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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Cotton R-AR Remarks New Hampshire Shooting Range  CSPAN  July 18, 2021 12:26am-12:41am EDT

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have an election in 2022 even better than the ones you had her last year. and let's send more republicans to d.c. and to your statehouse, thank you all and god bless you. [applause] >> following his remarks at the fist, senator tom cotton spoke at the annual machine gun shoot hosted by county republicans. there he talked about the second amendment and supporting law enforcement. look, tommy has to cover all 50 states. and for him to spend this much time in new hampshire tells us we are a battleground state that
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the rnc is going to invest in. we do not know how much yet. if we give a good showing, money follows success. we do well, they will invest in us so we can win. so we have to do our part. our final speaker, i want to remind you, we have the thompson submachine gun clyde used that we will auction off for magazines when the speaker is done. that is the thompson submachine gun. steve is going to do the auction. now it is my honor to introduce a great man who has been standing up for conservative principles and the second amendment. he has no fear at all, he will take on our opponents, toe to to, you see them on tv a lot because he is not afraid to speak out. our good friend army veteran tom cotton, senator from arkansas. [applause] sen. cotton: thank you.
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thank you, thank you, thank you all. thank you all very much for the very warm welcome. chris, thank you for the great introduction. rick and your team, thank you for welcoming us to your range. it is great to be here at the third annual machine gun shoot. my only frustration with you, chris, is why did i not know about the first and second annual shoot? [laughter] how often do you get to come out and fire some of the rarest machine guns in the world? so thank you very much for hosting us. thank you all for being here. it is great to be back on a machine gun range. and has been a while since i was able to put much time and it. an army we have she guns of our own, the 240, the 249. every now and then even i as an officer got to fire the mark 19, the 50 cal. although my weapons squad leader when i was a platoon leader, when i would go out he would say sir, there is a reason you are known as an office-sir, you need
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to be back in the office. [laughter] it has been great fun to be here. great fun to hear the sound of freedom on the range is now. we are not just here to have fun shooting these rare machine guns, as fun as that is. we are here because we cherish our second amendment rights. we are very worried about what the biden administration is doing to threaten our second a right. the biden administration's nominee to be the director of atf, david chapman. david shipment spent a career in atf. he left and became a lobbyist for gun control groups. four years -- for years. what is an assault weapon? to him, any --and the reason as
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all of you know, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. [applause] it is a made up term by liberal lawyers and posters and politicians in washington to mislead the american people in an effort to confiscate your weapons. now, he ultimately did say well, i would define as any rifle that takes a 22 round or larger and detachable magazine. can you imagine? that is everything. that is a most everything a modern sporting rifle and america. the rifle some of you have been shooting at the semi range, the ones so many it own in our homes to defend ourselves and our families, almost everything. here's the thing, david shipman knows all of this. he spent a career in atf. he is not ignorant of these
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issues the way so many who have not touched a firearm are. he knows that he is using language to mislead and undermine our second amendment rights. we are going to stop david shipment from becoming director of atf. -- david shipman from becoming director of atf. [applause] one way to do that is make sure every person here contacts jeanne shaheen and maggie hassan and tell them to oppose david shipment's nomination-- -- david shipman's nomination and tell them there will be electoral consequences if they don't, especially for them. i want to say thank you all for what you have done and continue to do to keep our community safe as law enforcement. it has been hard over the last years to be placed. i visit police officers to be police.
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-- to be police. i visit police officers and sheriffs officers around the country and talk to them in airports when i passed. these are hard to -- when i passed through. these are hard times and recruiting and retention are tough. i spoke with an officer recently who had been an officer for 30 years. his son have been an officer for five years. his son came to him and told him i have to talk with you dad which is not a good thing to hear. he told me my son told me after five years he did not think he could continue to be a police officer. he was worried i would be disappointed in him. i told him that even i have 28 years and, son, i think it is a reasonable thing to do. think about that, a man who has dedicated his life every day for 28 years, to keeping our communities safe, protecting innocent civilians, whose son saw him growing up, putting on the badge every day. he put on the badge himself. he now feels he has to lay it down.
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democratic politicians in places like chicago and illinois and washington do not have his back. the democrats want to defund the police. republicans will always defend our great police officers. we will always back the blue. [applause] so, thank you, again for welcoming me. thank you for being here to support the hillsborough county republicans, and to support our second amendment rights. it has been a great time. i have enjoyed it. if i have not had a chance to meet your hope i get a chance this afternoon. thank you. god bless you and god bless united states of america. [applause] >> and i said to them, and he was getting transportation. like i am you know, for fifth vinegar. i'm getting go transportation. and he said why don't you try?
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marching for 14 years and see how much you want to do it. >> as you get older that 70 pound gets heavier and heavier. you know? jumping off of a --that does not get easier either. >> machine guns are fun to fire when you have not had to carry them 14 miles. [crosstalk] >> that 60 was a beast. that was a long time ago. we were transitioning to 240s. another had come out but i do not get to play without until i got into the reserves.
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my go to was always the --i love that. you cannot jam those things. >> the 240 was good, never jammed and that is what we used him as exclusively because you're always mounted. they do not want us to have the 50 cal because of the firepower. elsewhere we rolled out with the 50 cal. >> they swapped out with tanks because was more reliable. in the previous ones we were clearing it. fun to relive the good old days. like now, i get to relive it because i volunteer at a local museum. if you have never heard of it, the american heritage museum in hudson. we have 90 plus tanks there and out of them there only three
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that you not run. there is an m1 that runs on loan from the marine corps. and we have one with gas in it if you crank it, you can drive it. >> my future itinerary. >> i volunteer and help clean them and paint them. >> awesome. thank you. [crosstalk] >> thank you. thank you. [laughter] have you been to this in the past? >> i have not been in a couple years. [background conversations] awesome to have you in new
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hampshire. tell anna that i said hello. tell me when you're coming back. >> i will, i will tell her. appreciate it. >> i am standing up here. >> if you don't mind, i have a question about what our police unions can do, maybe. i have cousins and the police force. i am just worried about opposing something -- supposing some does get past demanding restrictions. the legislature is going to want police to enforce that. is there any way that --? >> my experience with police unions in washington is they have been strong advocates for the rights of their members. like eliminating qualified immunity. officers have qualified immunity from lawsuits. we don't want criminals suing them all the times. notably lawyers and judges have immunity.
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lawyers can make a rule and get themselves absolute immunity and police officers only get qualified immunity. the officers respect the amendments and set up for people's rights. people know that when seconds count the police are --away. really good allies on second amendment issues and standing up on what they need to do their job. >> in arkansas you found the police unions? i know you are not from the state. do you think there's a possibility police unions from new hampshire could become stronger supporters? >> i would have to sit down and visit with them. i think law enforcement across the country realizes the republican party is the home to defend them and respect work >> c-span's washington journal. every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of
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the day, and we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, in the wake of the britney spears case we will talk about conservatorship and guardianship reform efforts with the school of law clinical professor. we will look at the current political unrest in cuba and haiti, and how the actions could affect u.s. policy with florida's u.s. professor. watch washington journal sunday morning and joined the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets. >> sunday night on q&a, jessica was chief engineer of the historic fireboat john jay harvey on september 11 when it was called back into service to a firefighters to a them at the attacks. she tells the story of the community of mariners who came to the rescue of thousands. >> the maritime evacuation that
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delivered nearly half a million people to safety is an incredible example of the goodness of people. that when you are given the opportunity to help, you have the tools, you have the skill set, you have the availability that people over and over again made the choice to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of people. and that is very instructive and something that we need to continue to remember. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. you can also listen to q&a as a podcast where ever you get your podcasts. >> the house select committee on the climate crisis held a hearing on environmental


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