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tv   Washington Journal Daniel Lippman  CSPAN  July 13, 2021 2:34am-2:44am EDT

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if you are a gun owner (202) 748-8003. as you are calling in more about the schedule today and this week at the white house. we are joined via zoom by dan lippmann of politico. good morning to you, white house reporter, washington reporter for politico. we talked about this meeting at the white house. who will be in attendance?
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dan: he is meeting with the attorney general merrick garland who has worked on this issue and as a judge he used to deal with some of these issues and he is meeting with local leaders including law enforcement and elected officials and a community violence intervention expert. there is a recognition on the white house as part that this could spiral out of control and hurt them in the midterm elections where it is much further for the majority party to stay in control because they are getting blamed for anything that goes wrong. we have seen this increase in crime and gun violence in the last year or two. the administration --
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trying to address this search. >> from one of your colleagues at politico, eric adams, the democratic nominee for new york mayor expected to be in that meeting as well. any other mayors in big cities setting up names we know about? >> they have not released as far as i can tell every person who is going to be in that meeting. i think the fact that adams is in that meeting is a sign that that is where biden wants to shift the democratic party in terms of welcoming someone who is a former cop, a longtime cop who won the democratic primary in new york city to be mayor which is essentially the general election because of how blue and democratic new york is. on a platform that was
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pro-police and focused on reforming the police. at the end of the day it was new yorkers who are scared a little bit of the rising increase in violence and they want to be safe, that's one of the most core tenants of anyone in society that they expect from the government to do their best to try to tamp down on the violence. on saturday morning in logan circle where i live in washington i parked outside my apartment, -- it sometimes feels theoretical,
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but when someone gets -- like those women who are stopped and i had to help women police came within a few minutes, that is an indication that this is not just something that we read about on the news, this is affecting real people. even in neighborhoods that did not use to have -- i've been living in this neighborhood for a number of years and i cannot recall this happening a few years back. it seems like this hit home for us. host: you talk about the incident in d.c., reporting from over the weekend, d.c. hits 100 homicide of the year within the past couple of days, that's a little ahead of the mark from last year and well ahead of the mark from two years ago. but specifically just in d.c.. you covered the white house, the white house on capitol hill will be focused on moving its
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infrastructure package and moving its human infrastructure package, the budget reconciliation bill that will be a vehicle for that. how much room is there for a push on new gun reform measures including the background check bills that passed the house back in the sing that -- in the spring that are awaiting action in the senate. cracks in the reconciliation package which is basically who determines what's going to be in that is senator joe manchin a senator from west virginia and senator kyrsten sinema from arizona since they are the most moderate democrats that biden needs to pass that reconciliation. they will have a few -- they don't want a huge liberal package, they want something more targeted. for a senator like joe manchin,
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west virginia, i have not checked the stats, but there is not that many nature -- major cities which are bearing the brunt of this type of increase in violence, it's a rural state so i'm sure he is under less pressure to put in more background check laws and try to take illegal guns off the street. i'm sure that reconciliation package will have more funding for cops and making sure that they reform as well, because you don't want the repeat of where african americans in our country feel like the police are targeting them with george floyd and countless other instances over the years. they are trying to figure out exactly what's in that infrastructure package and how much money they should spend on childcare and other soft infrastructure because they have
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not finished that infrastructure framework for the overall package. they are trying to have the two things move it once even though biden has said that he wanted to sign just the hard infrastructure and having not tided as closely to the reconciliation act. host: i know you have a busy day and week ahead, can you run through the president schedule and what other highlights you are looking at this week. dan: he is meeting with angela merkel on thursday, and this is her last trip to the white house probably. something he -- there is lots to discuss including the ongoing push by this administration to get chinese influence in tech stocks
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in europe. we need germany on many different issues working through the schedule right now in terms of the week ahead, on tuesday he is traveling to philadelphia to deliver remarks on the right to vote. democrats have kind of been disappointed a little bit by the white house in terms of not being able to pass those big vote for -- voter protection bills in congress to try to stop what is going on in republican space in terms of making it harder to vote and on wednesday he is meeting with a bipartisan group of mayors and governors to discuss that infrastructure package and on thursday when he meets with merkel he is giving a speech to mark the day that
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millions of families will get that first monthly tax relief payment thanks to the american rescue plan. it's a pretty busy week for biden in washington. host: sounds like you have your work cut out for you this week.


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