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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on Infrastructure  CSPAN  July 14, 2021 8:06pm-8:19pm EDT

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>> chuck schumer came to the floor to discuss the democrats agreement on infrastructure. he also announced draft legislation to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. >> mr. president. late last night after a very amazing meeting, several hour meeting of the budget committee -- budget committee where people spoke their lines, we recently my agreement on a $3.5 trillion
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legislation. it will pave the way for historic legislation later on this year called the american jobs and family plan. very simply, this budget resolution will allow us to pass the most significant legislation to expand support and help american families since the new deal. since the new deal. this is generational transformational change to help american families. they need to help in this rapidly changing world. every major program that president biden has asked for is funded in a robust way. the president will be attending the democratic caucus lunch later this day to talk about not only agreement but the next steps along the way. when you consider the american jobs and families plan in conjunction with the bipartisan infrastructure bill which is close to $600 billion, you get
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$4.1 trillion. that is very close to the total amount that president biden has asked congress to invest. both for traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges and social structure. things that help people and families directly. things such as health care, family leave and education, they will receive the kind of support that the american people so need and are asking for. we are very proud of this plan. we know the road ahead is going to be long. there are bumps along the way. this is only the first step in a long road we will have to travel and must travel. we are going to get this done because we so fervently believe that we must make average american lives a whole lot better. we want little -- middle-class
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people to be able to stay in the middle class and breathed easier in the middle class. we won poor people to be able to climb that ladder to get to the middle class and nothing that has been put on the floor of the senate will do that better than this bill, nothing that has been put on the floor of the senate for the past several decades will do that the way this bill will. it is transformational. frankly it is exciting. the eventual legislation we are talking about is best understood in three buckets. jobs, families, climate. instead of giving a giant taxpayer to large corporations and the wealthy as our republican colleagues did when they were in the majority, we are going to strengthen the backbone of the middle class by making critical investments in infrastructure, creating thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of good paying jobs in the process with apprenticeships and training so that people who never had
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opportunities to have these jobs can get them. then they can lead good lives for decades later. the resolution will make sure that there are no tax increases for families under $400,000. also, no tax increases for small business. this is about rebuilding the middle class and creating jobs. it will change our tax policy far different than what our republican friends did. the people at the top who escape paying all of -- all or a lot of taxes, no, they will pay their fair share for the first time. so different than what our republican colleagues did. they gave the top 1% a huge percentage of the brakes. we are going to give it to the middle class. to the working people. for american families, we will
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introduce paid family leave. as well as one important addition. a robust expansion of medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing. this is something that chairman sanders, chairman sanders has championed. we are going to get it done. on climate, we must act on climate. we have seen what is going on in just the last month. we are going to invest in green infrastructure. strong, bold greed infrastructure. electric vehicles, clean and renewable power. that will not only help our country adapt to a changing climate but slow climate change itself. on top of president biden's plans, democrats will add other policies to significantly deal with climate such as using
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methane emissions. one of the most potent and deadly of the greenhouse gases. jobs, family, climate. these are the three buckets that democrats will be working on. again, let me repeat. it is a long road ahead of us. the fact that we were able to come together last night with the diverse views on the budget committee was a strong shot out of the gate. i am sure my friends on the others of the aisle will pan this and say a or another -- one thing or another. they don't want to reach out and help american families. they want to help those wealthy people. they don't want their taxes to rise. they are going to criticize it and use their usual name-calling.
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that is what they have been doing for years. i am quite sure they will raise phony concerns about the debt and deficit. you can give tax cuts to big corporations and now you're going to ask you we want to help middle-class families. give us and give the american people a break. the american people won't buy their criticisms. creating jobs, providing family leave, making education, housing and health care more affordable, flighting -- fighting llama change. nobly believes these policies are the policies on the road. -- on the road to what they might call socialism. paid family leave, helping people go to college? come on. that is part of our democratic
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tradition. we build letters up. the american tradition where we build letters up to help people climb and live a good life. so the goals we must pursue are the goals to build back or middle-class, secure or middle-class, help more people get to the middle class. to bolster our economy, to lay the foundation for another century of american prosperity just as frank and roosevelt did close to 100 years ago. that is exactly what the democratic geordie is going to do, mr. president. on another subject, later today on marijuana. i will join my colleagues, senators booker to rewrite the federal marijuana laws.
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to end the prohibition on marijuana at the federal level for the first time in several generations. over the past decade, americans attitudes toward marijuana have undergone a dramatic transformation. listen to this, nearly 70% of americans support legalizing adult use of marijuana. 70. 18 states plus d.c. have passed laws on adult use of marijuana. 37 states and d.c. have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. estates are supposed to be our laboratory for democracy. i all accounts, these experiment have been a success. the doom and gloom editions of the naysayers -- drug use will go way up, crime will go way up never materialized. i note that a state like south dakota had it on its ballot in the last election and in that conservative state, the majority of people voted.
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-- voted in the same direction we are talking about here. for decades. decades. young men and young women, disproportionately young black and hispanic men and women have been arrested and jailed for even carrying a small amount of marijuana in their pocket. a charge that often came with exorbitant penalties and a serious criminal record because of the over criminalization of marijuana. it followed them for the remainder of their lives. it makes no sense and it is time for change. now is the time for congress to engage in this debate. update our federal laws to not only reflect popular wisdom but science. marijuana amazingly, in this 21st century is still treated by federal law with the same hostility as heroin despite it being far less dangerous.
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we will speak about how our bill will address the issues relating to updating our federal marijuana laws. it will restore a short of justice. in a final matter, in a moment, i am excited to go over to the judiciary committee to introduce an outstanding nominee for one of the most important courts of the country. this is one of the foremost election lawyers in the country. the daughter of mexican immigrants graduated from yale, harvard, columbia law school before joining the center for justice -- the federal bench has long been occupied by former prosecutors and corporate lawyers. it is about time the civil rights attorneys and voting rights experts join the ranks.
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especially now when our democracy is in peril in many ways. it is crucial we elevate someone like ms. perez to the bench. someone we can trust to equally apply the law. i was proud to recommend her to president biden and i look forward to formally introducing that to the committee today. when i met her as i did, she knocked my socks off with her brilliance, her persistence and her strong and wonderful personality. i yield the floor. >> also on the senate floor, mitch mcconnell talked about president biden's speech in philadelphia on voting rights. saying it was set in an alternate universe as well as the texas state democrat visit to capitol hill to lobby for federal voting rights legislation. senator


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