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tv   Washington Journal Brandon Weichert  CSPAN  July 9, 2021 5:25pm-6:10pm EDT

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we talk with her about an in-depth look on her new book. >> on the separate -- on this episode of book notes plus. listen to it wherever you get your podcasts. ♪ joining us brandon weichert, the author of "winning space, how america remains a superpower." the founder and editor of the weichert report. guest: it is a pleasure to be here. host: the weichert report, what is that? guest: my collection of op ads for various publications and my original insights and analyses of various technology and geopolitical issues and how emerging technologies impacting grand strategy and the geopolitical environment to host: thank you for explaining
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that. we are here to discuss a recent report from the national intelligence director. aerial phenomena, some may refer to them as ufo's. talk about this report and is important and -- why it's being released right now? guest: they found a majority of the cases that the government studied as being unidentified arrow phenomenon were unidentified. they were at a loss as for what they are in science was as well. they were not -- it was not a groundbreaking report that triggered what all the ufo conspiracy people were saying that would be disclosure. nothing was really disclosed. nothing new at least. it is certainly a possibility that, as many hoped, this will initiate a longer conversation but i have to tell you i deal with the pentagon frequently. i am an expert. the subject has come up.
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people scratch their heads within the government die do not think this was as groundbreaking as the so-called believers in ufo's were saying, but maybe this does trigger the wider discussion and certainly from a national security standpoint, the fact that there is a majority of these incidents that are unknown even to the government, clearly that is a national security threat because the unknown factor is a threat. we don't know who's in our airspace, restricted military airspace, over our homeland. that is not good. i do not know if it is little green or gray men. perhaps it is something closer to home. perhaps it is an as yet announced program of experimental american technology or more frighteningly russian or chinese technology like hypersonic drones. host: "a total of 143 reports remain unexplained.
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of those 21 reports of unknown phenomena involving 18 episodes possibly demonstrate technological capabilities that are unknown to the united states. objects moving without propulsion or with rapid acceleration that is believed to be beyond the capability of russia, china or other terrestrial nations. more rigorous analysis of those episodes is needed." guest: that's sort of a conclusion at cross purposes with itself because, on the one hand, we know that china and russia in particular have invested heavily in hypersonic vehicles, that they are actively testing those systems. china now has the largest wind tunnel facility, the jf-21 in beijing for testing very large, highly experimental hypersonic vehicles. that's larger than the facility the americans have. and the chinese have been actively testing a coterie of other exotic technologies like quantum internet and advanced biotechnology, using crispr for
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augmentation of the human genome. for possibly augmenting humans. these are science-fiction sounding things, but we know for a fact that china is developing advanced technology for the purpose of using them to beat americans in the ongoing tech war. the russians have capabilities in the hypersonic realm. and we ourselves, we have been developing heavily in developing hypersonic vehicles and other vehicles. the navy was on record as having filed or still the process of ufo patents. these were patents for vehicles that were oddly similar to the kinds of pill shaped vehicles exhibiting physics defying capabilities that the navy and marine pilots in these very famous videos are seeing, are reported as seeing. so, while the pentagon is saying
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that they are not ours or rus sia's, they are incapable of completely precluding that. especially when you think of the different investments in high-tech r&d such as hypersonic said things like the inertia mass production technology. basically, i do not think there report's conclusion. it is what rumsfeld used to refer to as "unknown unknowns." host: doesn't the release of this report foster more questions to be asked along the lines that you are asking. guest: that is a big thing. like i said at the beginning, the hope is that this does start a wider conversation. i happen to agree with people -- former intelligent people -- former intelligent people leading the public discussion. we need to figure out who and what this is. this is not just a blimp on the radar. this is actual, observable events.
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and for the sake of our national security, we have to know what they are. but i have to stress before we go leaping into sort of little green or gray men, we need to fully and totally discount the possibility that china or russia have not leapfrogged us in a very specific area of technology. i remind audiences that america's technology dominance was not only -- always so. when world war ii began, in many respects nazi germany and the japanese imperial power were ahead of united states military technology. -- it was simply we did not invest in building out capabilities to the extent that nazi germany and imperial japan did. my concern is that in particular with china, we might be witnessing a massive search in investment -- surge in investment of advanced technologies that could be used in a surprise move, pearl harbor style attack on the
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united states in order for china or russia to get what they want, to keep us back, to prevent us from using our power to stop an invasion of taiwan or russian invasion of the balkans. host: two that -- to that end, they use " unidentified aerial phenomena" versus ufo. guest: there is a very real concern. we do not want to delegitimize this putting this in the realm of the extraordinary. it is extraordinary but not in a science-fiction way. certainly until we know for sure what this is, and we have to know soon, we will have to determine this, but until we do, there is always the possibility that it is something extraordinary like a -- lie ke aliens, but we have to figure out whether or not the terrestrial explanations are what is going on. i want to go first, is it the terrestrial before we start
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leaping into extraterrestrial. host: just for clarification, the report does not mention the term alien or extra traditional -- extra terrestrial as all. guest: the pentagon is trying to ratchet down the height that the media has piled on this. like i said, maybe ultimately it is something extraordinary. until we know for sure we have to keep our sites, the military trained on more terrestrial explanations. host: our guest is brandon weichert. joining us to talk about concerns about how other countries are developing technology. if you want to ask him questions on those fronts, 202-748-8000. for mountain and pacific 202-7 48-8001. as far as the sightings in this report, what is the most recent and how far does it go back and does that make a difference? guest: it goes back many years
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but the most compelling are the sightings that the military has been tracking of other military officials, of other sailors and marines and airmen in their vehicles in restricted military airspace, and they are seeing these extraordinary vehicles. and it is not just eyewitness, which the human factor can always be flawed, but it is eyewitness, highly trained eyewitnesses both in the air and on their ships or bases and also their very advanced military grade equipment. in some cases which were at the time knew. and so-- at the time new. these are the most compelling cases. that is why they gained so much traction. it is not with all due respect to farmers, it is not a farmer in his backyard taking a grainy picture. these are flair systems, very advanced weapon systems of ours
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that are seeing these extraordinary vehicles conducting physics defying techniques in midair. and it is our military people that we pay a lot of money to be highly trained and to not get rattled, and they are seeing these incredible things. those visuals are being confirmed by technical readouts. so it is something. and i think those are the most compelling. and i think that is why the military initiated the uap observation program to begin with. it is something that is very serious now. host: have we heard any responses from the countries you bring up as far as this report or in response to that? guest: interestingly, china's government a month ago made a twofold statement. they said a, we don't believe this is aliens. and b, we think this is advanced american technology. they are testing our responses in the south china sea and near taiwan. the russians have not commented
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really too much. our allies in france for decades have taken these claims seriously. and i think in some quarters of the french government they do think it is extraterrestrial. but again, just for me personally, maybe this is my own bias, i am suspicious. we know that both the united states military, as well as china, are heavily invested in what are known as the ufo patents. and, just for the record, when the secretary of the navy was questioned by journalists about these navy ufo patent and trademark office, the director for the navy said yes we are building them. yes, we created prototypes like mass production technology because we know for a fact that china has built the systems. they're very well may be a more disturbing terrestrial explanation. that china is beating us in
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experimenting with ecstatic technology and we are trying to play catch up and our government does not want to admit it. host: john in virginia p europe first. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to ask of the guests, look, we have a leaders today who are telling us, we do not want this to become successful. we want to stop every progress that we want to make. the reality is china is investing in their country. i travel a lot of countries. in china is doing very well. and they want to make sure 20 years or 30 years from now, they will be a superpower. reality is. we cannot even protect our own election. we cannot even protect our own electricity. we have leaders who are not well educated when it comes to science and technology. and they do not want to admit. the only thing they tell the american people is we want to stop the progress -- and it is a shame.
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guest: in many respects both parties of the political class have confused progress with decay. you are absolutely correct about many of your points, for instance, about our woeful vulnerabilities and our electrical grids and cyber vulnerabilities. the last year has been a highlight, and ongoing highlight of how vulnerable to attack and disruption we are. -- to disruption we are. we created the internet. now it is being weaponized -- to debilitate us in unconventional ways. you're absolutely caray. our political class. i work on capitol hill. it is both parties. the leaders are not well. educated comparison. china. their leaders recognize in order for them to become the dominant world powered by 2049, the hundred years anniversary by china's communist party victory -- they have to dominate the
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tech space. this is why you're seeing china doing this all society approach to proposing next-generation technologies like 5g, now 6g, internet, biotech, cloud computing, quantum computing, bio computing. all of this sort of new generation technologies. in many respects the infrastructure for research and develop and is being billed by the chinese in order to attract whatever western talent and investment there is. to move that away from america and europe and put in china so that china is the conduit or the dispenser of the new industrial revolution. and that is what is going on now, and china unquestionably pushing ahead with this dominant approach to the future. we in the united states have gotten complacent and comfortable. i talk about this for most of my
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book in which i detail the cultural distinction and the political differences. the sad thing is the united states today has all the tools it needs to remain dominant, but it does not seem to have the will. whereas china is still getting all the tools but they have a lot of will. we will see what happens in the next 20 years. it is frightening because china is catching up and leapfrogging the united states. host: let's hear from roseanne in wisconsin. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am responding to a sighting i had seen in 2011 on november 14th at 9:15 on a monday night. and it is something you will never, ever forget, because what i had seen was something that i don't think anyone has ever seen, other than maybe in a sci-fi movie. it was a white orb going across the sky. i was outside with a flashlight.
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the entity stopped and gave me the biggest light show. there was no sound, no noise at all. it stopped in midair. it gave me a light show. and when it came, when the lights came on, it looks like a saucer. now, people will say you must be crazy. nothing like that exists. i'm not, i'm just questioning, is this extraterrestrial or is it military? i checked into it later through social media if anybody had seen anything like that that night. the next surrounding county, someone also had said they had seen that, but it's phenomenal. i can't even explain. host: thanks for telling us your story. we were a lot our guest respond to that. guest: right. going back decades, there are a lot of these types of sightings. personally, i lean more toward,
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if it something not natural like a meteor, i lean toward the possibility that it is a military, advanced technology. there are methods for reporting these sightings. there are private groups. mutual ufo network that you can report these two and they will do an investigation. you can contact your local authorities and they will actually open an investigation. but i certainly was not there so i could not tell you. but i can tell you this. that both the united states military, as well as the chinese and russian military, are invested in building out systems that are many years ahead of the systems that are currently in widespread use by the militaries of those countries. there is a tech war going on in the world between us and china. russia and other countries getting involved. there's a race for meta materials like graphene.
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there is an ongoing race for nuclear fusion technology. china may have the hottest running reactor. there is a race for all sorts of technologies and capabilities that we would today probably consider to be science fiction, but infact, on a very small scale, science fact. are being experimented with in small laboratories and all of these countries by the militaries of these countries to figure out if they can be scaled up and what their strategic applications are and we are in a very scary period, because it is no longer the united states pioneering this research. in many cases their american academics, scientists, and investors going to china and giving them the capabilities and resources they need to conduct this research. this technology, if it can be scaled up, will most certainly be used by china's military against our country. i don't know what you saw that day.
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i would report it to the groups i mention but i would keep in the back of your mind, if it wasn't a phenomena like a meteor it could have been experimental military technology, the question is who's, ours or the russians or chinese? host: dale in maryland. go ahead. caller: hi. thanks for having me on. your last caller sparked a memory i had of something i saw back in the 1970's, a similar kind of weird weird light that was off in the distance. i was driving along in maryland and all of a sudden it just went right over my car, like it was on top of me. anyway, i have a comment and a question. what i've seen in the news about these objects is that they can change direction and create a geforce that no human can ever survive. so, i'm assuming there is no people in there, that these are
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just remotely controlled vehicles of some sort. i'd like your guy here to comment on the possibility that what we are seeing, this sounds completely insane, but we're being visited by future people. host: ok. dale in maryland. guest: until we know for sure, anything is possible. i would say again to keep it closer to the terrestrial,, especially when you look at what is being invested in by venture capital and by other countries, technologies, exotic technologies. i have to stress, there is a very serious chance that a lot of these sightings are in fact experimental hypersonic drones or kill vehicles. and these are vehicles that can travel many times the speed of sound. you can launch conceivably
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hypersonic kill vehicle from mainland china with ordinance on board and delivered and the heartland of the united states and less time than it takes for dominoes to get a pizza to you. we're talking about the development in china, russia and the united states of super advanced military aerial technologies that, in some cases, the majority of their own militaries might not be privy to , because they are such experimental technologies. so, it is certainly possible. until we know for sure that this is something really extraordinary like time travel or extraterrestrial, but i'm somebody who is really interested in trying to keep this closer to home. until we know for sure. because we have to know what our rivals are doing, if it is them, in our restricted airspace, and we probably should know if our government has developed the
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kinds of physics defying technologies that could completely revolutionize civilian air travel for instance. or something along those lines. but until we know for sure it is not something of earth, we need to stay on that. host: we do have calls lined up. but dave texted us saying it'germany that has advanced technology. guest: germany does not really invest in the military. it is sort of a joke. i'm suspicious it would have anything to do with germany. host: from ohio, john. good morning. you're on with our guest. caller: good morning. i saw that program they had on fox about the ufo report that just came out. and right before i saw that come out, i saw a book in a library by an astrophysicist called
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"e.t.' he was on that program. i was wondering, these sightings have been around for a long time. since 1947, at least since then, that roswell thing. it seems awful strange to me that all of that time they have been around that somebody has these secrets. but what he said in the book, what the book was about was about an incident in 2017. he said the best telescope that they have, that they saw, and they watched it for 11 days. it looks like something on identified come in from interstellar space. they watched it for 11 days. going close to us and the sun and several planets and go back into space. host: ok. caller: i thought that was kind of interesting. host: a question for the
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sightings that were highlighted in the reporting people talked about, do they fall into airspace that is reasonable that can be approached by planes or do they go higher than that through the realms of space? guest: some reports were in airspace they could easily be approached but the ones that were really most interesting to the pentagon, and i think the ones that keep the media's curiosity, because remember until year ago, talking about this in the mainstream press was anathema. but we are doing it now because the sightings that were the most compelling were of those from military personnel in restricted airspace. so that raises some questions. it raises some questions. if it were aliens, why would they know where our restricted airspace -- these are demarcated on maps for us humans. would e.t. know that? or would it be something that our rivals or another government agency developing exotic
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technology would know about and would want to test this experimental equipment in real time on the best trained american military men and women and their equipment? and so, there have been a coterie of other sightings. i want to make one point about the way that experimental military technology is developed. people in the 1980's and late 1970's outside of area 51, the ufo watchers were seeing and taking pictures what they thought were ufo's but they were early prototypes of the stealth bomber. as far back as the late 1970's you have what we now know is the stealth fighter being developed and tested over what we know is area 51. we did not admit it. the government did not admit it until closer to desert storm in the 1990's, but for 18 years they were developing and experimenting this technology in supersecret environments that
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were being seen by some looking -- lookie loos. and they are saying that it was ufo's but it was not. it was next-generation military level technology. it is possible that same develop and is going on in secret and has been going on since the 1940's in our airspace, and that we do not know about what elements of the government are doing. it is possible to government military structure is still opaque and large that the left hand is not talking to the right hand pain one side of the pentagon does not know what the other side is doing. host: in the discussions bill nelson up your before republican committee to talk about issues and wonder things he was asked about by a senator was the threat of china when it comes to space. i want to play that exchange and get your response. [video clip] >> briefly and for the record, what i would like for you to do is talk for just a little bit about china, about china's push
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into space exploration, how they utilize that civil military fusion in order to try to beat us at the space race, and beat us as we work at our military because china is out for global dominance. so, if you will touch on that. >> yes, ma'am. we have known and it's articulated presently by the president there is a threat. china poses in basically getting a lot of our secrets and getting a lot of our technology. and invading a lot of our privacy. now, when you take that global concern that we have, and you bring it to the space program, then you have to be concerned
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about the same thing. china has said that they want to have a landing of humans on the moon. more recently, china has said that they're going to link up with russia to put humans on the moon. i think there is a lot more th at has to be done by saying it and actually doing it, because space is hard, but i think we need to be concerned about that. host: do you share those concerns, particular about those countries, assumed interest about the moon? guest: ten years ago when i was working on capitol hill, i was begging -- to blackburn and others, on the democrat side, too. they weren't getting it. it is nice to see that both democrats and republicans are starting to get it.
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that comment that bill nelson made is extremely condescending in one way. space is hard. this is a common refrain i have heard it all the lectures i give for the pentagon. inevitably someone says this. yes, it is hard, but we have done it for many decades and we have gotten a little arrogant in our way of thinking no one else can do it without help from the americans or without whatever. the fact is, china is doing it. actually, china is making it look easy. china before 2003 did not have any astronauts in orbit. 2003. they did their first spacewalk. it's 2021 today. a little more than a decade later and they have already gotten, what took us 30 years, they have gotten to in a decade. so, the idea that bill nelson's conclusion, it is very technical and maybe this is something they will not be able to do it but we have to watch out. the only way that we're going to
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hold space, which is the linchpin for america's dominant position on earth, the only way we will hold space is if we leapfrog the chinese, is if we get our people back to the moon and build our own basis there, if we get our own space mining colony set up in the astral belt on moon, ,get our people to mars first. let me tell you something, china and russia now, because they are fusing their space programs. a eurasian drug are not going into space. they are not looking at, space harper the americans are so far ahead of us. this is saying the americans are weak, they are weakest in space. we can push them out of the way and get what we want. and that is precisely what beijing and moscow are doing in washington is only just now waking up to this that. this is been going on for a decade, and we had better get ourselves in the right place quicker than we have. host: brandon weichert, the
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author of "winning space, how america remains a super p ower." at 10:00 we will hear from floyd in jonesville, virginia. caller: thank you for taking our call. space has been around for thousands of years. it is not something that people are starting to see. god's word talks about in ezekiel chapter 1. he said, "god's -- in ezekiel chapter 1, chapter 10, too. he described, he was all he had ever known was an oxcart. he saw that wheel going around. he said it was a wheel in a wheel but it did not go up on the ground it was up in the air, going back and forth. all you got to do is turn to his vehicle and there it is. if you want to learn about it strong, you go to www. shepherds and order -- and
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learn all about them. host: we'll hear from martin in new jersey. hello. caller: can you hear me all right? all right. i was watching. there is on youtube, from the washington post, ufo's and national security. the -- from the director for advanced aerospace -- identification program. aatip. he was interviewed. he was talking about how, they showed the videos, the two videos of those objects that the air force people were recording. and he was saying that he's -- he saw that one of these objects
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were going in a straight line at hypersonic speed, and then, all of a sudden, made a 90 degree turn upward instantly. it wasn't a turn, like a perpendicular line straight up at hypersonic speed straight up. and he said nobody has, as far as he knows, us or the chinese or the russians, have this kind of technology. host: ok. sorry about that. we're running short on time. i want to bring up another issue before we finish off with you. when it comes to private space, we're going to see just -- jeff bezos and richard branson going into space on sunday. jeff bezos about to do the same thing. what do those two entities do
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for the world a private spaceflight and what is the future when it comes to spaceflight? guest: whatever one's opinion is about billionaires, the one thing they are doing very well is space, because the private space sectors, mostly in american or a western phenomenon, and it is the one thing that is going to keep america ahead of the chinese and russians in the space race, the new space race. my concern right now is that the government is going to come in and start regulating the heck out of these rising outerspace entities at a time when they need to be deregulated. they need to be able to go out and test new technologies and new capabilities, and this competition, the battle of the billionaires
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the light lasted for four seconds. then it disappeared. shortly after that, the whole pond was stirred up to mud. there were catfish everywhere. i had fished in the pond my whole life as a child. i had never seen a catfished, ever. all of a sudden, that night, with a friend of mine, the pond was loaded with catfish.
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this is an experience i experienced in 1973. a lot of these experiences sound similar. >> the military has acknowledged there are a lot of unknown craft in our airspace. what i would encourage this gentleman to do, and anybody, is to locate local organizations, call your local authorities non-emergency line and make official reports. if that is something you feel strongly about. i think there is nothing wrong with that. we know now that the pentagon was taking claims like that from civilians. specifically after all of the military sightings and videos were made.
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i'm not qualified to comment on that. what i can comment on is where venture capitalism invest their money and what the international tech races looking at. i am telling you now that we, the chinese, even the russians and other countries like india and israel are developing technologies that are the next generation level of technology that we already the civilian population are not yet cute into. we will be in another 20 or 30 years. there is a possibility these systems being seen are actually human in origin and are actually ours are enemies. if they are in enemies, that is the thing everybody should be focused on. focused on, avoiding another pearl harbor are another 9/11 with exotic technology. host: you talk about private industry and what you think the approach should be. do you think the biden administration shares that approach? guest: i've spoken with people
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from the administration at the start of their time in office. they do agree with what i was saying went, what blackburn and bill nelson has said. my concern has always been there is a sector of the democratic party that has a lot of influence that really doesn't vi ew space, the chinese space threat as a threat. and b, doesn't want to see america engage with another space race. they would rather make space like antarctica, a sanctuary from human activity, destructive activity. unfortunately we are well past that stage. space is here. it is not going away. there is a massive investment and it is growing from the private sector around the world. there is a massive interest from china and russia. it is a question of who will get there first and not whether we should go or not. host: is it because we have a couple minutes left. in a situation like that moon, why is it not possible for
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countries to share. why is that a u.s. thing? guest: the trump administration said we need to get it artemis accord, the new agreement between the world powers to figure out how to develop and exploit new resources -- l unar resources the way we do on earth. the problem is neither china or russia want to do it. the reason is because they do not want to see america leading in space the way we lead on earth. and so, frankly, we rely on space more than any other country does. so we have to leave. the idea that we are going to wait around for china and russia. trump's administration went to russia and said sign this and work with us and russia said 'nil." we are not waiting around because there is a lot of money to be made in space or the private sector is going. we need those resources in space. in china and russia are going to go no matter what. no more resting on our laurels. my concern with the current
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administration and we have seen this as they will start regulating the five it sector so much that it raises risks and -- the private sector so much that it raises risks of investing in the new start ups and that would be the worst thing because china and russia are pouring state resources into their space development. host: the weichert report is available at the weichert view of government. we are funded by these companies and more.
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