011-2013, chinese backpackers targeted and breached two dozen companies that own such pipelines. the fbi and dhs unveiled this yesterday.
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how do you think the administration should respond? guest: when we are negotiating, when he was negotiating with russia, he said, those are issues you have to keep your hands off of. we did not see this type of activity and i question their ability to negotiate. obviously, we are in some serious trouble. the bully pulpit, my gosh, that is where you have to hit them, economic. we are not talking about bringing troops into the picture.
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we are a bunch of addicts to chinese goods. covid showed that time and time again, our supply chains are very weak mainly because it was a virus created in china and released to the world and now we are more indebted to the chinese than we ever were before. it is a continuous cycle and we have to break it at some point. we need to start focusing on that in our international negotiations. guest: you and your colleagues voted on a measure that would expedite visas for some of those afghans who served with the u.s. and their families. the administration opening up a camp to receive some of those afghan refugees. i guess -- what else do you think the administration to do? what do you think about the
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announcement itself? the move to withdraw u.s. troops. guest: i think it is a positive move. not a day went by that i would drive by a bridge and see a person who was homeless and half of those are veterans. that is the long-term cost. they called it shellshocked. they give them a shot of morphine in the second world war and send them back home. i think you need to look at long-term effects, not just cheap gasoline when we are talking about the middle east. i think we need to get our troops home. they taken note to uphold -- take an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states.
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it is not in the middle east. it is in america. under trump, we were an export nation. now we are back to being an important nation. we closed the pipeline down and then he allowed the russians to open there's backup. long-term effects, people need to start paying attention to what is happening in washington. the man we have in the white house is grossly incapable of doing his job and i think that will continue with every world event that we are seeing. host: tim burchett is our guest. we welcome your calls and comments. for democrats, (202) 748-8000. for republicans, (202) 748-8001. for independents, (202)
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748-8002. what are your observations on what is going on in the senate besides the package and how they want to proceed with a measure that would over base spending $600 billion. this bill is over 3.5 trillion in human infrastructure. a trillion of it is traditional infrastructure, type spending. i think the bill will be dead in the house. speaker pelosi is literally sacrificing on the altar -- a lot of moderate and semi conservative democrats and she is doing that to satisfy her far-left base.
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it is really a shame. as a republican, we will easily take the majority next time. when i was in the state legislature in tennessee, and people run down tennessee, but people are coming in in droves from these northern blue states. the reason is because the crazy spending -- in tennessee, we have a balanced budget amendment and we have zero debt in our state. when we pass legislation, if it is about dog catchers, the final legislation is about dog catchers. it is not about pay raises for legislators or bridge projects. that is the problem we have here. these projects have zero to do with infrastructure. if it is such good legislation, let's get an individual bill and vote it up or down. host: when it comes to the
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house, say the senate passes something, you talked about woke ness. give me an example that members would want in the bill that would not pass the house. guest: for me, what i want in the bill is roads, bridges, several dams that need work, railroads, airlines, things you would consider -- i could even go as far as internet coverage. a lot of our area are rural areas. i could move the needle as far as that. for the rest of it, it is crazy. it is green new deal projects, it is virtual signaling -- virtue signaling. it has nothing to do with of
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indwells or solar -- nothing to do with windmills or solar. that is how you get these bloated bills and it is a gutless way to do legislation. yesterday, we passed a very large bill made up of about 24 or 25 amendments and we should have been voting on each of those individually. instead, they did a procedural vote and they combined them all together. that is a terrible way to do business. we get paid a heck lot of money to be here. the average american citizen does not get anywhere near that paycheck. quit complaining. let's do our job. apparently, that leadership is not about that. it is about virtue signaling. we have to get out of here because we have to raise money. that is not what i was sent to washington to do.
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host: let's hear from viewers and listeners. james is on the independent line in myrtle beach. caller: i would like to ask you a question. republicans -- you had it for four years with donald trump. he only did one thing. you act like you are so concerned about what we need, but why aren't you reaching across the aisle and say, let's quit all of this fighting and get this infrastructure going. let's get this immigration bill passed.
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guest: i love myrtle beach. i spent my formative years there. you are lucky to live there. first of all, i was not in congress than. i agree that there needs to be reach across the aisle. currently, there is not any in the house. the transportation bill that we passed, over 100 amendments, it went on a straight party line. i had amendment that made a technical correction. it was agreed upon and i was told it was mentioned by democrats on the house floor. it was voted straight party line. they killed it because of being a republican. bipartisan is a myth. that is what -- politics and
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elections have consequences. i agree with you, we blew it. we had all three branches -- we blew it. i believe that people trusted some people and a lot of republicans are moderates that want to play ball and don't want to mix it up and make changes. i think that is wrong. elections have consequences and i believe that president trump would probably not agree to paul ryan being speaker. that is where it started. he did not do anything about the wall. he did not pass a budget. we have not passed a budget and over 25 years. he did not fix obamacare. everybody was talking big and republicans were thumping their
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chests, but in reality, they did not do anything about it. if we ever get the majority again, we will remember that lesson and do something about those things. i am sorry i was not in congress to voice that opinion. host: tampa, florida, republican line. caller: the pipeline the president got rid of, i know they are trying to do agreed deal. -- a green deal. they let russia have their pipeline. once russia gets with iran, they will be working together. iran is moving back into afghanistan, as we know. russia will use the oil to build up their military and power while the u.s. will be dependent
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on foreign oil. our gas prices are going to go through the roofs and take our economy down further. i think it is a slap in the face. guest: i agree with you. nord stream 2, the pipeline that you're talking about that we agreed to with the russians, and they closed hours off. i thought that was a cheap shot. can you imagine if trump had done that and the medias outrage -- media's outrage will be over the top? gasoline prices have already gone up over 40% this year. we will have to address these things. when you cut off our supply of fuel and we become a debtor nation, under trump, we were
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exporting fuel. it is moving in that direction. we need to move gradually and we need to be conscientious of people's jobs. they are doing it under the guise of protecting the environment. when our adversaries, like china, we get under these environmental protection acts -- the paris accords, for instance -- the chinese do not have to do it for another 20 years. yet, we will do the honor system and follow the rules. the other side is not. do you think that when this thing is up, they will fold up their hold -- their whole energy plan? heck no. they have a bigger plan. they will put us out of business. we will be indebted to them. we will be enslaved by them
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economically. host: that caller mentioned iran. there iran negotiations -- the iran negotiations, with a new president taking over in august, what is the role of your committee in overseeing these talks? guest: we better put a strong foot forward. if iran gets nuclear devices, it is very clear what will happen to israel. they would wipe them off the map. we do not need to do negotiations with iran. as of this past couple of weeks, i tried to kidnap an american citizen in new york. where's the outrage on that? it is unbelievable that we are even negotiating. they are a bunch of thugs. we have to start treating them like that. quit treating them with kid gloves.
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this diplomacy, handshaking, and wringing of hands -- we are the strongest nation on the face of god's green earth, and we need to start acting like it. if they want to play ball, they better get in our ballpark. what they are doing is definitely not. the tail is wagging the dog when it comes to iran. our committee needs to's send a strong -- needs to send a strong message. we need to look at our economic impact overseas. until take it serious -- they are laughing at us right now. they are laughing at us. we show weakness, that is when these leaders overseas, they fill up the vacuum. host: this is beverly on the democrats line. caller: hello. good morning.
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i do not appreciate you calling the president this man. have some respect. he is the president. do you understand? have some respect. just because you love trump, this man is the president. joe biden. do you know how to say joe biden? have some respect. that is all i have to say. guest: thank you, ma'am. to get respect, you need to gain it. we do not have any respect worldwide. our enemies no longer fear us and our friends are a little skeptical right now. we need to step up. i am afraid that president biden, i do not think he is well. if you watch any of the
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interviews. he is incoherent. the media has to have preapproved questions. in what world, any journalistic venue, is that acceptable host: host:? republican line -- acceptable. host: republican line, kelly. caller: i would like to ask about the 2030 agenda. i am curious -- what is the 2030 agenda about? thank you. guest: i do not know. i'm sorry. host: we will hear from -- i have a question for you on twitter. steve says, this representative state would still be in the dark of the federal government did not create the tva, but does
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not support the infrastructure built. guest: the dams and the projects are part of traditional infrastructure. it absolutely would support it. the tba has to accept some responsibility, too. they pay their headman over $8 million a year. i daresay, highest paid person -- he is a friend of mine -- he is the highest paid person in the federal government, anywhere in the world of any democracy. there is a huge responsibility. the tva needs to step up and take care of business. and i think they will under his leadership. host: he represents the second district of tennessee. what is the biggest issue
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locally for the eastern part of tennessee? guest: we have had a lot of violence lately in knoxville. a lot of shootings. folks are rightfully concerned. you have one side blaming law enforcement for some reason. we need to start looking within. we need to start looking at homes that have no fathers. we have a huge problem with that and personal responsibility will have to take effect. you had a shooting in >> this entire program is available on our website, we'll leave it here to keep our long time commitment to live congressional coverage. the u.s. house about to gavel in on this wednesday. members are expected to consider a bill requiring the e.p.a. to designate what's called forever chemicals as hazardous. these are toxic chemicals


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