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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  July 15, 2021 4:51pm-5:17pm EDT

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♪ [crosstalk] >> live here on c-span, we are standing by at the white house for a joint news conference with president biden and the chancellor of germany, angela merkel. running a bit behind schedule at this point, but we will bring it to you live when it begins. until then, some of today's "washington journal." the next 30 minutes, it is our open forum, turning the phone lines to you, letting you lead the discussion, but public policy, medical issue, which state issue is on your mind? democrats call in at (202) 748-8000.
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republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. we will get to your calls this morning. david out of redmond, oregon, a democrat. you are up first, it is our open forum. caller: i would like to know in our last segment with the income level is to qualify for the child tax credit that is being sent about $300 a month? host: i can help you out with that, actually. the maximum -- let me get the correct number, thank you for asking in the wake of that last segment. here is the income cutoff levels, it is $75,000 for a single taxpayer. it is $150,000 for joint filers. payments are then reduced by $50 for every $1000 of income above those limits and then the payments -- the enhanced payments stays out for a single
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taxpayer's earning $90,000. joint filers earning $170,000. those are some of the limits, does that answer your question? caller: yeah. i think that is a little high. host: what you think is fair? -- do you think is fair? caller: someone making $50,000 a year or less. and that would be more appropriate i think. host: do you think they cop just start if you make over 50,000? -- think the cut out should start after you make 50,000? caller: for two. host: independent, good morning. caller: good morning. basically, i have been watching c-span for many years now and it is interesting, all people's ideas on this and that and i was
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listening, there is -- there is a riot going on. that is exactly how those two organizations are. being an independent, i am amazed at how the group in texas set, you elected us, we are democrats, everybody loves partisan and we are going to washington, d.c. so we do not have to carry out our duties. you have a situation where mr. biden is in charge of the nation and he has fired 11,000 people on the xl pipeline and those were the 798ers, the ones who work on the alaskan helpline. -- pipeline. now you see gas prices are going
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up and the russians are helping the europeans and eventually, it seems like what george bush gave us, $300, -- host: you bring up a lot of issues. the first one, the texas state house democrats who left the state to keep corum from being achieved in the statehouse. to avoid the debate in the vote on the voting rights bill in texas. they are in washington now, unclear how long they will be staying in washington to avoid that. here's the headline from the front page of the washington times today. here is how they describe it in the print section, runaways toasted on the left and rested on the right, and aquatic lawmakers take flight, not quite. that is how they discovered. -- that is how they describe it. caller: good morning.
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am i on? host: yes, ma'am. caller: one of my concerns was this idea of the senator schumer bringing up the legalizing of a marijuana and i think he should concern himself with taking care of the gun laws in this country. we do not need another problem to be handling before we fix that. you know. use a little bit of logic here. we do not need another problem, we need to solve some of these problems we have now in this country. host: is a legalizing marijuana something that you would be ok with the background -- with? caller: no. we have other serious problems affecting this country. we do not need to be handling that kind of an issue right now. host: it was chuck schumer
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standing with several democratic colleagues to discuss the rollout of a trapped bill that he -- of a draft bill to legalize marijuana federally. this was chuck schumer on capitol hill yesterday. [video clip] >> the war on drugs has been a war on people, particular people of color. the cannabis administration and opportunity act would help put a end to the unfair targeting and treatment of communities of color by removing cannabis from the federal list of controlled substances. this is an idea -- it is not just an idea of whose time has come, it is long overdue. we have all seen the agony of a young person, arrested, with a small amount of marijuana in his or her pocket. and because of the historical overcome knowledge and -- over criminalization of marijuana,
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they have a criminal record they live with their whole lives, trouble to get a job, tough to live a normal life. this has been one of the greatest historical wrongs for the last decades. we have the change. we will fight hard to change it. america is on our side. 70% of americans now support legalizing adult use of marijuana. in the 2020 election, it was put on the ballot petition in south dakota and even south dakota, one of the most conservative states in america, a majority voted to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana. if south dakota can do it, the senate should be able to do it and we will fight to make sure it happened. host: senate majority leader chuck schumer yesterday talking to reporters about that legislation.
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we will be talking more about that topic of legalizing marijuana coming up in about 25 minutes this morning on the washington journal, we will be joined by kevin, ceo of smart approaches to marijuana. he is the author of a book about the marijuana industry. in the meantime, our open forum on the washington journal, this is linda out of southaven, mississippi. a republican. what topic is on your mind? host: are you with us? caller: yes, i am here. part of the problem in america is the morals of people -- i am 70 years old. before we were taught needs, wants, desires. when i attended school, the education taught us how the
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budget -- the basic skills, math, english, history, science, we did not have -- we did not graduate from high school with all of the electives, sports management, basketball, whatever. we have to get back to the basics. the money they are putting out and giving to young people now with children is false hope. nothing is free. you have got to learn to budget, work, and live on what you got. if you want a better job, you do more education. host: when did we get off track in this country? caller: through the years with education, through the years with education. basic education is good. we were taught in school held up
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-- how to budget our money. host: that is linda in mississippi. this is chuck out of jeffersonville, indiana. democrats. good morning. caller: yes, sir. i want to talk about a few things if i can. i go back 77 years. i got a job, i started in 63, 1964. jobs were everywhere. it two dollars and $.34 an hour. -- at two dollars and $.34 an hour. --$2.34 an hour. when the plant shut down, all of my insurance was paid for by the comedy. -- company. i made $18 an hour. if all of these people today can pay for this insurance, they have no insurance.
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what they do have is junk. if you have insurance to take care of yourself, you do not have a problem. everyone has a different situation everywhere. host: why does the -- why did the chemical plant shut down? caller: i really do not know for sure. maybe we lost too many people. host: what did you do afterwards? caller: i had a great job over the years. the lady was just talking about, everyone has a different situation. today, it is terrible. these waitresses, they cannot make it. and you are talking about these children, they are going through this virus thing and people act like they know a thing about it. if you had all of your insurance
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paid for, you know, and you go out here and work, when you go in these hospitals, they are filing bankruptcy because they do not have insurance. everybody gets sick. and my social security, 2.6. i had to go back into my savings. it keeps going on and on. every year it goes up. host: it is our open forum that you lead the discussion with topics on your mind. keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and there is some from capitol hill from the supreme court side of capitol hill. bloomberg law tweeted a few minutes ago, justice breyer telling cnn that he had not decided when he will retire from the supreme court. more detail on that from capitol hill reporter jennifer, dreier, a 27 year veteran of the high court said that they will be overwriting on his decision,
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primarily, of course, health. he will turn 83 in august. the second factor, the court. after your phone calls. bill in ohio. independent. caller: good morning. i would go a different direction. with the southern states and their outbreak they are going through again, i am just wondering, why should we care? when they left themselves -- let themselves be lied to so much, with trump and his own virus going around, he lied to us from the beginning. we all know that. he knew how serious it was and then he actually got it and he still got vaccinated too. he needs to come out and tell the people to get vaccinated. that is as simple as it can be. host: efforts from the white house yesterday to get young people vaccinated. actress and popstar olivia rodrigue wrote at the white
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house yesterday on that effort speaking to reporters in the white house briefing room there and also chatting with the president about vaccination efforts. this is olivia on the white house briefing room yesterday. [video clip] >> hi,. i am beyond honored and humbled to spread the message about the importance of youth vaccination. end of the work president biden and dr. fauci have done and i am happy to lend my support and this important initiative. it is important to have conversations, rents and family members, encouraging all community members to get vaccinated and get to a vaccination site which you can view more easily than ever before given how many there are. thank you for having me today. thank you all for helping share this important message. thank you. host: olivia at the white house yesterday. the numbers yesterday, some
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37,900 new covid cases in the united states. yesterday, 398 covered deaths. those numbers from the cdc's checking data. connecticut, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. i listened earlier this week in a discussion about voting. and whether we should allow million votes -- male in votes. i think every registered voters should be allowed -- mail it in votes. billions of gallons of gasoline are used to drive to the pools -- close lima. -- to the polls. some people are waiting in long lines.
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that is a terrible waste of human productivity. people waiting in lines for voting when they are registered, they can get a ballot from their town and vote by mail and save time and money. it is huge. host: i think you're talking about that segment we had when we asked viewers which was more important to them. expanding voting access or protecting the integrity of the vote. you would fall in the former. caller: i think the fact is there are ways to protect the vote by using mail. by increasing the time allowed to vote, let's say two weeks prior to the actual vote time, to be able to send your vote in. it's something that could be managed.
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we can do everything else by phone or computer. no reason why we can't vote by using mail in system. thank you very much. host: several states in this country are all mail in voting. it canken --ken is next. caller: my concern is what you just mentioned. the rise in covid. specifically with relation to the fact that the government is no longer protecting us from the people that are trying to get refugee status here. i've read several articles about this and i don't understand why they are not enforcing the law. i am talking about the biden administration, specifically
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title 42 which has been on the books for a long time which is supposed to stop people from entering this country if they are carrying a cuticle bowl disease. according to my research, and i might not -- if they are carrying a communicable disease. according to my research, refuge being brought into the country without a health screening. they are not being given the vaccine, which the biden administration wants everybody to get vaccinated. why are night -- why are they not giving people vaccinations. i am an independent conservative in california and the san diego area, and we are working to try to raise awareness about this because we've got a huge rise in the san diego county area of the same thing.
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the covid is going up because these refugees are being bussed and flown into the country. that is my concern. i want to thank you for taking my call. i really like the open forum segments. thank you, john. host: title 42, that covid era rule that allows the expulsion of migrants at the border due to the pandemic. just one of the stories on that from fox news recently. trump era dhs officials warning catastrophic results if the biden administration moves to remove that title 42 expulsion program. republican out of south carolina. what's on your mind? caller: thanks for taking my call. i'm calling on the republican line which is to say that is
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where my values lie. unfortunately today, there are only a couple of handfuls of republicans that are trying to stand up for america. quickly, let me get on to the fact of the vaccine. i keep hearing the people in the south because of political reasons are not getting the vaccine. it's an emergency authorization approval right now. that is what we are under. this is a personal decision for americans to make. i happen to have some underlined conditions that make it risky for me to get the vaccine. we go through a lot of links that up -- we go to a lot of lengths to put down donald trump. he put a vaccine on the table when dr. fauci said it cannot be done, and dr. fauci is the one that misled the american people. host: before you go, the
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republicans were leading the right way. who are you talking about? caller: i'm talking about the ones, let's just, real quickly. donald trump takes office in the first thing they want to do is impeach the man. we just heard recently that biden is fixing to cut the support for ukraine and i have heard crickets. when trump wanted to do that because he thought there might be corruption, he delayed support for their ukrainian people and they impeached the man. host: do you want to name of dusty want to name any republicans before you go? -- do you want to name republicans? >> anybody who pays attention and doesn't watch cnn. jim jordan, nunez. there are several. but there's only about 10 of
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them. there are republicans who might as well change their fish -- their affiliation the democrat. host: this is nancy out of california, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. my understanding is that the reason that the vaccine has gone so high in the south is because people are refusing vaccines. is that correct from you are reading? host: a lot of the reports on this, yes. our rates are spiking in the desk unvaccinated -- the rates are spiking in the unvaccinated population. especially in states with the largest amounts of vaccinated population. caller: so then that is a fact then? host: what is your point? caller: my point is somebody
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just called and said that the reason is because refugees are coming into the country unvaccinated and spreading the virus. host: ok. that's nancy and kelly when you. this is mike in huntsville, alabama. caller: i want to talk about medicare. in alabama, i was going to a psychiatrist for over 10 years and due to the medicare law, they dropped the psychiatrist. they will see you no more if you got medicare. i cannot see a psychiatrist. host: how have you been dealing with that? caller: well, i was going to this one for 10 years and i was down to seeing her twice a year. i've got medication, but i'm
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fixing to run out. the only way i can get it is i have to go to the emergency room when i run out of medication and the hospital will take it. i don't know what they've done to medicare. i've got blue cross blue shield. host: this is david n independence, -- david in independence. caller: this is dave and i'm an independent. seems like everybody wants to be on the fire and that's not going to work. there's a pashas -- there's a passage in the bible. it says in everything give thanks. i believe people are not being thankful for the gift that this country is and woes.
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i guess that -- that this country is and was. can you tell us anything about what your credentials are? host: my conditionals -- my credentials? caller: yes. host: are you concerned? caller: announcer: we are going to leave this and go to the white house for a joint news conference between president biden and german chancellor angela merkel, live on c-span. pres. biden: today, it has been my great honor to welcome a dear friend back to the white house. and before i say anything else, chancellor merkel, i want to express to you and to the people of germany my sincere condolences and the condolences of the american people for the devastating loss of life and the destruction due to the


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