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tv   Donald Trump Jr. Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  July 10, 2021 7:00pm-7:34pm EDT

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a senior editor with reason magazine. is the website. and here is the cover story. "the bipartisan antitrust crusade against big tech." thanks for joining us on the committee caters. elizabeth: thank you so much for having me. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we're funded by these television companies and more, including >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. >> wow is there for our customers with speed, reliability, value, and choice. more than ever, it all starts with great internet. >> wow supports c-span along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy.
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>> former president trump gives remarks at the annual conservative political action conference in dallas on friday. watch on c-span or or listen on c-span radio. >> donald trump, jr. gave remarks at the conservative political action conference. he was introduced by his girlfriend kimberly guilfoyle. oh, yes. conservatives look marvelous. you guys are looking good, feeling proud and feeling strong. that's right. [applause] it is so great to be here and see this incredible crowd of freedom and liberty loving conservatives and born-free americans.
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this is texas style. we like to do it loud. we like to do it cpac style. so the media every few months is trying to write the obituary believe it or not of or conservative movement and then along comes cpac, right? and thank you to mercy and matt for their courage and their vision and their excellence in bringing this to us every single year and downing it biger and better every time. god bless them and the shclapp family. i love it because cpac blows up the fake news narrative of the liberal media time and time again. and thanks to cpac and to our fabulous president trump, we will not be canceled. [cheers and applause] but it's not all sunshines and
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rainbows every single day because well, joe "bummer" biden is in the white house. no one knows how. but don't worry, much is predicted he's leading from behind, leading from behind kamala harris who keeps trying to trip him up the stairs if you know what i mean, right? same old story. never gets old. however, with joe biden bumbling his way through this presidency and the administration, the reporters probably in the back are desperately trying to rewrite the narrative to tell you that everything is good. but what we know is the truth about what's happening in this country because we know the difference in what excellence is and america-first policies, thanks to president trump! they can't fool us. they want americans to believe that the conservative movement is fractured, that we are
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divided. they want america to believe that this movement is dead. but we are alive and kicking! [applause] and news flash all those haters social communists out there, marxist to fill it -- fill it all in, we are here to save america! and it is the group of patriots here today and the millions across the incredible brave country who are not going to be silenced, and we definitely are not going to seed this fight to the socialists who want to set our nation afire and see it burn. we will stand in this movement along with the brave individuals here in cpac, the brave men and women across this country and with brave leaders and fighters like president trump. he will never give up on this movement that he created across
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the country of the forgotten men and women, forgotten no more. no president has stood more for the conservative values in america-first policies that we cherish, that our children deserve and future generations of americans. and i say to that, god bless you, president trump. [applause] the fight for liberty and the fight for our conservative values and the fight for the heart and soul of this nation will not be abandoned. [applause] this fight continues right here and right now with each and every one of you. so let's get involved and stay strong and stay principled because the america-first movement is not going anywhere. we are just getting started. we are building up steam and energy. and they will not silence us. we can never give up on america.
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the republican party under great leaders like president trump is being re-born for another beautiful day in america across the country. [cheers and applause] goodbye to the weak-kneed, the spineless and the cowards who pretend to be leaders and leave us wanting for more president trump. could you imagine -- could you imagine if we dud not -- did not stand up and fight? they could not beat us not by any chance, not by any score, not by any measure. we will continue to win and elect leaders who will stand and fight for our values. [applause] we will start a new path, a path driven by bold and conservative solutions, a bratt we don't know -- we don't kowtow to the demands of the leftist mob who wants to silence and cancel us.
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willing to standup to fight for the beliefs that we hold true with the help of god. from california to texas to new york, we will fight to take back this country! we must demand more from our elected leaders and those pursuing public office. it is not enough to just be republican in name only. we need people when they get to d.c. that will fight and stand for america so that we can save america because she is worth it. our movement will stay true to america-first policies created by president trump. and to reenter the corrupt nuclear deal and cozy up to china, we must understand that the survival, the very existence of our nation is based on putting the american family first, and we will make sure and do that. [applause] finally, we must take our message into every corner of our
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incredible nation, america first needs all of america, our ideas, our conservative values, and the solutions that we champion each and every day that are the key to lifting each and every one of us up. as a movement, our message must transcend the party lines, socio economic lines and cultural lines. i am a proud latina, a proud born-free american woman, proud to stand with president trump and this incredible american movement of equality, of opportunity and never expecting suppressing the results. god bless our military and the law enforcement, everyone the first responders who have done an incredible job in this country. god bless president trump and the family, and god bless america! please join me in welcoming a true warrior and the embodiment of the america-first movement, donald trump jr.!
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[cheers and applause] ♪ don: wow. wow. how you doing, cpac? [cheers and applause] i want to start with something. what was donald trump right about? audience: everything! don: everything! we see that now, right, guys? right? at what point in time in these morons' minds was i don't know the wuhan leak theory not the most plausible argument in the year 2020? of course, it was. no, no, no. it didn't originate in the lab
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that studies the exact virus that has contaminated the world. no way. it happened to leak outside the lab. don't laugh. you're now canceled. by laughing you would have been thrown off every social media platform and every job in science because science no longer follows the rules of physics, right? they don't follow math. they follow the narrative dictated by cnn because that is able to manipulate the rules of physics. not what i learned in science. but in all fairness, they're pushing the boundaries of what we've learned in science for the last few years, right? just ask the male weightlifters in the olympics competing against females. minor details, but what do i know? so the world is going to hell,
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right? they tried filling up your tank, right? don't forget, you did save 16 cents on your entire barbecue. no, you did. it's very real. 1 cents for your whole familiar len: the barbecue. if you had to get it in your car and drive -- i don't know, the end of your driveway, that savings was eaten up and then some. minor details, right? because that's how it works that tease narrative that you're sold, right? it's republicans who have obviously been pushing to defund the police, right? jen psaki told me so. so it must be true. is that true or did you see it on cnn? right? so you all know what's going on, right? bombing stuff in the middle east again. we're giving russia pipelines.
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we can't have them ourselves. our energy prices go through the roof. last week -- maybe it was the week before at the g-7, remember? the media came out and they were saying that the proof that joe biden hasn't lost it, the proof that he isn't riddled with dementia was that vladimir putin says that he seems very sharp. [laughter] can't make this stuff up, folks. i don't know. i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if it was donald trump that vladimir putin said that about, it would be a slightly different response. what do you think, mercedes? you understand comms, probably a little different. did they ever think that vlad is thrilled to negotiate against a
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dolt? no, no, no, he got a pipeline for russia. he's making billions from the e.u.. joe biden says the e.u. is the backbone of nato. we spent 70% of their budget protecting them from the very russians that they're enriching with this pipeline. america-first went down the toy wlet this administration, folks, ok, but, despite what we see going on on a daily basis, despite all of that, there is a silver lining. michael avenati is going to prison. [applause] i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i don't want to be canceled. democratic presidential hopeful -- i heard this from brian "potato head" stelter.
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so i don't want to be canceled. i'll be dinged if i post this on social media for misinformation because i didn't include "democratic presidential hopeful, which that was accurate, right? so nice michael is going away for a couple of years. he got off light rell tyson fury the sentencing. he's up for three other things. one of them is defrauding like a client of his, but he's a wonderful human being. remember, he was leading the democrat charge. >> i love you! don: i love you too! [applause] no, but in all seriousness. thank you for that. it means the world us to. i think it is because we'll actually fight. we'll actually push back, right? and that's what donald trump did for the republican party. he showed that you don't just have to turn the other cheek,
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roll over and die as the other side gets whatever they want and laughs their way to the bank. right? now, we need you guys in that fight with us, ok? and to be clear so that they don't say that i'm antagonizing, i mean the metta physical fight of our values versus their marxist ideals. right? because we can watch a year of riotic, luting, arson, murder, and that is a peaceful protest. but -- but that only goes one way. we understand that. but all the more reason why we need all of you guys involved. ok? they can't cancel all of us. now, if one, two, three people are the guys that have the guts to run out there and take the arrows, yeah, they can try to cancel them.
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but if we get together and we're all in this, that game is over, folks. right? and that's why it's so awesome to be at something like this. so matt and mercedes, thank you so much for putting this together. it's just absolutely awesome to have that. [applause] it's great to see it. texas has always led the charge. [applause] but until about a couple of months ago and then austin took over. texas was leading the chart -- you're still top 25. but we've got to work on that stuff because those people have lost their mind. right? the people's republic of california is wonderful. but when i look around and i go around the country, i actually see that even in places like that, people are starting to get it. right?
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they've been watching. they've seen what's going on. for a while they believed the narrative because you know, journalism was an honorable institution. now they're prop gandist. nothing more, nothing less. you look no further for the past two years and they have jumped on every conspiracy. remember, you guys get canceled for being con spersi theorists. but today in 2021, we all know that the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months. [applause] fact check, true. fact check, true, folks, right? we've seen it right in front of our eyes. the narrative, the manipulation. what else will donald trump has been right about? i have a feeling everything
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because there's a steady stream of nonsense. we saw that, right? russia, russia, russia, was the gospel. there are people still talking about that as though it is real. there's no consequence for that, right? then i guess, it was don jr. committed treason. yeah. yes. that was real forever. they still talk about that, right? then don jr. purr juried himself. -- perjured himself. then it was ukraine, ukraine, ukraine. s then it was fauci is better at pitching baseballs than he is at science, ok? also true. i want to see that one fact check that one. they have no chance. they will try because it doesn't matter. i mean, the things that i've been fact-checked on, you can
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push it back and say oh -- we'll take it off. but that's the thing. they ding you enough time. they minimize your reach. they prevent you from your message and that's why we have to be to. we can't allow it to happen. we have to push back. >> [indiscernible] trump won! [cheers and applause]
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audience: trump won! trump won! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! don: ma'am, unfortunately, there's a lot of enthusiasm for joe biden he's the most popular president ever! he's significantly more popular than barack obama was in 2008, especially in the inner cities because he has a track record of not being racist. his son definitely didn't droplet's say words that i don't even want to use abbreviations for with letters in them. and if you believe that, i've got some waterfront front sell you in dallas. nice oceanfront property in
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dallas because i'm a real estate guy. yeah. and if you really believe that, i have some donald trump jr. art work that i will be -- [cheers and applause] thank you, ma'am. [applause] i appreciate that lead-in. i wasn't going there. but you know, why not? dile some don jr. art work. i'll put a nice piece of paper. maybe i'll break out my ar. i'll shoot a smiley face into it. and i'll sell it for half a million dollars in china who are probably influencing our government because that's probably what's happening, right? how do we get -- just buy hunter's art. the don jr. laptop from hell would have been really bad. the hunter biden like degenerate stuff, the corruption stuff, yep, these would have been
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stories. for example, would do you think the media reaction would be to don jr. smoking parmesan cheese? [laughter] i promise you it wouldn't be what we saw from the media, right? it would be a little different. and then i say oh, you're making fun with people with addiction. let's just talk about this for a second. i totally understand addiction. it's terribleful -- terrible. it doesn't absolve you from being a total piece of garbage in every other aspect of your life. [applause] it doesn't absolve you from selling access to the highest levels of government. it doesn't about sovepl you from selling out your country. it doesn't absolve you from child support from the stripper you knocked up a couple of years ago. am i right? yeah.
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because i have a feeling if it was me, i would not be absolved. you like that? ok. hey, we have to have some fun. that's -- the conservative, we've been pretty damn boring for years, right? we can dullly have fun and still -- actually have fun and still make our points because all the points are valid. you see, i opened up for my father last weekend for the fourth of july in sarasota. [cheers and applause] and why i no this is real is i thought 45,000 people rsvp for an event. they sat out on a saturday of their fourth of july holiday weekend, the greatest holiday in america. [applause] for like eight hours in 100 degree heat. you know, i've got to say that. they'll say, no, no, no, it was 98, right? i will be coon selled. so i have to make sure i caveat
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and make sure we address it. it was like 98 with 98.9% humidity. it was really damn hot, ok? they sat out there for eight hours and then it rained for three hours. and i don't mean like drizzle like we're seeing today. i mean, like torrential downpours. i've got to get on and speaking to an empty crowd. they're like, no, sir, 137 people went inside to dry off because there was a concession area. but they're all back in now. we lost zero? eight hours on a holiday weekend plus three hours of rain? guys, this is a movement. [cheers and applause] i got on that stage and i was like, wow, it's a pretty good crowd. i saw an american flag hanging from a crane about 400 yards behind. i go, why is it so far out there? it's florida. it's flat like south texas.
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it's like six inches of elevation change over a 20-mile area, right? so i'm getting up on the stage. ok. beautiful crowd. incredible band. i'm just looking and it's just going because these guys get it. they understand what's happening. they're sick of watching their country get taken away. they're sick of a narrative that's anti-american. they're sick of an administration that seems to be working for everyone else otheren than the taxpayers in america, right? but we've talked about it. defund the police. that was republicans, right? oh, that's wonderful. oh, great. media, our media, oh, that's wonderful. well, it was donald's -- donald trump's border crisis. clearly after a week after he left office and you rolled out the welcome wagon, we're going to give you free healthcare, we're going to give you free education, you can come with covid, it doesn't matter.
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we're going shut you down from going to church, from going to school, from opening your business, but if you're illegal you come here with covid, we'll release you into the public. go have fun. have at it. but it was donald trump. oh, yes, that's wonderful. this is what we're up against. they're lying to you about everything. right? when i wrote "liberal privilege" that was my thesis. joe biden is not going to be a moderate. joe biden is not against energy. really? check. what else were they lying to you about, guys? audience: everything! don: joe bide season not going to be against the second amendment, right? you don't need your fully semi-automatic 40-clip meg, right? because joe biden knows what the hell he's talking about. i love my fully semi-automatic.
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there's no such thing, folks. but they don't know that. i love my ar-14. [laughter] you can want make this crap up. guess what, guys? they're lying on the second amendment. they want to appoint the leader of the a.t.f. or the a.f.t. as joe biden would call it because he can't remember. they want to appoint a guy who worked actively for the anti-gun lobby to lead the a.t.f., to infringe on your second amendment rights. so i want all of you to call your senators, all right, and make sure that this guy doesn't get confirmed, ok? i want you to speak to your senators and perhaps purple states where you have democratic senators that claim that be for the second amendment like
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manchin, like tester and ask them are they going nominate someone that says they're going to take your guns away, your ar-15 even standard capacity mags would be legal. ask those guys because they talk about being for the second amendment. their constituency is for the second amendment. you can't be on both sides of this, guys. you're going to have to make up your mind. they told the american public that joe biden was going to be a moderate for nine months. some people believed it because they haven't seen what we seen. they were busy trying to feed their families, put food on the table, raise their kids with great values. consume a couple of minutes of news a day maybe in the back grown. they thought maybe, just maybe bheel the moderate. the media was happy to sell the narrative because they would get what they wanted out of it. we all know that that's a lie so. we have to hold them accountable.
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so guys stay in the fight. stay in the game. make sure you're involved. make sure you have those conversations with your friends. don't let this one slide. i mean, the democrats are doing it. they're making it easy for us, folks, right? incorp tent decision after incompetent decision fake sound bite after fake sound bite. fake photo op after fake photo op. has joe biden done anything with an ice cream parlor. if you get the line right, you get a scoop of ice cream. maybe even two scoops because we remember how big a deal two scoops was, right? joe can't get through the line. they give him the ice cream. it's like corporal punishment otherwise. come on -- anyway. so guys, we need you in this with us.
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we need you there. and again, texas sees it more clear than anyone, right? [cheers and applause] the humanitarian crisis going on at the border is a disgrace, right? i know they're trying to blame it on donald trump and kamala harris does a nice photo up in el paso to make sure she can be clear of any of the cages that who built? audience: barack obama! don: again narrative. you see a pattern here, folks. so stay with it. i want to thank you for all of the support, honestly. we're truly appreciate ivet. and we will continue to be in this fight as long as you guy doss. all right? contrary to popular belief, as a real estate developer from new york, it's not popular to be pro 2 a to be pro conservative but it doesn't matter because our country is worth fighting for, our children is worth fighting for, our freedoms are worth
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fighting for. so get out there and fight for them! thank you, guys! [cheers and applause] thank you, guys. thank you. thank you for -- i make this fun. thank you, guice. -- guys. ♪
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>> former president trump gives remarks at the conservative political action conference in not -- in dallas on thursday. watch on c-span, online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> sunday night on "q&a," historian donald ritchie tells us about drew pearson, a man who derailed the political careers of several members of congress and attracted the attention and anger of every president from fdr to mexican. >> he had a column called "the washington merry-go-round" every single day, even holidays and weekends, and he did that from 1932 until he died in 1969. the column continued under jack anderson. he also had a very popular radio show on sunday night, and he tried to make it into television in the 1950's.
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he was a best-selling author. he was a man who told the truth. he told what politicians really would prefer not to see in the newspapers, and he tried to get behind the news and tell people what was really going on in washington. he ruffled a lot of feathers, especially presidents of the united states, united states senators, and assorted other politicians. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q&a." you can also listen to "q&a" as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. >> president biden spoke at the national education association's annual meeting in washington. first lady jill biden, who is a


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