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tv   Sen. Rick Scott Delivers Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  July 18, 2021 5:38am-5:59am EDT

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dallas. he talked about the 2022 midterm elections. ♪ >> i had the opportunity to give matt the national republican committee champion for freedom award, honoring him for all the work he has done to support the
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conservative cause. let's give him a big round of applause. [applause] his rate -- it is great to be here. my wife is from dallas. she said there was never any ice. not exactly. both of our daughters, we lived here for 18 years, both of our daughters were born here. one daughter still lives here in austin. it is a great place to come home to. i worked along the border. have any of you been to --? right along the border? when i went there, we would go across the border to mexico for dinner. you can do that today. it is become extremely dangerous. biden and harris are directly responsible for this. this is a border crisis and no
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one knows it better than the people who live along the border and all over texas. i think we should all find it disgusting that biden and harris can sit idly by when we see a little 14-year-old boy frightened because he was left in the desert by himself to die. think about that. they act like there is no problem, but there is a 14-year-old boy worried he is going to die. did you see the picture of the two girls dropped over a wall and abandoned overnight? doesn't that discuss two. we can all think of a three-year-old and a five-year-old little girl playing out in the park, playing with their toys. these girls were left alone, scared, they had to be terrified.
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they probably just traveled hundreds of miles and had one set of clothes. their whole families worried about what was going to happen. just dropped in a foreign place. that is what biden and harris are doing. i talked to border patrol agent's that said the women are so worried about being raped, they cover themselves with feces so they will be discussing to men. this is what biden and harris are doing. it is disgusting. harris has a cavalier attitude to this whole human toll that has happened around our border. this is their crisis, this is right and harris' crisis. they don't want to call it a crisis. they don't want the media to go down. they don't want us to talk about it at all. this is emblematic of what we've got an our leadership in washington right now.
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harris had no interest in going to the border. as you know, she finally came to el paso a few weeks ago. she had to come because of her failed leadership. that is why she was there. she could have gone with governor abbott and president trump and seen the real crisis caused when you don't finish a border wall. you don't electrify lights. what we have to do is talk about this and we have to fight every day to make sure we have a secure border and we have got to call the democrats out for exactly what they are doing. that is my job. i am the new chair of the national republican senatorial committee. we are going to win in 2022. as a u.s. senator, i will do every day, and i know your senators are doing it every day, we are going to fight for a secure border.
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i have been there two years, every week we go to washington, d.c. it is not full of conservatives like you. strong conservatives are not really accepted in d.c. right now. the democrats control washington , the houses and the white house. but they do not control our country. we do. [applause] they want to control the way we think, what we say, how we say it and what we do. but we will never allow that. [applause] democrats want to tell us what to say or else we will be canceled from our jobs, churches, schools, they want to cancel it. how many of you are not even
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sure what you can say right now? you are worried about what you can say being socially acceptable? i believe there is going to be a big backlash coming and it is going to come from all of us and there is nothing the democrats can do can -- to do to stop it. [applause] and my two years in d.c. i watched a lot of crazy things. you wouldn't believe how things work up there. the democrats want to defund the police, got funding to our military, we have watched them push for open borders and closed schools, impeach a duly elected president twice for nonsense. but those aren't even the craziest things. the craziest bill they have is what they call the "for the people act." have you heard of it? it is not for the people. we should call it what it is,
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the corrupt politicians act. [applause] so far we have been able to block this insane power grab. they are going to try it again and again. this is their whole focus. they will do anything to gain power and try to control our election. they don't want free and fair elections, they want elections only democrats can win. let me start by asking you a couple of questions, do you believe it is racist to require voters to show id? of course not. it is common sense you have to show it to open a checking account. we should tell the delta ceo you have to do it when you get on an airplane. the democrats plan is to block it. not for everything, just
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elections. do you want unmonitored drop boxes? are liberal groups are harvesting ballot so they can pick and choose. just pick which ones i want to discard and which ones i put in. do we want that? the american people don't either. the democrat bill does most of those things. the democrat's corrupt politicians act has you paying for their political attack ads. how many of you think we should be paying for democrats political attack ads with your money? we are not talking a little bit of -- if this bill passed, he would get as much as 18 million of your tax dollars.
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how about raphael warnock? he would get as much as $25 million. call chris sununu, the governor of new hampshire, to make sure you want him to run for -- if he does, we will win. maggie hassan would get as much as $9 million. -- in nevada would get as much as $11 million. michael bennet could get up to $11 million. let's talk about chuck schumer. don't you just love the guy? he is not partisan at all. he says we have to pass this bill. we have to pass this to save democracy. no, he wants to pass it to save his skin. guess how much she would get?
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up to $45 million of your money to a run attack ads. it is corruption for the democrats out in the open. and it is based on a complete lie, there is no basis for this. we should all congratulate the arizona gop because they had an historic victory in the supreme court. [applause] think that her president trump and the supreme court who have upheld election security laws so that hopefully in 2022 we will have across the country a secure, free and fair election, which is all we expect. but the democrats are going to fight tooth and nail to strip the states of all local control. but we have to be united as conservatives and republicans to make sure that every election is free and fair.
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in free and fair elections, we win. this lie is a complete lie from biden down. they believe if you have any election reforms, we are racist and trying to oppress voters. it is a complete lie. we have to stand up and say the democrats are lying. voter id is not racist, it is common sense. [applause] preventing ballot harvesting from duck -- drop boxes, it's not racist. preventing illegal immigrants from voting is not racist, it is common sense. the democrats corrupt politicians act as an assault on free and fair elections and erodes state safeguards that are going to make sure our elections are fair and a free and fair election we will win.
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[applause] our goal is maximum participation, zero fraud. zero fraud, period. not some fraud, not a thousand ballots here, zero fraud. the democrats call everything they don't like racist. the filibuster is racist. even though biden, many senate democrats have used it to block bills. the democrats used it last year to block tim scott's police reform bill. but all of a sudden it is racist. the democrats are complete hypocrites. they teach your kids that america is racist. we are not racist. this is not a racist country. democrats are absolutely wrong. [applause] america is the greatest country
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in the history of the world. a country that has given more opportunities for people to live their individual dreams than any place on earth. [applause] in the past, republicans have been intimidated when democrats call us racist. we've got to stop being intimidated, we can't allow that. the democrats know that they lose on actual policy. we win on policy, so that's when they play the race card. we can't stand down or cower to the democrats calling us names. they're going to call us racists no matter what we do. that game has to be over. we've got to fight for what we believe in. fight for our conservative principles, for free elections, fight for a government in washington that doesn't just represent liberal specialist interests or woke corporations, or democrat activists, who want
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to teach our children that our values are bad. we are going to fight for the values that make our country great because we are their greatest country in the history of the world. [applause] we have to stand up every day and fight for our families and this country we love. i just got elected to be janitor of the -- committee. my job over the next year and a half is -- and also talk about how crazy these democrats are. to make sure we have strong conservative republicans running and make sure we take back the majority, which we will. my oldest grandson loves the
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military. he is going to be a paratrooper like my adopted father. i took him to a military museum and they asked the kids if they knew the pledge of allegiance. my grandson raised his hand immediately. let's do the same thing. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [applause] as a grandparent, you get excited when you watch your grandchildren grow up to believe in this country so i am proud of my daughters. we have six grandsons and one granddaughter and they are all growing up to be conservatives.
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[applause] we live in a nation where the democrat party, big tech, hollywood and the liberal media are attacking our values every day. they attacked the -- the values embodied in the flag. they sheamus and cancel us when we fight to spend our values. no more. when you see groups like this, you know we are winning. watching my grandson that day gives me hope that future generations lose sight of the importance of our flag, our anthem, and our respective values that my adoptive father fought for as a member of -- it is going to take all of us to fight back this mob and these radical democrats who are trying to destroy the values we all believe in and great nation. the backlash against the democrats and woke athletes is
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coming. it is because we are doing it. if they want to see a backlash, we can do it together. we can do it by winning in 2022. we should win in 2022. we will win in 2022. thank you, god bless america. ♪
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and critical race theory.


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